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File: bd79a67d1bbccf4⋯.png (137.81 KB, 360x360, 1:1, story-Picosecond Synchroni….png)

b9f0a5 No.33309

- There are so many Qs out.

- Q (s) is/are posting with various trip codes.

- Anons have been posting with Q signatures in the style of their posts, text, language, form of writing. Examples, missed letters, evidence of typing from a cell phone, sentences without proper capitalization, etc. Some of these apparent glitches may be intentional but others are signs of someone typing on a cell phone and mis-typing keys. Reason for letters omitted?

- There are reports coming in of various people saying they spoken with Q outside this forum, yet a new version of Q seems to deny this. Yet there is evidence to the contrary which we as a group have to share. Evidence of knowledge of future events that only Q would have that he gave us as a group and has not yet been posted here. If that was not Q then which is the real Q? The evidence we have, when posted here, will demonstrate that the version of Q that gave us this info has special knowledge of the future and insider information.

- How can we trust which one is authentic, when various versions have displayed both knowledge of the future and insider information that only someone with Q top security clearance would have ?

- How would a board owner be able to confirm anything if the trip code has changed and been modified around three times already? Has this not even confused a mod on one forum?

- And how do we know for sure Q is even one person and not a group of people? The time stamp differences between Trump and Q indicate that at least one version is connected to Trump. That is the one we want to hear from. But is there more then one and are they a group?

- If they are a group, certainly some of them may have communicated outside this forum. In fact, we have evidence to demonstrate this is the case.

- So if now Q is saying he is creating his own special forum only for his posts, how can we trust that is the authentic Q? How has this been verified? What procedure was taken? How many times has the trip code changed? If you do not know who Q is, how can you confirm any new Q or any of them for that matter?

- Let´s face it, there is no sure way to confirm any version of Q unless you were speaking face to face with the authentic Q.

So which version is authentic? I guess only time will tell.

It certainly seems there is evidence for all of the above and this is not mere speculation.

Some may get angry or disagree, but others will notice the patterns in style, different signatures and efforts to cover-up outside events which have various people have experienced and which have taken place. Some of those may be larps, but again, who is Q anyways but a digital signature dropping info that someone with special access would like released?

All opinions and viewpoints should be welcome, whether you agree or not. Thanks.

1761f1 No.33315



Q !UW.yye1fxo

Look at the trip code:

This one has a space after the Q.

That is a sign of forgery of the trip-code.

The authentic Q has no space.

And he locked his forum no nobody can reply.

The same thing that spreadsheet anon did.

Something is rotten in Denmark.

1761f1 No.33318

Somehow the links crossed, so will post the full length link to the one created by the fake Q with the space inside the trip-code:


1761f1 No.33331

Notice how the new spreadsheet anon is the one promoting the fake version of Q!

The fake Q with the space inside the trip-code can be found here:






NO private comms past/present/future.

NO comms made outside of this platform.

Any claims that contradict the above should be considered FAKE NEWS and disregarded immediately.



This is a false fake patriot and he even displays the war flag, to pretend to be a patriot.

What a retard.


38bfba No.33332


Hey glowing newfag. Fuck off with your amateur hour bullshit.

Had you been here for any length of time you would know that the space has already been discussed, and verified, way back in early /cbts/ with the first 8chan Matlock trip.

Lurk moar faggot. Or just fuck off back to Langley, we dont care.

1761f1 No.33333


Well, others have pointed out that the Q with the space is the fake one. It looks like you are the Langley one and hiding. Nice try.

b9f0a5 No.33335

When someone immediately starts fighting or gets upset, this is a signal that we have hit the nail on the head where it hurts.

b9f0a5 No.33337

We have tons of dumbs of new info another version of Q gave us, using many different trip codes, ips, over a long period of time but all with the same style of posting, knowledge of the future and special knowledge and insight of current events. So all of this looks very fishy.

b9f0a5 No.33338

Correction - we have dumps of Q info that has not been released yet to the public, because of those fighting and claiming to be the real Q. So we can only release it when all of this is clarified truly.

b9f0a5 No.33347

"Fake Q exposed.

——-→>>> Fake Q. Fake trip-code.

We know and now can confirm it is fake.

Do not fall for these chisters."

- There are at least two or three claiming to be Q and even at least one communicating in anon mode, without a trip-code.

- The new trip-code does not match the previous ones. It has a space after the Q. The authentic one does not.

- There is no way any forum owner can confirm which one is authentic, if any at all, unless he were to PERSONALLY speak with the authentic Q and get his notarized signature with a contract.

- We do not even know who Q is, if it is one person or a group. We do not know if it is an AI with a person driving it, due to the complexity of the codes and other aspects. We do not know if it is Trump or one of his assistants or even which one.

- Nobody not even forum owners can confirm anything to be legit or not, since they do not have any personal contact with the original Q, if he exists. All they can do is check trip-codes, but the new trip codes being posted here do not match the original one that was posted last year on 4 chan.

- We have also evidence of Q posting as anon at times while another version of Q is posting with a trip-code.

- We also have evidence of multiple people that spoke with Q outside this forum and confirmed it was him as he had knowledge of the future and his posting style indicates it was someone posting from a cell phone, with many posts all in the same style.


b9f0a5 No.33351


The truth exposed here.


>Since we're in some sort of lull right now.

Not a lull, a reformation. Q is gone. The tripcodes have been cracked and the clowns have created a bunch of boards using the cracked Q identity. They've taken control of the boards and are now deleting whatever archives they can (archive everything yourself on your personal database from now on). All the chans are compromised. However, this board allows posts to be made anonymously via tor, so this is still the best place to be.

The only place Q has posted since the trips were cracked 4 days ago is on /cbts/. There are two anon Q posts in this thread.

That said, nothing has changed. Satanic pedophiles still intend to take power and depopulate the planet. Whether we have Q or not, our duty to protect our nation and our world remains the same, and we can do it. We've created a degree of organization here and drawn many different talents, so this is a good foundation to keep up the fight.

Q has already left 2 anon drops, so he may do so in the future. However, we can't count on that. The shakeup in the NSA is related to this. I won't elaborate.

We're all here, and we've got a diverse array of skills as well as a lot of connected people with insider info. The clowns want us to abandon that and give in to celebrity worship, to ignore the capacities we have even without Q. Q wasn't here when we raped the Church of Scientology or any of the other actions we've successfully completed. We are Gideon's army, and we are going to win. God is on our side.

"The Lord said to Gideon, “The people who are with you are too many for Me to give Midian into their hands, for Israel would become boastful, saying, ‘My own power has delivered me. "

b9f0a5 No.33352


Posted here:


(Link in previous post is not working).

d87690 No.33353




Die in flames glowing niggers.

You must be terrified for shilling so hard.

The space between name and trip is irrelevant and there is no Q !UW.yye1fxo without spacing.

All you effort to discredit Q is pointless.

The LOCKED board was asked by everyone as a way to dump info & read only. Even Codemonkey advised Q on how to do so.

b9f0a5 No.33354



Q is fake, new boards are CIA.

See image posted here.

b9f0a5 No.33355





b9f0a5 No.33356


"The space between name and trip is irrelevant and there is no Q !UW.yye1fxo without spacing."


The original Q had NO SPACING after the Q!!

d87690 No.33357


Learn how to sage fuckn idiot.

Clowns trying to derail the board.

Capslocking like fuckn retards do help us discerning your failing retarded shilling tactics

b9f0a5 No.33358


"The LOCKED board was asked by everyone as a way to dump info & read only."

This is a lie. He says EVERYONE. Clearly this EVERYONE is some mystery that the clowns created as a HUGE FCKN game!!


b9f0a5 No.33359


CLOWN SAGE gas-ligher, fake Nazi scumbag Illuminati shill liar. Do not trust ANYTHING this clown nigger says.

b9f0a5 No.33360

This scumbag most likely is DEFANGO.

He has destroyed the 8 chan boards, he and his group and brought in the fake Qs and now they have taken control of the spreadsheet anon and are using it to create and promote new fake forums and threads in the name of Q, using a fake Q tripcode!



d87690 No.33361




I see GCHQ JTRIG and Clowns agencies recruited a lot of faggots wasting their time pressing F5 on a disinfo board using capslock and triple !.

You are pushing disinfo so hard.

34801b No.33367

Very good

We are pleased

Hegelian tactics can only be defeated by not falling into the trap of opposites

Stay strong

0e8555 No.33369

Kek so many dunces in this thread. Should be deleted at this point

d87690 No.33370


Whole board should be locked, preventing hard push of disinfo.

258d95 No.33372

What's going on? didn't CM confirm Q last night?

and how come there is no new bread here?

6959b6 No.33382


Because the fake clown nigger agent´s Q has been exposed. If he tries to come back we shall blast the nigger off the map.

258d95 No.33383


Are you saying Q is not Q? xD

6959b6 No.33384

The clown agents are trying to get the thread deleted and the entire board locked because we have exposed their nigger clown fake Q community and agents. SAGE is DEFANGO and his clown crew. They are trying to keep us from posting, hacking our connections trying to make it impossible to post, taking over mod accounts to ban users, giving CMonkey fake info, using compromised fake trip codes and much much more…

6959b6 No.33385


We do not know if Q is a person, a group, an AI, a person controlling an AI, if it is the same Q from before nor anything else….We have communicated with the real Q in other places and the fake Q says there have been no communications outside of 8chan. This is another signal. And the fake Q refuses to answer questions on K. Hudes and the meeting at Camp David, on whether Mueller is on the Q team or not. This is how you know he is fake.

258d95 No.33386


but CM confirmed it's Q last night?

258d95 No.33387


I thought it was AI until last night. i don't think AI would do the stupid mistake he did haha

ec0200 No.33388


There is no way CM can confirm it is Q unless he knew Q personally. Clowns can clone codes and make it look like someone else.

ec0200 No.33389


You do not understand how AIs can be used as tools by real people who give them tasks. This is what his happening. They function thus as communication channels for real people. They can also hack codes.

258d95 No.33390


IP? Devices? you guys are glowing.. CIA?

i have a question for you glowfags.

Who killed Tupac?. i won't tell anyone what you tell me. i promise

ec0200 No.33391


Clowns can clone ips also as well as clone device codes, mac address, anything…you do not know what tech is out there..either that..you are trying to cover it up.

258d95 No.33392

LOL, im a nobody dude.

I've been following Q since 4Chan.

and it's starting to feel like we are all getting trolled.

ec0200 No.33393


This is the board for all the niggers.

ec0200 No.33394


Ya, it does sound like it. By the clowns.

258d95 No.33395


Not just the clowns…

ec0200 No.33396


You do not know personally. It is just an anon. Why do you trust what you think you know more then trust someone in real life that you have met?

ec0200 No.33397


Yes, just the clowns. Until Q answers our questions straight-out:

1. Is Mueller on our side.

2. What was the result of the Camp David meetings with respect to our currencies.

3. Other questions.

We can assume this Q is fake because he refuses to answer basic questions.

258d95 No.33398


I don't trust people anymore, these last 2 years changed my life so much.

honestly anon, im using all this to distract myself from doing something very bad.

to me it's just entertainment for now

258d95 No.33399

and sorry if i fuck up any spellings, English isn't my first language.

1761f1 No.33401


Please do not even consider doing that very bad thing. Your life is too important to God.

ee7d2d No.33405

Pissed off now. .so long anons

1761f1 No.33409

Notice how fake Q posts 2 and 3 are missing. If he was a real Q, do you think he would post then allow it to be deleted? What a larp…

1761f1 No.33411

The clowns have installed spyware on all systems. It comes built into the hardware of devices. So the clowns could see POTUS creating and typing a post on Twitter, clone or mimic it prior to it going out, and via their control fo Twitter also delay his post showing up on Twitter, to make it look like the fake Q is connected to POTUS. The clowns can do ANYTHING.

258d95 No.33412


Thank you anon, but i don't know about that considering what's been happening..

just imagine this, living in the Truman show for your entire life, you start having nightmares very vivid ones.

And you decide to dig, and when you dig you find out alot of stuff that you shouldn't have found out.

1761f1 No.33413

1761f1 No.33414


Calm down, trust in God. It will all work out and God will show you the way to get it all together.

1761f1 No.33415


And also maybe looking into things too deeply, if it is disturbing you is not a good idea then…maybe you should just take it easy on a nice paradisical beach…or be busy with a job and a nice life and forget the digging if it is disturbing you so badly…. or get professional help to deal with it maybe?

2e5e76 No.33416

Q is real…letting the Clowns divert attention is just what they do. We can talk about it all day or we can do something about it. They can't STOP us from seeking the truth. The pedophilia is real and it's rampant…do you deny it?

18029f No.33417

File: 95d312299f9cc4d⋯.png (13.61 KB, 931x165, 931:165, Screenshot from 2018-01-09….png)

All of you kill yourself for falling for this 'Q is fake' nonsense.

Proof it's the real trip: pic related.

You stupid faggots.

18029f No.33418

Obviously Q put a space after his name.

You stupid fucking fucks.

2e5e76 No.33419

Even if you don't think Q is real, that's fine. Why is everyone so hung up on Q? Is it the fear that "maybe" it true. What if it is? What if it isn't? Does that change anything?

2e5e76 No.33421

I've never heard so many people hung up on whether or not a "space" was included in the tripcode…SO WHAT! What's your purpose in this world? To sit back and let time go by or to be a contributor?

18029f No.33422


The space was included in the name you stupid fag.

18029f No.33423

You faggots still cannot stop trolling yourselves and use some basic critical thinking.

1761f1 No.33424

Justice is served for the Bundys!!

Live now!!



1761f1 No.33425


Authentic tripcode has no space.

2e5e76 No.33426

So? Stupid fag! Really, you talk like a child. You'll spend the next 2 weeks talking about this when real shit is happening…derp…WTF!

258d95 No.33427


Dec 19, 17:50:59

Q !UW.yye1fxo



3,000+ saved by the raids in SA alone.

WW lanes shut down.

Bottom to TOP.




High Priority.


Are you sure?

1761f1 No.33428

What really matters now is that the Bundys are free!!

2e5e76 No.33429

Ok. Space no space, how does that change things. You CIAniggers are BS…Is there anything happening in this world. Are the Rothschilds involved in anything? Is Soros involved in anything? Is the Vatican involved in anything? Are the Podestas involved in anything? Are the Clintons involved in anything? Is Obama involved in anything?

18029f No.33430


Are you retarded, the space is in the name not the trip you stupid nigger.

18029f No.33431


The space is in the name not the trip you stupid niggers.




18029f No.33432


The space is in the name not the trip you stupid niggers.




18029f No.33433


The space is in the name not the trip you stupid niggers




18029f No.33434


The space is in the name not the trip you stupid nigggers




1761f1 No.33435


[Q !ITPb.qbhqo]

That is the authentic original trip-code. The space may not be an issue but the trip code has changed 3 times. Anyone can spoof an IP or a device MAC. That is the point.

No proof of anything by just posting that.

Others have noted the space - no space issue, so not sure how or when that came in to the picture.

Until Q answers if Mueller is on our team or not, we cannot confirm if he is legit.

2e5e76 No.33436

Oh who CARES! Speak on what I just mentioned…Trips, Spaces…you'd think this was about time travel.

18029f No.33437


Old trip, you know nothing confirmed.

258d95 No.33438


Yeah i know, we will see

1761f1 No.33439


Just answered that question.

1761f1 No.33440


A fake Q will respond to answer because if he is fake he does not want to expose Mueller.

A legit Q will answer so we can bury our questions and get them resolved.

258d95 No.33441


I've noticed Q never gives direct answers?

1761f1 No.33442


>A fake Q will NOT respond to answer because if he is fake he does not want to expose Mueller.

>A legit Q will answer so we can bury our questions and get them resolved.

Same thing with question about what happened at Camp David, the global currency reset, Karen Hudes and the new national currencies for all countries. If Q continues to refuse to respond on these most critical questions to world peace and tranquility, including that of POTUS, we can only assume Q is a larp.

1761f1 No.33444


That is another problem. He only answers the questions he makes or gives direct answers when others do not understand or respond incorrectly. That is another HUGE Q problem.

258d95 No.33445


I Agree, but i've beent thinking about this.

When the pizzagate stuff started everyone wanted the podestas gone. now they both went dark

does anyone really know where they are and what happened?

1761f1 No.33446


What does Pizzagate and the Podestas got to do with anything?

1761f1 No.33447

Does anyone have a list of the tripcodes Q has used, with dates each were used?

258d95 No.33449


It all seems to be connected?

go back and read Q crumbs

The adrenochrome and all that stuff?

258d95 No.33450




1761f1 No.33452


They may be either in ankle bracelets or being sent to Guantanamo. But how is this related to Q trip codes?

258d95 No.33453


oh sorry, i was just wondering about the podestas.

Wasn't really related to his Tripcodes.

i'm still trying to talk to CM, waiting for a reply

1761f1 No.33455





Anonymous 12/14/17 (Thu) 21:24:07 7681cc No.99500

This board is compromised.

Cannot enter trip code to verify auth.

Trip code on 4 has also been modified.

God bless,


Anonymous 12/14/17 (Thu) 21:27:05 7681cc No.99525

Shall we play a game?



Anonymous 12/14/17 (Thu) 21:41:02 b01ed7 No.99658


24hrs to restore trip code or departure.



Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/14/17 (Thu) 21:40:05 462c9a No.11043803

Lost access to /cbts/

No ability to enter trip code.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/14/17 (Thu) 22:37:42 462c9a No.11044319

Trip code on 4 working.


We don't like to say his name.


Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/15/17 (Fri) 01:03:02 462c9a No.11045052

Being advised to update code.

Serious hardware being used to break.

4 is not secure.



Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/15/17 (Fri) 01:04:06 462c9a No.11045057



Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/15/17 (Fri) 01:04:43 462c9a No.11045061



Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/15/17 (Fri) 01:05:51 462c9a No.11045072 ←Begin New TripCode on /pol/




Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/15/17 (Fri) 01:15:57 462c9a No.11045132

We may have exhausted our ability to maintain safe-comms.

Snow White.

Rig for silent running.

Unknown return.

Godspeed, Patriots.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/18/17 (Mon) 23:27:52 82d434 No.121327


/\* /\ /\*

^^———————– These are Blacked Out Reverse Image in Q post / can't replicate here

Shall we play a game?








1761f1 No.33456



258d95 No.33458


I know he's busy, not like im spamming the guy

1761f1 No.33461


He will probably answer as before..that Q new tripcode was confirmed Dec.15th somehow…but how?

18029f No.33463

You fags will never get a reply because you fags are idiots who can't check the source of a simple webpage to check whether the tripcode matches or not.




18029f No.33464

You fags will never get a reply because you fags are idiots who can't check the source of a simple webpage to check whether the tripcode matches or not




18029f No.33465

You fags will never get a reply because you fags are idiots who can't check the source of a simple webpage to check whether the tripcode matches or not!




258d95 No.33466


He also "confirmed" it last night/ this morning depending on where you live lol

2e5e76 No.33467

So the Podesta's are closely related to the Clinton's and Clinton's and Obama have spent time with Alenfantis which we already know his name is a play on words because in French it's = I love Children. Everything has meaning.

1761f1 No.33468

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/05/18 (Fri) 18:28:18 403375 No.251626

Trip !2n is fake.

IP today is same as always and secured.

If mods are stating otherwise board is compromised.


1761f1 No.33469

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/05/18 (Fri) 18:36:32 403375 No.251705

>>251666 ←——– this post deleted by BO

Posted 4-5 times today.

We anticipated life to be short on each platform given verification and message spreading rapidly.

We can limit outside exposure but cannot protect against internals.

BO please advise IP reading and verify site still safe/auth.


258d95 No.33470


ALEFANTIS can be rearranged to SATANLIFE aswell

2e5e76 No.33471

Ah, that's a very interesting play on words.

1761f1 No.33472

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/05/18 (Fri) 18:39:27 403375 No.251731

>>251685 ←——– this post deleted by BO


Did they get to you?

Board compromised.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/05/18 (Fri) 18:49:27 403375 No.251826

Test Device 1.



Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 00:14:43 ID: 403375 No.252070

There will be no further posts on this board under this ID.

This will verify the trip is safeguarded and in our control.

This will verify this board is compromised.

God bless each and every one of you.

Fight, fight, fight!


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& End_of_/CBTS/ &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

____ Begin /The Storm/ _________________

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/05/18 (Fri) 22:51:45 fccc50 No.4657


CodeMonkey pls log and confirm IDEN.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/05/18 (Fri) 23:36:08 fccc50 No.4706

CodeMonkey - once IDEN validated can you provide a secure board to post under your control to prevent future issues.

IP / device kept the same for your verification.

IP / trip secured at highest level.

BIG events coming.


2e5e76 No.33473

We tend to ignore the obvious.

1761f1 No.33474

Is Mueller on Q team or not?

Q refuses to respond and answer this first question. Why?

2e5e76 No.33475

It was determined that there was an error as it relates to the board. That was my understanding as of last night.

2e5e76 No.33476

Mueller is under the Soro's "spell". Why? Who knows. Maybe money? Maybe too far in to turn back?

1761f1 No.33477

Who said Q does not answer questions?

Anonymous 01/07/18 (Sun) 02:35:34 d863ec No.13061


Im curious if POTUS tweet from Jan 2nd plays a part.

"Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news - it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!"

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/07/18 (Sun) 02:40:14 05b846 No.13097




Anonymous 01/07/18 (Sun) 02:41:10 afc54a No.13104

Q, is this >www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-pakistan-aid/u-s-suspends-at-least-900-million-in-security-aid-to-pakistan-idUSKBN1ET2DX

Tied to the AWAN scandal?

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/07/18 (Sun) 02:43:37 05b846 No.13128



Who received the stolen intel?

Who paid who?


He does!

So why does he refuse to answer the question on Mueller now and on Camp David events?

258d95 No.33478


didnt he say "Mueller is our guy" a few times or am i wrong?

1761f1 No.33479


Where? He said Wray is our guy. Not Mueller…I think… He said trust Wray…

258d95 No.33480


You're right, he said TRUST SESSIONS

my bad sorry anons

2e5e76 No.33481

He did say "trust Wray"…Wray had a ton of shit dumped in his lap. Wray said from the very beginning that things had to change. What did Wray uncover?

1761f1 No.33482


He said trust Wray also, but Wray is the one who stone-walled the EMRON investigations and as a result, many died. That is GW info.

2e5e76 No.33483

No, he did say "Trust Wray"…I don't know how to go back and retrieve that info but that's what was said.

258d95 No.33484



1761f1 No.33485


Well, we don´t know. But now the issue is MUELLER AND WHO HE IS PLAYING FOR.

Mueller covered-up 9-11, transported stolen uranium to Russia on the uranium one deal, and did many other nasty things…and is now trying to accuse Ivanka, Kushner and force Trump to testify before Congress…that is not the behaviour of an OUR GUY.

2e5e76 No.33486

EMRON was a different "time". Not that it doesn't matter but we are dealing with the here and now. We know who was involved in EMRON and they have heads on the chopping block too.

1761f1 No.33487


See he responds to questions and posts with the correct info.

So what is he trying to hide now?

2e5e76 No.33488

Mueller is trying desperately to CYA…the world is watching and they know. If Mueller had the good sense GOD gave him…he'd think about his family.

1761f1 No.33490


Yes but future proves past and past proves future. Bad guys in the past cannot suddenly be good guys now never having had to pay for it.

1761f1 No.33491

2e5e76 No.33492

The story that everyone is trying to sweep under the rug is URANIUM ONE. This is being lost in the minutia…THEY SOLD 20% of our URANIUM! Think about that for a second. Just allow you mind to focus on that.

1761f1 No.33493

Why would Q be hiding answer on Mueller and on Camp David events with K. Hudes?

258d95 No.33494


I wish i knew anon, but it also makes me think about his 80% Private 20% Public statement

2e5e76 No.33495

CYA- Proverbial "Cover Your Ass".

1761f1 No.33496


Yes, we call it the Uranium Crime Syndicate. Mueller is a part of that gang.


1761f1 No.33497


He wants to cover his arse and those of his friends before he is prosecuted…try to get POTUS out before he is prosecuted…

2e5e76 No.33499

You know who I heard is using Bitcoin? The prisons…put Bitcoin on the books? How is that cashed out?

1761f1 No.33500


Why would he want to hide if Mueller is our guy or not considering the MSM does not even believe in Q but only a few people do?

Giving us the answer would have ZERO effect in the MSM with regards to their belief that Mueller is on their team…

258d95 No.33503


>Why would he want to hide if Mueller is our guy

maybe they are working behind the scenes, i can't really answer that.. i'm wondering why Flynn got shit for lying to FBI but Hillary got a medal for it.

1761f1 No.33504


Is that confirmed? I heard of it too…but sounds not true..considering many of the criminals have their money hidden in Bitcoin….or are they trying to get them to access it so the IRS can peg their Bitcoin transactions so they can later seize their money as a trap?

2e5e76 No.33505

MSM's interests are intertwined with all that is happening. They won't even allow those that are on the fence to hear both side of the story.

1761f1 No.33507


And Clapper lied to Congress, as well as others…Rosenstein hidding things and allowing fake bank TDA Trump dossie bank to put out fake financial statements…Rosenstein is compromised…and so is Sessions and so is Wray, yet Q tells us to trust all of them…


TDA is fake. The true bank that paid for the Trump Dossie is AMALGAMATED BANK, I believe. It is the bank that funded the crimes of the DNC etc….

2e5e76 No.33508

Since the prison system is privatized…I would imagine they have a system for Bitcoin. It just keep recirculating…wow, I just thought of that. Take their own money and keep recirculating it in the system.

2e5e76 No.33509

I've heard of Amalgamated Bank…seems that they have some secrets. I think that's worth a dig.

258d95 No.33510

File: 9544a8704727a60⋯.png (52.89 KB, 525x225, 7:3, Enough.png)

Dec 23 2017 21:58:14



ID: 2d673c



_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_


Good Hunting!


1761f1 No.33511


Even the Trump exec order only helps the banks not part of the private fed reserve system. It does not list AMALGAMATED BANK or any US banks involved in crimes, nor any fed reserve banks overseas involved in crimes. It ONLY lists banks to be targeted in countries that are not part of the banking cabal. I bet you did not think of that.


2e5e76 No.33512

Is Amalgamated tied into to Loop? I know Loop was supposedly a non Q post but I read where Michelle's brother was a Managing Director with Loop. Loop seems to be really tied in nationally and internationally. Any relevance?

2e5e76 No.33513

Woah Anon…was that on the fake Q post or a real one?

1761f1 No.33515


Q posted about Loop did he not?

Amalgamated may be tied to Loop bank.

But notice how the Trump admin is ignoring priv fed reserve banks involved in crime and how Rosenstein is covering up the name of the true bank involved in the crime, by allowing the fake name TDB to be used. Thus, they are all covering the crimes of the fed reserve banking cabal! That is my point!

1761f1 No.33516


It has even come-out in movies, the name is big.

GW has covered their crimes related to the DNC. See GW YT videos….

258d95 No.33517


haha who are you talking about? my Q post or the Loop thing?

i think he verified the Loop thing, im not sure

1761f1 No.33519


Ya, like criminals protecting their own little Bitcoin crime syndicate, by allowing the people they sent to jail to use their hidden Bitcoin funds that they received by bribery and crime…like they are protecting their own little uranium crime syndicate.

1761f1 No.33520


You guys need to be more clear…

2e5e76 No.33521

The Loop thing was, from my understanding, something to research. I was asking about the "enough is enough". Whether that was a real Q post or fake. That seems to be what causing confusion. The Loop was supposedly fake Q. But it actually has relevance.

1761f1 No.33522

Loop capital funds the global crime syndicates. This is the Q message decoded.


258d95 No.33523


The enough is enough is real

258d95 No.33524


what do you mean anon?

1761f1 No.33525


About who you are speaking with and what you are referring to in your posts…

2e5e76 No.33526

First can I admit. I am "anon"…and this board is new to me and I dont quite know how to respond to "specific" post correctly. I have lots of knowledge to share but don't necessarily know how to "appropriately" post on here. Call me a fag, CIAnigger, whatever…but a quick tutorial would be nice or I'll just keep responding as I am.

258d95 No.33527


Read the stringer, take a look at the tweet?

1761f1 No.33528


So why would Q not address:

1. Loop bank issue.







And with the Federal Reserve and US Treasury merged, the money they seize will only go to the 10 banking families, considering that the Ronald Reagon Grace Commission reports showed us that 100% of American´s taxes go ONLY to pay the interest on the national debt and that US taxes to go the Crown and to the overseas banking cabal. So all this seizure is only helping the banking cabal while protecting the crimes of Federal Reserve banks!

c805cd No.33529

ahhhh the good old sowing seeds of distrust threads

2e5e76 No.33530

>>33527 Am I responding to this post?

1761f1 No.33531


You need to click on the post number and it will appear in the quick reply. Then you type below that number. It will have two arrows pointing forward with the post number.

2e5e76 No.33532

>>33529 Not certain what you're referencing but that's what it sound like you are doing.

1761f1 No.33533


He needs to learn how to make a specific reply so we know who he is replying to…

What tweet are you talking about?

258d95 No.33534


well maybes its easier to respond to a text? i can't read your mind you know.

2e5e76 No.33535

>>33531 Thank you…like I said…"quick tutorial"

258d95 No.33536


I don't know anon, he wanted people to dig i guess

2e5e76 No.33537

>>33534 That was a "test" sorry.

1761f1 No.33538


Yes, you responded to the other anon now…

Now click on the number and it will display the content of the post you replied to..it is simple.

2e5e76 No.33539

>>33536 In my opinion, for what thats worth. Q wants us to figure it out for ourselves. Spoon feeding is easy. Learning it for yourself is not.

2e5e76 No.33540

>>33538 I think I've got it…let me know.

1761f1 No.33541


Not true. Q and POTUS are protecting the global banking cabal. It is obvious.

1761f1 No.33542


But he will not address any of these issues because they expose the banking cabal. He did not even ask us to dig these issues in the first place.

1761f1 No.33543


Yes, now you responded to me. You got it.

1761f1 No.33544


That is what the GDF lien on his property is all about. Better to make a deal with K. Hudes and go with the plan then to loose all of his property because of the lien…That is not 20 % public, that is covering up what one is ashamed to reveal…

2e5e76 No.33545

>>33542 I think he just wants us to see the involvement…he only drops crumbs…not the shabang…why would he…so everyone can say it's BS because they don't want to believe it. Seek and ye shall find. Have these banks EVER told us what they were up to?

1761f1 No.33548

The truth about the forum's spread-sheet.


2e5e76 No.33549

>>33544 This is so DEEP…when all is said and done 99% will end up in the hospital. What in the world could be SO DEVASTATING that everyone ends up in the hospital? That's what I want to know. Is it the info? Is it something more nefarious? Something physically lethal?

1761f1 No.33550

Q has had NO communications outside of this platform? Really?


2c3138 No.33551

Anons I go to work for two days and poof board has changed. Again. Would someone please tell me WTAF happened.

2e5e76 No.33552

>>33550 I see "allot" of people that on first impression, based on their name, that you think is Q…but NO, I just think it's followers of Q.

1761f1 No.33553


Not lethal but if Q, Trump and the banking cabal do not go with the plan, the result will be WWIII.

It is either not go with the plan, loose all his property and start WWIII or go with the plan, save his property and free the world of the banking cabal and no WWIII. That is what it boils down to.

2e5e76 No.33554

>>33551 The board was supposedly compromised…or was it? It's become more like a board for people to input their knowledge or or to seek it from normies.

1761f1 No.33555


They told us Q is an organization and not one single person. Don´t know if that is true or not…but sounded nice…

1761f1 No.33556


You have no idea because you did not participate in the discussions with Q on the other forum…

2e5e76 No.33557

>>33553 I tend to agree. We have been sheep…it's quite maddening when you think about it. We've become the puppets of the puppets and there's but 3 puppet masters.

1761f1 No.33558


Compromised because a mod got confused on the Q IP issue? How is Q saying it was compromised because of a mod issue with the IP? That also is dumb…

2e5e76 No.33559

>>33556 Just because I didn't participate it doesn't mean I wasn't lurking…think about that.

1761f1 No.33560

K. Hudes represents the 188 members on the Board of Directors of the World Bank and the IMF and they put on a lien on all of Trump´s property via the GDF lien…

2e5e76 No.33561

>>33558 You are asking and answering your own questions…you must have the answers.

1761f1 No.33562


No, I did not answer my own question…I responded to the other person then questioned why Q would think the board is compromised just cause a mod got confused on an IP issue.

1761f1 No.33563


You were lurking on the rogue forum at the time before the server wipe?

See what I mean? Q team lurking and watching conspiracy theorists on other forums yet says no comms outside of this forum…when he at times responded there…and this we know as a fact…

2e5e76 No.33564

>>33560 In my research…from the beginning of Q…I searched this crazy notion of "Hawaii" being a city in Kenya. What I found it that there are alot of sister cities in with U.S. names in Kenya. I found the World Bank is involved in Kenya. There's a Harvard U. at Kenyatta University in Nairobi and the EPA seems to have some involvement in what's called the Soweta Project in Kenya. Why is the EPA involved in Kenya?

2e5e76 No.33565

>>33563 Yes, cbts…long time ago.

1761f1 No.33566

Neither Q nor Trump are being 100% forth coming on MANY MANY issues we bring up and are only feeding a fight between mega anon, fringe, rogue forum and those who say Q and Trump post on the other forum, by claiming there have been no private comms on any other place…this is NOT TRUE and we know it as fact! It was all wiped from the server!@

1761f1 No.33567


I don´t know but that is not relevant to the issues being brought up…

2e5e76 No.33568

>>33565 You are trying to make something from nothing. Everyone in the World was watching cbts and many were researching on their own…is that a bad thing? Has anything come out of it?

1761f1 No.33569


Ok, but it did not take place on cbts. It took place on the rogue D owner forum before the wipe on Feb. 02 of the entire server upon order of the clowns…

1761f1 No.33570


cbts has nothing to do with this…

1761f1 No.33572

Look at this:

Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


2e5e76 No.33573


>>33567 Please do not try and tell me what I looked at. Is that what you're attempting to do? Telling me about a board I've never heard of…I ONLY looked at cbts..let me correct myself…it was on 4chan. I was lost for several weeks before I realized 8ch.

2e5e76 No.33575

>>33572 Is there someone "specific" you're referring to?

1761f1 No.33577


You are the one that confused the issue, not me. I was NEVER referring to cbts and you responded with cbts. You got it all confused and then are blaming me. Again, the forum I am referring to, where we engaged Q and Trump has NOTHING to do with cbts. Get that in your brain! Golly!!

1761f1 No.33579


That is for you to figure out by reading the thread and looking at the links..but yes. Someone specific and she has been mentioned also above…use some insight and expand your thinking as Q says…

2e5e76 No.33580

>>33577 Golly Miss Molly…my bad. Does anyone think Q is the person taking the pics?

2e5e76 No.33581

>>33579 Is that how you get by in life? Be NASTY? I know some NASTY people and they are all caught up in this too…would you not agree?

c805cd No.33582


I suggest uploading accurate maps of old posts (links to archives if necessary) on the new board - it will help validate future posts to new visitors.

Take the extra time out to secure your info assets.

1761f1 No.33583


That new systems is trash since now Q can ignore questions and not respond to anyone and then just go on his own jolly way ranting about whatever he finds significant while ignoring all these issues we are bringing up…and I say ranting..because those issues are insignificant compared to these being brought up here in terms of humanity, the future of the US and even national security and the sec of POTUS himself and the entire planet!!

It is either he goes with the plan or we will have WWIII! That is how serious this is!!

1761f1 No.33584


Asking others to use their brain is not being nasty. Even Q does that and gets frustrated when people do not know how to see things that he posts nor figure them out…

2e5e76 No.33585

>>33583 What issue did you "specifically" bring up?

1761f1 No.33586




I responded to this and the link went green. Why is that?

1761f1 No.33587


see my last post. I was referring to that link.

See my previous posts above on the issues related to Camp David meeting, the Global debt Facility, the global currency reset, and allowing all countries to mint their currencies free of the banking cabal..that is what the plan is all about… I can explain more if is not clear..that is who appears in the photo at Camp David, The Overseer Mandate Trustee of the Global Debt Facility, appointed by the 188 members on the Board of Directors of the World Bank and IMF. And she is in the photo. That means terms are being negotiated….

2e5e76 No.33588

>>33585 The QUESTIONS that need to be answered are by the public. WHAT IS YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT'S GOING ON IN THIS WORLD? You look at a pic and you think you can read lips…WTF is going on? Is Hillary involved? In what? Are the Clinton's as a whole involved? In what? Ask those same questions about the banks, the Rothschilds, the Podesta's, the fake Obama…a man who WAS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN BUT WAS ELECTED!. Pedogate? Real? Not Real? Do your homework! You want answers to questions because you're TOO DAMN LAZY to seek the answers yourself! You throw out what to Q? You think he's going to stop his day to answer you personally? Seriously, you have a brain…seek and ye shall find…he gives you crumbs and all you do is eat them instead of following them…Wake Up!

1761f1 No.33589

The terms are either the banking cabal, which Q and Trump represent go with the plan and save humanity from WWIII and the banking cabal, or we will see WWIII because the bankers will force all countries into war so they can continue on with their banking cartel, given that all wars are banker´s wars..while the coalition for the rule of law is stronger then the banking cartel and has determined that we will have a global currency reset so all countries can mint their currencies free of the banking cartel and thus end all wars…..

1761f1 No.33590


You are the lazy one and act like Bush by saying read my lips. I know much more then you do and even can give a lesson to Q and Trump. Do not mess with me, I am The Destroyer of the NWO!!! I am powerful and nobody can stop me you fool!!

1761f1 No.33591


You responded to a question I did not make. I did not ask the question "what issues did you bring up". Someone else asked that. So why is your answer directed at me?

1761f1 No.33592


Plus what right do you have to represent Q?

Or maybe I am right, that Q is a team hey?

Aha!! And I even said that the Q team posts here in anon! Caught you!

2e5e76 No.33593

>>33590 I'm shaking…seriously…did I say "read my lips?" Wow…whatever. Do your homework…You don't like what I have to say…then get you're own answers. Everyone wants to act like Q is their personal "go to" person…"hey, you said this…what did it mean"…STFU. Always seeking the easy way…so damn convenient.

1761f1 No.33594

No use to hide it. this thread is relevant and Q is a team….one Q posts with the trip code and other members post as anon…I think that is almost confirmed…

1761f1 No.33595


Yes, you acted like Bush and said read my lips..that is arrogant…

2e5e76 No.33596

>>33592 Did I ever say I was representing Q. I don't represent Q at all. I was inquisitive…you mistook it that way. I was asking questions wondering what others thought about certain topics…don't read into what's not there.

1761f1 No.33597


Who are you anyways to think you have all the answers retard? Are you some retard part of the Q team? I am way smarter then you so go lick my boots cowboy!

2e5e76 No.33598

>>33597 Tell me anywhere where I gave an answer to anything.

1761f1 No.33599


Well you sure damn act like you are representing him…so STOP doing it then if you don´t want to look like a fool!!

1761f1 No.33600



You are acting like you are representing Q by saying why he does not respond, then calling others lazy and telling everyone to do their homework….and that they expect Q to answer cause they are lazy…you are a fool, that is what you are..you have NO AUTHORITY to represent or answer for Q. It is that simple.

1761f1 No.33601

Does anyone here have any brains to put 1+1 together? Golly…what type of people are responding to this thread anyways…? I give all the answers and retards cannot put the pieces together…what a bunch of dead beats….

2e5e76 No.33602

>>33591 My comment was not directed at you. This is a forum to collaborate…obviously Q hasn't responded here. Was this compromised? I don't know…I've never had the capability to just respond to these post…I'm not sure why everyone is set on discovering Q as opposed to talking about talking points. Maybe it's better the the posts are locked an no one can respond.

1761f1 No.33604


Well, in your response, the number said it was referring to my post….that is what the system said… it said response to YOU…so it made it look like you were responding to me…

2e5e76 No.33605

>>33600 Am I really acting like that or is that what you perceive.

2e5e76 No.33606

>>33604 Again, my apologies. Do you accept?

1761f1 No.33607


At times it seems the Q questions are more for the general uninformed public then for those who know what is going on…then at other times..for those who know, he encodes it soo much that nobody is able to figure anything out…Q needs to be more clear….

1761f1 No.33609


Ok, no problem, let us carry on with our ranting…

2e5e76 No.33611

>>33587 Who is she? I'll admit, I don't have the knowledge you have on this.

1761f1 No.33612


Did you look at this thread?


Look again. K. Hudes.

2e5e76 No.33613

>>33607 This I FULLY agree on. That's why I "kinda" think this board is somehow "open" to this. My perception is that most of those on the "actual" posting to Q board are military and everything is in military dialect. Which is why we have no idea what's going on…

2e5e76 No.33614

>>33612 Ah! Is this the World Bank whistle blower? I will admit, I'm not up on all of this…

1761f1 No.33615


Yes. Banking cabal persecuted her for a long time and would not let her go back to her job.

2e5e76 No.33616

>>33615 I looked at the pic…zoomed in 500%, it didn't look like her…are you sure?

1761f1 No.33617

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/09/18 (Tue) 02:39:35 No.5

Future dumps here.


Interaction to continue on dedicated /research/ board.

Suggest new board created.

Current BO’s claiming private comms and self promoting.

Patriots point - we will follow.


Interaction to continue on dedicated /research/ board.

Does anyone here have the link to that board? I cannot seem to find it…it seems Q may be posting over there right now….

2e5e76 No.33618

>>33617 I don't.

1761f1 No.33619


Cheeks, chin, eye brows, shirt, wrist watch, style are all hers..that is why we need to find a higher res image on the net..but none is available..and someone posted those images here on this forum as a signal that she was there…yet posted in not good resolution…but with a picture of her in high res attached..whoever did that has insider knowledge that she was there….at Camp David….

1761f1 No.33620

This is the latest Karen Hudes video from one hour ago -




2e5e76 No.33621

>>33619 We need to dig. I googled her and then looked at the pic. Looked like a "younger" woman in the pic. Seems like exec assts. Of course, I could be wrong though. Same hair style and coloring.

2e5e76 No.33622

>>33620 She looks diff in every pic…

1761f1 No.33623

She explains that Mega Anon and Q anon are banking cabal shills that are bringing to you a false reality.

1761f1 No.33625


That is why it is difficult to identify her in the picture since she is different in every picture.

1761f1 No.33626

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I realize that this official letterhead of the World Bank's Tokyo Office and of the Global Debt Facility must be boring a lot of people that want to know what is going on, and they distrust the world's officials. I use this letterhead as shorthand to tell people that we (the beneficiaries of the trust containing the world's monetary gold reserves and other assets, which is all of humanity) are cleaning up the corruption in the world's money system. I answer your questions and prove every single statement. I have proven my authority to speak for the members of the Board of Governors on the World Bank and IMF many times.

As agreed following WWII, all of the assets of the world are managed by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF.


In my social media and in a series on DCTV, I am letting the world's people know that they

are all ending the state capture of the world's governments and other institutions in a Global

Currency Reset. This is the exact opposite of the New World Order because the World Bank

and IMF have no right to interfere in the political activities of the member countries.

The Banking Cartel has been trying to dominate the World Bank and IMF and have not succeeded. I overrule all attempts to steal the world's assets. That is why I am giving this

public notice of another attempt to steal the world's assets in a priority mailing, USPS

tracking number 95055117507773422079 31 from Leonardo Ramos of 5005 Crisfield Manor

Ct White Plains MD 20695, with a garbled screenplay. Ramos lies that his screenplay is

"based on real events." Neither Ramos nor any of his fictional characters has been

authenticated by the Board of Governors of the World Bank. That is how you know that he is a liar.

I found Ramos' priority mail letter several days ago under a stack of unopened mail. There is

alot on my plate, especially challenges to my welfare and the welfare of those I hold dear,

which includes all of the beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility, whom I serve as Overseer Mandate Trustee. In case I miss any incoming mail, the Banking Cartel is on notice that since the Banking Cartel or any of its shills and agents have not been authenticated by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, any conceivable claim to the world's assets has been extinguished by the statute of limitations.


Karen Hudes

Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

1761f1 No.33627

Friday, October 6, 2017

As the US representative on the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors representing

the US' monetary gold reserves that finances the US and rest of the world's militaries, I

vote the US shares on the Board of Governors. The Minutes of the last three years of meetings of the Board of Governors make it clear that the world is at peace.

This is taken from a CD that a retired US Marine sent to me. You can read his entire

message here:



Here is the rest of his CD:






The Perspective also presents the case that this concealed foreign enemy and its American minions are on their last legs because they have unwisely accelerated their long concealed scheme of "controlled disintegration," accompanied by numerous shootings and bombings that have awakened Americans. This foreign enemy has two fatal vulnerabilities: its needs for: (i) public invisibility and, (ii) control of the U.S. military to enforce its concealed global schemes.

1. The enemy uses its near-total control of global media, education, and entertainment to

maintain its invisibility with a high wall of false reality. But the accelerating social and

economic stress to which it has subjected the American public by its massively fraudulent and destructive schemes, is dragging the enemy toward the light and explosive public wrath.

2. The enemy's critically important control of the U.S. military is rapidly evaporating. The

American, Russian, and Chinese militaries–in concert–have determined the wisdom of

bringing to an end the families' plans for fomenting a World War III and its New World Order pretensions and its murderous existence. Closing with the enemy has already begun.

1761f1 No.33628

[It was extra hard to post this tweet, because the Banking Cartel realized what it meant when I included my letters to Iceland's Minister of Finance on the World Bank's Board of Governors during the 2016 Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF at the end of the Tweet - I reposted this reply in its own separate tweet which I uploaded on internet archive at


the Banking Cartel also broke the link to the teleprompter for the April 19, 2016 segment on DCTV containing the Minutes of the April 16, 2016 Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors meeting:


This segment can be viewed at:


I am now mailing out the Minutes of the upcoming Annual Meeting of the World Bank

and IMF to the Washington Embassies of the 25 Ministers who are on the Development

Committee. I emailed these to the 189 member countries' NY and Tokyo embassies,

and posted them on the Internet last Sunday.

1761f1 No.33630

Now they are talking about central banks when people have understood

what a bunch of crooks the BIS and all the central banks together are.


WORKING ANY MORE FOR YOU. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter1.4.18.pdf

Karen, you are such a sorely-needed source of Hope in these times! And THANK YOU with all our Hearts!!

How can we people help support YOU and the efforts of this movement for global monetary justice?

Thank you for your question. I will answer this in the next segment on DCTV.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

These are some of the recent comments on the video I uploaded two days ago. I tweeted many of the earlier comments and my replies today, and Twitter broke the link. Broken links on a tweet about how the Banking Cartel is doomed are very meaningful. The failed censorship simply shows you what the Banking Cartel wants to try and hide from you.

Eric Jon Phelps is controlled opposition. The problem with controlled opposition is that the areas where they spread disinformation are crucial. Only by comparing and contrasting are you able to discover accurate information. Maryann, when we are living in a corrupt world, and the Banking Cartel wants to destroy our understanding, I am not going to serve as your librarian. I am here to work together with everyone, using the world's wealth, to clean up our money system, so that we can tackle the misinformation together. This tweet gives you some links about what I have said about the Jesuits.


I try to be reliable, by working together with others. Since our money system is corrupt, and the beneficiaries of the Global Debt Facility are not yet decentralized and using local currencies issued by the villages and towns, we cannot be sure how close we are to the truth.

Discussions on religion are a sure-fire way for us to get bogged down in divide and conquer.

We can have these discussions later when we are decentralized, and the Banking Cartel does not have a source of income to corrupt our politicians. Some of the older documents that I am showing you in this tweet include the topic of religion – please bear with me and let us deal with this subject later, after we have cut off the corruption in the world's currencies and monetary system. Also, you will see that I have referred to what is probably a fictional character, Pepe Orsini, whom I thought was serving as the Grey Pope. That office, the head of the Pharaonic bloodline families, is very real, but I do not know the identity of the person who is filling that office. We in the coalition for the rule of law that administer the world's monetary gold reserves and other wealth can deal with the Grey Pope and the rest of the Pharaonic bloodline families (whom I call "the Head of the Snake") once we have made more progress on the Global Currency Reset.

At the end of this tweet is something I tweeted a month ago.

1761f1 No.33632

THE TASK IS ENORMOUS. If anyone is likely to succeed in effecting change, it is Madame Hudes.


January 5, 2018

I have been telling you for several years that the world is a kinder place than you think. You have been tricked by a corrupt Banking Cartel that is lying to you. Reality is very different.

We are going to wind down the bankrupt Banking Cartel and clean up the corruption in the world's monetary system.

I have offered alot of proof for these statements. The Banking Cartel keeps on lying and saying that nothing is going on. What is going on is that the proof that I am offering to you is becoming more and more convincing, and more and more people are becoming convinced.

We have already convinced enough people so that we are now manifest in reality (that is how reality works, because humanity is united and we process our thoughts in a collective unconscious.) I have asked you to get into small study groups to work through this information. These study groups are necessary also to help you figure out when you are being influenced by powerful scalar weaponry that many people are vulnerable to. People in these study groups can process information better, and the Banking Cartel is not going to be able to pick on them or scare them with their false propaganda. I have been following my own advice, and you can see that I am doing just fine.

So now I am going to show you some of the compelling proof that we are in a reality where we are all going to be working together in a Global Currency Reset to wind down the Banking Cartel. This is what I am going to keep on doing, and you all need to reach out to convince others to join all of us who are already in the "Coalition for the Rule of Law." We have reached critical mass, that is, we are in reality. Stay tuned as we wind down the Banking Cartel and replace fake paper currencies for local currencies issued by villages and towns and for aurum.


I am going to summarize briefly what is in the proof that I am showing you. These links are in sequence. Whenever the Banking Cartel tries to censor this information by breaking the links, that is proof that the Banking Cartel exists and doesn't want you to know the information which I am presenting to you.


Background information for newbies; the US

Mission to the United Nations acknowledged

receiving the description of the Global Currency

Reset and did not deny that this information was true.

The teleprompter for the DCTV Series about the Banking Cartel on December 5, 2017. That episode was about the Marine Expeditionary Unit attack on the CIA's branch office in Langley, VA. None of the forces who attacked the CIA were charged with anything. That the Marines attacked the CIA was well-documented by the people who lived next to the CIA's branch office.


The CIA's headquarters are in Switzerland, which is also the headquarters for the Banking Cartel.

The teleprompter documenting the Banking Cartel's bankruptcy on March 21, 2017 was attached at the end of the 12.5.17 teleprompter. It was also in a link in the DCTV segment on 11.14.17. The Banking Cartel tried very hard, and failed, to hide the March 21, 2017 teleprompter when I re-tweeted it a couple of days ago.



Karen Hudes

1761f1 No.33633

See the PDF file for the full details and content.

Any questions?

1761f1 No.33634

1761f1 No.33636

The Power Structure of the New World Order

http: //s15.zetaboards.com/NWO_Masters/topic/10390071/1/

See this link also.

1761f1 No.33642


Ok, later we can find it…. there is a new discussion board created specifically only for that… but per the info I just posted, Q and Trump are banking cabal agents…. unless they go with the plan and free humanity of all debt…

1761f1 No.33656


Sage is another banking cabal shill.

1761f1 No.33657


Q may be real but he is an agent of the banking cabal.

1761f1 No.33660

Real reason for CBTS board drop is not mod mis-understanding, it was the CIA black-mailing NSA director Mike Rogers, forcing the NSA to drop ties with CTBS. Q is fake, the new boards are CIA.

Q is fake, new boards are CIA.


1761f1 No.33661

So this thread is correct from the start. Someone hacked the Q tripcode and now the NSA is no longer in charge and the CIA is making the fake posts, then claiming Trump and Q did not have any outside discussions outside CBTS and Storm.

1761f1 No.33662



1761f1 No.33663

Q has had NO communications outside of this platform? Really?


Those posts supposedly from Q saying he has not had any outside conversations outside of these forums ARE CIA DISINFO to try to hush up the Q drops from Dec. 25th to February Second, which were posted on a rogue D forum that was wiped on the second. Fringe forum also making lies, claiming we impersonated Q on their forum then posted the trip-codes here. These are all CIA shills doing this = SAGE = DEFANGO!!

2c3138 No.33670


Thank you Anon. I was present for the Q drops about Loop Capital Friday afternoon EST. A few of us were discussing the Gutthard Tunnel (Satanic) Opening Ceremony and bam Q drops three posts. Looked like/felt like real Q to me. Then subsequent threads were abuzz with Loop Capital finds and discussion. Eat dinner, come back, the shit had hit the fan. Still think there are no coincidences….

0674b5 No.33681


That's all well and good Mr. 18029f, but what good is a board that is locked for only one way communications, and hasn't posted anything in the past 24 hours? Your "GreatAwakening" had a very short life didn't it? No one bought into it. It is based on a nonsensical concept.

205aee No.33690


welcome to chanland where namefags are still are still a namefag…

its always about the information that has been provided not by whom.

even with Q it could be anyone, it could be multiple user, it could be taken over, hacked, compromised, blackmailed, switch side or been an opposition contingency plan from the start.

just focus on the intel and discern from it

0674b5 No.33699


The only way I can now accept Q is to see a three platform confirmation delivered over a long period of time. This whole Q post to Twitter confirmation in a one minute time constraint is ridiculous to begin with. If this entire thing is not a LARP, prove it by giving a confirmation using both @RDT and @POTUS with a Q post in the middle. It must also allow for extended time lag before each post to discourage system clock manipulations and allow lurkers and other normies enough time to verify for themselves.

0674b5 No.33708


Which ever one of you is the real clown, I just want to remind you that the USMC in full battle gear has you in their sights. You might want to start cleaning out some of your drawers.

0674b5 No.33714



If Q is real as either a single individual or a team, he/they would have access to three or four identifying twitter accounts ie: @RDT - @POTUS and @WH. Surly a confirmation that includes two or all of them sequentially would offer a better confirmation. However, the time span must allow for all visitors to the thread to verify. No more of this one minute edit BS. Those were ridiculous. System clocks can be skewed as needed.

0674b5 No.33717


I never asked for a locked board. In addition, no one is posting there. It has been dead from its inception.

0674b5 No.33720



Ya! JTRIG. Why didn't I think of that? This is their forte. Damned Brits, we just can't seem to get rid of them.

0674b5 No.33725


I'm with you 258d95. I'm old and worn out also. However, I have discovered this entire Q LARP exciting and exhilarating. Three months ago I knew nothing about 2,4 or 8 CH. I have been on a fast learning curve and earned the rank of plebe. I have also found that there are thousands of others sharing our same concerns about the future. I am not sure what I will switch to once this Q phenomena dies. . I think it's real close to that right now. However, I do know that my faith in the future of our county is looking better than it has for the past 20 or so years. Have faith friend.

0674b5 No.33734



I think that MI is trying to let the Clowns and JTRIG know that they are all doomed.

0674b5 No.33736



I think you are having a pipe dream right now. Clean out bowl and go buy some fresher weed

0674b5 No.33737



You are obviously not skilled enough to teach in this forum.

0674b5 No.33738




I just rechecked. It looks pretty dead to me. No action on it for over 24 hours.

0674b5 No.33739



She is obviously a namefag. Every other word out of her mouth is "I." Too much vanity and arrogance will be her downfall. What ever drove you to post this video?

0674b5 No.33742



Karen, please take your arrogant ass somewhere else to post your crap. You and your clown buddies are just making yourselves look stupid. Get over it: we won . You lost.

9f0b11 No.33754


We know the answer to that - have known since before q

The question isn't whether q real it's whether or not you and all others are going to allow these idiots to keep murdering and raping someone else's kids. Because they are coming for your family too. Once they get control which they are very close to doing it's Katy bar the doors.

You think Hunger Games was a fantasy? It was - the fantasy of a sick twisted billionaire that's bent on turning it into a reality.

Point is that Q didn't tell any of us anything that we didn't know. We were able to ignore it before Q - now reality is smacking us in the face.

This isn't psych ops it's simple. Either the people are going to stop these animals or the people are going to be enslaved.

Q is irrelevant. Q only forced you see. The rest is up to us. We make our own destiny.

0be760 No.33755

Q is a psyop. Code was unnecessary from the start. Now Q tells you to hurry up and learn the code, to brace for impact, that we are at defcon1, and that you should convey messages and carry out actions embedded in th code later on – you idiots need to wake up. Q is here to embarrass you and derail the MAGA train.

Fuck Q

0be760 No.33758


Q is a psyop. Code was unnecessary from the start. Now Q tells you to hurry up and learn the code, to brace for impact, that we are at defcon1, and that you should convey messages and carry out actions embedded in th code later on – you idiots need to wake up. Q is here to embarrass you and derail the MAGA train.

Fuck Q

0be760 No.33759


And you can't see how that creates reason for caution? To be suspicious?

Q is a psyop.

What faggot shows up with this fucking code, tells you to brace for hard times and that you need to learn the code immediately and once you learn it to convey messages and do actions the code says.

This is what cults do.

Wake up.

Q is here to embarrass people and to derail the whole MAGA thing.

ec0200 No.33767


Exactly the clown niggers have messed-up cbts and now taken over the storm. Any clown faggot could have cracked any trip code from day one. And autist faggots on this forum claim to be smart yet cannot figure out that the new Q is a larp and that the clowns have mimmicked the trip code.

ec0200 No.33769


This thread was not created by Karen you faggot idiot. And you did not win faggot we will destroy your new clown nigger fake Q fag!

ec0200 No.33772


The only dumps from now on will be the crap dumps then get in their face for taking over both cbts and the storm and now DEFANGO faggot and his crony fag clown buddies trying to rip these forums apart with disinfo and a new fake Q. FUCK YOU DEFANGOS!

ec0200 No.33784


Clown faggots exposed here also.

a2702c No.33914


Niggers on the run.

c50ec8 No.33926



THAT being asked was stupid. Because without a person who had been a mod and could see IP of previous posters in past in which it was deemed was from Q team of 10 then a locked "Q" created only board leaves NO way to confirm it is "Q".

How do U tards not get this?

Same how all U tards think "B" is some insider. NO "B"s own posts have proven they are not even REDPILLED & only newly awake, & also after "Q" would post they would write that they didnt' even understand the message. When the info was OLDOLD stuff that truthers have known for a very long time.

Then this whole idol god worship of Q is retarded. Because IF a TEAM were doing all this stuff they just appoint a person to make dumps on a forum. It would NOT need to be the high up.. U delegate. They should/would be too busy

Next the whole idiots thinking a password of "MATLOCK" would be done by anyone with any gov/mil work is nuts. Kids who use Webkins are taught by parents to make better stronger passwords. Then all these idol/god worshipers say oh it was meant to be broken and public. NO that would be stupid, who creates a password on something so critical as this that is meant to be broken & then cause all this cluster fuck of now no way to verify

Next U dumb asses.. I have seen modes using CodeMonkey etc state THEY have back ways of talking to Q. Then we see here someone states "they" have new Qs that are secret hidden and not allowed to be shown until this all gets settled.

Look some 19 yr old kid working for NSA knows better than to have all this BS be a problem over not being able to self verify/the whole ID cluster fuck.

Next why the fuck is Admiral Rogers retiring?! Why wouldn't Trump BEG him to stay. Because the dirty pols in DC will hold up who ever he appoints. Until that title that have control over ALL Intel agencies does NOT seem to be too cool. Trump has placed some total shitbags in positions. Freaking Sec of Treasury Mnuchin is literally tied into the whole hollywood dirt bag money scene. He also looks like pedo psycho Bryan Singer.

Also many peoples REAL lives are on the line because everything we do is tracked. People have come out with their truths evidence etc.

IF everything is so great in Trumps admin why is there still NO safe place in our government even now to call/contact to give real info on crimes, false flags, etc? Without risking being killed, or fucked with, destroyed?

All of U jump on this JA stuff and there is NO proof. Not only that by spreading it IF JA still stuck in embassy you hurt him.

Also you are are blind to what is behind everything & I have seen real JDL, antifa Unicorn Riot connected taking on youtube channels & twitter jumping on this. On top of clownfags.

have NO idea why U all think Beans have ANY validity, all she did in beginning was take stuff of our here and NOT source. ie keep source truths to herself to keep focus on her.

Antischool may be good kid heart in right place but as soon as drop rushed to make vid & then for his 1st time seeing the drops himself spurts out 1st thing in his NON redpilled not informed about all this stuff head that is WRONG & all the tards spread that. This is due to HIS rush to get hits by being 1st. It is NOT about being correct. Many problems here. Understand.

Which what Mod now has book deal. Name please & info. Been doing other WORK, & about real harms way. Need that for my research. because there are several false flags on table, & I have to analyse fit things in to big picture.

I also saw on CBTS mods banning people who were REAL whistle-blowers, SF & connected to things and real important to big picture. I also see all these people who think they are awake, NO U do NOT get real picture & then attack those who drop it, demand NO freespeech & shrill to ban them. Stupid. because focus on stupid stuff.

6d1869 No.33937

a2702c No.33950


Interesting pos!! Please check out this video:


https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXYvulK5h8M

And please check-out these links!

Q anon is driven by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. His name is Tyler.


Q has had NO communications outside of this platform? Really?


The truth about the forum's spread-sheet.


c50ec8 No.33955

File: 7dfc83318a34a41⋯.jpg (64.28 KB, 540x960, 9:16, DP_4LW8WAAItxJJ US politic….jpg)

File: 636d63e63b3b3ab⋯.png (155.25 KB, 500x874, 250:437, mic-trump-for-us-isa-meme-….png)

File: e06a20522bc8bcb⋯.jpg (28.58 KB, 245x255, 49:51, isreal created by rothschi….jpg)

What retard thought it a great idea to promote Alex Jones or become connected w/ him? recall that? Alex Jones gives out all stuff known 4 decades. How asleep RU. He steals others work, seen if 4 yrs. He is HANDLED & tied to Stratfor. Alex fucked over Bill Cooper & Ron Paul & their Liberty Party movement. THINK Ron Paul would have made a great President. So why was he not President? Bill was murdered. Fostered rifs between Russo. B illknew alot of truths, even the REAL red pill understand. When he was give/led to false stuff, once discovered he had balls to come out & admit it. The Pill AJ hides from due to his motives/handlers. His wife/others around him said he voted for Hillary as better for business.

I've had too many people known, met, worked w/, been associated w/ etc murdered/destroyed by all the shit that happens. This is not a fucking game. U all obsessed for yrs on ONLY obama muslim. blah blah.. when he is a creation of CIA his whole family & all his history is bullshit. John Brennan & Zbigniew Brzezinski trained him, along with CIA Osama Binladin. How the hell did U not know that Israel IS Al Qaeda, El Nusra, ISIS? Due to their Fed/IMF/subversion/sexpionage/blackmail/murders/threats against USA the US is their controlled coopted bitch & their military arm.. our men/women as Kissinger said "stupid dumb animals to die in THEIR WARS" where all we do is illegal, commit genocide, steal a nations resources, their ancient treasures for their cult BS & to hide real truth for their sick Zionist/NWO.. what klan in many pics of many dif popes do you see bowing & kissing hand of many of their Klan.. Rothschilds.

U act like UR awake Ur not really yet deserve to B & be free. U state U understand & want to protect Assange. But have not understood TRUTHS he has written. Look up how he has pointed out that the US religious system was taken over, & he mentions how (((they))) & fellow globalist/NWO sick bastards did it Scofield bible. This is not new since beginning of our nation there have been truths exposed, things written. US revolution traitors/spys set for execution there was too much interference/BS many spared/there fams too. They expelled to Canada & continued being force/network for Crown Corporation which is zionist controlled, & the taking out of $ of USA to be used against it, & helped in filtering in drugs, guns, criminals. understand this.. huge colonies of literal traitors NOT killed as they should have been & always worked against us. Crown corporation against Australia freedom. Freedom too short lived & they were sold out. Crown/CIA have huge massive complexes there. Justin T in Canada NWO/muslim see pics front row can't do what he does unless proven convert/believer

Some truth on Obamas CIA family that will also show documented US gov CIA genocides/interfering continually in other nations elections, assassinations. archive. org/details/WayneMadsen-BarackObama-AllInTheCompany

U MUST really READ this Danny Casalero was murdered over Deep State octopus. This is in his files. See all names, understand TRUTH. U will find things that connect picture map NOW. archive. org/details/CHAPTERX-OrganizedCrimeAndADL

archive does get clown purged sometimes so download to in some format archive. org/details/ADLInvolvementInWacoMassacre

archive. org/details/adl-fbi-conspiracy-exposed-eustace-mullins Look up who's protege he was

Why would ADL agents have US fund paid offices INSIDE US Attorneys offices? understand this?

It is also a proven fact SPLC was involved IN Oklahoma city bombing & the cover up. They are a criminal ANti-US terrorist org. Why hasn't 501 c3 been removed? They work with Soros, roths, Google, CIA & other agency Directors think about that.

ba4edf No.33956


(((Trump))) betrayed us.

c50ec8 No.33958

middle pic above is a CLOWN David Duke, who they have been using to take down harm Trump. He is old spook his dad too w/ Dutch Shell. He in Asia via Operation Phoenix CIA. EVERYTHING connected to him, and people are compromised. Honeypots. Part of next FF agenda on the table now.

BATF knew before hand date/Murrah bldg. That is why they had all their people NOT in bldg. Understand. Then they burned their informants, tried to get them killed, the gov charged alot of innocent people, & killed many, locked many up & controlled their comms even w/ attorneys. BOP is criminal. Dead intern more to do w/ OKBOMB than anything else, suspect Podesta/clinton/mossad killer machine.

The fact the US intel/mil intel/Mossad/german intel did OKBOMB BOMROB with their still running connected PATCON team programs has been out there. people knew False flag moment happened. some before. understand? How do U not know this?

Think what lies U have believed, who lies to U, their motives. THIS these people who did THIS is what U are up against archive. org/details/TheAnti-humans

also The Armenian Christian Genocide, zionist UK crown behind it, served their purposes.

100s million people proven genocided in Russia & other nations by the zionists easily proven. They have nothing but LIES for what THEY state is true. Proven over & over documented, courts as fact, & yet we have them pass laws that only their lies R protected all all those that dare to speak the truth R destroyed/imprisoned even little old grandmas who know the truth. think about this. How weak is their arguments/lies when this BS like Hollywood SJW trumpsyndrome etc.. you see that, understand that is what they have done to the world. U defend your abusers.

I've watched & seen U all jump & believe things I know to be lies, & know the clowns promote, & the zionists who I see very active redirecting. Think about who U follow for this stuff on Utube/twitter.. R they of the tribe? Use that judgment. This is not a game. This is your life, your children, the future of our nation & only 1 chance left to save it. They know this. Original Q said the picked POL for special reason. This is why THE big real red PILL to explain all the others, make the right connections.

This will show U how deep the CHILD abuse BS goes & how corrupt for a very long time DOJ, our courts, judges have been. They did things to respected military officers also, murdered them 4 trying to tell truth, threw one out of Bethesda Naval Hospital window. His truths, Bryds & others would have gone a long way to stopping the lies & TRUTHS being discovered. www.resist. com/Onlinebooks/DestroyTheAccuser-FrederickSeelig.pdf

a2702c No.33964

This video tells it all:

qanon - LARP - Q Anon = Moldy Bread cbts - calm before the storm – YouTube

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOyRscDKsmw

Please have a look at it, read all the posts and see what is going on. All are now being red pilled by a Larp.

52ea24 No.33973

File: a03a330428018ce⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 763x416, 763:416, 34567890.jpg)

Source of ALL problems is lack of Love-based spirituality

Nothing good will come if you waste energy bickering and infighting

Look at all the info and see for yourself.

c50ec8 No.33985


is that vid supposed to have audio with it?

Also another big WTF. find do a vid to get more exposure, but MUST give URL in an archive link for people to SEE for themselves. Recall this is all about truth. Must give people places to find source. Not treated like idiots/children. Must be able to be reviewed at source.

I had read some archives on meganon recall they stated compartmentalized. Also depends on personal age/exposure to things in life, & then taught through personal and work. Some things I though were wrong.

We all have to work with confirmation bias also

We all have our truths based on real experiences. so that intelligence takes precedence to others. Thing is this, there was a way to do this if needed to be done. Also Kushner has personal friendship w/ some owner/or on board/exec of 4chan. But if not in this supposed orig 10 to protect fam of course.. then hard to do. But a national security letter to someone to allow to take over something works for dirty gov in past, why can't "good guys" use it? or again that would require documentation & lead up chain and not insulate figures.

Look much education, waking up for people is there. And everyone ALIVE, with some hope here.. because there was NONE. Only death, & living hell here on earth they created.. waiting out days of continual revelations of their BS agendas moving forward to insanity, and stuck with a huge population that is literally worthless. to stupid..

The thing is all the stupid statements people couldn't handle.. so what.. let them kill themselves as be done with it and we move on. Same reason real executions must happen, & yes since a royalty, cult blood line thing those in family have choice, DIE or sterilization.. this is human/& way kind.. after all not put up on the wheel or anything..

The problem is this. Unless people SEE something REAL verifiable done for real justice & stopping the huge horrors.. then we will reject it.

recall even media picked up a while back that a REAL truther was on chan dropping REAL SECRET stuff there, & everyone too stupid to recognize it, and ignored. Mostly because all these people have NO built up basic understanding of or any relative truths

0674b5 No.34054


I automatically assume that the amount of crap one is full of, directly corelates to the length of their posts.

fb847a No.34062

Holy shit they weren't kidding, this board is shill central wtf. No wonder Q left this cesspool

fcd0ef No.34068


Yeah, I'm happy the simple remedy of periodic migration is so effective. 90 % of shills and dumbasses get lost every time Q moves.

73b08f No.34077


No, it is text read only, no audio.

Worth watching the entire thing.

73b08f No.34078


Not so, the new forums created are for a fake Q and 90% of the people there are clown shills.

73b08f No.34079



And the so called autists and clown fags continue to be slow in figuring things out, spread disinfo and speak through their ass. This cbts forum needs to be the focus of our attention now. It is the cream of the crop.

The real reason for CBTS board drop by the fake Q and hacked Q trip-code by the clowns is not mod mis-understanding, it was the CIA black-mailing NSA director Mike Rogers, forcing the NSA to drop ties with CTBS. Q is fake, the new boards are CIA. So the mod was correct to delete Q posts on this board, as this is the only mod that can see that the new Q is fake and a clown!

Current version of Q is fake, new boards are CIA. None of the posts since the second, when the Q account was compromised, are authentic. That is the same day of the rogue forum wipe.


The NSA had control of cbts and then the clowns took over, kicked-out Rogers and then are not shit storming the storm and creating their own fake clown forum only for the Larp Q. Wake-up!

Q is fake, and the new boards are CIA run!!

Q himself explained his trip code was compromised on the 2nd, eight days ago. Since then, none of the new Q posts are legit.

Main key agents doing this are SAGE and DEFANGO, who are clown agents trying to destroy this forum by taking it over from the NSA. And spreadsheet anon is also spreading this false information and fake links.

You all are being fooled and tricked.

Stop chasing clown DEFANGOS and rabbit holes!

Learn with the pros like us!

73b08f No.34082

This video is amazing, it tells exactly what is going-on:


Https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXYvulK5h8M

Stop being red pilled and fooled!














Say CIAya to the clowns!

73b08f No.34087

Q is gone folks. The trip-codes have been cracked and the clowns have created a bunch of boards using the cracked Q identity. They've taken control of the boards and are now deleting whatever archives they can and banning all posters that expose them on the new boards being created. We were banned 10 times over there yesterday alone for exposing the clown fags. (archive everything yourself on your personal database from now on). All the chans are compromised. However, this board allows posts to be made anonymously via tor, so this is still the best place to be. The new boards are NOT allowing for TOR and they log your IP, to use it against you.

The only place Q has posted since the trips were cracked 4 days ago is on /cbts/. Q has also posted at times in anon mode, to be un-detected and detected by only those who can recognize his pattern.

That said, nothing has changed. Satanic pedophiles still intend to take power and depopulate the planet. Whether we have Q or not, our duty to protect our nation and our world remains the same, and we can do it. We've created a degree of organization here and drawn many different talents, so this is a good foundation to keep up the fight.

Q has already left at least 2 anon drops, so he may do so in the future. However, we can't count on that. The shakeup in the NSA is related to this. Explained above.

Also, we have had discussions with Q on other forums, one called Lop. The mod there, Disturbed, is a clown shill agent and hosts his forum on Amazon, controlled by Jeff Bozos and the Clowns. Even Zach has had conversations with Q.

So the new Q is claiming there have been no discussions outside this forum - totally fake, a lie. We can prove this is false.

Also, new Q has changed the North Korea narrative. Original Q stated that the clowns and Space X created N. Korea missile program. New Q claims recent iridium satellite launches are to prevent N. Korea from using it´s ICBM tech and be without international tracking ability. So one Q says Space X and Musk is helping N. Korea, the other one says he is not helping North Korea. Even Zach has noted this.

The last Q warned us that his trip-code had been compromised do due clown hacks. This happened with the Admiral Rogers firing. This is when the new fake boards were created, around February seconds. This is the same day that Disturbed wiped all of his threads, as we had created a shit-load of threads exposing the clowns. They could not delete them all without exposing themselves, so they deleted the entire forum. Before the wipe, they blamed us and Trump for destroying the US, getting all countries to hate the US and blamed us for destroying their forum. Then they told us to kill ourselves. Quickly after this, a mod deleted their threats. That is how they operate. Trump and Q know we chatted with them there for around a month and we have Q drops from Dec. 25th to February second from Q. That is the day Q became compromised also on 8 chan and the day Q mentioned it is because of the Admiral Rogers firing. It was a forced retirement by the clowns.

Another rogue forum - called The Fringe. We created a thread there to spread the new Q information he had given us, and that was posted no other place. The thread became immediately attacked and deleted by the cat face clown shill mod.

Then the Fringe forum came over here and started ganging up with spreadsheet anon, claiming we had created a thread on their forum and that we were claiming to be Q and that we posted the Q trip-code here on 8 chan. These are all lies. The new spreadsheet anon also is lying and spreading this disinfo on his spread-sheet, as well as the fake new Q boards. The new spreadsheet anon also deleted all of our Q cracks which nobody else was able to figure out and proceeded to introduce fake Q cracks and disinfo.

continued next post…

73b08f No.34089

Continued from previous post…

The clowns have taken-over the spreadsheet, the Q trip-code, are controlling the release of info and now claiming to be the authentic Q. No more chats with Q are possible and this way they can control the information and control the narrative.

All true Q supporters are banned, called fags. If you expose how Q is connected to Tyler, Alice, CERN, Bitcoin and the uranium crime syndicate, you are banned. If you expose the fake Q you are banned.

We're all here, and we've got a diverse array of skills as well as a lot of connected people with insider info. The clowns want us to abandon that and give in to celebrity worship, to ignore the capacities we have even without Q. Q wasn't here when we raped the Church of Scientology or any of the other actions we've successfully completed. We are Gideon's army, and we are going to win. God is on our side.

"The Lord said to Gideon, “The people who are with you are too many for Me to give Midian into their hands, for Israel would become boastful, saying, ‘My own power has delivered me. "

We will take back this nation, in the name of God!

This board is THE BEST PLACE TO BE!!!





e6b645 No.34106


Post proof or shill.

Current date Jan 11th.

You say Q drops dec 25th to Feb 2nd.

I claim bs as you are only in the present.

I want to believe but post sauce of private comms.

26579e No.34108

File: 181e65febccc6df⋯.png (1.2 MB, 822x796, 411:398, 07.png)

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

36c8fd No.34110


too many red pills

73b08f No.34178


With clowns attacking and posting messages that they claim are from Q and state that there have been no private communications outside of this forum, people are mis-understanding what he meant and thus the new Q drops cannot be placed here as all would mock. But they do not understand what he said and that Q is a group of people.

73b08f No.34179


No drops outside of POL? Really?

Proof this is not true!!

See link above.

73b08f No.34180


https: //8ch.net/cbts/res/257377.html#q258164

Link found here.

73b08f No.34181

No drops outside of POL? Really?

Proof this is not true!!


https: //8ch.net/cbts/res/257377.html#q258164

See link above.


c50ec8 No.34245

look beanz was a shill that was easy early on. Also NO legit ANON, nor anyone w/ gov experience and certainly NOT "Q" would have thought all those tards leading everyone to a reddit where you HAVE to login and be tracked and get OFF chan would be a good idea at all. That was major major tip off. Also bad idea was all the tards when spreading memes and messages to effect normies you dont attach "Q" to everything as source.. you just post it as truth.. NOT some god idol worship that is stupid & again leads away from true revolution.

WHY did they delete the VQC virtual quantum computing threads that were working parallel? that was another tip off early on. people were all learning advanced mathmatics, coding, new programs, and also opening up their minds, higher critical thinking and real life skills. Who in their right mind would stop that. that was insane.

Then early on I saw them ban real whistleblowers, SF, insiders. There was a REASON this was started on 4chan & on POL specifically. the Q even said that, that was specifically because everyone there already knew the truth about THE RED PILL..the one that then allows all the other truths revealed to be put into the proper context for big picture & all those people already knew US/world history etc and most past scandals as follow this stuff, no blinders and pick up patterns. taking it to youtube was also odd as most was NO value added to what anyone themselves could find their own truths reading interacting on chan. but like beanz those people werent even giving the LINK to get people to source, they blocked that & wanted themselves to be source.. which is BS which meant others not led to place to see all the sound boarding and all posting their truths. then all the clustering up the spreadsheets with retarded clouded sheep no pilled not knowing history etc guesses and deleted real truths facts..

there was something just a few up that said no more red pilling or do nothing and let it all ride..

NO this proves we must fight harder to take what we research see in news, happening and expose make connnnecting and further take things learned make memes and then spread truth like about liars in media and gov the traitors, scum and expose them. further to get that info to the people on commitees, in power.. gov acts only when "public interest" they play that BS game for years holding up blocking FOIA when the law is they must give, but dont.. then respond w/ we don't think the public is interesting in this etc as their reason which is BS.. so we all prove we do care.. like on this DACA immigration stuff fight fight expose and comment on all the politicians social media what you want. you are constituants, public WE MATTER.. they are supposed to work for us..

How the fuck can that lying old hag on gang of 8 release closed door private witness testimony which proves they and others are NOT safe to give evidence WE and our gov needs to expose stuff.. they get away with it.. NO don't allow it call for their immediate removal from commitee and lose of security clearance,and removal from government. That is a national security threat, breach of promise to witnesses, illegal, & fucking up investigations.. all to create this bs media fury over lies..

guess what btw haiti and africa are shit holes.. and then we need to push WHY Haiti is fucked, because of Clinton foundation they took in $billions of donations, and BUSH family and Clintons did the solicitations for this scam.. then they all stole the money and never gave shit to haiti.. then dirty haiti officials politicians gov also took bribes and stole money.. UN troops also commited crimes against the people and stole supplies and recall the reports about the city & rural supplies to be handed out to all were a different list of goods based on city rural.. then they found out those entrusted to do this instead exploited those starving people and forced them onto prostitution etc.. this was the freaking UN troops. and at high levels this is done all over the globe.. that has to be pushed and exposed via meme, graphics w/ more detail and info on where to find more, links. NO work has just begun.. you say because clowns fucked with truth and "won" we sit back.. NO.. because IF clowns won THIS then Trump is skrewed, then we all are skrewed, USA dies, world and humanity fucked.. NO we fight harder, smarter. team work coordinate work together think around this

ec0200 No.34269

Migrate to /covfefe

ee5357 No.34318

Have a look at this ya all:

The Hillary - Obama - Mueller - Comey - McCabe global uranium theft ring


ee5357 No.34319


What is that?

Where do I find it?

ee5357 No.34320


Spreadsheet anon is trying to lead everyone to Reddit so they can be tracked.

And Beanz is good to go!!

428ba6 No.34338

So many people who seemed good are actually bad, like Trey Gowdy for example.

428ba6 No.34340

428ba6 No.34341

Well, well lookie here! Fake pee pee dossie behind Russia collusion story!


Another thread worth checking-out.

126759 No.34361


The clowns want all to look away and not see this.

3bef61 No.34373

The clowns are coming from Therightstuff.biz



a836cb No.34380


This storm forum seems to be one that has less rules and does not ban people as much.

Am I right?

a836cb No.34382



057f35 No.34465


They seem to be affraid that people find-out who Tyler is.

2d4277 No.34494

Q Message "Clowns no More" discussion.



'''We are sick and tired of the clowns.

Are you?'''

See a full list of the crimes of the clowns above.

33752d No.34739











4bbd92 No.34775



Full story.

95ab19 No.34841


Code Monkey changed the underlying super secure trip method to enable Q hack. This caused Q to get excluded, triped out and allowed clowns to take-over his account.








95ab19 No.34843




New post edited by board owner today proving Clowns have hacked Q tripcode and that all current Q posts are fake:


More links explaining what happened:












Have a look at the links above.

They confirm that the content of this post is authentic, when it refers to so many trip codes.

Even one fake Q posted with same Q trip code but with no space before the Q just as mentioned on this thread!

Evidence is everywhere!

You just need to know how to find it!!

8f810a No.35138


CBTS mod removed most of the links exposing how the Q account was hacked Decembe 15th.

CBTS mod exposed here.


Q research mods exposed here:


The true calm before the storm:



3fa758 No.35220




What the clowns do not want you to know.

Q Research Board is not allowing people to know about this!!


They are deleting threads exposing the crimes of Mueller and The Clowns!!


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