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File: 62211ff364d4ed9⋯.png (58.58 KB, 864x461, 864:461, 8ch-how-to.png)

File: f68e4b3577da044⋯.jpg (150.06 KB, 1024x658, 512:329, korra_captured_by_amon_s_f….jpg)

68991e No.26753[Reply]


I've implemented a new board rule. Effective immediately: if you make a post with no tickling content, you're in danger of getting a 1-3 day ban. There are exceptions to this rule. Relevant discussion posts or reaction images are probably fine. The draw threads and general discussions are examples of threads that don't need an image for every post, but again it's up to the moderators. Use your best judgement. If you want to make sure you won't get banned, just post content. It takes 30 seconds to search "tickling" on Tumblr, DeviantArt, or PornHub. If you want to bypass file duplication, crop the image by a few pixels before you post it.

That means if you want to keep having your internet slap fights, you have to post tickling images as well. This is an anonymous IMAGEboard, after all.

Art by Bad-Pierrot: http://fav.me/dakg2bn

Feel free to introduce yourself. While this is an anonymous image board, you can give yourself a unique posting ID. You do this by typing into the name field:

Your Name ## Your Code

Your code can be anything. It will then be converted to a unique ID that proves to others that your post is from you.

In this thread you can post board suggestions or general questions. This is the fastest way to get in contact with me.

Some of the most interesting discussions I've had are with anonymous posters. Everyone browsing this board, right now, all have one thing in common: We share an interest in physical stimulation that causes involuntary laughter. That's kind of cool.

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4f8f89 No.28252

File: 5abfb9b39d93524⋯.jpg (147.85 KB, 1024x733, 1024:733, zombina_and_manako_capture….jpg)


Posting purely because I'm sick of looking at that pic of glorious spider waifu with feet for no reason (and of the guy who keeps ruining monster girls by commissioning these pics).

File: c469200a27504f5⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1125x1800, 5:8, 739d328113d50fbd2943e1a49b….png)

File: 3043a42093ac8b7⋯.png (50.57 KB, 490x658, 35:47, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at ….png)

221d56 No.26746[Reply]

Reposting the public Discord link with the admin's message:


You can just hop in with some temporary name or you can make an account and surf the internet like how we used to do on keyboards in the 90s.Anyway, here's the link. This is set to permanently open, so if you would like to join in, it's available for anyone.


For those of you who are expecting we have all of this media (video, comics, etc) collected in here like Smaug's horde, prepare to be disappointed.

This chat is mostly just that, a chat. Now, we do have a great collection of artists who are producing and showing off their original works and if you want to enjoy that or meet like-minded people and have a good conversation with them, this is the place.

However, you should not come into the chatroom asking for comics or videos alone. It kind of puts me in a weird spot and I don't want to have to be forced to take action against a member for doing something like that.

The chatroom is a nice place, I'd be sorely disappointed if we had to lose nice members and/or the chatroom. Just a friendly reminder!

Artwork by Croozel: http://fav.me/db40286

File: 1431133306526-0.png (506.18 KB, 1280x889, 1280:889, tumblr_nnlf89d3gV1u0553so1….png)

File: 1431133306527-1.jpg (368.53 KB, 1268x1148, 317:287, tumblr_nnw2igtkms1u0553so1….jpg)

ab9487 No.5300[Reply]


Post tickling content. Are there exceptions to this rule? Sure. Reaction images and relevant discussion posts are probably okay, but keep in mind it's up to the moderators. If you're worried you might get banned, just post something. I know you all have personal collections. If you don't, take 30 seconds to search "tickling" on Tumblr, DeviantArt, or PornHub and post what you find. If you want to bypass file duplication, crop the image by a few pixels before you post it.

tl;dr - if your post is off topic, post content to avoid a 1-3 day ban

Current Rules for /tk/


+ Post all kinds of tickling (/m, /f, /*, furry, doesn't matter!)

+ Include sources with content (if you can!)

+ If posting a review of paid content, be sure to link to where to buy

+ Be kind and interact with your fellow tickle friends


+ Be an asshole

+ Post anything illegal (spam, cp, copyrighted content)

+ Ask for Patreon exclusive content

If you want to post a story please use an external hosting service (zerobin, pastebin, deviantart, fanfiction, etc.) when posting.

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File: 058443a0714c636⋯.jpg (462.05 KB, 1652x1268, 413:317, 37.jpg)

File: a2b9d81ad75001b⋯.jpg (621.99 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, 38.jpg)

fcc4f4 No.28396[Reply]

Emm, can I tickle comics that do not include a lot of tickling in the feet, I do not want to see trash every day. :u

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c14b9f No.28848

File: a4f3e07161bc2ea⋯.jpg (254.93 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, lmao_by_reptileye-d85gcpy.jpg)

File: ac94155959cea32⋯.jpg (199.8 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, ropes_and_feathers_by_the_….jpg)

File: 8bd2943ba1e36da⋯.jpg (5.43 MB, 3678x3288, 613:548, rectified__shimoneta__by_b….jpg)

File: 0df010951a3fc80⋯.jpg (317.2 KB, 760x950, 4:5, commission___dark_mia_tick….jpg)


2bf3fb No.28868


Foot purists are scum, but if you didn't provoke them then this thread could've had a chance.

Also, learn English before posting here.

d91407 No.28869

Please learn English, Speedy Gonzales.

659cf1 No.28870

Before I started experimenting with commissions, I had that sort of mentality at the beginning. Even now, generic stock tickles in the same two perspectives still make the fetish seem stale and uninteresting IMO. I didn't think that I could ever truly appreciate a foot-exclusive pic, and that all of them would require something a little extra, like this successful comm: >>25850

But there's no limit in terms of art. There are ways to make feet exclusive pics interesting. I had a Tewi feet exclusive commission conclude recently, and the synergy between me and the artist really made things pop off.

Other than that, I feel like far more gals have legitimately ticklish sides than feet, so the former spot feels more exciting by default. But in the end, what's exciting and what isn't is all in the execution.

c14b9f No.28871

File: a052685adc9490f⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 418x306, 209:153, 0_ILied.jpg)

File: a5230d2e900ad0a⋯.jpg (133.82 KB, 780x400, 39:20, 0_Lost_in_Europe___Poprad_….jpg)

File: cc7230465c22ca4⋯.jpg (107.68 KB, 972x852, 81:71, 0_sagubooru-cee150e7c1ac5a….jpg)

File: 45b67ae2e0f4e4c⋯.jpg (146.8 KB, 777x860, 777:860, 0_sketch005.jpg)

File: 6e9a76cfc2813d5⋯.jpg (474.38 KB, 1200x893, 1200:893, 0_WHO_DAT_OTHER_POKEMON__b….jpg)


Stocks are an overrated standby, which is why a lot of generally uncreative people tend to fall back on them. Granted, they're uncreative to footfags in the same way that X-crosses and bed shackles are uncreative to UB Fans.

File: 5734c40807af984⋯.jpg (555.52 KB, 2162x3000, 1081:1500, Lena-Chan.jpg)

1254be No.27664[Reply]

Previous Threads:



This thread is dedicated to the many tickling games dedicated to a single enthusiast in Japan:


And as you can see, the Japanese version of Fairy Maze 6.01 has been released!

For those of you that have to play them in English, however, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Here are some links to earlier versions of NoirCastle games translated by a kind anon!





Due to some complications with the FairyMaze translation process, it is recommended to play the English version of 4.01 and get as far as you can go before downloading and playing the 5.01 upgrade. Also, check the earlier threads if you require a non-windows version of the games!

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430ad9 No.28742


iirc, you need to walk a very specific way to reach the pot. Try looking at your path as a whole.

If you're still not sure, go play a ladder game or something :P

61fe07 No.28826

duz anybody know of games similar to this/these but with male protagonists/victims?

8d3792 No.28857

File: 524df8fc744dc07⋯.png (104.63 KB, 350x350, 1:1, DKP9WHZUEAERbRY.png)


Nope. Most game creators seem to be heterosexual.

On a completely different note, check out what Noircastle just dropped. (The pic, that is.)

a81668 No.28862


>Most game creators seem to be heterosexual.

Funny because one girl from US who is making her own game is gay and her stuff is mostly f/f.

Regarding this pic i could see some progression: what's stronger than wooden chest mimic? Iron chest mimic! Everyone knows iron chests contain better treasures. Then you add gold chest and you get some mimic family. If that's from fairy maze he would probably stick to one theme, some plant like enemies this time? A regular forest?

eb6039 No.28867

I've noticed that a lot of girls with this fetish tend to be bisexual or gay

File: 58a9bc7df6deace⋯.jpg (40.24 KB, 910x532, 65:38, 5011666725508_A.jpg)

5adf93 No.28827[Reply]

Well this kind of skeeves me out.

20 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b90f78 No.28861

This PROBABLY was made by some tickling/feet fetishist BUT we're probably overthinking this because we're into these stuff ourselves.

Someone without this fetish doesn't see it "that" way

ab9cdf No.28863

File: a67bf4b082c2d7f⋯.png (33.84 KB, 750x434, 375:217, IMG_5841.PNG)

File: 6f0bcabbda71da2⋯.jpg (40.78 KB, 581x336, 83:48, IMG_5842.JPG)

Out of… stock. There, I made the joke.

seriously what the fuck, how many people ordered this?

oh damn…. how many people DID order this for it to be out of stock?

imagine how many people are using this fucking thing right now.

f63743 No.28864

Well, there goes any pirate-related fantasy down the drain for me.

dcc35c No.28865

File: 4c837e5335e3eb9⋯.jpg (81.99 KB, 750x738, 125:123, 1496821422634.jpg)

bae43a No.28866

File: 50ffa15154e9092⋯.png (139 KB, 481x355, 481:355, Oh My God.png)


File: 5919d81007acde2⋯.png (6.54 KB, 707x435, 707:435, head.png)

d6a7b7 No.27780[Reply]

not really a cringe thread (though my illustration here could definitely fit in there) but just like..

Things you see cropping up a lot in this fetish that you personally find undesirable/gross/triggering

For me, it's this fucking pose. This pose is impossible to achieve without breaking some bones and snapping some tendons. Even a really fucking flexible person would not be able to do this without having the feet much further apart and the head stuck looking down, it's just a goddamn painful looking pose to sit someone in and it triggers my anatomy autism

112 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7d9f53 No.28840


I mean, I don't mind it if a girl does it as long as it's short and doesn't become the main focus of the whole video - which sometimes producers forget the whole purpose of why people bought the video in the first place *cough*EveryfuckingKellyLynnSageTickleIntensivevideos*cough*

But when a guy does it, I just get grossed out. It probably doesn't help that 90% of these guys are overweight and are disgusting. When they slobber all over someone's feet, I just feel they have become disgusting as well.

ec4e21 No.28844

File: f39431737fd94cc⋯.jpg (60.9 KB, 604x498, 302:249, bandicam 2017-09-20 21-56-….jpg)


I personally feel like (at least with these male overweight pizza faced producers) it's more of a bragging thing. Kind of a "Look at me, I get to lick this girls feet and you don't" which not only throws off the focus from the star of the video (the model) but it makes them look like douchebags. Like . . . Who honestly wants to see your disgusting face licking her feet?

Also fuck Kelli Lynn Sage as a lee and a ler, she's overrated af.

fbbfa5 No.28851


Good point.

I'm already overweight pizza faced…

I don't need to see a mirror in my fantasies too…

But with more rapist overtones on top…

1b00f0 No.28855


it really sucks cuz he makes top tier vids, I just bought a couple the other week and they're awesome. he just makes himself waaaaay too present in the videos and is the quintessential overweight, monotone voiced, sweaty, pube face that EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMN. PRODUCER is

I've stayed out of this thread cuz the drama and cattyness of this fetish has never been something I've gave a shit about, but can we talk about Shy and Wild tickling for a bit? He used to make some really great vids with lots of cute girl next door types, not overly sexual but not too cutesy and innocent, and he was a minor and unintrusive part of his videos. Then all of sudden he got Adobe Creative Suite and his videos get so full of bad CGI, costumes, and abysmal acting he makes FTKL look like an understated auteur.

Look I get that underneath every tickle artist and producer theres a creative type who wants to express themselves to the world in the best way they know how, otherwise they wouldn't be able to make these things. But you know, if you want to make action movies but you shoot tickle porn, make some connections and pitch scripts, don't shoehorn the action shit into the tickle porn and expect people to like it. If you want to write a serious grimdark comic and you make tickle comics, make the grimdark comic don't start murdering people in your tickle comics and act stupified when people don't buy it.

ec4e21 No.28858


There it is! Exactly what I was thinking.

Man, and he has some really good models too. And I don't mean those doll faced play boy model types he gets, they're cute, but I'm definitely more into the girl next door types. But he's just too present in the vids. He's also a major footfag. He'll spend 90% on a girl's feet, but barely touch her upperbody.

CGI in tickling videos needs to STOP. It really does. And this whole super heroine thing? I'm way over that too. If I see Bella Ink as Harley Quinn one more goddamn time.

File: 99c91bfa06b6fb8⋯.jpg (116.88 KB, 697x840, 697:840, 1lewd080117.jpg)

b2041a No.28203[Reply]


>An acting teacher was charged Monday for allegedly masturbating in front of a 10-year-old girl in St. Paul's Riverview Library on Saturday, and authorities are concerned he could have more victims.

>Nicholas C. Barghini, 31, was charged Monday in Ramsey County with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct. He declined to speak to police and did not return messages seeking comment.

>Barghini provided this self-description on his LinkedIn profile, "… I own Headcase Films & Fashion (headcasefnf.com). We make streetwear & provide feelings.

>"I haven't always felt comfortable showing my (full) self to the world, and this company was born out of that discomfort."

>Investigators suspect that Barghini committed a similar act with another young girl on June 17 at the same library, according to St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders. Both incidents, which occurred in the library's auditorium, were caught on surveillance video, Linders said.

>According to police and the criminal complaint: The girl from Saturday and four other girls were dropped off at the library about 2 p.m. to attend a class for "developing confidence, overall performance technique, and acting technique." About 4 p.m., the victim's mother picked up the girl, and the girl said she didn't want to return to the class because "the teacher was doing weird stuff," Linders said.

>The girl's mother called Barghini, who told her that he instructed the girl to act as if she were in a "banana boat commercial," the charges said.

>"He apologized for his 'acting technique' and told the girl's mother he did not intend to make the girl uncomfortable," the complaint said. BarPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

44 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3635e3 No.28807


I've reported these fuckers before on here. It makes little difference. A week later a whole new slew of this bullshit pops up in its place.

c95af1 No.28809


VK and Youku both are havens for this sort of thing. Used to be that Youku search results were appearing in Google, but those seem to have been purged recently. I suspect that being hosted in countries not subject to US or EU law (or similar jurisdictions) helped out in that, although in both Russia and China there's…bad things that happen to people who break those particular laws. Maybe there'll be a sudden shrink whenever the governments of Russia or China need a convenient domestic bogeyman.

But yeah, posting this sort of content on 8chan is probably a bad idea.

5d0e83 No.28819


It's funny how it's still there (from almost two days ago), while James who only posted once anything related to this in an obviously ironic manner, was immediately erased from existence because of it.

529166 No.28820


And yet a loli pic in a different thread got deleted earlier today. What more can you do besides report eh? But by now the damage is already done.

d99784 No.28854


…I'm pretty sure James was doing a lot more to put him under a microscope to make your conclusions plausible…

…Also, fuck you for even bringing him up for no fucking reason.

File: 01a9deedf7d851e⋯.png (245.17 KB, 545x415, 109:83, ATM Puzzle 1.PNG)

File: a4a326bf903c667⋯.png (244.86 KB, 541x415, 541:415, ATM Puzzle 2.PNG)

File: a083108d081990b⋯.png (243.41 KB, 539x421, 539:421, ATM Puzzle 3.PNG)

991d20 No.28485[Reply]

So I decided to download the games from an earlier thread link: http://amaou961.blog103.fc2.com/

First game, Please Don't Tickle Me, won't download.

Second game, Please Tickle Me, is text heavy and definitely could have used some debugging, but I think would be interesting if I knew what the hell was going on and knew what to do aside from wandering the map aimlessly until I trigger an event.

Final game, Attack of the Tickle Monsters, seems to be a "horror" themed game. I've encountered my first puzzle, and while I think I've got the second answer down… I have no idea what to do with the first and last ones. If someone could help me, I would appreciate it.

I believe the answer to the second puzzle is 41 (starting at 6 and adding 7 each time)

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

6d04a0 No.28660


Count me interested. And thank you.

7d941b No.28661

Here's the save file for the bonus section. Enjoy!


Let me know whether it works.

991d20 No.28664

File: 0accc496ad6c87c⋯.jpg (625.74 KB, 920x1200, 23:30, Aya Tickle 02.jpg)


It works! Thank you so much!

ebe94c No.28837

There was a translation for one of the earlier builds of this game, but the person who did it hasn't updated it since then.

The game seems to be pretty much finished from looking at the current build and the creator's blog, there have been no updates for almost a year now and the fact there's a scene selection in the current build makes me think he's done with it.

Are there any kind anons out there who would be willing to attempt a translation for this?

8a41df No.28847

nope it's only half way finished, there's basement floor still in create.

but the creator keeps making several games including this one, and not planning to touch this until next update of other game is done, which gonna take plenty of time.

File: 2c27e85ac30e951⋯.png (3.93 MB, 1222x1947, 1222:1947, IMG_2261.PNG)

16be3f No.28676[Reply]

This site a great source of comics hosted through keep2share but my goto Prem.link no longer supports it.

Any other sites/programs somone recommends to download them?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

728e12 No.28816


i'm starting to think the guy who owns K2S is puttin up those sites, so you have to pay him regardless -_-

8cffda No.28817

they say are fixing the host …maybe it will be online soon again

c9687e No.28822


Most of them are resellers that give him a % of profits.

728e12 No.28825


so, companies lose their shit when someone buys comics from them then shares them for free but do nothing when that guy wants to get paid for it?

a813f4 No.28846


Most of the stuff shared for free is on sites that actually give a fuck about DMCA. k2s and similar sites have servers overseas and are somewhat immune to DMAC threats.

I've heard that some studios have been trying to band together and sue the guy into the ground, but coordinating that is a bit difficult.

File: b9702d639d7f8ed⋯.jpg (510.27 KB, 1030x728, 515:364, a25.jpg)

File: 6726e71a324e56b⋯.jpg (157.47 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 10.jpg)

File: ee00d4d727857f3⋯.jpg (246.51 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, b3.jpg)

File: 7bf29bf94f8ad83⋯.jpg (105.49 KB, 400x600, 2:3, b8.jpg)

File: 1c6de237c31b7df⋯.png (402.6 KB, 1178x987, 1178:987, 60-20.png)

e93bb5 No.19254[Reply]

Previous thread is at bump limit

284 posts and 552 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

295886 No.28321


Side note, does anyone have more pictures or videos like the middle one here? Oil tickling armpits is one of my favorite things.

0a12ec No.28322

295886 No.28328


Thank you you legend

2668aa No.28769

File: b54c12fb8b35de0⋯.png (7.7 MB, 4500x3900, 15:13, the_touch_of_a_friend_by_c….png)

0a9583 No.28823

File: 696f67b8e2637f8⋯.jpg (149.87 KB, 1199x706, 1199:706, DKLU7p-UQAEQKQ9.jpg)

File: 1424063518543.png (317.02 KB, 900x763, 900:763, 1378433824881.png)

b274e4 No.2387[Reply]

ayy post shit in here you want colored
218 posts and 172 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7d6253 No.28791


Thanks Anon!

d95bd2 No.28801



8971b8 No.28804


You may seem to forget that lolicon is now permitted in the current regime. Only James ever cracked down that heavily on it; one if his better qualities actually.

c14582 No.28806


yeah, but didn't we discuss that theres a line? and that line is "prepubescent girl tied down getting her vagina tickled?"

Cause at that point it just gets skeevy and uncomfortable as all fuck.

7d6253 No.28815

File: 98c14f5b0dabdb4⋯.jpg (216.16 KB, 923x2048, 923:2048, 921.jpg)


While were on the topic of Pokemon, would you kindly color >>24966 ,please?

File: 5b2d6d5e3c29856⋯.png (7.33 MB, 5000x4000, 5:4, System Mantiance_ Tickling….png)

9c11b7 No.28701[Reply]

What have we got in terms of 2B tickling art or stories? I haven't been able to find much as of late

7 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4ca6e5 No.28762

okay now I want to play this game.

…and need to see more tickle art

3f7bda No.28767

File: 8c8977c36c01a3a⋯.jpg (129.61 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 62198861_p59.jpg)

File: e98cea553d2ab0e⋯.jpg (165.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 62198861_p60.jpg)

a98318 No.28772


Do it. It is absolutely amazing if you you didn't play NieR

4ca6e5 No.28795


picked up the game for my ps4, it's absolutely amazing

f47154 No.28811


The first game isn't essential for understanding most of Automata's story, but there are some pretty good callbacks to it.

File: c6edd91418e2fec⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 308x480, 77:120, FemForce 01.jpg)

5aee52 No.28077[Reply]

Just a thread to request pics, clips, art, etc. that is hard to impossible to find.

38 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e1c7dc No.28582

ad4589 No.28584


Pretty sure that's from Mindless Tickle Slaves. Don't recall which one but it'll be in there.

898b28 No.28587

Was there ever a part 2/full video of this? I wanted to see more of it (Pirate Treasure Tickling).


2a30f7 No.28608

So,there was this manga before the massive 404 of 3 monster girls getting tickled. Anyone have It by a off chance?

98ccde No.28803

Does anyone have the full version of "Ksenia in the Tickle Chair", by any chance?

File: 359578fd4e5a6a9⋯.png (2.18 MB, 2637x1989, 293:221, bratty_n__catty_in__makeov….png)

18b4d8 No.20559[Reply]

last thread engsmsploded for some reason

Threads 1-7: RIP

Thread 8: >>12598

Thread 9: >>15383

Thread 10: >>16157

247 posts and 221 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fd750e No.28489

File: 94a4b63eb690518⋯.jpg (264.42 KB, 1280x1222, 640:611, 1504392303.angelblancocomm….jpg)

d2c3fb No.28763

File: 4f31ed13d675a6c⋯.png (1 MB, 1024x3051, 1024:3051, IMG_7753.PNG)

Noticed this got taken down, took the liberty of saving it and sharing it here

565e88 No.28768


What a shame. Would you happen to have the other picture with this character saved?

35c57b No.28785

File: 82f7c000e8a9e11⋯.jpg (107.95 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, IMG_8024.JPG)

Second pic

565e88 No.28802


Bless you

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