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f5687a No.2186

Hey guys, does any of you have any idea about where I could find the old Ticklepalace vids, like Wench for a Day ? :) The owner apparently removed himself from the Internet. Thanks in advance !

f5687a No.2324

DON'T…JUST DON'T. Don't bring about the wrath of Kujman again…

f5687a No.2328



f5687a No.2331


I guess you should consider yourself lucky you never heard of him. He's this narcissistic lunatic who believes he "created" the tickling community among a laundry list of other outlandish claims and flat out lies (like how he was the original voice of the Hawaiian Punch mascot). He did a handful of mediocre videos, took money from people but never delivered merchandise and goes on the warpath if anyone DARES post his content, even images that have been floating around openly for years. He also flips out if anyone dares slander his greatness; he had a thread pulled on feetschan for this reason alone.

This is why I'm starting to think we should have a /cow/ thread on here to discuss these freaks openly…

f5687a No.2333

File: 1423857342529.jpg (236.74 KB, 667x703, 667:703, kidnapping.jpg)

f5687a No.2336

So what exactly does a warpath entail? Feels like this type of character can and should be easily fucked with.

f5687a No.2337

File: 1423873818337.jpg (1.15 MB, 762x2160, 127:360, rambling.jpg)


Oh he is. Thing of it is though TMF is either terrified of him or just doesn't want to be bothered, threads about him there get locked and purged fairly quickly. TT was VERY friendly towards him for some reason, I assume because they always fancied themselves the "anti-TMF" and if TMF didn't like him then he must have been cool. He's actually surprisingly quick to retreat, he showed up on feetschan for a while only to disappear once people started laughing at his threats of lawsuits.

Really the only place to "get him" is Fetlife, where he would just block you.

f5687a No.2339

File: 1423880041218.jpg (25.95 KB, 352x370, 176:185, 1396936798425.jpg)

>I've done it
>I've done it
>I've done it

f5687a No.2342


I'm fairly sure he's full of shit…he is known to be a total bullshit artist and compulsive liar.

f5687a No.2346

Of course he is, do you know how fucking long it would take to literally tickle someone to death?

f5687a No.2350


Plus ya know the obvious rationale…the whole murder thing. Although he didn't actually say he tickled anyone "to death".

f5687a No.2494

Please stop thinking that idiot has any power or sway over anything. It's better that people know he's a fruitcake and ignore him than build up some sort of TT level fear.

f5687a No.2502

I'd be more willing to believe that he flat out accidentally killed a prostitute with no other details given than if he'd stated he tickled them to death or some shit, he's a sketchy guy.

f5687a No.2976

>saving thumbnails

f5687a No.2977

f5687a No.3003

Found a gif…

f5687a No.3025

Oh btw for anyone curious that dude with the black curly hair and beard in most of those pics is Kujman himself…

f5687a No.3039

Anyone got the sorority clips?

f5687a No.6675

f5687a No.6685



Anyoe got the roasting stuff too?

f5687a No.6686


Whether it is or isn't, I am interested in seeing more of that guy getting it.

he looks like a cute ticklish bear lee

f5687a No.9543

Hi folks; to the best of my knowledge, those people in the medieval stocks aren't from Ticklepalace. Kujman himself is a redhead according to some photos of him, however, the people in the photos are a travelling company somewhere in the north-east USA who are inspired by his work. There's not too many photos of their work, so your best bet for seeing them is actually being at a fair they're working on.

f5687a No.9544

It's the Nottingham Players from New Jersey. Their rather outdated website can be found here; http://www.nottinghamplayers.com/index2.htm

f5687a No.9665


Keeping in mind, of course, that the images you've seen thus far are two decades old at minimum.

f5687a No.10340

The sorority initiation vid posted "Old_Kujman_Video.mp4" is really three clips of Kujman's (originally posted to AMT by Mephistopheles). They've been stitched together in the wrong order.

In fact there are apparently 8 such clips of this initiation, however I've only seen the first 4. The ones I haven't seen supposedly include alternating between heat, itching powder, bastinado, tickling and a bit of crying owing to the above.

In the 4th part they roast her feet with a hairdrier, it's clearly very hot as she gets quite frantic and I think (although I'm not sure - can someone vertify for me?) that she breaks down into tears towards the end of the clip.

Link: http://k2s.cc/file/8e228a8c0e06d/initiation04.wmv

f5687a No.10355


Nice, I haven't seen that part before. Do you have any more clips?

f5687a No.10366

Some info for people…

Not all the pics here are two decades old some have from the last few years. Most are from around two decades ago.

Kujman is a redhead but like many actors he dies his hair… Yep that's him on the stocks.

He mostly puts his "troope" in the stocks nowadays because it's apparently easier to control for ticklishness.

The second sorority video was never released commercially. I'm not sure exactly how people have copies but it looks like a video camera pointed a TV screen so probably a bootleg deal.

There ARE other versions of it that I've seen. There's one where they interview the pledge-girl beforehand and she says that tickling is her worst nightmare because she's a dancer. Seems a little bit contrived to me, like maybe it is acted. Even if it is an actor playing the part I feel that the tortures are real. I also wonder if Kujman actually leaked these on purpose.

The 3 (now 4) videos people have seen of this "initiation" are the least intense. Clip 5 shows a few more seconds of the roasting and she's audibly sobbing. When they stop the hairdryer they make her ask them to tickle her again but they put itching powder on her instead and verbally taunt her about it for the rest of the clip. She looks angry. In 6 they beat her soles again, and roast her a bit too. She goes completely psycho when she sees the hairdryer come back and tries to break the stocks. In 7 they tickle her again by raking their fingers up and down her soles resulting in a lot of wimpering pleading crying sounds. It seems that they've broken her down and she's too exhausted to fight any more. In the last one they put matches between her toes then light them then they leave.

f5687a No.10367


Ol Kujman sounds like a right fuckhead, maybe he actually does/did go abducting hookers.

f5687a No.10373


Quality isn't the greatest, but I'd be interested in seeing 5-7 from your description, 7 at the least.

f5687a No.10376


Up until now I only knew him by reputation. Glad to see he's a confirmed dicklord.

f5687a No.10400


I recall seeing some of that long ago, nearly a decade by my reckoning. It was a bit of a mash up clip, but a long one, with the girl being stocked, then light tickling followed by taunts of "don't move or it'll get worse" and then beating her soles when she can't sit still.

f5687a No.10405

f5687a No.10409

Wow thanks for posting. Do you have more please?

f5687a No.10449

I don't. Also hoping for someone to post more. bumperoni>>10409

f5687a No.10452


I might have the official trailer video for Sorority 1 lying around, lemmie check… The story goes that the girls from that video are the ones tormenting the girl in the second video.

There was a lot of talk about this back in the day so it's interesting to see it come up again now. They initiated a bunch of girls in one day but this one had by far the best reaction because her feet were ridiculously sensitive but it's sort of unfair that she got it so bad :-P. Sorority initations were meant to be hard, so in the context of the time this wasn't outrageous - girls were paddling each other, drinking illegally, and so on.

This particular initiation was conducted in a classroom of Rutgers (1989) at night-time, after a very tiring week of scrutiny, so she would have been exhausted from the very start. The point is all this was to wear her down so her sorority sisters could see who she really is before accepting her. If she seemed "too exhausted to fight" by the end of this it's because she was! Aside from the tickling etc her body must have ached from sitting in that position. Having said that people who's seened the unedited footage have told me that she was given a few bathroom breaks and there's one part where she's soaking her feet in a tub of water before climbing back into the stocks. This is why her gag changes a bit between scenes.

Here's a relatively high-res pic showing her being tickled shortly after the hairdryer. Just look how red the soles of her feet are!

f5687a No.10494

Initiation Series-

I always felt bad for that girl - they were showing her feet no mercy. It is nice to read that they at least gave her breaks and she was able to rest her feet a bit.

Do you have the other parts as others mentioned above? (5, 6 ,7?) or any other pics? The pic you posted above is great!

f5687a No.10564

Trailer for the old Sorority 1 video:


This video was released on VHS so some people out there will have it.

f5687a No.10567


Was anyone ever actually able to buy a Kujman video? One of his bigger problems was allegedly taking payments and nobody ever getting material.

f5687a No.10575

There used to be a review on TMF by someone who received the first sorority video. So I'd guess yeah.

Odd that no one's ever posted them though…

f5687a No.10578

Anyone has the plastered trailer?

f5687a No.10585


Not really that odd. Most people don't have analog to digital converters just sitting around and it was released in very small numbers. I've read that most of the people who got their VHSs knew Kuj personally.

f5687a No.10798

Hello, ist there anyone who can share the goat tickle clips from them? goat/f like the one in this picture where two girls tickled by goats?? can somone share something like this?

f5687a No.10809


Here's the full picture.

f5687a No.10812


Hey cool! thank you very much!! do you also have a clip from this? would be great! greetings

f5687a No.11744

Wow I just saw this thread and I had no idea people were still going on about Kujman. Here's some more info for anyone who's interested.

The renaissance faire stuff is done under the name Ye Olde Nottingham Players and they do have goats amazingly enough, but most of the pics you see are taken from rehearsals in Kurt's back garden. They have worked at faires though including SCRF and PARF. I never saw them live but I have friends who did and this is what they told me. The act is very smooth since they're all professional actors, and they don't invite members from the audience like they apparently used to. So if you're looking for "the real deal" or public tickling humiliation then that's not it. They set-up, they perform and the pack-up to leave. The "tortures" apparently looked quite light.

I believe the sorority clips are real but I doubt that they still go on. Way way back a long time ago Cindyioo and Tlktracy posted about this and I copied most of it down out of interest. The girl in the second video hated having her feet touched, but she wasn't very ticklish. That's why she got so much heat and bastinado because it makes the feet more sensitive and because it got such a reaction from the girl. This is what Tlktracy had to say about it:

"Oh lordy she really got it bad! Hairdryers back then ran at a much hotter temperature than they do today and they gave off an oily burning smell that some girls thought was their own flesh burning. They also didn't blow as fast so they made less noise than today's hairdryers. I'm watching the video now and oh how she's screaming for her soles."

All the ordeals had a meaning, like the itching powder was to teach the girls to keep reaching even if they knew they couldn't and the bastinado was so they'd think of their sisters with each step they took. I too heard about the girl in the second video getting a single break to wash off the itching powder (not many was stated before on here) and according to Tlktracy before she'd get back in the stocks she made them promise not to tickle her any more, which was a lie. The girls from the very first video are present behind the camera in the sorority 2 video but it's Tlktracy and Kujman doing the tormenting but in all subsequent initiations the sorority sisters do the tormenting.

f5687a No.11747


Ya know I'd think if these videos were anywhere near as incredible as they keep telling people they were, they wouldn't have made a point to make sure nobody ever saw them for over a decade.

f5687a No.11751


I'm under the very limited impression that we only have the copies we do because someone who actually got a VHS copy did a digital transfer and it's just been a slow trickle across the internet since then.

f5687a No.11752


This ended up on Tumblr not long ago, seems about as "full length" as any of his clips as I've seen surface online, but it's still not the legendary material he keeps telling people he made.


f5687a No.11901


there was a really good picture of these two at point that actually lead me to the nottingham players site in the first place, but i haven't been able to find it since. anyone have it? or more?

f5687a No.11940

One of my favs from a newspaper photographer.

f5687a No.11968

cool pics, is there anybody who can share clips maybe?

f5687a No.12164


There was a very short clip sold on Shutterstock a few years ago. Not entirely sure why it was put on there, perhaps some plan fell through. It featured two shots of kujman's feet being tickled in the stocks and was filmed up-close. There was no sound.

Kujman does film a lot and has a closet overflowing with decades of pictures and movies… Not sure what could ever convince him to share his stash (even a little).

He seems obsessed with maintaining control over his work - and despite it being so recognizable, he has fears about his movies being cut-up, pirated, and put on porn sites.

f5687a No.12171


Which has been happening anyway, so maybe his fears are justified. :D

f5687a No.12183

f5687a No.12188


Yeah, that's the sample video he put out to sell the full video that he never sent to anyone.

f5687a No.12269

does anybody know if the goat torture was real? I mean, did the goats really licked her soles until they bled?

f5687a No.12286


The goat torture is real. He has specially trained goats. They would only lick off honey or molasses.

The only way that the goats could damage the feet would be if they licked for a very long time or if the feet were soaked in brine (dries out the skin).

Historically the goat licking torture used brine because the skin would eventually slip off – something like honey will lubricate the friction from the goat's rough tongue… A few hours of goat tongue will not damage your soles, but your mind might take a hit!

f5687a No.12405

does anybody know where the film "The Crate of Syndriss" can be found ?

f5687a No.12458


>The Crate of Syndriss

Might want to drop hints about what the content is, as Google's top two results are, in order, this board and this thread.

f5687a No.12470

what is "The Crate of Syndriss" ?

f5687a No.12484

checking kujman profile he mention this on one of his pictures:

"Another close-up still taken from the outdoor (four hour long) goat's tongue torture ordeal, from the film "The Crate of Syndriss"

f5687a No.12491


The only way you can see his films is if you happen to go to one of his events. He has had many people he trusted over the years steal his films and share them online. His work will be commercially available when hell freezes over, which is a shame. Nothing out there really compares to his quality.

I'm happy to just be able to see the photos he posts because they inspire me. The years of waiting and teasing has made me want to build my own stocks and implement some of his techniques, without having to deal with his megalomania and nasty foot-burning/bastinado/foot-torture obsessions.

Normal tickling, goat licking, and itching powder is more than enough… Burning feet with hairdryers / roasting until the skin 'sizzles', beating them until spoons break, 'leaving holes' in them, and clasping toe ‘meat’ with heavy-duty clips, is just too much.

f5687a No.12878

thank you for that pictures i like them a lot!!! i love "the tales of tantalia" , damn i would really like to see that clip, but its not gonna happen i think :(

f5687a No.13048



keep these coming dude

f5687a No.13067

I wish people would share the full videos :(

f5687a No.13076

Wow thank you so much for posting these… I hadn't even realised Kujman was still taking pics and a lot of these look like they were taken in the last few years.

His renfaire troope started at the Westfield lions club near NY and I remember people called it the rainfaire because it was always so wet!

Also surprised to hear he's still doing the sorority hazings since he's in a different age group to the girls now. I remember in the pre-tmf days in the 90s one of the girls found the AMT and posted a detailed account about her experiences both as victim and as tormenter.

f5687a No.13191



f5687a No.13654

Be prepared for someone to try and pull the thread, the preview from the link I posted


got DMCA'd a few minutes ago.

f5687a No.13661

Holy moly! I can't believe the amount of lies and twisted facts posted here about kujman. Only two statements are fact- he makes the best material ever and he started this tickling genre. Both indisputable. Is anyone stupid enough to believe the BS posted by these envious gits who steal his materials and posts the here? Beating people till holes in them? Burning them alive? Killing prostitutes? Ripping off videos? Really guys?

Kujman and others like him pulled away from giving materials due to guys like this acting like his material is public domain and he has no right or say about it, then stealing from him and posting it w/o his consent, and atop that bitching and writing horrible things about them while they jack off to his films at the same time.

You gripe about him being controlling over his materials he's made for decades, and ironically you are proving him 100% correct: here you are you're stealing his photos, posting them here, twisting his words and making up lies. He comes out on top. You guys look like incredible assholes.

To new people, don't believe this crap. I offer this advice; CONSIDER THE SOURCE of the cowardly anonymous thieves behind the posts. Go to Fetlife, join his groups, talk to him and those in the group, all approachable, get the truth, not this garbage. He often gives clips to those who attend his parties and in his group.

To the negative liars here- I have no advice. There is no hope for you.

f5687a No.13662

f5687a No.13663


Go away Karl Kujman.

f5687a No.13671


Holy mother of god I've never seen such a blatant example of namefaggotry to defend yourself pretending to be someone else in my life.

You're a pathetic old hack that hasn't been relevant in nearly a decade and did a damn good job becoming a pariah of the ticking community to the point where only the depraved freaks of nature on fetlife can understand you and your mind boggling unfounded inflated ego.

Just fuck off, no one cares, you have become the absolute lowest point of comparison in the tickling community from which others can only move up from, even child molestors.

f5687a No.13675


hai kujmun

f5687a No.13677

File: 1456366517192.jpg (19.97 KB, 323x313, 323:313, Fatjenkins.jpg)


I'll go to one of your parties with a hose so you can beerbong the shit from my asshole.

f5687a No.13703

jealous brain dead cocksuckers. why do you waste our time. how idiotic are you when you tell him to go fuck and hes not even here. Oh that's rite, i am kujman too now. anyone who disagrees with your turd brain is him. smart thinking dickwad.

Heres some genius on your part. you claim his work sucks and to fuck off right? well if it's so bad why in hell are you posting his photos and fawning over every thing you can get your hands on? you run out of stuff to jerkoff to? you would suck his dick just to be able to do what he does but your heads are so far up your ass you never will ha ha.

now that i see more of his work i think its the best photos out there ive ever seen. I wasn't a fan one way or another but I am now thanks to you. looking at his new stuff from last year you children aren't in his league..

f5687a No.13707

File: 1456389074742.gif (981.28 KB, 390x213, 130:71, nobodycares.gif)


Oh shut your fucking mouth, faggot, unless you are ready to bong my shit.

Some people here seem to be impressed by you. Good for them. You're an old crusty fuck acting like you live in a generation one Netscape world. You didn't create a community. You stolen people's money. You do creepy bullshit 'content' that looks like it's been scanned off of cheap Polaroids. Someone should inform PETA of you using animals for your own sexual gratification. I hope some asshole from Russia gets ahold of all your content and the seeds are plentiful and you have daily sperg fits because you can't control yourself, let alone the situation.

Allahu Akbar and all that shit. Go fuck yourself.

f5687a No.13711

lol don't know who or what you're aiming your anger at but you're definitely a homophobic racist sexist psycho. Prob an asshole living in your parents basement jerking off to stolen materials from a guy whos dick you would suck to get even a crumb of what he has. Every word, your anger, all of it reeks from that envy. never saw it this bad/ You wanna be him. Most gay men act that way i'm told. and that explains why you have such a hardon for that dude is a mystery. You hang on here because you've been banned everywhere else. You dig up kujman and other guys and try to use their names for attention and at the same time same they're no good blah blah and none of you never prove a thing just talk talk talk– but in the end all you're doing is stealing and posting other people's work and no more. makes you the thief, stalker and child chaser, not him or anyone else. Really making sense there, pantywaste! Some advice- get out of your parents house and lay off the bong. We're in a new millennium. Get a life. Stop hanging on to a guy who's left you far behind and been away from your maggotty infested child molesting community for years. Would love to see you and your other namesakes here even offer any proof of anything you ever say but you never do. You just steal and post. That's all you can do without a gf. As for your threats you fat fuck, laughable. On your best day you couldn't stop sucking your mother's tit long enough to even go one round with me and then your teeth would be pushed back through your empty skull. So instead of constantly proving what an asshole you are, let's see something you've done instead of kujman's stuff that you keep posting. Let's see you top him. If you can stop jerking off long enough. we'll be waiting to see your stuff. if you're man enough

f5687a No.13713

So I'm wading through this hateful message board and find myself siding with the consise - why are you idiots even posting? I mean what is your freakin point? A goal would be nice. You're clearly the offspring of in-bred morons and filled with despair and anger because somebody can do something you can't. So answer this- if you hate this guy so much why are you drooling over his pix, stealing them, posting them, and in the same breath attacking a man who isnt even here? I know ChelshireCat is behind most of it, I recognize the same lies he's tried desperately to get people to believe for years. But people, get up to speed. Every negative thing you've posted about kujman has been proven false years ago. I ordered vids from him many times and I got all of mine. He is as great as has been stated by others proven by your own actions of posting his photos when you could choose others pix to place here. You are merely stalkers looking for attention. The more kujman pix you post the more I like him. After reading this junk I went to Fetlife and joined his group. Guess what? They're awesome people and he's very knowledgable and friendly. He gave me a clip of Tantalias Torture for free and it's nothing short of fantastic and probably the best material I've ever seen. Making every one of your false claims complete fabricated and unsubstantiated bullshit. So, we either have your exaggerated lies of theivery, dead prostitutes and beaten children on one hand, OR a generous, creative master of his craft who did indeed begin the tickling genre and gives of his knowledge and materials freely on the other hand. After speaking to so many who have met him and speak so highly of him, and finding virtually nobody at all who's ever met any of you or seen a single photo or anything at all youve done outside of stalking and stealing, it's clear who you are and who he is. Youve made me a fan. I'm siding with kujman & friends. Naturally by making this post some brainless shit will come back with the grammar school retort of "Oh yeah!? Well that makes you Kujman too" and I'm fine with that. Because he's great, his group is great, and I'm going to watch a brand new Tantalias Torture and you're not! Suck on that!

f5687a No.13714

It's me, the real Kujman. Disregard the last two posts, I suck dicks

f5687a No.13715


>how idiotic are you when you tell him to go fuck and hes not even here

Which is funny, since I got a DMCA takedown on a link with home address and phone number for a "Kujman", is SOMEONE sending out false takedown requests in his honor?

Or did a stupid old man not realize that information gets forwarded…

I predict we're going to have some fun.

f5687a No.13716

File: 1456415176819.jpg (28.55 KB, 400x366, 200:183, owtheedge.jpg)


Pic related

>You hang on here because you've been banned everywhere else


>So I'm wading through this hateful message board

Where do you think you are? Reddit? Tumblr? What a thin-skinned faggot you are. Opinion discarded.

f5687a No.13740


>The more kujman pix you post the more I like him

Okay, in this case, please stop reporting all of the posts with images and saying that its your content that they are stealing.

You're either him, or you aren't, but either way, screenshotting posts from fetlife isn't infringing any copyright laws

f5687a No.13741

Boy it's getting hot in here. I guess these little pervs don't like having their runny noses shoved in the dogs it theymake lol

If you're getting hit with takedown notices it couldn't be because you're posting material that isn't yours to post could it? Just like you're doing here? No not you. Only Kujman is the bad guy. Everything your doing and saying is on the up and up as we an all see in your resplendid fact based intelligent responses.

Oh by the way, you are going to be getting those facts to us soon I take it? Along with an album of the fantastic material you've created that was requested? We are all dying to see your work. We're sure it's better than anyone's.

I concur with those who are pro-kujman. Thought I'd do some looking into the claims tallied here by some highly suspect people. Some good old myth busting. It came as little surprise that every negative remark has been horseshit rewarmed a hundred times. Starting with ripping people off for films. Here's how outlandish these claims are. With the slightest investigation I found that Kujman did not sell nor distribute his films. He gave the films to a company called Inner Sanctum Film Dist based in WA with the agreement that any profits made after their fee were given directly to two charities of his. All the mo eye went to cancer and homeless funds. This is absolute fact from the IRS and USPS and the charities. Right off the bat that places kujman far above anyone I know in this money hungry fetish. He didn't have anything to do with sales or collecting fees. It was just his name on the films. Some 5500 were sold. This includes overseas. And yet TWO ticklers claim they didn't get there tapes. If that really happened it could be understandable but if Steven Spielberg makes a film people don't claim he ripped them off if they don't get their films. It's the distributors. Nothing to do with Kujman, you pompous ass. However no one was ever ripped off as it turns out two tickle producers admitted to the fraudulent claims on the tickling media forum group and admitted they used multiple names in posts to discourage his sales. It didn't work because his films are too good. They got booted off tnf for a while and stupidly posted an apology on the site knowing full well Kujman doesn't go there. From what I'm seeing here it sounds a lot like you clowns doing the same thing.

One myth busted!

Kujman has never mad the claims you accuse hi of. I've scoured posts everywhere and nobody at all an show me even one post to that liking. Other people have claimed he created the tickling genre and that's because it's a fact that he did. He was first. His magazines and photos and true life accounts predate everyone. His magazine began this fetish acknowledged by Mack and Behr.

Another myth busted!

Kujman does it appear in any if the photos you posted. He is not a redhead nor black haired. He sports a tight military crew cut. He is a big guy, serious weight lifter, and by all counts a rough guy when riled but has never beaten children or killed homers that's just stupid. His events are very safety minded which he insists on and there's never been any accidents. The same cannot be said for NEST and other gatherings. To be fair on the other side of that scale he has been known to lose his temper probably at pricks like you guys. And he has sought out people online who pissed hi off and tried to hide behind computers and caught up with them in person and kicked the livin' tar out of them. One such jerk was Bob Marshal who he went to FL specifically to get even. Marshal never came back to the fetish scene. From what everyone told me Marshal had it coming after harassing him and stealing his early films. So I cant wait till he catches up with the big mouthes here. I hope there's pictures! I can almost here the stupid threats they're going to make now after reading this when I actuality they're going to shut blood n bricks

Another myth bites the dust!

I can go on disputing the lies here because it's so easy to disprove. So why dont you ball busters start actually proving something or shutting the hell up.

Why did you guys post his pictures anyway if you don't like them?

Because you are cyber stalkers. Nothing more. You have nothing and do nothing. If I recall correctly tickling is supposed to be about fun and pleasure but you guys use it to hurt and enjoy bashing people out of envy which in my book makes you nothing less than what a rapist does

f5687a No.13742


> you guys use it to hurt and enjoy bashing people out of envy which in my book makes you nothing less than what a rapist does


f5687a No.13744


I believe it's already been uploaded to pornhub, I recall seeing it.

f5687a No.13748

File: 1456442039693.gif (5.86 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Michael-Jordan-laughing.gif)


That somebody so irrelevant can claim to have invented a fetish is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. I await to be beaten up by the geriatric in question.

f5687a No.13750

File: 1456445582255.gif (486.89 KB, 280x220, 14:11, chris chan jumping rage.gif)


Holy fuck balls Kuj, learn how to internet. And hit the enter key, you dumb fuck.

Here's the deal; I laid out a whole list of shit about bad shit happening to you that we're specific TO you, you goddamn autistic geriatric. That's how this works, especially when you're a big enough lolcow that your bullshit is easy to access.

Your pitiful response? Just like some old fuck who thinks his compuserv shtick works, is all over the place. It's you, picking up the shit you smear yourself with and throwing it all over the room, hoping one thing will stick. None of it did. Sorry, bro, I'm not the old crusty bastard trying to relive 'past glorys' as the world whizzes on by. Your content sucks. Novel concept, renfaire stocks. Newsflash, grandpa; your little calling card was readily accessible and done better before I even started growing hair on my balls.

How does it feel to fail as you attempt to beat your dead flaccid crusty cock to thick decades old memories of goats shitting on the grass and licking the feet of sorority girls who thought you could double as a serial killer? You have so much to envy. You're the North Korea of tickling, some corny hermit who thinks he can control the message.

I would never be caught dead posting your shit; it's beneath me. And not in than chantard way. In that "nothing you've ever done is worth keeping" manner. Because it isn't. I'm not anon. I'm not banned anywhere else. If you want to come at it, at least step up correct. Everyone laughs at you. You're entire life is a lie. Go fuck yourself.

f5687a No.13751

File: 1456447015185.png (261.06 KB, 552x414, 4:3, what-a-fucking-retard.png)


Is this shit real?

Nobody cares.

You're either Kuj or a fucking little sperg directed here because the old bastard put out the order on Fetlife between basket weaving sessions at the old folks home.

Shit like this is why I wish there was old ED. The milk they'd gather would be epic.

Oh and threats that he'll come to our houses. How netscape of you. How about this? If he shows up on my doorstep trying to front that hard guy shtick, I'll shoot him with a gun and bojangle my way out of court with completely valid self defense ruling.

Now get the fuck on out of here and go back to sucking his dick.

f5687a No.13754

File: 1456459489858.jpg (324.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, come at me.jpg)


I fucked Kujmans wife and mother, and he stood there crying and did nothing as I climaxed.

f5687a No.13758

I didn't even know this thread existed until I saw the crazy run-on posts. Reading those posts is a lot like seeing a 12 year old telling everyone how bad ass he is on facebook. I think the saddest part is that this guy thinks anyone gives a fuck.

f5687a No.13764

File: 1456524551339.jpg (10.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Where you at Kuj and fags?

I thought you were going to keep truth bombing and then come to our houses and kick our assee.

You stupid money stealing vain for zero reason son of a bitch. What, get a heart murmur and the nurses at the old folks home won't let you back on the internets?

f5687a No.13778

I'm brand new to /tk/ and came across this thread. I was honestly surprised to see that this asspony was still even around let alone still being a pain in the ass. I'm an older tickling community member and still remember all the endless drama he caused on the forums but because of some weird "grandfather clause" with how long he's been around, the mods just kind of tolerated it due to a supposed "veteran status" he had.

f5687a No.13780


>all the endless drama he caused on the forums but because of some weird "grandfather clause" with how long he's been around

Oh no no sir, go back and read it. See evidently he INVENTED tickle fetish and we'er all involved at his discretion.

f5687a No.13784


As someone who has the 'honor' of talking to Kuj in one of his Yahoo groups, then being forced into a follow up conversation via e-mail and then Fetlife, this is a perfect description of how he acts. He switches from long, sometimes interesting essay like posts to posting like a goddamn AOL era teenager.

f5687a No.13813

Despite what this gaggle of faggoty ticklers infer every thing they've come back with are lies designed to invoke a guy who isn't a part of their community nor here to answer back. Kujman isn't posting on your all whatever nor on your precious tnf. The proof is in the pudding. He was again minding his own business and you desperate monkeys started an absent war just to get attention for your mjealousy. There's really no others reason you've stated anywhere to the opposite. YOU losers started this whole thing using multiple fake names just as you've done on other boards for years because, undeniably, you love his work because it's the best thing going. In that point I now agree totally. You gave us a chance to see the shit he's had to endure from complete uncredited useless morons and to compare his material with that of others. No comparison. He wins

It's been requested to see your magnificent materials to no avail. You don't have anything to offer.. You're obviously liars and thieves and cyber stalkers. This explains your rage towards a master of this craft who left your small world long ago because he offers erred shores.

You're pathetic. All talk no facts no materials. You take something that's supposed to be a pleasure invoking experience of tickling and whittle it down to your self loathing self serving backwoods violent mentality. I believe what was said that you're rapists. It fits. And this cheap shithole of a message board is the only place you have guts enough to post it because you can't post it anywhere else- you've been banned and rightfully so.

f5687a No.13814

Hey assholes- we're still waiting to see the actual posts you claim exist, police and fib reports, and actual anything other than your stupid claims. Nothing like what you say exists. Making this merely a fictional writing essay by Kujman wannabes

f5687a No.13815


Ok "not Kujman", now go tell Kurt Jelinek he's in for a world of unpleasant surprises now. If the fat old fuck thought he wanted to go around punching people in the mouth before wait and see what happens when we're done with him.

f5687a No.13816


That's it?

That's the best you got Kujman?

How about you read, you dumb cunt; the people who thought you were good or wanted to pirate your shit went away. They've been replaced by people who look at you as the faggot of the world you truly are and look at your 'content' as being shit. You can't even get out of your own conceited dipshit way to try to hide your vanity.

Go fuck yourself. Contract HIV AIDS.

f5687a No.13818

More and more porn piracy is full of people who pirate not because they particularly like it, but because "fuck you". And the more involved the creator is in trying to stop it, the bigger the "fuck you" gets.

Kuj is very firmly in this category of piracy. People only want it because he doesn't want people to have it.

f5687a No.13820

kujman really is a babbling ass. put your stupid videos out and stop being a baby. prove you're the best (you're not).

f5687a No.13821

f5687a No.13833

File: 1456827221136.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 349487198.gif)


Fuck Spotlight, we have found the real best picture winner.

f5687a No.13834

In wading through this I see lots of BS and not one point of factual reference or truth offered up. I've been to Fetlife and spoken to those in Kujmans group and in general, plus the TMF, and all I got was praise and none seem to know of this teensy board and you troublemakers. And I feel that's the only fact that can be found because if you were telling the truth and had any guts you'd confront this "monster" of yours face-to-face or at least on Fetlife where he is. Instead you hide here in the shadows. That says it all

f5687a No.13835

File: 1456844733203.png (384.9 KB, 553x695, 553:695, Eileen autism.png)


> if you were telling the truth and had any guts you'd confront this "monster"

No, see, you're doing it again. "Retarded piece of shit" isn't the same thing as being afraid of him. And you're suggesting we go "confront" him on a place he can literally hide behind friendslists and blocks.

Jesus Kurt you really are fucking pathetic. You know the best part of this is you legit think you're intimidating to anyone. You were able to knock around the infamous pussies of TMF and you legitimately think people fear you now, that's what's so great about this. You're not at all bluffing, you seriously think if you were to say "a HA, it is I! I was here all along!", most of us would react with shock and horror and beg forgiveness for transgressions.

Unfortunately not, in fact you're about to find out what troublemakers we can actually be.

Post last edited at

f5687a No.13836

Speaking of, oddly enough despite not being here or knowing what's going on, the Spokeo profile for one Kurt Jelinek seems to have been removed. Weird.

I wonder how pissed off Kurt Jelinek would be if he realizes I already paid for and received the information beforehand.

f5687a No.13840

I'm a young ticklefag, so I always heard about this stuff with Kujman but never truly experienced it until now.

This is incredible. How does such a cartoonishly retarded person even exist?

f5687a No.13844

File: 1456901285161-0.gif (1.81 MB, 250x216, 125:108, tumblr_nvgmrsy1071uxhxszo1….gif)

File: 1456901285161-1.gif (1.16 MB, 240x328, 30:41, tumblr_o0nfix5UD71tubk45o1….gif)

This thread is the whole reason why I made this board. Autism aside, please post content while you people duke it out. You too, Kujman.

f5687a No.13857


When the internet was still young and this fetish was just starting to dig it's heels into the whole 'online community' thing, it was pretty much all closet pervs, shit talkers and opinionated middle age men. Most of them are still around, which puts us solidly where we are now. The benefit is there are more and more no drama young people filtering in that just want to create content, chit chat and get their rocks off every now and then. The post Kuj/TMF world is going to be great.

f5687a No.13858

Also a young ticklefag as well, and I never heard about this Kujman guy until now. I gotta say that this shit is fucking hilarious, and I find it incredibly cringeworthy (and also incredibly autistic) for someone to go out and say that they invented a fetish.

f5687a No.14183

I noticed someone got a lot less mouthy all of a sudden.

I wonder why that happened.

f5687a No.14276


That's how you know it wasn't really Kuj, just one of his asskissers (or a general troll…). The real Kuj doesn't stop until you stop.

f5687a No.14310


got any sauce on those two gifs?

f5687a No.16756


I need your help to find the source of a video clip.

In these clips are young men tickled on their bare feet in medieval stocks. All I can read out of the comments is that the clip is from argentinean tickling site.

This is the link to one of the clips on boyztube: http://www.boyztube.com/gay-videos/watch/407463-stocks_foot_double_feature.html

Thank you very much!!!

f5687a No.17872

Anyone got the video for this?

f5687a No.17873

I always smile when I see this thread bumped up again. Means the party is starting up again.

f5687a No.17884

f5687a No.17887


Do you happen to have the Renfaire tickling previews aside from 'Wench for a Day'?

f5687a No.17908


Afraid not

f5687a No.17912


You are a god. Thank you

f5687a No.18281

So, I did some investigating into Kujman to see who he really is. Pretty interesting results as I was able to verify some of his claims and pretty much rule out some of his other claims.

I'll make a longer post on the TMF. Here's a preview:

His faire group is basically disbanded now after he had a fall out relating to pay at the Pennsylvania Renaissance festival. I managed to contact two of the girls who worked for his faire act - both actors who told me they were paid to act. The tortures weren't faked as such they just didn't hurt like you might expect. I believe that perhaps earlier he did take members from the audience though, I can't verify that. The flaming torches he used led to one actor receiving mild burns.

He actually has (or had) goats. In his state of residence he needs a licence to keep animals so this was simple to check.

The only video he's ever publicly released is sorority 1, all the rest are just trailers. It seems like some people did actually receive that vhs tape but I havent physically verified this.

The sorority stuff is waaay more difficult to verify. I tried contacting some girls from the most likely uni at that time but so far I have just one lead, who says she heard of tickling being used in hazings while she studied there. I have a few theories like maybe it was acted or was it a fake honey-trap sorority set up by him and a few friends. I find it unlikely that a sorority would let a middle aged man tickle their feet and keep videos of it…………

f5687a No.18282


I'm sure he at some point did convince some college girls to do fetish videos, but he very obviously did not elaborately trick young girls doing torture videos "because the old man said it'd the cool for initiation" and I thought it probably wasn't entirely realistic, even in the 80s and 90s, that he just plucked people from a crowd and had 'totally not fetish fueled guys seriously…' fun with their feet in public.

The shit he claimed to do, in theory, was possible, WayTooTicklish had a few sorority initiation videos and we've all seen actual Renfaire tickling. The fact that he was claiming he was this all powerful, not at all fetish based tickle man who could convince normies with ease to submit to him and his dumbass "headspace" torture and how very genuinely upset he got - along with the bizarre and immediate threats of violence- when nobody believed the obvious lies is why Kujman is a legend.

f5687a No.18292


>I'll make a longer post on the TMF.

Oh, please do link us.

f5687a No.18294


Oh I skipped completely over that part.

Yeah they're not gonna let you post that on TMF. They're scared shitless of him.

f5687a No.18356

File: 03d3e495c7a98d0⋯.jpg (288.11 KB, 638x860, 319:430, Kuj.jpg)


This fuckers Fetlife is gold.

f5687a No.18364


Lots of tickling and foot groups ban him before he even posts. Only the real crazies want to deal with him.

f5687a No.18398


Or people who don't know any better; he has that freaky charisma that cult leaders tend to embody and I've known a few people who weren't warned and got sucked into his ego stroking fantasy world where he's the misunderstood and wrongfully persecuted messiah of the tickling community.

f5687a No.18399


But on the other hand have you not noticed all of these huge fans of his all 'speak' exactly the same way? Which is a lot like him?

f5687a No.18405


Oh yeah everyone knows he was a rampant samefag on the chan boards. I seem to remember him starting a shitstorm over people posting his stuff on the old feetschan pretending to be an anonymous and loyal fan.

f5687a No.18415


Oooooooh man, this so douchechilling. Every part of that picture. I don't even know where to begin.

f5687a No.18419


He's done it here too. Started reporting people for 'copyrighted content' and blatantly samefagging everywhere

Post last edited at

f5687a No.18690

f5687a No.19207

I'm not sure that the girl in the interview is the same as the girl in the stocks.. she seems a lot heavier.

I actually saw the same video once but with a different girl being interviewed. It was called initiation.rm and was posted by kooieca ages ago in this thread:


f5687a No.19214

I've seen most of his videos and they're shit. Some cruel pain stuff which is NOT tickling. The videos out now is lightyears better than anything he ever did. He brags to be the first but that's bullshit. Even if he did produce some of the early videos that doesn't say much. Most of the early tk vids were horrible.

f5687a No.19255

How did you see them - they aren't released!?

What's cruel about them, do they get worse than the hairdryer roasting in this video: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5770d48a71178?

f5687a No.19323


>How did you see them - they aren't released!?

In person, back when he was still doing viewings, I'd guess. That or this anon is one of the rare people to actually get a VHS copy he/she paid for.

f5687a No.22126

Yes the full sorority videos were seen by some at his viewings and a few friends received copies.

I'd say they were like 20% high-quality tickling and 80% torture. I saw some of them early on and I can confirm that they were extremely cruel in some of the videos. His strategy was to systematically wear them down with no rest periods between ordeals: many of the girls broke down on camera. It was pretty clear that the girls with the prettiest feet got it the worst :-/

f5687a No.22137


>It was pretty clear that the girls with the prettiest feet got it the worst

I'd probably do the same.

Honestly sounds somewhat intriguing if you're into things besides tickling that involve feet.

f5687a No.22138


You saw some of them, but where ?

f5687a No.22139


>some at his viewings and a few friends received copies

Keeping in true Kujman style, it seems as though Joe over here is implying Kujman had special event-only viewings of these videos.

f5687a No.22261

I used to help at the renaissance fairs back when they were at the Westfield Lions park in NJ. I saw some of the videos because he showed them to friends but it wasn't a special-event like you wrote.

For the renfaires he mostly used friends planted in the audience or professional paid actors (so much for "never using models"!). Most of the pics you see of his renfaire stuff were actually taken at his house during rehearsals and not at real fairs.

I dunno if the sorority videos were actually sorority girls as he had easy access to actors, but the tickling and the tortures were 100% real. I think he only did it for a couple of years though.

f5687a No.22271

>/tk/ - Weaponized Autism

f5687a No.22273


Around the time he was telling people he was abducting streetwalkers and co-eds was around the time it seemed apparent all of his stuff was "staged". He's one of those 'EVERY PRODUCER USES FAKES BUT ME! THEY'RE ALL PAID TO PRETEND TO BE TICKLISH EXCEPT THE ONES I USE!' freaks, so it stands to reason his clever little lie-by-omission was that even they still technically "aren't models", so long as he knew them and vouched for them/their ticklishness.

Which makes all the sense in the world. But he's a fucking clown and had to make it a big… thing.

f5687a No.22326

I always kind of respected the ideal picture Kujman painted of himself and how he works. I think a lot of it is quite embellished and I’m sure some of it is completely untrue.

But the idea of having quality stocks that are hand-crafted to perfection and finding girls who are genuinely ticklish to the point that it’s actually torture for them to be subjected to it.

And just the whole attitude of “I’m going to put my heart and soul into this fetish thing,” is kind of admirable and I think we’d have better tickling material if more producers had that mindset.

But Kujman is also a psychotic narcissist who looks down on everyone who’s ever tickled someone. So I guess I just wish there could be a happy medium.

f5687a No.22329


There is a happy medium, his name is TopTicklePig.

f5687a No.22330


He is an old fat guy that almost exclusively tickles fat guys

f5687a No.22333


And he's also one of the nicest, least creepy people in the fetish. He's pretty much all of things Toledo mentioned above.

f5687a No.22354


Well you can't faul bears for being into other bears…it's practically a subfetish in its own right; there's even a personals site set up for these people called "stoutstocks".

f5687a No.22454

Joe - are you CluelessJoe by any chance? The guy who leaked lots of KJ's renfaire materials??

I knew KJ back when he was still active and I'd have to say he was a lovely, courteous chap. He does have an ego, but he also achieved quite a lot. He's ridiculously perfectionist in most of what he does, which is probably why the shipping of the sorority video were delayed so much. I actually received sorority 1 (in the post) and I saw a good number of the others (or parts of them). Sorority 1 is possibly still my favorite tickle flick: the girls are cute, the interaction between them is delightful to watch and they have nice feet. The girl on the right is the most ticklish and I always thought she had the nicest feet. The middle girl actually seemed pretty tough in general so she got the longest bastinado scene and the girl on the left wasn't ticklish at all but she got roasted for the longest. They all seemed to take it on the chin so to speak, like it was a challenge and a good laugh. I have to disagree with Joe-I reckon they were sorority girls, either that or him and Cindy created a fake sorority for the task.

In the later videos I saw things got a lot more intense and there was a lot more screaming, and some of the girls had mini anger fits. I happen to really like that but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

f5687a No.22455


sorority 1 in this post ? Not only the trailer ?

f5687a No.22460

Yes the VCR tape. It's about 40 minutes long.

f5687a No.22461


Post it here.

f5687a No.23565


topticklepig is the epitome of perfect tickling technique in terms of camera work(angle not quality), restraint, lee ticklishness, and actual tickle implementation. The gays truly don't appreciate his art.

side note: if there was ever a woman that used HALF of his approach on male victims….FUCK!

8f0e40 No.26030

Awhile back Kujman claimed his troupe was being filmed for some TV show, does anyone know what happened to that?

df3b01 No.26031


Well it was probably that thing he does where he'll uh… lie.

98429d No.26388


Is there a clip of the second picture? The one that says "a dousin' and a drubbin" or something?

b4141a No.27245

No there isn't a video of it. He only released "Sorority 1", which some people received. After that it was just trailers or the occasional bootleg releases from people who knew him.

I've seen a few of these bootlegs, and the picture quality is pretty bad as it was mostly achieved by just pointing a cheap camera at the TV screen! This is probably why no-one has bothered to transfer them digitally.

It's been ages, but I've seen some bootlegs of the early sorority tapes and one of a private inquisition style play. The format was similar, but the sorority girls had nicer feet and it seemed a bit harsher (particularly as the girls were naive to what was coming). I haven't seen any full-length clips from renaissance faires - probably those came out much later.

1110f7 No.27316

I saw this thread a few months ago, and thought about replying but it looked like it was dying down. Well it seems to be back up again.

I'm not Kujman. I don't actually know him personally although we have spoken online a fair amount. He's always been very friendly towards me. I can see there are a few people in the online TK scene that don't like him, those people make that plainly obvious. I don't know where this hatred of him comes from, maybe it's just fun for those people? Maybe it's because his style is seen as being too harsh, and they're scared it might "change the scene" or something like that? Whatever the reason, it's bullying. Plain and simple playground-politics. Most people grow out of that by the time they are posting in adult forums…

As a non-prescriptive suggestion, maybe live-and-let-live? Next time you see a thread about something (or someone) you don't like, why not think "hey, I don't like this, maybe I'll not look at it, not post in it and get on with other things in my life"? Just a thought.

Also why are people asking for his material to be posted here if they think that it (or he) is so awful? It sounds a bit hypocritical, to say the least.

f21237 No.27318

File: 34cd1311cd0a61b⋯.jpeg (63.73 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1AF60F07-A467-4FB7-9CE2-A….jpeg)


I remember over 15 years ago when ol Kuj was a mod on the TMF; it's how I learned of him and the painfully unique way he thinks of himself and communicates with others.

If you're into heavier shit incorporated in your tickle-scene, he was one of the only dudes in the game at the time able to provide that for you.

People don't like Kuj because he's a pompous, combative troll with pathological delusions of grandeur. If in doubt or just plain curious, scroll through his activity feed on Fet and observe how he speaks to people and of himself.

With the dizzying explosion of tickleporn we're currently steeped in these days, his videos now seem quaint and uninspiring. Most people are eager to view his work not for their quality, but because of how rare they are to find.

Shits like Pokémon, muh dude. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL

Also anyone who says "I'm not kujman" is very clearly Kujman. Sup dude

e190cd No.27691

3b3bb5 No.27736

File: d7182214d959505⋯.jpeg (37.61 KB, 600x524, 150:131, 20DE1DAC-1CDD-4657-BCC6-9….jpeg)

I'd like to point out the most hilarious and sad claim he ever made, that he was (at some point) the voice of the Hawaiian Punch mascot in TV ads.

I'll let that gestate a bit in your noggins

d0e9f6 No.29465

When I first read your accounts I thought this was a real mental case walking around bragging and posting bad material to get attention.

But then the photos said something else. These are genuine honest scenes captured magnificently. A nutjob wouldn't be capable of that. People would get wise. Something just didn't figure.

I've spoken to a few people in those scenes and I couldn't find any proof of what you said against Kujman. From what you've inferred you've never met this dude nor been with him person, correct? In court terms that would make your accounts totally dismissible because they're not first person.

Now before you drop a load, let me add I'm not saying you are wrong! If this guy is an asswipe and needs to go down then do it. But - could someone have mislead you?

By all accounts he's a generous, cool, fun guy. I was in a chat recently on TMF with about 10 or 15 people and they all said the same great things about him. Is everyone lying in the chatroom? He can't be 15 people simultaneously.

You stated he often claims he invented tickling and is the best. Okay, I believe you. It sounds annoying. Where is that so I can see it unaltered? I can't find anything.

Now, I've seen others say it about him. Is that what you referred to?

Knotty Boys, Behr and Lady Michelle and more carried quite a bit of clout and respect in the S&M and BDSM world. Their words completely contradict your accounts.

Reviewing indisputable facts present in the form of printed magazines from the early 1970's and articles of the era up to today, Kujman did begin the tickling community as it's own fetish via his magazine and bdsm club demonstrations to further show the art of tickle-torture.

Alright, he was first, granted. So why the beef? How does that affect you? Are you saying that this guy is so rich and connected he can pay off anyone or have the Government lie and cover up his actions?

Your outbursts actually made me do a 180 degree turn and face the source. That source being you. As your exaggerations, your theft and the deliberate abuse of posting his photos here, and ongoing fabrications worsened, it merely came across like a teenage smear campaign and not very credible.

You posted fake photos of what you claimed were he, and they are not him as he would be in his late 70's by my guess. You attached him to medieval groupies he's not a part of. Claimed he stole money for videos which never occurred. You're grabbing for credibility but offering nothing.

And the ridiculous innuendos of kidnapping and murder of a prostitute? Really? This makes anyone dubious of a person's mental status.

I've seen nasty divorce cases with less innuendo and mud-slinging. It appears like online stalking. The attacks are called 'transference' in psychological terms.

Is he really all those things? Then with US Postal mail fraud and murder being somewhat illegal, you'd have no problem calling police or the Feds and having him picked up and be everyone's hero.

In order to believe your side, my questions vare, and answer directly:

What did this guy do to you specifically?

What is your point? What is your goal in all of this? The man is not even here posting nor do you run in his circles obviously (or is that the riff you have?)

If you hate his material so much, why are you posting it all over?

If you hate this guy so much, why are you drawing so much attention towards him and gaining him more fans?

If you're going to try and demean one's character then you have to at least put some facts that add-up into the story and make up something believable. Not this second-rate, reality TV tripe.

8161aa No.29472

File: 5b2ae741ebcd92c⋯.jpg (258.11 KB, 950x587, 950:587, 1426995345741.jpg)



Sperg fight!

16ccfa No.29473

File: e763d1934b5f36d⋯.jpg (107.65 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Mummified__Sienna_on_Ice_2….jpg)


The Creepy Wizard is no match for Representative of All Tickle Fetish.

a6a122 No.29480

File: b612e79b20763ec⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 730x972, 365:486, D2819136-68FB-4F02-9E54-13….gif)



hello (again) Kuj

Your diction is glaringly unmistakable

How that's beach meet up on the Jersey Shore shaping out?

515b61 No.29483


Never saw his shit personally but Kuja is confirmed wacko, i have never saw so many people claiming so much crazy shit about one person. Literally everything about him screams insane

or that's actually you kuja, pleased to met you bruh

d0e9f6 No.29501

Uh-huh. Everyone is Kujman and after you. I rather expected that paranoid reply. And you say he's a wacko? lol. He's got a life and creates things. Where's your stuff? You're too pathetic to even answer simple questions. You're an inept, sociopathic online stalker living in your parent's basement. Go back to your crack pipe and enjoy your delusions. The rest of us have a life.

515b61 No.29503


>this reply

Nigga and you call others "paranoid"?

674d0c No.29949

This is too good to ignore any longer. I've tracked this thread for about a month or so, on and off. I KNEW that loon would arrive. He's had the same behavior literally since the internet birthed.

Need proof of Kurts lunacy and egomania, look no further: Google groups kujman elizabethan punishments. A thread will come up from the late 90s and its pure Kurt. The BEST part: he lies through his teeth to a bunch of legit renfaire goers who simply want to have fun, yet he's trying to snake his way in for his tickling act. They bust him, and he goes on a LONG typical rant, to the point of claiming someone else used his account (sure Kurt). Its the exact same rants he uses here on this board, on Fet, and anywhere else he sinks his poison.

Its long, but WELL worth the read. He can't deny it, he's behaved this way forever.

So for those of you who may be on the fence or claim to not know him, I strongly urge you locate that bit of reading, you'll see exactly who he is versus who he wishes to front as.

I personally called him out on FL with that thread posted and he cried until the mods banned me for using his first name. No matter, I was shut down for a couple days but totally worth it to get the truth out there about this self inflated ego of his.

Sidenote: birdburdy isn't him and seems like a good fellow, talked with him a while now. The others on here….well, we all know its Kurt. He's just too obvious. :)

a3d9ae No.29951

File: 081182f6681696c⋯.jpg (158.9 KB, 1376x1032, 4:3, Kurt.jpg)


Yeah don't like link it or screencap or anything, we'll just dig through this mountain of mental illness to find out what you're talking about…


On that note it sure is funny how totally not Kurt somehow went off on a related rant here at the exact same time real Kurt started crying about his shit getting leaked.


>When I dared protest to my videos being stolen, I was admonished, berated and lambasted publicly and everyone was on their side. People bitched and attacked me for stating that I had a right to MY copyrighted material that I created and claim I have no say where it's used. Why the noive of me!

>Then after one of my pilfered clips appears, the usual mindless anti-kujman attacks start on me- Why is it non-con? Why is the quality so bad? Where is the safe word? Why don't you use models? Why so much screaming? I want a girl who WANTS to be tickled..I want only naked F/F.. and onward.

I like that he lies about people being taken aback by his "REAL torture", like in between complaining he still needs to concoct a reality in which even people who don't like him are astounded at his ability.

e381e6 No.29964


There's the link….it wouldn't paste earlier which is why I didn't add it :p

It's a mountain to go into but again, classic him.

e381e6 No.29965

…and as for fake accusations 'not kurt' - that Plastered bit is the worst thing ever. He doesn't refuse to post due to piracy, he refuses because his stuff is as phoney as what he claims to hate. Those reactions and dialogue are pitiful. I tried posting the clip but it's already on this thread above.

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