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File: 294856b867ac3ad⋯.png (760.48 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_7294.PNG)

276903 No.25067

Like if you had plenty of money and want to tickle torture the crap out of a large variety of girls/college students/women. Which city (you can name any) would be like heaven for tickle torture enthusiasts?

c684b2 No.25069

I'll tell you if you give me plenty of money

9e2df8 No.25070

File: 4b8614ff233aba6⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 400x308, 100:77, tickling feet.jpg)

I'd imagine NYC just because of how big it is. Theoretically any major city would have a lot to choose from if you knew where to look.

587d5c No.25078


Hey, I remember this picture. I always wondered what the source was. Any idea?

9e2df8 No.25081


I saved it from either Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica. No idea where it's originally from.

8ff810 No.25082

I'd imagine any city or community that was very lax and liberal about the whole thing, and for the added benefit of fun and profit, any city where you can film/produce pornographic material. I'd hitch my wagon and head west if I were you.

8aafec No.25083


I live here. Everything remotely sexual is hidden behind a friend who knows a friend who can vouch for you, simply because there are so many creepy people who will flood any meetups. I have only met one such person into kink scenes here, and he offered to vouch for me but that offer fell flat when he left the scene. So no, NYC is a bust.

Maybe Portland or SF? I hear they are much more open with their stuff.

6c31c0 No.25086

I live in Seattle and the only meetup/scene I ever found online closed up shop like 5 years ago. I have more luck when I'm on Tinder asking the question (camouflaged by other questions) and picking who I ask out based on it so there's a higher chance something tickle related will happen eventually.

9e2df8 No.25089

File: cbaf78bcfe079a2⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Jackbelly2.gif)



>kink scenes

Oooooooooooh, you're trying to pop into a pre-established "scene".

Yeah don't do that. They're almost always complete creeps. I'm in Bumfuck Carolina and have decent success trying to build fetishy connections. You're in one of the biggest, weirdest cities in the country, you shouldn't be getting outdone by a hillbilly with a Craigslist as and Plenty of Fish account.

8aafec No.25090


>You're in one of the biggest, weirdest cities in the country

Not quite. A lot of vanilla here. I've found that places in the middle of nowhere have more hope because people are more ready to meet and share when there is a shared bond. Here people are so isolated, even though we live so close. It's so strange, it's hard to describe it unless here. I've known people who moved in from places like Portland who moved back 2 months in, not because of prices but because how people are. I'd probably have more luck where you are.

8aafec No.25091



On another note. Do you have any advice? You seem to know better about how to do this, because I've had no luck here. People's priorities are in different spots, like how to get the most out of someone, almost never to just share a fun experience. People want money or free stuff, or power, they don't want to build bonds.

3246d0 No.25092


No joke, Ann Arbor Michigan. University of Michigan is crawling with strange things. A few years ago, it was cool to wear fake tails around campus. You know, the ones made out of real fur or faux fur?

Anyway, point is, there's thousands of people going to a VERY expensive college most living in non air conditioned housing because it's fucking cold 80% of the year.

Throw some cash around for that in room AC unit they've been eyeing, and I'm confident you'd have a few regular takers.

9e2df8 No.25095

File: 44cc8584177fa89⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Tay2.gif)


>I've known people who moved in from places like Portland who moved back 2 months in, not because of prices but because how people are

Can you elaborate on this a bit? Like the other cities are filled with shitheads or something?

>Do you have any advice? You seem to know better about how to do this, because I've had no luck here

The way I go about business is probably the polar opposite of what every other fetishist would tell you to do. If you remember Tinwarpman screaming "Not everyone runs around ticklewhore mongering like deviants, SOME of us have respect!", he wasn't necessarily off. I put it on my dating profiles. I've asked friends and classmates if they wanted to have a go at it. I have next to no shame with it, it's a fun thing and I like doing it. I make it clear it's a "kink thing", but I don't try to think when I can sneak it in or the appropriate group of people to spring it on, anyone I think even might entertain the idea gets asked and sometimes that ends up in a session.

Do you have any real hesitation or apprehension with people known as a "tickle fetish guy"? I've had zero issues with it, but I know in the back of my head people at some point mention it to each other in probably not flattering contexts. It's never interrupted my life or has even been brought up as an issue, but knowing how deep seated the fear of "being outed" is for a lot of ticklefags, it's something to hopefully identify and get over.

Approach it like dating, only with less stress because you're not trying to actually fuck them. If they press you for more detail (and 80% of the time, they will) explain it. It's a kinky thing, but not an elaborate work-around for sex. You enjoy it, maybe they will too. Etc and so on.

And know what, if they're iffy unless you pay 'em, fuck it. Kick 'em a few bucks for their time. Nothing unreasonable, you shouldn't feel like you're expected to do it like a call girl exchange every time, but… do you have a camera? Ask will they do it for a photography experiment. They want 'power'? What does that entail?

I don't know if you ever played that game I made, but my own approach is pretty much like the characters in the game; a blunt -almost to the point of autistic-request if they would like to try it out. Sometimes they'll so no. Sometimes they'll entertain the idea for something in exchange. Sometimes they'll just do it for the experience. I can say I've ended up personal friends with every girl you see up on my website, so even if you don't begin as friends, there's a good chance you end up closer after the fact and get some frisky goodtimes without money for anything being exchanged for it. And shit, that's assuming you haven't already even tried the social circle you have now. Have a good ladybro? Know a friend of a friend you'd like to work over? Just ask them. Don't mask the fact it's a fetish, don't harp on it ("Hey, this is a really really weird thing but…"), and for the love of god don't attempt to 'play it off' when they decline ("Heh.. j-just kidding! Was joking.. I didn't wanna actually do that…", it's transparent and more embarrassing than the initial request. trust me).

I'm not tall, I'm not attractive, I have the voice of a Muppet, and as stated before, I live in an area where you'd suspect I'd be judged more harshly for an "unusual" kink activity than a big city. I manage fine. You're working with a massive pallet, put in the effort and you'll be rewarded.

293fdc No.25098

I know for sure that Cincinnati is definitely not a tickle paradise town. Very boring town.

8aafec No.25099


>Can you elaborate on this a bit?

They moved to NYC thinking it would be great, but it's not how they envisioned it. Mostly because people aren't as open as it seems.

>They want 'power'? What does that entail?

They want someone who is rich who can give them that lavish lifestyle. People are into money more than they are into people here. It's a terrible dating scene.

I do like your advice, though it would be tough here.

9e2df8 No.25100

File: 9a11f37ea12120e⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Kel4.gif)


dubz check'd

Well, what HAVE you done, for starters? What part of the city are you in? I'm having a hard time believing in a city of millions of people, you've hit nothing but roadbloack after roadblock.

Explain what you've tried so far so I can get a gauge of what I can suggest.

Also enjoy my ladybros feet, because this is a good excuse to post all of these outside of tumblr.

8aafec No.25102


I've done nothing. I live in Manhattan, but a poor part. I've looked through apps like tinder, asked around, and people aren't receptive of just casual sex even. As I said before, I know people who moved here who then moved out almost immediately because it wasn't what they expected.

9e2df8 No.25103

File: e1d94289287f3c1⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 2336x1752, 4:3, P1050135.JPG)


Now this might be me, but my initial impression would be the whole 'starving artist' shit would be perfect for indulging a tickle fetish. You're a native or a transplant?

8aafec No.25104


Native. Also the "starving artist" thing is cliquish with a lot of creepy people. And it's isolated to one specific part of the city.

9e2df8 No.25105

File: 9d24804c6efc472⋯.jpg (744 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, P1040682.JPG)



Ok, so you've done nothing. Have you gotten rejections, or just expect them?

8aafec No.25106


Rejections, many of them. For just normal stuff, not even going into tickling. You need to be established to have any luck here.

Also I really don't want to derail this thread any more. Bottom line: NYC is not a good place for this.

9e2df8 No.25107

File: 032906b006ccad3⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 355x278, 355:278, 8.gif)


Oh god, I didn't check and just assumed you were OP. My bad.

d61ce1 No.25141


Gainesville FL. College town with tons of broke girls. ezpz

276903 No.25312

File: d08618164af235d⋯.png (48.16 KB, 640x369, 640:369, IMG_7341.PNG)

Hard to believe there are few ticklees in NYC. I mean it's essentially common knowledge that dating profiles and media like Tinder and POF and Omegle don't work. It's more about which places/towns are best if you want to hire lots of college girls as ticklees. Gainesville as mentioned above might be interesting. Any other recommendations?

52c7e0 No.25314


But James, you traded your soul to three up for a silver tongue, no? Jokes :)

But mad redirect for what you do. Most of us are probably once bitten twice shy, so we don't even want to chance it.

9e2df8 No.25321

File: e8e0d594f172139⋯.gif (2.65 MB, 500x375, 4:3, 5.gif)


>It's more about which places/towns are best if you want to hire lots of college girls as ticklees

Ok, YOU'RE the OP so I want to ask… what have you done, and how has it not worked? I'm really baffled in a city of 8 and a half million people that it's notoriously difficult to find broke people open minded enough to do tickling videos.

8bfcfa No.25323

File: 99c6fe36d142bd6⋯.png (45.58 KB, 580x428, 145:107, IMG_7347.PNG)


OP here, actually only the opening post and the last post were mine. I was just wondering about whether there are specific places where tickling is more prominent than other places. For example there's the tickling clique in Florida (James Darke and Silvercherry) and this guy in Moscow tickling college girls (TicklinginRussia, unless he's a liar of course for the benefit of storytelling/pic related) so it was just something I'm interested in knowing more about; I'm all good when it comes to tickling though.

9d1da3 No.25324


By the way I said it's hard to believe there are few ticklees in NYC, referring to the individual who said there aren't any in NYC. It's obvious that NYC being a huge city has plenty of ticklees

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