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File: 5919d81007acde2⋯.png (6.54 KB, 707x435, 707:435, head.png)

d6a7b7 No.27780

not really a cringe thread (though my illustration here could definitely fit in there) but just like..

Things you see cropping up a lot in this fetish that you personally find undesirable/gross/triggering

For me, it's this fucking pose. This pose is impossible to achieve without breaking some bones and snapping some tendons. Even a really fucking flexible person would not be able to do this without having the feet much further apart and the head stuck looking down, it's just a goddamn painful looking pose to sit someone in and it triggers my anatomy autism

b12b0a No.27781

Badly written reason to tickling.

You know the ones.

"You forgot to lock a door". Or,

"You left out the peanut butter". Or,


You know, something that wouldn't happen organically in the real world. Even most porn has some plausibility in their reasons for the actors to screw each other, discounting brazzers where apparently they take the same approach as most tickling descriptions…

d6a7b7 No.27782



>Even most porn has some plausibility in their reasons for the actors to screw each other


f53ce0 No.27787

It's so popular because it's the easiest to draw. Most people want to see the feet being tickled and the face reacting.

Then that's literally all they have to draw, they don't even have to make the stocks big if they put the head at the same level.

59c49c No.27789

File: 4c0be6b2745ba74⋯.png (59.22 KB, 999x799, 999:799, waiting_for_you_by_tdonkey….png)

File: 7a463aafab9b2dd⋯.png (132.01 KB, 1024x410, 512:205, the_waiting_has_ended_by_t….png)


At least there's this example of the trope being inverted sort of, where the feet actually belong to another lee on the other side of the box.

But one of my peeves is when people try to tell these grand stories in what most people use for porn. It's really annoying to be reading a good ticking story or playing an RPG maker game and suddenly there's a good 5 minutes worth of backstory before the next tickling scene. Jut come up with a good premise that allows for a lot of nice tickling scenarios, and roll with it. There's no need for things to stretch on and on when you usually don't even care about the story.

d40149 No.27791


I'd buy that if it didn't keep popping up in commissions done by people who draw detailed art. Umojar being a major example. Hell ,his most recent commission is a whopping FIVE people in this pose. One of the best artists out there, and people commission that low effort, nonsensical shit.

Even worse, half the time they're in a treasure chest/small box that couldn't possibly hold the rest of them even if they were that flexible.

My own pet peeve, as a big fan of monster girls (and by extension, Monster Musume), is the recent trend (fueled by commissions, as is the case with most shit trends [like the fucking guy who decades later still can't think of any ler passed what's his face from TMNT), of just randomly giving human feet to monsters that don't have feet. They have upperbodies you can commission being tickled. There are quite a few that have normal feet you could commission being tickled. There's no need for "suddenly the spider lady is just a normal lady".

56f722 No.27793


My only complaint is that this pose is hardly taken to it's full potential, that being the lee is being tickled on the feet while being forced to suck dick/lick vag.

d6a7b7 No.27794

File: 03bdfb832b947c9⋯.png (5.59 KB, 400x400, 1:1, the justoposition.png)


>of just randomly giving human feet to monsters that don't have feet.

I have another peeve in a similar vain

it's pic related

b12b0a No.27796


Well hello there Token fan…

7a4a7d No.27797

Yeah, that pose will turn me off a picture, for sure.

My big thing is that I can never get into a video with a plot? No matter what, if you start the video with obvious acting, I am going to assume the whole thing is acting, even down to the reactions.

What's hot about fake tickling?

1f635f No.27798

This pose sucks for sure, I agree.

My personal pet peeve is kinda general. It's when there is an overabundance of feet tickling pictures of one character and little to no pictures of the same character getting tickled elsewhere. This annoys me more-so if the character in question traditionally wears revealing clothing, like a crop top or something.

It's a stupid thing to get annoyed over, yeah, but this is coming from someone who is not into feet so that's just me lol.

1ba3f9 No.27799


I can attest to this, also being part of the rare breed of tickle fetishist with no interest in feet.

This annoyance is compounded when theres finally gopd art of some ub and you get tge eventual "no feet? :(((" Dude in the comments. Like, motherfucker, it isnt enough you got like 90% of the fetish catered specifically towards you?

3322ac No.27813



ac6dfd No.27815

I don't know if either of these belong here, but I hate when a clip starts off with anything but tickling, then does a fade out with the tickling already started. I really enjoy seeing that initial reaction, but studios like tickle abuse especially cut that out of almost all of their videos, and all for a fade affect that isn't necessary at all.

Another one is model specific. Why is that redhead mish always only tickled by Kelli-lynn sage? I can't find a single clip where she's not being tickled by my second least favorite f ler.

1b3bbb No.27816

Male producers who talk while doing the tickling. I don't need a running monologue. I came for the women…not you. ;)

bc9e3a No.27822


Yes, I hate that too. That's why I can't STAND FTKL's videos. I don't need your secret agent plot and bad acting. Same reason I don't like modern Tickle Abuse videos either; I don't need a story.

06ccca No.27825


I can stand a little bit of a plot (although it doesn't really exist), I can stand some bad acting, but I can't stand the FAKE LAUGHTER.

Okay, let's just pretend that every single model is so ticklish that the first touch of a feather brings them to hysterical laughter. Fine. It's possible if you were strict on your model hunt.

Except in at least one video the models are pretending to be tied up. One of the Harley ones, her arms are "tied" behind her back. She's laughing like crazy. She's struggling. And then all of a sudden, she brings an arm around to the front and brushes hair out of her eyes, and quickly puts it behind her back again.

The only saving grace of those clips is that they're basically cosplaying and some have sexy accents. Tickle Abuse's ones with Poison Ivy and Batgirl are so much better but that's only a few clips. If more companies experimented with costumes and the such, fulfilling more fantasies instead of every single model just being "generic cute ticklish lee," they'd draw more sales.

b12b0a No.27828


Say what you will about difficulties of animating in any capacity, but I almost despise these Japanese ragdoll videos.

I mean really, is it that hard to make your models not look like Silent Hill monsters in some horrific torture device trying to escape with erratic, seizure jiggling motions?

Maybe Japanese people in general have trouble spending more than 10 frames to make animation look fluid in general…

….anime sucks…

b12b0a No.27829

Oh and stop sexually harassing your waifus.

d40149 No.27830


Good advice for everyone, this fetish or otherwise.

630d89 No.27831

File: 10b4854fb8b578d⋯.jpg (67.07 KB, 700x387, 700:387, Marcelas_Ticklish_Feet_in_….jpg)

When your favorite spot is ignored.

I'm a huge Armpit tickle fan. I like feet tickling too, but armpit is my true kink. What I can't stand is when the person's armpits are completely exposed but the tickler totally ignores them. This clip (Marcela's Ticklish Feet In Nylon) pisses me off so much because her arms are tied and her underarms are just begging to be tickled. The two even do some upper body tickling (stomach, ribs), but ignore her pits.

630d89 No.27832

File: a4af51053790025⋯.jpg (134.15 KB, 1024x521, 1024:521, kelli_tickled_by_miss_rave….jpg)

Also, when ticklees start screaming/crying

I'm not a sadistic type. Tickling for me is supposed to be fun and exhilarating. But when the lee just starts whining, it ruins it for me. This is why I can't stand Kelli Lynn Sage as a lee. I get it, she's genuinely ticklish, but the crying and screaming she does drives me fucking nuts. She does it in every clip she's in as a lee.

06ccca No.27833


What's almost worst is when they touch a favorite spot like that, and it CLEARLY tickles like hell, and then they ignore it for the rest of the video to cater to more foot tickling.

e6c530 No.27835


Stuff like this certainly correlates alongside the pet peeve of mine I mentioned in >>27798

Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be into feet because of how much it's catered towards in this fetish. Consider yourselves lucky lmao

e6c530 No.27836


While I'm on this topic, it brings up another pet peeve of mine. I'm an upperbodyfag, and my most favored area is the midriff. What kinda annoys me is whenever the lee has some sort of clothing that reveals a bit of her midriff, yet the ler never tickles under the shirt. Only over it.

Very specific, I know.

1ba3f9 No.27838


Or when their shirt rides up and its completely ignored

Fuckin actually triggers me

b12b0a No.27839

Oh I almost forgot.

Those fucking ASMR videos.

I mean come on. There's a difference between triggering electrical impulses down your spine and a shitty tickling video with almost no fucking sound and hardly any tickling.

f27974 No.27840

One of my biggest pet peeves is the commissioners who sink a shit ton money towards a huge, wide variety of artists, and all they do is ask them to draw the same goddamned picture every time.

Fuck those Dun Tortelli pictures, fuck those mermaid pictures, and though they have long since stopped popping up constantly, fuck those same lee-in-the-X-pose pictures with the feather boas.

d40149 No.27845


Don't forget the "feet tickled while signing in the from the same gosh-damn perspective every time" ones.

f9dfa4 No.27848

How about people who try to start role plays in the comments on tickle pics?

Bonus points if they get pissed at the artist when they ask them to stop.

f9dfa4 No.27849

Pretty much anyone who asks an artist to redo a pic with or without socks.

a3cf45 No.27855

When a perfectly good naked tickle image is ruined by penetration, it just kills the mood for me. I could post examples, but I don't think I have to.

b12b0a No.27856

And let's not forget jackholes who try to represent a community as a whole rather than just being terrible assholes with a god comples…


630d89 No.27862


Honestly, a good majority of people who try to represent the community as a whole are complete ass hats.

ec80ee No.27864

File: ad5d2a850373551⋯.jpg (268.1 KB, 1020x782, 30:23, tifa_va_aerith_ver1_by_red….jpg)

File: 16b247e6bb759a8⋯.jpg (192.96 KB, 900x738, 50:41, cersei_s_atonement_by_brie….jpg)

File: b076bf2a1052248⋯.jpg (177.9 KB, 1023x846, 341:282, lydia_feetz_by_fire_fox_sf….jpg)

I made a thread about it and people were little cunts about it, but:

Fucking forcing smelly/stinky feet being a thing/being mentioned into otherwise great art. It's just a complete turn off for me and it happens quite a bit.

These are just some examples. I think it's fucking gross.

bc151b No.27870

When the tickler is completely and utterly out of place in anything even remotely sexy.

Case in point, this picture is really hot, but Gluttony being a part of it just kills it for me. No hate to the artist!

Btw OP, I fucking love that position, even if it makes no sense whatsoever :) That's why I can understand if someone likes the very thing I'm complaining about!

bc151b No.27871

File: a2639122a1acf30⋯.jpg (5.31 MB, 7068x5049, 2356:1683, winry_tickled_by_aaronkire….jpg)



630d89 No.27877

File: 4b90d3a717112b9⋯.jpg (183.21 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, blue-sonic-toothbrush-for-….jpg)

This might not be a popular opinion, but I can't fucking stand when lers use electric toothbrushes. Usually I think they use it as an excuse because they're not good at tickling, but even good ticklers like Charlee Chase do it. I'd much rather be tickle with hands than a goofy ass sonic toothbrush.

f27974 No.27879


Third in on this, but it goes a little further for me. It has to do with feet not matching stylistically with the character. Examples are cartoon characters with simplified art styles having unsettlingly realistic feet, or human feet on not even remotely human characters, or as mentioned previously, things without feet suddenly having them just for the sake of a tickle pic. Immediate uncanny valley reaction.

05a769 No.27880


Yes and you were told to just fucking deal with it and stop being a "stop liking things I don't like!" faggot. It's one thing to complain about stuff that annoys you, it's another entirely to claim they're wrong, they need to stop and cater to your preferences only.

b35ee0 No.27885

File: 22eb4461b309a13⋯.jpg (107.44 KB, 894x894, 1:1, IMG_2231.JPG)


>smellfag gets triggered about someone's pet peeve in a thread about pet peeves

Really valuable post anon. I hope you enjoy the rancid foul smell emanating from your shit opinions.

05a769 No.27887


Nice try but no, I don't like stink either but when some sperg genuinely believes that everyone should cater only to his preferences and the rest should go fuck themselves, it kind of transcends everything.

Kinda like the same way you believe "everyone else" was being a cunt in that other thread rather than it being more likely that it was you being autistic that was the issue.

272d41 No.27888

File: ecaa985ee078cef⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 600x900, 2:3, IMG_4404.JPG)


I don't see him saying anything other than he doesn't like it

b35ee0 No.27889

File: 96393d129d12a0e⋯.jpg (153.81 KB, 720x588, 60:49, IMG_1882.JPG)


>"I'll use le autism may may that'll show him"

>implying I said everyone else should go fuck themselves

Wew lad you sure are making some hot assumptions there in your little head and straight up putting words in my mouth. There were actually quite a few people who agreed with me, some who didn't, and I'm guessing you were one of the people who started screeching about me having an opinion on an offshoot of a Cambodian puppetry zine. Genuinely eat shit, faggot. You'd probably enjoy both the flavor and the smell. Also way to not post tickling content :^)

194ab9 No.27890


I don't mind that pose too much. Art (much less fetish art) doesn't need to be 100% realistic, and the pose offers a great deal of helplessness and objectification for the ticklee. I imagine much of the dislike comes from talentless hacks abusing the simplicity of the pose to churn out shitty art.

One thing that really bothers me is when you have toe ties, and only four of the toes are tied back. Just the big toe is fine, and having all five tied is wonderful, but just four triggers some kind of autistic OCD in me. Tickle Abuse is usually the worst offender of this, especially in the last couple of years or so. Skipping the actual toe tying process (in addition to the rest of the bondage process) bothers me too, but that's more forgivable as producers want their videos to have more of the "good stuff".

278b2a No.27892

File: 457df783050d5e5⋯.jpg (231.12 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 32.jpg)

I'm a footfag and I'm also annoyed when the lee has exposed armpits/tummy/thighs and they don't get tickled there. I like all the foot content but that's just a wasted opportunity and I hate it.

Also, I'm probably in a minority, but I don't really like seeing tools, especially that spiky wheel, don't know what it's called, and electric toothbrushes. Hairbrushes, regular toothbrushes and feathers are kinda fine I guess, but I really want lers to just use their fingers.

For some reason I also really hate those hood masks that cover the face but leave the mouth out. Gags are cool, blindfolds are cool, fucking hoods are not.

Unrelated, but I so wish I could find RL videos of people like the art I'm putting here. Sounds great.

9bd6bf No.27893


Hell, nowadays TA doesn't even bother to tighten the toetied, hardly.

f27974 No.27952


Second. If shit's exposed you should go for it. I'm actually kinda pissed that there's a punch of tickle vids where they expose the breasts, and then barely do anything with them. I know that truly ticklish breasts and nipples are incredibly rare, but don't just hang them out if you're only going to give them a single passing grope at halftime and then do nothing else with them.

f5f0e3 No.27965

i get mildly pissed by videos where the lee sorta just moans or whines the whole time. asian videos are usually the culprit of this. i get that that may be the culture over there, but i come to this fetish expecting laughs and forced smiles not some chick whining for 8 minutes. if i wanted moaning i'd watch regular porn.



source? never seen that one before

2a43fa No.27968

7d7b24 No.27989


To be fair, I would tickle someone for every one of those reasons.

237465 No.27999


What even happened with James? From what I've seen there was some drama with him that lead to his exodus, but I wasn't here during it

pls explain

d6a7b7 No.28004


NT told him to behave and he threw a class 12 bitchfit about it and left

b12b0a No.28005


Read the forum rules post…

No seriously, that's how fucking bad it got…

Then it was funny. Then it got sad.

But then it got funny again.

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