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Tomoko is an angel.

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Tomoko with Crosses!

>>/christian/! Tomoko

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This board is too beautiful to die

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How would you make Tomoko a sex slave?

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It's that time of year, again!

H-happy birthday, Tomoko…

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Tomoko is going to make it as a senior

Just how proud of her are you now, /tomoko?/

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Chapter 106 Godamn!

A lot of stuff going on here.

Her friends are getting more and more used to her, she tried to become super cute without sperging the fuck out and we got more Komi-something and Deliquent-chan and some contemplating on the future.

The Christmas and break chapters could be really imporant and all i feel is excitement and hope.

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Christmas time is here again

Now this is the kind of Yuu I like.

More chapters about her pls

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Chapter 104

Tomoko has accomplished quite a lot lately including the feat of managing to spend an animosity free day with Tomoki. Then Kii-chan appeared and you would wonder how she would be able to handle. it.

She collapsed and went full-paranoid as always but i really liked this chapter, the comedy was a lot like the earlier ones.

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Chapter 102

Now this was a fucking great one. I got sick of all the cheap harem bullshit and instead we got a nice chapter about Tomoko in familial environments where we pry into her world.

What I like the most about this chap is how it perfectly captures those fantasies I have of having a perfect night, with a perfect meal, watching a perfect movie. It is very obvious that for Tomoko it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to orchestrate a good experience like that, and it's something I appreciate.

That her grandfather had a heart attack was very heavy. They could've had more focus on that thing too, honestly.

I guess this also means I'll be checking out some Gamecenter CX. Thanks, Tomoko.