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For the deviants that other deviants look down on


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File: 1418560845946.gif (2.96 MB, 290x188, 145:94, 90jYgzs.gif)

0748c4 No.1[Reply]

Global rules apply here.

Nothing illegal

No real pictures

Western art is ok

ideas? complaints? contact the admin at

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0748c4 No.1637


Do you know a place that i can download? the archive is dead :C

File: 5d82298d977b9ef⋯.png (881.77 KB, 3500x3000, 7:6, d2f0ce1f15987985e48b9bb9ad….png)

93bea7 No.2650[Reply]

There needs to be more of this.

Other thread is dead from the hacking.

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138eb7 No.3688

File: 7c609ea4804f6fe⋯.png (440.02 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Pebbles Flintstone2-1.png)

138eb7 No.3689

File: c4a84cad62393e6⋯.png (434.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Pebbles Flintstone2.png)

138eb7 No.3698

File: bf1311f762d1c94⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 1951x1882, 1951:1882, yYRVA9FCAptuG5SkxzT4TRJo8J….jpg)

138eb7 No.3699

File: a680a19840b96d8⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 1941x2417, 1941:2417, 6uICBjzN8amg2v0UAoyAe14021….jpg)

dab7aa No.3700

Angelica and Lisa appear to be accepted in many places, maybe we should have a thread just for babies who get rejected like Pebbles and Lily?

No idea why Lisa/Lola get accepted but young Star is discriminated agianst.

File: f4434af379ae1fc⋯.jpg (116.25 KB, 880x1280, 11:16, 1425422147454-3.jpg)

00ec44 No.3594[Reply]

Hello guys!

Can you post any links to sites with Toddlercon comics/pics/gifs?

I found only hitomi.la and http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/ (Account required).

i saw every single photo/comics and I need mooore.

3fdae1 No.3611

All the fallen atfbooru has toddlercon and a separate category of babycon.

37b55b No.3693

I have a chan.sankakucomplex account but I can't see toddlercon, what am I doing wrong?

ebcaaf No.3694


Faggots must've blocked access to all images with the tag. Trying to access my faves gives me this crap.

"You don't have the permissions required to view this image."

The last bastion of tot on boorus has fallen. At least most of the content is still on pixiv and sadpanda

3fdae1 No.3697


Don't forget atfbooru. No account needed and they even have a separate babycon section too.

File: 1425921115074.jpg (475.19 KB, 1200x1695, 80:113, b001.jpg)

60ab95 No.316[Reply]

I was wondering if any girls lurk/post here.

I'd like to meet a girl who's a toddlercon fan, but I have no idea how
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000000 No.3575


That's true. My ex gf draws toddlercon. Beyond that, she likes real kids 1 to 5 years old, in a sexually way. She likes them so much, she did a apprenticeship in a kindergarden.

Her drawins are bad, not as professional as other artists'. But that was her favourite art. And she is not the only wahmen, who liked toddlercon. Actually I know four of them (in real life. Not from net)

911f82 No.3576


Can you share your gf's art? I'm interested in seeing it.

000000 No.3582

i'm a toddlercon myself. A girl who is strictly a friend sort if recruited me with some her tales from childhood.

cbba77 No.3675

hey, anyone want to connect?

my kik is bubblebath03

would be nice to talk to likeminded people :)

f390fc No.3696


I am contacting you as we speak, I've always wanted to better understand the inner workings of the FBI and I've got many questions.

File: 2bcfd6da570d0b6⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2000x1125, 16:9, wpid-20150728_115504.jpg)

3490f3 No.2709[Reply]

This niche board is already slow but lets try this out.

>Post references, character names, and where they are from if possible

>no need to bump requests since this is a slow board

>no need to spam requests, since as above this is a slow board

>loli and shota is allowed

>Baby, toddler and younger lolis/younger shotas are preferred

>Eastern and western art is fine

>have fun

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eb6c27 No.3631



That could be two requests in one

0f68e4 No.3632

File: 4d28bb7b3ebaf0e⋯.png (617.69 KB, 953x1248, 953:1248, HuPC-profileimg-Hugtan.png)

File: 4eaf24f6ec18ebb⋯.png (950.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HuPC01-Hugtan_cheered_up.png)

Requesting Hugtan from Precure being deeply fingered.

0f68e4 No.3633


Request #2: Hugtan getting fucked sideways by an anon.

c60e15 No.3634

File: d99c210ca2903d7⋯.jpg (684.55 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 564bc0ebfa4b0f8f45b2a95d24….jpg)

File: 7627b21919f8c59⋯.png (510.51 KB, 700x900, 7:9, 7f3eec930f1a6e3ccdfeeac5c6….png)

Requesting a baby Cagliostro from Granblue fantasy being roughly mating pressed. Bonus if theres xray.

144c2a No.3695

File: b76bf66ef1630b5⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 497x269, 497:269, Ponyo_kissed_Sosuke.jpg)

Would love one of ponyo and sosuke

File: 1428209261042-0.jpg (230.48 KB, 1200x839, 1200:839, image.jpg)

File: 1428209261042-1.jpg (268.74 KB, 832x975, 64:75, image.jpg)

File: 1428209261042-2.jpg (378.46 KB, 1050x957, 350:319, image.jpg)

File: 1428209261042-3.jpg (442.58 KB, 1200x1736, 150:217, image.jpg)

2594cc No.361[Reply]

Everybody knows about toddlercon artists like Ooyama Mangetsu, Medaka Kenichi, Tetsu, Ironashi, etc. This thread is for great artists that rarelly are mentioned/translated.

First Hinaprin (Ikuta Takanon)
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6c0526 No.3686


thanks, that's legit

e6a9c5 No.3687


Do you have a pixiv?

6c0526 No.3690


yes i have one. do you have more resources?

e6a9c5 No.3691

File: 314fb051d37fec8⋯.jpg (43.94 KB, 575x747, 575:747, 314fb051d37fec80b459c3e981….jpg)

File: 9309e586ee0979d⋯.png (636.13 KB, 1024x965, 1024:965, 7df539faec8ce8f4d847dbb497….png)

File: e9eb5545a957a85⋯.png (139.3 KB, 431x607, 431:607, e3c8de6a276fad1cbe811a42bf….png)


Toddler tutorial sketches are extremely limited then the usual loli stuff but heres a few more. I wish there were more for art reasons.

6c0526 No.3692


much appreciated!

File: bddc9dc353a6ee5⋯.jpg (215.43 KB, 996x880, 249:220, 68067073_p1_master1200.jpg)

5ec50f No.3654[Reply]

Lets stop posting the same old pics and scout for more on pixiv/any other similar site. Make sure to post pics and link the artists. Lets help each other out

Artist: 夕餉


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5ec50f No.3664

File: 8cf4ce37796dc92⋯.jpg (556.14 KB, 980x676, 245:169, 67985194_p0_master1200.jpg)

a07319 No.3680

File: 729ea17fa22bed5⋯.jpg (103.03 KB, 816x807, 272:269, illust_67463939_20180408_1….jpg)

File: a083594db517d73⋯.jpg (49.44 KB, 482x819, 482:819, illust_67463939_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 637344c44bd8140⋯.jpg (85.78 KB, 575x815, 115:163, illust_67463939_20180408_1….jpg)

File: a371e52b1605c56⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 882x883, 882:883, illust_67463939_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 5ec374a56959abc⋯.jpg (95.7 KB, 624x883, 624:883, illust_67463939_20180408_1….jpg)

I'll give sauce when ppl contribute

a07319 No.3681

File: 49351acee5a7de6⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 524x878, 262:439, illust_68138363_20180408_1….jpg)

File: b54e8b25afd7615⋯.jpg (103.68 KB, 623x885, 623:885, illust_68138363_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 23f47abd9d0b558⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 845x925, 169:185, illust_68138363_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 187f457c50953a7⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 824x769, 824:769, illust_68138236_20180408_1….jpg)

a07319 No.3682

File: 8723e64e7abc8cc⋯.jpg (108.45 KB, 624x882, 104:147, illust_68138236_20180408_1….jpg)

File: d023a3d5d5bde36⋯.jpg (165.42 KB, 1166x755, 1166:755, illust_68138236_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 07a8b6b241ffb21⋯.jpg (137.27 KB, 825x941, 825:941, illust_68138236_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 6acdadef6c7e1e8⋯.jpg (78.94 KB, 625x882, 625:882, illust_67851459_20180408_1….jpg)

File: b9efd4888f1feef⋯.jpg (126.56 KB, 623x883, 623:883, illust_67851459_20180408_1….jpg)

a07319 No.3683

File: 416bbd28f127eec⋯.jpg (583.43 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, illust_68146033_20180408_1….jpg)

File: c0332f1bf7b66f1⋯.jpg (629.98 KB, 762x1080, 127:180, illust_62567622_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 4520bb5edb48899⋯.jpg (579.12 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, illust_67786291_20180408_1….jpg)

File: 9ca518a62f25c11⋯.jpg (222.25 KB, 1550x1080, 155:108, b7f6017892455f1e0eac6e9eb2….jpg)

File: cb485277173ddca⋯.jpg (425.1 KB, 1115x1391, 1115:1391, 75d88975b4e56ba617cf0cc6e3….jpg)

636561 No.2808[Reply]

Other thread 404'd for some reason.

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a5b715 No.3670

File: db2c73d4fd66dcc⋯.png (4.22 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_001.png)

File: 52a467573223964⋯.png (4.23 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_002.png)

a5b715 No.3671

File: 9db82d43799c433⋯.png (4.17 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_003.png)

File: 4b26441529ee193⋯.png (4.17 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_004.png)

a5b715 No.3672

File: c3015d307e4a3cf⋯.png (4.31 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_005.png)

File: ac1eb8d8fd03e91⋯.png (4.34 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_006.png)

a5b715 No.3673

File: aef75eca434cfb8⋯.png (4.69 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_007.png)

File: 7773f06b8683c8d⋯.png (4.72 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_008.png)

a5b715 No.3674

File: a1899f196b49cc7⋯.png (4.85 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_009.png)

File: 5b604fcb752b4c6⋯.png (5.01 MB, 2227x3128, 131:184, あしこきえいじゃっくす雪文字無し_010.png)

File: 381656a85d117d4⋯.webm (2.21 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1447534728845-0.webm)

b6e54a No.3651[Reply]

I found a few Webms on here with sound and thought it was incredibly hot…I want to see if anyone has anymore I'll post a file to start off with but it will be one that is already on here

91b3e8 No.3652

I love little (cartoon) babies getting their dose of dick right from the start. Wish I had something to contribute.

File: bb5ad17b8094f40⋯.jpg (226.64 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 7ac6fbd608f85108a5d46cb4d8….jpg)

8cf0c8 No.3645[Reply]

more edited images

8cf0c8 No.3646

File: b73356d84467881⋯.png (444.61 KB, 601x701, 601:701, 74624ded238357ad59f8f28003….png)

another one

8cf0c8 No.3647

File: 6ebcf809ec731d8⋯.jpg (221.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, decd480b7f6b68a3ede5296f00….jpg)

one more

82ef2c No.3650

Would be nice to have the originals side-by-side for comparison :D

File: 102bccf039b85f9⋯.jpeg (165.88 KB, 698x599, 698:599, 4f32417e6c51b5eff7b870397….jpeg)

1c99dc No.3644[Reply]

not the original , photoshop edit

ee89e5 No.3648

File: 4196ff0ea22b0d8⋯.jpg (477.27 KB, 1000x925, 40:37, 1462941422736-1.jpg)

simple edit but very effective

db83bf No.3649

File: 48ae2ff28a689c7⋯.jpg (120.64 KB, 438x638, 219:319, sample-dcea4eab3c5f841b690….jpg)

another butt fuck

File: f669ba55c885848⋯.png (3.82 MB, 1919x3740, 1919:3740, 67166113_p0.png)

df19e4 No.3635[Reply]

Thread centering around pics like this?

File: 1447534649674-0.webm (2.35 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1443755576184.webm)

File: 1447534649674-1.webm (2.51 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1443755640424-0.webm)

77d888 No.1270[Reply]

Animation dumps

146 posts and 239 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1c5d6d No.3607

File: 218e33ae6d49168⋯.mp4 (6.17 MB, 480x640, 3:4, 15c8bdb7_はぐたん正面2_おむつ剥き_3.mp4)

1c5d6d No.3608

File: 169c3fe28d2f307⋯.mp4 (6.14 MB, 480x640, 3:4, dab2b573_はぐたん正面2_おむつ剥きB.mp4)

1c5d6d No.3609

File: 764ac4d697a4cd9⋯.mp4 (13.67 MB, 812x1080, 203:270, はぐたん正面3_こすりつけ.mp4)

1c5d6d No.3624

File: a8246e92e2f9c60⋯.mp4 (15.3 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, はぐたん正面3_すじ弄り.mp4)

8722ba No.3629

File: cc053baf2e666fd⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 526x720, 263:360, 28511163_1524200151031235_….jpg)

cbeb49 No.3595[Reply]

Does anyone know what manga this is from?

0112f6 No.3610

It's from one of Tenma's enjeru (angel) anthologies. Can't recall which one. You can find some of them on hitomi dot la.

I still can't believe there were actual published magazines with shit this hot and sexy. 'Twould be wonderful if stuff like this still get pyblished by Tenma.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

4009e1 No.3612

[Ooyamada Mangetsu] Papa no Asa Gohan

Sukusuku Angel ~Angel 7~

It's on sadpanda with terrible quality.

File: 890f047b9c196fe⋯.png (351.15 KB, 1440x2166, 240:361, 20170918_164153.png)

File: 950eb4deb0c0160⋯.jpg (509.07 KB, 1824x2560, 57:80, illust_63791625_20170804_1….jpg)

File: 738be7cd83a90f0⋯.jpg (507.59 KB, 1280x1749, 1280:1749, illust_63936927_20170814_0….jpg)

File: bf0a10bedd868c1⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1280x1800, 32:45, illust_63924420_20170804_1….png)

File: 4683ad8b207bf3a⋯.jpg (575.91 KB, 1280x1775, 256:355, illust_63862368_20170804_1….jpg)

f7e064 No.3287[Reply]

Hello fellow perverts

There was an amazing toddlercon artist that broke out on Pixiv over the summer. But on 8/28 suddenly he removed all of his artwork and left a statement. There was over 50 works but I only have a few. I am looking for any and all of his works you guys may have. Thank you.

15 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b99332 No.3338


I remember something about not censoring his original postings. Didn't know about this court thing. details?

3f4a87 No.3342

File: d080dfad093672e⋯.jpeg (62.67 KB, 600x849, 200:283, 57ACFBCF-FDAC-4C35-B455-D….jpeg)

File: df03dfeee485993⋯.jpeg (77.39 KB, 600x864, 25:36, 94CEC5F1-AE4B-4518-A1C4-E….jpeg)

File: 828c7d5b4a626bf⋯.jpeg (70.03 KB, 600x858, 100:143, BED8CACF-EBA5-4ADB-972E-5….jpeg)

File: 85f621b028fe963⋯.jpeg (81.77 KB, 600x849, 200:283, E7FA7991-BA62-4F41-90FB-6….jpeg)

5c63ee No.3345




Someone can translate this?

64db2b No.3482


and this is how a non english speaking toddlerkon is born. Fap long and prosper.

4f9bd4 No.3584

File: efec5a905cdfd91⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1839, 1280:1839, 34A4B5A9-A5A0-4D04-9B76-F7….png)

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