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/traffick/: An 8chan investigation

File: bda84fd32ec3bad⋯.jpg (551.7 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 98.jpg)

86d082 No.3

This board is a more permanent home for what used to be /htg/ on 4chan's /pol/. Here, we don't have to worry about the mods arbitrarily deleting posts and handing out bans for investigation, nor will we need to worry about shills assigned to 4chan.



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f71ca8 No.417

Hi investigators.

I would like to contribute.

I would like to know if these topics deserve own thread or whether flood of info will impede your focus:

WIP map for Toronto Area. Tips, clues, rumors of sex trafficing in area.

News dump on trafficking, pedophiles, arrest, scandals, media articles(attempting to legitimize sexual exploitation, sex drugs, lower age of consent,).

General thread on licit and illicit sexual behavior.

I noticed your threads do not deal with cyber kidnapping. In cyber gulags, I know of several multiplayer games/apps where teenagers/young adults frequent. Youngsters, the naive, the socially isolated, the mentally damaged,

are lured away from bedrooms to meet with strangers. I have worked with FBI/investigators/concerned caretakers in some of these cyber gulags, it might be useful to co-ordinate with these people,

they maintain presence in popular ones to fight cyber trafficking. I might also be able to direct you to establish contact with the FBI avatars in these games.

History of sexual underground. Sex drugs information. Profile of street characters and the people who exploit them. Profiles of behavior of licit sexual, illicit sexual behavior, the legitimized and tolerated behavior provide cover for the illegal behavior.

Meta thread for discussion of elites.

38ac89 No.772

Bake a new bread here I got some high quality data.

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