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File: 1459424634278-0.jpg (290.44 KB, 839x2032, 839:2032, IMAG0580.jpg)

File: 1459424634278-1.jpg (337.05 KB, 923x2188, 923:2188, IMAG0583.jpg)

File: 1459424634279-2.jpg (367.36 KB, 1057x2074, 1057:2074, IMAG0587.jpg)

File: 1459424634279-3.jpg (344.27 KB, 1064x1881, 56:99, IMAG0590.jpg)

b13bdb  No.11161[Reply]

First time ever posting pics online. Im definitely not even close to everyone else on here, heck, i dont even know if im passable…..but still would love some feedback. xoxo.

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b13bdb  No.15959


yeah, its getting busy atm. and now im working 2 jobs, so its a bit stressful

b13bdb  No.16046


Nice! Thank you.

b13bdb  No.16069

I'm a leg man, and you may not think you pass, and legs are the most passable part generally, but you do have great legs. You should get some heels and make the best of them.

19fdee  No.17618

you look so cute in that outfit. your body is definitely passable. Idk about your face though. Good luck. Also nice fashion

ba9c00  No.22058

File: 28629739b976852⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 2592x1458, 16:9, 20180131_155934.jpg)

File: 6ab53783cd15689⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 2592x1458, 16:9, 20180131_155654.jpg)

File: 3968eddd781b611⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 2592x1458, 16:9, 20180131_155759.jpg)

File: 1437477501155.jpg (1.4 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, DSC05591.jpg)

44e1f0  No.7418[Reply]

has any /trap/ here go out as a girl?

how was your first expirience going out as a girl?

i mean using cute dress or definitely girls clothes.

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44e1f0  No.7761


But going to high school like that in a conservative state is badass.

44e1f0  No.7765

File: 1438956542670-0.jpg (114.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Photo 16 flip.jpg)

File: 1438956542672-1.jpg (41.4 KB, 335x480, 67:96, Photo 69 copy flip.jpg)

File: 1438956542673-2.jpg (50.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Photo 20.jpg)


T.T I really wish I would someday. But I feel like It would take a good friend/group of friends to help push me to really go through with it. It can be a hard step to take on your own.

There's been plenty of occasions in my life where I've been mistaken as a girl even without proper fashion. I'm usually walking a line somewhere in between. But to actually go all out in public… I don't know, I'm conflicted. I would probably need a push, or maybe, it's just me being lazy about it.

44e1f0  No.7771


You have really pretty hair. Hard to judge your features as the middle pic is really contrasty, with harsh sunlight.

44e1f0  No.7780


just do it anon. you won't regret it. and you look pretty passable.

6af859  No.21996



You're beautiful.

I've been out dressed all-Female…. It's a huge rush once you get over the fear of doing it the first time.

Start small… your confidence will grow.

File: 88a9100adab7687⋯.gif (77.59 KB, 500x377, 500:377, Daria.gif)

4b7c4b  No.21649[Reply]

What are the most uncommon ways to feminise yourself ?

I live in a country where it's not possible to get hormones nor too much exotic herbs

Amazon don't even exist and it's still impossible to buy anything online .

I am desperately looking for help anything will do even bro science !

31 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

12bca5  No.21710


You're turning this into an ARG OP. We all want to know which country you're from.

Also, post pics. We don't judge. Kind of.

444fe6  No.21745

Are you in the middle east? South America? East Europe?

5492ba  No.21746


peer reviewed journals, papers written by respected/well-known authors, credible medical/scientific institutions, newspapers or websites citing sources from any of the above

1ed06e  No.21847


>I live in a country where it's not possible to get hormones nor too much exotic herbs

are you saying OP there is a market of people that would buy female hormones on the black market?

thanks for the revelation op. still got to put together that .45 colt flare gun suicide kit.

9086b8  No.21864


>Is soy milk recommended?, I can't get too much exotic herbs

Soy anything. Spearmint anything. Tofu instead of meat. Beer, but with a low alcohol content (you want hops).

Just fucking tell us where you're from. We won't be able to find you by just your country; that's ficking stupid.

File: 1469606335258.jpg (318.93 KB, 2077x961, 67:31, 1463548670698.jpg)

96f290  No.12526[Reply]

really nice trap

hope she goes all the way and gets surgery

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4c1076  No.21519

And thus another thread transforms into a (meaningless) discussion about the prons and cons of HRT and GRS (of course each side holds the absolute truth, is 1000% right etc etc).

A discussion where mostly chasers argue what is best for other people's bodies and lives. And, oddly enough, most of these people feel obliged to do whatever these strangers from the internet tell them to do instead of what they really want for themselves.

Traps/trans community is a customization paradise, the clients (aka admirers, orbiters, chasers) specify what custom model they want according to their fetishes and trannies and traps obey.

I'm glad I still like cis women because after all these years being involved I'm 90% done with traps, trannies, whatever the fuck they call them, their community, their admirers and all the "tomfoolery" that surrounds them. Fuck it, it's not worth it.

bdc203  No.21521

File: 20637d1bda3e255⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 460x378, 230:189, take-this.jpg)


>slug is gone

it's okay, friend. maybe she'll return, but no matter what, life goes on.

098e39  No.21522

>the clients (aka admirers, orbiters, chasers) specify what custom model they want according to their fetishes and trannies and traps obey.

This might truly be the dumbest thing I've read on this board, ever :/

a2e5b6  No.21523

>mostly chasers

and everyone except you is a chaser, right?

909e09  No.21539


he's more of a stalker

File: 1447626370567.jpg (532.3 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_20150618_025114284.jpg)

907973  No.9352[Reply]

Who else enjoys diapers?

17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

80053c  No.20840

File: c9bb2ea9bd55411⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3B73DFF8.jpg)


>No mention that she is even transgender.

1 minute and 46 seconds into the video…

"Riley is also transgender, she was born a male but always felt awkward and out of place"

fe2dff  No.20843

File: 5d051f2df8da660⋯.webm (7.72 MB, 668x712, 167:178, beeTB2_1_hd.webm)


I stand corrected, anon. Thanks.

To add to the discussion re the video, I can't imagine any potential mate finding that appealing, it's way too much. A petite trap or female could wear pajamas or carry a teddy bear and it would be cute, but retreating into baby mode this often and regularly is weird as fuck.

Like diapers, this is all stuff you do alone.

0b4fbb  No.21226

File: bfe187b273348a6⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Butte_5.jpg)

File: 962db15841b38bc⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Butte_4.jpg)

File: 3a14dc5ccba4371⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, Butte_2.jpg)

File: b56d94424320a8c⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, Butte_1.jpg)

File: 03fffb8d631e750⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, Butte_3.jpg)

I thinke they're sorta cute,

and comfy~ <3

fbd784  No.21263

I used to be more into it, but not as much these days. I can go without it. I don't even think I'm going to bring it into the bedroom with my partner.

011065  No.21310



File: 34695118078587d⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 397x599, 397:599, Marble_bust_of_Roman_emper….jpg)

1d67f0  No.21009[Reply]

This is what happens when you give absolute power to a transgendered person:


8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

468b66  No.21099

File: b4fc5fa7df3e373⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2550x3509, 2550:3509, 1323426135.jpg)


I would like to experience the hi-sex 1970s.

ba7516  No.21107


But preferably without the AIDS

ba7516  No.21108




She obviously figured out that being a contrarian drama llama was a lot more lucrative than sucking dick

7934fe  No.21109



Lol @ all the butthurt whores (or their chasers).

It's funny because Blaire's video about sex work didn't even scratch the surface about how shitty the community is regarding this. Not only the SJW, leftist etc part of the trans community (as she said) but even the conservative part.

6ed881  No.21265

To be honest this probably one of better roman leader I mean fuck man if you think it get better or was better prepare to surprised the roman people where country of jerks, bully, and insane asshole who spread false rumors everywhere and give historians a tuff time on finding out what true or not

File: 3c9828d3d607712⋯.jpg (7.3 KB, 250x239, 250:239, 1185989842491_823.jpg)

00bd0d  No.17476[Reply]

These are so hard to find compare to non-trap stuff. There have to be some good ones.

15 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a8257a  No.19127

File: 63e1d154fb538ee⋯.jpg (131.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1323216973442.jpg)


5a64b4  No.19817



Patrician choice fam, My Lucio should arrive in a couple of weeks

81e08a  No.21105

File: 557324c8fdd76bc⋯.jpg (70.6 KB, 592x800, 37:50, FIG-MOE-1249_05.jpg)

I bought my partner a Jun figure. When you look under the skirt you can see the bulge. I'd take a pic, but it's warped for Christmas

76cf53  No.21110

File: e32b8bd420f77f1⋯.jpg (91.1 KB, 875x616, 125:88, X2020M2086.jpg)


> it's warped for Christmas

funny typo

81e08a  No.21112


It was 5:30am. She got me a cage last week and said she was looking for a figure for me too. Maybe I'll get a trap figure too.

File: 381d224de5c9c1b⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20170122_142456.jpg)

0ee395  No.15772[Reply]

So I move out soon and was wondering if I did cam shows on chaturbate do you think anyone would actually watch? I'm pretty free so I feel like I could definitely put in the time and effort to make my shows good. Also I need some way to pay the bills and being a prostitute seems kinda dangerous :/

60 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0ee395  No.15953

File: e26a9f9543649e0⋯.png (2.21 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Alash Tad Al'ash T'al Asht….png)


>Did you just judge my judging? Are you the authority on true spirituality? My analysis stands.

>Typical of a degraded mind that seeks out ugliness.

Im saying judging and been spiritual doesnt mix. period… as for the ultimate spiritual expresion its not just "love" but Unconditional love, that small phrase its the embodyment of true spirituallity, there is no need for me to take that role.

you can analyse anthing as much as you want, just uderstand that any point that comes into existance still has validity on itself to exist… you can proclame your personal atraction or unatraction to the new idea as you are entitled to it… but that doesnt mean you arent entitled to condem or prohibit a person to choice what you dismiss… as for it, IF they arent able to choice what appaers to be darkness, what permtion does anyone has to choice anything at all. If there was only one way to do things or to live there would only be needed one person to experience it.


Kek, beat me to it, lots of asian countries have lores of beyond female and male exploration.

there was even a roman village that used horse semen to get estrogen to feminize the bodies of males.

0ee395  No.15954



Btw, let me add to this. If someone wants to post a thread about how we are all faggots, degenerates, filth, and the like, that's completely fine. The main issue is when it's targeting some trap who has posted pictures.

0ee395  No.16030

15722 kik me please packersfan0601

de3b42  No.21085

Does anyone else notice in the OP'S pic, there's a MAGA hat in the sink?

a88a91  No.21104


Nothing gets past you, Mr. Magoo


File: 3dcebb020ea4c79⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 480x640, 3:4, YwPouDr.jpg)

File: 53733d1477de8c8⋯.jpg (206.63 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1502933563041.jpg)

018af1  No.20724[Reply]

What are your thoughts on frottage/docking? Ever tried it?

The thought of it makes me twitch

11 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

45c499  No.20853

File: be5c689866ef4df⋯.webm (2.26 MB, 640x504, 80:63, docking attempt.webm)

File: 62c1f707126007d⋯.webm (2 MB, 852x480, 71:40, docking.webm)

869b1e  No.20862


Hnnng, that first one though

869b1e  No.20863



fe784f  No.20879


>That last one

The ones where the trap is clearly bigger are the best ones.

539303  No.20949


Ladyboys are awesome!

File: 1438201787728.jpg (252.95 KB, 3532x1987, 3532:1987, 1437613905204.jpg)

78ebd7  No.7538[Reply]

I'm not sure if this belongs here, since I'm not a trap or dickgirl or whatever. I'm a pre-op transsexual and wondering how the hell I'm supposed to get a bf. Like, a real one, not just an FWB or secret liaison. I'm legal and can pass and all that, and planning on fixing my crotch some day.

I've been lurking a while and you guys don't seem like massive faggots, unlike pretty much every transgender group/cult in existence. Can I hang out?

79 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f67d93  No.20881


Personal responsibility is the hardest red pill of all. Learning to make informed decisions and doing the diligent research. One should not start learning by practicing with your own body. But sometimes people learn the hard way.

aa8eb7  No.20882

File: 3bd518e6a08c637⋯.jpg (81.91 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 9499252.jpg)

File: 63bc4b96dbd1c71⋯.png (39.9 KB, 503x515, 503:515, 867754.PNG)

File: 4f3656db99fbab1⋯.png (16.64 KB, 505x219, 505:219, 352323.PNG)


I seem to see more and more horror stories about SRS.

What do the trans that visit this chan think about transitioning but not getting bottom surgery, because that seems to be where things go wrong.

This is Sienna Grace, a well known TS pornstar. She ended up with a giant hole that is both her vagina and anus. Now she has to use a colostomy bag.

0c9015  No.20883


That is completely fucking nuts. Maybe it will piss some people off, but I'm thinking we need to do a whole new thread on this shit. If we can convince one transwoman not to do this, it would be worth it.

0c9015  No.20886


I replicated your post here bro >>20885

This subject is imho too important to get buried at the end of a long thread. We need something that can be shared.

e1be69  No.20906



This is sad to see, but how common is this really? I mean most of the times you hear about trans women with botched surgery or implants, it turns out they've used some shady unlicensed surgeon. Or they haven't followed the advice after surgery.

Also healthcare in the US is a joke sometimes.

File: 8f958f3e27c68e8⋯.gif (3.82 MB, 300x300, 1:1, pusheen.gif)

76b9c1  No.20706[Reply]

Are you daddy's little girl or is he ashamed you exist? Do you hate him? Do you adore him? Is he dead to you?

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

4af59b  No.20737


Im a web designer for Chaturbate

e6d012  No.20745


LOL, "trans friendly field" it is not. It is male dominated, but readily accepts women if they are competent. Sorry, nothing more detailed. I retired recently (at 55), but still have many friends who I would prefer not know. :)

bc5bc2  No.20787



048fb8  No.20833

File: abd506cbe61a145⋯.jpg (39.83 KB, 577x496, 577:496, Roflkek1 haha mang laughed….jpg)


Both mom and dad died when i was 16 and 20

:( but my mom once smaked by cheek by just saying the word Gay outloud without a demeaning/joking tone, so at least im glad they arent here to talk shit :)

a98e33  No.20836


He actually died like a decade ago

File: 1415337364559.jpg (386.38 KB, 817x818, 817:818, give her the initial d.jpg)

f33b3d  No.2875[Reply]

I have a theory about why so many young man are into MtF Trannies/Traps/Femboys/whatever.
I believe that our age of extreme left radical feminism, which demonizes femininity and encourages misandry, has created and environment where women become less and less feminine and womanly, placing little to no emphasis on being desirable to the opposite sex. (then complaining about no one finding them desirable, but that's neither here nor there) With women no longer acting like/looking like/BEING women, the most feminine people around are the boys who decide to become women.
Think about it, they love femininity, to the point that they try to make themselves as feminine as they can. Traps are more womanly than biological women.
Does this sound right to anyone, or am I being egocentric?
140 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9e6fe0  No.19460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>And learn WTF a "theory" is, bozo. A theory is supportyed by FACTS, and all you have to support your delusion is shit you've pulled out of your ass.

This is an image board, not an academic journal, friend. A lot of us can relate to many of the different ideas expressed in this thread, which is easily the most shared one from this board, without referencing a bunch of studies.

>Just because a trap tries to be ultra-fem doesn't mean other women are becoming less so

In theory, yeah, but are you actually saying that women are as sweet & feminine today as they were 30-40 years ago, or even 20 years ago? As recently as the late 90s, only a small percentage of women had tattoos. Watch an assortment of videos with women back a few decades ago, and compare them to women today.

>and it DAMNED sure isn't the fault of some ideological boogeyman!

Uh, yeah, it is. Feminism is pure poison.

9e6fe0  No.19461

File: face071d2466221⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 456x700, 114:175, whymen[1].jpg)


>You think women can't think for themselves?

Apparently not on these issues, as books like these, which got everything wrong in terms of what the vast majority of men want in a relationship, went on to become bestsellers.


To clarify on this, many or maybe even most men want women to be ultra-femme in some respects, but masculine in others. Ideal woman would be something like this:

In clothing and mannerisms, guys like women who are feminine and cute.

In many other respects, guys like women who are not typically female, like

>No drama

>No shit tests

>No celebrity gossip

>No endless consumer shopping spree

>Into guy stuff like hiking, fishing, outdoors

Females think being independent means having some shitty degree and a meaningless "career" in a human resource department. Women think this shit is attractive when it's so fucking lame.

Men think being independent is someone who can figure out how to fix something if it breaks, and knows how to do things like fire a gun, replace a graphics card, can cook a good meal for one or two people without much effort, get a car unstuck in snow, and solve problems in general. Women who can do things like this will impress the hell out of men.

7c53ea  No.19466


My life in a nutshell, and I'm not even 30 yet……

6c8416  No.20788


I hate the male body but like dick and women's body that's 95% of the reasob

77c8e8  No.20800


Maybe I want a Tsundere.

File: 86db359c19d58f2⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 569x800, 569:800, C_vXo4MXgAAFwV_.jpg)

f2873f  No.19823[Reply]

I'm a 16 y/o trans girl (no pics allowed, obv) and I was wondering if there's any other trans women or traps who don't identify as male.

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

da8958  No.19883

File: a52027a6327c2a2⋯.jpg (51.4 KB, 494x689, 38:53, 14_R19.jpg)

>I don't want to mutilate my weewee

Unfortunately in my case it's, "I don't want to mutilate my weewee big clit more." Somehow mutilating your babies dick with dick reduction surgery that results in life-long pain and loss of sensation is OK and even promoted in pamphlets at your local clinic ((because))) (((god))).

35683d  No.20705


feel sorry for you fam.

279f39  No.20729


Hello friend, don't continue the path you are going and stop going to tumblr, you will regret it like every one else down that path has time and time again. There's a reason why the suicide rates for "trans people" are so high (pro-tip: its not because they are being persecuted/bullied) Now we don't want that now do we? We have a nice board over here that can help you. God bless.


098d3e  No.20732


i realize this is bait and there's no changing your bigot mind, but that is literally the only reason the suicide rate is so high

a805e8  No.20734

File: 4e86eaf340cfddf⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 450x337, 450:337, ted-haggards-fall.jpg)


Friend, I implore you not to continue down the path of deifying a Jewish religious reformer who lived 2000 years ago. It is not psychologically healthy, and historically it has been disastrous for humanity and the planet. There is a nice board here that can help you. Peace.


File: f462518ac472fa9⋯.jpg (882.38 KB, 3088x2320, 193:145, IMG_1595.JPG)

e9c2bc  No.18757[Reply]

DD tits and a 7 inch cock. Anybody like?

12 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5b64b0  No.20080

I'll second >>20060 in asking how to contact you

278170  No.20600

File: f8a7d3afdc573e2⋯.webm (3.55 MB, 360x480, 3:4, 1510931658421.webm)

42054a  No.20613


Sexy! So what do you like to do? Top? Bottom? Little of both?

6d904d  No.20626


Natural tits and a hard cock, what's not to like

8662ec  No.20687

File: 67bfa46f2276014⋯.jpg (50.22 KB, 700x525, 4:3, b0a8c967b3c38d0e27fb909ae3….jpg)


just spat out my water

File: e6ba0ffd8178991⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: 3070c78f7bd5737⋯.jpg (526.71 KB, 1776x1652, 444:413, 2.jpg)

File: 7bbcae591e95af2⋯.mp4 (11.71 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 3.mp4)

fc71a3  No.20365[Reply]

I'm completely new at this, my boyfriend convinced me to purpose this at least in private, he says I got the body for it but I'm not entirely sure, what do you say? Yay or nay?

I also apologize for the horrible quality, I've got a crappy phone and I don't really know how to look erotic, I'm completely new at this, I'm as awkward as I could be.

Any tips? At least how to be more erotic would be nice…

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6d02d5  No.20568



I'll add too that we almost never ban. There's no hard feelings, it's just a rule specific to this board that not everyone sees at first. Otherwise we're a typical image board.

62f327  No.20569

File: cc86388da2c2916⋯.jpg (52.79 KB, 548x384, 137:96, 19-chris-pratt-andy.jpg)

tfw when Dad Mod brings the belt out because anons are being naughty

fc71a3  No.20586

File: 88bfdcd4425e0a9⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 322x244, 161:122, Sikky.jpg)


OP here, what just happened, who posted what? What did they say?

62f327  No.20587


troll started posting in multiple threads with tired insults

dont take it personal

the troll was just baiting the traps who post here and the other anons into a flame war

mod flushed the hate posts, troll got scared about possible ban and went radio silent

alls good

btw, the hate posts were made by the same troll who likes to use "nigga/nigger" in almost every post

1d2cc2  No.20663

Honest photographer judge here, you definitely have the body for it.

Get the hair lasered off, you can pay $2000 and it lasts for decades. Also start taking purearia murifica, it's a root based tea that will smoothen your skin and make your nipples and prostate more sensitive ;)

In no time you'll be scoring $500 a shoot modelling contracts depending on your facial bone structure, I can't see it.

>I don't really know how to look erotic

Dear, it takes real women about ten years to get good at it. But if you pay $300 for posture classes, you can do it in a few months.

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