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File: 1461131321293.jpg (93 KB, 540x765, 12:17, 1461123831151.jpg)

f8090f  No.11365

>Call out for son

>No response

>Walk into son's room

>See this

What is your next course of action in this scenario?

f8090f  No.11367

File: 1461173450114.gif (924.34 KB, 500x281, 500:281, zzzz.gif)

close door give son tremendous hug. push him over his bed begin to viciously tongue his butt. after that push all 7 inches of meat in that cute little trap booty and ride that ass til she spurts all over those blankets, then fill ass with his sisters. (did you just fap?) lol

jkjk I'd just say oh.. didnt know you were busy. say you look cute give him a hug and leave.

f8090f  No.11368

close door give son tremendous hug. push him over his bed begin to viciously tongue his butt. after that push all 7 inches of meat in that cute little trap booty and ride that ass til she spurts all over those blankets, then fill ass with his sisters. (did you just fap?) lol I'd say oh didn't know you were busy and give him a hug and say he looks pretty and invite him to go fishing.

f8090f  No.11370

File: 1461193991064.jpg (23.49 KB, 97x89, 97:89, are ya.jpg)

Ask him is he is winning

f8090f  No.11373

1. Act completely unsurprised and nonchalant.

2. Avoid looking directly at him and make it out that I am "just getting something" from his room.

3. Afterwords, continue the attitude that I didn't notice anything.

It'd either scare him straight (in which case it was just a phase) or else teach him to hide his peculiarities better (in which case he'll avoid future embarrassment).

f8090f  No.11383



You sound like a literary genius. I bet you even have a 3-digit IQ.

f8090f  No.11389

Deliver a sharp kick to the stomach and never bring it up again.

f8090f  No.11443

f8090f  No.11753

I just wanted to know if I could find more pics? Apparently this comes from a user named Fluffington on newgrounds ( but it's not working right now)

Is he/she on hormones?

f8090f  No.11761


i got the same undies :D

f8090f  No.11763

beat the fuck out of him then get really depressed that i raised a son to turn out like this

f8090f  No.11764


And then kill yourself because you just realized you grew up to be an empty, superficial person full of prejudice and unsolved childhood traumas and that you just beat your loved son for trying to be happy whatever the way he wants?

f8090f  No.11768


Or not…

f8090f  No.11852


deliver a sharp thrust to the butthole and never bring it up again with my wife because ill be soft unless i think of trap son's youthful ass

f8090f  No.11897



f8090f  No.11904



f8090f  No.12152



f8090f  No.12153


Oh yeah I forgot these kind of people exist

f8090f  No.12156

Ask for moar in those socks.

f8090f  No.12157

>What is your next course of action in this scenario?

Well, as a knowledgeable man of the world, I'd realize that the incest taboo is firmly grounded in the problems that result from inbreeding. Since I could no get my trap offspring pregnant, there would really be no harm in doing everything I could to help the transition and give her confidence.

f8090f  No.13888

Tell son he's just like his momma and get him on mones.

f46014  No.17171

File: 6e8e4fb9dbad580⋯.gif (897.09 KB, 800x430, 80:43, NEVER EVER.gif)

7d2fba  No.17173


Tell son he's just like his momma and get him on his knees - FIXED.

88c46c  No.17174


I don't get it q_q.

caf548  No.18520


Oh hey Lilith Lovett. Fancy running into here of all place.

3e27e1  No.18525

>like father, like son

Congratulate him on looking so cute and give him a bunch of my old girl clothes that don't fit me anymore.

0503bf  No.18526

Is this what she meant when Lilith said her family abused her?

caf548  No.18528


Yep, she been a dick to her family that they kick her out of the house after transition on Taiwan.

caf548  No.18529


Yep, she been a dick to her family that they kick her out of the house after transition on Taiwan.

caf548  No.18530

File: ac39d3b30c9381c⋯.webm (8.4 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Cam06Aug2017_23-by-am.webm)

Can't wait for her next shoot with Christian XXX on Pure-TS with a bonus shoot on TS-POV. Here a cam show with Lilith Lovett and Christian which is be shown in TS-POV.

caf548  No.18531

File: 2dac94d84b93625⋯.webm (889.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Cam06Aug2017_23-by-am (1).webm)


Also did Christian thanked Darkeno7 for getting her on Pure-TS? Holy shit!

9917c4  No.18534


I doubt it. He probably said something that Christian just agreed with. You ought to join one of those fake News sites. Jumping to conclusions and making shit up with no basis in fact - you have no idea what darkeno7 said.

eaf5e1  No.18538


If he was step-son, fug him. If he was real son, explain to him why being a faggot is no good.

The only honest sane answer.

123958  No.18539


why not have 2 sons?

one to be your fuck toy traps slut and the other to pass your genes?

eaf5e1  No.18541


Because that would still be irrevocably ruining the mind of one of my biological sons which is evil and gross.

123958  No.18542


could alwasy adopt one and make him into your cumslut

caf548  No.18543

File: 607bbc9fa606e61⋯.gif (914.6 KB, 500x214, 250:107, giphy (1).gif)

838671  No.18706

File: cecba942ea144f0⋯.jpg (19.7 KB, 220x339, 220:339, uwot.jpg)


> Confessing your love

> to a hooker

6a2fd6  No.18711


correct me if I'm wrong but it didn't end well for Tyrion's hooker lover did it?

736a92  No.18738



Van Gogh made the same mistake.

Well that, plus licking his brushes with lead paint on them until he went mad…

f58c50  No.18846


ROTF Now that funny!

760094  No.18850


This is actually Darkeno777 talking about himself. He is delusional and was blocked by Lilith. This guy is a real piece of work. Kinda sad

760094  No.18852


You don't know shit about Lilith Darkeno777, quit talking about her and her business like you pretend to know her. You are so pathetic talking about yourself. You're the dick>>18851

f58c50  No.18861

File: 7dfc081548cb735⋯.jpg (34.08 KB, 400x312, 50:39, oh-my-god-who-the-hell-car….jpg)

1e89dc  No.19407

File: 576cad33e25763e⋯.png (46.07 KB, 614x578, 307:289, Lilith Lovett Talk #5.png)

Got hold of this when it got deleted!

f72917  No.19408

Hey fellas, isn’t it pretty homosexual to fall in love with a trap?

bff148  No.19414

File: 4474d3469f66592⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2200x1166, 100:53, gay-and-straight-explained.png)


No, it's not.

1e89dc  No.19463


Least this dude got the balls to confess his feeling to Lilith Lovett.

Nigga must be a brave fella.

f72917  No.19464


He confessed it to a sex worker he knows on the internet, a trans one at best that’s like confessing to your cousin at the cook out and not even the hot one just the one that saw your pingy at the pool house.

f72917  No.19465


Wait a cotton picking minute did you reply to yourself?

1e89dc  No.19467


Nah, just forgot to add that down.

516a07  No.19468


>that’s like confessing to your cousin at the cook out and not even the hot one just the one that saw your pingy at the pool house.

That's oddly specific.

Did your ugly cousin rebuff your sexual advances?

What did you expect your cousin to do anyways? You were 30 and HE was a teenager when you weinstein him.

f72917  No.19471


Who said it was a ugly cousin? It was the cute guy one everyone knew he liked to “steal” girls clothes for his “girlfriend”.

f72917  No.19472


Niggas really be thinking oh the guy cousin isn’t the cutest especially now a days since they be trappin with them thigh highs on.

Zoo wee momma!!!!

0b59b0  No.20452

Seem the rumor of the relationship with Chris-chan and Lilith Lovett was true after all.



6233cf  No.20535

File: 447870d0b0105f5⋯.jpg (71.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DOnMOzCWkAU0yWR.jpg)

>Lost to become best models ever! LOL

>Won by only her scene with Christian XXX…..

That >>18530 and >>18531 post wasn't a joke. And yet that Darkeno7 (or Darkeno777) fucker really helped that bitch out!?

Fuck this bitch and her boyfriend! (Darkeno777)

d3c79d  No.20542

>Start crying uncontrollably while hugging him and telling I'm sorry

>Go on a long ride into the hills with one of my guns

>End all this miserable suffering

84f699  No.20549


you sure she won? It says there she's a nominee and the winners are to be announced March 11th. Was she announced as a winner? I hope not because others were more worthy. Or is she kind of like Mrs. Kelly Pierce (Kelly Shore) who always nominates herself for awards (and others don't bother) and she ends up winning because few if any others go against her.

6233cf  No.20588

File: 408e709a0d142a6⋯.png (72.45 KB, 641x516, 641:516, Nominee Proof.png)


Her scene with Christian XXX got nominates, not her. Hell she didn't retweeted it at all. ANd I hope she don't win cause that bitch don't deserve it!

>Bonus: Here the one who nominates her scene.

ce42b5  No.20589


are you an ex-fan

you seem to have a lot of hate towards her

did she wrong you in some way?

f9053b  No.20592

File: 6c6cf61c5613f5d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.33 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Dirty Daniel Sanchez.jpg)

Was Lilith doing porn before that dude Darkeno777 made the arrangements (allegedly) for her to do a scene with that bald faggot Christian?

Then, after whoring her out, Darkeno777 confessed his love to her only to get friendzoned and then blocked by the girl?

And finally, after all that, he tweets how proud he is that the scene is nominated?

That is some next level friendzone crossing over to cuck territories.

6233cf  No.20594

Let just say that was the best scene she ever did TBH. So hey he actually did "something good"

6233cf  No.20669

Oh just to clarify >>20592 No, the previous post with the confession pic showed that it've happen before the arrangements, so calling him a cuck seem out of place when Lilith is the true cuck.

Sure they're not dating, but Lilith have been known to have used alot of her friends for personal gain, with Darkeno777 as a recent victim.

Still it his fault for voting her Pure-TS scene for the TEAs Award to get nominated and "allegedly" told alot of people about the scene that they may have voted her as well to get nominated. That why I got mad at him and her more.

But personally, I'm should be mad at Lilith more that Darkeno. Blocking him prove that Lilith Lovett is a true cancer.

eed7d1  No.20764



You can always tell it's

Darkeno by his fucked up english. Anything Lilith Lovett has done has been her own doing, and to tell the truth about the scene with Christian XXX, he searches cam girl shows to look for talent to appear on his site, to make him $$. Darkeno's claims to have been responsible are just delusions.


eed7d1  No.20802



Darkeno777 is a pathetic little turd of a human being. In tweets you says Lilith is your favorite performer, then in the next tweet you says something derogatory to her. Lilith does not care about you Darkeno777, thats why she blocked you. In fact nobody cares about a pathetic little weasel like you. Give it up and move on.

1968a2  No.20817



Maybe you delusional as well. Nobody give a fuck what you say!

Fucking Lilith Lovett fan! Like what >>20669 say, bitch shouldn't be trusted in the first place!

eed7d1  No.20819


Darkeno, You poor little butt hurt shit for brains. You're upset that a girl on the internet who would never have anything real to do with your sorry ass in the first place rejected your insane advances, and has blocked you for your crazy rants. Get a life and leave her alone. You are so pathetic that while you insult her character, you actually believe you still have a chance to date her. Leave her alone and stop talking shit about her

eb98a4  No.20820

File: 02575473953677b⋯.png (52.78 KB, 930x834, 155:139, venndiagram.png)

I dont give a fuck about the girl tbh, but this is gold.

Sometimes its the orbiters that are so much fun to mess with.

eed7d1  No.20900

>>20592You hit that nail directly on the head. Sanchez is a pathetic fanboy who simultaneously praises and insults cam girls he thinks he loves. Dude couldn't get laid with a pocket full of Franklins. Probably lives with his mother

faeb47  No.20910

File: 90d628fb6cdd628⋯.gif (586.92 KB, 500x267, 500:267, tumblr_m8xcgiNKGj1rzfyu6o1….gif)

Well this thread now became fake news!

faeb47  No.20943


Huh, care to explain this?


Lilith is fucked! LOL

a3dfae  No.20952


I dont see how Christian being a shit human (something that many people have been saying for years even if they just dont like they way he fucks) has anything to do with "Lilith being fucked". I cant watch the whole video and neither other people I presume. Did Lilith defend him? If anything, ChristianXXX is fucked.


>pornstars complaing about other pornstars being shitty people/abusive/toxic etc


And a free tip:

FFS Stop giving a shit about e-whores and pornstars. Just jerk off to them and go about your daily life. Easy as ABC.

dee969  No.22990

Quick update: Lilith Lovett scenes from Pure-TS didn't win the TEAs award. It's the end of the road for this cancer!

a678f4  No.22995


Are you taking hormones son? If not, i support you, whatever. If you are, get ready for thar christian reeducation camp.

eb276b  No.23083


googling "what's it called when someone is morally bankrupt, has no ethics, and can't be trusted with private data?"

bd577f  No.23104

File: 1f1910a20ad9422⋯.jpg (235.99 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 6c6cf61c5613f5d09645cfca6b….jpg)

Darkeno is what an average tranny orbiter looks like physically and mentally.

A typical loser who befriends camwhore/pornstar-tgirls and thinks he became an Alpha only because he pays for some pixels. Also he's that guy that knows it all about trannies, sex, porn etc etc and he's gonna lecture you about them. Aka your average /trap/ poster.

But when the girls get fed up with him and stop giving him attention he becomes their mortal enemy (after begging for their attention).

e39563  No.23109

File: 3e867fb6a6b6c70⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 677x486, 677:486, 6756.JPG)


I googled it and nothing happened.

Was is suppose to be a cool trick or sumthin?

f6892c  No.23160

File: fbf5149c28ecfd2⋯.png (52.73 KB, 930x834, 155:139, 02575473953677b4f6b84a1699….png)

Daniel boy you are getting a little bit annoying, you are already proven to be pathetic and a loser.

You'll have to stop tho with this soft doxxing because I'm afraid that in the end someone is gonna legit doxx you just to shut you up.

Let's just remember the good times and laugh (pic related).

ff4c89  No.23163






Im getting the same vibe from this thread as I did during that FarrahLloyd Hate Campaign that happened a few years ago on here and anon-ib

Is that whats happening?

f6892c  No.23164


Did then a beta orbiter fell in love with a pornstar and after he got friendzoned he started lowkey doxxing her as well?

ff4c89  No.23165


She wasnt a pornstar, more of a top tier Chaturbate cam girl.

I may be wrong but I dont think it was just one person running the hate campaign. It turned into a war of 2 camps. The Farrah white knights VS scorned chasers & frienemies she had burnt.

d6ed2e  No.23203

So it someone else beside him? Hmmm…

364588  No.23298

I'd keep their secret, encourage them, compliment them… but on one condition. They get locked in a chastity device, and I keep the key. Maybe for good.

I'll even pay for it, a good one - only the best for my "son".

226d36  No.23710


There's no frienemies, and only one scorned chaser. Darkeno777 aka Daniel Sanchez. He's pathetic and sad. Probably lives with his mother and harassing girls for fun when he's not taking out the trash

79d3f1  No.24456

File: 49433d80e330542⋯.jpg (31.45 KB, 438x373, 438:373, 1523287707199.jpg)


appologise for intruding and leave

later if he/she brings it up ill hear them out and support them in their endeavours, possibly a shopping spree (I wont push my style on them cause I now they probably wont have the same taste as their femdad (even though I have excellent taste)) and remind them of how much I love them and how proud of them I am

337115  No.24497


Would you dress up alongside your son?

79d3f1  No.24503


>dress up

I dress like this every day

bfdec4  No.24510

File: 2313099409d8f65⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 2200x1478, 1100:739, 1228909323109.jpg)

79d3f1  No.24511


>cis woman with vagena es not strait

ah okie

536c8d  No.24513


>the only sexual outlet left for straight men is to masturbate

I won't even try to guess what your politics are.

f55058  No.25800

226d36  No.25829



226d36  No.25830


Please just stop Darkeno777 Twitter has already suspended you. Leave Lilith Lovett alone

c3f9ac  No.25831

File: 76386b21a483510⋯.jpeg (131.04 KB, 750x449, 750:449, 61DBB8A0-B6AB-4DB0-9A8A-8….jpeg)

File: 05a4d1152096627⋯.jpeg (129.45 KB, 750x797, 750:797, 72922C29-BEA9-48A0-B72F-5….jpeg)

File: fe8fee65e587e16⋯.jpeg (79.16 KB, 599x660, 599:660, 02C2B01A-EBF7-442B-8CAC-F….jpeg)


You are pathetic, Daniel Sanchez. Are you really this salty because an internet trap rejected your creepy advances? Instead of getting banned on twitter for sending threats to the trap you’re stalking, why don’t you move out of your mothers’ basement and maybe take a shower for once in your life? You look like a disgusting piece of shit.

e6cebb  No.25832

File: 82a20d5cc0fc0af⋯.jpg (274.11 KB, 600x796, 150:199, fe8fee65e587e165d12685def3….jpg)

This man (Daniel Sanchez aka Darkeno777 aka Dirty Sanchez) allegedly arranged his favorite trap to get fucked by Christian (ffs). Then he confessed to her that he loves her. As expected, he got friendzoned. After that, he spends his entire time "exposing" (ex-boy name, boy photos, real girl name) his once beloved trap on imageboards out of spite.

366bae  No.25833


give him a taste of his own medicine, someone aware of his whereabouts call ICE.

38681f  No.25841





Is the reason the mods deleted the screencap of Lilliths real name but allow the real name of her stalker because hes harassing a trap on /trap/?

I know it some weird pissing contest between these two, but it seems weird to have two sets of rules for the same infraction.

c3f9ac  No.25842


Because the real name of her stalker is literally his display name on Twitter, or at least it was, until he got suspended for making threats like a sperg.

38681f  No.25843


Right, I understand that. The stalker put his real name on an internet site, Lillith also put her real name on an internet site. Both have been screencaptured and posted here, but only the screencap of Liliths real name was deleted by the mods.

edcc27  No.25844


The Lilith image was deleted because I got 3 reports on it. I don't know the details of what is considered confidential, I have to go by things like reports.

79d3f1  No.25849

File: 2e666fbbc5b14e8⋯.png (505.61 KB, 640x631, 640:631, ClipboardImage.png)


you sucked dick yet son?

366bae  No.25850


let me pile on. Why do you always seem to have to wait for someone to report an image before you do something about it. You saw she was doxed, why wait for others to be offended?

Are you an absentee administrator and rarely check your board?

edcc27  No.25854


I didn't see she was doxed. I don't read everything on every image, nor even if I had would I have known that her name was supposed to be private. >>25843 says that Lilith also used her real name openly.

The reporting function is there for a reason. People can also say something in the thread as well.

226d36  No.25857


It all worked out, and the files were deleted, FYI she does not use her name openly

000000  No.25866


You must be the butthurt whiteknight faggot who was whining in that other thread about the poor doxed trap a couple weeks ago.

I don't think any dox should be removed unless:

1. They contain something that's illegal in the US (global rule)

2. There's a valid DMCA request for removal (related to #1) OR

3. The request is coming from the trap herself, who posts here (board rule #1, no bully to the traps who post here).

As far as I'm concerned, if none of the above stipulations are involved, keep the content up. This is an imageboard. Maybe you'd be more comfortable on reddit.

79d3f1  No.25870

so uh

the game huh

9604cb  No.25871


>she does not use her name openly

Why was her name on that screencap then.

I mean I could repost the photo because I saved it for the hell of it but it would just be deleted again. You can clearly tell it was a situation where she added her legal name and it was able to be seen by the public.

Did she just fuck up?

c3f9ac  No.25874


I think she just didn't know that Amazon would list her name in public on the wishlists, seeing as revisiting her wishlist you'd see that the listed name was changed, it leads me to believe that it was a fuck up and not something she intentionally announced.

There also doesn't seem like there's any other source where her real name is associated with her stage name, and going through her Twitter and Tumblr I didn't see any mention or announcements of her real name.

034955  No.25875

Grab the cross

366bae  No.25884


oh, Torgrandpa is upset again.

>The request is coming from the trap herself,

to dumb (or maybe it's dementia) to realize the trap may not even check this board (or stopped if ever did at one point). It's still not right to dox them and put them in possible jeopardy. Kind of like how you hide your ID using Tor. Hypocrite much?

Now go take your afternoon nap.

34fba4  No.29141

File: d52dc1ad5ea1bc1⋯.jpg (666.36 KB, 1418x2048, 709:1024, 20181212_025611.jpg)

5bc010  No.29203

Disown him, throw him onto the bed, and ruthlessly plow his boypussy. It's not incest if he's no longer your son.

abbdba  No.29205

Just out of interest, are there any professional traps whose parents know what they're getting up to? In particular any fathers?

13c100  No.29214

File: eab847d61665abc⋯.gif (285.95 KB, 220x123, 220:123, tenor.gif)

9fd1e7  No.29255


no one knows (including you) and no one wants to know you bitch ass trick

2a1a98  No.29297

File: 42f3aebf6535bfe⋯.jpg (71.19 KB, 530x530, 1:1, DFD.jpg)

Nice try, Dragon Fat Deposits AKA >>20592. Nobody's dumb enough to know that it was you starting the snitch.

Hate to post your pic but… hope there are other who'll hunt you like a snake you are.

b7cacd  No.30477



Wow what a dumb bitch you are, CocaNut! https://twitter.com/CocaNut

Keep playing the White Knight against Darkeno and you'll surely get your ass whoop!

79d3f1  No.30480

File: f32003f44d9cd1a⋯.jpg (728.91 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_2137.JPG)

totally on topic shit right here

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