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a72c86  No.14747

I guess she wasn't making enough shekels. Do you really think shes going to delete all her lewd accounts and ghost all her pervert fans/friends?

Tonights freakout was even better than a cry show. Best part was watching her #1 Orbiterfag try and talk her down and keep her civil…

ayma_khant: you have potential

ayma_khant: what you just said was just "mean"

I really feel bad for polgin tho. Without emmy to obsess over, that poor little guy is going end up stalking some neighborhood girl who makes the mistake of smiling at him on the street. And that only leads to lockup or the looney bin.


a72c86  No.14756


that's fucking hilarious

a72c86  No.14760

you think she would really leave her adoring tranny chasers?

shes already back and memeing

by the looks of her status message she keeps tabs on the trap chans and read the shekels post

im glad shes back, im in the same predicament as the rest of the fags in the room, i dont know what id do without her

a72c86  No.14762

One of her biggest mistakes, is that she allowed the regulars to become mega-chasers and she still thinks that they are normal friends. She invited her twitch friends to her lewd camsites (its clear that she had feelings for a few of them) and that made things more complicated. Even herself once said that it's not normal for people to see their friends asshole.

The funny thing is that the regulars are too betas to even be "proper" chasers. Most of them dont even tip anymore (unless they get free tokens), but they' ve become extremely entitled. For example, that russian canadian cunt kuz-something, becomes bitter when he doesnt get a free pass for privates anymore, and starts mocking the people who payed.

All that she caused it herself (that is a proof she's cant be "proffesional" about it and that is bad). She doesnt know what she wants (make money, make friends, find a boyfriend from regulars, all the above) and she keeps doing stupid things that hurt her emotionally.

I used to think that it'll be better for her to stop with the camsites (inevitably from being banned from all them), but with all the issues she has, she'll just make stupider decisions. I just hope she gets her shit together because that cam thing doesnt last long and she's in for 7-8 months having gone through "years" of internet shit compared to other models.

a72c86  No.14764

Who is she? Also



is she too crazy for one of you to date and LTR with? It sounds like what she needs tbh.

On a side note, while you should never date crazy, one thing that scares me less about traps than females is dealing with the law. If you have a gf who is more loony than you realize, she will often say things to her friends that could have legal repercussions, like

>he beat me

>he raped me

>he threatened to kill me

With traps, I honestly see police & the courts far more likely to dismiss that attention seeking bullshit from them.

dating in the 21st century United States is such a fucking mess

a72c86  No.14779


Why so worried about her leaving forever? She isnt leaving her flop cam career. Just look at how much effort she put into creating new accounts and searching out cam sites that hadnt banned her yet. The two cam sites she currently uses is where cam girls go to when they're on their period.

She needs some kind of human contact/interaction, and she sure as hell isn't going out to a club or social gathering. She'll be gone for the most a couple of days, but dont fret… she'll always return. That is unless she finds another online boyfriend that doesnt want her for her shenis, can be talked into playing LoL and is willing to jerk off to her doing buttstuff on cam for him privately.

a72c86  No.14809




you all put down her regulars but here you all go on and on about those regulars. You're everything you despise. You're just as much a regular as those guys. Even to the point knowing she cams on 2 different cam sites. Get a life all of you.

a72c86  No.14810

where does he cam these days?

a72c86  No.14815


Why is it that when someone makes fun of you, you mistakenly think its because of jealousy or wanting to be like you? I like pointing and laughing at the monkeys at the zoo… doesnt mean I want to be behind the glass with them flinging shit and slurping vomit.

since you seem slow, Im saying you're the monkey

I can't speak for the others in this thread but I have no hate towards Em. I find her attractive, and I really enjoy her sense of humor and conversation. I basically lurk and sit back quietly… watching the chaser-regs desperately fight for her attention. I'll occasionally pipe up and say something that makes Em laugh or smile, but that's as close to "regular" status Id ever want to achieve

Now the real question is which of Ems chaser-regs are you? Are you Mommy Polgin, trying to choke Em with his apron strings. Or are you Ayma, the beta cuck who painfully tries to flirt with Em and only succeeds in making the whole room cringe and feel sorry for him. My bet is you're Niko. You are such a Try Hard when attempting to get Em alone with you. Does "jokingly" saying you want her cock in your mouth and butthole suppose to throw us off the fact you REALLY DO want her cock inside you? Plus out of all the three you seem to have the most pent up homo-anger.

btw, not all regulars are shitty, Moose makes me laugh all the time.

a72c86  No.14818


It's exactly the same with me. I used to follow Em because she's a sweet person and very pleasant to have a conversation with (when not fucked up drunk). Nevermind the fact that she's attractive. Making her smile or laugh is enough for some of us and we dont need her to do private buttstuff in order to keep "appreciating" her.

If he's trully Niko, and is as a man as he use to brag about in the chat, he should have met Em in real life. It's obvious, plus she always says that herself, that she needs some human contact. But apparently, being a "man" in real life is harder so he'll just keep sending presents in hope for more private videos.

By the way I stopped following her, not because I became bored with Em and her issues (I still consider her one the sweetest person I've ever met) but because I became frustrated with the shitty people that orbit her (parents that dont give a fuck, beta males that they consider themselves Alpha-chasers, some shitty transbians that act like friends when in fact they only want to fuck etc). These shitty people will never really help her.

a72c86  No.14822



I find this hilarious you both can cite by heart all the regulars in her room and how they interact but you consider yourselves not regulars - you're delusional. You're regulars face it and no better than all the other beta males you harp on. Merry Christmas, faggots.

a72c86  No.14823


I love tapping the glass… gets you all riled up.

a72c86  No.14847


By the way, some people happen to be "regulars" because they want to have a conversation, make jokes etc with a model they appreciate as a real person and other normal people in the chat, and some beta chasers have to become regulars in order to get their daily dose of boipucci, shenis, clitty etc or maybe in hope that it'll be their lucky day and they'll have a free private buttstuff show.

Also, even if you watch only two streams, you would be able to describe pretty accurately every single one of the chasers. It's not like they are some obscure sci-fi characters with a complicated backstory. Most of them are just unfunny cunts.

a72c86  No.14850


so you admit you're a regular who watches both (obsessed) or 100% of her streams. Now doesn't that feel better. Keep rationalizing how you're better than all the others you hate upon.

a72c86  No.14851


*tap tap tap*

a72c86  No.14856


Actually, I said that I used to be a regular a few posts earlier. That was just a bait-post.

By the way, of course I know I am better than all the other regulars. I am true husbando material.

Pic definitely unrelated.

a72c86  No.14981

Bump for the return on chaturbate.

a72c86  No.14990


You know that she never left the internet right?

Shes just been on other cam sites, mostly because of IP bans, and chaser stalkers shes tried to avoid.

Anyone see when polgin came into the room last night? The cam show up to that point was fun and upbeat, but once he made his entrance and said hello, you could see her body wilt and voice went monotone "hiii polgiiin"

It was almost as awkward as when Sam (warmfreshpaint) wandered in and made a hasty, cringey exit minutes later.

a72c86  No.14994


Of course I know that, but the return to chaturbate has become a meme (I think it's the third time).

I also saw what she wrote in the chat about how degen and "faggoty" regulars act when they find her, but I never saw that Sam visited her room. I guess that's why she was drinking at the end and started writing rot and die before she went offline.

Although, I don't think regulars are the problem, because at the beginning of that stream she said she want to camwhore but with a minimal effort, and she even seemed that she didn't want to do the final goal. I think she still prefers to talk, show her ass occasionally, do a lewd show after her mones shot when she's horny and get tips. She mostly did that on the last lewd cam site she wasn't banned, until her need for shekels made her want to really "work".

The real question is: how many months or even days before she fucks up again. 1-2 months probably?

a72c86  No.14996


I give it a week.

Best part of tonights drunk fuck up show was her getting into a catfight with warmfreshpaint and permabanning sam, and sam losing her shit in pm to her and calling her a cunt

a72c86  No.14998


From all the trannies she decided to befriend that freak Sam. Btw I thought they stopped talking during the camgasm era, when Sam made clear that she wants to fuck her that led to the tongue-lightbulb incident etc. Did they start talking again after? Tgirl drama people, better than any soap opera.

Now she also blocks greys in the chat. I guess no more memes from her regulars (at least from the 2-3 that are still there), only work now and talking with chasers.

I have to say, good decision making Em. You are doing a fine job constantly burying yourself deeper into the shit.

a72c86  No.14999


>tongue-lightbulb incident

I must of missed that, what happened?

She's blocking greys sporadically I think. But I have noticed her primary sad ass-licker Groove has grown some balls and is silencing the fags more often. Is Groove some old dude on Social Security? He's always, and I mean ALWAYS in her room no matter the time of day or night, he must be on some kind of government subsidy. He also never really speaks in full sentences, I'm guessing he's some brown skin from a 3rd world shithole who found his lonely niche as a tranny bouncer.

Does she pay him in Hot Pockets, or gummy worm vomit?

a72c86  No.15003

I thought I was the only one who thought groove was a douchebag.

hes let that little taste of internet power go to his tiny napoleon head

if em isnt careful groove is going to ruin her room and alienate her tranny chasers

a72c86  No.15004


After the Sam incident, she was upset, started drinking (as usual), then broke a light bulb and cut her tongue with a piece of it in a public stream.

Apparently, Groove's from finland and in his 30's. He definitely is a chaser because she met her on chaturbate and was one of her first mods. Maybe he has become her sugardaddy.

Btw, does she stream like 24/7 now she's back? I think she's stuck in a cycle of streaming, drinking and sleeping. Really sad.

a72c86  No.15005

this cycle of drinking and sleeping and streaming is really all she does now.

a72c86  No.15006


I guess that, at least, the sound of tipping must be soothing when you are throwing your own life away.

It's sad because, before she became a camwhore "zombie", she used to be fun and creative and she had a nice personality when not drunk. Even some of the chasers could simply hang out and just chat. Now she seems completely soulless doing something, that she obviously doesn't like, only for the tokens and she knows that.

So let that be a lesson for all young traps and tgirls thinking about camwhoring as a way to get money. If you are not just a whore and can't get your shit together and you are a mess emotionally without any real life support (bf's, gf's, friends or other people that really care about you) just don't, it'll just make you worse.

a72c86  No.15008

I've known Em for a while now (back in the days when she used to stream on twitch) and lately the spiral has gotten even worse. the new year has what looks like brought an even worse spiral than the twitch ban did. the loss of funny memes and just drinking and raging at regs.

Even polgin has stopped hanging around its gotten soo bad and that kid used to be stuck on her like white on rice.

I know he was one of the ones who she invited to the cam sites from twitch, so him bouncing should have really been a warning sign to her that she's really destroying what little non-toxic friendships she's made over the past year.

she's fucking up bad in 2017. destroying herself and what friendships she's made last year just because she doesn't know what to do with herself.

TLDR: shits on fire in Em land and she keeps pouring the gasolina

a72c86  No.15009


She was "fine" on camgasm and youtube until December when she decided to make some cash for the holidays and start streaming regularly on c4 and then lose it because she wasn't making enough money thus the creation of this thread.

I never understand her "forced retirement from Twitch" that she keeps saying. She could always make a new account and tell about it only to her friends, so friends and chasers could be separated. But for whatever reason she chose not to.

Ffs, look at the state of her room it wasn't like that at the beginning, she just doesn't give a fuck anymore. She's becoming a ghost of herself. Last stream she said that she would like to get money just because she exists without doing anything (while downing a bottle of booze), and at the same time someone tipped her to show her ass. Chasers don't care about your feelings. Camwhoring, although it's not escorting/prostitution, is still toxic and that's why models (that aren't prostitutes from a third world country or just whores) quit it after a while or take large breaks between streams.

I really feel sorry for her because she is a nice and sweet person, but she has lost control of her life and she keeps making mistakes that alienate people that really care about her, and she's stuck with chasers and toxic-people (like sam for example).

a72c86  No.15010


She should make a new twitch account and stream there but she doesn't because she "is worried she'l get banned".

really twitch doesn't even care about if you get banned from there and its not even an IP ban.

She even said a few times she liked doing twitch streams so not sure why she's soo scared of doing them again

a72c86  No.15011


I just checked. She still has an alternetive account on twitch that she doesn't use.

To be completely honest, I don't think she hesitates to stream there because she's scared but we don't need to talk about the same shit all over again. Her life, her choice, her fault.

a72c86  No.15016


I was thinking, maybe she's not fucking up in 2017. If you can see she can hit many goals during the same stream (5000+ tokens) and that happened many times, ticket show at every stream with people actually buying tickets, tips even after the show etc. Even Visceratio struggles most of the time to get 1000 tokens. I guess she has a talent to attract the most generous chasers. And all that with a SD webcam. So she's quite successful at it. Maybe she was meant to be a camwhore after all, and she just needs to get used to it.

a72c86  No.15018

Is she doing a "Cassie Brooks Cosplay" show tonight? if you know the story, then you understand what I mean about Cassie

I guess shes catering to that freaky toilet fetish. I will admit shes making fucking bank doing it. But the smell and clean up afterwards is going to be horrendous.

a72c86  No.15019


a72c86  No.15020


It wouldn't surprise me. Chasers are more demanding and more degenerate nowadays. You gotta keep up with the trends if you want to be a successful camwhore.

a72c86  No.15035


tranny bouncer - I'm dieing here.

a72c86  No.15036


what a creep - no wonder she feels dirty after getting something like this

a72c86  No.15038


I don't think she cares anymore, she just wants the tips no matter what. The "joke" tip menu and her rants about viewers and tippers are like tantrums to make herself feel a little better now she has become a complete camwhore. The degeneracy is part of it.

a72c86  No.15039

Guys, Groove don't just ban people, he also tries to make money for Em, like every adult that is a professional cb mod. I bet if he's a good mod and help Em meet the daily tokens quota he gets a free pivate show. Naughty boy Groove…

a72c86  No.15049


professional cb mod - like it's a paying job or profession It's just some guy with no life who's always in the room. Nothing professional about it. And that goes for mods in anyroom. I personally think mods cause more drama than they're worth.

a72c86  No.15052

tfw when you have the infamous degenerate Crazy Ticket show and want to share.

If you can figure out the colored name I used when I bought the ticket and recorded the show I will email you a link to a mega.nz download that contains the Crazy Ticket show where Mr Hanky accidentally plopped out.

My throwaway temporary email is hupsaqe@exceptmail.com

a72c86  No.15053


emailed you with my guess

its been 15 minutes and haven't gotten a reply

a72c86  No.15058


I was being ironic but I forgot to write "professional". Some of the mods are just the typical cuck chasers who try to find new camwhores and earn their trust with big tips to become mods before they go full sugardaddy-mode.

a72c86  No.15063


I doubt Groove has sugadaddy status. Ive never seen him tip. Im not sure how he gained her trust to become mod. But Id bet dollars to donuts that he is home ridden 24/7 for some reason, maybe hes handicapped. And his necessities are paid by a family member or the government.

a72c86  No.15064

Grooves tipped her on other sites including CB. last stream i seen him tip her a few hundred tokens on cb.

a72c86  No.15065


He said it himself, that on camgasm he has 73000 tokens (maybe from abusing their free tokens "glitch"). Plus, offline tips.

a72c86  No.15066



I guess I don't hang in her room often enough to see him tip. But I swear, no matter the time of day I randomly pop into her room, Grooves there. So I doubt he has a job, unless he has a kick ass job that allows you to watch a chat box and silence disruptive ppl, and do that at any hour of the day no matter what. Im still leaning to him being supported by the government or his family.

Camgasm tokens are very fishy. I know that her clique of tranny chasers were trying to talk in code about being able to scam free tokens, mining tokens daily essentially. Then polgin opened his big mouth breaking the code of silence and exposing their scam and they had to shush him right away. Poor polgin, that guy thought he had a girlfriend in her.

a72c86  No.15070


I got a camgasm account only used it twice and second time I logged in it said I won 750 tokens to use on the site. That's got to be the free token scam they were talking about. And a friend of mine told me one guy made over a hundred free accounts to get those tokens. That's got to be groove if he had 73,000 tokens.

a72c86  No.15071

a72c86  No.15072


was that conv when she started streaming on cb again? because now she always has goals that she reaches most of the time (if the grandpas that chase her and tip thousands are awake) plus extra tips. during the stream with the poo incident she made a fuckload of tokens

she has become a complete degenerate that spends all of her life in a room that looks like a public restroom next to a crack house shoving dildos up her ass for old men but she's a successful cam-"performer" goddamit

a72c86  No.15074


not playing chump the stump just post it already.

a72c86  No.15075


>not playing chump the stump just post it already

I mean stump the chump

post it .

a72c86  No.15076


Can you just still release the pic with the turd just for the memes? I want it for my "scat and trans camwhores" collection. I only have one right now as you can see.

a72c86  No.15084


what is this chat log from?

i dont recognize it

is it from League of Legends or some online game?

a72c86  No.15085



and which of her usual trannychasers is >special agent mulder<

a72c86  No.15095

did anyone email that guy who recorded the poops ticket show?

if you downloaded the video or still have the link to it please share

does anyone have the uncensored picture this one?

a72c86  No.15097


>we dont need her to do private buttstuff

Congratulations, that's probably the single most betacuck thing I've read on 8chan today.

Literally the only reason I watch these whores is to see their assholes get stuffed and gaped.

a72c86  No.15099


Tipping a camwhore for a private show, buying a ticket for a ticket show or even worse buying a gift for her in exchange for a personal lewd video and more attention is the epitome of cuckery. It's the average middle aged chaser mentality on every camsite to make themselves think they are the Men.

And btw I was talking about a specific period about a specific camgirl that seemed to need more friends than chasers (who apparently didn't give a fuck). Given the chance, I would prefer to fuck her irl than tip her and jerk off to a video.

a72c86  No.15103


You can't see much from the uncensored pic anyway, because she was covering her dick and ass. It was after the ticket show on a public stream. pic related


It's a from a room in a weeaboo videochat site where some cb trans canwhores and some of the ugliest tgirls hang out. Nothing of value to see.

a72c86  No.15104


a liitle bit better picture but she uses on purpose her shitty webcam so you cant see anything

a72c86  No.15107


>It's a from a room in a weeaboo videochat site where some cb trans canwhores and some of the ugliest tgirls hang out. Nothing of value to see

So you're going to keep this site all to yourself so you feel important (cuck).

a72c86  No.15108


Who is this specific camgirl you speak of?

Let me guess Farrahlloyd.

a72c86  No.15114


I can't even remember the name of the fucking site, I have to check many months ago in browser history and I don't even know if it's still there. I only remember that it has a japanese name and it was made by one of those "famous" trump-supporters trannies from twitter. I stayed almost 3 hours (checking occassionaly) and I only saw some hons talking about shit also IT'S NOT LEWD. Why would you want to go there?

Also special_agent_mulder is Sam's (diaper tranny) nickname there.

a72c86  No.15116


>Why would you want to go there?

I would for the shits and giggles I'd get from reading what they have to say away from a cam site. Much like you did with that screen shot.

a72c86  No.15122

I can understand the other anons curiosity, it would be cool to lurk a chatroom with a bunch of CB trap models. It would be like a fly on the wall in the strippers dressing room, listening to what they really think about the customers.

Thanks for the webm, she looks really fucked up in that clip. Did you find that your self? or did you email that guy for the dirty show? Her ass doesn't really look that messy if she did poop herself.

I have no idea why all these naïve, newly transitioning transgirls end up with Sam. From all the rumors and stories from fellow traps, shes a fucking nightmare.

a72c86  No.15123


>I have no idea why all these naïve, newly transitioning transgirls end up with Sam. From all the rumors and stories from fellow traps, shes a fucking nightmare.

It's in our self-interest as guys, I suppose. The transbian phase is over that much faster. Once hormones kick in to the point where they begin to find men attractive, hardly any traps will want to look back.

a72c86  No.15129


a72c86  No.15131


the eyes in the internet psycho pic are perfect - well done.

a72c86  No.15133






The site they like to hang out in is not a big secret


You'll need to make an account and confirm your email before you can join. Be careful though, the mods are extremely malephobic, so if you're a guy you will most likely be branded a chaser and face harassment, maybe even banned and turned into a meme picture at worst.

a72c86  No.15136


That webm was from the the public stream afterwards so I found it in one of those sites with the recorded cam streams. Btw I dont think that guy has the ticket show video, I mean, he didn't even put a screenshot from it.

You said "fellow traps" are you a trap yourself?



Is the right pic from that twitch stream she got mad and said the viewers are "docile cucks because they are watching a man dressed as pikachu eating chicken" and then left the room? I wish someone had also recorded that stream.


Yep, that's it, I remember it now. I guess now they'll make it password protected. Btw, although you know that they don't want males in the room, when I was there I clearly saw a man in his late 50s and some younger dudes casually showing their faces on cam. I guess sugar daddies and fags are allowed?

a72c86  No.15138

a72c86  No.15149


You can also see that Groove have even donated 163$ for her twitch stream, and she calls people that donated to her cucks. Nice.

a72c86  No.15150











Wow, you werent from whiteknighting slugboi—–

to laughing along with everyone else about her being psycho and posting screenshots of her weeb chatroom convos

Way to go Benidict

a72c86  No.15151


nice find dude. i thought she suddenly got mad but she was actually reading a comment in chat. still funny though…

a72c86  No.15152


are you sure she was reading something that her viewers had typed in the chat?

If you notice, shes looking off to the left (her right) probably looking at the screen & chat and she quietly reads "…pretending to be a girl"

It seems to anger her, she puts her chicken away, and while shes looking straight down she begins her rant "American culture…" louder than she had said pretending to be a girl, and then looks up and straight ahead, not off to the left like she did when she read the "…pretending to be a girl" comment in chat. She continues to look straight ahead, Im assuming at what she perceives to the the camera and continues the rant, her eyes dont scan like they would if you were reading left to right on a chat screen, she spits and walks off from view of camera.

Am I wrong?

a72c86  No.15155


CSI: Faggot

nice detective work

get a life faggot

a72c86  No.15156


>so if you're a guy you will most likely be branded a chaser and face harassment

thks for heads up then I'll be TS Lulu

a72c86  No.15157


> I guess sugar daddies and fags are allowed

which one are you?

a72c86  No.15158


you rhink too much

a72c86  No.15159


By the way I'm not whiteknighting for anyone. I don't think you understand the meaning of whiteknighting. I just like fucking with you guys. I see you all say I'm not a regular in a room, I'm not a beta male, I'm not a chaser - yet you're all those things since you know so much. Too bad you all can't obsess over something more constructive. We have met the enemy and he is us.

a72c86  No.15161


So it is confirmed that you are one the few regular top chasers (niko, ayma) that still hang out in her room and are proud of her for becoming a 24/7 camwhore and doing nothing more with her life.

Pic related: the face of someone who's not dead inside because she has to show her asshole at 8:00.

a72c86  No.15163


in my half drunk mind i thought i was being edgy/sexy :<

a72c86  No.15164


Wait a min… What do you mean? Who are you?

a72c86  No.15165


Such Edgy much drunkeness.

a72c86  No.15167



>Wait a min… What do you mean? Who are you?

Its a chaser trying to be vague and pretending to be Em.

If it was really her she knows how to prove it.

Try again faker :)

a72c86  No.15168


Scroll up, there was already a discussion about Niko being one of the few to come to this board and try and defend her (and then do a "p.s- btw Im not white knighting bros") He has big anger issues and just cant control himself.

The other fag orbiters are to pussy to talk shit because they think they'll some how get doxxed by someone on this board.

If you see a post by


>37f4d8 (15)

keep in mind its Niko

a72c86  No.15172


lol. alot of the other fag orbiters are too busy jerking off or they don't tell others they are orbiters.

a72c86  No.15173

personally, I stopped lurking as hard when it became almost all lewd shows. well that and I hate CB. wonder who the new punching bag is now that i'm not there to constantly take the blame for everything.

Real "fans" know who I am

a72c86  No.15174


I know who you are. ;)

I remember her saying that she wanted to do something with her life (back to college etc), but that was during the innocent and carefree camgasm days, now she's back on cb and makes "big" bucks she doesn't give a fuck, camwhoring all day it is. And still, some of her "friends" (that 2-3 that didn't left) are applauding that because more boipussy baybee.

a72c86  No.15178


do you even read what you say? you're the top chaser. who else would have all these screencaps to post.

a72c86  No.15179


too funny trying child psychology to get her to post something

a72c86  No.15181


Oh no, you got it all wrong Niko. I'm not a chaser because I tip big and get her presents, I am one of her true friends. Try to find which one I am at the next stream. But I guess you are somewhat right, because I also like to make memes and make fun of her stupid life decisions.

a72c86  No.15183


who's Niko - get your post IDs correct

a72c86  No.15184


> I am one of her true friends

>because I also like to make memes and make fun of her stupid life decisions.

such a true friend. with friends like you who needs enemies

a72c86  No.15193


awwww polgin! you slow witted dullard, I luv ya bro

I thought it was weird you were speaking in the 3rd person earlier this week, or were you trying to be covert and talk your self up without revealing it was you?


>Even polgin has stopped hanging around its gotten soo bad and that kid used to be stuck on her like white on rice.

Did she finally receive your Xmas present in the mail? The last few weeks you would pop in ask but never really get an answer. Did she get you a present too?

Please no one else other than polgin hover over the spoiler sentence or click the spoiler photo, thank you – is it true that you posted in some of the tranny local hook-up threads with the pic related?

a72c86  No.15199


in the glorious world of cam "modeling" everyone can be friends with anyone as long as dollars are exchanged

thank you all for visiting one of the bigest whore pandering organizations of our time

a72c86  No.15200


I was trying to be edgy while intoxicated and see how long it would take to see who would message me about not showing up anymore.

no idea who posted that picture although the amount of photoshop is unreal. can't believe they photoshopped my third ear out of the picture. :/

a72c86  No.15214

that beaner tranny did it again. her masterplan of doing ticket shows is working: now only people that paid get to see her pass out on the floor in private. typical spic scam artist. spoiled brat only job ever did is shoving dildos up her ass and she fucks it up

a72c86  No.15219


it figures all the "protesters" in your graphic are gray. STFU you didn't pay for a ticket anyway - you have no say. Get some skin (tips) in the game then you can bitch. The ones that were there were told they would get a feature show to make up for her falling asleep 5 mins into the show (the names were written down by the mod)… it happens. She was mortified when she woke up and found out what happened. She was very apologetic so stop with the scam hyperbole. Drama Queen much.

a72c86  No.15220


*future show

a72c86  No.15221


thanks for sticking up for me

i'll make sure that groove adds you to the list and you'll get a free show

I know that's what you were pushing for


a72c86  No.15222


uhhh?? lol ??????

a72c86  No.15223


white knight for me too and ill have groove add you to the special list



a72c86  No.15226


Let me guess… One of the new chasers? Please tell me that you are kaleleafboy.

a72c86  No.15227


lol probably is that kale guy.

a72c86  No.15229

I guess, when you decide to dedicate your whole life to the prestigious profession of cam-whoring, the best thing is to find a bunch of imaginative degenerates to "chase" you along your journey.

So, take a peek ladies and gentlemen at this video clip demonstrating how a cam "model" makes her money while dying inside.

a72c86  No.15230

I mean just look at it. It's just like poetry in jerking motion.

a72c86  No.15232


holy hell that guy is a talker.

a72c86  No.15238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What the fuck!?

I was going to give you shit for taking the time to make that whole clip… but the shit is HILARIOUS!

Good work, 5 troll points to ya

a72c86  No.15275



a72c86  No.15276


Wow. This is awesome.

Honestly, a trap with her looks could easily get a regular job, whether it is waiting tables or working in retail or a movie theater or an ice cream shop or a hundred other options.

a72c86  No.15277


>working in a movie theater or an ice cream shop

aim high

a72c86  No.15278


so what working at Red Lobster??? :3

pretty sure coding was what was the higher learning goal before the end of 2016 but now its tokie wrangling.

a72c86  No.15285


I bet there are thousands of multi million corporations that are seearching for a neet, alcoholic, spoiled brat, camwhore with no qualifications as their new CEO. The only thing she can do is minimal wage jobs, but she'll never do that because her pocket money is bigger, plus she makes a lot more whoring herself out in front of a camera. Now she invests money in buying bigger toys to satisfy her demanding clients until her asshole is a gaped mess, not in learning skills.

a72c86  No.15286


its 5 cents a token on the broadcaster's end. and a bombed out anus aint something you can fix with you can fix with what she makes. plus the emotional toll for the attention doesn't seem worth it to me.

a72c86  No.15292


Presumably she has no professional skills. She can get a normal job like anyone else.

Working in some type of service industry job where you meet a lot of guys would be better for 90% of all young women anyway, rather than chasing a career that for most of them will be a lot less satisfying than motherhood.

I know it's a little different for a trap, but there is still a lot to be said for having a job around a lot of people to meet a good guy. However, if she is a transbian with no career path, then she is fucked.

a72c86  No.15296


did I time warp back to the 1950s

a72c86  No.15298

Because she's a bottom with a limp dick, she can't do anything else sexy on her stream as a big goal unless it's ass fucking and she does that every stream, in the end she'll try to prolapse her ass to spice her "show" up.

By the way, everyday she looks more and more like the sluts playing in Max Hardcore movies after shooting a video (pic related). If she's not dead by then, she'll end up playing in tranny degradation porn videos. If people like treating her like shit in the chat, she should await when a bunch of old men will throat fuck her, make her vomit on their dicks, piss on her and fist fuck her worn out asshole.

a72c86  No.15299


That's fucking hot!

I can just imagine Max throat fucking her till she pukes up Papa John Pizza, and then fisting her asshole till its dribbling out gummy worms.

If you squint really hard this porno chick sort of looks like Slugboi. I've personally seen Em have similar mental breakdowns on cam after drinking half a bottle of vodka. But to perfect a Slugboi impression this porno gal needs to randomly spit in the air, berate the guys behind the camera, and then pass out from mild alcohol poisoning with her ass in the air.

a72c86  No.15300

a72c86  No.15301


well greys gotta find something to do when they can't see the ticket shows.

a72c86  No.15302


Just a jump to the left….

a72c86  No.15304

>>15300 But Im not really pissed tho

It only takes a minute to make a new SN on CB if you know what you're doing

Outright trolling the room has gotten boring and unfulfilling

Ive moved on to befriending her and gaining her confidence

Its amazing how tipping a few hundred ill-gotten hacked tokens can make a girl lower her defenses and talk to you in PM

dont tell Chaturbate, they may ban me

a72c86  No.15306


naw she's lulling you into spending the rest of your tokies then she'l ban ya :3

a72c86  No.15309

>>15306 She hasnt banned me yet, not even a silence or scolding from groove this whole time

Playing the superfan and tipping hacked tokens seems like the perfect facade

>the rest of your tokies

There never will be any "rest of your tokens" glitchy tokens never run out, you just mine more each day

If you want I can link you to the site where you can pick up a free "pick and axe" program, then you wont have to worry about packages that get lost in the mail. >:(

a72c86  No.15310


sounds suspect AF.

a72c86  No.15311


sides if i wanted lewd shows i'd actually go and pay legit money for them. instead of relying on glitchy tokies that most likely won't even pay out for her.

then again i'm a weirdo who is just there to say hi and to meme a little bit.

a72c86  No.15313

and the mods FINALLY delete the images wew.

a72c86  No.15314

Polgin it turns out you are the biggest cuck. Did she, by the way offered you, free ticket shows so you can white knight for her in here. Fucking stupid nigger, when she becomes a full blown whore she may let you lick the cum of her fuckers.

a72c86  No.15315

File: cc10dd2f77c2b47⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 377x332, 377:332, sneaky-smile.jpg)


>and the mods FINALLY delete the images wew.

I hope that one creepy guy didn't save all of them to his sluggy stuff flash drive,lol

a72c86  No.15316


I don't remember her offering anything a free ticket anything. I'm white knighting? I'm just a helpful idiot who spends too much time at the PC.


>I hope that one creepy guy didn't save all of them to his sluggy stuff flash drive,lol

lol he's probably the one who keeps re-uploading them to trap boards.

a72c86  No.15317

helpful idiot or a fucking looser trying to gain back the trust from a whore that doesn't give a shit iff he exists? Man, it turns out ayma and niko were right about you, you are just a bbeta-male trannie orbiter with no money.

a72c86  No.15318

To update everyone, there was a DMCA complaint, so global mods had to delete images and OP was given a short ban.

I made board logs public so there is transparency: https://8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=trap

Apologies for any misunderstanding, this stuff just happens.

a72c86  No.15319

File: b939f8537f3e5f3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 12.33 KB, 572x112, 143:28, Angry Bear.png)


>Man, it turns out ayma and niko were right about you.

I doubt niko or ayma would spend the time to talk about me.

put them claws back in them paws Mr Bear. picture related to your attitude :3

a72c86  No.15320

I sent an email about it about a week and a half ago and it took that long to get them down. then again my email proably got ignored since it was from a throwaway account

a72c86  No.15322


DMCA for the clip with sound of silence in it? I am asking so we can work around it. We have a model to promote, after all.

Men, they try everything

a72c86  No.15324

File: 9361fd2fe48d00c⋯.jpg (48.89 KB, 473x355, 473:355, 1468636337684.jpg)

a72c86  No.15328

Turns out, Slug wasn't really sorry for being a jewish bitch, having her cucks filing DMCA complaints… smh

Bitch could be making more shekels if people knew good of a whore she is now.

a72c86  No.15329




a72c86  No.15330


See this >>15318

Apparently, someone got bitter now she's a whore and start filing DMCA complaints (or her army of cucks, idk).

Slug has to protect her only intellectual property: videos and pics of her shoving toys in her ass.

a72c86  No.15332


Pretty much everything was deleted, so it was probably a blanket request.

We had an incident something like this over a year ago, and over time it did feel like the guys were bullying the camgirl. I didn't get that vibe here at all with posts like this >>15009

>I really feel sorry for her because she is a nice and sweet person, but she has lost control of her life and she keeps making mistakes that alienate people that really care about her, and she's stuck with chasers and toxic-people (like sam for example).

This shit just happens.

a72c86  No.15339

File: 82f8ccd4a670e95⋯.png (16.65 KB, 535x130, 107:26, Banned #5.png)

Ban #5

a72c86  No.15342


>Slug has to protect her only intellectual property: videos and pics of her shoving toys in her ass.

No. Something is not right here.

Someone else had their pictures leaked on here and she filed a DMCA. She was told to fuck off.

How come this stupid slut gets special attention and treatment?


a72c86  No.15344


it means you play favorites

a72c86  No.15345

File: ec683cf0f1fffa0⋯.png (115.7 KB, 266x255, 266:255, 22450967.png)

File: 1ffff4fd86313f8⋯.png (76.02 KB, 266x255, 266:255, 33756433.png)

You Play The Game — You Pay The Consequences

a72c86  No.15347

File: 5ede2c2cede4b9d⋯.jpg (12.58 KB, 382x97, 382:97, fail.jpg)




Actually, its more than that. During her first days on camgasm, when she was completely shitfaced, she tried to make another account on chaturbate "1waifu1laifu" but it lasted 15-20 mins before she got banned. Pic related.

Also, about 2-3 months before her chaturbate comeback, someone asked her what happened to her new cb account and why she was banned so quick, but I can't find it. Another attempt.

Maybe she tried even more times than that, so this is at least Ban #7.

a72c86  No.15349

File: da1a8e83429be7e⋯.gif (4.67 MB, 430x257, 430:257, life.gif)

I saw she did the same in the other thread (dmca complaints). At the same time, photos and videos of famous trans pornstars are still up and no one gives a shit. Aren't you a special little princess slug?

I quess she can do that, because 8ch is a small site etc, but remember that she couldn't even remove the videos of her cooking shitfaced from youtube. Even celebrities can't remove their shit from the internet. As God Jeff Goldblum himself said…

a72c86  No.15350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Hmmm? I wonder?

a72c86  No.15351

mostly just wanted people to stop perpetuating the rumor that i pooped myself on stream. having threads dedicated to me on some hobbyist chaser board is unsettling :/ you guys are ruthless

a72c86  No.15352


that poop incident happened for about 3-4 posts but no one gave a shit (pun intended) after a while.

so threads on a hobbyist chaser board are unsettling, but your whole life depending on chasers tips and gifts is not alarming at all.

none of us stayed in their 20s living with his parents forever. get your shit together and get your priorities straight, for your own good.

a72c86  No.15353

lol wut?

a72c86  No.15355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

at the 4:40 mark the fun starts

a72c86  No.15357


To whoever complained about this post, it is a Youtube embed. If you have a problem with the content, take it up with Youtube.

a72c86  No.15358


found the guy who got you banned on cb

it's for your own good

a72c86  No.15359


i'll answer to you with one of your posts>>15155

CSI: Faggot

nice detective work

get a life faggot

a72c86  No.15360


I dont like someone getting credit for something I orchestrated

Yes, I was the dastardly devil who caused #7. All it took was a carefully worded email to punkerbarbie (aka Shirley) and poof… the salt was poured.

a72c86  No.15368

File: ed1148b05ca0ea2⋯.jpg (109.65 KB, 640x518, 320:259, Troll Face.jpg)


aww he's still mad

a72c86  No.15392

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a72c86  No.15393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a72c86  No.15396






















I bet that this unfunny faggot, is the same retard shitposting on the other slug thread calling mods snowflakes and thinks his a grandmaster troll like a 14yo.

a72c86  No.15398


oh Christ you're CSI:Faggoting again

a72c86  No.15418

File: 8d7d511e35ae8d8⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 714444_1.jpg)

'Member when… aah, fuck it. GG slug.

a72c86  No.15458

File: fd68720d5c0b81e⋯.jpg (34.69 KB, 423x377, 423:377, 526389768.JPG)


"member when Em used to have charming & funny conversation with her fans?"

"ohhh I member."

"ah-ah-and, member when she would do cool little cooking shows?"

"ohhhh I member."

a72c86  No.15460


She not only made me horny, she also made me hungry.

a72c86  No.15461

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a72c86  No.15462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a72c86  No.15468


and is there a reason why these pics weren't removed. I figure 4 mins tops to do it. Is the mod that out of shape 4 mins of work exhausts him.

a72c86  No.15470


Those are Youtube embeds.

a72c86  No.15472

File: 7c41bc03fb933e2⋯.jpg (40.27 KB, 600x400, 3:2, q8vlz.jpg)


>attempts to troll /trap/ mods

>cant tell the difference between embedded videos and JPEG images

What a fuckin' retard LOL!

I bet the first time you saw a GIF image you said… "wheres the volume thingy? I cant hear anything."


a72c86  No.15478

where are all the lewd pics? this bitch is smoking hot

a72c86  No.15480

a72c86  No.15482


that explains it, i found them all anyway.

a72c86  No.15483

sorry for the off topic

please RT everyone.


a72c86  No.15484


That's messed up. If you have any other info and want to make a new thread with images, I'll sticky it.

a72c86  No.15485



hope he releases her unharmed

and the police are on I-15 looking for her if he left the city heading South towards Southern California

a72c86  No.15488

Her friends are saying they got a call from LVPD that she was found in Northern New Mexico alive.

a72c86  No.15492


yes police pulled car over w/out incident in Espanola, New Mexico North of Santa Fe

Jack Morgan and another man were arrested.

So there were two of them.

She had non-life threatening injuries and was treated.

a72c86  No.15493

File: 8d7d511e35ae8d8⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 8d7d511e35ae8d879f1bbedb47….jpg)


Member when the anonib troll only trolled anonib

a72c86  No.15498


Member when I went A2M with your mom and she tucked you into bed and kissed you goodnight with shit on her lips from sucking it off of my dick…

a72c86  No.15499

File: feba7c55d8c1673⋯.jpg (101.67 KB, 433x344, 433:344, aY0dC1485894445.jpg)


'member when you didn't know that embedded videos aren't the same as JPG images?


>and is there a reason why these pics weren't removed. I figure 4 mins tops to do it. Is the mod that out of shape 4 mins of work exhausts him.

Its hard to take you serious now that you embarrassed yourself while trying to troll the mods.

You might want to leave this thread and try and shitpost some other one where your ID is different.

Im sure it wont take long to figure out who you are in the next thread, you're the the epitome of predictability

a72c86  No.15500

File: 1f372f315d52698⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 386x297, 386:297, 1485920562091.jpg)

a72c86  No.15501

File: ff497ca9de8d5f6⋯.png (10.54 KB, 371x243, 371:243, 37564589.PNG)

File: 6e59fe96911f225⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 645x385, 129:77, RkwDj1485902201.jpg)


I forgot about your second IP. But of course you couldn't help but give yourself away.

ID:37f4d8 1st IPS

ID:1b79d6 2nd IPS

No matter how much you try to spin this, we will never forget you tried to troll the mods but you didn't understand the difference between a static image and a moving image, and it made you look like a retard.

Maybe you can figure out how to delete that post. But I doubt you'd know how to navigate the post options if you don't know video from photo.

You're lucky the /trap/ mods aren't as aggressive as the mods over at anon-ib. The anon-ib mods have already given you two 30 day bans.

a72c86  No.15502

File: 15c488a1b54359b⋯.jpg (104.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 42783683.jpg)


Blah, blah, blah, fucking blah..

a72c86  No.15503


IPS? = Irritable Penis Syndrome?

I.P.S.(Irritable Penis Syndrome). An affliction that causes an immediate raging boner when looking at any attractive woman or decent looking guy in a dress.

a72c86  No.15506


congratulations just like anonib you've turned this into a shitty board.

Mission Accomplished

(You'll answer me because you can't help yourself.)

a72c86  No.15507

File: 6be7a89e9d76562⋯.jpg (101.55 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 1127865746.jpg)


Deflect & spin all you want…

We never forget.

Made you look, LOL. Dance for me little monkey

a72c86  No.15508


Pavlov's Idiot I knew he'd answer.

a72c86  No.15509

This shitposter is lucky mods aren't aggressive. I would just confirm publicly that he's not only trying to troll but also, he's the same one bumping older threads, and then IP ban him.

Nigga is so desperate, he'll even make new threads and start posting pics of his asshole asking if someone would fuck him.


Go fuck yourself stupid nigger.

a72c86  No.15510

File: e11e076d5679261⋯.jpg (124.85 KB, 912x513, 16:9, 78674867.jpg)


Isn't this the part where you say the whole board is shitty again, then cry that no one here sticks up for you, so you're going to leave forever (but you don't)

Made you look again… DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

a72c86  No.15514



overly emotional woman no doubt

a72c86  No.15517

File: d440857bb2cb961⋯.jpg (99.84 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 75632977.jpg)


—- Never Forget —-

a72c86  No.15550

File: 7991d3dc06ba112⋯.jpg (181.7 KB, 500x598, 250:299, 66216572.jpg)

a72c86  No.15551

a72c86  No.15575

File: a009ba7a84dc4d4⋯.gif (964.73 KB, 245x180, 49:36, lol_star_trek_tng (1).gif)




MFW you just called Em an "its"

a72c86  No.15607

File: 9daabd0a169e6db⋯.jpg (197.35 KB, 1800x800, 9:4, zab63775_1800x800.jpg)

a72c86  No.15608

File: 8c728f75805bf0d⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 600x307, 600:307, 76065070898.jpg)


I downloaded the file, but when I opened it something weird happened to my computer.

Is it suppose to do this?

a72c86  No.15623


video works fine

a72c86  No.15629

Fake video of some random showering.

a72c86  No.15630


Those clavicles don't lie.

a72c86  No.15631


Different person. 1. This person actually has tits. If the video is dated right she only grew them this winter when she actually ate more than half an apple a day. 2. Arms are very muscular compared to her actual arms. 3. ????? 4. No scars on her arms.

Nice try anon

a72c86  No.15632

Also where is her hair? Her hair wouldnt be up in a shower and it hasnt been short enough to be completely hidden in a shot like this

a72c86  No.15640




Wow, you moron, trying to discredit me, huh? I bet you posted 3 times just to give an allusion of a consensus.

1. That video is like a year old, and if you look at the archive you'll see that he's had tits for at least a year and his hair was barely shoulder length, see-> http://trannycamvideos.com/page/3/?s=slugboi

2. You know it's a trap just by the circumference of his ribcage, and you know it's slug because of the shape of the areolas and skintone

a72c86  No.15647


Yea sholder length hair and thats when its up. And by the shape of her nipples and skin color? Thats not identifing marks at all. Still aint convinced.

a72c86  No.15670


Still not convinced?

Try to compare the shower video, with the videos she sends to you and every other enabler when you buy her gifts.

This must be the video she uploaded herself on twitter or instagram before she decided to delete all her whoring stuff.

a72c86  No.15773

File: b24defcc712336d⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 428x410, 214:205, 99342354768.jpg)


can some one just make the good parts of the shower scene into a webm and upload it here?

I mean since its not Slug *WINK* it shouldn't be deleted.

a72c86  No.15793

File: 4ce73a9f3068aaa⋯.png (38.97 KB, 522x790, 261:395, Untitled.png)

lawl, i'm canceling my fucking mega account now! are you happy 9b70e1??? i think i'll just put everything on the piratebay from now on…

have fun with the slugman's email address in the meanwhile =DD

a72c86  No.15802

File: 19f21b372956bc7⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 208x242, 104:121, images.jpg)

a72c86  No.15829


Im not the one who posted a video in such a place as it would be easy to be found and DMCA claimed. Didnt report it either and thats most likely a throwaway account ment to troll you for being a fucking idiot.

a72c86  No.15837


it was sent by Mega in regards to a DMCA/copyright infringement request. It's not a throw away mega account.

a72c86  No.15842


holy fuck you are retarded

a72c86  No.15843

File: ee3892b23badb84⋯.png (1.19 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, Untitledhjhj kokokok.png)

Wtf is happening to chan culture, moot testified to congress, sites fully cooperate with law enforcement, fucking normies abiding by all the rules

All pics deleted in this trap thread, slug prob claimed them herself.

This bitch website is as normie as reddit or facebook.

a72c86  No.15845


" durkest reechest of dur interneet "

a72c86  No.15855

File: d898f0c38d5318b⋯.png (296.91 KB, 437x412, 437:412, gkgyghkhgl.png)


Wait, so we're allowed to post her photos as long as we slap Penis Cat over her face and fuck with the color hue?


a72c86  No.15864

File: feac39706a5c81c⋯.png (353.31 KB, 566x445, 566:445, 4556677.png)













This whole discussion on whether this video was real or not can be put to rest now.

Did the bathroom and shower look like this?

a72c86  No.15866


Well, if people keep doing it, I'm sure someone will complain, then I will have to delete them all.

Better to stick with Youtube.

a72c86  No.15868


Heard & Understood

a72c86  No.15871


nice try her cam said DON'T RECORD ME PLZ

I'm on to you

And if you compare >>15607 to your post they don't match Einstein hurr durr

a72c86  No.15872


inb4 faggot says >>15607 was just a stock shower photo

a72c86  No.15873

File: 5eb8a954192210a⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 685x474, 685:474, 1486740633769.jpg)

a72c86  No.15874


so were you the miscreant who kept reporting her drinking on cam

turns out that was the reason she kept being disconnected

grow the fuck up

a72c86  No.15882


A person who reported someone that broke the rules=miscreant. LOL

Fucking degerate, so you get off by watching people drinking untill they passed out?

Also, 1b79d6 you are still a shitty troll.

a72c86  No.15883

File: b8d2ca1e1e29f46⋯.jpg (90.08 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 192825427455347.jpg)


1b79d6 (who is obviously also 37f4d8) isn't a shitty troll, he's just not very smart, he actually may have a mild form of retardation.

I thought he would of laid low after he was laughed at for not knowing the difference between embedded videos and JPG images. You'd think he would just troll other threads where his ID is different. Whenever I see one of his IDs in this thread I cant help but read his posts in a Down Syndrome boys voice.

— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.15884

File: 87da213a757636c⋯.png (251.34 KB, 478x260, 239:130, 1486520509726.png)


leave me out of this

a72c86  No.15885


found the butthurt snitch

a72c86  No.15887

File: e236ccc88ca01fb⋯.png (870.72 KB, 674x440, 337:220, 486777432.png)

a72c86  No.15889

File: aaf44df6ff1f637⋯.jpg (54.19 KB, 550x690, 55:69, 3248494-i-dont-always-bump….jpg)


a72c86  No.15891


nice one, Corky.

a72c86  No.15893

File: a6ee7b207967bd9⋯.jpg (108.7 KB, 438x423, 146:141, p3pvz1486791573.jpg)

a72c86  No.15894

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dear 37f4d8, the pretty picture is an embedded video from Youtube, if you click it the pretty picture will start moving and you can see your talent show entry from high-school. Enjoy.

a72c86  No.15895


the eye contact is killing me

a72c86  No.15897

File: f1f30fd8e6497fb⋯.png (502.58 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 5342352121.png)


— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.15903

File: d5d07129d2476a4⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 212x260, 53:65, bandicam 2017-02-11 05-22-….jpg)

a72c86  No.15904

File: bd8400b52a460ff⋯.jpg (56.06 KB, 433x344, 433:344, 32856475.jpg)


— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.15905


what do you do just wait for me to reply. Get a life.

Life Goes On, Corky.

a72c86  No.15906

File: b989dcc31ac6abd⋯.jpg (99.19 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 906565126.jpg)


— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.15923
















Arguing like a bunch of little hormonal bitches. So besides the chasers and orbiters, we got junior trannies here too? This just keeps on getting better.

a72c86  No.15924


that you swami ?

surprised you didn't say we were low iq

a72c86  No.15974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Did she actually told people on camgasm and youtube that her mother is dying of cancer and let them believe that untill the last part of this video.

It was meant as a joke from the beginning or she realized, in a moment of clarity, she couldn't pull off a scam like that and then acted like it was a joke?

a72c86  No.15975


I thought it was real while watching it live. I didn't watch all the way through until just now I watched the video where shes giggling and has the words "I refuse to accept death" bouncing around the screen.

Maybe her mom is really sick, I think I remember her saying that her mom had breast cancer in the past and had beat it. And her laughing at the end could just be nervous laughter.

If this is some kind of edgy humor that she and her friends orbiting chasers think is funny then they are all shitty human beings. And if that donation page is part of the joke then Im reporting the fuck out of it and so should everyone else. Including reporting her Youtube Channel for attempting financial gain by faking an illness of a family member.

If this is real, Im sorry Em and I apologize for everything I said above. Its so hard to know whats real and whats not, when it comes to online now.

a72c86  No.15976


She always had that donation link, it's for her youtube stream.

a72c86  No.15978


jumps to conclusions

you are one little drama queen

(or should I say orbiting chaser instead since you seem to know everything this young trans woman does)

a72c86  No.15979

File: 4c1dce0aa60b46d⋯.jpg (99.16 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 45200987.jpg)


— Never Forget —-

a72c86  No.16038

File: 613719981270e24⋯.png (23.15 KB, 379x263, 379:263, trannygate 69 11.png)

wtf she s a conspiracy theory nut now. she is streaming for 2 days in a row watching every garbage video and accuse Sia of being a pedo enabler (she deleted that video btw).

and she dare s to say that internet twitter or whatever the fuck comes to her stupid mind is promoting degeneracy and pornography? bitch, you are a trans camwhore you shoved dildos in your ass for nickels, all your friends on twitter are camwhores that post their gaped assholes to promote their internet "shows".

a72c86  No.16042

File: 849eab39cddd1eb⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 446x301, 446:301, IMG_0843.jpg)

Dear god I never thought I would subject myself to posting on this god forsaken site or even this forum but FOR FUCK SAKES I'm tired of this red pill blue pill bullshit it's a few thing the media made cause weak minded people will believe anything with some "truth" in it I worry so much for this dumbass but she's listen to niggas like fappy? The fuck has gotten into her? This addy shit she's taking which is what she doesn't need cause she faked the test to get it and that fuck ass birch boy niko too always enabling her to do stupid shit so he can have his "dream girl" and get his jimmies off fuck that bitch boy god I fucking hate him he said I enable her the fuck? I don't enable her to do shit like this or enable her to drink or enable her to go fake a test which is illegal to get adderall. This girl is losing her mind with this bullshit this shit no one should be listening too and this drug induced insomnia that shit offends me with my insomnia FUCKING ASSHOLE. She's such a weak minded girl and I hoped she wouldn't be but she is a WEAK MINDED GIRL she easily controlled by those god damn idiots cause they're always around her ORBITING fucking dumbasses she doesn't love you all you all are the cancer in her chat your all the toxic ass motherfucker in her chat y'all are some fuck boy ass loser in school who could never get shit in your life cause all you do is manipulate some tranny for FUCKSAKES. em if you listen to this I say this with love so your dumbass doesn't have another mental breakdown you wanna know the truth about his world then you come talk to me not some hate fueling hat mongering fuck ass hypebeast niggas like them. Such a dumb weak minded lonely girl don't you have any control yet? And I ain't gonna give up on this chick but she sure damn gave up on me and herself and this world. If this is some attention seeking bullshit that you always seek Em I swear to god you let down everything in this world but oh no you didn't let down your dick chumming, meme chucking, "oi mi amor let's get frisky" gay ass fuck ass viewers nah they'll never be disappointed when you let them win and control you but you feather have them then some actual "friends" looking out for you but nah "I need the viewers" fuck the viewers and fuck the free world too, and don't say but what are you trying to do control me? No dumbass I'm trying to enlighten you so you control yourself you mite be a sub bottom but doesn't mean you have to let every nigga who gives you money and fake lies control you dickhead.

a72c86  No.16044

File: bdb00a55a4599a0⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 598x403, 46:31, IMG_0494.jpg)

I'm sorry Em for saying all that but you leave me no choice with all this shit you're doing. Do something else with your life or do something better then wasting away. I do this with love cause I have to say hateful shit cause it eats me up inside. If you hate me after this cause you believe every other nigga then so be it that's another non toxic person out the house and about 50 more toxic people coming in. Wolf gang don't read what's in the back of the box open it Baka.

a72c86  No.16045

File: 8587f8fa7199197⋯.jpg (50.97 KB, 611x605, 611:605, IMG_0271.jpg)

One more thing I forgot to add but this whole conspiracy Em thing reminds me of Welcome to the NHK you know that anime about a neet who is paranoid and believes conspiracies It reminds me of that which makes me believe is it fake or real? But it just reminds me of that so I wanted to share it.

a72c86  No.16049


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kymSZpfykBM its all tied together. i cracked the code :)

a72c86  No.16050

>>16049 Em, I know thats you.

I ask for one thing… stop the Adderall.

Please stop the Adderall.

a72c86  No.16052

File: 7217cb4f2520781⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 431x601, 431:601, 1359569724663.jpg)

a72c86  No.16053

File: c056c0bcfc955d5⋯.png (128.05 KB, 656x655, 656:655, trannies did 9 11.png)


Because I also know it's you and you read this shit, let me write this:

You write all this shit while on a camwhoring site owned by the biggest camwhore/whore enabling site on the planet. You left youtube streaming, because after the 3 day stream of bullshit conspiracy theories, you didn't get any cuckbucks (or "donations") after a while, plus at this moment you already have what, 5-6 sugar daddies?

After 4-5 months you'll be able to make another chaturbate account (do you count them anymore?), and you know what? you'll do it (if you haven't fucked beyond repair yourself with adderral, drinking, other shit you do). Then again, you'll shove dildos in your ass for tips while citing the latest truth of how the Elite using subliminal messages to promote degeneracy etc to satisfy your red pill chasers (if you haven't get bored by all that conspiracy shit till then, like you always do).

Even if you keep believing all that, it wont stop you from being a camwhore because you are a spoiled brat that is used to easy money. You'll just become like some of your MAGA tranny camwhore friends. Writing some conservative bs on twitter at night and then the other day make a porn video of them getting railed by niggers for their ultra conservative fans to buy and jerk off to. At least the liberal cucks openly advocate whoring, because you know in the end, most of people (from left to right) think that someone involved in every "field" of the whoring biz is just a meat for fucking and nothing more.

a72c86  No.16055


She isnt gonna listen to you since you arent telling her its ok for her to keep whoring herself. She is too busy listening to cucks like that canadian russian and the fappy guy who is torn between trying to troll her and wanting to skull fuck her dead corpse.

Shes even said a few times she likes the ones who treat her like shit alot better than the few decent people who shes met.

a72c86  No.16056

File: 39dcd65b52bf8ef⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 339x260, 339:260, IMG_0396.jpg)

She won't listen to anyone else yea it's probably true that she like assholes hen decent people and that's kinda fucked for who she is yea she says I don't understand her cause I don't know who she is but those are two different things I do understand her cause she isn't the first person that I know who deals with shit like this but doesn't mean I know her personally she won't tell me who she is personally idk why either cause I'm not a tranny or some other bullshit idk but all I know is I trust her enough to do this right now I support it it's better then before I think but mostly it's just that I "worry" about her a lot which she thinks I truly don't but idk she's kinda a different minded chick but tbh this wouldn't have happen if fappy didn't come back after being banned multiple times by her and started talking about maga and red pill blue pill bullshit and knowing baby bitch boy Niko what she likes he goes along cause that's his "dream girl" by what I don't understand is that both are Canadian why the fuck do they care about what happens in America? They don't live in this shit I thought they'd be against trump cause if trump doesn't let people in America then they go to Canada. The whole supporting trump thing now is the new "edgy trend" only few support it cause republican reasons but the rest are just edgy forum posters like you all, NEETS, and degenerates. It's same shit different day it's all the same. if it's just her fucking around and doing her "performance art" then good on her she's already impressed me she's a true artist *clap clap clap*. It's just this one thing that really bothers me fappy told me before he wanted to destroy her streaming with shadowz cause she wasn't being a "true friend" and always listening to Niko and other "cucks" it's like all of us "viewers" really we are all jealous of each other cause some get more attention then others. Uh it's funny even the ones that "hated" her still come to "troll" and "meme" around it's like she really TRAPPED us. Good joke for the end of this paragraph. Anyway it's like this it's either to the end and just stay ended or rebuilds itself to try again at something different. This is how I see through her perspective part of her love you, part of her hates you, part of her needs you, part of her fears you "I don't think I can handle this right now Look at them, they're just staring at me like, "come and watch the skinny trans kid with a steadily declining mental health and laugh as she attempts to give you what she cannot give herself." So that's how it really is if I'm "understanding" enough if I'm wrong then whoops just tell me I'm wrong and stop saying it in code or some shit. "Come and see" and I saw, and behold a pale horse and his name that's say in him well you already know hades followed with.

a72c86  No.16060



Love those stream of consciousness posts, but one thing- needs more cowbell.

a72c86  No.16062

File: 6d3e56a03722537⋯.png (389.72 KB, 572x399, 572:399, IMG_5463.png)


No it's not missing that it's missing something yea I can feel it I think it's this. "Do I have your attention now?"

a72c86  No.16064

File: 1ce5f4d0cc1e0c8⋯.png (24.92 KB, 358x380, 179:190, Ouroboros.png)

I get it. She gonna listen to her chasers that pay her/giver her gifts (aka clients) and they won't tell her to attend a class in a college so she can get a skill while being around normal people irl, they' ll tell her what alex jones videos about reptilian, shapeshifting, gay vampires to watch next and what ass toy to use next. No wonder why she's such a mess if she lets chasers shape her lifestyle.

Even if all of these are a play and she has managed to fool chasers, non-chasers, "friends", other trannies etc so all of them feel sorry about her so she can manipulate them, just look what the price was to achieve that. She's a semi failed trans camwhore almost in her 30s with no other skill, with no real life friends and her only relationship was a shitty one with a guy that didn't want to awknowledge the fact she is a girl. Even her shitty parents don't give a fuck that she's a camwhore, they didn't even care to see if anything happened to her now she was awake for 4 days and spend all that time inside her room.

She decided to focus on the youtube thing with her cooking-eating (it's something at least), then those retards told her about the conspiracy bullshit and like a moron fell for it, but even that couldn't hold her on youtube so back to camgasm, then she'll start going to cam4 for a little bit until she can make another cb account again, then she'll stream there for days rambling about "politics" in between ticket shows and meltdowns. That's what the clients want and by now she is used to that stupid loop of degeneracy.

a72c86  No.16067


The yt thing fell through because she wasnt making enough money from it. Well the tinfoil hat ones she didnt make anything from sides a pity donation or 2. That and her chasers got bored and were wanting to see her bussy. So they bitched and moaned in DMs at her.

a72c86  No.16072


who paid for this box of junkfood that she trashed ?

a72c86  No.16073



ID: efd678

You do understand that you can post photos and videos on this board, correct?

Why post links to outside hosting sites for photos? Just upload when you make a new reply.

a72c86  No.16074


They'll just get deleted by the mods like all the other ones when one of her amateur lawyers files a DMCA request.

a72c86  No.16075



You smart little mother fucker!

Im going to have to use that same tactic soon.


a72c86  No.16077


Not really, because honestly, TLDR.

a72c86  No.16078

File: 8c390c900a0d835⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 694x694, 1:1, IMG_0186.jpg)


"Eh" what can I do about I ramble before the rumble a lot it's a problem but not a big one I just do when I got stuff to say but "eh" it's whatever m8. Did you know future released two albums in two weeks this month? One called future the other HNDRXX put both togther and you got FUTURE HNDRXX isn't that cool?

a72c86  No.16081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She got to obey the source of the cuckbucks. They are not patreons of art, they are camwhore clients after all.

So all that "I was naive about the whole camwhoring thing", "camgasm is a non lewd site, that also doesn't get recorded, so people can chat with me" talk was pretty much bullshit, like I said earlier. Chasers will soon demand their fair share of boipucci, and she'll do it even though she "decided" to change. After a few more days she'll be streaming on cam4 again to repeat this vicious cycle she calls life. Niko managed to create his MAGA tranny camwhore doll.


Was that really a gift? What an ungrateful bitch, that's a sure way to lose clients. Maybe it was a gift from someone that told her she could be something more than a camwhore. These people are dangerous.

95% sure she will eat all the candies she threw in the trash bag.

a72c86  No.16082

File: 7f3cf5f71da0f68⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 339x442, 339:442, IMG_0972.jpg)


Oh my boy it ain't even Niko creating this one he was just a follower in this one following someone he said he always hated cause she said she was "alright" with him this time he's not a bright boy anymore more follower than manipulator. The real leader in this is the big ol'troll fappy the old "regular" he started this the nice man who likes to destroy shit. TBH just let her have this thing it's a lot better than the old usual shit she did. If it's all bullshit Idk I hope it isn't maybe she really wants to change but idk she never really is "truthful" but I "believe" and "trust" her on this but it'll get outta hand sooner or later when fappy or Niko go too far again pushing it all to the edge and that's when the pale horse comes and hades follows. "Come and see" and I saw.

a72c86  No.16083

File: 40aa42d4af5e462⋯.jpg (28.69 KB, 500x377, 500:377, IMG_0278.jpg)


But then again maybe I'm pushing it too far for some "truth" and "clarity" like the saying "tranquility don't rush it".

a72c86  No.16084

File: a7e970b75c10c4e⋯.png (66.61 KB, 658x470, 7:5, till memes do us part.png)


Niko introduced her to Alex jones and that red pill shit tho. Fappy is the kind of nigga who saw that and showed himself on chat kissing everyone's ass because nigga likes that shit plus he likes Em and gets mad at her for paying more attention to others.

Let me predict what'll happen fam. Em doesnt surprise anyone and goes back to camwhoring full time. I give it a month tops. My nigga fappy tries to compete with the big chasers but his canuck neetbucks aint enough. Oy vey. Em starts paying less attention to him and more to clients (if by then she is on cb again, she wont give a shit about him like she did with most). Fappy is then angry with her again and wishes she commit suicide with an ass toy.

Not only Em is stuck in her stupid loop, but chasers too.

a72c86  No.16085

File: e527aa14a08ba7f⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 400x298, 200:149, IMG_0219.jpg)


My mans who are you? Cause you sound like you speaking my language fam. Anyway how do you know it was Niko all along? Details please.

a72c86  No.16087

File: e393b8bfd6c6993⋯.jpg (204.24 KB, 1097x983, 1097:983, 20160126766.jpg)


>and wishes she commit suicide with an ass toy

LOL! I haven't laughed that hard all week. Thanks bruv

a72c86  No.16088


someone is off his meds again

a72c86  No.16089


learn some punctuation asswipe

a72c86  No.16090

File: 6078b0b3631a2b6⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 078785654.jpg)



ID: 37f4d8

— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.16091

File: 7041a3d9d78f2ff⋯.jpg (110.67 KB, 584x759, 584:759, IMG_1420.jpg)

I'm done with her

I'm just done with everything in there

I'm done with the lying and cancer of that shit

I'm done with the bullshit she says

I'm done with her

TBH she can go back to being her old self drinking and drugs trying to get a tip here and there till everybody feels sorry for her she a pitiful pathetic girl when she's on cam "performance art" bullshit don't try that shit again just say you're some lonely faggot like you said you were and you can't do anything about it cause you think it's us, it's not us, it's you.

You gave up on me a month ago so why should I keep trying with you?

If you don't fuck with me why should you pretend to?

Everything about you is a lie EVERYTHING

Your just some lonely loser surrounding yourself with other lonely losers to make you feel better about yourself

You listen to toxic motherfuckers every time everyday and you see why you're so fucked in the head

So weak minded but when someone buys you something or tips a lot and ask for a private "hey that's pretty good"

I don't want to say this cause I don't want you to go back to camming and drinking cause that's a shit show for you but it's just a cycle for you once you can get back on CB you'll just go back on and forget about everyone till they tip you for attention and the ones that don't tip oh fuck them I got these new-gen cucks of degeneracy to make me feel better.

Go and listen to Niko, and fappy the two fucked in the head Canadian losers who can't go out and fuck a real girl cause if they forget about you they'd feel "sad" uh HELLO Niko she said multiple times she doesn't want to fuck you and stop trying to make her your "dream girl" you loser go out and find someone you Russian twink, and Fappy what…what the fuck are you doing back here? I thought you hated her? I thought you wanted her dead cause she wouldn't pay attention to you? I thought you hated Niko? But I guess you two are buddies cause he changed her into something you'd like stop being a cuck both of you, Jesus fuck, you both are what you hate, you both became a new duo, you both became everything you hate and make fun of, you both are fucking cucks

Other ones in there idk y'all are alright but also the problem with her always tipping to get her the attention and try to see some nudes you know if you have a lot of money to waste you can just go on to some website and buy those nudes if that's all you get off too

Don't ever fucking say down to me for bullshit reasons and say "oh but you did the same thing" you're GOD DAMN RIGHT yes I stole all those free tips from CG cause I wanted to help a friend out in getting cash, yes I bought her gifts during Christmas and v-day cause she sent me something (except V-Day) I wanted to repay the favor and be a good friend not some faggot who just accepts a gift, says "thanks" and then fuck all, so don't ever fucking try to act like I'm a hypocrite you cock sucking mother fuckers you.

Em I don't wanna say this any of this but you're a cold heartless bitch you're such a fucking twat why do you even try anymore with this? Your fucking mindless you thought the booze was controlling you? It's not. They're controlling you all of them.

Now I don't say this a lot or feel like saying it to anyone not even people I hate but I always said you should "choose life", or "go a different path" but you don't want to cause "this shits easy" yea seems fucking easy you crazy fucked in the head cunt. Just if you die soon from whatever fucking crazy paranoid thing you do or whoever you listen to then good cause you already left this world behind, your parents gave up on you too, and the last person that always gave a FUCKING SHIT ABOUT YOU doesn't want to give a shit anymore.

We're not "friends" so stop evening trying to act like it.

Have fun with this bullshit guys just word of advise don't be nice to her cause she like assholes and trolls and also don't fall for a cam whore and that was the first time I ever called her a cam whore cause fuck she sure fucked me.

Oh and this isn't goodbye or hello this is you fucked up Em or Manny which ever one you want to prefer since you're thinking about de-transitioning cause of some maniac name Alex jones saying some bullshit to sell is product for profit.

I hope you wise up some day and grow up and come back to this world but I don't think it's a tight enough string holding you.

"There's a house with fuck'em on the welcome mat."

a72c86  No.16093


Valid points were made about the toxicity levels in her chats. Chief instigators were accurately clocked.

a72c86  No.16095








Let me just clarify things real fast if that's ok, I don't hate her, I don't want to but that's alright I'm like one of you guys falling for a cam girl a trans cam girl and always in some loop just like her and you all haha.

I'm not taking all I said back It needed to be said if she hates me well I don't really think she'll even care cause she doesn't fuck with me so it's a lose but she'll read it or someone like Niko or some other fuck ass hypebeast.

I don't want her to die I really don't especially when something is up with her loved ones I don't want her to think that way it was harsh on me cause I'm just so angry and tired of everything.

But she doesn't need to listen to those two about how the world works or even listen to paranoia and conspiracies from fuck ass hate mongers who sell products to get profit.

I'm not saying I want her to listen to me but like I'm the only "sane" "clear" in the head one that knows how this world works the shit I've seen my life and had to do at a young age I don't wish any of this on anyone but it's a dog eat dog world but doesn't mean you shouldn't help people and be nice to everyone you meet no matter what and how they treat you cause like the saying "kill them with kindness".

I don't think of this world as a shit hole it's isn't you gotta find the good in it that makes you happy to see when you look, that makes you smile when you listen to it, that makes you feel weird and awkward when you speak to them, that makes you lose all sense of everything cause they're everything to you. That's what she's to me even if it doesn't seem like it.

She's just not honest a lot of even wants to tell me about her when I ask or open up cause she thinks she'll be "vulnerable" she's such a a weak minded girl but I know she's still has that strong side of her that doesn't need drinks or drugs to come out.

I never want to insult her intelligence she's such a smart girl it's just who she listens to that makes it seem bad, makes her think weird about this place.

I just wanted to clarify this and not make it seem like I want this shit to happen I'm just angry and tired but I'm leaving it cause it needs to be said and I want all you and her read it.

If she leaks my address or you guys dox me just know I don't do shit cause I'm a straight edge loser, I'm a lonely faggot without friends since I moved away from home, and have nothing to take but if you all do send me something even her "cucks" send me something nice cause being nice is always good.

Alright I just wanted to clarify my mess of a post and to tell you all to have a goodnight and good day or even the rest of your lifes I don't know what'll happen if I'll be back or not on here I mean cause fuck all these boards and shit god damn you guys really.

Still fuck Niko and fappy deadass I hope they both get fucked by a railroad spike and put a gun in there mouths but in a nice way I mean.

"Everybody needs you, no you can't make everybody equal, but I be sleepy, OCD, and paranoid, so give me Bali beach, no molly please, palm, no marijuana trees."

But also still says "fuck'em" on the welcome mat.

GANG GANG 100 100 100 100. True shit deadass my guy.

a72c86  No.16096

File: 2ced1701f85fa3d⋯.jpg (71.31 KB, 960x840, 8:7, IMG_2167.jpg)


Forgot to put my signature on it and leave a picture. Silly me my B

a72c86  No.16097


feel better now

a72c86  No.16098

File: 8f50d63866f404e⋯.png (408.49 KB, 524x479, 524:479, ScreenShot_20170225234257.png)











Build that wall. But first bury niko and fappy under the footings.

a72c86  No.16099

File: 8f50d63866f404e⋯.png (408.49 KB, 524x479, 524:479, ScreenShot_20170225234257.png)


And while you're at it, just bury alex jones and any of those other assclowns that are filling her head with their bullshit with them.

a72c86  No.16100

File: 7de3e91a882fb1f⋯.jpg (90.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_2250.jpg)


Oh look who it is its mister ole ole ole man nobody cared that you left in the first place you piece of shit, you were done long ago but look oh my look who's back it's ole ole ole man, he's a big fucking hero, then he cuts a little fucking promo after his new best mate says something he likes -oh my god suddenly he has some cute words he can spill out of his ugly fucking face, but he's back for good, and he's sucking everybody's dick!!

You, I hate you. So much you're such a piece of shit, you lie, you manipulate, you kiss everybody's ass so they can be on your side but everybody knows at the end of the day you always talk shit about them saying you're better, you're not, you ain't special. You're just another shit head going through life making somebody else life miserable cause you can't make yours happy. Maybe don't follow and swallow everybody's load and you mite be happy for once you piece of shit.

a72c86  No.16101

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fam DEAD SKULL, let me say some things to you because I know and I can see when someone really cares.

First, of all dont give a fuck about the trolls. They are just doing their "job".

About the whole Alex jones thing. Niko in the past had said that he wanted to introduced Em to that fat retard. Plus, when Em did the youtube streaming of her watching that shit she said herself that she was already binge-watching Alex J's videos that Niko had sent to her. I am pretty sure Fappy saw that opportunity (because he always lurked there anonymously) and revealed himself.

Here is the real problem with Em. Clever camwhores (i didn't want to call her that way too, but that what she is) dont trust anyone they meet from sites like chaturbate, they just manipulate them and then go about their life. That's because many of them have a life outside camsites: regular job, studies, hobbies, friends, gf/bf (most of the trans camwhores are transbians anyway, so they don't care about their cuck orbiters), family etc. Does Em even have any of those thing? No, but she has an emotional/mental instability (maybe more than a common trans person) and a self destructive behavior. I bet Em doesnt even know for sure if she likes men, women or trans girls and she's almost 30. So she doesn't know what she wants, and she set everything to self-destruct autopilot.

The combination of all these plus the fact that she doesn't have a normal person irl to listen to, makes me think, that things can only get worse, you even said she's thinking of de-transitioning. Ffs Em. You know because I am not a creepy chaser, I have managed to talk, outside camsites, to other trans girls associated somehow with Em, and beside the things I have learned about her (this goes for Em to see), all them said that despite Em's character etc she keeps hanging out with the most toxic people from the internet trans community (Sam for example).

Idk man, but she seems she doesn't want to get back on track, and even when she tries to do it, either she doesn't have the support she needs or she deliberately ignores people who can give her that support so she has a reason to fail(?).

a72c86  No.16102

File: 89813f8eb538318⋯.jpg (79.04 KB, 500x750, 2:3, IMG_1069.jpg)


Wow my mans you are speaking to me? In some good thoughts and words very good my guy.

Yes it's true I really really really care for this chick like deadass I care for this chick bottom of my heart care for her that's why I say hurtful things to her cause she never listens to good she only listens to bad.

I don't know why Niko keeps trying and making some girl he met online on a cam site who's weak minded try and turn her into something he wants like if he "loves" her like except her as she is man, don't change her, and if he reads this don't fucking say to me "oh but you tried to change her" you're god damn right to stop her from drinking like you enable her to do you fucking lame.

That crazy fear mongering fuck Alex jones is the big reason she's acting like this and with the "moral" support of the two Canadian fucky boy twins she's changed into some crazy MAGA conspiracy theorist nut case.

Yea she is a "clever" girl but not always and plus btw I never met her on a cam site like the toxic fucks she listens to I met this dumbass on twitch playing her games and it was fun not knowing about he other sites till I stayed after one night and talked to the "boys" and *poof* found out about he hell she lives in called camming. Did I waste my god damn ten months of my life with her? Yes did I enjoy those ten months with her? Yes sometimes, should I have left he first time when I said I was leaving probably, should I have done it he second time? Yea probably the third time well the third time I thought was the end but I guess "I must got an angle cause death missed my ass" and I felt like fuck I guess time to go back to see her and say I'm not gone again.

Yes she's emotionally instability but this Alex jones thing is "helping" her and finding her internal conflict like what the fuck anyone coulda told you your internal conflict shit if you just talked to me about your problems your shot woulda been done ages ago so you can do something else in this life but nah my home girl toxic people over decent fucking humans.

Em I'm sorry to say this but I'm worried about this thing with you, you say you want human contact? And someone in real life? Em the way you act and the way you are and your past I'm afraid you aren't gonna find anyone that isn't gonna use you or just drop you after they find the next "better thing" or if you can even find anyone that won't leave you cause you have some emotional breakdown or self-destruct.

Why don't you wanna be normal? Actually like do a job and go out and make friend meet people? Why stay in a loop waiting for the next time you can get back to Chaturbate? I thought you hated this whole part of your life? Or was that a lie? Why aren't you truthful to people that actually trust you? People that actually give a shit about you instead of you just shoving a dildo up your ass as you cry cause your drunk? Why in gods name won't you stop with this? Why in gods name do you listen to toxic people only? What's the fun in that? Just why?

TBH I know why I keep her around but what I wanna know is why she keeps me around? Why she acts like a "friend" towards me when she said recently we aren't? Why fuck with me when you actually don't? Do I actually interest you? Do I make you feel someway? If it's cause you don't want a non toxic person in your life then shit looks like you lost that this week. Like I said when 1 non-toxic person leaves about 50 more toxic fuckers come so hope you don't self-destruct from these guys Manny.

a72c86  No.16103


>Wow my mans you are speaking to me? In some good thoughts and words very good my guy.

Get some self respect, dude

a72c86  No.16104


>Like I said when 1 non-toxic person leaves about 50 more toxic fuckers come so hope you don't self-destruct from these guys Manny.

If any one's toxic and an over the top attention seeking drama queen it's you. You've said the most vile things about her but you're her "friend" - please. - look in the mirror buddy

a72c86  No.16105

File: 3790c6d6dff6f48⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 11854354.jpg)




When contemplating if you should take insults from 37f4d8 to heart, just remember his past.

He'll never live it down at least not in this thread :)

— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.16106

File: 86d8749d1c6050c⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 427x485, 427:485, 67543332.jpg)

So this guy…

>>16102 >>16100 >>16096 >>16095 >>16091 >>16085 >>16083 >>16082 >>16078 >>16062 >>16056 >>16045 >>16044 >>16042

who's going ON AND ON AND ON about Em is that bald queer Polgin, right?

Its hard to take DEAD SKULL serious if I have to read his posts while imagining that weird frantic, negro-lite voice Polgin speaks with.

a72c86  No.16107


Nigga, you so clueless it's a wonder that you can even find the internet

a72c86  No.16108


thanks Pavlov's poster

I use your retard graphic posts as a pseudo bookmark to let me know where I left off in this never ending shit show of a thread

a72c86  No.16111

File: fe03f6a9fdbdbd9⋯.jpg (50.48 KB, 387x350, 387:350, 4738554765.jpg)


wait, so YOU'RE the negro homo-clown Polgin?

now Im confused

a72c86  No.16112

File: 2d39e8922140d77⋯.jpg (176.76 KB, 1300x724, 325:181, IMG_5476.jpg)


Buddy listen I know you're a "troll" or one of her "cucks" but listen i told her while ago that yes I am the "cancer" but I'm the type of cancer that doesn't kill you I'm that type of cancer that does the work till it's done then boom I'm gone but see I'm not saying the work is kill her like you and the other cancers in that chat, I'm saying the work is done is when she finally realize that she doesn't need this thing anymore, she doesn't need the toxic people in her life, she doesn't need the internet lifestyle anymore, but nah you're just one of them "supporting" her every time to watch her go faster and faster down some "rabbit hole" you're the one that make me sick what kinda human beings are you? Yea I mite seem more attention whorey on here well yea I got a lot to say that needs to be read but oh ohno once her favorite "cucks" read it they'll just all say "wow this guys a real dumbass who's cancerous glad I'm not like him" buddy you "guys" can't be like me I'm a original, I'm a Warhol you can't copy this fam.

See you wanna know why I have to throw those hurtful words to her on here it's clearly says up in one of my post yesterday that we aren't "friends" we were never but she kept acting like we were to keep up some ruse till this week when it was all down hill about this red pill blue pill bullshit, so yea maybe I went a little too far on the words but you know what I said after all of those? I don't care anymore, she gave up on me a month ago, and now I'm finally giving up on this girl.

So eat a dick and die in a nice way btw.


You merely think it's polgin cause that's the easiest target you guys have? Why do all of you bully and hate on polgin? He did nothing wrong yea he mite say some cringes things sometimes, yea his stuff get old after awhile, but that doesn't mean he a bad person, polgin is one of the most nicest persons I can meet on the internet sometimes he's funny and sometimes he has a good point but nah y'all don't wanna listen to him y'all wanna listen to the big "cucks" fuck you're all just followers and swallowers everyday, y'all are what they call "same shit, different day" fuck I'm surprise no one bullied you guys yet saying the most cringeworthy shit ever, or even just the most stupidest stuff I heard on the face of the earth, but nah it isn't polgin I think you all already know who it is but why not say the name? I'm not some character out of a book, I'm just some guy who really really wants to help this person but also setting it on fire to smoke out the "Cucks" cause tbh you all need to leave and stop your shit.

"If I was a gambling man, oh yes, if I loved gambling I'd bet on the best one oh yes, I'd always bet on omega."

a72c86  No.16113


its a miracle u can find which >retard graphic bookmark< is the right one

that meme is posted so much in this thread because u dont know when to shut up

if I see a 37f or 1b7 on a post I just move on without a second thought

im sure everyone does the same thing no one takes ur trolling seriously anymore

u should really think of spending ur time doing something more productive

a72c86  No.16114


>now Im confused


a72c86  No.16115



Lol, DEAD SKULL is not Polgin. Polgin wrote a couple posts earlier and because he made clear who he was, he then tried to report the whole thread for deletion (or whatever) so Slug wouldn't get mad at him.




37f4d8 you are still the stupidest of the trolls and you tried to make fun of the mods (so you're a double-nigger). The good thing is from all the bullshit you have written I found out who you are. Plus, if you think a person that says to another that her life is shit and she is self-destructive is toxic, it's the perfect example why Em is steadily going further down the shithole. Because of people like you (from her chasers to her parents) who like to cheer her up for every wrong move she makes just so she wont be upset.

a72c86  No.16118


> Why do all of you bully and hate on polgin?…polgin is one of the most nicest persons I can meet on the internet sometimes he's funny and sometimes he has a good point

Found polgin

a72c86  No.16119

File: f2a7566ecbc6184⋯.png (150.92 KB, 1242x1173, 18:17, IMG_5395.png)


Ohno you cracked it, you cracked the case of who I am oh my god you finally cracked it.

No dumbass it's not polgin Jesus, you really think he's the only one acting like this actually no tbh he doesn't act "dramatic" or "chaotic" or "whatever" the fuck you wanna call it cause listen there's only one mothefucker that acts like this she knows who but does everyone else know who? Or are you just some swallowing cuck faggot trying to please your "goddess"?

Someone can't actually be nice and say nice things to that guy? Shit I guess everyone has to be a asshole to everyone on the internet now a days I guess it's the code.

No homo you're wrong again and that's what you always are fucking lame.

"No don't touch me broke boy, get off my Gucci"

a72c86  No.16120

File: 64a1dff319f32e9⋯.jpg (98.58 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 1186554354.jpg)


Found the Fail Troll

1b79d6 = 37f4d8 = 1b79d6 = 37f4d8 = 1b79d6 = 37f4d8 = 1b79d6…∞

—- Never Forget —-

a72c86  No.16121


there's my bookmark

dance for me puppet dance for me

a72c86  No.16122

File: 7d27d49636c757c⋯.jpg (98.38 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 11869054354.jpg)


—- Never Forget —-

a72c86  No.16123


Pathetic little fuck, you couldn't find your asshole with both hands, a flashlight and a dildo.

a72c86  No.16124

File: 74a5e3f30ec6d4e⋯.jpg (8.7 KB, 276x183, 92:61, jimmies-have-been-rustled-….jpg)


it's too easy rustling your jimmies

a72c86  No.16125

File: 3dfcc9f5d69b703⋯.jpg (98.3 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 118696554354.jpg)


←— He'll never live it down at least not in this thread :)

–Never Forget–

a72c86  No.16126

File: 5626f9ed377b7bb⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 400x494, 200:247, mjru.jpg)


>it's too easy rustling your jimmies

Nice try skippy, but your rustled jimmies detector is as useless as your found polgin detector. The needle on your fail meter is climbing towards "KYS".

a72c86  No.16128

File: d176525618fb3ca⋯.jpg (134.74 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1488158116715.jpg)

a72c86  No.16129

File: 985c90e0b6d16ed⋯.jpg (97.01 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 097623565.jpg)


He asked his internet provider if they could reset his router/IP so we'd stop laughing at every post with the 1b79d6 / 37f4d8 stank on it.

They wouldnt do it. :)

— Never Forget —

a72c86  No.16130

File: f03e5474314143d⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 527x384, 527:384, Maybe-Shes-Barn-With-It-Fu….jpg)

69dasass69: they actually made the hormone meds from pregnant horse's urine

69dasass69: i wasnt banned

durky: they make hormones out of horse urine? so pika is part horse?

a72c86  No.16131

File: 065603894a2b5e3⋯.png (549.15 KB, 744x511, 744:511, 3rdworldfail.png)


So, this "gorilla warfare" you're talking about - is that like flinging poop? Back to your cage, monkey boi.

a72c86  No.16132

You know I'm just done this is my last post I don't need keep going or say what I need to say i said enough to get a "point" across, she can do that for herself.

Maybe she is changing for better and maybe she'll go somewhere else finally that would be a blessing for her.

Just remember Em be more selective of friends and just do you.

But here's a challenge for ya if you don't go back to chaturbate then good you're right all along and you can change finally but if you go back in this loop then I guess I was right I don't wanna be right tho.

Just thanks for saying things about me behind my back and such, never really said it to me for some reason I guess I truly am the bad guy again.

"She's so pretty, fuck self pity, I feel so shitty"

Just do you Em be yourself.

It was fun when we talked a lot from time to time I guess this truly is the "end" of this.

I won't forget about you, your were truly apart of my life.

To the other guys tho (everyone in those chats) I don't care do whatever you want it's your guys life's not mine to worry about or how you treat it.

Will see what happens in do time maybe paths cross, I hope not truly.

"Real friends, how many of us? How many of us, how many jealous? Real friends it's not many of us, we smile at each other but how many honest? Trust issues."

Oh wait I forgot we weren't

But it's funny and confusing to me I'm a asshole and she sent me cookies during Christmas, it's confusing she says she sends cookies to friends only but we aren't friends. Idk

Now that album is done for, let's get back to the other album.

I'm just a wolf in sheep skin. "So don't worry about me I'm fine."

Goodbye and Buenas Noches.

"The rings all ring out

Burn out, cave in

Blackened to dark out

I'm mixed now, fleshed out

There's light with no heat

We cooled out, it's cool out

Life is precious

We found out, we found out, we found out."

a72c86  No.16133


you just burned your cookie bridge once and for all

a72c86  No.16137

File: 60de01a7e1e09ca⋯.png (111.92 KB, 251x343, 251:343, fuckfluoridesheeple.png)


>you just burned your cookie bridge once and for all

I'm sure they're okay with that, everybody knows cookies contribute to tooth decay.

a72c86  No.16138

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Back to cam4 again. It lasted for what, 4-5 days? That's not even a new record. What happened Em? Is cam4 also a safe site to discuss "politics", the plans of the Elite, the shapeshifting reptilians etc? I bet in a few months cb will also be a safe site. ;) No surprises anymore, the same old pathetic vicious loop.



a72c86  No.16140


>the same old pathetic vicious loop.

says the guy who keeps track of and keeps following her on this infinite loop

a72c86  No.16185


that show was nothing. yesterday she did a proper cam whore show including heavy drinking, smoking weed and maybe taking pills. all this healthy eating and self cleansing performance bullshit went to hell.

i wonder if she will do more conspiracy/neocon "discussions" (because that shit was funny and cringey as hell) and eating healthy foods while saying grace on youtube after that, or she' ll go back to talking about buttplugs or what ever with her chasers.

fuck i was afk for some time and didnt see if she reached the buttplug-tail goal. maybe after she could send the video to alex jones as a proof of human-animal hybrids and then analyze it on her youtube stream to find secret links to pizzagate.


a72c86  No.16193


>show including heavy drinking

Must be one of the nu-gen chasers. A six pack of beer over the course of an all night stream is nothing compared to the old days.

a72c86  No.16194


get a life you fucking loser

a72c86  No.16195


I think her new OCD topic is late term abortions and planned parenthood

I wonder if she actually went to that March 4 Trump thing? I saw that the turn outs in most states was weak.

a72c86  No.16196


>get a life you fucking loser

Says the one with 51 posts.

Show us your Em shrine.

a72c86  No.16197


click the green sideways arrow next to "Anonymous" for the posts that ID: 37f4d8 makes, then click "Add filter" then "Post +" it will hide all posts by that ID and any replies.

I think most other Anons have done this. If you notice, no one really answers him anymore. We have him shadow banned.

a72c86  No.16198


plus some wine if i remember correctly but thats not the point. heavy drinking compared to the last few days.

the thing is all these days she was eating healthy and she drank only tea or water. she even did the whole cleansing video of her throwing away the candies. that plus the fact she make it seemed like she condemded the whole camwhoring thing (even more after her newfound political ideology), its quite ironic seeing her indulge in old "degenerate" habits.

it will be even more ironic after whoring herself up, again, seeing her talk about how the elite, the celebs or whoever promotes degeneracy, immorality, wickedness etc.

a72c86  No.16206


>shadow banned

you guys are all faggoty nerds

a72c86  No.16207

File: 56ead342dc80c8d⋯.jpg (457 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, A2w3D4d3dsx.jpg)


I'm pretty sure I saw some tin foil kitty ears at one of those Trump rallies.

a72c86  No.16209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

lol. whats the point in making these cringe videos during or after her lewd camshows. is it because she s shtifaced or its another performance art?

a72c86  No.16210


Honestly, that video is art.

a72c86  No.16211


nice embed it doesn't even work asswipe

a72c86  No.16212


she does thisoften

gets shitfaced streams on yt for less than 10 minutes

I guess she sobers up, realizes what got recorded and then deletes it

I feel weird when she does some of these super wasted shows. That femininity, kawaii, and cuteness gets washed off and I just see a drunk longhaired man who hates the world.

Its like that scene in Boys Don't Cry when Chloë Sevigny is about to run away with Brandon (Hillary Swank) but theres something different about Brandon this night, that illusion of being a man has been wiped away, and Chloe cant deal with the fact she is romantically involved with a woman.

a72c86  No.16214

File: 60ee6c608aa4772⋯.png (171.82 KB, 381x2392, 381:2392, ScreenShots_20170306121828.png)

I guess all the fads she tries over the past two weeks just wern't a good fit….adderal, organic foods, no drinking, politics, conspiracy theories and whatever else. Back to staring at the cam waiting for the cuckbucks to roll in until she passes out. And being pissed off about it

a72c86  No.16216

File: 24ba3650e69351a⋯.jpg (57.21 KB, 385x545, 77:109, 14386475098.jpg)

a72c86  No.16221


Looks like class will be in session soon.

My teachers never dressed like that.>>16216

a72c86  No.16222

Maybe that fat fucking loudmouth retard Alex Jones was right. Maybe shapeshifters do exist.

In less than a month we've seen her take the form of:

-good time, fun to hang out with memer

-depressed raging alcoholic

-"legal" speed freak

-political activist

-health nut

-conspiracy theorist

-and what I really hope isn't the final iteration, full-fledged camwhore

Find some balance, Em.

a72c86  No.16223


It's not only those. I think she even said that she hasn't taken hormones for a month because she is scarred of cancer(!) or some shit.

She is stupid. She constantly fucks herself up, she has serious mental problems and she only went to psych ward to fake tests to take adderall, but she started and stopped taking hormones by herself, without counselling. I guess that's normal when the only people she interacts with are chasers and the worst trans camwhores and even her parents, after spoilling her to death, gave up on her.

It's pathetic because there are people on cb right now who are fucking junkies and live in shitholes alone, but they can keep their shit together, and she lives in her parents house like a little princess.

a72c86  No.16285

At least, she knows how to unite both her right-wing conspiracy nuts and leftist libertards chasers:


Btw she is lucky to get so many tips without doing anything (mostly from that old dude dinife), but it's not good asking for more, and when the old dude gives her the exact amount immediately she falls asleep. That's not how you do cam whore business. Maybe these cucks don't have problem, but the people she will eventually have to deal with while escorting/whoring on the street, wont be so chill.

a72c86  No.16287

a72c86  No.16288


Oh ffs. Did she add viagra to the shopping list now?

a72c86  No.16289


gif got hit already

can you upload it elsewhere?


I came to the party late, gif got hit before I could see it, what does the Viagra comment mean?

a72c86  No.16295


shes not circumcised? looks like the foreskin is too tight at the top and the cock head is having trouble squeezing out ouch. that's one of the few reasons im glad to be a cut-fag. to many problems when youre not cut

a72c86  No.16297

All over the internet there are recorded streams (and photos, gif's, webm's etc) of the most famous cb models and they don't give a fuck. Only Em has a problem with this free advertisement and acts like an ungrateful little shit. SMFH.

a72c86  No.16299

File: 8ec785548738490⋯.jpg (59.2 KB, 428x303, 428:303, 1502190846.jpg)


She's thinking ahead my friend. She doesn't want all this degenerate pornography of her floating around the internet years from now when she becomes a world renowned hair stylis….umm, a world famous actres…. err… a life saving docto… uhh…

Ok, the truth? She's afraid that when she's 35 and working graveyard shift at the local Walmart, that her coworkers Alejandro and DeShawn may stumbling across videos of her shoving batteries up her butt, and start calling her Duracell Booty.

a72c86  No.16307


Here is a highlight from the webm:


Tbh i don't know many places to upload webm's, put you know what? I'm gonna just keep uploading webms everywhere (on gfycat, on other imageboards, on forums etc) so Em or her cucks have something to spend their free time on.



Also some soles if anyone's into it:


a72c86  No.16312


you're her biggest cuck of all no one else goes to the trouble you do.

a72c86  No.16313

File: 4aa515a1e8cbd88⋯.png (8.74 KB, 600x111, 200:37, cuckdenial.png)


>you're her biggest cuck of all no one else goes to the trouble you do.

Buck up, little camper! You just keep telling yourself that and eventually you may convince yourself. Keep on posting it here and you may convince someone else.

a72c86  No.16314

File: a009ba7a84dc4d4⋯.gif (964.73 KB, 245x180, 49:36, lol_star_trek_tng+.gif)


pretty picture that moves when you click it… is related

a72c86  No.16316

File: a5d1bccd59974f9⋯.png (254.91 KB, 352x473, 32:43, Gyllenhaal Laugh.png)


>im glad to be a cut-fag

>too many problems when youre not cut

a72c86  No.16318

File: d99e241dcaa9060⋯.jpg (45.67 KB, 311x311, 1:1, d890196817787.jpg)



Enjoy having the foreskin be too tight to pull back past the glands. Its like having a rubber band snapped on the head of your dick every time you try to get an erection… for the rest of your life.

2. Smegma

That disgusting cottage cheese looking substance that accumulates if you don't clean regularly and properly. Yes I know this can be fixed with soap and water, but most of you lazy NEETs can barely shower on a weekly basis.

2. Smell

Much like your arm pits, anywhere that skin is touching for long periods of time, moisture and bacteria gather and it gets hella stinky.

3. Increase chance of STDs

The organisms that cause STDs can accumulate under the foreskin of the penis, and this may allow them to survive there longer and reproduce, potentially increasing the risk of infection in that male or his partner. Moreover, studies suggest that the foreskin contains more of the cells that are targeted by the HIV virus… YAY AIDS!

4. Its looks weird

If you've ever been a fly on the wall when a group of women talk about their sexual partners, one or two will eventually bring up having sex with an uncircumcised man and have this grossed out look on their face as they describe how it looked weird and ugly, "…then he took his pants off and it looked like a depressed aardvark snout"

a72c86  No.16320


on second thought this guy is her biggest cuck

a72c86  No.16323

File: 38c96d3c5f02ff4⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 300x336, 25:28, 5565.jpg)

File: bf66e66dd57a2e2⋯.jpg (25.65 KB, 431x359, 431:359, 2821.jpg)


i dont have phimosis but i do have a bad case of paraphimosis

it makes my cock look like it has ridges or multiple bulbous areas

chicks love that shit

my cock is like one of those ribbed dildos

im naturally ribbed for her pleasure

a72c86  No.16327


That wall of text & convenient reaction image doesn’t reek of regret & desperation at all.

a72c86  No.16328

File: 445c5d0e4ee3fec⋯.jpg (77.23 KB, 500x656, 125:164, 1l9xgv.jpg)


>on second thought this guy is her biggest cuck

keep trying, skippy

a72c86  No.16333


I thought you knuckleheads "stealth banned" me and no longer read my posts.

try to at least be consistent

a72c86  No.16334

File: dc1a82ed0296416⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 304x380, 4:5, puppeteer.jpg)


>I thought you knuckleheads "stealth banned" me

Others may have, but you're just too damn much fun,

a72c86  No.16353

Guys, don't be off topic pls. At least post your favorite pic of the model.


Also a note to whom it may concern: this time the webm is posted somewhere else on the internet. happy DMCA hunting…

a72c86  No.16358

File: 7abdc4f5d7db0db⋯.jpg (162.86 KB, 500x403, 500:403, 52792030.jpg)

a72c86  No.16367

File: 622cefff0b05d9c⋯.jpg (158.29 KB, 580x722, 290:361, IMG_1287.jpg)

Revelations? Real friends? Realization? Truth? Toxic? Endgame? End?………Rebuild?

2016 burnt some disc

2017 ideas playing off a Walkman

This is a cult not a clique on the net

With a cup in a cup Actavis

That's a double edge "Issa knife!"

I see both sides like Chanel

See on both sides like Chanel.

Summing laps through pool water

Heated like I'm underworld.

a72c86  No.16368

File: 41311c6bc5f2e42⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 202x431, 202:431, cuckypuppet.jpg)

File: 23a35bd15e889c1⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 640x360, 16:9, puppeteer.jpg)


Nope, i just like rattling your strings to see you dance every now and then. And I included a reminder of who put those strings on you, and who always has control of the ones on your beanbag and your wallet.

a72c86  No.16370


Steez, my man. You have to let this go. Im sure you've been lurking in her room when your posts in the thread came up. You heard her yourself, she felt you made assumptions that weren't true. She just sent you cookies bro, she wasn't your girlfriend, she wasn't your best friend forever.

My advise to you is to get out of your house, head down to the Frontier, buy a burrito and just sit near the door and people watch. You know that place is jumping with University chicks, maybe you can talk one up and forget about this tranny. And if college girls aren't your piece of pie, go hang out late at night when the clubbers and creepers show up.

Peace and good luck my man.

a72c86  No.16371


The only person Em really loves is, apparently, Sam. She follows her everywhere like a puppy, especially in that video-chat site someone posted many posts earlier, and tries her best to gain her attention or make her jealous (like Sam does too although more successfully).

Sam is pretty good at manipulating trannies (its not something difficult after all) that's why she lives with a "harem" of girlfriends even though she is a shitty person. And no one likes shitty people more than Em does.

a72c86  No.16372

File: 72c0e134d3e1b2a⋯.jpg (163.56 KB, 760x938, 380:469, tumblr_ngukx4yl3V1tjrpjjo9….jpg)


I also like shitty people. Didn't know Em was that kinky.

a72c86  No.16373

File: a031501d8e527ad⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 512x384, 4:3, IMG_0366.jpg)


I wasn't doing anything wrong here it's been like a month since I've done anything truth be told I wasn't even gonna do anything like I said at the last post I was done tbh I don't even wanna fuck with her like deadass she's toxic and shit just like the chat shits disgusting and degenerate as fuck my guy.

I just posted here last night cause I was bored really haha get it it's a bored and I posted cause I was bored? Haha? No? Ok……

But really I'm done I don't even want to fuck with her I kinda just wanted to see what you guys would write after what I posted nothing really but eh worth a shot.

Btw how in the fuck do you know frontier?

But anyway yea thanks for "good luck" and such but don't worry about me I'm fine my man.

a72c86  No.16458

This is fucking great.

She was streaming on cam4 a couple of minutes earlier. Her stream froze (it was buffering non-stop), she left it that way with her "fans" waiting not knowing if she left, and she went straight to a kageshi chat-room. And tbh most of the time I visit that site, she is there, with her username showing that she has been online for 5-10 hours every time. I don't blame her tho, her friend Sam frequents that site also.

At least, she shows all of her chasers the respect they deserve.

a72c86  No.16459


>At least, she shows all of her chasers the respect they deserve.

she's not showing you much respect Chief Chaser

a72c86  No.16460


is she cosplaying as Green Man from IASIP?

a72c86  No.16469

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wow! Even that picture is down. Why Babosa? Because you didn't want people to see what? Your nickname on Kageshi? So your chasers can't watch you flirting with the cute boys acting sexy, showing nipples, penis etc? Also, the imgbb.com images are down. Nice work. At least all the videos/photos posted elsewhere are still there. ;)

Why so shy though? Babosa, aren't you the one who said that people are too much judgmental about camwhoring when in reality camwhoring is nothing/fake etc? So, why Babosa you want to remove any footage of you? Don't you want to be a famous camwhore? Smh.

a72c86  No.16470

Just testing something.

Btw, does anyone know what happened with Groove at camgasm. Isn't he a mod anymore?

a72c86  No.16475


No one cares about him except you faggot

stop posting shit about him and I'll stop pointing out you're obsessed with him

a72c86  No.16476


and by him I mean Slug

a72c86  No.16477


>No one cares about him except you faggot

Lol. Nigger faggot you've been here from the start.

a72c86  No.16478

File: 167ada7150f5378⋯.jpg (32.89 KB, 465x265, 93:53, IMG_5550.jpg)

"Don't tell a lie on me

I won't tell the truth 'bout you"


Oh shut the fuck up dude we all know everyone is obsessed with her in here this is a fucking chaser thread for fuck sakes and we all deadass know everyone in here even you too are just "regs" past and present in here all saying the same shit they can't say to her cause shit doesn't work B so you all just say fuck it and stay so shut fuck up god damn and stop acting like some cool kid in the back of the class saying "oh boy I'm gonna call you all out every time" while you rub your shekel hands. Calling everyone out on the most obvious fucking thing is pointless and makes you useless lame ass.

"You jumped sides on me, now you 'bout to meet Westbrook go celebrate with your team and let victory vouch you just know the next game played, I might slap the shit out you"

Now everyone else here read this last this fucking thread is pointless everyone here knows she's a piece of shit and just stays and waste her life for fuck sakes she ain't gonna listen to any of this or anyone, the only people she listens to are the biggest fuck heads in the whole god damn world and the most useless.

So everyone shut the fuck up and just go your other ways already and find some other trans chick to chase and stop posting on this pointless fucking thread trying to make some point about her nothing to be made anymore shits obvious as fuck now as been for a long time.

"Y'all got 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together."

And if all this shit I say is feeding you to keep posting and trolling then good I was right and I made my point, this isn't the first time I was right in this bullshit.

a72c86  No.16479

File: 069bb92d9b5bef7⋯.png (49.08 KB, 1416x793, 1416:793, takedown the whole interne….png)


Bro you forgot the memes. Its all about the memes.

a72c86  No.16480


Dude really?

Lets not get crazy with the cartoonish embellishments.

We all know her balls aren't that big

a72c86  No.16482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a72c86  No.16483


dat video thumbnail do…

a72c86  No.16489

Em is a nice specimen (no pun intended) in general. So the testing continues.




a72c86  No.16495

Well, at least her survival bunker is well stocked. That is her survival bunker, isn't it? S-surely no one would choose to live in those conditions, right?

a72c86  No.16496

File: 1165e82a5620586⋯.jpg (197.17 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, IMG_5741.jpg)

Christ of fucking Glasgow Em what the fuck are you doing kid? Surely this isn't the shit you like and I know this isn't even a vicious circle anymore.

I thought this was a rebuild of yourself the past three months? And a end of the oldself? But you didn't stick to it and you lied so much and I hate it.

You say you wanna choose the people around you but fuck dude you sure keep the worst of the worst around you a lot. No fucking wonder you can't think for yourself dude you keep the egotistic, manipulating, sociopathic, enabling motherfuckers with you they don't want you gone and doing better they want you to stay and fuck yourself up for there pleasure cause they can't get out of some "habit" of staying around.

I mean shit kid there has to be someone who truely cares and worries about your wellbeing and everything……I mean truthfully I was one of those "someones" and I thought I could just forget about it but fucking hell man I can't. No wonder I'm still here trying to be "dramatic" and say shit that you'll or one of them will read so it'll be stuck in your head and make you think finally.

I don't like calling you these names but fucking hell dude you're a god damn idiot for this shit. I know you're rock bottom but at least you can get out of rock bottom eventually and never look back, fuck kid this isn't life this is hell and those fuckers you listen to are the demons controlling this shit.

"Y'all got 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together."

"Choose life"

a72c86  No.16501

Tbh I have never watched her streams on these "B class" camwhore sites.

Today I watched her for a couple of minutes on cam4. I thought she would be pass out drunk but she was sober watching some youtube video probably some conspiracy theories related one. Most of the people in the chat were referencing related conspiracy bs like they were trying to outsmart each other and occasionally they tipped.

Then one of the people in her chat tipped to see her do more lewd stuff and then others follow tipping and started being more risque with their comments.

She said she was too sober for being lewd and started drinking booze from a bottle and her glass. It was pretty obvious she wasn't in the mood but people kept tipping and commenting about her ass etc.

Then I was away for 3 mins but when I came back she seemed angry and told everyone in the chat that she'll do lewd stuff only in private.

Another person from her chat (I don't think it was her mod) said that they should start tipping for requests. After some tips she said that she wished people would tip her without requests and some did it saying it was for her smile, being beautiful etc. After that I closed the stream and open it a few mins ago (after 3-4 hours since the first time) and she was still there in a costume playing with her tits while listening to Sean Spicer.

I don't know if it is just me, but having read all these things about her, that stream seemed a bit too sad and awkward to watch.

a72c86  No.16503

File: 66d9ae510686f79⋯.png (144.9 KB, 1242x879, 414:293, IMG_5695.png)


Well that's how it is, the tipping isn't cool and that's what does it, it makes her turn up and fuck up….well most of the time when she ain't up for it tonight.

She does those things after someone tips not cause they request but cause she feels "bad" that they waste money on her. Which doesn't make sense why they wouldn't just waste money on her on those "B rated camwhore sites" she's the only 10 in Tennessee.

Most of the "others" say they just tip cause they want too but most of the time a lot know that's a lie too.

If the tipping is one of the main sources that she does this stuff then she should just finally quit this business no more need for this "successful" streaming business it's been a yea since the beginning and trust me kid when you do something that "hurts" you, you should quit it after a year cause if you keep in going with it then *BAM* some dark shit comes.

Like I told you before go out, do shit, meet someone, do a hobbie, create some art, read some books, distract yourself, clean up, fix something, do something better….."choose life"

"Y'all go 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together.

a72c86  No.16506

File: b7f17f2ff048aa1⋯.png (819.93 KB, 800x780, 40:39, coldturkey.png)


>you should quit it after a year cause if you keep in going with it then *BAM* some dark shit comes

Yeah, uh, that ship already sailed, friendo.


>she should just finally quit this business

Without the cucks that fork over tokies to perv on her bits, no income. That means no booze, no weed, and no Addy. If that should happen, glad I'm a couple of time zones away.

Oh well, summer's coming. Maybe she plans on mowing lawns or something.

a72c86  No.16507


at least your shoop skills are improving, that earlier Bad Luck Brian cut&paste abortion was horrible

>Without the cucks that fork over tokies to perv on her bits, no income

she doesn't need an income, Step-daddy is some kind of highfalutin doctor and he pays for everything. And if she really wants something she'll just use her sticky fingers at Walmart.

>Maybe she plans on mowing lawns or something

that actually made me laugh out loud, but its not to hard to believe. Shes Guatemalan or some shit right? Thats just "Fancy Mexican" in my book, and all the brownies where I live have leaf blowers on their back. Id pay her 8 bucks an hour to push around a lawn mower, as long as shes wearing her kitty ears, arm socks, and that torn skirt that shes constantly tugging down to cover her cock.

a72c86  No.16508

File: e74927cfad5a635⋯.png (195.39 KB, 1242x1248, 207:208, IMG_5739.png)


Get the fuck outta here you degenerate pervert this is a civil discussion thread now only memes and actual discussion no perverted stuff, we're "clean" people now.

You made Christ mad for shame on you sinner.

Sinners everywhere.

But what's a saint to a sinner

But what's a sinner to a saint.

Fuck outta here you sound fishy and stinky ya Melvin.

"Y'all got 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together"

a72c86  No.16509

File: 7b515faa0faefcf⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 650x650, 1:1, forever-alone-meets-his-so….jpg)


Steez, you should really check if your parents insurance will cover you since you still live with them. Presbyterian Hospital has a voluntary commit ward and if insurance wont cover you or cost is a problem you could always try UNM Psychiatric Center.

You need to get some type of mental health care before this whole imaginary relationship/unrequited love that you've spun in your head ends up crashing around you and causing you harm.

I hope you get the help you need homie. Im really afraid Im going to end up seeing you on the news come April the 8th.

a72c86  No.16510

File: 4b2d8522e9b8c58⋯.jpg (151.4 KB, 500x806, 250:403, duality.jpg)


>But what's a saint to a sinner

Uhm … boring?

>But what's a sinner to a saint.

Either on the hot rails to hell, or

a target ripe for saving.

a72c86  No.16511

File: c489e8e924dc08c⋯.png (168.13 KB, 1242x1179, 138:131, IMG_5712.png)


i got no parents so sorry I guess you were wrong again this time buddy.

Listen I said it once maybe even twice probably three times I don't fuck with her that way I don't want too my man so sorry to burst your bubble no feelings like that towards her so no imaginary relationship so you can be the only one with it my guy.

But why I'm still here well like I said I got shit to say still and it's gonna be said till someone gets it or it affects you or her or some other crazy fuck that stays around and plus I still care and worry that's me, I mite be a piece of shit or a dickhead or a asshole but at least I got good intentions with some bad influences and please don't say "but with all this vile stuff you said, you care?" Yes I care in weird ways and someways need to be used for some people.

Oh thanks man for caring so much about my health I really appreciate it but it's all good no self harming for me that's stuffs lame and if you're talking about mental health well "I got three lifes balanced on me like steak knifes".

Ain't nothing to worry about the April 7th is K-dots new album shits gonna be fire better give it a listen my dude.

"Y'all got 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together."

Oh and one more thing since everybody knows where I live and what's around me that's Gucci my dudes where's those packages and letters I was promised like how most of you did to polgin right?

And also you are either a Nigga in NM or either you a Nigga in Canada but I can't just say it's those two places you can be any motherfucker around this world isn't that the greatest thing about the internet?

Buenas noches Osaka.

Oh shit almost forgot to say P.S. if she's got something wrong with me saying shit then good it means it's working and she should come to me and tell me instead of letting her boys come for me I just want some tranquility and a ending to this book I don't like leaving books under the coffee table to catch dust.

But if this is you Kid then you know what to tell me I'm not fappy, I'm not shadowz, I'm not Trojan, I'm not drac, I'm not sawyer, I'm not polgin, I'm not slot of those people you hate.

I'm a original, I'm a Warhol I just want tranquility and that's all I ask for.

But also this is just the dramatic rambling of a asshole so you shouldn't be affected so much by it but it does and why is that?

But it's just dramatic remember? So fuck off and just let it run its course its dramatic remember?

a72c86  No.16514

File: 1b883ade916667e⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 1438195401795.jpg)

I am pure concentrated evil. Years of torment & rejection have turned me into the monster I am today. At this point I'm far beyond help. My only purpose in this world is to bring pain to transsexuals. I have trained my skills to cause maximum havoc and destruction. I care about nothing and have nothing to live for, that is what makes me so dangerous. I am like a caged animal. Actually more like a rabid dog because I will not hesitate to destroy any tranny that slightly provokes me. Watch out shemales, there is a storm coming.

a72c86  No.16517

File: e3e944266fc8a63⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, forever aloser.jpg)


>I am pure concentrated evil.

I am pure concentrated BS. ftfy*

>Years of torment & rejection have turned me into the monster I am today.

Years of torment & rejection have turned me into the meme I am today. ftfy*

>My only purpose in this world is to bring pain to transsexuals.

Well, I suppose everybody needs a purpose.

>I have trained my skills to cause maximum havoc and destruction.

I have trained my skills to cause maximum hilarity and amusement. ftfy*

>I care about nothing and have nothing to live for

Goddamn nihilists. Where the fuck is Walter Sobchek when we need him?

>I am like a caged animal.

Are you in the same cage as the other monkey boi in this thread?

>Actually more like a rabid dog

Uhmmm … have you seen "Old Yeller"? Things didn't work out so well for the mutt.

>Watch out shemales, there is a storm coming.

Unless you're Mike Pence or Michele Bachman, I predict the storm will be a brief shower with the same salinity and pH as, coincidentally, your tears.

a72c86  No.16518

With all respect to the people here, I would suggest keeping any sharing of Em to Youtube videos or anything kept off-site. I keep getting complaints, and then I have to remove the images. I'm really sorry I have to do it, but I'm merely following the lead of the site owners.

Also any suggestions on what to do with this post? >>16514

a72c86  No.16519

File: 44741ad7a24ef6d⋯.jpg (37.85 KB, 500x340, 25:17, thinktwice.jpg)


>Also any suggestions on what to do with this post? >>16514

Leave it as a cautionary tale for the next troll to let them know that they better put on their "big troll pants and pack a lunch".

a72c86  No.16522

File: 6967da2829a2fb8⋯.png (207.45 KB, 1242x1024, 621:512, IMG_5170.png)


You ain't gonna do NOTHING big boy try it and I'll slap this ish outta ya you Melvin. Be a good troll and torment the antifa with your "the storm is coming" headass B. *dabs on them*


Don't worry fam ain't nothing but a thang with that post. "Mi unruly don't be like Rodney price"

"With the holograms besides me

I'll dance alone tonight

In a mirrored world, are you besides me

All my life?"

Asuka maybe best girl, but Lucoa is best dragon girl.

"I'm just a heartbreaker"

a72c86  No.16523

File: d88d6ab15300ad6⋯.png (24.09 KB, 418x356, 209:178, fidel.png)


But why there are no complaints about the pics in these





WTF is this shitty copy-pasta?

a72c86  No.16524

File: eefc6e2cd0bfefe⋯.png (266.71 KB, 1242x1131, 414:377, IMG_5717.png)


Cause those two post are memes with captions so full tip top memes but not like the other "memes" that are just fucking degenerate dickhead ones so that's why no complaint about them they're actually funny and not degenerate lame.

"I make it look easy, 51-50, I'm off the Heezy, you ain't got no fuckin' Yeezy?"

Deadass my guy a five o'clock shadow would be tight and hella cute on her so much manliness with such a cute face *bites knuckles* OH MY GOD I would fucking change my whole life for that I'd deadass start masturbating again after two years and counting just for that 5 0'clock shadow face I'd be in heaven aawwwww *fiants*

"5 albums, 100 songs, and you ain't got no fuckin' Yeezy? I bet you got some J-kwon, but you ain't got no fuckin' Yeezy?"

a72c86  No.16525

File: 7be235f3f126096⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 35:37, negativefeedback.gif)


>Deadass my guy a five o'clock shadow would be tight and hella cute on her so much manliness with such a cute face *bites knuckles* OH MY GOD

a72c86  No.16535

>>16514 >>16518

This is a picture of that faggot that used to start threads on 4chan saying he hated transsexuals and he'd get all pissed off when the 4channers would attack him for his long feminine hair and turn the tide on him.

a72c86  No.16550

File: e78eb95f6f54d64⋯.png (28.64 KB, 701x216, 701:216, 43456.png)


>I'd deadass start masturbating again after two years and counting

Get help before mother finds ya doing ur best David Carradine impression in the closet.

a72c86  No.16551

File: 3f1fa961edb3f35⋯.png (250.71 KB, 1242x1216, 621:608, IMG_5758.png)


I don't believe in what you're fancy scientist wrote and I don't got a "mother" all I got is the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit ya heathen.

And plus I wouldn't start jerking off cause of a beard on someone I'd do it cause of personality but nah touching yourself is lame and I'm depressed so I shouldn't be self-raping myself for that sake ya lala homo.

And David Carradine? I mean shit he's alright I mean he was only in kill bill I actually know and wasn't even that cool and something about being born in Thailand makes sense you'd bring him up in here ya Melvin

but If I was a celebrity I'd rather be DOOM I can at least relate to him and he's a lyrical genius and beat master id love to have that stuff.

"Uh quote quote quote, I'm getting tired of this quoting shit I had to start fucking hell."

a72c86  No.16579

File: 31a3c7a83df883c⋯.png (9.08 KB, 225x225, 1:1, harv.png)


>And plus I wouldn't start jerking off cause of a beard on someone I'd do it cause of personality but nah touching yourself is lame and I'm depressed so I shouldn't be self-raping myself for that sake ya lala homo.

Deadass my guy you gots to start crankin

Don't so it for the beard

Don't do it for the personality

Don't do it cuz some obsessive-compulsive disorder

Do it for your prostate.

"… scientists found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with men who reported four to seven ejaculations a month throughout their lifetimes."

"An Australian study of 2,338 men came to a similar conclusion. In all, men who averaged 4.6 to seven ejaculations a week were 36% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 70 than men who ejaculated less than 2.3 times a week on average."


Bustin nuts or eating a bushel of kale a day- the choice is yours, choose wisely.

a72c86  No.16582

File: 8f9764b1c22ad9e⋯.png (345.39 KB, 638x564, 319:282, 5382.PNG)

I think I know what slugbois problem is. She's easily influenced by whoever is around her at the moment, or by whatever she reads or watches at that time.

A good example is the redpilll conspiracy theories she was spoon fed by certain people in her room and then it became a big part of her personality.

If you've been in her room at all these past few months you have noticed she laments her male to female transition. There are nights you can tell she truly regrets taking the hormones and testosterone blockers.

I think years ago she was just a very feminine boy, who liked girly things and enjoyed dressing up in her sisters unmentionables, and then she met up with some people online that told her that because of those feelings it must mean she wants to become a woman and she should begin HRT.

She really should of just stayed a fem-boi who enjoys the girly side of life and made up her own mind about what she would become.

a72c86  No.16585

File: 8d66365bc7de1cd⋯.jpg (58.32 KB, 598x336, 299:168, IMG_5786.JPG)


Nigga if this is the same person I know for all of god sakes you really have some issues with picking sides a lot dude.


If you actually been reading all my ramblings in this gay fucking thread since March or February I've been saying the same shit every fucking time and if you truly believe that way why'd you snap at me for saying the same?

Anyway you know who it is so if you wanna talk about this shit you know where to find me my guy.

"April the 7th is coming up, y'all better be get y'all shit together."

a72c86  No.16587

File: 65804590e01a4e6⋯.jpg (912.22 KB, 1247x812, 43:28, bannerfireworks.jpg)


>"April the 7th is coming up, y'all better be get y'all shit together."

Deadass my guy it's April th in the contiguous United States. Mah shit be upright, wired tight and outta sight. So bring it.

"After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.

After midnight, we're gonna chug-a-lug and shout.

We're gonna stimulate some action;

We're gonna get some satisfaction.

We're gonna find out what it is all about.

After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down."

a72c86  No.16588


>I think years ago she was just a very feminine boy, who liked girly things and enjoyed dressing up in her sisters unmentionables, and then she met up with some people online that told her that because of those feelings it must mean she wants to become a woman and she should begin HRT.

Now we are talking real shit my comrades. I am 90% that this is the truth. Didn't she, like most of trans-girls started self-medicating with hormones and shit without guidance of an expert? Plus I' ve seen the "places" (online communities) she hangs out, it's full of toxic transbian camwhores like her bestie Sam The Diaper Freak. I' ve also read in some thread somewhere here in 8ch that this clique of toxic trannies and their chasers are all over internet try to convince gay/feminine boys that the only way to feel better is to transition. I have also seen many times Sam in Kageshi telling men that didnt seem so masculine to start HRT to look even better.

Em is maybe also one of their victims, she was insecure about her gender/sexuality/whatever, she sought help and guidance in those toxic communities they told her HRT is the solution, she foolishly started self-medicating then saw that transitioning doesn't solve all the problems (especially the mental issues, alcoholism etc) and then like most of transgirls she quit normal life because her online mentors told her she can always be a camwhore. And now only thing she does every day is drinking and camwhoring. And now the transbians have another gullible potential girlfriend and the chasers have another dickgirl toy to play with.

If she seek an expert's help she can find her way in life even now even if that means she should de-transition. But she doesn't care, her parents don't care and her online "friends" (aka chasers) that are orbiting her atm don't care also because they are afraid they'll lose their precious boipucci.

a72c86  No.16589

File: a5ea2909146add6⋯.png (173.15 KB, 1242x1222, 621:611, IMG_5791.PNG)


The 7th of April doesn't mean you have to pack up and leave but tbh that would be tremendous and a problem solver but this is the internet and most of you don't got a lot going on or just don't like to listen and live in a fantasy that kills you and everyone else slower and slower but it's the most painful.

"This business is for the liking of mediocrity and magnificence, and that out there was Fucking magnificent."

Now April the 7th was meaning to get your shit together meaning get you head straight get you act together be something better than what you are doing right now, yes this is your life and all but rock bottom isn't what you want to be at forever


please don't say "but what about you? You're doing just the most of the rock bottom" yes I know I am and I want you all out of it to leave me alone this is my place to rest, you guys are better people you don't go on crazy ramblings and spill the beans when needed to but all I spilled was the truth and it got to some of yoto say some things that you wanted to say aka I'm saying some of you here white knighted and parented the fuck outta her.

Like I said mostly all of you here are regs past and present still lurking and checking up so this goes for you all.

"This isn't like Camelot guys we don't sit around a table like brothers, this is Valhalla my friend now too sweet me."

a72c86  No.16590

File: ac68b96b6b0adee⋯.png (162.64 KB, 1242x1231, 1242:1231, IMG_5782.PNG)


"Oh brother I knew you'd come" wait a minute you're not that one you're just another guy telling another backstory that we heard from her.


Tbh you are on a point Sam is one of the bad guys in this story, in this play, in this opera.


This whole thing about being trans has two stories we don't know and yes she is easily influenced she says she wants to "be more selective of people" but she isn't she picks the most vile and manipulated ones on her side and doesn't realize when listening to them it hurts her in the long run makes her stay and never leave that's what they all want they don't want her to leave cause they have no life purpose if she does leave.

They put on big egos and think they can find someone else but just like me they won't and they hurt themselves and park themselves in some fantasy thinking it's all fun and "memes" but are they self aware of this?

That's the biggest question for them.

"Now all we gotta do now is make this obsolete and DELETE DELETE DELETE!!


If you want my opinion in the whole de-transitioning thing well I'm up for if it'll make her happy and stop with this all camming and such tbh she said she was a fem-boy before and she just looked like that basically she wouldn't be too bad as a guy probably cute for a lot of reason but remember it's always about the personality cause looks "can fade away and classify themselves as OBSOLETE!"

a72c86  No.16592


What was his screen name?

a72c86  No.16593


>What was his screen name?

If you've gotta ask that, this is probably the wrong thread for you.

a72c86  No.16597


you didn't expect these chasers to give you the screenname now did you? That's the only thing that makes them feel special.

a72c86  No.16598

File: 90ca7414fd4b8cb⋯.jpg (9.23 KB, 255x196, 255:196, 1f372f315d52698be5192e73af….jpg)



>"these chasers" "makes them feel special."

And by adding the jpg, this becomes a scenario referred to as "hoisting you on your own petard". I guess the three fingers pointing back at you are labelled "game", "set", and "match". Beta cucks queue to the left, back of the line, please.


a72c86  No.16600

File: 87d84da9f323467⋯.jpg (60.92 KB, 332x292, 83:73, 8614095.jpg)


screen name is swamimami

go to gaypissbabies and talk "her" up

maybe she'll send you lewds

a72c86  No.16606


and the child psychology >>16600 works

a72c86  No.16607

File: 710bf4e984fd866⋯.png (265.68 KB, 1242x1211, 1242:1211, IMG_5807.PNG)


Shut the fuck up Melvin, stop acting like your above us, you're just the same or worst than us.

This is a chaser board stop reaching mate.

a72c86  No.16608

File: d30f470e78a0c2f⋯.jpg (912.31 KB, 1242x1211, 1242:1211, assblood.jpg)


And thanks for the pic, Fc.

a72c86  No.16612

File: 10b1a3ab9f5fa58⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 332x292, 83:73, 87d84da9f323467d7f141889c8….jpg)


what can I say?

you all are easily manipulated.

a72c86  No.16615


no you dumbass he's saying you were manipulated by child psychology

a72c86  No.16617

File: 7c41db55ebe7d8b⋯.jpg (63.14 KB, 332x292, 83:73, 1845295667.jpg)

and the simpletons >>16615 (You) never realize when they get played.

a72c86  No.16619

File: bc55686cbd15a3f⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 268x151, 268:151, lolhq.gif)

File: c64acfa48a43528⋯.gif (273.26 KB, 320x283, 320:283, lolevildead.gif)

File: 531cc1c14d88523⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 557x264, 557:264, lol.gif)

You must both be so very excited to march back to your individual hobbyist chaser cliques.



Going back to your nu-cuck crew, little sunken chest all puffed out pridefully thinking that your little psyop got a weak mind to release confidential data.




And you returning to your cadre of old reg-cucks thinking that by leaking the sensitive data in a couple months you'll have more reg-cucks to bring into the fold.

Sorry, but …

-Nu-cucks, learn to read. There's a reason I said "If you've gotta ask that, this is probably the wrong thread for you".

-Old-cucks, get back on the Alzheimer's meds. Or maybe score some Adderall from Sluggo. Your focus and retention is shot.

That info was announced almost two months ago. Hope the shame you brought on your individual groups through your hubris doesn't backfire on you.

Whoops, too late.

a72c86  No.16620

File: fae5c1a8fe4e268⋯.png (133.58 KB, 415x325, 83:65, 458675.PNG)


scroll the thread, bracket and compare

you'll finally figure it out dummy

keep digging your own hole

we'll keep laughing at you

a72c86  No.16622

File: c76299b570c2a8f⋯.png (231.62 KB, 1242x1187, 1242:1187, IMG_5799.PNG)


Quit reaching mate ya covers been blown ages ago everyone here isn't new my guy.

We all get played and we all like to play but which one goes fast or slowest after the play?

"We all don't get along"

We're all too egotistic and sociopathic we all can't leave, we won't till it ends. Even after then what do we got left?

"Did y'all get y'all shit together?"

a72c86  No.16623


if I mail you cookies… will you fall in love with me too?

a72c86  No.16625

File: 5062f974f5b3783⋯.png (261.97 KB, 1242x1206, 69:67, IMG_5808.PNG)


No one ever said love my guy, y'all really love to not read and reach hard my mans


I could say I'll love you for some samoas those babys are legendary maybe this could be a start to a new beginning in Osaka oh and about 5,000 dollars please the yeezy didn't jump over the jumpman with some cheap ass shoes my guy.

Wait btw don't you got somewhere else to be tonight at this hour? You know memeing? And getting that sweet sweet attention you so love that you backstab and turn sides like a fucking snake for it?

Outta my way two faced Melvin you wanna talk you know where to get me.


If your not that fool then you know where to talk about me.

Later nerd

a72c86  No.16626


>two faced Melvin

1488 faced Melvin* FTFY

a72c86  No.16627

File: a0a1524c6a6af87⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 1219x910, 1219:910, fuckyouslugiwontdowhatyout….jpg)

Because many of you are complete retards, the supposed Em's username on Kageshi from this post:


was a joke (and I think it belongs to an obnoxious, unpassable, man-hating tranny who is part of Sam's clique). Plus the gaypissbabies/firememes room that all tranny camwhores used to hang out (Em included) has been inactive (if not deleted) for months, because as I said in >>16588 it was a toxic community, like most of the online trans communities.

In fact, this thread used to have 2-3 screenshots from that site with Em's username, but she or most accurately the most overzealous cucks of you demanded from the mods to be taken down (like the rest of her photos). Good game fams, once more some chasers try to sabotage others in order to get closer to their favourite camwhore.

a72c86  No.16630

File: f78559f3db3b9fe⋯.png (82.63 KB, 486x357, 162:119, IMG_09012.PNG)

>>16582 did u think no one would notice that fappy pay closer attention when u screenshot ur twitter feed & make sure u arent logged in because then ur profile shit shows up in the reply box i dont understand this game ur playing ur ems besto friendo when ur in her chat room & then u play the anonymous troll here & backstab & talk shit about em & her fans/friends

p.s. dont bother deleting ur >libety or tranny< post >>16582 i know how to sceencap shit to

a72c86  No.16632

File: c3ac698d6fafedc⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 480x258, 80:43, tblhattip.gif)


Well spotted, anon. Good on ya.

a72c86  No.16633

File: 8dc5eba0ef2204a⋯.png (258.09 KB, 1242x1227, 414:409, IMG_5721.PNG)


Cause that's how he is buddy he's the toxic avenger, the shitty snake, the first worst Canadian in that chat.

Now him being the best friend? Idk probably but at the same time she's told many many many times that she hates this guy well she says that about a lot of the people she keeps around cause well he knows what she is and everybody else gets the deal here and there.

The man was apart of the list of toxic people that were banned but he came back cause he finally found a way to get little emmys attention finally that's basically what he always wanted.

That's why he started calling her fake to me and shadowz and others privately saying he's gonna stick up and leave her and "finish her career" he fed lies and evil truth towards a lot of people and I was the dumbass that had to do his "standing up to Niko work" cause he's a pussy and wanted to start some "chaos".

Oh don't believe me? He believes me he knows what we always talked about he knows the history we had before he went toxic as hell cause she wouldn't give up the attention.

Fappy you can say all you want about me call me a cringey creep, a love sick dog, a loser, and hell you can even tell me to kill myself again cause that seems like a good "meme" right?

You know damn well you don't give a shit about her you just want the attention and you want everybody else out the way now go be buddy buddy with you best friend forever Niko you know the guy you told bad about always? Hell he's just a worst snake like you but at least he shows it publicly with his "self-proclaim" alpha male status.

Oh and one more thing before I go biking with Chanel.

I know and you know you said bad and I said bad even when we talked about things but who was worst and who just did it cause he likes to take out big snake?

Remember "this can surpass metal gear"

You're KD and I'm Westbrook now go celebrate with you team to vouch for you but watch out next game cause I mite just slap the shit outta you.

Adios Melvin.

a72c86  No.16634

File: 4e56c221109f3df⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 512x824, 64:103, 45Tyu89.jpg)


What happened tho? Did fappy felt bad for spoon feeding her redpill conspiracies? Because after Niko, the other canadian cunt, he was the one responsible for Em's "enlightenment". Or did Em stopped paying attention to fappy and he got mad at her again?


Tbh I disagree that fappy's post was a backstab, he just expressed a concern about Em's decision to transition in the first place. But it's still a phony concern because when he came back in the chat, he was one of the people basically enabling her to take adderall so they can watch alex jones videos and have their lewd streams 24/7 with their trans waifu.




a72c86  No.16637

File: 7d2e878459c1378⋯.png (189.01 KB, 1242x1190, 621:595, IMG_5809.PNG)


Nah that wasn't the backstab one the other mans is talking about fappy has been in this thread since the beginning shit I wouldn't be surprise if he made it in the first place he's that crazy and degenerate.

There's more backstab post and shit talking post he has in here different id and all cause hell he the best buddy for everyone I mean pet snake.

No please don't say "or else" it makes you look bad unless you can do something big my guy if you can't then don't say "or else" he knows his grave he dug he knows what he's up for he knows he's not that hard to see.

Now his true intentions are obvious like I said before you post and many post before and how he said personal he just wants attention from her and to have everybody else leave them alone but I love how he says "I fell in love over cookies" Nigga you fell in love over a show and some attention you're just another lonely ass nigga like the rest of us stop acting big and bad fappy my guy, I know you're the one always talking about how much drugs you take just keep masking over that feeling like a big boy and run away from it.

Or accept it? Your call big boy Melvin.

Later nerds.

a72c86  No.16641


Dude, I am 80% sure that this thread was made by him. It doesnt make sense if it was made by anyone other of the mornal regs at that moment.

But whatever, that dude is one the biggest cucks orbiting her. Acting like a mafioso when Em stopped giving a shit about him and threatening that he'll end her career etc and then coming back when he saw shes hooked to the same shit with him and acting like a schoolgirl in love in chat, being besties with Niko. Just another shit around her, fixated by that boipucci.

a72c86  No.16645

File: 29b7f4ff39e7e30⋯.jpg (190.76 KB, 704x480, 22:15, IMG_2348.JPG)

Alrighty motherfuckers looks like my work here is done.

Tbh with you at first it was to get her attention about stuff cause of lying and talking behind backs and such wasn't good to bring it to public eye but eh all of you guys are regs so you get the deal and such.

But I guess I got the attention of you guys mostly the viewers I mean the listeners, the chasers, the orbiters, and the regs themselves.

Now listen fappy this is the last time I'm gonna say anything to you or even talk to you I hate talking to you, you're fake and like to play weird sides in this thing seems you're just like the rest of us tbh except you wanted to lie about it to keep yourself safe from being ban again or worst.

But what I wanna know why did you care what was wrote in here? If it was a lie then why respond to it? We're you afraid she mite actually believe something and stop paying attention to you? Like the other times when you showed your true colors?

And please don't say "well that's what you did" well yea but it was to shed some light and tell the truth about this whole thing, it's fucked at first she was seeming like she was a friend then boom some red pill shit and adderall happen and I get shot in the chest.

Now to the other toxic boys that lurk her shit and read and write in here i.e. Sawyer my mans and the rest stop with the going in there and throwing hate like it mite work it just makes things worst she's not gonna listen, that's her, she mite listen to cancerous people but she's not gonna listen to hate all the time cause she's knows what's happening she's more self aware then anyone I love that but like the rest she mask it to stay in some fantasy of this world

But one thing the problems you have are not anyone's fault the problems you have are cause of you and this is not just to her this is to everyone here and there.

Now that I'm done with this and this is the last time you'll hear from me in here trust me I didn't want to stoop to a lot of peoples levels to get some point across or something but if you respond to this or something I'm not gonna respond back.

Tbh I mite go do what fappy has been telling me to do and just kill myself cause he's edgy ya know? Haha I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself wanted to bring one last dig in this grave bois.

Alright Godspeed, Adios, and later nerds

Buenas noches from Osaka I'll be biking with Chanel with that stacked styrofoam cup. Skrrt skrrt. Blonded

"Better call the cops

I'm 'bout to run up on yo' block

Take shit that don't belong to me

They say something wrong with me

Red rum, red rum (eh)

Hoodlum, I'm done (yeah)

Dust on hell spawn (woah)

We don't get along."

a72c86  No.16646


> this is the last time you'll hear from me in here trust me

until the next time (we've heard that before from you)

a72c86  No.16659


you got played you dumbass simpleton, next time I'll ask for your bank account and log in. Oh wait the jokes on me you don't have one.

a72c86  No.16661

File: c034e2f86afaab8⋯.png (590.43 KB, 1012x629, 1012:629, 10657453.PNG)


please read this post: >>16627

If you still have problems compreheanding what happened then this online article may help

All this drama has actually been noticed and picked up by some online gossip tabloid sites

Post last edited at

a72c86  No.16672



Who's the simpleton now.

a72c86  No.16673

File: 6da0889a5c8919a⋯.jpeg (138.62 KB, 643x443, 643:443, U3dyPlQQroUS4.jpeg)

>>16659 04/10/17 (Mon) 17:15:29

>>16672 04/11/17 (Tue) 17:50:20

Took you over 24 hours to respond.

Did that malware link fuck your computer up for a whole day?

Get a better antivirus program and don't click suspicious links dummy

LOL! :)

a72c86  No.16675

File: 6e7f7545bd24ce7⋯.jpg (95.97 KB, 1000x623, 1000:623, s-l1000.jpg)


Dude I love your memes and your trolling, but all these Star Trek pics got me thinking…

Because I know someone really obsessed with Star Trek…

And that someone is related to Slug and has been mentioned a couple of times in this thread…

a72c86  No.16682


BUSTED Slug's friend.

a72c86  No.16685

File: 1c1d478fb37e508⋯.jpg (124.92 KB, 647x485, 647:485, 836d58a67b6.jpg)

a72c86  No.16687

File: 4a0605b9dc700cd⋯.jpg (171.58 KB, 1171x742, 1171:742, 1491972423378.jpg)

a72c86  No.16691

File: 61a93548372b73a⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 347x291, 347:291, 784e47eb9c6fdbeaf3d1f487e2….jpg)

a72c86  No.16729

File: cab67cfdab4a546⋯.jpg (14.81 KB, 327x344, 327:344, 1491180204943.jpg)



a72c86  No.16731

File: f966ed14de7c1ca⋯.png (377.31 KB, 530x400, 53:40, 23509514.png)


Careful clicking those sus links, they seem to have damaged your HD and slowed down your response time :)

Try out one of these 5 star antivirus programs


a72c86  No.16732

File: fdc75a468341b3e⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 67074840.jpg)

a72c86  No.16733

File: 9b02d41e6cecbe0⋯.jpg (373.92 KB, 700x530, 70:53, 6abeb49e5d60.jpg)


…and dummy FINALLY learns his lesson

Should've figured it out before PerezHilton :)

a72c86  No.16761

File: ab79f6526823965⋯.gif (833.09 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1446563176348.gif)

>tfw Cassie Brooks links her 8ch thread on twitter, but Em's cucks (or maybe she) are constantly taking down her pics and then like retards ask what her kageshi username is etc.

its really a shame because a few streams ago Em put a white bow on her peen like Cassie did (gif related) and we could have a "who wore it better?" debate.

but Em is like Muham-mad, posting pics of her is forbidden.

a72c86  No.16762


>67 ads blocked on that page alone


a72c86  No.16764


He put another malware link on this site

but for some reason the mods let him slide

a72c86  No.16765



I just visited that page, there is nothing wrong with it.

PC Mag is a Ziff Davis company.

a72c86  No.16768

File: 9a8e9e464218c28⋯.jpg (50.75 KB, 500x375, 4:3, (02).jpg)

a72c86  No.16771

File: a47122e0464069e⋯.jpg (47.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ___54___09___.jpg)


>but Em is like Muham-mad, posting pics of her is forbidden.

I love that analogy. Its funny, but sadly true.

I was around when she did that white bow thing, it was cute. She posted a picture to her "SUPER SECRET" Instagram of the cuteness

don't tell the Emuslims that Ive posted her weenie pic

a72c86  No.16818

File: 59b962eb3b34e88⋯.webm (875.14 KB, 440x240, 11:6, FU_DMCA.webm)

A love note to Em's





a72c86  No.16825


I thought the whole >slugboi has a tiny peen< was just a meme

Im sure Ive seen a few videos on those tranny porn sites where shes got a pretty healthy chub going on

was it cold the night she did the white ribbon thing?

a72c86  No.16827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All memes aside, which one of these factors do you think will be the most responsible for this troubled tranny's demise: her alcoholism or her mental illness?

P.S. the little pool of cum on the carpet at 8:44 is a nice touch.

a72c86  No.16828


look at the hand

it's not even her in that picture

a72c86  No.16829


It looks like a very feminine penis AND a feminine hand.

a72c86  No.16830


you idiot the white bow was photoshopped onto that picture. It's not even tied around the penis. And if you think those hands look feminine you've been watching too much ts porn.

a72c86  No.16833

File: 607395cb0e42cb6⋯.png (28.48 KB, 500x371, 500:371, 1332498.png)

a72c86  No.16835


lol I bet whoever posted that here found it through the comment you know who posted there about 5 days ago. good detectve work there

a72c86  No.16900

File: d362a786a5697d3⋯.png (22.96 KB, 406x136, 203:68, omega.png)

Typical beta male behavior.

Did she start low key ghosting her orbiters?

Because a little bird told me that she plans (again) to get her associate degree. Maybe, she's planing to find some liberal cucks from school this time because the red pill side wasn't generous enough with their tokies.

a72c86  No.16904

File: bc703ea9d1eae76⋯.jpg (130.52 KB, 670x805, 134:161, nikolai.jpg)


I heard that rumor about her going back to school too. I hope she does. This Groundhogs Day life that she's living of drinking, sleeping, streaming and repeat is going to end up putting her in Chester Mental.

Just a couple of days ago she was talking about how that over indulgence in canna oil made her reevaluate her life. She was also pining for some kind of human contact. Not just sex, just come cuddles.

I really think Nik and her could make a great couple. He's one of her oldest orbiters and he hasn't gone "polgin" on her yet. And Em doesn't seem to hate him and only humiliates or belittles him every so often. Nik is really into her, no matter the time of day, when Em streams, he's there within the hour… now that's dedication. And Niks not a bad looking young man, if you can get past his small hands and mulatto kinky hair.

Nik could come down to the states to hang out with her, or Em could take a bus to Americas Little Hat and spend a weekend with Nik and see what happens. And Nik wouldn't have to deal with being bullied by friends for dating a transgirl because he has no IRL friends and Im sure his family would be ecstatic that he's finally found someone who'll love him.

If you're reading this Em - take a chance on our little Canadian buddy.

a72c86  No.16909

File: 4014c9fd4fbd1ca⋯.png (35.25 KB, 657x366, 219:122, appreciation.png)

Nothing is going to happen.

The viewers/regulars/orbiters or whatever the fuck are either serial chasers/sugar daddies or people who fell for the tranny meme. The first group just want another tranny fuckbuddy to occasionally fuck (or most accurately to fuck them) or just need having another e-girlfriend to buy sexy underwear or buttplugs for. The others are people that have only jerked to trannies online, 90% of them will still jerk off to tranny porn even when they marry a "real" woman and have 5 kids, a few of them that will meet one irl they'll mostly regret it (and go back to jacking off to tranny porn).

As for Em or the other camwhores, they may think that they want a real relationship but they don't know what a real relationship is like, and probably wont like it. Em for example spend her entire woman life (maybe even before transitioning) camwhoring or at least whoring herself out for validation in sites infested with chasers, so even a compliment trannies get is because they meet the chasers criteria and they get used to live their life satisfying chasers requirements. Admiration, validation, appreciation, whoring, chasing, tipping etc are words strongly connected in their subconscious. They mistake love for a business deal because they spend their life in places that this is the norm. Pic very related.

The best thing all of them will have is this thing they are having now. Em has a loyal bunch of "viewers" following, tipping her, praise her etc whatever stupid shit she does, and they have a favorite tranny camwhore that they can shitty-meme with when they are not getting their daily boipucci dose.

a72c86  No.16911


She was watching this video during her c4 stream 1 or 2 days ago and even showed it for a little bit on cam, and the video is still up and in the front page.

Did she change her mind again about her videos being easily available on porn sites? Interesting…

Btw the video is playable after 14:40.

a72c86  No.16920


she basically stopped trying to DMCA stuff all the time. its exhausting trying to keep track of all the tranny chasers and the people who repost her videos everywhere trying to "destroy" her while jerking off to her at the same time

a72c86  No.16921


>trying to "destroy" her


she s a fucking camwhore and noone ever leaked her private stuff just shit she did while on public streams which its pretty normal for camwhores and pornstars

maybe she must stop being a baby and accept the fact that in the adult world there are consequences. if she ever try to be "normal" she ll have to deal with her past and her shitty life choices like everyone else

if anything posting her stuff keeps her known in the tranny camwhoring scene so it helps her make more money

a72c86  No.16925

File: 5de60a425ca0491⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 573x107, 573:107, jewdown.jpg)


>Did she change her mind again about her videos being easily available on porn sites?


>she basically stopped trying to DMCA stuff all the time. its exhausting trying to keep track of all the tranny chasers and the people who repost her videos everywhere


a72c86  No.16926

File: fea2e628d92a90a⋯.jpg (157.31 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, A32tiA34C4Ho.jpg)


>what does going polgin mean to the non closet orbiters?

Polgin is one of the tranny chasers who swears he does not have any kind of sexual interest in Em but continues to low key stalk her. Trying to start a romantic relationship didn't work, so he attempted to be her friend, that didn't work either so he attempted to transition from male to female and started taking hormones, Im guessing he was trying to show Em that she and him had something in common and he could snake his way into her life by becoming a fellow trans-sister.

pic related

a72c86  No.16928


actually surprised ashemaletube removed a video. They usually just blow off requests and don't even acknowledge them.

a72c86  No.16929


>The viewers/regulars/orbiters or whatever the fuck are either serial chasers/sugar daddies or people who fell for the tranny meme.

So which one of those are you? Who else would save a conversation from a chat. Whatever you are, you're obsessed with her and her boipussy.

a72c86  No.16930

File: 7211e10e88a0224⋯.gif (103.79 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 440.gif)


>you're obsessed with her and her boipussy.

mmhmm, sure am

mmmMMmMMMMm dat boipussy

a72c86  No.16931


Dear nigger faggot 8e1c2e,

You are here from the beginning of the thread asking people to post the alleged poop video, the name of the kageshi site and then the nickname slug's using on there (you even fell for the fake username and clicked some malware infested links after that).

Also, from this post of yours >>15219 we can see that you are a new orbiter that found her during her last incarnation on cb or a little bit earlier but definitely became a dedicated fan after cb.

So dear nigger faggot 8e1c2e you are not only the biggest chaser, but you are also a shitty one too. Consider suicide.

a72c86  No.16932


doth protest too much

face it you're all obsessed with her. I just enjoy pointing out your hypocrisy and how delusional you are thinking you're not one of "them." And no I don't bother watching her, just enjoy poking some N.E.E.T.s and it appears I've been successful considering you're now calling me names.

a72c86  No.16933

Dammit you AHoles!! I cannot fap to this. Post sum nude pics or GTFO!!

a72c86  No.16934


This is like the guy who goes to the gay bar every weekend and screams faggot at everyone as the night drags on.

You don't just accidentally come to a trap board… you have to seek this site out.

Your quote is very apropos, you obsess over her but try to deflect everytime you get shamed about it

"haha you guys are such fucking chasers… but Im not"

The chaser doth protest too much, methinks.

a72c86  No.16935


>And no I don't bother watching her

Of course. I'm pretty sure about that.


Also this.


How about some moving pictures provided by a fellow admirer: https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/273271/kitty-cd-masturbating/

Hurry up before it's too late.

a72c86  No.16936

File: 6be7a89e9d76562⋯.jpg (101.55 KB, 645x385, 129:77, 6be7a89e9d765624ddeb09917e….jpg)



>you even fell for the fake username and clicked some malware infested links after that

HAHAHAAHAHA, He did fall for that OBVIOUS virus link. It fucked his computer up for over a week and he wasnt able to shitpost here, priceless.

Hes also the same guy who didnt understand how Youtube embeded videos work, then tried to troll the mods about it and had to eat crow shit.

a72c86  No.16937


Post pictures of him eating crow shit or it didn't happen and you are a liar.

a72c86  No.16938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a72c86  No.16939


oh… and by the way… its a Youtube embed, so you have to click it to "make the pretty pictures move" :)

a72c86  No.16940


Thank you my friend. I owe you one blowjob.

a72c86  No.16941

>How about some moving pictures provided by a fellow admirer: https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/273271/kitty-cd-masturbating/

Ive already got the Black-haired Tranny Uses A Purple Dildo Anally Video in my collection. How about something new?

a72c86  No.16944

you know he hit a nerve if they keep attacking him. Revenge of the NEETs,

a72c86  No.16945

File: a7383b3fe6e20c1⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 505x474, 505:474, Same_2ef9ec_149288.jpg)

you know the bullies hurt your feelings if you have to samefag the thread with a different ID to make it seem like you have an ally. Samefag, samefag everywhere.

a72c86  No.16946


NEET confirmed

a72c86  No.16948

File: c0a118176066c85⋯.png (21.77 KB, 458x236, 229:118, 34322.png)

Why is the ponce who violently denies being a chaser, the same ponce who posts the most in a thread about a cam-girl that he "doesn't bother watching"?

34 posts with one ID

21 posts with his other ID

= 55 posts is a WHOLELOTTA "I don't care"


a72c86  No.16949


Not only that. By calling everyone who disagrees with him a NEET he showed himself that is the same dude commenting on the Cassie Brooks thread also (http://anon-ib.tv/tr/res/10155.html).

The funny thing is that he also snapped there after he said something stupid and everyone made fun of him.

Turns out, this loser is a chaser with a savior complex orbiting well known "troubled" trannies probably DM'ing them after every post he makes to show them how much he cares and hoping he'll get something back for free.

a72c86  No.16950

File: f00bfeb245228c3⋯.png (413.09 KB, 915x370, 183:74, 86643209.PNG)


>The funny thing is that he also snapped there after he said something stupid and everyone made fun of him.

I think you're right. He thought the super shitty Cassie photoshops were real and didn't know how to use the Google reverse image link that anon-ib offers. He got real quiet after everyone started trolling him about it.

>probably DM'ing them after every post he makes to show them how much he cares and hoping he'll get something back for free.

Maybe Cassie will give him a free lick from her poop dildo.

a72c86  No.16953

File: 1eb1231da58f73b⋯.png (170.38 KB, 640x370, 64:37, creep.png)


>low key

a72c86  No.16955


lol what a dumbass. you got anymore screens? need to figure out how autistic this chump is. he seemed ok if slightly annoying but why would he even stay after he knew she was there? seems like theres alot more to the story.

a72c86  No.16956


didnt take anymore screens. he entered right before that, feigned being a room regular, asking how everyone was doing. then had that autistic outburst, then someone brought up applying for disability right after and then he started droning on about that for a while and then he lurked. she was passed out drunk with the cam on.

a72c86  No.16957


have I been pointing out that all you're hypocrites that much - damn. Let's face it you're the ones that have been dragging this thread out for what 4 months now because you were butthurt she had your precious little scvreencaps removed.

a72c86  No.16958


so which faggot are you in here?

a72c86  No.16959


another orbiter keeping LIVE tabs on her. SMH

a72c86  No.16960

File: 737fa56338cf06b⋯.png (50.47 KB, 429x425, 429:425, 95634232.PNG)








Shes not always the one who DMCAs the videos from those porn sites.

That wannabe tranny niglet Polgin probably does 90% of the truffle hunting and emailing the sites to take down her vids.

I wonder if theres a way to contest the takedowns and get the email connected with Polgins request. It would be so easy to reverse engineer contact info and location after that.

a72c86  No.16961

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




'member when you tried to talk shit to the mods about removing a YT embedded video, and they had to explain to you what the fuck an embed was? LOL!

'member when you thought that HORRIBLE shoop of Cassie as Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men was REAL!? LOL!

'member when you couldn't figure out how to use the anon-ib Google image search link to figure out where that screencap came from? LOL!

(and this is going waaaaaaaaaay back) but… 'member when the anon-ib troll ran you off the /tr/ board for 3 months because he hurt your feelings and no one would stick up for you? "Hasta la vista baby" You came back with your tail between your legs when you thought the coast was clear.

I thought being the laughing stock of Anon-IBs /tr/ Traps was enough for you… but now you have to be the running joke of 8chan /trap/?

a72c86  No.16962

File: dbdf2f2962cafa0⋯.jpg (67.59 KB, 928x928, 1:1, 772f75fe393c904873cba73f3a….jpg)

File: 8bdd9a3a9e79274⋯.jpg (89.97 KB, 820x1024, 205:256, CjaIXuaWEAAQLxt.jpg large.jpg)


Yes! Needs to shoop Em and Sam heads on this pic…

a72c86  No.16963


I bet someone would buy her poop dildo if she put it on Ebay. I would bid $50..

a72c86  No.16964

I have a discord, aimed at adult sexual material, if you want to know, is this: https://discord.gg/7tWBx69

a72c86  No.16966


I get a kick out of you keeping tabs faggots

a72c86  No.16970

File: 00331016cc41d35⋯.webm (473.26 KB, 640x480, 4:3, KYS.webm)

ID: 2701bc

ID: 8e1c2e

Take Detective Rusts advice

a72c86  No.16971


Just because I sucked your dick that one time does not make me a faggot.. :(

a72c86  No.16972

File: 308b3a3a0708fab⋯.jpg (138.98 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, XkAUtm7O.jpg)

fuck all y'all I don't need any of your shitposting about me Im already stressed because I gotta move within a week and I haven't even gotten all my stuff from the old place.

a72c86  No.16973


Soooo your mom is finally kicking you out of her basement? Good for her.

a72c86  No.16975


why would you even pretend to be him. your life must be trash to pretend to be someone with such a shitty life as his. same 4 twitter pictures. steal some better ones next time he uploads some more

a72c86  No.17014

File: deea7a6fd502920⋯.png (48.38 KB, 586x247, 586:247, slugcaught.png)

>tfw your sugar daddies get mad because you keep ending your "lewd" streams suddenly to disappear in a video chat room and they threaten you to cut the financing if you don't announce where do you go to hide

No rest for the camwhores.

a72c86  No.17021


Two questions-

Why did she delete this tweet? Was she afraid of the trolls and lurkers following her to that room?

Does she really have sugadaddies? I thought her stepdad paid for everything and if she needs a little something extra she just shoplifts it. I know she has some middle aged guys like dnife and whatshisface raining nickels on her, but I wouldn't consider that a true "sugadaddy"

a72c86  No.17026

According to the internet a sugar daddy is: "an older man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger companion". Most of the times some of the sugar daddies are just satisfied with a personal video of their "princesses" wearing their gift underwear/dresses or more lewd videos. Considering all the above she has many sugar daddies, even that canadian-russian twink Niko (he has bought a fuckload of thing for her), there was even a moment when she was still on twitch, that she ended the stream to give him a private show (one of many). Same thing with her mod Groove.

Now that she is mostly on cam4 that's full of middle-age fags, she told chat that she's into older men and that's why she got some sugar daddies from there (you can occasionally see them on chat asking her if she got the gift, or to add something to her wishlist to buy it for her). It isn't unlikely if she started offering more "personal" services to people in her area because there are many times in a month she's offline for 1-2 days (or more) in a row.

a72c86  No.17030

File: 471e0001efac4a5⋯.jpg (67.61 KB, 450x487, 450:487, 16329066332.jpg)


I think hes right. She gets things via wishlists but doesn't promote it. Shes getting gifts in the mail but doesn't do daily unboxing videos of whatever shes receiving. I was in her room last night and she was discussing using teeth whitening strips and slipped that Niko had sent those. That poor guy goes through so much abuse from her and he still buys her things and sniffs around her ass on a nightly basis. Em was questioning his masculinity, laughing at his height and penis size, and slowly trying to coax him into transitioning into a female.

Niko, get some self respect dude.

>It isn't unlikely if she started offering more "personal" services to people in her area because there are many times in a month she's offline for 1-2 days (or more) in a row.

Are you insinuating that shes escorting now? Do you have her Backpage ad or Craigslist post as proof?

a72c86  No.17031


he's just making an unsubstantiated leap that I doubt ever happens.

a72c86  No.17032


she still does unboxings just not as often, as her orbiters are too busy sending her tokies for private shows instead.

he sent those whitening strips as a shitty christmas gift or something, I remember her laughing at how awful his gift was compared to the others and saying she was going to flush them down the toilet. definitely was some holiday where all of her orbiters shower her with unreciprocated gifts

and that pic is actually another one of her orbiter fags, aymakhant. he used to send her huge boxes of gifts and flood her twitter with awful cringe lines on every one of her tweets but disappeared after he realized he wasnt getting any boipussi.

a72c86  No.17033


a72c86  No.17048


think he got mad because she literally threw away 90% of the stuff he got her for christmas. streamed it on YT and all but its gone now because she realised he watches her videos. if any of the orbiters has accepting mortality video that's the one

a72c86  No.17066


>its gone now because she realised he watches her videos

Niko is in her live streams 24/7, there's no reason for him to watch the replay videos of her streams. Niko is always… and I mean ALWAYS there. The only one more clingy is Polgin.

a72c86  No.17068


he was referring to ayma and the reason why he disappeared (slug destroying his christmas presents), work on your reading comprehension instead of desperately looking for reasons to gossip like a catty highschool girl, it goes without saying that niko watches all of her videos. some of you are worse than her orbitters.

a72c86  No.17071

File: 66d35ade1df53b3⋯.jpg (45.24 KB, 433x410, 433:410, sad_fag_look_in_the_mirror.jpg)


>some of you are worse than her orbitters.

Find yourself a reflective surface friendo

593150  No.17225


>she still does unboxings just not as often, as her orbiters are too busy sending her tokies for private shows instead.


>I heard that rumor about her going back to school too.

What the fuck? Did she really quit/semi-quit? Because most of the time she isn't online and she's nowhere to be found (she doesn't even post pics on her twitter frequently like she used to). When she streams it will be either a youtube stream or a cam4 stream where she just stands in front of the camera just listening to music. I mean, good for her if she found something better but does that mean we are not gonna see that boipucci ever again? Or did she really become a pornstar, escort or whatever and only quit the cam stuff, which means more boipucci.

c42a50  No.17227

File: 5bc3fcf1f5ce7fa⋯.jpg (135.15 KB, 1242x942, 207:157, IMG_6001.JPG)


Listen you wanna watch that "boipucci"? Maybe you shoulda been original and watched from the beginning now it's just kinda like sad to watch even when she gets drunk and tries to do a show for fuckers like you I bet you don't even tip, don't even touch me broke boy, can't complain if you don't pay yung jeezy.

If she isn't online a lot like she used to be maybe it's cause a year of this shit with shithead orbiters and mental fuck around maybe she like other cam girls is getting tired of this dying industry and going now where.

Maybe she wants to be a productive member of society instead of some stereotype that is laid upon trans chick that they love fucking their ass for some shit tips from shitheads like you.

TLDR. This degenerate perverted NEET lifestyle gets old and makes you wanna kill yourself to end this suffering brought upon themselves so why not quit and change it cause that's better than fuck all where she started. Choose life (if you don't know the full quote then fuck off)

"Realness I just kill shit, 'cause it's

In my DNA"

230265  No.17228

File: fd0cb3582471cd0⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x375, 4:3, thorax.jpg)


Nice blogpost, faggot.

ed1331  No.17229

File: ae8baa8ae1c5372⋯.png (316.15 KB, 1242x1523, 1242:1523, IMG_6079.PNG)









4ca96d  No.17237

4c4ab1  No.17239

File: 3559d08f49dca59⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 891x534, 297:178, applause.gif)


Good for you! Digging up something they haven't used for three and four months respectively.

593150  No.17249

File: 713675eb50c265d⋯.jpg (136.63 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 18252447_123277618230815_6….jpg)

File: ec7a85245c1ee01⋯.jpg (228.77 KB, 1080x1319, 1080:1319, 17881326_1390226897667073_….jpg)


Gucci fam it's all about dat boipucci. What's wrong wits ya son?

For example if you were a middle aged, fat, ugly, single parent, hipster comic book artist wouldn't you make her a character in your comics just to make her feel special/seduce her and maybe give you that boipucci for free?

Come on…

c42a50  No.17250

File: 4a5213d057bf796⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 640x853, 640:853, IMG_6106.JPG)


Damn that's some good drawing I wish I could draw like that but nah I'm just some recently turned 21 year old straight edge bastard son with insomnia but nah I wasn't in it for that "boipucci" tbh with you all idk what I was in it for there were a lot of reasons tbh but not for the boipucci I don't masturbate I only play piano and listen to the cure cause I'm so depressed.

It was never about bussy she's a good person to talk to even tho she has a shitty personality but she was a good one to talk to.

Btw I know who that dude is tbh with you he's kinda weird and lame like I know artist and all following his shit but like showing your child pictures of a tranny you jack it to is kinda fucked in ways. I don't think it's to seduce but it's kinda just weird sometimes special feeling but weird.

"Jesus called, he said he's sick of the disses"

4ca96d  No.17261

File: 427be0a34b0c5d6⋯.png (848.17 KB, 438x694, 219:347, enhanced-8234-1424731734-1….png)

4c4ab1  No.17262

File: 34a15032aa1b4be⋯.gif (384.66 KB, 498x200, 249:100, bringit.gif)

ade27b  No.17264

I love these orbiters who continually claim they're not orbiters yet know every single move Slugboy makes are getting their comeuppance.

inb4 they have to defend what's left of their honor by attacking me

4ca96d  No.17266

File: e1ae61220d1574f⋯.jpg (132.62 KB, 943x993, 943:993, 3337246-4d54bb89.jpg)

4c4ab1  No.17267

File: eadd8d96cfe1c7a⋯.gif (873.08 KB, 228x243, 76:81, mrsdbf.gif)

4ca96d  No.17268

File: 99ba235c2658ef9⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 311x235, 311:235, fa5vde.jpg.gif)

4c4ab1  No.17269

File: f60053d5465139f⋯.gif (907 KB, 500x208, 125:52, wolverinr.gif)

4ca96d  No.17270

File: fdf3a0aa4b461c6⋯.gif (399.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ffngr.gif)

4c4ab1  No.17271

File: 47777b88a5106cb⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 500x228, 125:57, on8CCCS.gif)

4ca96d  No.17272

File: 53533aad09b3057⋯.gif (964.17 KB, 500x263, 500:263, u54rXX.jpg.gif)

4c4ab1  No.17273

File: 42902b2959853e9⋯.gif (767.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fabuflip.gif)


Nope, I ain't buying it. Face it, you're a dick-gazing tranny chaser, and some little gif won't change that fact. So have a gif a little more suitable for you. And if it helps, you can imagine that's Slug's mitt fixin' to give you the ol' roto-rooter.

897afb  No.17280

File: 17821ae3df05bec⋯.jpg (74.68 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Ya1TSOT.jpg)

4c4ab1  No.17282


If I really was scaring the children, this thread's traffic would drop by 50%.

24cf74  No.17283


So, you’d scare yourself so bad you’d be too frightened to continue shitposting?

4c4ab1  No.17284

File: c7a28868acbf6a9⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 500x366, 250:183, iknowyouare.gif)


Found one. I think the last time I heard "I know you are, but what am I?", I was in about third grade. A long time ago, for sure.

e6ba0b  No.17285


Yeah, ’cause you are a big boy now! Guess you proved all those naysayers wrong now that you’ve made it all the way to high school, huh?

Too bad you are wasting all this time online that you should’ve spent studying.

f1ca35  No.17286





Boys boys boys calm down just calm down we don't need to crack our skulls open over some friendly banter it was just some friendly banter doesn't matter who it was between and plus we're all losers here cause this is a shitposting site and a thread about traps. It was just bantz calm down no need to go hostile and call everyone cause of who post here.

0e0c7c  No.17288

any videos of her still around?

0da328  No.17289

File: dcfa7e852e08048⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 669x493, 669:493, IMG_6134.JPG)


aNy vIdEOs oF heR sTiLl AroUnD?

4c4ab1  No.17290

File: 8a189634bbbfa6e⋯.png (3.27 KB, 178x83, 178:83, 1.png)

File: 8a189634bbbfa6e⋯.png (3.27 KB, 178x83, 178:83, 2.png)

File: 8a189634bbbfa6e⋯.png (3.27 KB, 178x83, 178:83, 3.png)

File: 8a189634bbbfa6e⋯.png (3.27 KB, 178x83, 178:83, 4.png)

File: 8a189634bbbfa6e⋯.png (3.27 KB, 178x83, 178:83, 5.png)



Here are 5 of hers that any chaser/orbiter/collector should have

323b57  No.17292

File: bb459244cea8083⋯.png (18.14 KB, 425x255, 5:3, 62967124.png)


>I was in about third grade. A long time ago, for sure.

You didn't have to explain that part.

Its a given that most of the Secret Orbiters that stalk Sluggybuggy are in their late 30's to early 40's.

0da328  No.17298

File: dcfa7e852e08048⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 669x493, 669:493, IMG_6134.JPG)


yOu diDN't hAvE tO eXplaiN tHAt pArt

iTs A giVEn thAt mOSt oF tHe sECret orBitERs thAT sTalK slUgGyBuggY aRE iN thEiR lATe 30's tO EarLy 40'S

323b57  No.17300


If you wanted to troll the slugchasers you could of done it better than uploading PNGs of the -File Deleted- placeholder

see how my -File Deleted- looks legit and you can't click it open

Hey guys here are 5 photos of Em getting ass fucked by six hard, pipe hitting niggas

and then attach a fake mod public ban message to make it look authentic


c42a50  No.17301

File: dcfa7e852e08048⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 669x493, 669:493, IMG_6134.JPG)


hEy gUyS hErE aRE 5 pHOtoS oF eM geTTinG aSs fUCked bY siX hARd, pIpE hiTTing NiGgaS

0e0c7c  No.17340


so is that a no?

d6ea7c  No.17384

File: ca002e66f119645⋯.jpg (91.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, MyODQ2MjM.jpg)

Jail food has got to be better than the hotdogs with sirache & pickles he eats weekly.

If hes lucky he'll come out the front gates looking "prison yoked"

98092c  No.17386


Are we talking about Polgin? That was most likely to happen to him.

That pic tho is irrelevant, she won't give a fuck about Polgin. She never really gave a fuck about him tbh, because he's lame (well, most of her orbiters are lame boring fucks) but he was also poor aka not sugar daddy material.

Now if another of her cucks like Niko went to jail that pic would be very relevant.

aedd4b  No.17388


she doesn't give a fuck about anyone. public chat is generally an autistic minefield. doubt she would even care if niko did go in because he doesn't buy shit anyway.


>If hes lucky he'll come out the front gates looking "prison yoked"

he already looked mildly attractive if he put in the work. I hope he does so i can go "YASS DADDY SLAY ME!"

d6ea7c  No.17396

File: f04c18a3cdbbbe1⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 196x196, 1:1, 29c13f2.jpg)


>so i can go "YASS DADDY SLAY ME!"

0a12f9  No.17399


what? He's drunkenly posted his dick pic a few times in a couple servers. "I aint much to look at but the dick game good"

0a12f9  No.17401

File: 299312f9c0bdd48⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.22 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, Daddy uwu - Copy.jpg)


i'd cream on this anyday

a3dbde  No.17414

cd54cd  No.17418

File: 21a51febcfcc3fa⋯.jpg (202.86 KB, 1231x614, 1231:614, fallen heroes.jpg)

>tfw without your orbiters you end in the second page of Cam4 trans section

How the mighty have fallen!

897afb  No.17419

File: 2476075875e9ea7⋯.png (340.18 KB, 863x251, 863:251, Capture34.PNG)



she's the number 3 cam under trans

d8db7c  No.17421

File: 61bb5b411db6a60⋯.jpg (208.43 KB, 1119x811, 1119:811, we_are_the_champions.jpg)


You're trying WAAAAAAY to hard Slug-Cuck

Being 3rd on Cam4 is like coming in third in some Special Olympics contest.

Broadcasting on Cam4 is something you should NEVER be proud of.

Cam4 is like the run down, shabby whore house on the outskirts of Las Vegas where all the old blown out prostitutes go to die after they've caught AIDS.

2f882f  No.17446


how did u make this meme from jail???

dc1002  No.17448


Im pretty sure ole Polgy can stash a smart phone in his butt

d1eb21  No.17589

so the fuck is happening with her?

does she really started school again or as many say shes started doing hard drugs.

that would explain why shes mostly offline ans specially why recently her face keeps looking more manly every day even though she takes mones (maybe thats why she tells everyone she stopped HRT)

many of us on kageshi has seen her talking and being close to a loser mod on r9k room that did meth on cam while she was asking him how it felt. btw thats the reason she made that tweet about going to tinychat, when admins closed the r9k room all these losers moved to tinyc but that methhead was already arrested or something.

i mean good for her going back to school if she did that, but its a shame to end up a crackwhore on the streets while other hons are living normal lives .

897afb  No.17590


all the colleges just had their finals

what's this nonsense you're spouting about her going back to school

lay off the drugs buddy

e6ba0b  No.17913


You do know that schools have summer sessions, right?

The scary part is it may be true.

ade27b  No.17919


I think you're correct

she did go back (or maybe first time) to school

hasn't cammed in 9 days.

027813  No.18302

File: 6a878af77513410⋯.jpg (4.58 KB, 555x462, 185:154, naked Slug fisting her ass….jpg)

Bumpity bump with a relevant pic so newcomers can learn this epic Slug saga, because I have a hunch it might be continued soon.

878913  No.18303


>naked Slug fisting her ass.jpg


e28575  No.18392

after those videos at lollapalooza where she flirts with the homeless guy, kiss the "loli", kiss a nigger, she stops and stares/talks to every stranger on the street, hangs out with "hoodlums" when they invite her, uses the urinal in the mens bathroom when men are there to cause trouble etc, now I understand why she didnt leave her room or her village before.

also judging from the last stream she will probably get raped by gay niggers without Polgin being involved.

e28575  No.18393

possible car crash livestream on youtube right now. hurry up people.

f718ce  No.18394


Did she delete it?

1f4718  No.18395

File: 524cee9a64d70d1⋯.webm (6.52 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 352095638441.webm)

Im so happy that our favorite clown trap is back at it

The best part is now her crazy streams are happening outside her bedroom- the bad part is the attempted sexual assault by "nig-nogs" roaming the alleys.

e28575  No.18396


yes, all of todays streams actually


she was joking. i dont think anything like that happened but she's so stupid that she thinks being a trans makes her invisible or some shit.

even if homeless thugs or niggers wont rape her boipucci while she roams around chicago alone, drunk and coked up after midnight, definately one of them will beat her to steal her shit.

ffs slug, at least Cassie Brooks have the excuse of being homeless for her failed life

5d7949  No.18397

File: b6133741f3bb959⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, tenor.gif)


Deleted off of her YouTube Channel?


Deleted off the internet or my hard-drive ?


c6acca  No.18403

File: c959206091ea556⋯.webm (425.57 KB, 320x240, 4:3, bhlKikDFdggDsd.webm)

9e56f4  No.18404

File: 7b352149336e7d3⋯.webm (7.23 MB, 406x720, 203:360, touchedbyanignogangel.webm)



my niggaz.


lol wtf

0cb069  No.18406

It seems like she tries to have a social life but for some reason, while other trannies try to hide their private life, she livestreams it and acts extra stupid during it just to upset some people. Pathetic attention whoring imho.

499528  No.18407

too socially retarded to have a relationship, i guess if she horny then gettin assraped by a stranger in a alley is all she got

3360ae  No.18414

Jesus christ Em, when is it time to say "enough"? You're 25 fucking years old. This dumbassery is getting old, it's time to start acting like an adult. Shit's not cute anymore, and five years from now (if you live that long) it's just gonna be pathetic.

And what the fuck will you do when the parents decide that it's time to put a bullet in the cash cow? A parent's "unconditional love" has limits, you know.

"Why can't you be more like your sister?"

63a006  No.18415

File: b9a53be28a8a210⋯.png (15.65 KB, 589x166, 589:166, what did she mean by this.png)

I still don't know if she meant barbecue grills or if she's lowkey announcing her belated lesbian phase.

682b82  No.18416

File: 41fae93eb624c95⋯.jpeg (22.01 KB, 697x156, 697:156, image.jpeg)


f718ce  No.18417

>walking around the city with her cat ears and a giant teddy bear with a bell on it

so adorable

f718ce  No.18419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

637a5e  No.18422


what do those emoticons mean?


grills is the stupid way 4chaners say girls. Its an old meme that those late to the party still use. Im guessing that the loli she kissed while roaming the streets, sparked something in her tranny cock.


I love it! Can you make the audio clip into a dance mix? Like they did with Christain Bales freak out.


>fuck you BeeGee, you gross cripple

Who is BeeGee? And why is he a gross cripple?

587b7f  No.18423


>Who is BeeGee? And why is he a gross cripple?

Bee Gees are discofagbros from the 70's

beachy is one of her orbiters

the gross cripple was durky

63a006  No.18425

File: f611dd5b98ce9a2⋯.png (10.44 KB, 589x109, 589:109, findom.png)

>Plz can anyone of you cucks give me $600 to support my new coke fuelled lesbian lifestyle.

No likes yet lmao. Well, there are plenty of $150-200 refurbished ones.

066e0f  No.18426

File: d10b030d064eb02⋯.png (191.43 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20170813_005.png)

Apparently he's back on chaturbate now but I haven't found it yet.

63a006  No.18429


she's clearly joking fam

637a5e  No.18430


I think she understands that -

1. She would get abuse reports of "Broadcaster is wrong gender"

2. Chaturbate mods would figure out that shes attempting to evade a previous ban and ban her again.

So yeah, pretty sure its a joke a dumb one at that

066e0f  No.18431



yeah, you're right. I'm just retarded

67c22d  No.18435


I found her but it took awhile she was on page 11 under males. Had like 3 viewers.

63a006  No.18436

Fuck, just now I saw she had two new youtube streams "lanky Kong u-u" and "heh :v". Was she again out acting retarded?

67c22d  No.18438

File: b5a5c6140c04a50⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 263x192, 263:192, 1502657657665.jpg)


you autistics still at it

ef7db5  No.18439


been so busy today that didn't even notice it, he deletes his streams all the time without notice. sucks tbh. what were they about?

ef7db5  No.18440


really? I truly thought it was a meme at this point. What username was it under?

637a5e  No.18441



>takes the time and effort to scour Chaturbate for hours to find slug broadcasting

>calls others autistics

or did you forget which IP you were posting from?

learn to same fag without getting caught bro :)

67c22d  No.18444


you dumbass I just said that so some of you would believe it and spend half your waking hours in the male section. Though looking at most of the posts here I'm sure most of you spend a lot of time there anyway.

637a5e  No.18446

File: 78efe6fefbd5459⋯.jpg (45.28 KB, 529x504, 529:504, 9fe7b407176e7ed4.jpg)

78a9bf  No.18447




Guys, let's play "Guess who this nigger is". Hint: it's a faggot that doesn't know what an embedded video is.

637a5e  No.18448

File: a639ccd13151bf1⋯.webm (951.91 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Guess_who_this_nigger_is.webm)


embedded video VERY related

f718ce  No.18459

File: 4b80206afc39f73⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, slug-gets-angry.jpg)


Luckily, she's learning to fight back.

f3bf52  No.18460


Can you imagine if Em actually owned a gun? Holy fuck!

tbh she'd probably accidentally shoot herself within the first week and that would be the end of it.

562ea6  No.18462


That almost happened by the way.

During the period she was redpilled to retardation from Fappy and Niko (aka the "Sia is a pedo enabler and I have to take Xanax by the buckets for my 3day non-stop livestream to prove it" period), she said she was thinking of getting a gun. But a gun=many bottles of booze money wise and also she got bored with all that redpill stuff pretty fast after a while.

562ea6  No.18463

File: 613719981270e24⋯.png (23.15 KB, 379x263, 379:263, redpill1.png)

File: a2334a6e9116660⋯.png (24.05 KB, 373x251, 373:251, redpill2.png)

File: 6e636c764cf052d⋯.png (7.13 KB, 357x82, 357:82, redpill3.png)


I forgot to post some related screenshots from that era for archival reasons.

00582e  No.18472

File: c1fdebfbd894972⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 2338873.webm)

>streams on youtube with her phone for a short shitty stream just so cucks see she was telling the truth

>after a few mins is streaming on kageshi clearly with a laptop or some shit

>you can even see her holding her phone checking for messages

>rinse and repeat

gradually reaching "scam artist" levels

169817  No.18476


OMG!!! What has happened to Em?

ff07ca  No.18481

File: 961c8a93e031ad0⋯.png (766.77 KB, 642x475, 642:475, whatthefuck.PNG)


shes gone off the deep end

today she mangled an innocent dead squirrel on her stream

7d0847  No.18482


Maybe she is going to become a veterinarian.

I hear they make good money.

ff07ca  No.18483


One more thing -

It really bothered me how easily she handled the dead and decomposing body of this animal. It reminded me of an article I read about "The Milwaukee Cannibal"

Some times there are early warning signs -

Although he experienced a relatively normal childhood, Dahmer’s family and friends noted that little Jeffy had a number of … peculiarities. When his father, Lionel, once cleaned the remains of dead rodents out from under the house, Jeff couldn’t help but play with them, happily running his hands through the bones. He seemed enthralled with the clattering noise they made. With live animals, he would explore their bodies to discover where their bones were located. His father, interpreting this at the time as a sign of normal childhood curiosity, was only creeped-out in retrospect.

7d0847  No.18484

She must live down south where they eat squirrels, rabbits and opossums. Only logical reason.


5880f4  No.18486

So which one of you white knight cucks got her a new "lappy"?


You need to study to become a vet. She couldnt even finish school to get her faggy degree in make up and shit. She better just keep scraping dead animals from the streets and practise taxidermy.

f718ce  No.18489


In fairness, we have probably all known people who are completely non-squeamish regarding stuff like this, they actually think it's fun. Also, as >>18484 touches on, when you grow up around it, like if you live among avid hunters, it's not a big deal at all.

610575  No.18492

File: 5c8cc5d844f3380⋯.png (237.21 KB, 428x372, 107:93, 75342231.PNG)

"I cant look at his faaaaace"

*puts blue glove over squirrels head*

It suddenly turned into some kind ISIS torture snuff video

610575  No.18493

File: 955c9685dec58c9⋯.png (569.71 KB, 821x682, 821:682, 68859766547.png)


We need to do some Chris Chan level trolling.

Someone should offer to buy her taxidermy squirrel for a few thousand dollars

7d0847  No.18498

Kind of like Norman Bates. Next thing you know he will be wearing his mothers clothes and speaking in his mothers voice.

610575  No.18499

File: b83de54774b1b7a⋯.jpg (79.91 KB, 600x857, 600:857, CeCQWacXIAEpudC.jpg)


>transitions from male to female to be like mom

>copies mothers beauty mark above lip on a daily basis

>wears mothers old tongue stud from "mommies slut days"

I fear that when it finally happens… it will be mothers skin that Em will be wearing.

67c22d  No.18508

File: cfc07a9c22e0c3a⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 14288017_179401222485293_1….jpg)


>Next thing you know he will be wearing his mothers clothes and speaking in his mothers voice.

already does that

Just don't let her anywhere near a kitchen knife

e8dd61  No.18512

So she went from mutilating herself and stuffing dildos up her asshole to mutilating and stuffing squirrels? WTF?

Does she at least have sex with them or something?

I want Em sex videos again dammit…


e8dd61  No.18516

File: 4c33b9bb5838887⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 600x749, 600:749, CjaIXuaWEAAQLxt.jpg)

Does anyone think Em will ever return to doing naked dildo shoots or is she only into food and animal mutilation now? :(

I want the old Em back.. 8=====D~~~~():

She was sooooo cute and loveable.

fb82ca  No.18544



Why do you want more camshows? Isn't she enough fucked up yet? With parents that didn't give a fuck and just spoiled her, with all that enabling from her orbiters and all the shitty decisions she made, she has become an alcoholic, junkie 25yo tranny with no skills or education that survives on her pocket money and “donations” from chasers. Everyone that mentions her, from a random user at a shitty tranny chasing forum to her beloved friends from kageshi, acknowledges she's fucked up in the head. If she is still alive past her prime and for some reason mommy and daddy isn't there she will end up a homeless whore. Isn't that enough already?

5babb9  No.18548



Old Em is the reasons for new Em the only thing that's worst about it is that she's more of a junkie loser than before still a degenerate but the only thing I see changing is adding herion needle scars next to those depressed attention scars on her arms or maybe a death so her parents don't feel guilty if they ever thought of kicking her out.

57bc8f  No.18589

Damn shame. She had a lot of potential. She "was" at one time very beautiful and seemed nice.

I will miss the old Em….. :(

31824b  No.18613


What "potential" are you talking about? Are you talking about eventually killing herself on cam by something stupid she could have done while piss drunk? Because thats where she was heading to with her semi-failed cam whore "career".

fcecf6  No.18616


I think he meant potential in becoming some world wide known tranny pornstar like those other ones that get abused and used till they get old and the next young confused trans girl comes for some help with her money problems and then she could fuck off for the new one and become another old aging cam whore that escorts on the side to make extra cash since young ones start on cam sites too till she eventually gets fed up with the thought of her trying to become something better when she had the chance and then has a breakdown then death like the rest.


Some good potential am I right m8?

31824b  No.18617

Btw that fucking mentality "I like that girl and because I cant have her, I wish she did porn and got railed by 100 niggers at the same time" is entry level cuckholdry. You guys should check that, maybe try cutting down porn.


Em couldnt even have that tbh. Cassie Brooks for example, way before her melt down on cam (btw one melt-down not like Em that had one melt down every other stream) did a photoshoot with that bald, designated tranny-fucker faggot Christian something, and because of her character/drug problem he denied to work with her again (he even announced it on twitter) and that pretty much destroyed her potential porn career.

Em could have done 2-3 shoots while coming to the set piss drunk (like she did in order to prepare for her streams) then because of the porn money and because she hated herself she will get more booze/drugs and pretty soon she would be featured in the efukt video "Tranny pornstar's hilarious backstage meltdown". Then she will ended up in a grade-Z porn "company" fucking midgets, niggers with down syndrome etc getting paid in meth before her od.

9b78e5  No.18623


That fucking mentality is degenerate as fuck, fuckers think that shits fucking sexy or get that dick hard so they can download that video and leave themselves happy as everything around them is a shithole waiting for that cold suicide to happen, fuck those people and fuck that bald headed nigga Christian.

I heard those efukt videos are good memes just like everything else with her.

73b01c  No.18632

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ive only seen that YouTube video of "Twitch Fails" where shes the featured thumbnail.

She comes on at 4:40

Shes on efukt now? I LOVE efuckt, please link.

51f8d4  No.18633

I almost feel sorry for "her", but then I remember what a disgusting, vile human being "she" is. "She" had a hundred shots at a good life with some chaser bf but what does "she" do? Get drunk, e-beg, walk the streets like a slut in brbrbrland then cry on camera for that sweet e-attention…

Through and through a worthless piece of shit only there for our cheap amusement. I really wish it was different, that "she" stayed a cute little pikachu but it wasn't meant to be. Some people are simply broken by nature and can't be helped, even worse - they want to fail. And the world is all too happy to grant that wish.

Repost those lewds.

f9ae02  No.18634


>Shes on efukt now? I LOVE efuckt, please link.

There isnt an efukt video (that I know). What I meant is if she decided to do porn, sooner or later she would be featured in a one while being completely wasted and getting yelled at/mocked by the porn crew backstage.


>"She" had a hundred shots at a good life with some chaser bf

I think the only bf she had irl, was a faggot gook that didn't want her to transition and kept calling her by her boy name. Unless you mean that Russian-Canadian twink Niko, but I think he's too pussy to even meet her in person.

But she could do it without them, her parents have enough money but they had spoiled her to death already and never really cared for her (I mean they can't just be so fucking idiots that they dont know she's camwhoring or that she's an alcoholic junkie since her teenage years) that's why she's so fucked up. Plus, put into the mix an influx of hormones and negative influences from all these (cam)whores trannies she used to hang out with and you have a quality worthless human being.

adf0e3  No.18636


No efukt video i was just saying it would be a funny meme cause that's how it is with her always a meme never real.


Dude everyone feels a bit pity for her I mean it's not hard to see sometimes I mean where she goes at on those cam sites it's a bunch of lonely guys or even married guys looking for that fetish fantasy they want but also have the savior complex. Yes a piece of shit no doubt we all are on this earth but worthless probably yea since she wasted a lot of chances to get wasted and hammered for some memes or to mask herself but she has some worth in this world we all do but some of us don't and those that don't are easy to spot. But she's insane and mental so I wouldn't blame who ever she blames for making her act this way it's always been her and her only that made her live in her own hell.


Ew don't ever say that guys name again, that guy isn't worth a damn and she knows it, it's not about the him being too much of a pussy it's also with her not even been a bit attracted to him she just felt guilty for him always buying her gifts and so she treated him nice and gave back what she could but all he did was just treat her like some fetish and some (cam)whore. The parents know but they don't know the whole thing with her i don't know if it's they are alright with her self destructing or that they don't care about her that they'll wait for that call from some cop.

3b3c13  No.18668

File: 875095faf7e147f⋯.jpg (189.84 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, C5okFnUWYAAiRjG.jpg)

File: 3b336073baf26b9⋯.jpg (176.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Cpm5nM0WAAAzqLl.jpg)

File: fb4f41ec74c2500⋯.jpg (162.08 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, CtVhB-oWcAASakL.jpg)

File: 53fe59e4fc45421⋯.jpg (136.89 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DBBshHqWAAAuv3u.jpg)

File: 785271a169fd7ef⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DIC292EXkAApBk2.jpg)

Happy and beautiful Em….

62aa85  No.18718

Whatever happened to her?

Whatever happened to the whole thing?

What happened to everyone else?

58f74e  No.18722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Everything is lost in time, like tears in the rain.

At least, we still have this masterpiece.

4555ae  No.18725

File: aaa11dfaaa796fe⋯.jpg (219.81 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DGglBgJXUAIebFG.jpg)


Whatever happened to her?

She turned satanic and summoned demons to kill those that made fun of her..

Whatever happened to the whole thing?

She _ the whole thing, right up her asshole..

What happened to everyone else?

Everyone else either died from flooding of Hurricane Harvey or burned to death in the Montana and California fires. And if they haven't died yet, here comes Irma & Jose….

7a8368  No.18745

File: fc22785bd50c576⋯.png (23 KB, 137x123, 137:123, ScreenShot_20170906234403.png)


>Whatever happened to her?

>She turned satanic and summoned demons to kill those that made fun of her..

Not everyone. Not saying that the demons

didn't show up, but when they did, we had

a talk, and when they found out what I

actually said and compared it to what her

cuckcrew told her I said, they apologized

and left.

b853ac  No.18746


You sound like that one person that came here and went on some psychotic rants and always used a lot of quotations in his post. I don't remember what his name was but it just sounds similar but then again a lot of these post sound psychotic.

58f74e  No.18749

File: 3448574593de100⋯.gif (4.69 MB, 400x169, 400:169, national_treasure_tropic_t….gif)


If you mean mein main nigga (try to say that 5 times fast) gucci S T E E Z, just back off man.

He might be cringey, but the man wrote some fine urban-literature in here and his heart is in the right place.

19bcec  No.18750

File: a58c1932cd84285⋯.jpg (80.18 KB, 575x525, 23:21, STEEZ _BLART_butthole_insp….jpg)


I think you mean this guy.

62aa85  No.18759


Don't worry man I got you, I won't say anything bad about the guy I was just saying you sounded similar and wanted to know if he was back. Would've been cool to see a rant again or something stupid always gave a good chuckle. Wonder whatever happen to him?


Yea that guy thanks but the other guy answered my question. That guys got a funny looking face and a small hat.

58f74e  No.18776

File: 3557fdca0560eca⋯.png (144.92 KB, 640x1317, 640:1317, retard fight.png)


99fbeb  No.18777


LOL WoW two retards fighting with each other, what else is new with her?

f57317  No.18780

tfw cant believe that hideous retards literally hinge on my every virtual word xd

f57317  No.18781

File: 7d6b3a224a4c37f⋯.gif (598.15 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 25be20317d753e7587f2fe0607….gif)

should i dmca this thread or indulge you pathetic retarded nega-orbiters by continuing to allow you to chirp about in my direction???? I WONDER

e2d2b9  No.18782

File: 0e9bacad0f37867⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 250x235, 50:47, man has to have a code.jpg)


i'm just here for the pictures