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c5ef65  No.17998

I realized something tonight.

Im the boy who pulled her hair

Im the boy who threw rocks at her

Im the boy who pushed her down in the mud

Im the troll who caused shit and stirred the pot… and now I miss her since she's been gone.

sorry Mods, I know this is thread number 8 or 9

25ff57  No.18008

File: 9ec55aabf382990⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 234x268, 117:134, 35xyux.jpg)

0742d4  No.18009

Ah, a classic case of Troll's Remorse

You'd think we'd learn after a while…

6f974a  No.18012

File: 777c32f04c6f1bd⋯.jpg (89.69 KB, 500x400, 5:4, troll-25.jpg)

5a8754  No.18013

Do we really need a post an orbiter on here? Now that's left is to get that Canadian to post a thread on here and we have the complete set of slug moons who have posted on here

337e07  No.18014


>get that Canadian to post a thread

Which one?

She got 2 in tight orbit.

20b387  No.18018


Is it just me or does the first sentence not make sense? Can someone explain it to me. Im not trolling, I just don't understand it.

The second sentence makes more sense after I added a few words and moved things around

Corrected-Now all that's left is to get that Canadian to post a thread on here and we'll have the complete set of slug moons who have posted on here.

That's what you meant right?

What did this mean - Do we really need a post an orbiter on here?

1a405c  No.18252

I guess OP wont be sad for long. Last few weeks she's been camwhoring on weekends (although I dont know if they were lewd streams), but in her last youtube stream she said she's back on hormones (aka whore juice). So it wont be long until she ll start drinking to death and have that tranny primal desire for the tipping sound.

da1939  No.18254


>Last few weeks she's been camwhoring on weekends

Casual drive-bys don't count.

d233c2  No.18275


sure they do

you snooze, you lose

defdeb  No.18276

Shes been in school for months now

I don't understand how she hasn't made any friends yet.

She even mused on her last stream that shes talked to some but they are much younger than her.

Shes so charming on cam - but in real life?

686688  No.18277


Maybe she's still confused because they haven't tipped her yet.

b74ba0  No.18280

File: cd675b886e82b6f⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, 389:279, fwC7G0d.gif)

10ffec  No.18291

Shes online now

come watch her tell stories of being crushed on by an albino burnout in Jr High School, rebuffing the albinos aggressive sexual advances and almost getting beat up by the albinos male friend

686688  No.18292

LOL. So now she's camming midweek? She was also on kageshi camming and smoking weed because she has many "friends" there too. A few days after she said she took her hormones again and her "schedule" has been changed. Rev up those slug memes boys cuz soon she's gonna be back.

Also you shouldn't be surprised she hasn't make any real friends in school. Take an introvert, beta, neet, gay teen beaner with many mental health issues that only cared about booze and weed at school, make him think that transitioning will solve everyone of his problems and teach him it's ok to become a whore from day 0 of transitioning. Also keep in mind that this person constantly visits sites full of trannies, chasers etc when not "working" on camwhore sites. It's not wonder Slug became a rl social retard.

6c45da  No.18300

i have nt seen her for a while and she has been in r9k room almost 2 days smoking weed and staring like a retard while no one is giving a fuck about her . was nt she back at school or something? please someone tell me she dropped out again

639bd2  No.18409

where's the nudes, you faggots

0ff31c  No.18479

What's the name?

02bde6  No.18480



64fcd1  No.18488

File: 742f5562b88ba08⋯.jpg (152.28 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dutch boy.jpg)

219baa  No.18739

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shes still active on her social media

and so are her admirers chasers/stalkers

This was posted to her social media.


56502f  No.18744

File: 78dd08866dc2904⋯.gif (297.6 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1420371731498.gif)


rofl, instinctively thought i would have to dmca but actually made me chuckle :9 gj !!

264ce7  No.19045

File: 2995576089db2ca⋯.webm (4.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, end of laughters.webm)

Press F to pay respects.

5efbb9  No.19049

File: 6abf0ddfbfedf45⋯.jpeg (791.62 KB, 1242x952, 621:476, 6E7CA858-313A-4087-9792-D….jpeg)

334f30  No.19053

File: a102a96f5a2f8be⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 251x240, 251:240, 175797e9f635.jpg)

d7b0cb  No.19065

File: 9d49fbe2f3b84d6⋯.jpg (460.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nbmuu.jpg)


Near the end of that thread Em discussed doing a AMA for her 8chan/trap/ degen-fans.

Did anything come of it?

Id love to see her do it as a Youtube video. I remember when she had that question and answer video on her channel. She really got deep into her family, her upbringing, her life in general. I truly enjoyed that video, and of course she took it down.

490992  No.19066

File: e3230341fb5d4e4⋯.jpg (51.94 KB, 650x487, 650:487, DKa94iIVAAEbnlO.jpg)

Did y'all catch her latest cooking stream?

f9780d  No.19070


She still streams? I thought she was like dead or has some internet boyfriend, anyway what she do this time?

d7b0cb  No.19072


its a joke bruv

learn to reverse image search

25121d  No.19073


I don’t know if he knew it was a joke, but you can clearly see he’s asking “what did she do this time?” Which means he was asking what did she do on stream. He wasn’t saying that the image is what she did anyway.

d7b0cb  No.19075


>says did you catch her latest cooking stream

>posts funny image of deep fried rat taken from a Google search


>asks about the (cooking) stream

>asks what she did this time


No, I think he actually thought she cooked a rat on her YT stream, and I dont blame him. This is the same girl who used a roadkill squirrel to do a shitty taxidermy stream.

1f23ed  No.19077

File: e99e9229ff3ee03⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1080x856, 135:107, lad.PNG)


good one.

264ce7  No.19078

File: 405c2ca13df913b⋯.jpg (407.63 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 2d5ed2f028b2f5f2e307db4e3c….jpg)

Mfw I tried to screencap the other thread using infinty's chan option and some other browser plugins and all fail because it created a 1+GB image.

490992  No.19084

File: ac04c533b35638e⋯.png (512.79 KB, 724x525, 724:525, quadperfsarc1.png)

284b01  No.19086


I got your sarcasm Chief Enabler

a5ac55  No.19096

File: 96cc6c322a939db⋯.jpg (51.91 KB, 553x569, 553:569, yes-it-was-sarcasm.jpg)

File: e1ae61220d1574f⋯.jpg (132.62 KB, 943x993, 943:993, 3337246-4d54bb89.jpg)

284b01  No.19097


good keep answering me fruitcake then this thread will fill up just like the other one and no one will be able to post in it also. God all of you are my lemmings.

264ce7  No.19098


I think there are two more threads left. At least one for sure. We are going to be here for a long time lads.

284b01  No.19099

File: 993399918783fd4⋯.jpg (85.19 KB, 720x514, 360:257, 2398769-2816409325-lemmi.jpg)

a5ac55  No.19111

File: 94f52aa1150baff⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 320x180, 16:9, tumblr_oc2mbnFlod1vzrln3o1….gif)


Now listen here snowflake…call me fruitcake again and I might have to bend you over my knee and spank that little ass of yours, then shove a nigger dildo up your hole..

490992  No.19113

File: 7c49555130f2ff7⋯.jpg (18.99 KB, 620x470, 62:47, lusknys23s1ryg4bcalq.jpg)


If you wear a slug mask while you do it I'll bet snowflake will throw nickels at you the whole time.

9de4a3  No.19117

Live on youtube right now getting drunk on whiskey.

She said she's preparing to move from "the place" she's at currently. Oh boy…

052120  No.19118


Oh boy indeed I guess it’s coming to a end for her and the parents, maybe thats for good but how is she even gonna do it? No money and no friends and nothing really, is she gonna move in with one of her orbiters or move in with a druggie?

Find out next time on a new episode of some gay shit adventures only on teen nick.

Also whisky now? Barf gotten to hard times now.

1cae3d  No.19120


I don’t think >>19117 meant what you think you wrote.

Maybe the “place” they are talking about is metaphorical as in her mental health or maybe her situation of being a lonely depressed NEET, her moving on as in finally growing up or necking herself and ending it there. But i don’t know really just spot balling here folks.

fa9c84  No.19122

File: 1b2374973616ec4⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 540x255, 36:17, ff4.gif)

gd y'all r boring

fa9c84  No.19124

File: 0d916cb4702574d⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1506205903367.gif)


wonder how boring your life must be that you spent time doing this ,__.

490992  No.19125

File: 4b72bae47fbafbb⋯.gif (415.33 KB, 393x373, 393:373, giphy.gif)


Not nearly as boring as yours, ust staring at a screen and refreshing constntly, waiting to see what pops up next.

Yep, it was a test- it wasn't up for even one minute before I deleted the post. So congrats- your fail was epic.

Get a life of your own, user named "slugbuggy".

fa9c84  No.19126

File: b278ddf8eaed064⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1280x957, 1280:957, tumblr_ow14qq3AqX1upe1ufo1….png)


cant bother to finish reading past the first 3 words.

stop posting in here if you are bored lolz you are so TRANSparent.

fa9c84  No.19128

File: e369ad9a0eba086⋯.gif (358.25 KB, 500x289, 500:289, giphy.gif)

i think i will leave this site for 22 months. bye youare all tiresom and not very funny or insightful !! will check thread in 2020 !

67eeac  No.19129


The place was in quotation marks because that is the word she used instead of saying her parents house. I also think she said she has trouble with the law, maybe that's related to what anon asked her over at the other thread >>19017

Btw I love modern parents. Spoil a kid for 25 years so she ends up a messed up, alcoholic, junkie. Suddenly you realize you have enough, and you throw them out of the house. Let society handle another problematic case lel. Fuck yeah parenting.


22 months? that sounds like a prison sentence. UwU

052120  No.19130


I think your math is a tad bit wrong on that 22 month thing will check back in 2020.


She’s going to prison? Damn no wonder she said she was going to leave her “place”, damn that single mother failed her only baby boy tsk tsk tsk. Also will she be in female prison or male prison? Cause both are gonna suck for her tbh she’s going to be someones bitch.

df1625  No.19137


>cant bother to finish reading past the first 3 words.

The first 3 words of post >>19125 were

>Not Nearly as

if you had continued reading you would of read

>boring as yours

But in your post you say

>stop posting in here if you are bored lolz

how do you know he said "boring" if you didnt read past the first 3 words?

Why lie and pretend you dont hang on every word your chasers-orbiters-stalkers-haters type about you?

You either die a hero beloved camwhore, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

052120  No.19139


Did you just quote dark knight?

Anyway I think beloved camwhore is out the door by now so looks like she lived long enough to become a villain like the ones she hates. Such a shame I guess, welp on to the next 5 star shit show.

df1625  No.19140

File: c601f7a581c0ffa⋯.jpg (102.72 KB, 350x525, 2:3, 37.jpg)


I know that California and some other liberal states have set ups where trans and gays are housed separate from the rest of the prison population.

I doubt the jails & prisons where she lives (Illinois) have that kind of separation between trans-gays and heterosexual inmates.

Ems best bet is to do something like fight with an inmate or CO, or specifically ask for solitary confinement. 23 hours in a smaller cell, no contact with any other inmates ever and only one hour in an outdoor chainlink fenced in cage for required outdoor exercise.

4d538f  No.19141


sounds cool

>Needs flash

Im out.

Ive been alone in my room the past 3 years and havent used a chat room or social media besides this all because they all take some shit like flash

4d538f  No.19142


they have that seperation everywhere.

No mixed race housing, no mis matching sexualities, no mixed gender housing.

1b4cce  No.19143


Dawg kageshi is dead, they changed the domain to ezcapechat or something like that.

ce4533  No.19144


Whos in the pic in OP?

Who is the cammer?

I'm fucking lost. Nerve center was a bad idea.

490992  No.19145


>stop posting in here if you are bored lolz

I never said that I was bored, I merely made a qualitative comparison of our individual levels of boredom.

>you are so TRANSparent.

Sorry, wrong on both counts. I am neither a trans nor a parent.

490992  No.19146

File: 99853bdb811a0b3⋯.jpg (135.27 KB, 1000x608, 125:76, abandon-hope-all-ye-who-en….jpg)


>Whos in the pic in OP?

Who is the cammer?

Friendo, if you have to ask, then your best bet is to back out slowly, turn and run like hell, lest you get sucked into this new Abyss of despair. Really. Save yourself, our lives are forfeit.

490992  No.19147

File: 126c5abcb018443⋯.jpg (141.6 KB, 1000x608, 125:76, abandon-hope-all-ye-who-en….jpg)



*fixed that for me*

298877  No.19148


Man if you have to ask then you don’t need to know, also listen to this guy>>19146 he’s right this place is a abyss and a vicious cycle of despair and depression of degeneracy, just a sad cold lonely place that’s not in hell.

But I’ve heard of stories of some that left this shit hole for good and for the better and probably found peace. God bless those souls.

490992  No.19149

File: 04a72e5bb17eef8⋯.jpg (34.11 KB, 448x346, 224:173, budchr.jpg)


>God bless those souls.

4d538f  No.19150


So someone mentioned kageshi which led me to ezcapechat. Its as bad as tiny chat with mods banning you if you out banter them. WTF? You faggots are casual as fuck talking about normie spaces

df1625  No.19152


>No mixed race housing


I would of believed you about the rest of the stuff you posted if you hadnt made up that shit about segregating the races in prison

df1625  No.19153

File: 6e0d73054e2d562⋯.jpg (130.84 KB, 590x421, 590:421, 14092989.jpg)

490992  No.19154



>my mom fucked me up by being a meth addict

Where at and when? She and I may have done rails together. Or shared a foil.

3cdc09  No.19155

File: 28c11f44884da3b⋯.jpg (169.82 KB, 1137x1079, 1137:1079, Kuroki_Tomoko.jpg)

3cdc09  No.19156

File: cf97ae5e91724ea⋯.jpg (566.5 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, tomoko-kuroki-in-watamote.jpg)


my newest video in case you wanted to see it !


67eeac  No.19157

Stay at her old folks home: booze, drugs and degeneracy

Thrown out on the streets: more booze, more drugs which will lead to prostitution and/or a semi-failed porn career (with the inevitable efukt video of the coke/booze fueled breakdown backstage) which will lead to more booze, drugs etc etc. In a few words degeneracy galore.

Jail: Probably she will join Nuestra Familia or some other latino gang (she joined one for fun a month ago during her midnight adventures) so they'll make her a prison crack/meth whore for every beaner scum that is 10 times more hideous than that creepy uncle of hers.

Psych ward: Force-fed pills till she becomes a zombie/vegetable.

Turns out, the only viable solution is to move with some of the ancient fucks that orbit her.


Most of them used to or are tinychat users, so yes. Just stay away from the r9k, neets and whatever designated tranny room is at the top, they are cesspools full of human scum and you can be banned just for entering those rooms, just saying hi or maybe nobody will ever talk to you because your are new (especially in r9k or neets). The other rooms are better I guess (if you want to see people smoke pot 24/7) but not all people there are willing to chat along. I think the main chat room, where admins hang out, is the best.

3cdc09  No.19158

File: d65c466f1b3fb73⋯.gif (1011.42 KB, 500x450, 10:9, f4fd0e129dc91e8a294fbc416d….gif)

67eeac  No.19160



Didn't you hate those threads and you wanted to DMCA the whole internets because of them senpai? What's up with all that twitter and youtube advertising? Planning on using them to make moneys now you'll leave home. ;P


>very big post anon !

It just says that whatever "path" you choose (if you could) it would probably end in degeneracy. Just an observation tho, nothing personal. UwU

a507c0  No.19161

File: 1586ecb724f711d⋯.jpeg (35.11 KB, 377x264, 377:264, A69A1039-DFE1-400D-996C-5….jpeg)

3cdc09  No.19162

File: c6bdca456634648⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 313x313, 1:1, xBsUlajg.jpg)

633a0f  No.19163

File: ee10928bd594af7⋯.jpeg (176.31 KB, 1242x1133, 1242:1133, 9BAD2722-C0C6-4F4B-893B-0….jpeg)

3cdc09  No.19164

File: 25c2498fa7de828⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 640x352, 20:11, ree.gif)


no !!

639897  No.19165

File: 99a471d557d3262⋯.jpeg (236.26 KB, 1242x676, 621:338, AF051F92-A41C-4B84-8640-5….jpeg)

3cdc09  No.19166

File: 532f09c512a4843⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tomoko_angry.png)


join that rat in prison PLEASE ??

67eeac  No.19167


From "you are all homo gay faggot fruitcakes nega-orbiters posting in here, I will DMCA your mom" to "this is my twitter, instagram, youtube, fetlife, myspace, ICQ, club penguin profile. plz check it out". This is sad kiddo.

3cdc09  No.19168

File: b5c92dc228504a1⋯.gif (959.14 KB, 500x220, 25:11, tumblr_ms7tonrJcW1rywvnho3….gif)


i am embracing my tranny domination on this bored ! shut up !!11

c5804b  No.19169

File: e5ea1cbd823d9ad⋯.jpeg (202.93 KB, 1242x1292, 621:646, B2D4A8A6-561C-44ED-A5DF-1….jpeg)

67eeac  No.19170


is tranny domination another way to say pity, people making fun of you, people just memeing around?

btw do your armpits smell?

052120  No.19171

File: dbc049d21c43c49⋯.jpeg (140.17 KB, 1600x1370, 160:137, 1F4279D2-503B-46DE-96EE-6….jpeg)

3cdc09  No.19172

File: e7ed8f5b33855e8⋯.png (356.71 KB, 853x480, 853:480, watamote2.png)



6ca79d  No.19173

File: 7a3bb9169bb0114⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, E6A0FA1C-275F-460C-8A2E-67….png)

67eeac  No.19174



Btw why don't you tell us if you gonna live on your own or maybe a bf/gf/latino prison gang? We are all gays in here, it's fine.

3cdc09  No.19175

File: b9c062a97081e73⋯.jpg (54.37 KB, 512x337, 512:337, plzplzplz.jpg)


im 24, and want to live on my own lol. no prison for me i am kike. the legal system is a jewish playground ; ) stop being mean to me plz lol?

67eeac  No.19176


I not being mean senpai, I'm just trying to understand this new meme. Live on your own doing what tho? Normal job or sex work? Most people first find the money supply then move. It is an honest question.

3cdc09  No.19177

File: c6ce861c24cc5b3⋯.jpg (15.18 KB, 400x400, 1:1, C_akFnXO_400x400.jpg)


i hate talking about money lol… i will be fine…nosy faggot

5c22cb  No.19178


Are…….are you a dealer, slug?

67eeac  No.19179


> i will be fine…nosy faggot

Oh boy… I just hope this meme life will end someday.

bc9c3d  No.19180


Ah jee wiz this NEET is finally trying to grow up and stop being a edgy memelord for tokens and donations on the internet.

But all honesty let’s clap for her and congratulate and then place some bets on how long this will last, and how long till it’s tokens in the new places.

67eeac  No.19182


Btw I just saw that you said something about try doing ASMR. Watch out because there is an ASMR board on infinity chan in and they are more vicious than here.


There isn't a token option anymore, well there is but is cam4 and some other even worse god forshaken camsites that no one uses. Her only options will be porn or "escorting".

I want to congratulate her too for trying to move on with her life, but if she's so "naive" about money when living on her own she'll end up in worse situations than before.

d8fa8d  No.19183


I want to worship you. I want to lick you from head to toe. I want to be your slave and you to be my masturbater.. 8=======D~~~():

Please post more lewd pics of yourself.

284b01  No.19185


>with mods banning you if you out banter them

sounds a lot like chaturbate but instead of ban it's silence

fuck that faggot xxxanimalxxx

d8fa8d  No.19187

284b01  No.19189


this is Gold

what you should know about me

I am a kind caring person that loves would do anything to help someone out. Im easygoing with alot of love to give someone.

who i want to meet here

Someone that wants to be herself, And not let people tell them what to do. Knows what she wants in life, And wont let anything hold her back! A little crazy is ok. But phsycho no thank you. lol.

d8fa8d  No.19190


When you say you have a lot of love to give, does that mean you have a big schlong?

And if you would do anything to help someone out, then post more lewd pictures and videos of yourself so I can fap to them and get rid of these blue balls..


284b01  No.19193


you idiot I was just posting stuff from xxxanimalxxx's dating profile - I said it was GOLD

keep up

633396  No.19194

who is that nigga xxxanimalxxx btw? never heard him before is he related to the slug saga? if yes why he have never been mentioned before with the other master-orbiters? is he trapped in another realm? maybe he is the key to all of this.

f84830  No.19195


>who is that nigga xxxanimalxxx btw?

Just some random chaser that showed up during "CB Chapter 5- The Mewmew Era". xxxanimalxxx chases a lot of trannys on cb.

4d66eb  No.19197

File: f80024dd532453f⋯.png (29.99 KB, 617x348, 617:348, camgasm.png)

Another subplot in the great slug saga has officially ended. The beloved (sort of) site camgasm that became a non-lewd shelter for slug for a long time, has been shut down. Press F to pay respects again.

I am wondering why the chaturbate jews didn't close it earlier as it was easy to exploit and get free tokens, a thing that most of the slug orbiters did (along with credit card fraud) so she end up getting a couple of bucks from there to help her advance her alcohol problem as the realization of the failed camwhore career became more profound.


You posted this guy's profile two posts earlier you stupid fuck.

f84830  No.19201


B-but I still had a nickel in one of my alts there.

579ad2  No.19219

implying she's moving, she has problems and so on…

she just try to ghost people and maybe get some money from pity

she is back at kageshi with her orbiters of choice


1f23ed  No.19220


> Normal job or sex work?

is this a real question?

1f23ed  No.19221


>she is back at kageshi with her orbiters of choice

how do you still have orbiters if you're an overall shitty person? how can one be so desperate.

579ad2  No.19222


its easy

kageshi is full of drug users and-or camwhore trannies

they connect with each other easilly

284b01  No.19226


>kageshi is full of drug users and-or camwhore trannies

so which one are you?

579ad2  No.19231

File: 94432f50f40096c⋯.png (35.51 KB, 663x151, 663:151, I remember, I remember whe….png)

Hurry up lads: https://xhamster.com/videos/sl-ug-boi-8275711

Lol at the comment (pic related). Everybody knows.

45b6b8  No.19232

File: 1586ecb724f711d⋯.jpeg (35.11 KB, 377x264, 377:264, 2D7E1E8F-F228-4A21-A83D-0….jpeg)

93f9de  No.19243

File: a3fbe528fb5aa94⋯.png (37.11 KB, 592x325, 592:325, rebel with a cause.png)

tweets she'll delete when sober and when the drugs effects will wear off while pissing herself in the thought she's now a target of secret services for writing them no. 135484

i hope the men in black have already forgotten that she's the one that found the secret codes from Rob Cantor's videos…

93f9de  No.19244

File: dbdd1594fc2470b⋯.png (12.8 KB, 592x119, 592:119, fatbrowncock.png)




487144  No.19245


Can I suck your beautiful, fat, brown cock? PLEASE…… 8=========D~~~():

Don't listen to the haters slug.


00d9a9  No.19247


>suck my fat brown cock

>tfw an insult is actually something wonderful

87b78e  No.19248

File: 785271a169fd7ef⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DIC292EXkAApBk2.jpg)

Walk into public bathroom and see this….What do?

1.) Turn around and walk out.

2.) Whip it out and compare sizes.

3.) Hope there is a glory-hole between stalls.

4.) Drop on knee and propose marriage.


6.) Apologize for walking into the womens restroom, turn around and walk out.

7.) Poop/Pee on the floor.

8.) Cry cause she is prettier than you or your girlfriend.

9.) Pull down pants and moon her so she can take a picture of your asshole while you poop.

10.) Be her human toilet.

11.) Take your iphone out and take pictures of her.

12.) All the above..

13.) None of the above because you are a basement dwelling faggot that never goes out in to public.

579ad2  No.19249


14.) Do a line of coke with her while live streaming on youtube and then wait for her to get thrown out of her parents house after 2 months so we can live together, then encourage her to become a prostitute so we can have some money for drugs and finally OD together as a cute and basically homeless junkie-couple.

87b78e  No.19250

File: 3b336073baf26b9⋯.jpg (176.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Cpm5nM0WAAAzqLl.jpg)

File: beb9090a2109fa9⋯.jpg (164.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, CqLEJXoWgAQQcov.jpg)

You are driving down the road…Look over into next vehicle and see this….What do?

1.) Pull down pants and moon her out of window.

2.) Play GTA and try to run her off the road and steal her vehicle.

3.) Be ashamed and cry cause you are driving a shittier car than her.

4.) Pull out your dick and fap at the next red light.

5.) Scream and drive into on coming vehicles.

6.) WTF is a woman driving a car for. Women can't drive. They belong in the kitchen. Bad slugbug….

7.) Ask if she has any Grey Poupon.

8.) Follow her back to her place and do the wild thing all night.

9.) Kick your fugly girlfriend/wife out of your car after seeing what a real woman should look like.

10.) Run the redlight killing people walking through the crosswalk because you aren't paying attention to them.

11.) Take your iphone out and take a picture, cause a picture lasts longer..

12.) All of the above.

13.) None of the above because you are a basement dwelling faggot that is to young to drive.

87b78e  No.19251


You must be a country and western singer/songwriter..

87b78e  No.19252

File: 1cf79832e692d91⋯.jpg (95.74 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Cq60Ln9XgAAUpLw.jpg)

You are in hospital….this comes in to give you shot…what do?

1.) Take it in the arm like a real man.

2.) Pull down pants and take it in the ass.

3.) Tell her you want to stick her with your pointy thing.

4.) Scream and run out of room.

5.) Sex or blowjob from candy striper.

6.) WTF is a woman acting as a nurse for. Women can't nurse. They belong in the kitchen. Bad nurse slug…

7.) Ask if she will give you a sponge bath afterwards.

8.) Cry like a baby cause you hate needles.

9.) Tell her you have AIDS.

10.) Ask her if she has any needle track marks on her arms.

11.) Throw your pissy and shitty bed pan at her.

12.) All of the above.

13.) None of the above because you are a basement dwelling faggot that is to poor to have insurance and can't afford to go to the doctor or hospital so you just suffer and die.

87b78e  No.19253

File: 54837595f54db46⋯.jpg (108.55 KB, 960x720, 4:3, CtqbE03WcAEF82m.jpg large.jpg)

You are African American and you are at KFC… and this just took the last piece of chicken…what do?

1.) Kill the bitch for taking the last piece of chicken

2.) Break into her garage and steal her bike then kill her for taking the last piece of chicken.

3.) March at a BLM protest, break into her garage and steal her bike then kill her for taking the last piece of chicken.

4.) Go next door to Popeyes/ Church's/ Chick-fil-A cause KFC is shit.

5.) Give her your big, hard black dick for the last piece of chicken.

6.) WTF is a woman eating at KFC for. Women can't go out to eat. They belong in the kitchen.

7.) Tell her she can has your purple drank if you can has her last piece of chicken.

8.) To hell with chicken. You feel like eatin chitlins and collard greens.

9.) Tell her that chicken had chickenpox and she if she will give it up or eat it anyway.

10.) Ask her if she will share it with you. Cause sharing is caring..

11.) Is anyone really reading all of these or am I just wasting my time?

12.) All of the above.

13.) None of the above because white people don't eat at KFC. They eat at Chic-fil-A.

14.) Wouldn't you love to see slug take a BBC.

87b78e  No.19254

File: ac81ce9ee1f217a⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, CnnvY7DVIAI_hex.jpg)

You just took a BIG shit and clogged your toilet..you call the plumber and this shows up…What do?

1.) Ask where Luigi is?

2.) Pull down pants and bend over and show her another pipe she can clean out.

3.) Be proud and show her your shit with corn in it.

4.) Scream and run out of room.

5.) Blast it down with piss.

6.) Make her bend you over the toilet and push your face in it while she takes you from behind.

7.) Scoop the shit out and wash it down the shower/bathtub.

8.) Cry like a baby cause it hurt coming out.

9.) Tell her you are into scat games the proceed to eat from the toilet.

10.) If you are reading this, you must be really bored.

11.) Use her as a toilet.

12.) All of the above.

13.) None of the above because you are a basement dwelling faggot and basements don't have toilets so you must have just shit yourself..

14.) Holy fucking shit is she beautiful in these pictures..

15.) What is holy shit? Is that when the Pope poops?

791ff0  No.19255

File: 13d77bfe3391403⋯.jpeg (115.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9D9A4DDA-E484-4BFE-B5C8-E….jpeg)

File: 8050d7c9206ed4c⋯.jpeg (144.9 KB, 1242x1066, 621:533, 9D563753-F85A-4D8E-AE3B-1….jpeg)

File: 1586ecb724f711d⋯.jpeg (35.11 KB, 377x264, 377:264, 02045D7A-8B3D-4849-B8D5-3….jpeg)

87b78e  No.19256

File: 396ce1c4e431a7e⋯.jpg (124.02 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13398453_1137798442949878_….jpg)

You are hungry for a corn dog and this just ate the last one…what do?

1.) Kill the bitch for eating the last corn dog.

2.) Punch her in the stomach and make her puke it back up so you can eat it.

3.) Wait till she digests it and poops it out, then eat it.

4.) Scream and run out of room.

5.) Cover her "dog" with mustard/ketchup and proceed to lick and munch away.

6.) Who the fuck likes corn dogs? Eat a fucking pizza or lasagna or something.

7.) Go to the store and buy some more dumb ass.

8.) Cry like a baby a throw a tantrum till your mommy knocks the shit out of you.

9.) Lick it off of her tongue and lips.. (om, nom,nom,nom)

10.) RIP Tom Petty.

11.) I really do luv you slug. You are so freaking gorgeous you make my dick explode.

12.) All of the above.

13.) None of the above because you are a basement dwelling faggot that only eats what your mommy makes for you like hot pockets and shit.

14.) FAP

298877  No.19257


>om, nom, nom, nom ?

The only faggot that would say something like that is that retarded brownie boy polgin.

Also if your mom makes you only hot pockets as a meal then she ain’t your mother at all.

87b78e  No.19258

File: 7385a37a1f6226d⋯.jpg (83.13 KB, 600x1066, 300:533, xTAcZtY-fnnvDeV1.jpg)


I am not polgin.

I am just someone that likes Em/slug.

I don't care what anyone else says, I think she is beautiful.

You can say all the shit you want, it is not going to change my mind.

My mother not only made me hot pockets, she also made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sometimes if I was really good she would make me ravioli or macaroni & cheese.

95e573  No.19265

Hey fellas you think anything is odd about her recently? Like she’s a little off then usual.

87b78e  No.19270


Hormones dude…She is seriously at PMS stage.

She will return to normal after awhile.

In a couple of weeks she should be back to her normal self…If you watched her last couple of videos it was clear that she was on the rag and had unusual acts of rage and anger. Thank God us guys don't have to go through shit like that…

016d44  No.19271


>implying that the fact she's doing coke or some other hard shit has nothing to do with it

When she was taking addies by the bottles she used to be quite "political" on twitter and after a while she got bored and never gave a shit (at least to the point to say it on twitter) until now.

Probably now all her "political" tweets are the result of some drug again. Also now she's using "nigger" quite a lot which is odd, because all this time she used to be careful with the insults. It's like she doesn't have a filter anymore.

Add to that the thought that she has been banned or she will be eventually from every streaming site (sfw and nsfw), the fear of living alone (if that's true) and finally the hormones.

I think that Cassie Brooks, shortly after being homeless and a junkie herself too, also started "harassing" celebs on twitter. They are equally broken and they follow similar paths as it seems.

87b78e  No.19272


I know she has problems…don't we all.

I remember my drinking and drug years…Some times it was fun. Other times it was living hell. We all have our own little demons we must face. I just hope she can defeat her demons and have a happy life. She seems like a really sweet and beautiful person in my pictures of her above.

I joke and post shit, but deep down I really do care about her and wish her the best in life.

69bbea  No.19273


>they are equally broken and follow similar paths it seems.


70bed3  No.19274


>I joke and post shit, but deep down I really do care about her and wish her the best in life.

Although in here there are some people who just want to make fun of her and see her fail miserably in life just for the lolz, there are much more people that even though they are harsh, cynical etc they do it as a wake up call, tough love or whatever you call it to see her finally get her shit together and move on from that degenerate lifestyle of the past 2 years. Some others are just frustrated because she keeps making the same mistakes and just want to vent in here anonymously.

So not all people in slug threads are "haters" (I think even a mod said so in the other thread) as you say, some might been more obsessed with her in the past than you are now, but they saw that spoiling her and telling her to keep doing the same shit is what "destroyed" her. I think the people in these threads that care about her are far more than those who just want to see her kill herself or something similar.

But there is also a big difference. To "wish her the best in life" for some people means a normal life without any kind of "whoring" and for some other people means becoming the biggest tranny camwhore/pornstar/escort/whatever (like some other cuck recently that was proud that arranged that bald faggot Christian to make a video with his favorite trans camwhore). Well, personally, I would never wish slug (or no one else) to become the later even if she hadn't "destroyed" that path. So things at the supportive side are becoming more complicated…

inb4 people talking about savior complex

fc1df4  No.19275


Nah don’t think you got a savior complex you spoke your shit and it’s true, sadly true.

A lot of those who care or cared either left cause it got tiring and saw no future of normal life or cause she pushed them away.

284b01  No.19276


when is your Biography of her coming out because I don't know anyone who is more obsessed with her than you. No sane person could be that obsessed so you've got to be writing a book.

284b01  No.19277

which trans cam model is going to hook up with Christianxxxx?

892b89  No.19278


That Lilith Lovett chick one of her orbiter got her to hook up and do a video with that bald headed kike.

284b01  No.19282

a6f7d3  No.19297

File: 0ea4e1710171df6⋯.jpg (88.51 KB, 604x608, 151:152, twobrokeNgirls.jpg)


Every time Em is brought up, some how that train wreck of a human being Cassie Brooks enters the conversation.

I for one hope that when Em moves out of her parents house she hooks up with Cassie and they both rent some ghetto apartment together. During the day they're greasy spoon waitresses and by night they do poop show camshows on Cam4.

84108c  No.19299


LOL…Now that is a show that I might watch……………..the poop show, not the greasy spoon waitresses…

58cc76  No.19300



do female hormones cause trannies to gain weight?

slugbois face looks bloated in that photo and her body seems fatter

upside——– her boobs do look bigger

01ddee  No.19303

File: 74e5c9cb2ebbe36⋯.webm (347.94 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1324588452.webm)


also don't forget about them

56502f  No.19304

File: 8de2521f028ed32⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 900x900, 1:1, mememe.jpg)

do you guys ever wonder if you are scaring off potentially engaging traps by obsessively posting about me? i love the ego inflation to an extent, but you people shit posting about me almost non-stop. it must intimidate some of the potential trap posters here…

i mean





with only 1 reply lol..


my fans turning this board basically into r/slugbuggy

579ad2  No.19305


>implying you don't like it


Did you get married yet btw?

284b01  No.19307


>my fans turning this board basically into r/slugbuggy

start it up, I'd frequent it

c6a3d8  No.19308


do you still cam fuckboy?

284b01  No.19309


you got me confused with someone else queerboy

58cc76  No.19310

File: 3015a1844803784⋯.png (251.24 KB, 553x354, 553:354, withmakeup_without.png)


You're just the new flavor of the month.

Early last year there was a whiteknight vs.. hater-troll battle going on about Farrah Lloyd. The whole thing died down once she stopped camming and went full time escort/prostitution to make her money

Im sure that when 2018 rolls around, and you've either OD'd or end up in jail and aren't that visible anymore because you're 6 feet under or behind bars being ass raped daily the memory of Emmanuel D. Sluggybuggy will slowly fade away, much like Farrahs did.

b16140  No.19315

8f302c  No.19318

File: 64050820ee30731⋯.gif (4.37 MB, 315x210, 3:2, tim-and-eric-mind-blown.gif)



the state of that room in its entirety

that convo with that ancient-fuck chaser

how the fuck did you get that?

3dd8e2  No.19319

File: 5273f79fdf8bc4c⋯.png (348.67 KB, 698x726, 349:363, 743553678.PNG)

File: 4c836707b07ce7b⋯.png (127.46 KB, 720x260, 36:13, 65774667.PNG)


Damn, "someone" got butthurt and is trying to sweep things under the rug before the big criminal trial begins, huh?

Im sure the judge that ends up presiding over your court case doesnt know about /trap/ But if he did that would be fuckin hilarious :))

Did the comment about overdosing or ending up in prison hit a little too close to home? And thats why the frantic DELETE DELETE DELETE!

You might want to look up The Streisand Effect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

Trying to censor shit never really works out in the end.

284b01  No.19322


wrong site anon-ib troll

but welcome back

56502f  No.19325

File: 544dcfe9435b750⋯.jpg (19.68 KB, 480x640, 3:4, slugslime1.jpg)

File: 2c76a578d232c04⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 480x640, 3:4, slugslime2.jpg)


i have not lewd cammed or rly shown my booty on stream since may tbh, but i like to cook/game/and be edgy on youtube sometimes (i linked it earlier in the thread if u have any interest in seeing). Camwhoring on cb was fun because the community there is so funny and made it easy to waste hours getting flattered and memeing with audience. c4 was just boring lol and too many people caught feelings and ruined the fun of it with drama.


just wish this would happen already lol. so many new qt traps you could all bicker over wtf?


;p; u lurker ! thanks for bullying me into cleaning my room lol.


sent that email after popping in and seeing the weird stuff someone was writing next to my cute pics. i get weird messages on twitter from someone who aggressively says weird shit like that at me and it made me uncomfortable and i wondered if it was the same person.

ive left my selfies in other threads before without caring if they were posted but im convinced "i luv slug….xoxo"s posts are cursed !!!

b16140  No.19326

Edit: removed

Post last edited at

6dc494  No.19328


Did this nigga just dox someone?

Did this shit just go from 0-10 in this shit hole of a place called heck.

But also who wants to places bets when her families house gets leaked in here. Cause we all know every chaser/orbiter has that shit.

490992  No.19329


>my fans turning this board basically into r/slugbuggy

The answer to that was suggested almost half a year ago.


What's the Vegas line on which of her attention-starved butthurt betas is doing dumbass stuff like this? I clawed my way out or the rabbit hole months ago, so I'm out of the loop (or orbit), and don't know what she may have stepped in since then.

8f302c  No.19330


precum, spit or mucus from all that fungi growing in your room?


>Camwhoring on cb was fun because the community there is so funny and made it easy to waste hours getting flattered and memeing with audience.

still thinks cb was memes and lolz and not the start of all this degenerate life. wake the fuck up kid.


lol all of them look like chasers themselves. if anything, they would be proud of him

6dc494  No.19331


Ayo shut the fuck up, just get to the fucking point, loser.

00d9a9  No.19332

File: d6298162486ccd1⋯.jpg (258.59 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, surprise-its-steak.jpg)


We have had a few beautiful traps who have posted here regularly over the years like PartialAsian (pictured), but you seem to have the most loyal following.


>sent that email after popping in and seeing the weird stuff someone was writing next to my cute pics.

If you are weirded out by the text or whatever, okay, though I think those were merely intended to be humorous. But I don't understand why you object to images like the one in the OP which I deleted as asked. These are just flattering pictures of you from people that find you attractive, and OP was about his regretting teasing or trolling you.

56502f  No.19333

File: ce8ace26c96c36d⋯.gif (667.21 KB, 498x279, 166:93, pumpumpumpkin.gif)


the text freaked me out because i assumed it was a serial stalker, that posts very disgusting and creepy comments and messages on some of my pictures on my social media, and i thought it was the same person. i was kind of drunk and felt bad knowing he and people like him were basically shitting on me constantly in here while starring at my pics; i'm kind of superstitious and on some level i believe that people fixating their negative energy onto me while glaring at my pics is a sure way to send a hex…lol. I'm fully aware of how polarizing I can be, and I get what I deserve lol.. bleh : )


How very degenerate of you lol.. Tbh he is a simple man; he finds me beautiful, lets me rant to him, helps me out financially, and doesn't fucking dump his retarded dramatics onto me. I constantly ask him why he feels so compelled to help me even after he's seen the worst in me. idgi tbh but im thankful for him, and the others that not only tolerate my bipolar bullshit, but love me in spite of it. lol

do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law :^3

8f302c  No.19334


>idgi tbh but im thankful for him, and the others that not only tolerate my bipolar bullshit, but love me in spite of it. lol

>but love me in spite of it. lol

>but love me

>love me


that word doesnt mean what you or some of your "faithful" sugar daddies think it means

56502f  No.19335

File: 8ae9523866c177e⋯.jpg (58.08 KB, 900x900, 1:1, papaoso.jpg)


ive been a drug addict degenerate for much longer than 2 years, i just did all this shit in private for manipulative sociopaths on skype and omegle lol. I just had even less self awareness and was so naive about camwhoring to ever imagine people would enjoy me enough to give me money. I am entertained by entertaining others- whether by fucking my own ass, giving myself superficial wounds and crying, or learning how to do taxidermy on roadkill, we all get off in the end :v

00d9a9  No.19336


>the text freaked me out because i assumed it was a serial stalker, that posts very disgusting and creepy comments and messages on some of my pictures on my social media, and i thought it was the same person

I understand, there's a whole background to this I know nothing about if it's the same person. I can delete all of those posts if you like I'm not Jim, so I didn't get the email directly I can make you a moderator here for these threads even, whatever you like. The one thing that I think is unfortunate though is when people can't post photos. If you don't want sexual photos, that's understandable, but just photos of you looking cute? It seems a shame to delete them.

8f302c  No.19337


what a life tbh…

about the people would enjoy me enough to give me money part: you are a good looking tranny of course many people will enjoy you for that only (tranny porn is becoming "mainstream" sort of) and they mostly tolerate all the other shit till they satisfy their fetish again (without the cutting, passing out etc)

but if your goal in life is to become the most degenerate "entertainer" for a niche place on the internet or real world, then get ready to find out it can go deeper into shit and when you hit the lowest point you'll truly regret it (like you do already i guess), but then it will be pretty late and all the "safe lines" wont be there

in the end no one can change almost 30 years of no guidance at all, so we will all just meme along during the trip, although spectators can always change their mind and go the other way unscathed

484b47  No.19338

File: 9eecfd674b0206b⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 858x725, 858:725, You obscuro we are going t….jpg)


>I can make you a moderator here for these threads even, whatever you like

In that case, you can just delete the thread man. There is no point in fooling each other. 99% of slug-posts have nothing to do with regular, normie trap-posts and even though Sluggy is quite cool, I don't think she will tolerate them or maybe let them stay until "something" makes her delete them at a random moment.

a73aec  No.19339

File: e7d26920f7923d1⋯.jpg (52.62 KB, 500x375, 4:3, VE74DIzOTODI2.jpg)


>I can make you a moderator

Dear themodoftrap

Have you seen any of her streams? It usually ends the same way. She gets drunk and then destroys everything that is within her reach.

With her track record we can all assume that if she was given mod powers on this board that one night during a drunken rage she would burn this whole place to the ground.


A Concerned Anon

00d9a9  No.19340



Fair enough, concerns noted. I'm simply trying to find some type of happy medium here where we can avoid regular DMCA notices.

01ddee  No.19341

File: 2d70fd77afda36a⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3540x2484, 295:207, Slug_smirk_submission01.jpg)

490992  No.19342

File: 66112ed6a2bc39e⋯.png (1.44 MB, 959x716, 959:716, littleprickthenashot.png)


> I can make you a moderator here for these threads even, whatever you like.


If you're gonna let the inmates run the asylum, for the love of God please have the foresight to change the lock on the pharmacy before you turn over the keys. And to be on the safe side, remove the rubbing alcohol and the spray paint.

68f3fb  No.19343

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This has to be one of the most painfully sad/tragic things I have read in recent years and I used to read a ton of historical novels and war memoirs.

But, I also find it quite "funny" that you consider yourself a conservative and at the same time you try to justify not only that trying to fulfill your and your orbiters (most of them are also conservatives) most degenerate fantasies is a "noble cause", but that is also a good thing you can make money out of it. I have also noticed the same mentality from other conservative camwhore/pornstar trans girls. I guess it's a sign of the fucked up world we live in these days that every line has been blurred.


Even if it wasn't him, it would be another person and I'm pretty sure there are many more at the moment. I am, also, willing to believe that they don't do it (just) for the boipucci but they think they are helping her that way. It's the same thing with her parents, all these years they thought it would be best to let her do whatever she wants and help her do it and now that the shit hit the fan they realized it's too much to handle and they don't want to deal with it anymore.

f17bdd  No.19344


God damn dude this is some sad stuff you put right there about this hard knocks life.

With the manipulation, and the sociopaths, and the addictions, and the Harvey whiplash it’s surprising you are self aware of this shit now it’s kinda like someone said all that stuff to you and you just read it over and over again but that’s beside the point you should never doubt your worth to this world and people but I think the damage is already done to you, slug.

Yes we all get off in the end but we also die at the end you probably made a lot of those boys die in they end but you gotta know for now on you’re problems are done because of you and never try to look for pity.


>fucked up world we live in

That’s capitalism man.

c0e9d7  No.19345

Whoa file deleted picture as the front icon on this thread, it’s just like we never left the old one at all, it’s like we’re in purgatory waiting for our call to the other places.

a73aec  No.19346


>Harvey whiplash

What is the Harvey whiplash???


>Vegas line

Is this slang, what is a "Vegas Line"???

284b01  No.19348


she hasn't even hit 25 yet where did this 30 year old BS come from.

284b01  No.19349


have to agree giving Sulg (the Fox) the keys to the chicken coop makes zero sense. Wake up fanboy.

71680e  No.19350


If she even hits 30.


Man if you don’t even know what those two things are then you aren’t living it up with the young crowd.

00d9a9  No.19351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Harvey Whiplash

Sounds like something these guys would drink during a night on the town.

490992  No.19352

File: afcff3565c7399a⋯.jpg (142.22 KB, 820x1024, 205:256, CnyAfJZWIAAXErgb.jpg)

File: 7370dc382516c38⋯.jpg (214.84 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, CoBuA0WXgAAokENa.jpg)

So it you're drawing a blank for this year's Halloween costume …

053fe4  No.19357

File: 61bbfc43b11dc54⋯.jpeg (48.72 KB, 425x301, 425:301, 65F4dD3wf4.jpeg)

>tfw when ya'll think Slug is moving out of her parents home, and into her own place.

She's moving in with her sister.

You think she could possibly go from a quarter of a century of being bottle fed by her mom and jew-dad, to surviving on her own?

Im sure her sister will be a little more strict than her parents were though.

The rules will be like any other apartment lease covenants

►No getting black-out drunk more than two days a week.

►No playing with dead animals in the house.

►Any vomit, feces or other bodily fluids must be cleaned up immediately.

►No cleaning dildos in the dishwasher.

►No worshipping Satan.

►Destruction of any house hold items during drunken rage is prohibited.

►No spitting on the carpets.

393abd  No.19358


Funny thing is the sister was kinda like how slug is, maybe she mite be the key to internal salvation for her, no more bad things it’s gonna be all straight strictness…..until she gets fed up with her like the parents and kick her out for vomit and piss on the floors or if one of these boys here dox the ish outta her new place.

68f3fb  No.19360



inb4 sister sees all the money and gifts slug's sugar daddies (especially that ancient fuck [classified name] aka dinife) give her and she ends up the same degenerate mess and start doing camshows together. They have the same greedy, jew-tainted, beaner blood after all.

"Jokes" aside, I always thought that if she's really moving out and she doesn't just try to ghost most people now that she has some regular money giving cucks, it would be like a (in)voluntary redundancy, meaning her parents will pay her to live either on her own or with relatives but away from them.

Her sister loves her though and being younger than her I don't think she'll be more strict. Her parents should have forced to live with the relatives in Puerto Rico/Guatemala/or whatever country she's from and help them rebuild their village after the hurricane. That would be a life lesson.

446c6b  No.19361

Is her sister hot looking?

ce8382  No.19362


My nigga keep your dick in your pants for once, I thought you guys were gay for boipussy not straight for the biological pussy.

368a80  No.19363

File: b368b5f7641e6ce⋯.png (216.08 KB, 382x462, 191:231, trannyandsis.PNG)


>the sister was kinda like how slug is


>sister sees all the money and gifts slug's sugar daddies give her and she ends up the same degenerate mess and start doing camshows together.

Im a perverted, degenerate, sicko, and the thought of Sluggy and her sister fucking on Chaturbate gets me ROCK HARD!

Its a funny coincidence that this taboo tranny fucking sister topic came up. Just today there was a cam girl on CB advertising that she was on cam and wanting to fuck her sister. I thought the mods would have shut that shit down quick, but it stayed up for hours.

Emmy if you're reading this, please do cam shows with your sister once you move in with her.

446c6b  No.19364


Wouldn't you want to ram your hard cock into slugs tight asshole then have sister lick off the ass juice from your cock?

Or have sister rim your asshole while you fuck slug?

Or you fuck slug while slug fucks sister and mom and dad wonder where they went wrong.

962355  No.19365


No stop you shit now.


No if I’m getting deep in that boi pussy that’s the only pussy fuck the other shit, the other shit wack anyway.

6e1b0b  No.19366

File: ebca65a90ea42c5⋯.gif (8.62 MB, 800x333, 800:333, allyouniggersneedjesus.gif)




oh boy…

if her sister used to be like Em and is at least as good looking as her, it wouldnt be long until these fine goodhearted gentlemen and philanthropists that give her money, command her to do some sick shit with her or else they will stop the "support". guatemala now seems a nice solution for both of them.

45d880  No.19367


No no the guy up there said she was KINDA like her not completely like her and from what I heard she’s not some sick degenerate addict just mostly a broken sober girl, but that was long ago now it’s good.

b41a81  No.19368

Y’all really doing this right now? You guys went in the deep end part of this whole things now, talking about family and her whole whereabouts like damn can’t most of y’all niggas chill, like this is on the same level of people waiting hours outside a McDonalds for some sauce that was in some austisic show about science and gay shit.

Thought you guys were better than that.

206f96  No.19371

File: 803efda6ae55483⋯.png (634.56 KB, 674x429, 674:429, 8431845229.PNG)


>Thought you guys were better than that.

My Nigga, are you new to this board?

We Niggas do Nigga shit like this all the time. We dox Niggas, we talk about a Niggas families, and Niggas whereabouts. We always doing nigga nig gan igg anig ga nigga nigga.






6a3921  No.19372

Wouldn't you have loved to have been slugs mom and had to clean her poopy diapers and her poopy hiney.

284b01  No.19374


fuck off Pedo

1f23ed  No.19379


>Post last edited at 10/07/17 (Sat) 16:15:40

>reddit edit

im honestly disappointed with board quality. this is just a personal circle jerk to this one trannytard.

this is pathetic. stop it.

2df9f8  No.19380


If you were just quiet and didn’t post anything for awhile then this probably woulda died fast and soon cause everything is quiet on her side, so no need to criclejerk that much anymore cause it’s finally hopefully dead.

176c4d  No.19381


i'm sorry kamarado but you are wrong

there was a thread that was made (probably) when she started camwhoring and was inactive for months, then that legendary big thread was made and even then, there were many times that it was inactive (or filled with dudes posts trying to out-shitpost each other).

"everything is quiet on her side"? her last post in here was 3 days ago and that is practically breaking news now that she's "hiding". there is also that "moving out of parents house after 25 years" meme going on which involves car damage, court etc there was even doxing for gods sake. so, its far from quiet my camarad.

some of us hope that some day all this will end somehow, but that day is not now tovarisch. be strong, i know you are young but soon you'll learn that patience is most valuable virtue.

a sign that all this is definitely dead, will be when we all slug-posters start posting our boypussies and try to be each others qt fem-bf. then my comrade you can safely say that all is this dead.

447d60  No.19382


Damn some of those old chasers were right, this shit is a never ending hole something that even hell doesn’t want. This is never gonna end and we’re all gonna die here the day it does.

But all honesty yea this place isn’t gonna end so many hours invested and days spent circle jerking and breaking down, we in this for the long run boys.

176c4d  No.19384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>we in this for the long run boys

No truer words have ever been spoken.

227763  No.19391

File: 938f531eb661c41⋯.png (398.68 KB, 581x574, 83:82, Nikki_Kutesy.PNG)


>a sign that all this is definitely dead, will be when we all slug-posters start posting our boypussies and try to be each others qt fem-bf.

If slugs orbiters are going to transform into the next trap we obsess over, I choose Nikki Kutesy.

That lil fuckboi is sexy as fuck when hes all dolled up.

1192a0  No.19392


Motherfucka the day that shit happens I’ll pull a Stephen Paddock with the hundred round drum.

1192a0  No.19393


>That little fuckboi is sexy as fuck when he’s all dolled up.

Nigga this sounds like a prison rape fantasy.

f7e76b  No.19395

How tall is slug and how much does she weigh?

176c4d  No.19397


Dayum son. And that's only him in a amateurish cd mode, kinda like dad and mom are away and little slut is trying mommy's make up to send some naughty pics in a hurry. Imagine if he put some more effort.

Also, russian traps are the best. They are sluts in the bedroom but loyal housewives everwhere else, unlike some other degenerate trap/trannies…



Relax dude. Just imagine that tight virgin boipucci…


Six bottles of booze tall and her weight varies depending on how much she drunk. I would say 73-76 bottles after a black out and before the pissing.

161ec8  No.19399


>what’s slugs weight and height?

*makes yogurt filled sex doll with the size requirements needed*

>ah it’s complete and ready for the suck and fuck hehehe.

4a0bbd  No.19400


And after she vomits or poops, she drops a couple of pounds. You should download and watch some of her vomit and poop videos. They are soooo informative on how to lose weight.

089963  No.19402

File: aae44142bec69c7⋯.png (402.8 KB, 599x598, 599:598, Nikki_Dark.PNG)


Nikki can also do the mysterious, dark, sultry look.

49440f  No.19415

File: f70e6377b4e1727⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, Annette-O-Toole-26501430.png)


Nikolai ?

братан ?

If this is you playing makeup princess with some kind of photoshop app, and you're anonymously testing the waters to see if any of Ems chasers would want to orbit you - please stop.

As a female you look like an even more unattractive version of Annette O'Toole.

490992  No.19416

File: 90a88ccd2e56e1b⋯.gif (4.06 MB, 600x253, 600:253, mrw.gif)

56beaf  No.19418


I don’t think it’s that boy really he doesn’t seem that smart enough to photoshop himself he’s kinda a retard, if he did photoshop tho then wouldn’t you think he’d photoshop a lot of his pics sent to slug and other chasers to prove he’s better than them?

284b01  No.19420


don't disrespect Annette O'Toole

she has a great ass

see 48 HRS and Cat People

77ce8e  No.19474

File: 3b6f332e2c79a90⋯.png (114.76 KB, 1058x348, 529:174, My acc.png)


Lol, that's my account.

77ce8e  No.19475

File: e70c97017674102⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1443289708489.jpg)



d9f7b0  No.19476

File: 8d2b93c7fe78f13⋯.jpg (38.33 KB, 510x255, 2:1, dattightboipussy.jpg)


speaking of tight-

id fuck the shit outta niks tight lil boipucci as long as hes wearing the brunette wig

the blonde version of nik looks like the 3rd place winner at some weho drag queen pageant

nik, if youre reading this hmu, and bring the black weave


284b01  No.19478


Are you serious?

9af503  No.19479

File: 09cf75a85f514f5⋯.gif (448.45 KB, 500x275, 20:11, DR he WHO feels.gif)

>tfw she is probably in jail, living together with that old dude dinife or prostituting herself on the cold, dark streets of Chicago rn

>tfw you couldn't save her

490992  No.19480

File: 1bfabb20fe0ceea⋯.jpg (247.92 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DL-59lNW0AAuAzA.jpg)

File: d9a7aca2c48dc97⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 540x360, 3:2, dancinginhell.gif)

File: f1b25a9f71b33c1⋯.png (284.21 KB, 640x400, 8:5, satan-devil-x.png)

File: 1b47feb62ccbb18⋯.jpg (76.48 KB, 720x404, 180:101, slug-tanic.jpg)

>>18252 >>18277 >>18292 >>18300

>>18409 >>19086 >>19097 >>19117

>>19118 >>19129 >>19139 >>19140

>>19157 >>19174 >>19180 >>19183

>>19197 >>19219 >>19221 >>19243

>>19244 >>19245 >>19247 >>19248

>>19249 >>19250 >>19252 >>19253

>>19254 >>19256 >>19257 >>19258

>>19297 >>19299 >>19326 >>19357

>>19358 >>19360 >>19361 >>19362

>>19363 >>19364 >>19366 >>19372

>>19381 >>19391 >>19395 >>19397

>>19399 >>19400 >>19402 >>19415


All y'all niggas are going to Hell. And if you had any common sense at all, you'd know that Sluggo has been dabbling in dark magick for some time. And she's not as dumb or as far out of it from the booze as you may think (or hope). Have any of you even thought that she may have a contingency plan in place?

My bet is that as soon as she became aware of the first of these shitshow threads, she started laying the groundwork of a plan that she's had months to refine. I would imagine that it's something along the lines of this:

As each one of you degenerate haters dies, alone, surrounded by mangy cats, empty Cheeto bags, shitty anime, and hard drives full of all the traded, begged, borrowed, and stolen Sluggo images and vods that you could lay your grubby little dick-scratchers on, you'll ride the hot rails to Hell, to be stashed in her personal abbatoir. But don't despair, because you'll be seeing her. Every time she stops by to dance the Chiwawa on your souls and on your shriveled up little nutsacks. And there you'll be, your wretched cries of anguish the gasolina which will fuel the fires of Gehenna for all of Eternity.

So be afraid, be very afraid.

Or maybe just quit being such dickheads.

2c1bf2  No.19481


It’s a hard knocks life man a very pitiful sad life.


Man fuck a duck and fuck that black magic shit, swear up cuz I play that MTG and I ain’t afraid of no tranny, only way she getting me is if she comes for me personally or she tell the orbiters to get me and even that I always stay strapped ready to pull them dicks out.

Fuck outta here ya zoo wee momma Nigga

2c1bf2  No.19482



>living with that old dude dinife

Is that for real? She coulda done better than that but I guess that’s her.

490992  No.19483


> I always stay strapped ready to pull them dicks out.

I don't think your Hello Kitty fanny pack full of MTG decks counts as strapped, but don't let that stop you from pulling out all the dicks and doing whatever you want with them. After all, $2 is $2.

284b01  No.19484

File: bc1d5ad8ec96377⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 392x372, 98:93, 1508012879691.jpg)

de51c9  No.19485

File: d3b061d1c1b5650⋯.jpeg (200.62 KB, 1366x1102, 683:551, F0B282CC-DDBC-409E-9E66-2….jpeg)

eb428c  No.19499

File: 36dd33fc3658101⋯.png (19.32 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, my acc2.png)


100% serious.

cc8f47  No.19501



are you one of her "fans" that try to skirt the DMCA reports?

the title of that video was a little jumbled up if I remember correctly

you know, so it might get past the faggots who search porn sites daily to report her videos and get them taken down

a93a97  No.19503


Nah he just posted a comment on there saying that she would be cool to date but she crazy or something like that, I think he good.

Also first things first, rest in piece Jim Lahey the best trailer park supervisor in all of Canada.

a559dd  No.19505


I knew it. I just knew it. Slug/Em is practicing witchcraft and spells and she cast a spell on me that when ever I think of her, my dick gets hard. And when I am not thinking about her, my asshole tingles for something to be inside it.

Em….those love/lust spells will come back to haunt you. You will have chasers all over the world wanting to bang your little booty and suck on your clitty.

Does anyone else see Em as Satan on South Park, or is it just me? And polgin could be Chris and one of her other followers could be Saddam.

I'll be Kenny..I would love to be tortured and tormented by Satan Em for the rest of eternity.

a559dd  No.19506

File: e24c2900d0afc4c⋯.gif (82.39 KB, 520x320, 13:8, 4-9.gif)

cc8f47  No.19507

File: 55810ecd514c7ed⋯.jpg (774.06 KB, 1500x869, 1500:869, 6837110.jpg)



You should make a fan-fiction about that whole Em as the Great Satan idea.

Make sure the descriptions of the perverted sex acts are detailed and graphic and theres plenty of rough anal.

Maybe you can add Ems sister into the mix for a little demonic incestual action.

a559dd  No.19509


Is it strange that reading that and thinking about that just made my dick hard and start precumming…

ad144f  No.19510


Only if your are not Em

9fba9b  No.19513

File: c00ac181a46f42b⋯.png (434.48 KB, 564x518, 282:259, 666.PNG)

I think that murasakiyakumo guy perfectly captured her drugged-drunk look she has when she streams.

bbdd02  No.19514

File: d916e47c957cf23⋯.jpg (84.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, c0b111b78086002a8dca27ebe9….jpg)


>that pic

DMCA in 3..2…1

c898eb  No.19515

File: f16c767eefacc3e⋯.jpg (97.58 KB, 716x438, 358:219, tfw.jpg)

File: 6f23a17969641e5⋯.jpg (63.74 KB, 719x438, 719:438, tfw2.jpg)

File: 53e88a488882983⋯.jpg (5.07 KB, 165x46, 165:46, tfw3.jpg)

File: 3d69971404caf65⋯.jpg (13.78 KB, 417x96, 139:32, tfw4.jpg)


back at cam4. what a surprise

masturbating of camera, showing her dick dancing like a retard and being angry at everybody


569f2d  No.19516

File: 88e46cb227a8932⋯.gif (77.5 KB, 360x360, 1:1, wechat_emoticon_sticker_co….gif)


damn ic ant even be horny anymore without rangers literally tracking my every mufuggin move;. lay off moron

569f2d  No.19517


how do you report imgur stuff btw 0.o asking for a frend

569f2d  No.19518


nvm ,_.

569f2d  No.19519

File: d79560617ace149⋯.gif (278.39 KB, 500x281, 500:281, plzplzplzplzdtk.gif)



anyone fit and fat cocked want to get me off PLEASE oh my gOD im so hornii. no regulars plz

aef943  No.19520


I thought you were a virgin NEET. Someone finally stuck their dick in your crazy?

856c4a  No.19522

File: 7d37e54d57acc7b⋯.png (14.05 KB, 330x77, 30:7, ScreenShot_20171020111332.png)

File: 5c980772cda3fc4⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 450x300, 3:2, nonice.jpg)


10475a  No.19523

File: 16b5479ffc03583⋯.jpg (8.69 KB, 222x92, 111:46, b2b07646d59256e57ac54.jpg)

File: cf5e29f4b5540b3⋯.png (190.92 KB, 480x440, 12:11, GHY8tLA.png)


Thanks for giving us the lowdown on her Cam4 stream.

I had a feeling it was going to happen soon. If not there then on YouTube by accident.

I do have a couple of questions-

1.What exactly is circled in red? Her penis? I cant tell.

2.Do any of you have ideas on what was censored? I know they star out words like incest scat mommy. Im trying to rack my brain what 4 letter word they would of censored.

c898eb  No.19525



in red circle is the elusive slug penis

maybe "rape"

unless she wanted to write fuck but self censored herself

00b99a  No.19526

File: 210387ff0b8a937⋯.png (12.63 KB, 585x128, 585:128, cxdfvvbs.PNG)



>self censored herself

I guess she could of typed a bunch of *'s to self censor, but I think you are correct with your guess of rape being the word.

I tested it out and it censors that word and those others mentioned above.

55eec9  No.19528

Wow just two days before hitting 25 she goes back to lewd streams cause shes HoRnY, motherfukcker just do what the rest of us loser here do when we’re horny and jerk off, or what did someone from a shitty local bar stuff you up with their old wrinkly cock, and that’s why you’re back to your old shitty ways?

I thought this twat was supposed to be in jail or moving on with her life?

But I guess it’s like old times with her back to her shitty pathetic dead end life. Happy early birthday Nigga.

bfdced  No.19529


Also I ain’t no fucking regular no more for a long time so and I ain’t fit but I got a fat thick fucking cock you can look at, I know you thought about it a lot everyday since then biggie nigga. >>19519

69fe98  No.19530

>tfw a few posts earlier someone said it was all over


856c4a  No.19531

File: 7b1433d9f73d824⋯.gif (458.26 KB, 500x281, 500:281, makeaaneffort.gif)


I'm starting to doubt the authenticity of user "Sluggubus". The real Em puts effort into it.

4516a0  No.19532


Beggars can't be choosers. Jerk off to the nude pics dinife has sent to you. After all he's paying you for that.

2afbf6  No.19533


>jerk off to the nude pics dinife has sent to you.

Damn that’s low for anyone, but I guess for here it’s just right in the ballpark ain’t that right slug? Go cubbies.

I just straight up barfed thinking about that, shit I’d rather sell my soul to the devil himself than stoop that low for a fat old man who’s only life purpose left is to give money to some tranny NEET who wants to kill herself.

Jeez just grow up and move one would ya bub? Others you liked moved on follow them now.

856c4a  No.19534

File: 05ef35920be3f02⋯.png (15.87 KB, 841x173, 841:173, ScreenShot_20171021032804.png)

We (or at least the not fake as fuck casual anonib trolls) all know what this means.

Happy birthday, Em.

Only the lowest of the low scum of the earth incel trollls would hate on you as long as it's 22Oct anywhere in the world.

856c4a  No.19535

File: 5ae00284b36bb98⋯.gif (879.34 KB, 600x315, 40:21, HB (1).gif)

File: b311456678ef5ae⋯.gif (760.88 KB, 476x250, 238:125, HB (2).gif)

File: 92f670ab90ca06b⋯.gif (161.01 KB, 676x229, 676:229, HB (3).gif)

File: 317d762a84a6503⋯.gif (135.43 KB, 460x460, 1:1, HB (4).gif)

File: 25fac07f081e2c7⋯.gif (723.99 KB, 456x396, 38:33, HB (5).gif)

856c4a  No.19536

File: b3c8cdf30c9073c⋯.gif (49.29 KB, 280x176, 35:22, HB (10).gif)

File: d6faa412de7c943⋯.gif (198.96 KB, 498x239, 498:239, HB (6).gif)

File: 8db528b3785d2d7⋯.gif (5.55 MB, 600x446, 300:223, HB (7).gif)

File: a9ce69326cc0a7f⋯.gif (115.42 KB, 700x366, 350:183, HB (8).gif)

File: 97f0e5998a1ec20⋯.gif (3.73 MB, 320x276, 80:69, HB (9).gif)

856c4a  No.19537

File: 264d732608c7524⋯.gif (185.46 KB, 394x356, 197:178, HB (11).gif)

File: ee96cec5351e8b5⋯.gif (998.62 KB, 500x279, 500:279, HB (12).gif)

File: 55ae271c2d4b368⋯.gif (449.53 KB, 498x290, 249:145, HB (13).gif)

File: 2d5ae6cae3e65e2⋯.gif (135.14 KB, 492x229, 492:229, HB (14).gif)

File: bdf82a084646d15⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 600x338, 300:169, HB (15).gif)

6ced9c  No.19538





Ain’t even the 22nd in the fucking east coast of the states yet let alone, in the central time zone too, so don’t even get too fucking started early and ruin the surprise you daft cunt.

856c4a  No.19539

File: c21b81508adb824⋯.gif (215.38 KB, 430x140, 43:14, c21.gif)


>so don’t even get too fucking started early

That's okay, anon, sometimes I don't talk good too.

4516a0  No.19540


>Only the lowest of the low scum of the earth incel trollls would hate on you as long as it's 22Oct anywhere in the world.

when it's her birthday and for a tiny moment during the day she contemplates her life thus far and realizes that she's crawled deeper into the shit than last year and haven't progressed at all, I bet she hates herself more than anyone in the world

2afbf6  No.19541


Easy buddy I think he mite be one of those Europeans.


Well I’m pretty sure every time she contemplates her life it’s either she gets drunk after it or she gets high after it, either way it’s a sad world for her, she had a chances to change it up and quit and leave but guess she didn’t want that.

014db9  No.19550

File: f469ed89a0cb44d⋯.jpg (124.39 KB, 927x604, 927:604, myhidingplace.JPG)


>and ruin the surprise

wait - are we suppose to be hiding and jump out yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

if we are then I call dibs behind that pile of dirty clothes and trash - just to the left of the giant vomit/pee stain.

389de2  No.19553


I swear to god I saw that same photo awhile back on r9k checking it out and shit and I didn’t want to think it would be her, but fuck was I wrong.

God damn how does one person live that way, I have ocd and have to have everything clean and oragnaized or my shit would hit the bricks, but fuck no wonder no one would step foot in her room.

ae7c90  No.19554

File: 4783521915a8c08⋯.jpg (87.93 KB, 895x510, 179:102, bfc-23.jpg)


I think its a trap thing

e73225  No.19555


I don’t know if it’s a trap thing, I think it’s just a way they used to be when they were boys, some old habits stay and some go away.

67a45f  No.19556

Slug's room (or at least the visible on the camera part of it) didn't look like a dumping ground from the beginning. If you check any camwhore-recording site, you'll see that in the early slugboi streams it was looking neat and as months, bans and "performance arts" went by and she indulged more in the neet-tranny-camwhore lifestyle it became more and more like a shithole. Only 90's kids will remember her window blinds being in pristine condition.


> it’s just a way they used to be when they were boys

Spoiled brat boys whose parents were some spineless faggots that couldn't discipline them and they told them that their room is their sanctuary/safe-place no one can enter without their permission (even if they are some 30yo neets that never even paid a dime for living in it). No wonder most of these kids end up lurking r9k, becoming some neet, tranny, camwhoring lolcows or worse both.

Funny experiment: check out which tranny is still living with her parents and which is not and then check the state of their room. Those who are still living with mommy and daddy tend to have the worst rooms (typical neet/shut-in/reclusive/autistic degenerates), the ones living alone tend to have more clean rooms but in general their rooms are a few levels above the typical crackhead room (a big box with a bed in it) so they don't have enough shit to mess with.

d8a719  No.19557


The room is like her mind, the more deep she went the more dirty and vile and horrendous it becomes just like a shit show she always has, but it’s just the shit winds follow and hear them coming always, it mite be purgatory all along we just haven’t noticed.

Also happy birthday to slug she’s got 5 more year till bitch hittin 30.

954bc5  No.19559

File: 24eb01465b1f3df⋯.jpg (273.19 KB, 935x724, 935:724, the body.jpg)



nice to see you guys referring to that photo because since when I saw it here


it is still puzzling me.

that photo has to be fairly recent (based on the conversation), but…

did she take that panoramic photo herself and uploaded it on a r9k thread (!? wtf) as that guy said he saw it there? but if she took it herself, why did she choose to take a photo that everyone can see most of her conversation with that old fart dinife? also, why did she take the photo? to post her shit hole of her room in one of those threads where every autistic mess of a human being posts his room filled with garbage, moldy cum rags etc?

then I looked closer at that mirror and between all this dried out spit, vomit, cum and butt juice I think I can see her lying down with her back facing the mirror I even think I can see her butt (pic related). so did someone took control of her camera or did she let people use her camera via e.g. discord (dunno how that fucking thing works) when she sleeps to take… pics?!

i dont know the fuck is going on, but I bet the jews are part of it maybe even her jew step dad. we need to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes…

d750f4  No.19560


>old conversation with that old fart dinife

OwO what’s this? Never seen that before, do tell what it was all about.

>that shitty r9k thread

Yes that was it, the one everyone shares their shit filled rooms and compare which ones is the bigger NEET.

>did someone take control of her camera?

Whoa what? That can happen? Maybe she had some secret skills with the webcam or maybe someone took control of it to watch her when she sleeps, I mean if she’s getting paid to show the boi pussy then I’m sure she gets paid to be watched with it’s slumber time after she gives a show to someone huehue.

Maybe her someone in her family took it maybe the new step dad finally banged her, maybe momma Slug wanted to send it to her in the morning so she sees what shit hole she lives in, maybe the Jews control the webcams like NSA controls everything else that watches us.

Who knows what the deal is I only saw the snippet of that photo on that r9k board I never saw the full photo, please do tell of that photo lore.

014db9  No.19561

File: 9531497231d59b2⋯.png (728.51 KB, 792x351, 88:39, say_eeeeeternal_damnation.PNG)


Thats one freaky ass observation.

It does look like her laying down with her back to the camera, and she must be lying on the bed because I see no bed anywhere else in the panoramic photo.

We know she dabbles in the "dark arts" so maybe one of those beings got conjured up and took a photo while she slept.

954bc5  No.19563


the full photo is the one that was posted here:


if you look closely on her screen you can see the conversation with dinife (link: https://i.imgur.com/bHJeIxc.jpg) telling him about the court, her damaging the car, her parents taking back the car from her even that she came close to killing herself and he being a loving and caring sugar daddy just says some stupid generality "everything will be fine" and asks her if she get his package.

tbh thats the saddest part, she wants to vent to someone but the only people she really has now are her sugar daddies that apparently dont give much of a fuck as you can see.

its known that shes a drama queen and wants to act like a victim but it doesnt make sense to upload a pic with that conversation visible to a random "post your hideous garbage bin of a room" thread at r9k. unless she is so desperate for sympathy from strangers or was drunk and/or high and forgot what was on her screen.

but is she has hit a new low, and just let voyeurs watch her (maybe for money) 24/7, then again someone of those peeps "mistreated" her and use his access to fuel her meme-fire with more lolz-material aka a panoramic view of that dumpster she calls room. again, sad…

fdee0e  No.19564


Damn it is low what a shame she was worth it too be honest.

Well she did have someone to talk to and vent too when she needed it well not just a someone but a few someones but some of those someones were just there to see the boi pussy and the memes but their was one that was there for her but she pushed him away and they weren’t right for one another and shouldn’t put the blame on her too, he was a little at fault too but seems they had something different than everyone else.

But it’s whatever he’s gone and she went deep down the hole and went more demented, I just hope both of them forgot about one another….I hope they did.

But anyway about the whole sugar daddie thing is fucked and it’s with fucking gross fucks who have no purpose in life anymore but just stay and watch cam whores undress and blow virtual kisses for something.

Yea she has a victim complex like most people in life now a days and wants sympathy so she doesn’t have to realize she is at fault for everything that’s her problem and she’s done.

856c4a  No.19566

If you motherfuckers spent half as much time with your own pathetic imitations of lives as you spend dissecting, analyzing, diagnosing, criticizing, and ultimately trying to destroy her public, and even worse, her personal life, you might have some semblance of a real life that didn't have to be devoted to wrecking hers.

d750f4  No.19567

File: b5b1f87b13cf99d⋯.jpeg (990.85 KB, 1242x1225, 1242:1225, 9C93221A-C8C0-445F-A4D5-5….jpeg)


Then why you here checking on our privilege, pal?

474c4b  No.19568


>and ultimately trying to destroy her public, and even worse, her personal life

What the fuck are you even talking about? Did we force her to become a camwhore and failed at it? Did we force her to become an alcoholic? Did we make her take drugs? Did we wrecked her car and make her go to court? Or maybe we are her liberal parents that don't give a fuck or even worse the chasers that encourage her to keep doing all this shit in order to not lose their favourite tranny camwhore?

Also what do you mean public and personal life? She doesn't have a public life and even if she had, it would be probably been affected more from her choice to became a camwhore. Her personal life is already falling apart because of her mistakes and bad life choices that led to her current lifestyle.

Every now and then you 2-3 same cucks come here and say exactly the same bullshit and try to "defend" her to earn your good boy badges from her just to be closer to that latina boipucci. Like good ol' dinife in that screen capture a few posts earlier. He didn't give a fuck about her personal problems, he just wanted to know if she got his package with sexy underwear, buttplugs, molds of his shriveled dick or whatever.

If things get really bad, something I really don't wish to happen, and her parents finally grow a spine and try to see who are all these people that till the end talked to her regularly, gave her money, presents etc, even as scapegoats for their own failure (something pretty common for liberals) then I'd like to see where would all of you hide.

014db9  No.19569

File: 6135a805ca5269d⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 608x451, 608:451, 730275193.jpg)


>trying to destroy her public, and even worse, her personal life

>devoted to wrecking hers

How are we destroying or wrecking her life? We're just observing and commenting. Its not like anons are showing up at her house, or contacting her family or friends (that is if she had IRL friends) or in any way effecting her every day real life.

We're just drivers on the highway of life, and we see a horrible car crash caused by a drunk driver. We rubberneck for awhile and then move on and when we get home we discuss it with people. You're trying to say that because we talk about the crash and laugh about how stupid the driver was, some how we caused the accident, we made the driver drink a whole bottle of whiskey, we made the driver race thru traffic recklessly and slam into a the cement barrier.

Em has shitshow for a life, and we enjoy watching, laughing and having conversations with other interested anons.

848e27  No.19570


>shriveled up dick and sexy panties

Ewww that was in the package? That’s ducking gross and she doesn’t even camwhore that much anymore unless it’s just for the sugar daddies but fuck man that’s degenerate as fuck.


Amen brother, you were spot on too, but the laughing part kinda is sad to be honest, no one should be laughed at their mistakes.


Her problems are caused by herself, her problems are cause of her and her choices, if she and you fuckers who act like everyone here and there that comment and make some funny meme about it are the problem then you are fucking blind and using that as a crutch, and don’t say this is cyber bullying, Nigga like just close your eyes, close the computer down.

569f2d  No.19573

File: 75cbbf3d84887c7⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, vmyf7clM.jpg)


that mirror shot is random blankets and dirty clothes. i was sitting up indian style making the panoramic, various parts of the image are distorted including that mirror lol. would have been physically impossible to take that laying down xd


was honestly just enjoying posting on r9k. i am a chaotic individual and have always been a messy boi. but you arent wrong to assume its an expression of my psyche. my mind is a cluttered mess ; )

drac79 is the only person from camming in the last 2 years that i ever truly had genuine feelings for tbh so idk if steez is referring to him?? how could he have known that lol??


i really have no issue with people commenting on my private life. its just kind of sucky to come here and see so many antagonistic freaks spreading retarded rumors and false information about me (not to say all of the bullshit you guys publicize on here is false) but i end up getting orbiters/chasers confronting me and making assumptions based on cringy bullshit yall post here. i cant even meme anymore without it being documented on here. its weird, and hard to adjust to tbh

By the way, dinife has never said anything lewd to me in the slightest, or sent me any sex toys, or clothing that wasn't on my amazon wishlist. the package he was referring to was a portable charging dock for my phone, since he had seen me streaming in my city while on my bike and complaining about how my phone battery was dying. he also sent me front and back lsd lights for my bike. :v


fake news tbh.

i cant even be mad that you all find endless entertainment in this. just makes me wonder how fulfilling and perfect your lives must be to look down on mine.


is it possible to have a private conversation off the site?? email or smthg?

0c19b9  No.19574


What are you doing here so early? Shouldn’t you be like drunk and passed out by now?

But anyway we found out the mystery guys she came forward and told the whole story after the cake candles were lit, and now it’s all settled and case is closed and no need to go further with her anymore time to leave her be and let her move on and us too, what do you say fellas?

Also another big question to answer that kid BIG GUCCI STEEZ is here still? I thought he was dead or just gone completely and plus I thought he labeled his post with a name each time cause he always said something about being a “artist” and put some weird lyrics in the post too? He was a strange oddball type.


That name came up a lot when you were drunk a lot during the late night streams and you told some personal things about it, so any real fan would know that, dude.

26b60a  No.19575

>tfw your trap waifu answers all of your questions


>so many antagonistic freaks spreading retarded rumors and false information about me

you are wrong. most of them are just assumptions from bit and pieces we see. its like watching a cryptic anime and then going to an internet forum to discuss with other weaboos what was that episode's real hidden message, what future episode might be like etc. also many of the "fake news" are obviously jokes.


>but i end up getting orbiters/chasers confronting me and making assumptions based on cringy bullshit yall post here

its not our fault that most of these peoples are stupid and cant understand jokes or assumptions. but i cant say that i dont find it funny that every retard on kageshi (either tranny or one of these faggots you used to talk to) actually believe every shit they have read in here and ive seen them many times write that shit when they talk about you.

>is it possible to have a private conversation off the site?? email or smthg?

dont worry. some of us warned him about your "odd" behavior and he took back that offer:



26b60a  No.19576


i forgot…


>cant even be mad that you all find endless entertainment in this. just makes me wonder how fulfilling and perfect your lives must be to look down on mine.

forget the NEET stuff and that "never worked in her life" shit (personally i wish you could find a rich guy that you like and never have to work a day in your life) but, you have done some serious stupid shit only on cam for everyone to see, so anyone that hasn't done a line of coke in a macdonalds toilet will look down on your life. plus its the internet, so everyone can pretend to be better that you etc etc. the fact is: if you do stupid shit in public, there will be people to talk about you.

i have to say though, the fact that you are so cool to reply (plus you are not drunk so your post was kinda sweet) makes me to want to troll you more for not trying to move on with your fucking life. i m not talking becoming an average "joe" just getting your shit together a little bit for fucks sake and not completely throw your life down the shitter you stupid fook.

also you'll never find a bf from the cucks that give you money to see you shove things up your ass, or orbit you on twitter, kageshi, instagram, myspace, LinkedIn even if they are the most kind people in the world (some of them can be friends tho). also there isnt just one drac dude in the world, so if you dont get him you might as well become a mess and fuck your life. you are a good looking tgirl that can easily pass. so try to act like a normal person, go to normal places at normal hours and try to meet normal people. thats the only way

04e4c7  No.19578


>was honestly just enjoying posting on >r9k. i am a chaotic individual and have >always been a messy boi. but you arent >wrong to assume its an expression of >my psyche. my mind is a cluttered >mess ; )

>drac79 is the only person from camming >in the last 2 years that i ever truly had >genuine feelings for tbh so idk if steez is >referring to him?? how could he have >known that lol??

Lel u think we don't know about the other guy u 2 were so thick u could cut it with a knife. Wats funny is he was prob the most normie of your "fans". Did he decide hed seen enuff crazy?

bd76d0  No.19580


>what do you say fellas?

I don't listen to anyone who refers to people as fellas

7c4e4d  No.19581

File: 7b25c5622fcc64d⋯.jpeg (417.89 KB, 1242x780, 207:130, 271868A9-72C4-4F2D-B5EF-2….jpeg)

04e4c7  No.19582


oh apprtnly u dumped all his stuff in a trashcan on stream how did i miss that

f12d22  No.19583

File: 9e077ce0aa6009a⋯.jpg (70.26 KB, 338x330, 169:165, 0078712.jpg)


I thought it was that guy amakunt or however he spelled it

I remember there being drama about her gathering up all the stuff he had sent her in the mail, fucking it all up, then throwing it in the trash. And doing this all while on cam as her fans and him watched.

2c38fa  No.19587

569f2d  No.19589

File: eaad2a5ef7480eb⋯.png (190.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Keroro-usuck.png)


fake news


ayma was nice, gave me lots of fun gifts for xmas and valentines day, but i felt the same way about him as i did the rest of you lol. i admit that he was probably more objectively attractive and witty than most of my viewers,but i was never too intimate with him or anyone in private.

i threw the candy out when i first started going down the alex jones rabbit hole, around the same time i got a script for adderall. It was because of all the GMO,processed food, and cancer rabbit holes i was jumping into, and saw everything that wasnt organic as poison. Ayma sent me TONS of candy and junk food for xmas, along with a ton of other gifts (i kept the clothes, toys, and cooking gadgets ofc). I only threw the foodstuffs he sent away in some autismal performance. It had nothing to do with him personally :P

another example of a misguided assertion propagated here !! ree !

26b60a  No.19590


all these wasted moneyz. poor guy…

>more objectively attractive and witty than most of my viewers,

nigga what? there way way more attractive gays guys following you. also regarding his wit, his cringy and corny comments on your tweets are legendary

pls tell us sempai your thoughts about these:



would you frot benis with a russian-canadian crypto-sissy twink cd?

856c4a  No.19591

File: 8bcb4e5dc5baa31⋯.png (561.05 KB, 749x934, 749:934, sluggoween.png)

File: 9fc58ed44cf829c⋯.jpg (256.92 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, sluggoween2.jpg)

Birthday's over, time to start thinking about what's next on the calendar …

5a68cf  No.19592


To be fair mostly all of the “fans”, chasers, orbiters all had really cringy things to say and some had their days with the witty comments.

>more attractive gays following you

Yeah probably but will never know she never wanted to play fuck, marry, kill.

>Russian-Canadian sissy cd twink

Stop just no any of these guys would never make a good cd, they all look like craigslist gangbang cds.


You’re about late aren’t ya bud?

26b60a  No.19597


>she never wanted to play fuck, marry, kill.


tbh tho she has said many times that she wants to kill us all

dd90bb  No.19598


>she said she wanted to kill us all

You right, I just want to know when it happens cause I’m ready to die whenever.

51832d  No.19599



I know Ill get slammed & gutted for being a white knight or an orbiter, but-

thanks for giving us the real low down on things, and even your musings about all the drama.

Even though I was just reading text you posted tonight, I got a flash back to your chitchat streams on CB. Watching you stream on there would make me smile, and more than a handful of times you literally made me laugh out loud.

I truly hope things work out as you move on with your life. Happy belated birthday.

f0643e  No.19609

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Aww. How sweet and romantic. And it's not only you, you know.

99% of the other guys have said the same thing more or less. They followed slug to that conversation site called "chaturbate" (weird name for a chat site, don't you think?) and enjoyed her being artistic, exchanging jokes with them and having insightful conversations about philosophy, art, movies, politics etc. And after all these months she's off camera they nostalgically recall all these moments and all these discussions and also that beautiful view from her window with the birds flying around her backdoor garden. Of course there was some tipping to get the conversation going, but she always mistook it as a reward for lewd acts, silly girl. Ahh, those were the days lads. Those were the days…


Then who the fuck tipped her for more dildo in the ass? How did you know every dildo she owns with their nicknames? And who the fuck send her all those dick pics? That gay negro Polgin had the audacity to say he had never seen her dick before during a ticket show he begged to get in.

All of us went to a camwhoring site, clicked on the trans/shemale/dick girl/feminine penis/fempeen/prime boipucci (call it whatever you really like) and watched an alcoholic and drug addict tranny do the naughty along with other stupid shit, getting banned for it, then coming back for more naughty things and even more stupid shit. This is the main story. After that some of us stayed for different reasons.

She was mainly for the money, we were mainly for the boipucci or fempeen (I don't know how gay each one of you is). Everything else was incidental, unintentional and happened by chance. Also, her falling in love with some of the fucks, or some of the fucks falling in love with her was a mistake, a glitch or a misinterpretation of some other emotions/feelings.

It really baffles me, the fact that some of you are still sugarcoating this whole situation.

145be9  No.19615


Why the fuck are you still here snowflake?

Just to be an asshole.

Some of us still like Em/Slug for whatever reason.

If you don't, FUCK OFF and go somewhere else.

No one wants to hear your bullshit.

This is or was an appreciation post of Em/Slug and assholes like you fucked it up.

Yes we know she has problems…SO WHAT…

Doesn't everybody.

So take your fucking liberal negativity and go fuck Hillary Clinton with it. You and her would make a great couple.

f0643e  No.19616

File: bc679d73da99a09⋯.jpg (58.62 KB, 445x530, 89:106, pissed-off-tobey-maguire-m….jpg)


The retard's back in town.

"snowflake", "liberal negativity"? Are you just posting random words?

Daily reminder that she finds especially your posts cursed, creepy and disgusting:



So, try to act like a normal person and not a complete retard, try to understand what you read and stop trying so much to be a shitty troll better yet, find a nice wall on the crack den you live in and bang your head hard till shit comes out.

8990ca  No.19622

File: 91b87a4e2da19a7⋯.jpg (99.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, whohurtyou.jpg)

f0643e  No.19626


Let me guess… Another one of these guys still pretending they orbit her because of her character, personality, intellect etc and not for that LATINA BOIPUCCI.

It's ok anons she knows that, she's not as stupid as you think she is.

d718a8  No.19639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Could you please go back to griping at the mods because you don't understand how embedded videos work.

Your irrational hatred & bitterness towards some random TScamgirl you've never met IRL is getting really weird.

f0643e  No.19640


You confuse me with the other dude that tried to be a white-knight and protect her from the evil anons that post on threads about her. So I can't really hate her (as you say) and try to defend her at the same time. I've been posting for months in these threads and mods can verify if I ever said anything about them. Lurk more next time before you start referring irrelevant things.

Besides, as you can see from my 19609 post I know how to embed a youtube video.

Also, something you don't seem to understand or act like you don't understand, is that this post of mine:


was mainly about all these orbiters that say one thousand stupid reasons why they miss her, trying to seem romantic, tender, loving, caring etc while everyone knows the main reason is the boipucci.

I know it's fun to change ip's every now and then to raise the number of UIDs and make it seem like there are many people posting in this thread. But next time when you are having an argument with someone try to have one ID like a real man (it's the internet it's not that hard). Did you get that 51832d or 8990ca or d718a8 or "whatever else ID I forgot"?

d718a8  No.19641


>Besides, as you can see from my 19609 post I know how to embed a youtube video.

Yeah I noticed that. I guess it was embarrassing that first time you didnt know how the embed video thing worked and tried to roast the mod.

Im glad you finally figured it out.

7b9c8e  No.19642

File: c3605af8d4f8218⋯.jpg (113.62 KB, 747x601, 747:601, (76).jpg)

>>19640 thanks for the laugh ya badass

145be9  No.19643

File: e1ae61220d1574f⋯.jpg (132.62 KB, 943x993, 943:993, 3337246-4d54bb89.jpg)

File: 5126e32fc07c3ac⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1411970407750.gif)

bd9b5f  No.19727


Uhm, yeah, funny things, those UID's.

bd76d0  No.19732

Why don't all you faggots shut the hell up. Tired of someone inevitably playing CSI:UID because they have nothing but time to waste - get a fucking job.

talk about EM and not yourselves - no one fucking cares.

76b739  No.19733


hey now fella, take it easy

9f668e  No.19735


Hey bud, why don’t you go and not come back and stop worrying about everyone here ya dingus.

76b739  No.19736


hey fella, 9f668e called ya a dingus

98eb7b  No.19745

File: 01aea156d3fd4fe⋯.jpg (531.57 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1488432647160.jpg)

2e5bbc  No.19756


OMG!!! Em/Slug just finger banged me…

Just look into those beautiful eyes of hers…wouldn't you want her to finger bang you too?

If she said, "Stick em' up." I would say it's already up. 8=====D

2e5bbc  No.19757

File: a8f0ba218308a85⋯.jpg (299.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DM0CG3KXkAMKP4s.jpg)

Can I have the cake and eat her too?

I want to cover Em in frosting and lick it all off of her.

67fd27  No.19843

File: b6f82cfeae00845⋯.jpg (337.36 KB, 582x480, 97:80, joojoo.jpg)

Does she live anywhere near Los Angeles? I'm trans and just came across her. Kind of hoping she likes girls too or just to hang and teach me witchcraft. She seems crazy cool, in a good way.

67fd27  No.19844

File: 0068a85fbeccc83⋯.jpg (317.59 KB, 640x972, 160:243, hoez.jpg)


I won't hijack her thread anymore. Sluggy you are a good person. Keep ur head up) Jen xx

d7df40  No.19860



submitted 3 years ago by [deleted] = :(

Welcome back Jen.

Please start your own thread.

You deserve a thread all of your own.

You are freaking hot as hell.

bd76d0  No.19863


lives near Chicago as far as I know

60ce45  No.19872

File: 8bd9f5619a42b70⋯.jpg (214.43 KB, 1296x972, 4:3, 1509306347677.jpg)

is this out buggy or is someone doing

so meta-Cosplay?

fb80b5  No.19886

File: c36665dfdf7b691⋯.png (834.31 KB, 1283x596, 1283:596, her_stepdads_a_jew_but_she….PNG)


That nose it fucking HUGE!

Thats definitely NOT Sluggy

0c0585  No.19906



Hoping you stick around as well. :-)

fb80b5  No.19913

File: 5fe9cb75cacff20⋯.gif (7.2 MB, 420x236, 105:59, the gaze.gif)


>Hoping you stick around as well. :-)

10/24/17 uh..hey.

i hope this is how I'm supposed to do this..

I'm Kailei<3

exactly one week later…

10/31/17 tbh i think i just dont fit in here.

soooooo im sorry…

<3 this was fun tho <3 ty guys

We have a bad track record of running traps off.

Couldnt even keep Kailei around more than seven days before the autists creeped her out and she bailed.

Basically Im saying, dont hold your breathe.

cefe41  No.19914



Why do these assholes think they have to get on a trap board and put down these beautiful ladies?

If you don't like traps or even certain ones, stay off these threads. This is an appreciation thread for Em/Slug; and yet, some idiots come on here and make it a bashing thread. If we let these idiot assholes keep doing this, they will eventually run off everyone.

Em/Slug, Kailei, Jen…Hope all three of you lovely ladies stay around. This place wouldn't be the same without you. Screw the haters and don't listen to them. They just jelly that you are prettier than their girlfriend/wife.

386766  No.19916

em didnt leave because people said "bad things" about her, in fact she didnt give a fuck about it and in the end even said she liked all the attention, she's just trying to move on with her life (allegedly) because of things happened in her real life.

also basically none of the recent big Em threads (including this one) were about appreciation really. they were made by former orbiters for trolling, rumors, mocking, say how much they are worried about her because of all the shit she has done, try to tell her to get her shit together etc. in fact, em and most of us knows which one of us has posted in here.

there was an "appreciation" thread about her (that's long gone) and even there people used to talk about all the shit she has done. plus its an imageboard, 90% of it is drama, trolling, memes and shitposting. see for example other threads in other boards/chans about some random chan-whore. they are full of drama etc.

traps will come and go and many of them are still posting anonymously, for example see this that no one of you gave attention to:


bd76d0  No.19920


next time don't hi-jack a thread

bd76d0  No.19921


>Couldnt even keep Kailei around more than seven days before the autists creeped her out and she bailed.

what are you talking about she made several posts today (31 Oct)


fb80b5  No.19925

File: fb84ccee4d8b497⋯.jpg (868.18 KB, 1977x2560, 1977:2560, 91a2Gi3fVnL.jpg)


>next time don't hi-jack a thread

LOL! Yeah okay. Ill do what I want, whenever I want tough guy.


>she made several posts today

Kailei only made 2 posts today, that's not "several"

Im guessing English isn't your first language or at least I hope that's your excuse for poor reading comprehension

Her first post was on 10-24

Her most recent post was seven days later 10-31

and the wording of her post-

>tbh i think i just don't fit in here. soooooo im sorry

makes it seem like its her swan song, her goodbye note.

So she lasted all but a week before your kind scared her off.

0c0585  No.19928



>We have a bad track record of running traps off.

Moderator here. I didn't see anything bad that was said to Kailei, just the norm on image boards, so no action was taken. We'll get involved if someone is blatantly rude, but for random image board noise, we won't do anything…otherwise, this will become too much like a forum where you always self-censor and it is no longer fun.

There is a problem with this board though, and that is that there is a waifu culture here. You see it in particular with sluggy, who has such a devoted following that when another beautiful trap entered the thread, she was barely noticed.

If a trap starts posting anywhere on /trap/, it would be good for all of us in the long run if she gets some positive feedback, even if she's not your dream girl. Same as other women, traps are more likely to post here if there are other traps posting. Jen's a perfect example of why, as she posted specifically to find out about sluggy. This is how things get rolling.

If a few of us could do this and it became the place where a bunch of traps are active, then the sky is the limit. We could have dozens of traps posting here at any one time.

bd76d0  No.19930


I wasn't even talking to you asshat

go get permission from Mommy to stay out late tonight - it is Halloween after all

everyone knows you still live at home using the excuse it's too expensive to live on my own

2 posts - several - you're splitting hairs you made it seem like she abandoned this place over a week ago - she's been regularly posting in the thread almost daily. I assume you're still taking those ESL classes, faggot.

bd76d0  No.19931


don't give this tool >>19913 any credibility all he ever does is attack other posters

he lives for that because his life is so pathetic

a254f8  No.19933


>Moderator here. I didn't see anything bad that was said to Kailei, just the norm on image boards, so no action was taken.

In every maddie/sam/warmfreshpaint thread, far worse things are being said about her, and the "gentlemen" complaining in here didn't give a fuck, they didn't even mention her. Apparently they don't like her, so that's ok.

>but for random image board noise, we won't do anything…otherwise, this will become too much like a forum where you always self-censor and it is no longer fun.

Based mod.

> is a waifu culture here. You see it in particular with sluggy, who has such a devoted following

Devoted slug poster till I die.


In fact, it's confrontational faggots like this nigger here that scare some traps away, he starts fights in every thread he's been, because he thinks pretending to be a tough guy on the internet is like a mission to him. Just look at his laughable insults. He's propably some desperate old hon CD that needs to find asap a cute young trap girl to live with him. Sad!


It's you, you fucking filthy nigger. That creepy "love you slug xoxo" faggot that has been starting fights in many threads these last two weeks. Mods can verify that.

watch him sperg now

bd76d0  No.19934


see what did I tell you

the lot of them just attack others

go ahead and blame everything on me if yit makes you feel superior

my shoulders are wide, I can take it

a254f8  No.19935

File: 485dba6651fb52f⋯.jpg (213.39 KB, 500x515, 100:103, NO HONS ALLOWED.jpg)

>my shoulders are wide, I can take it

Dusty old hons. They never learn…

fb80b5  No.19951

File: c3714e889527227⋯.jpg (196.85 KB, 1050x626, 525:313, WIIIIIIIIIIIDE.jpg)

856c4a  No.19967

File: d512d5bcfde3a06⋯.gif (11.65 KB, 471x346, 471:346, shitfan.gif)

File: 751d8727696c353⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 394x234, 197:117, slugriots.gif)

File: 28c01ff5d156f7f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 400x225, 16:9, slugriots2.gif)

File: 57c0408fc7d4245⋯.gif (644.6 KB, 142x80, 71:40, unrest.gif)

The natives are restless … chasers and orbiters turning on each other … unrest … anarchy …


bd76d0  No.19984


see this is why I keep coming back

856c4a  No.19988


>see what did I tell you

>the lot of them just attack others

Ummm …

>don't give this tool >>19913 any credibility all he ever does is attack other posters

he lives for that because his life is so pathetic


I wasn't even talking to you asshat

go get permission from Mommy to stay out late tonight - it is Halloween after all

everyone knows you still live at home using the excuse it's too expensive to live on my own

2 posts - several - you're splitting hairs you made it seem like she abandoned this place over a week ago - she's been regularly posting in the thread almost daily. I assume you're still taking those ESL classes, faggot. (>>19930)

Why don't all you faggots shut the hell up. Tired of someone inevitably playing CSI:UID because they have nothing but time to waste - get a fucking job. (>>19732)

Pot, meet kettle

5eafaa  No.20007



bd76d0  No.20009


blow it out your ass Mr. CSI:UID

856c4a  No.20013

File: 74d25030ab932b7⋯.gif (596.17 KB, 500x400, 5:4, fuck off.gif)


I'm not usually one to kink shame, but eproctophilia is where I draw the line. Goddam pervert.

72835e  No.20016

File: 1147b2cd999facd⋯.png (179.06 KB, 642x516, 107:86, 6009834.PNG)


If hes a true fartlover, shouldn't he have a smile on his face?

856c4a  No.20017


not mine

856c4a  No.20070

File: 63c8e4e53833a8e⋯.gif (4.53 MB, 736x316, 184:79, EmTurWendEn.gif)

Let's hope Em has all the pumpkin washed out of her hair, Halloween's over and it's time to start Thanksgiving prep …

1245cd  No.20072


dont tell me i missed a drunken stream where she wore a pumpkin as a hat or something

i really hope the stream was on cam4, she gest "special" on that site

856c4a  No.20073



67fd27  No.20074

File: 914e204e393016d⋯.jpg (541.96 KB, 865x720, 173:144, twat2.jpg)

lets get back on topic :) Dis is me.

f9e396  No.20076


That is not the topic though dear.

Just be a good girl and open a new thread about yourself. It is not ladylike to hijack other girls thread.

It is, also, quite unfair for you (and for many other girls to be honest) to post in a Slug thread.

60e010  No.20078

File: 226bfa933666911⋯.gif (7.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, EmMengele.gif)


Em has "ways" of dealing with hijackers.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh, and make sure you put the lotion in the basket.

b291b6  No.20079


You're really beautiful, you should definitely create your own thread.

8dfb30  No.20087

How can you show me??

8dfb30  No.20088


I posted because I fancied her, not because I wanted attention or to deviate to topic onto me. Sorry.

8dfb30  No.20092

Ok here it is. Let me know if I have set up thread correctly


8dfb30  No.20103


That is fucking hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.

2ff880  No.20156

ea8271  No.20171

File: ac082a5f63438cd⋯.jpg (124.55 KB, 740x800, 37:40, tumblr_ovfqg5ANXO1uv10z6o1….jpg)


no self respecting tranny would post on this board. i posted all my outside contact info in this thread ^^


3d1b2c  No.20173

File: af74be26693c45d⋯.jpg (6.89 KB, 316x202, 158:101, 8a4.jpg)


WTF are you a transbian now?

8dfb30  No.20176


Transbian? It sounds like she hates me for posting on her board.

Where the fuck is her contact info? I cant see it.

ea8271  No.20178

File: 223d4d672cbc221⋯.jpg (129.38 KB, 600x603, 200:201, tumblr_ounss9XUik1tltyeco1….jpg)


i dont hate u lol. just wish you would proposition me in private. i hate this board :'B

8dfb30  No.20179


And you think I like this place?:)

Let me at least tell you my story :)

8dfb30  No.20180


If I had any idea of how to message your privately, that would be the first thing I would have done btw.

053374  No.20181


And we are back to hating this board.

Are you so desperate to find a new place that you are gonna be a transbian? Sad!

Poor Sam was always waiting for you to join her tranny harem. :(


You cant message in here. FFS

Also pls stop tempting OUR waifu with lesbian tranny degeneracy now she's going to be homeless.

d56519  No.20184



Careful Sluggy, theres talk that this Jen may be a fake.

It could be our little friend Mister Byrd from Topeka looking to reel you in with a trap facade, since his nignog status seemed to turn your stomach.

8dfb30  No.20186


And before you question the date arrangement on that pic. I'm English, not American.

d56519  No.20187


>But that's it. I won't bother you fucks anymore.

Too many people asking for proof who you are, so you leave in a huff so you wont have to provide a simple legit timestamp

Sorry you got caught. I do like that in your false narrative you mention that you got catfished so that it throws everyone off about the current catfish thats occurring.

d56519  No.20190


Just post a picture with you showing proof you are posting on /trap/

Its not that hard, and if Im wrong which I highly doubt Ill eat my words.

If not, then go on and pretend to be mad and go back to lurking the board and find some more photos on tumblr or /di/ to catfish someone else

8dfb30  No.20191


Are you thick?

I'm not leaving in a huff at all. I'm at work and you have literally asked for proof about 7 seconds ago.

In the meantime, I simply asked you to message me on my Reddit JenRawrRawr with the same handle.

I'm not mad at all. Just post it in my thread please and not hers. She's already pissed.

8dfb30  No.20192


Heres the TGW Discord from my pic.


In the meantime, there's the link, If you click that you can find me under JenRawrRawr with my verification pic for that server.

How can I fake that, please?

d56519  No.20193


I get it, this is the third time you've used the discord timestamp picture to attempt to prove yourself.

I understand you're at work and cant post a proper timestamp. Ill stop asking and just wait until later tonight and allow you to post a timestamp that has something related to 8chan and this thread.

Im sure you wont get angry and say

>nevermind, Im not going to give a timestamp to you trolls, Im leaving forever

8dfb30  No.20194


Did I ever say I won't give you a verification pic? How long ago have you just asked? Be honest? It was literally just this second. Like fucking hell give me a chance.

Why don't you just click the discord link and at least send me a message to see that's my user and I verified myself on Friday.

And when did I ever say this:

"nevermind, I'm not going to give a timestamp to you trolls, I'm leaving forever"

Did I say that?

d56519  No.20195


>Just post it in my thread please and not hers

Ill respect Slugs thread and end my requests and posts in this thread. You might want to take your own advice.


>Did I ever say I won't give you a verification pic?

Like I said- Ill just wait until later tonight for that 8chan time stamp photo. Good luck with it.

8dfb30  No.20196

File: 53f8973c60bedbb⋯.jpg (301.16 KB, 846x1153, 846:1153, chat.jpg)


The last I say on this.

I was chatting with this girl/person last week or two. She kept flashing slugs images up, and then deleting them off the server about 30seconds later. At first no one thought anything of it.

I kept asking why she was deleting the images so quickly, and she was saying "Oh I'm shy" etc etc. So everyone grew suspicious on the server because the person in the images didn't look shy or introverted at all based on how she looked.

So I reverse image searched one of the images she accidentally left up, and came I across this cum dumpster of a thread and who the real person was. And my curiosity and drunkeness made me want to find out more about her, that's all.

I'm happy to send a verification pic, no problem at all, but I don't need to prove myself to you at all, only the person I was trying to get in touch with (Slugs)

"Good luck with it" - Could you be any more condescending? jesus fucking christ, get a grip.

What do you want me to write on my verification pic?

Fuck you anon in the ass with a large cucumber?

d56519  No.20197


>What do you want me to write on my verification pic?

8chan /trap/ thread 20091

ID: 0e8f96

60e010  No.20198

File: ca9f9bee50a5bea⋯.gif (5.33 MB, 480x362, 240:181, TIRE_FIRE.gif)


>this cum dumpster of a thread

Sorry, dear heart, but "cum dumpster" is more applicable to the betas that troll Sluggo's threads. We few, we happy few, we band of loyal fans and contributors tend to refer to these threads as shitshows or tire fires.

eb7ded  No.20199

File: 8a566fb1c47ce3e⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 450x188, 225:94, James-Franco-Approves.gif)


>I'm on $78k a year and work for a company in Marina Del Rey in CA

nice job mentioning the "dough" to lure the girl and it's not a pathetic effort unlike that of that russian-canadian "10 grand in the bank" twink Niko.

just imagine how much booze and drugs will Em do with so much money...

8dfb30  No.20200


Who is Niko?:)

Sorry, that point was just to counter the "Degenerate" accusation to me personally.

Just because I like someone doesn't mean I'm going to let anyone leech off me or my money in any way. Plus I don't think she's like that in all honesty.

I'm sure she has enough of you guys giving her $3.50 donations and wishlist items anyways.:3

1acf36  No.20376

File: d381c24f549f26a⋯.png (14.66 KB, 568x440, 71:55, 111017_scrp.png)


I checked the link and saw pic related

was it one of you little devils being cheeky or Em decided once again to de-transition?

that would made some sense if she end up living on her own (better job opportunities as a normal fag) and would explain the sudden liking towards other mtf trannies like jen (it is only half gay if you are a fem looking guy and your bf pretends to be a woman).

0f221e  No.20389


>little devils being cheeky

I was that cheeky lil devil who DMCAd the video for shits and giggles. But I used both her(his) first name and last name. Im not sure why they only used the first (Emanuel) I guess for privacy issues.

27ce05  No.20391


Ya forgot to add "boipucci", "boipusci", "bussy", "feminine penis", "shenis" & "vinegar" as Tags.

f85b8d  No.20393




ill have to add that to my searches when im looking for the ever elusive slugboi vids

0e051b  No.20404


She never took a sudden liking towards me at all though?

and she def never indicated anywhere she wanted to talk to me.

I was high and a little drunk and made a stupid decision, writing a few airhead comments.

You guys have more of an idea what she is going through or has been through. I hope she sorts herself out.

a502cb  No.20507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I hope she sorts herself out.

Welcome to the club kid.

You might stay here long enough to become the villain yourself.

0e051b  No.20609

File: 5b3a8d9a8c059e5⋯.jpg (217.1 KB, 659x720, 659:720, verifyfinal.jpg)

File: 89d6cd42735c9c6⋯.jpg (369.12 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, verify.jpg)


Just a quickie for anyone, including Sluggo who thought I was trolling. I wasn't a Catfish sry to disappoint you all. Jen.

5df829  No.20619



why is it backwards? You took a picture of the REAL Jen when she was in a mirror

typical catfish method of operation

take a picture of a time stamp that isnt backwards, then we'll talk

(just kidding)

ce5d71  No.20628

File: 841ca31f8232df6⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 659x720, 659:720, 5b3a8d9a8c059e5dc86948c7ea….jpg)

File: 4bf1ec1b7c40cda⋯.jpg (152.79 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 89d6cd42735c9c60f3edab381a….jpg)

0e051b  No.20634


I say that to myself every day, thanks.

I just wanna be a sweet caretaker until Kween Slugs comes back and reclaims her throne, I know I cant compete. I think she has abandoned you guys though??

06d540  No.20635


Rude. Also untrue. But if you don't like the way she looks, you don't have to look at her pictures.

a502cb  No.20636


>I think she has abandoned you guys though??

Well… Not exactly, but thank fuck she stopped doing (or banned from doing) all these endless public streams on every possible live streaming site while drunk and/or high and then wreck her room, kitchen, self harm, end up yelling and spitting the camera etc. She might think that all these add up to her charm and to her meme status but it was only a sad public sight of self destruction that only psychos would want to continue.

Also m'lady, she's 25 and it's time learn to live on her own at some point, move on with her life and stop relying (mostly) on her parent's money. So let's hope she'll continue to "hide" and not come back after a month or so only to do something more outrageous (like she did in her recent hiatous-es).

Btw it's cute how you end up some of your sentences with a question mark, it's sassy. ;)

d67c33  No.20652

File: 59c50214d623017⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

7a2786  No.20659

File: f0dfb193e304a3c⋯.jpg (237.08 KB, 834x804, 139:134, 65756645665645.JPG)

I havent seen her active on any of her social media not even her super secret hiding spots

Is it possible shes hanging out with "Crazy Eyes" and "Pennsatucky" now?

d95fc8  No.20660


Although you are right, you also have to be extremely observant. As a matter of fact, just a couple hours before, I saw a very subtle move typical of a jew (aka money related) on one of her not so super secret hiding spots.

4fcaa6  No.20662


u wot m8?

0e051b  No.20671


It's sad for me to say that destructiveness and antagonistic side of her is part of the charm though. If she didn't have that I would not have been interested or intrigued in the slightest. She's the first person I have just contacted completely out of the blue like that. Most trans girls I find annoying as fuck tbh. She probs finds me annoying because she seems like an outlier.

But that's a problem with me personally. I'm sort of stable from a mental perspective, so I like daring people to drag me into a life of complete chaos. I'm drawn to tragedy and instability and it's fucking pathetic to admit. Maybe it's a tranny thing I don't know.

When I say stable, I just mean I'm able to hold down a job without lsd, dmt, weed, and other shit getting in the way(for now at least). But I could argue that makes me more creative so:)

I think when you say you hope she sorts herself out, secretly you are probably hoping that she comes back and does more stupid so shit you guys can talk about it?

b291b6  No.20682

File: 854138c0fb00747⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 438x750, 73:125, 1445746770830-4.jpg)


>But that's a problem with me personally. I'm sort of stable from a mental perspective, so I like daring people to drag me into a life of complete chaos. I'm drawn to tragedy and instability and it's fucking pathetic to admit. Maybe it's a tranny thing I don't know.

That's pretty common, it describes codependency. A nearly identical term that is more descriptive but is used less is savior complex.

If you do something like this very rarely, it's not a big deal. If you do it all the time, then it's worth looking into and trying to find the reasons why and how to get past it. There are a ton of videos on this subject up on Youtube.

e5e4b3  No.20753

File: 280c7fb926a73e0⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 399x448, 57:64, 67458873.jpg)

Ive heard whispers that she detransitioned and is going by her boy name now?

963452  No.20754

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well, the whole trap thing didn't turn out to be so successful basically she fucked it up. Right?

So, it's not impossible or unlikely that happened.

aae644  No.21856

File: 3241aa671120fe1⋯.jpg (22.94 KB, 253x420, 253:420, 5defb697a565a2a5071ee865bf….jpg)


>It's sad for me to say that destructiveness and antagonistic side of her is part of the charm though.

531b4c  No.21859



>saviour complex

Look boys, we got ourselves a Freudian

It appears that your putting that community college psychology degree to good use.

Keep up the good work anon


531b4c  No.21860



You're just an asshole bro. Anon's points were interesting, stop being so closed minded

f787a1  No.21862


>It appears that your putting that community college psychology degree to good use.

You have said that before bro.

Also it's "you're" not "your". Forget about college degrees, how about finishing elementary school first?

inb4 you start calling me liberal scum, hillary voter etc


Did you just answer to your self? Did you forget to reset your router?

Don't worry broseph, it can happen to every troll.

056c63  No.21872

File: 65f79de23021170⋯.jpg (119.84 KB, 680x529, 680:529, 84537564220294667456530395….jpg)



Rookie mistake

You'll do better next time you fail troll.

d04afb  No.22124




This the same shitposter who made that embarassing captions thread?

a74a1c  No.22125


Which embarrassing captions thread?

a74a1c  No.22126

6cfac6  No.27995

File: 5ae00284b36bb98⋯.gif (879.34 KB, 600x315, 40:21, HB_(1).gif)

File: b311456678ef5ae⋯.gif (760.88 KB, 476x250, 238:125, HB_(2).gif)

File: 92f670ab90ca06b⋯.gif (161.01 KB, 676x229, 676:229, HB_(3).gif)

File: 317d762a84a6503⋯.gif (135.43 KB, 460x460, 1:1, HB_(4).gif)

File: 25fac07f081e2c7⋯.gif (723.99 KB, 456x396, 38:33, HB_(5).gif)

6cfac6  No.27996

File: d6faa412de7c943⋯.gif (198.96 KB, 498x239, 498:239, HB_(6).gif)

File: 8db528b3785d2d7⋯.gif (5.55 MB, 600x446, 300:223, HB_(7).gif)

File: a9ce69326cc0a7f⋯.gif (115.42 KB, 700x366, 350:183, HB_(8).gif)

File: 97f0e5998a1ec20⋯.gif (3.73 MB, 320x276, 80:69, HB_(9).gif)

File: b3c8cdf30c9073c⋯.gif (49.29 KB, 280x176, 35:22, HB_(10).gif)

6cfac6  No.27997

File: 264d732608c7524⋯.gif (185.46 KB, 394x356, 197:178, HB_(11).gif)

File: ee96cec5351e8b5⋯.gif (998.62 KB, 500x279, 500:279, HB_(12).gif)

File: 55ae271c2d4b368⋯.gif (449.53 KB, 498x290, 249:145, HB_(13).gif)

File: 2d5ae6cae3e65e2⋯.gif (135.14 KB, 492x229, 492:229, HB_(14).gif)

File: bdf82a084646d15⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 600x338, 300:169, HB_(15).gif)

6cfac6  No.27998

Happy birthday Em, wherever you are.

e19ad6  No.28005





I guess I wasnt as big of a fan as I fooled myself to believe, I didnt know it was her birthday.

But anyways

Happy Bday, I hope you're safe and happy.

a593e2  No.28011


the big Three-Oh (30).

27f316  No.28013


Milf Slug confirmed

0d2e09  No.28020

File: cd80431a8afb23b⋯.jpg (44.95 KB, 776x526, 388:263, 7344511.JPG)



really? i thought she was 27. she doesnt look 30

a593e2  No.28022


27 is 30 in transgender years, amerimutt.

0d2e09  No.28023


wait whats the year to year conversion? like a dogs is 7 years for every 1 year. what is it for trannies?

29489b  No.28034


One human year equals 1.11 shemale years, or one year and six weeks.

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