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0e8f96  No.20091

Hi. I'm JenRawrRawr (Verification pic there) I got told by someone to start my own thread so if anyones interested here it is :)

b7e9fc  No.20095

Welcome JenRawrRawr.

Hope you have a nice welcome here and please post lots more pics and vids.

You are stunning and breath taking.

Can't wait to see some sexier and racier pictures of you.

62a19f  No.20096

You're a very pretty girl. Do you like guys? Also, how long have you been on HRT?

62a19f  No.20097


You are really cute in the blue sequin dress, it looks like you're going out to a Christmas party.

6131c7  No.20098

Very kissable tongue.


Also this.

8c3c7e  No.20100

You look to be very tall and thin, that combined with the fancy dress and wavy blonde hair you remind me of Taylor Swift.

Very beautiful

thanks for the timestamp

0e8f96  No.20101


Thats cool you are welcome. I'm same height as Taylor Swift I think.

2fcd70  No.20104

Hey Jen, you said you live in Cali right?

why do you use the European way of writing out that date?

0e8f96  No.20105


Hi. I work for a company in Ls Angeles, but I'm from the U.K. Currently trying to get a H1B visa so I can stay 3 years:)

6131c7  No.20106


Can we see more of you, qt British trap?

d99cfc  No.20112


I knew you looked familiar.

0e8f96  No.20113


You recognise me :))

0e8f96  No.20114

File: df39a5b43a85aa0⋯.jpg (139.48 KB, 560x507, 560:507, tal4.jpg)

Yea not surprised.

21b1ea  No.20117

>8 months :)

Aww damn I thought you were completely natural :(

62a19f  No.20119


In the real world, HRT is better. It affects a lot of things, some of which aren't even visible, like smell and the softness of skin.

Even a genetic freak like Bailey Jay had to go on HRT when she started to develop male pattern baldness.

23dc9f  No.20120

Absolutely breathtaking, anyone whose fantasy is TayTay with a dick would think all their Christmases had come at once.

8c3c7e  No.20123

you seem to really be into pantyhose/nylons

love it

thats one of my fetishes

b0dfaf  No.20124


>Currently trying to get a H1B visa

What skill do you have to get such a Visa?

b0dfaf  No.20125


> (Verification pic there)

it doesn't say anonib

you got that from a discord site

b0dfaf  No.20126


oh wait this is 8ch lol

b0dfaf  No.20127


FYI someone who never served

the military writes their dates the same way

4 Nov 17

2fcd70  No.20132


>it doesn't say anonib

Forgot what board you were getting ready to troll huh? I think I know who you are now ;)

ef3dc5  No.20133

>anons pissing and moaning at each other

>CSI:Bullshit starting up

>shit fixin' to hit the fan

Congrats, Jen, you finally got yourself an official chan thread now.

0511b9  No.20134


It's this same shit in every other thread, just a handful of shit flingers start to "lololol i troll uuu!!!" and the quality of the thread ad the board in general just nosedives.

Can we just ban a couple of these shit flinging monkeys, please?

f2e623  No.20136

File: d01dd503f80034f⋯.png (387.51 KB, 400x600, 2:3, BnhnB2T.png)


How long have you been on the internet?

A better question, how long have you been on imageboard chans or discussion sites in general? You need to learn how to ignore things you don't like or that trigger you.

Example: that one fag who's -go to insult- is calling everyone CSI detectives because he gets caught samefagging. Its easy to pick out his posts, once you do that you just ignore them.

Or, if you're bored, I sometimes bat him around like an injured rat, until he runs out of memes and finally goes silent.

If you can't mentally ignore them, then you can utilize the tools this chan gives you. Click the Post Menu (blue arrow next to Anonymous) a drop down menu will give you the option to "Hide Post" Once you do that, that post and any other post by that IP will be hidden in that particular thread. Good luck.

slipped a fat grub on that barb

ef3dc5  No.20137


>Can we just ban a couple of these shit flinging monkeys, please?

Unfortunately not, because these oxygen thieves all know how ban evasion works.

62a19f  No.20138

File: 31481d5489ee8c8⋯.jpg (21.69 KB, 400x582, 200:291, 5b57b692d0bf8880553a79b0a1….jpg)

File: bb90821646f58be⋯.png (385.21 KB, 980x1216, 245:304, 009-audrey-hepburn-theredl….png)

Jen, your long neck looks very elegant, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

ef3dc5  No.20139

File: 875095faf7e147f⋯.jpg (189.84 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, C5okFnUWYAAiRjG.jpg)


Or Sluggo

0e8f96  No.20143


Thats me. Why don't you message me on TransGoneWild Discord and I'll respond with that username?

0e8f96  No.20144


I tried to message Em as I'm not ashamed to say I fancy the pants off her. I left a message on her thread and got flamed by a few of her fans.

We would make a cute couple I thought. Oh well :)

0e8f96  No.20145


Hey. I have FFS in March and funnily enough, I have a few Audrey pics as a reference.

0e8f96  No.20146

I should stop posting these. I presume people her want nakey stuff.

0e8f96  No.20148


Do your best anons. Try and hook us both up. Although a lot of people said she will lead me into a life of debauchery and drugs. Challenge accepted.

0e8f96  No.20149

File: b9a48638ad94f1f⋯.jpg (106.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, prepre.jpg)

Pre HRT Sexy pic.

a6858b  No.20151

File: f0167cf169bbd2e⋯.png (269.78 KB, 602x602, 1:1, main-qimg-7254fe51f931dca8….png)


I think we want a legit timestamp


we are a suspicious bunch

if its too much trouble…… we'll understand why you cant do it

21b1ea  No.20152


>In the real world, HRT is better. It affects a lot of things, some of which aren't even visible, like smell and the softness of skin.

What the hell does "smell and the softness of skin" matter in the face of heightened risk of serious illness like cancer, chemical imbalances in the brain leading to all kinds of personality disorders and depression, ugly looking hrt tits and a limp dick you can't even have pleasure with? No, hrt isn't "better" than anything, it's a god damn corruption and it should only be considered when there is no other alternative! The only reason it is so prevalent now is because doctors have to bend to the will of the sjw crowd in today's world, otherwise it would never have been handed out like fucking candy the way it is today.

62a19f  No.20153


I have no problem with her current timestamp tbh.


I could dig up the studies, but there are no significant risks to the use of HRT. It's not there are none, there are some risks to almost all form of modern treatment, but the conclusion was that it was relatively safe and the risks were mild.

>No, hrt isn't "better" than anything, it's a god damn corruption and it should only be considered when there is no other alternative!

There is no other alternative. If you want to be a transgender over the long term, this is what you need to use.

There is a thread that needs to be greatly expanded here >>10939 about the history of drag/female impersonators, which was the only public outlet for transgender women in the West for over a century. You see a major difference between transwomen before 1950 and then after, when HRT came into common use.

8ffe8a  No.20154



Slug is straight, not a transbian. I think she loathes other trannies trying to flirt with her (I know for sure she hates CD's). I bet there are plenty more lesbian or at least bi tgirls near where you live.

Also, you are a pretty girl with a decent job based off of what I read. Don't be so willing to destroy all these for some girl (in regards to your "challenge accepted" post). There is no chance in hell you'll ever be that desperate.

ec39cc  No.20165


>I could dig up the studies, but there are no significant risks to the use of HRT. It's not there are none, there are some risks to almost all form of modern treatment, but the conclusion was that it was relatively safe and the risks were mild.

A personal friend of mine started having severe headaches after about a year of HRT and a scan showed a lesion in her brain that could be a brain tumor. The doctor told her to stop the treatment immediately as the potential tumor would likely be caused by it. The diagnosis ended up being a cyst rather than a tumor but you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. The doctor on the other hand does. I’ve heard similair stories from other people as well, people who had to end the treatment because they didn’t want to live with such a risk. It would be nice of you to fuck off and never come back because spreading misinformation about this is not fucking cool.

62a19f  No.20166


Sorry about your friend.

>Hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe with provider supervision

>Current literature suggests HT is safe when followed carefully for certain risks. The greatest health concern for HT in transgender women is venous thromboembolism. HT among transgender men appears to cause polycythemia. Both groups experienced elevated fasting glucose. There is no increase in cancer prevalence or mortality due to transgender HT.


Btw, this is probably not the right thread for this exchange.

62a19f  No.20168

File: d28ae46ca4053d4⋯.webm (2.22 MB, 904x900, 226:225, pepe-and-katya.webm)


>I presume people her want nakey stuff.

While that's definitely true, it's also true that guys like cute stuff that they would see on their girlfriend. That picture of sluggy ITT is a good example, as it looks simply like something a gf would wear if you went out to get pizza together.

The sequin outfit looked really cool to me, as it looked like something a gf/wife would wear to the office Christmas party.

Images of Katya Lischina were spread far and wide, even though she never wore anything revealing, because she looked like a dream gf.

62a19f  No.20169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This clip from Mad Men makes the point perfectly.

b7e9fc  No.20170


Nakey stuff…OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!!



Em and Jen together would be an ultimate dream.

0e8f96  No.20174


You make some very good points.

I think the fact I have a decent job draws me to danger though because of how straight laced I need to be during that time.

But you are right theres a ton of pretty girls and guys to pick from, she was just someone who had some intriguing quality about her and for some reason I presumed she was in the L.A area.

Thanks so much for the heads up I didn't know all the details, this will be the last I mention of it then.

0e8f96  No.20175


Whats the issue with the timestamp and verification? Like I said, if anyone wants to go into that Discord you will see its me just by messaging me. I'll respond. I don't get what the big deal is?

a6858b  No.20177


Hello, I am a representative of Microsoft and we have detected that your computer is infected, please do not attempt to contact a verified Microsoft site or number, please enter the Discord I have supplied and I will verify I am an actual Microsoft employee and will walk you through how to remove the virus and malware on your computer, please have your credit card handy to verify your age and identity.

1290d3  No.20183

>>20175 i have to say im a little suspicious too i saw those blue sequin dress photos in a jenrawrrawr subreddit a few days before they were posted in this thread its easy to fake being someone else with gathered photos its also easy faking on discord just take a pic with a piece of paper that has your ID from this thread-→ 0e8f96 if you cant do it the suspicion only grows

0e8f96  No.20188


Message me on Reddit then? You are seriously overthinking this.


0e8f96  No.20189


And ok. I'll do that too.

b0dfaf  No.20205

File: 23eca4a3467bf29⋯.jpg (28.76 KB, 400x264, 50:33, 23eca4a3467bf2981e2ac11af8….jpg)


trying to figure out how to photoshop?

f5ea95  No.20207

File: 4d090d25e420df8⋯.jpg (152.84 KB, 733x548, 733:548, 52765118.jpg)

Hi Jen

The Photoshop program is a little to expensive for me, but Im a wizard with MSpaint.

Feel free to use this photo as your identity verification and make that stoopid head troll go away.

ef3dc5  No.20210

File: 363476aabf66c01⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 642x642, 1:1, Jen Verification.jpg)



And anybody else honking about verification- y'all can fuck right off, because I took this myself with my new Weebaroid Animatic. And Jen was a delight to shoopagraph, entirely appropriate and professional.

Eat your hearts out, bitchez.

0e8f96  No.20215


I do like these shoops. I do myself a good chuckle. Kinda makes me want to prolong it, but nah.

ef3dc5  No.20220


Cheer up, kiddo. That fool will disappear, and some new user will mysteriously show up and prove to be your most ardent betaboi orbiter.

And glad I could give you a chuckle. Cheers.

ef3dc5  No.20221

File: deda0b6c01cd0c2⋯.png (64.47 KB, 764x397, 764:397, ScreenShot_20171107010159.png)


Yeah, it's always the ones making the most noise that turn out to be the worst in the long run.

62a19f  No.20225

File: 16d863f909b5929⋯.jpg (181.65 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, miki1018.jpg)

b0dfaf  No.20226

File: 36e2f4e05a50d53⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 500x376, 125:94, funny-animal-captions-stil….jpg)


>Can you give something more interesting and satisfying to write on this piece of card assmuncher?

Put on the new photoshopped piece of paper: "JDJOE IS AN ASSMUNCHER AND PEDO".

b0dfaf  No.20227


>...for making me a stubborn asshole.

code for: I'll just say this so when I don't come through yet again they don't realize I'm an imposter

68eb9e  No.20228

File: 614ee892899ddf6⋯.png (56.12 KB, 500x948, 125:237, 45dfs655.png)

Fuck, this is getting better

for reference see post


in slug's thread

b7e9fc  No.20233

File: b6f82cfeae00845⋯.jpg (337.36 KB, 582x480, 97:80, b6f82cfeae00845b1485347675….jpg)

File: 875095faf7e147f⋯.jpg (189.84 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, C5okFnUWYAAiRjG.jpg)


Soooo wait a minute….Jen is not Jen? Slug is not Slug? I am not me? Then who the fuck are we? Who the fuck cares other than you?

Why do you want proof of who we are so bad? Can't you just enjoy the nice pictures and fap to them or STFU and GTFO…

By the way…hello Jen and Slug. Don't listen to these assholes and let them discourage you from posting. You two ladies are gorgeous and some of us here like the two of you and wish for more..

aafed7  No.20234


>Can you give something more interesting and satisfying to write on this piece of card assmuncher?

I think the reason for the boring and very specific time stamp request is because if this CatfishDude pretending to be this "Jen" trap is actually in contact with the real girl/trap whos taking the photos, then CatfishDude could ask the real girl/trap to take a harmless sounding photo of her holding up a piece of paper saying "you're an assmuncher" and she wouldnt be the wiser.

But if CatfishDude is forced to have the real girl/trap write out the name of the chan board, the specific thread and the ID, this real girl/trap may become suspicious, follow the breadcrumbs of chanboard name/thread number and end up in this thread and catch him pretending to be her.

Please post a photo showing your face and a time stamp with the following written out

8chan - /trap/ thread 20091 - user "Jen" ID: 0e8f96

Thank you in advance.

0e8f96  No.20235


I can write both.

bd9b3d  No.20236


By the way, what's up with that email (browny4life @ googlemail.com) on your name?

0e8f96  No.20237


It's a 12-year-old email I used back when I thought it was cool. Kind of don't want to use my most recent ones if that's ok with you?

bd9b3d  No.20238


>if that's ok with you?

>tfw your waifu hates you

I wasn't trying to be mean, sarcastic, ironic or whatever. It was a legit question. :(

0e8f96  No.20239


Oh sry, yea that came across as bitchy. Lately, I kind of assumed everyone here is CIA:)

bd9b3d  No.20240


I can understand that.

Everything's fine then.

<3 <3

ef3dc5  No.20241

File: f39c5684d6b9be0⋯.jpg (250.86 KB, 1080x873, 120:97, Verify this.jpg)

Dear Captain assmuncher and the rest of the timestamp squad:

Fuck outta here you pleb fucks. Personally I wanna see something with a little historical content, not to mention exquisite irony.


Ask me for verification, fag

d2dd43  No.20242

File: 0075e4aa402da1d⋯.png (273.75 KB, 550x369, 550:369, qzPu3i5.png)

Im laughing my ass off about this whole thing. In Sluggys thread "she" kept saying "she" would give the verification pic


>Did I ever say I won't give you a verification pic?


>I'm happy to send a verification pic, no problem at all

Then "she" said we had to wait until "she" got off work to get the verification pic


>I'm at work and you have literally asked for proof about 7 seconds ago.

We waited all night---- and no verification pic. Im sure you're camera was on the fritz or something ;)

Then I noticed that some of "Jens" post were missing

>>20185 <--You cant follow that link to that post because it was deleted by OP

Thats awfully suspicious since just a few posts earlier "Jen" was helpless and didnt even know how to start "her" own thread on this board


>How can you show me??

But now shes mastered the board/post options and is deleting posts that probably had some incriminating information.

And now for the best part. I come to the thread this afternoon wondering if "Jen" would post a horrible photoshop attempt of a timestamp. But all I see is her posting the same photo of that trap in a blue dress along with multiple posts of "her" basically saying------

>yeah you just wait, Im going to post that verification pic, you just wait, Im going to do it, just you watch me, are you ready? Im going to post it, get ready, Im going to post that verification pic, Im going to do it, just you watch, are you ready? Im posting it, get ready for it, Im about to post it.






Its like the chick who doesn't have the money to pay for her Starbucks coffee but she keeps pretending to dig in her big purse for the cash, digging and shuffling things around in that BIG OLE purse and saying "I have the money here someplace, just give me a second" all the while everyone knows shes broke.

0e8f96  No.20243


I deleted one post that's all. One post that mentioned very specifically where I work. I got advised to remove it.

Please, you are scaring the shit outta me. I will verify myself just stop with this stuff.

You weren't waiting all night. I presume you have a life and are doing other things like I was?

d2dd43  No.20244

File: 88d6afdf5a30561⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 499x341, 499:341, vvDcMTIyMTY.jpg)

0e8f96  No.20245


I'm crying, stop :)

65c3c0  No.20247

Also some guys need to stop playing the "white knights" and ironically troll the trolls.

This guy


explained thoroughly why that intricate timestamp is needed without insulting anyone and while being very polite. Jen herself said in the slug thread she was catfished by another girl/guy. If OP isn't the real Jen, I think it would be at least "uncomfortable" for the real girl to find this thread with pics of her all over someday.


Pls don't be scared.

Jen, I can understand that this whole situation is uncomfortable and awkward.

I would advice you, especially if you didn't ever have any big interest in having a thread about you and now you regret it etc, to go away without doing anything. Some people will say they were right about you, some will bitch that another girl ran away. No biggies, you move on with you life being a qt and after a few days the whole thing will be forgotten.

But, if you want to continue posting pics and stuff, I think you know it that you have to do this verification thing.

ef3dc5  No.20248

File: 7484e9796d8a7da⋯.jpg (619.45 KB, 1306x1430, 653:715, 918eKO iMhL._SL1500_.jpg)


How many minutes til Wapner?

0e8f96  No.20250

File: e9bd1cbb210c5b7⋯.jpeg (137.45 KB, 876x1031, 876:1031, VERIFY.jpeg)


I'm not running away at all you have my word:) and I know a verification pic is in order. I'm not stupid.

But just for the record, I'm not some degenerate loser chick who can just post pics without worrying about the consequences, because I could lose my job and my ability to emigrate to the U.S under Visa. I was outed about 4 years ago by some guy prior to transition, and I deleted what I could and tried to disappear. I don't cam or do porn because In all honesty don't need the money or the mental issues that go with it. This is purely fun, at least I hope it will be.

At the same time, I'm shy but obviously enticed by this place for the most part, hence me popping my head out again, and the gifs and all the stupid random shit makes me laugh, as on the Sluggo threads.

But without sounding like an ass, I have verified myself using the exact same method you are asking for, with 2 pics on the TGW Discord server I was on, and then got told I was being deceptive and all that shit on here, without even being given a chance.

Yes I know,..this discord pic of the screenshot is not proof. I'm just saying calm you asses and let me feel I'm not getting myself into a ton of shit once I do reveal it's me and feel a little comfortable. Some of the shit is genuinely scary at times, lol. xx

d2dd43  No.20251

File: b934be635be9d8d⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 338x507, 2:3, wdzQ5MTMzNjQ.jpg)

61b59c  No.20252


hello jen you look fabulous , very sexy and gorgeous

b0dfaf  No.20253

File: c8caad58ef2ba1e⋯.jpg (60.83 KB, 552x552, 1:1, 8bee0df9ed527d9b51b1e4481d….jpg)


>Yes I know,..this discord pic of the screenshot is not proof. I'm just saying calm you asses and let me feel I'm not getting myself into a ton of shit once I do reveal it's me and feel a little comfortable. Some of the shit is genuinely scary at times, lol. xx

SIGH. This means it's never going to happen. Plasters supposedly a pic of her with date and Discord on it - won't do the same thing with 8ch on it because it could be "risky". Just come clean and admit you're catfishing already it's getting old.

b7e9fc  No.20254

Come on Jen…Just post a nakey picture of your wee wee or hiney with a message written above it saying this is the Real JenRawrRawr 11-7-2017…

I want to see more of that hot little body of yours and more of those sexy looking legs..

3a9c42  No.20255

File: 2a91d462d1b3ade⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 550x440, 5:4, cnBjM1510086681.jpg)

0e8f96  No.20256



Good idea lets go along with this Catfish thing for a bit. I think you guys enjoy this.

Lookie, I bought Jens exact shoes and dress and necklace. I just want to be Jen. I'm not really Jen though. I could never be JenRawrRawr could I?

Gah the plot thickens :(

b0dfaf  No.20257


Maybe we should call her Katrina Brown instead of Jen Rawr.


the shoes in the earlier pics are bright white not peach or tan colored like these.

SIGH…Could have easily taken another pic with 8ch and all the other stuff on it. SIGH

1a638f  No.20258

File: 683137835a7f2b6⋯.jpg (75.24 KB, 750x500, 3:2, xQ1MTMyNTQ.jpg)


anon requested from you:

>Please post a photo showing your face and a time stamp with the following written out 8chan - /trap/ thread 20091 - user "Jen" ID: 0e8f96

and you said you would

Then you post a picture with some random dress and shoes next to a monitor?

Sorry, there's no working around this. It makes it even more suspicious that you try and give 'other' evidence instead of what was asked and you agreed to.

Ill cut & paste so we don't have any confusion as to what is being asked of you.

a photo showing your face and a time stamp with the following written out

8chan - /trap/ thread 20091 - user "Jen" ID: 0e8f96

b7e9fc  No.20259

File: fd44d81100eb448⋯.jpg (63.32 KB, 680x510, 4:3, bb8.jpg)

File: 3837d2d1fd826bb⋯.jpg (82.77 KB, 625x625, 1:1, gpbHqD0.jpg)

File: e27c2bcc480c3fd⋯.gif (167.35 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 32555_21520293_25013941927….gif)

File: 45225fdb47ced3c⋯.gif (494.4 KB, 500x270, 50:27, 32555_21520293_73898466879….gif)

c20bf2  No.20260

I think I figured this whole story out.

The person claiming to be JenRawrRawr, and posting the photos is actually the person in the photos. But heres the rub…………..

The photos are from 7 or 8 years ago when this person used to crossdress in his late teens and eary twenties. Jen doesnt look like Taylor Swift anymore. Time has passed and because of father time, and the testosterone flooding his body, plus some unfortunate weight gain, he looks more like Taylor Hicks than Taylor Swift. All these trolls accusing Jen of being a fake made him pull out his old dust covered box of girly clothes he wore back in 2010, and drag out that sequin dress and bow heels. Jen cant post a current photo of his face & in full drag because the clothes dont fit anymore and his face is too masculine now.

Lets all stop the fighting and let Jen continue to post photos from 2010, when he was cute and sexy. Ill still fap to them, its fantasy after all, right?

0e8f96  No.20261


I was 18 years old then. I'm 26 now. I look a ton better now than I did then since I was pre HRT then. Why are you making out like I'm some ancient dinosaur? haha.

Can you just fucking wait for god sakes and I'll verify. Lets just all leave this shit for now and wait for me to verify with the deets you all provided.

And since you hate me so much your prob best leaving when I do?

Haha, dust covered box? hahah. Heres my dress in the pics.


Its on sale right now and bought it a week ago? 7 year old dress? nuh uh?

Do I look T riddled in that sequinned dress?

ef3dc5  No.20262

File: 814da8627026526⋯.png (11.2 MB, 2788x2112, 697:528, Autismal walk.png)

b0dfaf  No.20266


>Do I look T riddled in that sequinned dress?


What do you take us for - that's another model in that dress.

b7e9fc  No.20275


I would buy that dress in a heartbeat just because it was on your hot little body……..just as long as the panties are included…….and you didn't wash them……..and you had just masturbated in them and they were drenched in cum…

c20bf2  No.20276


and there was the tiniest hint of a feminine skidmark

b7e9fc  No.20277


OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!!


b7e9fc  No.20281

File: 0ec334ecfcab143⋯.jpg (92.17 KB, 599x900, 599:900, Tay Tays Sieg Heil 2.jpg)

The truth is, JenRawrRawr was really Taylor Swift drunk trolling…

b0dfaf  No.20282

File: 2b66aa16dab8f9c⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)

Great Just Great.

You all scared off another guy posing as a guy posing as a girl.

b7e9fc  No.20283


No…no…no…Dude….You are thinking of the movie Victor Victoria (1982). However it was a woman playing a man playing a woman.

5d565d  No.20284

File: f021055df82a6bc⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 770x1027, 770:1027, 5n765a1d0fe.jpg)

Does Jen live anywhere near Richmond, Virginia? I'm trans and just came across her. Kind of hoping she likes girls too or just to hang and teach me how to make timestamps. She seems crazy cool, in a good way.

5d565d  No.20285

File: 75ec3d6463dd75c⋯.jpg (70.95 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 5gf401c52.jpg)

I won't hijack her thread anymore. Jen you are a good person. Keep ur head up) Harley xx

ef3dc5  No.20286

File: 9ac472a0d5e64d3⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 625x338, 625:338, FBug0GF.jpg)

62a19f  No.20305

ef3dc5  No.20329

File: bc22791ef652155⋯.gif (14.61 MB, 720x404, 180:101, DTRT.gif)

02b707  No.20330

>I look a ton better now than I did then since I was pre HRT then.

i must disagree, liked you better back then

549e6c  No.20332


Underrated post

0e8f96  No.20333


5d565d, I have to admit that is pretty funny, but you are still going to look fucking stupid after all this shitposting :)

ef3dc5  No.20334

File: fe2121d155ac3d3⋯.jpg (110.64 KB, 769x1027, 769:1027, f021055df82a6bce4cbcb6f680….jpg)

ef3dc5  No.20335

File: 6fa3a17714e0fd5⋯.jpg (75.12 KB, 501x369, 167:123, South-Park-Kids-at-the-Bus….jpg)

b7e9fc  No.20336


C'mon Jen…Just take a shrapie and write above your pubes, "This is the Real JenRawrRawr 11-9-2017". Take a picture and post it here. And while you are at it, take a picture of your twinkie and hineyhole and post them.

5d565d  No.20340

File: 381c93f0a7e8a77⋯.jpg (148.57 KB, 571x360, 571:360, 21658874.jpg)

lets get back on topic :)

Dis is me and the verification I used for Myspace.

Im real, seriously.

b7e9fc  No.20341


In your current pictures my love, it looks like you have put on a couple of pounds……..are you pregnant?

5d565d  No.20342

File: a900e3e407de507⋯.jpg (117.97 KB, 900x675, 4:3, preggers.jpg)


Yes, I am pregnant. I know it sounds crazy and physically impossible since I don't have a vagina or uterus, but the belly bump that I thought was my misplaced anal beads, turned out to be a 12 week old fetus. (Verification pregnancy test pic there)

0e8f96  No.20343


I hope this guy sticks around afterward and turns out to be my biggest fan. It will be an amazing love story.

Keep that I.D. Don't switch it afterward and be a pussy.

ef3dc5  No.20345

File: 06d743b7400e585⋯.gif (7.88 MB, 604x500, 151:125, timestamp THIS.gif)

Autistileets verified.

I saved you the trouble.

You're welcome.

One,run, and donefags don't deserve it.

fe9918  No.20347

File: 9118fce73f1851a⋯.jpg (6.49 KB, 180x215, 36:43, 1413225333649.jpg)


Don't joke about such things, Anon.

ad2258  No.20348


you look like Taylor Swift!

b7e9fc  No.20349


Holy Shit!!!! NO WAY!!! I was just joking about being preggers. I just thought you were getting fat.

Congrats to you and your mate. Is it a boy or a girl?

2fcd70  No.20350

So are we going to have to wait until this upcoming Saturday for jen to slap on her blonde wig, put on her best walmart taylor swift cosplay outfit and take a time stamp photo after she stumbles home from whatever gay bar she haunts?

0e8f96  No.20351


You know what, I respect you. You may hurt my feelings, but at least you didn't misgender me:)

You are a good person.

ef3dc5  No.20352






Bunch of damn cretins, where do you think Taylor Swift got her look from?

6131c7  No.20353


TaylorPfftPfft wishes she was half as fabulous as JenRawrRawr.

b7e9fc  No.20354

Come on Jen…Please post more pics.

ef3dc5  No.20355

File: d2a9a2c439b0a58⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 755x622, 755:622, THIRSTYBOI.gif)


>Come on Jen…Please post more pics.

3a8ac5  No.20359


implying it is not needed i wanna see that ass nigga

0efd63  No.20366

File: c05261efa257d77⋯.jpg (48.4 KB, 738x415, 738:415, unnamed2.jpg)

"Me want JennRawrRawr nookie cookie"


Om nom nom nom nom nom……..

ef3dc5  No.20370

File: 9b34089ac21d818⋯.jpg (38.03 KB, 481x327, 481:327, chan intelligence.jpg)

b0dfaf  No.20372



0efd63  No.20373

File: 47dfa05ea8e9dd4⋯.jpg (210.41 KB, 713x965, 713:965, 1542506-7151.jpg)

File: 6f4527535aa71aa⋯.jpg (123.44 KB, 336x415, 336:415, 653778.jpg)

File: 705f648f948c0da⋯.jpg (152.92 KB, 619x904, 619:904, 768768.jpg)

File: 9e5b598174a5f72⋯.jpg (135.53 KB, 600x595, 120:119, R-2349305-1459584262-5068.….jpg)

JenRawrRawr is Taylor Swift or Taylor Swift is JenRawrRawr?

The world may never know…….

0efd63  No.20374

You know this could hurt her career if it ever leaked out. We need to keep it to ourselves. Don't worry Miss Swift…I mean JenRawrRawr. Your little secret is safe with us.

ef3dc5  No.20377

File: 6e984d171d2fbca⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 640x322, 320:161, stop.gif)

File: 2ec6427ece25a00⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 460x520, 23:26, image.skreened-t-shirt.bla….jpg)

a49554  No.20378

File: 61aa4acd65900c3⋯.jpg (120.06 KB, 655x493, 655:493, LpiBHgtFvFCDerG.jpg)

>>20377 >>20370 >>20355 >>20352 >>20345 >>20335 >>20334 >>20329 >>20286 >>20262 >>20248 >>20241 >>20221 >>20220 >>20210 >>20139 >>20137 >>20133

This is the guy who goes to the gay bar, sneaks off to the bathrooms to suck a little cock, then leaves, and as hes driving out the parking lot yells "FAGGOTS!"

We get it, you think you're better than all us queer tranny chasers.

Just remember where you're posting. This is a very specific board. Trans women and the men who love them. You didn't accidentally come to this site, you searched it out, and you stayed.

btw- I've enjoyed your earlier photoshop work in other threads. But the shoops you've been doing lately including Jens thread have been low quality. Im not sure why your work has declined. If moneys tight and you need a cheap/free Photoshop alternative, I've heard that Pixlr Editor is decent.

ef3dc5  No.20379

File: 8cf76bd5d6cfe8b⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 264x191, 264:191, butthurtflow.jpg)

File: 6618fcd2d491ef2⋯.png (26.43 KB, 656x115, 656:115, Untitled.png)

File: 12283b9387adfc4⋯.png (206.96 KB, 607x358, 607:358, ScreenShot_20171110160151.png)


Rando drive by bois make me laugh

ef3dc5  No.20380


Pay attention next time you wanna shitpost

ef3dc5  No.20381

File: 4832b80842f0b5c⋯.png (2.22 KB, 352x34, 176:17, ScreenShot_20171110161544.png)


>suck a little cock

Oh, that little cock was yours?

7310cb  No.20382

File: 3722b4b6b762557⋯.jpg (263.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vFCdESwsfLok.jpg)

37f663  No.20383

File: 2cbe3b7ffd9a32d⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 747x601, 747:601, c3605af8d4f82184eff0e3a8b2….jpg)


I think that ef3dc5 is actually a white knight and he "protests" (at least he thinks in his mind) against the trolls and shitposters with… trolling and shitposting. That's why he spergs so hard. He always ends up creating more flame wars and shitposting. I mean look at this, you talked about him and he already made 3 posts.

He has been doing the same in slug's and kailei's thread for weeks now. In fact he was so retarded and cringey as a white knight that he was the reason kailei left.

Probably he is a middle aged dusty old hon CD desperate to find a young tranny to love him. It's actually sad.


>Rando drive by bois make me laugh

See pic related you desperate hon.

ef3dc5  No.20384


Cucknadian prime- took you long enough.

10e633  No.20385

File: 759bca02b8303a1⋯.jpg (152.87 KB, 813x536, 813:536, WvBgVgFghh.jpg)

>>20377 >>20370 >>20355 >>20352 >>20345 >>20335 >>20334 >>20329 >>20286 >>20262 >>20248 >>20241 >>20221 >>20220 >>20210 >>20139 >>20137 >>20133 >>20379 >>20380 >>20381


Only one post this time. Didn't want to look desperate or show those "hurt feels" again.


2fcd70  No.20386

>tfw you cant post anymore because your EF3DC5 ID is the laughing stock of the thread.

Don't give up bro. Im sure that One Run & Done- Rando Drive By Boi- Oxygen Thief- will eventually run out of homo gangbang memes, and give up on making fun of you.

0efd63  No.20387

File: 48a388b286308e5⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 497x427, 71:61, 1456765929686.jpg)

2fcd70  No.20388

>EF3DC5 gets mocked and meme'd to death

>0EFD63 comes in to defend EF3DC5

hmmm, that's not suspicious at all

Looks like you only have two static IPs to post from bro don't make your second ID 0EFD63 the laughing stock of this thread too.

We'll all look the other way and pretend both IDs aren't you.

ef3dc5  No.20390

File: c4a7ef17aecd1c3⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 606x499, 606:499, 1z4nip.jpg)


What's the matter, skippy? Feeling left out?

Does this make it better?

Ever think that a board on /trap/ has no interest in the rampant faggotry that seems to always show up after the trolls are left by the side of the road, asses bleeding, crying like mom just canceled their WoW account? Ever think that someone else might not like it either? Y'all wanna look at gay gangbangs, I'm sure there's somewhere in the 8ch sewer that you can find it, but it's too bad the broken wretches have to bring it in here.

81b853  No.20392

File: 3932533e1138e43⋯.jpg (156.38 KB, 750x529, 750:529, cXvfdEsFhsSAd.jpg)

2fcd70  No.20394


>Ever think that a board on /trap/……..

Isnt /trap/ a board on 8chan? Are there sub-boards hidden within /trap/ like easter eggs? Or did staring at the gay gangbangs get you all frazzled and sexually frustrated, and you mistyped?

273af8  No.20395

File: 323cd42c5d2b66d⋯.png (27.19 KB, 1190x486, 595:243, ☮️ , ♥️ℹ️ , 🔮#️⃣🌌 , 🇬🇷🏛🛐🎆 ….png)

?, these people , including those against transexuals , are part of the human populace , and yes every human being is a heterosexual , transexual depiction of foreplay is meant to alert humanity , that our brains are stuck on a code link , a punishment for providing sexual materials to children far earlier than required , in malaysia , the prostate gland got moved to the anus instead of at the base of the penis shaft where meant to rub gently with the clitoris , and the rush was about the updated foreskins , that the divine infinite unity , the difinity , The Difinity , Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ as ignored for , which is sad , and wrong , so remember that peace , entirety , red romance , and yes , every aspect of sexuality , is from our only one true friend , the divine infinite unity , the difinity , The Difinity , Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ ,.

1684d6  No.20396

File: ef6db3c37605dd3⋯.jpg (74.31 KB, 590x350, 59:35, gaming_grampa.jpg)

who the fuck uses the word "wretches"??????????? i mean other than my great grandpa when telling us stories about worldwar2

who the fuck still plays world of warcraft, or uses a wow account in some shitty insult analogy??????????

how fucking old are you?????? im guessing late fourties or early fifties

get off my /trap/ gramps!!!!!!!!!!

d88623  No.20397

File: ddeac371f6c23ce⋯.gif (693.24 KB, 480x270, 16:9, tumblr_nbe0vn4sZ91r2395ko1….gif)


kill yourself

d88623  No.20398

File: 46bd9ba03b25418⋯.png (2.73 KB, 160x160, 1:1, tumblr_nsc3t4xnb91rfo228o4….png)


i love you

3ef6f5  No.20403

File: 9fa14ed02f22ce8⋯.jpg (260 KB, 830x553, 830:553, 2039447cafc7efd6833f0dd9b.jpg)

I think tonight is the night Miss RawrRawr goes out clubbing and paints the town red.

Hopefully she comes back home a little tipsy and some lewds are taken and posted,

fingers crossed

0efd63  No.20414

File: 9e56bb5d30622b1⋯.jpg (113.62 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DLtWdhxW4AAsduL.jpg)


Better chance of having a nigger pass the 3rd grade than Jen posting nude pics of herself…We can all worship this beauty instead..

b0dfaf  No.20415


That ship has sailed it's been definitively proven it was just some guy catfishing. Probably some overweight neckbeard who ends up being some trans model's bitch on cam.

572c43  No.20416


Why don't you specifically just go away? Why are you still here lurking if you are so sure I'm a catfish?

You are the most aggressive asshole on this board ,and people like you are the reason I'm averse to post any verification, in case I'm tracked down or doxxed in the future. I can verify myself right now if I wanted, its just weighing up the potential shitstorm that comes with it when I do.

I've heard all the Sluggo stalker stories and I can do without any of that shit.

I don't cam, so trust me you will never find me on any cam/porn site, ever. I dont need the money or mental issues. You will find some of my older pics floating around but that's it.

I posted here because some of the shit makes me laugh and isnt too vanilla, but I think its best if you just slip into some other tranny thread. I'm obviously a catfish anyways to so dont refresh the page anymore.

Or post more shitty handbag memes, its up to you.

c31602  No.20417


>I've heard all the Sluggo stalker stories


Nothing like that happened. Slug for many reasons has been acting "weird" most of the time she's been online and people orbiting her made threads about it. No one ever "stalked" her irl.

Btw I applaud your decision not posting nudes or doing any kind of porn. For the majority of girls it's just a dead end lifestyle that they get stuck to making shitty "easy" money for booze or drugs anyway.

572c43  No.20418


I was told that someone found her address and drove hours to visit her? and someone else who ended up the ICU or something, just weird strange shit I didn't know prior to posting on her board.

I'm ok with posting a few nudes and sexy stuffs, but I'm scared of being doxxed like I was the last time, and when aggressive shitholes come in here telling me to verify verify verify or I'm pathetic and this and that, then it makes want to do the total opposite because people will try and leech any info they can.

I have nothing monetary to gain from this. I'm not trying to build a social/cam following and get shitty gifts sent to me, I was just being silly and enjoyed the memes.

c31602  No.20419

>I was told that someone found her address

all of her orbiters knew her address.its not a secret to them ;)

3ef6f5  No.20420



>I was told that someone found her address and drove hours to visit her?

I don't think that ever happened. That small inner circle of orbiters she had when she first started gaming & camming had her phone number and her home address because Slug gave it to them. They would sometimes call her insistently like love struck virgins are inclined to do, and some would mail her little care packages. But I never heard of threatening phone calls or anyone sending wacky stuff like bleach or dead animals in the mail to her. Im actually surprised that her address never got released to the general public since some of the orbiters that had knowledge of it got shitted on by Slug when she was drunk. Slug could be brutal when she was wasted and her mental editor was turned off. She'd chug vodka and then say horrible shit about her "friends". Steez would occasionally make veiled threats that he would release her home address in his long winded weird as fuck posts, but it was more of a Mexican stand off because Slug knew his address as well. If he doxxed her, she'd surely dox him back.

>and someone else who ended up in the ICU or something

That was Polgin. Dude had, or has major mental issues that have nothing to do with Slug. He would of ended up eating those pills no matter if he had met her or not. His An Hero attempt was because of his poor life choices in general. I don't think he was even in Slugs gravitational pull at that time, he had moved on to twitch altgirls and some hit it & quit it homofags in his city.

Im not sure what you consider stalker behavior. I guess there are tiers to it, but no one has ever attempted to knock on her front door or interact with her in the flesh. Slugs a lolcow because of her crazy alcohol fueled streams on Chaturbate and YouTube.

ef3dc5  No.20422

File: a729db976663083⋯.jpeg (42.91 KB, 351x521, 351:521, image.jpeg)


>his poor life choices in general

572c43  No.20429


That makes more sense. Thx for clearing it up. So she doxxed herself then. I feel a bit more comfortable I guess knowing that.

I would consider stalker behavior trying to get more details about where I live, and leeching other personal info like emails, where I work, and other general creepy shit.

be8e29  No.20433

I doubted Jen was real once the trolls brought some inconsistencies to light. But I think Ive figured everything out now. Jen is truly Jen.

>Jenrawrrawr gets catfished by some guy with a stolen cache of Slugboi photos. Id bet a million dollars the person who pretended to be Slugboi was one of her chasers full of unrequited love.

>Jen reverse image searches the catfish Slugboi photos and finds the 8ch/trap/ threads about Sluggy.

>after perusing some of the slugthreads Jen makes a couple of posts because she too had been drawn into the gravitational pull of the heavenly body known as Em.

>anons request Jen make her own thread. Jen comes home from a party a little tipsy - she complies with anon requests, makes a thread and adds photos of herself from when she was 18 and a few more recent including the much speculated about discord verification photo.

>anons begin to question the discord timestamp and shit hits the fan

>Jen posts a photo of the dress and heels she wore in some of her pix next to a monitor screen showing the 8chan thread (that photo has since been deleted by Jen but Im sure saved by the trolls) in an attempt to quiet the naysayers.

>the shitposting, infighting and troll square dance with Jen continues unabated.

The photo Jen posted of the dress, heels, and necklace were the one thing that turned my opinion around. I now believe that the person posting Jens photos is really Jen. But Im unsure of the reason for her not willing to post an 8chan timestamp or any other new photos of herself.

These are just my guesses:

1. Jen is wary of posting any kind of new photo of herself period. The haters and trolls that have been keeping an eye on her thread will undoubtedly sling shit at her even if she looks incredible.

2. She has mentioned she is only a few months into HRT, so maybe Jen is still living as a male, and only dresses up as "Jenrawrrawr" when she goes out to the bars and clubs on the weekends or special occasions like that Halloween party, where the blue sequin dress was worn. Jen would have to set time aside to dress up as "Jenrawrrawr" and take photos for us.

3. Jen is just pissed off at all the hate shes gotten so early in her trap status on 8chan, and doensnt feel like us doubting anons deserve any new photos or a timestamp.

Jen- I know you've said you have a fear of being doxxed or stalked, but as long as you take some common sense precautions and are smart about what info you give or where the photos are taken, no ones going to stalk you, except for b0dfaf=ef3dc5, he may try to track you down and wear your skin.

btw- what did you mean when you said about Slugs fans

>I'm sure she has enough of you guys giving her $3.50 donations

ef3dc5  No.20435


What's the tldr?

b0dfaf  No.20436

File: 59f1a75526c67ec⋯.jpg (111.02 KB, 1365x768, 455:256, 1467537819_maxresdefault.jpg)


>Or post more shitty handbag memes

check the post IDs - not me

> I can verify myself right now

sure you can Mr. Cry Wolf your little act is getting tiring, little boy.

ef3dc5  No.20437

File: 4a430fc429e1f18⋯.png (7.47 KB, 398x213, 398:213, ScreenShot_20171112202125.png)


>your little act is getting tiring

And yet you're still here. How very empty your life must be.

b0dfaf  No.20438


>except for b0dfaf

how am I a stalker. I was just the original person who wanted an 8ch timestamp because using one from another site meant anyone could have saved that and re-posted it. Check my posts I've been pretty consistent throughout. Not sure why QUOTE Jen UNQUOTE has such hatred for me I just keep pointing out she's stringing the thread along by saying she'll post a timestamp but never does. I'm not ef3dc5 if that's what you think. Don't equate the two of us just because QUOTE Jen UNQUOTE mistook his purse graphics for me.

572c43  No.20439


Your assumptions are pretty much correct.

1. Definitely yes, whats the point if the shit slinging carries on, its no fun anymore.

2. Half true. I do present female but obviously would not walk down the street in a sparkly dress unless I'm going to a club where I feel safer. My voice isn't cis perfect so I try to look out for myself.

3. This is the truest of all. One the guys almost demanded I timestamp him straight away and gave me specific instructions. I wasn't disagreeing to verification at all (I'll do it) it was just the way it was demanded that made me cool off and think twice about what I'm getting myself into.

At that time I spoke to one of the guys from here on Discord and he told me some Sluggo stories.

b0dfaf why don't you just give up, seriously?

cbeaad  No.20440

File: 4deea9424b05acb⋯.jpg (208.62 KB, 895x700, 179:140, EhJUNhYgMki.jpg)

b0dfaf  No.20441


> I'm not ef3dc5 if that's what you think.

I rest my case

b0dfaf  No.20442


>b0dfaf why don't you just give up, seriously?

because you're full of shit and you're an attention whore

cbeaad  No.20443

File: 517f89a5a0b7033⋯.jpg (21.79 KB, 206x294, 103:147, 9aa873925b89dfe8328aa9c014….jpg)


>tfw when even b0dfaf doesn't want people to think hes ef3dc5

572c43  No.20444



Why are you still bothering with me or this thread then. Just leave and carry on with your life?

62a19f  No.20446

File: 365c07cb09ed261⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2859x4226, 2859:4226, moreau-st-george-dragon.jpg)


>Definitely yes, whats the point if the shit slinging carries on, its no fun anymore.

FTR, the main reason that you have gotten so much pressure to release a timestamp is because you came here showing an interest in slug. There seems to be a little bit of protectiveness of her, which is a little chivalrous. Or if not that, then at least some understandable skepticism.

If you had come in here simply to post photos of yourself, it would never have been brought up.

b0dfaf  No.20447


I'm not bothering anyone. No one is forcing you or anyone else to read my posts. But I seem to have hit a nerve with a con-artist.

572c43  No.20449


Well, what do I do? I'll happily torch this thread and start over with a verification if it gets rid of some of the cancer?

So the best thing is what? Delete the thread? I can do that.

I don't want to mention Slugs again tbh. I said I shouldn't have done it.

62a19f  No.20450


The thread is gold imho. Nobody dislikes you at all, they are just joking around. Post a time-stamp to make them look silly if you like. If you don't want to for any reason, then just ignore or laugh at the comments. I really and honestly haven't seen anyone be rude to you, just normal image board banter.

c52180  No.20451


I think if you delete your original post

this one—–


it will remove all posts under it and the thread will be gone.

It might be cool to start fresh. But you have to understand that the fags like b0dfaf and ef3dc5 still lurk the board hoping to stir shit and they will visit your new thread to cause drama. Just learn to igore them, or do what most of the veterans here do… click "Hide Post" when you see them being fags and shitting up a thread.

62a19f  No.20453


It will delete the entire thread, but that will honestly kind of suck since there are a lot of funny posts here, plus images of Jen. Jen has nothing to be embarrassed about in this thread, there is no reason to delete.

c52180  No.20454


I just gave her one of the options.

I enjoy reading the past posts too, plus we're able to see b0dfaf and ef3dc5's IDs each time they post and know who we're dealing with and laugh em off.

Keep the thread Jen. Just think of the earlier posts as the beginning of a book. Chapter one is almost done

c52180  No.20455



Actually I think Im wrong. Your most recent UID is different from the IUD of your OP post that started this thread. That means the password would be different. If you attempted to delete your OP post it would say "wrong password"

Looks like your stuck with us Jen. But seriously, some of the posts and memes cracked me up. Im in the "Jen isnt a catfish" column, and I hope you post some sexy pics… verification pic or not.

08c429  No.20456


I understand where you're coming from with sluggys orbiters&chasers being protective, and its partially true/untrue

The timestamp thing was an issue even for Kailei. remember her?

There were some guys demanding a time stamp in her thread



she posted a timestamp within a day


But that didnt stop the ususal suspect faggots from arguing among themselves and filling the thread with fights about grey accounts and colored accounts on Chaturbate, and who were the better cucks. There was even a fight about if "traps were gay" wtf

Im guessing all that drama eventually ran Kailei off because she hasnt posted in her thread for weeks.

62a19f  No.20457


You're right, they did ask Kailei as well. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone offended her except maybe in that one post where I didn't even know what the guy was saying and I did ask at one point, and she seemed not to have any issue. People do come and go, hopefully she returns when she has some new photos or outfit she wants to share.

572c43  No.20458


Fair enough, I saw hers. But if it gets like a shit tip after I do it I'm just going to bounce. I'll dump my old pics and then what did I need to write again? this?

8chan - /trap/ thread 20091 - user "Jen" ID: 0e8f96

But even if you look at her thread. It looks like she eventually got scared off because of the weirdness. At least cut me a bit of slack, I'm not deleting or hiding posts, even the shittier ones.

The thread is fucking funny though I agree. Some of the catfish memes stuff had me in tears, I'll at least admit that.

83574a  No.20459

File: 6666f7bfcfa5075⋯.png (39.97 KB, 331x223, 331:223, 2516385674.PNG)



kailei hasnt been on chaturbate either shes probably on vacation or dealing with real life things


>we're able to see b0dfaf and ef3dc5's IDs each time they post and know who we're dealing with and laugh em off.

you dont need ids to figure out who the trolls or closeted queens are they use the same memes and photos over and over in different threads

this fag posted this in jens thread


he had already posted it in kaileis thread twice

>>20035 - >>19922

and if you scroll this thread you realize the same fag loves to make shitty gifs and shoops, thats what i look for when trying to spot the failtroll

ef3dc5  No.20460


>Well, what do I do? I'll happily torch this thread and start over with a verification if it gets rid of some of the cancer?

Jen, chans are genetically predisposed to cancer, Sad, but it's a fact of life.


>b0dfaf doesn't want people to think hes ef3dc5

Unm, instead of just jumping on the jerkoff bandwagon, read the thread. Just above the post you're so proud of, bodfaf called Jen an "attention whore". go out and pick yourself up a copy of "Whiteknight Clocking for Dummies". I'm pretty sure that it says "a whiteknight will never call his fair maiden an attention whore" on page one. If not on the cover itself.


>I rest my case

Why not rest your keyboard instead?


>how am I a stalker. I was just the original person who wanted an 8ch timestamp

And when did timestamps become a thing anyway? Or is that just another way to troll the girls into leaving and not coming back, so that you and those of your ilk can flood /trap/ with what appears to be a rather extensive collection of gay pron?


>who the fuck uses the word "wretches"?

The same kind of person that says "those of your ilk". Or anybody else that got past the fourth grade. Aren't those little deskchair thingies getting kind of uncomfortable for you by now?


Uhmm … Allah Akbar? … Shalom? … Namaste? … The Peace of Christ be unto you?

928e2e  No.20461

File: 8be56ce9c8d7277⋯.jpg (114.76 KB, 634x471, 634:471, GefcFvPhGfd.jpg)

>>20377 >>20370 >>20355 >>20352 >>20345 >>20335 >>20334 >>20329 >>20286 >>20262 >>20248 >>20241 >>20221 >>20220 >>20210 >>20139 >>20137 >>20133 >>20379 >>20380 >>20381 >>20384 >>20390 >>20437

>>20460 ==Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit==

250 words typed out to defend himself and try and prove to us that he's not a shit stirrer.

I liked it better when your posts consisted of tired memes/crappy homemade gifs and one or two sentences.

p.s. Im glad you made it to the 5th grade.

64429e  No.20462

File: 5dbd3745a75d4b7⋯.jpg (67.77 KB, 675x202, 675:202, afpsa.jpg)

A friendly public service announcement.

255c8e  No.20463


>The thread is gold imho. Nobody dislikes you at all, they are just joking around.

>I really and honestly haven't seen anyone be rude to you, just normal image board banter.

Fucking thank you. That is the "charm" of an imageboard (plus the ephemerality of every thread). It's not like posting on a forum thread where you have to be on topic all the time. I guess that people can become more antagonizing when a girl is present.

3fb07a  No.20464

File: dbd18cc82d9ad59⋯.jpg (114.72 KB, 480x684, 40:57, f19120d23f6ed96ab2805cb734….jpg)


>Unm, instead of just jumping on the jerkoff bandwagon, read the thread. Just above the post you're so proud of, bodfaf called Jen an "attention whore"

I think you missed the joke.

Joke was that a douchebag(B0DFAF) was pissed that we compared him to a very similar douchebag(You)

Its like if someone was talking to Joseph Stalin and telling him that his murder of millions of people really reminded them of Hitler, and Stalins like "OHHHH NOOOOO YOU DIDNT! Dont you compare me to Hitler, Im nothing like that asshole"

Or its like if Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy bump into each other in Hell (cuz we all know thats where they're at) and Dahmer tells Bundy… "you know our serial killings, cannibalism and necrophilia were very similar" and Bundy says "OHHHH FUCK NOOO! Im nothing like you, you did all that homo shit, ya fuckin' queer"

02137d  No.20466

File: a6488693b2c98a3⋯.png (71.42 KB, 411x271, 411:271, Capture0897.PNG)

I was checking out the 8ch board catalog, looking for any other trans or trap related boards. I stumbled across one called /transfags/. It shows that its been around for over 2 years.

I should of know that it wasnt going to be a friendly place. The header and tagline for the board is

/transfags/ - Disgusting, degenerate tranny freaks who belong in ovens

If you go check it out, you'll notice that every thread is just one guy (sometimes 1 or 2 others) samefagging over and over, playing the hero, then the villain, basically having an argument or conversation with himself. It looks like it hasnt been active for 2 months or so. So Im wondering if the /transfags/ board creator and his 1 or 2 groupies got tired of jerking each other off in a dead board and migrated over to /trap/ to try and stir things up here? That would explain some of the passive aggressive behavior >>20414 and sometimes outright hateful behavior >>20442 towards the traps, and the "Im better than you" attitudes >>20437 towards the anons. Should I put my tinfoil hat back on?


62a19f  No.20468



That board ran out of steam at least 2 years ago tbh. The obsessiveness made me think that it may have been some older AGP hon with a masochistic streak who got off on finding people who would verbally abuse different transwomen, usually unpassable hons. That board was too weird for for someone who was simply /pol/.

A friend of mine was a big Howard Stern fan, and he told me about a regular on Stern's show who worked for a phone sex line not sure if they still exist even who would verbally abuse gay men. I never saw it, but I'm not sure if he even cared about gays, he just though it was funny to call people things like "sick faggots," and gay men would call him up to be abused. Some gay guys enjoy that type of abuse, I imagine that is probably also true of some hons.

Different variations of this are very common on image boards. Lots of gay or bisexual men who jerk off to gay porn, then go on /pol/ to talk about how much they 'hate all the fags.' It's actually really funny if you know what's going on.

772dc2  No.20469

>implying that all of us aren't imaginary characters on imaginary imageboards made up by a japanese cs student when dreaming about creating imageboards

>implying that all of us aren't in the imagination of Lawrence Roberts days after creating ARPANET thinking how it might get evolved into something bigger and every person can use it because of its unlimited capabilities

>implying that all of us aren't just in the imagination of a homeless 15yo orphan living on the streets of New York selling newspapers at the beginning of the 20th century dreaming at nights how the future might be

>implying we are not a butterfly dreaming it was the aforementioned boy

>implying we are not God himself dreaming how it would be like if he created butterflies

772dc2  No.20471


>The obsessiveness made me think that it may have been some older AGP hon with a masochistic streak who got off on finding people who would verbally abuse different transwomen, usually unpassable hons.

It might be true. I've seen trans girls being completely disgusting and hostile towards other trans girls even pushing them to the point of suicide (especially when the girls were beggining to transition).

Take Kailei for example. She is a very beautiful and sweet girl, but back in the day some trannies flooded some of her unflattering pics (although personally I still thought she looked cute) in the halfchan trap threads saying stupid things until she became a meme for quite some time. They pushed the poor girl to the edge.

be043f  No.20472

<I'm not ef3dc5 if that's what you think. I rest my case

<Don't equate the two of us just because QUOTE Jen UNQUOTE mistook him for me.

come on bro you have to admit you must be a giant pile of human trash if the other trolls on this board dont want any association with you or those of your ilk did I use ilk correctly? god I hope so, I dont want to look foolish in front of Jen or be held back in the fourth grade

must suck when the other trolls think you're kind of a cunt and wont let you be in the Shitposter Clubhouse

62a19f  No.20474


I've heard stuff like this as well. Did they post their own pictures? I'm guessing the perpetrators were either non-passable AGPs or Tumblr-style genderqueers.

772dc2  No.20476


>Did they post their own pictures?

No. Only other girls' photos.

Fuck. Only just now I saw you said masochistic and not sadistic.

Basically I meant trans girls trying to make fun of, bully, doxx other girls for whatever reason.

Sam/racoon/warmfreshpaint and some of her trans orbiters-"protégés" have been accused of doing so.

b0dfaf  No.20477

File: 93fddddc134cb72⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 454x418, 227:209, 496.jpg)


> I'll happily torch this thread

I'll do it I swear..where have I heard this before.

62a19f  No.20478


> Only just now I saw you said masochistic and not sadistic.

Typically two sides of the same coin when it comes to sex. I don't want to post too much about the whole AGP/HSTS distinction in Jen's thread since that has nothing to do with her, but "hons" or late transitioners usually have a different psychological makeup than traps. They start off as heterosexual men with crossdressing tendencies that over many years gradually develop this satisfying female persona that they ultimately wish to physically embody.

There seems to be some massive jealousy issues that occasionally flare up from AGPs towards traps. One example is that I have heard of traps who were made outcasts from transgender groups because they don't want to get SRS. AGPs can at times combine the worst aspects of men and women, with male competitiveness and aggression, and at the same time the catty venom of women. In fairness, these are people who can lead very harsh lives and face enormous social pressure as unattractive freaks, while traps can often lead charmed lives as pretty women.

b0dfaf  No.20479


>And when did timestamps become a thing anyway?

found the gullible white knight

dfeb6b  No.20483


why are you arguing with yourself lil' miss samfag?

go make some more filthyfrank gifs or handbag memes and stop trying to fool everyone by talking to yourself

b0dfa f= ef3dc5

b0dfaf  No.20487



stop trying so hard

NOTE TO SELF: Calling him a white knight sends him into a rage.

0a7991  No.20489



I hate having to ask because Im one of those people who say "lurk moar" when someone keeps asking stupid questions. Ive googled the fuck out of AGP and HSTS in relation to trans issues, but I cant find a clear definition. Could you tell me what they mean?



This shit has me rolling. I doubt anyone wants to be labeled b0dfaf or ef3dc5 at this point. Both of you are jokes of the thread, if not the whole board.

b0dfaf  No.20490

File: 6f40cb6f1ef3efe⋯.jpg (20.32 KB, 433x265, 433:265, shootdog.jpg)


ef3dc5 I can see though I find his graphics funny

I'm just asking for a timestamp and pointing out when the imposter keeps saying they'll do it but never does. That hardly makes me the joke of the thread.

"Jen": Keep pissing me off and I'll burn this thread down and shoot this dog.

0a7991  No.20491


Hey friend, you keep doing what your doing. You trying so hard and failing, it just makes me laugh, I cant help it.

Id never ask you to stop because then where would I get my daily chuckle?

b0dfaf  No.20495




took me a couple of posts to pick up on it friendo

430b44  No.20499

File: 721096550fcd0d6⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 95schi.jpg)

0a7991 = ef3dc5 = b0dfaf = dfeb6b = ef3dc5 = b0dfaf = ef3dc5 =?????????

I think the IDs b0dfaf and ef3dc5 have become the ultimate name calling insult now. Its like when some SJW gets into an argument and its gotten really heated, those SJW's will inevitably start calling their enemies pedo or hitler.

Im not sure which one is the pedo, and which one is hitler, but all of you have to stop calling each other b0dfaf and ef3dc5 as an insult, its rude and Social Justice Warrior 101.


62a19f  No.20500

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I hate having to ask because Im one of those people who say "lurk moar" when someone keeps asking stupid questions. Ive googled the fuck out of AGP and HSTS in relation to trans issues, but I cant find a clear definition. Could you tell me what they mean?

There is a thread on it here >>19198 and some discussion here >>19942

Basically, Ray Blanchard's categories of two main groups of MtF transgenders, which he called Homosexual Transsexuals and Autogynephiles. Girly traps are HSTS, whereas AGPs are usually unpassable and don't really blend in as females and any femininity about them is usually surface. I was only guessing though that they were the ones bullying Kailei. AGPs often have a lot of pent-up rage and in fairness, they can lead harsh lives as social outcasts, whereas girly traps can lead charmed lives

Zoey Tur exploding on Ben Shapiro is a good example of an AGP. Shapiro was no doubt being obnoxious, but the thing to note is how masculine Zoey's rage was. By contrast, if Blaire White gets mad in some discussion, she speaks heatedly like a worked up female. Blaire = HSTS, Zoey = AGP. Sluggy and Jen are also obviously HSTS.

The categories need some work and revision, but they are a good starting point as to why some transwomen are so different from one another. You have the ones who can't wait to transition and do it well, then you have ones that lead regular guy lives, often in STEM fields one odd thing about AGPs is that they have a very high average intelligence and then out of nowhere later in life they announce they are going to become women. They usually look terrible and to the outside world it makes little sense, but that's their calling.

b0dfaf  No.20501

File: 7fd6f2627cd1c37⋯.jpg (23.13 KB, 436x158, 218:79, K-fellingLeftOut-enHD-AR1.jpg)



there feel better now

430b44  No.20503


thank you I was wondering about the meaning also

ef3dc5  No.20506

File: 0ea9edf9ee6a6d2⋯.jpg (84.94 KB, 1200x471, 400:157, world_kindness_day_2016.jpg)

In honor of World Kindness Day 2017, I did myself the kindness of avoiding this Abyss of Autism. But I guess all the thirstybois just couldn't stay away.

So I'm ef3dc5, and now also






You forgot one:




6131c7  No.20508


No I am Spartacus.

ab60b9  No.20509

File: 6f53c682f24b3b3⋯.jpg (87.36 KB, 782x497, 782:497, BvgGFtHtFDgG.jpg)

ef3dc5  No.20510


>You just cant help yourself Mr Laughing Stock.

No I can't, Mr. Gobbling Cock.

ab60b9  No.20511

File: 8096ec742749c2d⋯.jpg (138.41 KB, 795x520, 159:104, XcdGggfDdhgfD.jpg)

daea45  No.20512

File: ccef1c2b70c32c8⋯.png (119.73 KB, 484x260, 121:65, kek.PNG)

dat face doe

cbbb83  No.20516

File: 69799257ac53b13⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 615x409, 615:409, (67600).jpg)


>doesn't post in Jens thread for a whole day because he fears getting blown the fuck out by a tsunami of man-on-man gangbang memes

>says it was because he was observing a bullshit holiday no one believes him

>still lurks the thread and watches as anons make fun of him and sully his ID the whole day

>can't take it anymore and has to rage post

ef3dc5  No.20523


>You best know you better call me Mister… boy.

Merely replying in kind, Gobbler.

The fact that I now seem to be getting more attention than Jen makes me wonder if y'all aren't more thirsty for me than her. That's ust creepy.

Sorry I hijacked your thread Jen LOL

1b15ad  No.20525

File: c19b262fc76eb3b⋯.jpg (554.37 KB, 1095x639, 365:213, VgbFrFGRddF.jpg)

2fcd70  No.20531

The fact that I now seem to be getting more attention than Jen makes me wonder if y'all aren't more thirsty for me


"all you haters are just jealous of me"

When a persons Narcissist Personality Disorder kicks in they don't understand why people give them negative attention, they can only surmise that the reason people loathe them is because of jealousy.

572c43  No.20601

File: 5b3a8d9a8c059e5⋯.jpg (217.1 KB, 659x720, 659:720, verifyfinal.jpg)

File: 89d6cd42735c9c6⋯.jpg (369.12 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, verify.jpg)

Catfish reporting for duty sir :) (flip image)

607e6f  No.20602

File: 315f257a2b0f607⋯.jpg (74.41 KB, 765x432, 85:48, 765x432.jpg)


SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

572c43  No.20603

File: 0866cf15156c827⋯.gif (6.79 MB, 480x480, 1:1, verified_bitchez.gif)

ef3dc5  No.20604

File: 295d29dd66f9310⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 589x250, 589:250, 1.gif)



ef3dc5  No.20605

File: bb0f66b7a83ec2a⋯.gif (459.08 KB, 500x219, 500:219, 25028714.gif)


ef3dc5  No.20606

File: d09610fbd821dc0⋯.gif (3.64 MB, 322x280, 23:20, tenor.gif)


ef3dc5  No.20607

File: 2a5a4e6f68fb49a⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 426x164, 213:82, thing.gif)


d6a9b9  No.20608

File: 80951fbccbd05d1⋯.jpg (5.16 KB, 265x191, 265:191, 482354.jpg)


I shit talked… I questioned if you were real… and I memed like an asshole

Thanks Jen for the timestamp, I prepared the shit sandwich… and Ill have to eat it.

Hope to see more pics of you. I do have to say you dealt with the trolls (me) with comedy and grace,

ef3dc5  No.20610

File: caccb161fb5d690⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 600x390, 20:13, 1492239757189355.jpg)

Any of you doubters can't seal the deal, I can help you regain the tattered remnants of your honor.

ef3dc5  No.20611

File: d5e0e4c189424d2⋯.jpg (58.09 KB, 500x357, 500:357, told.jpg)

47cac0  No.20614

File: b154b61c3d292da⋯.jpg (305.68 KB, 1072x712, 134:89, PijuMjHGtfghFfg.jpg)


>Jen provides verification pic







>ef3dc5 tries to spin it as a W for him

You're still the laughing stock of the thread.

You're mistaken if you think the Anons in the thread hate you because you whiteknighted Jen. We hate you because of your "Im better than all you fags" attitude.

You can still hope this thread will reach full post capacity soon and Jen will start another one so you can start fresh with a new ID.

Just don't act like a cunt in the new thread and have that ID turn into a joke too. I know you wont be able to help yourself

ef3dc5  No.20615

File: bcdc7604bfb3f88⋯.jpg (115.65 KB, 570x740, 57:74, u-mad-bro-like-a-sir_o_122….jpg)

0efd63  No.20616


I love you…Never doubted you..Want more of you..


bb8256  No.20617

File: 253641cf1610ea9⋯.jpg (199.42 KB, 1204x1200, 301:300, Imrogerreally.jpg)


hi jen

im roger

im not sure what all this crazy drama is about clock postage stamps but im happy to see your pix

you remind me of that one popular blond singer taylor momsen

if its not to forward may i ask for a photo of your feminine penis?

339b9f  No.20618

File: 1309003c4e41380⋯.jpg (95.21 KB, 650x406, 325:203, MJnHuyGgFfGgDd.jpg)

572c43  No.20620

File: 3eb0da7b2974f97⋯.jpg (811.51 KB, 896x720, 56:45, jenjenjen.jpg)

572c43  No.20621

File: b3e19d9e88d06e7⋯.jpg (435.75 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, bambi.jpg)

f8d7c5  No.20622



>>20601 I for one find brunette Jen super sexy. That contrast being the alabaster skin and dark hair is my weak spot everytime.

0efd63  No.20623



Very nice Jen. Thank you. You look stunning.

Hope you didn't get all dressed up just for us.

6131c7  No.20624


That looks nice on you.


>Hope you didn't get all dressed up just for us.

I hope she did. It's nice to feel special once in a while.

572c43  No.20629

b0dfaf  No.20630

File: 820b385c949816a⋯.jpg (54.99 KB, 516x225, 172:75, finally-scanner.jpg)


Why you didn't do it weeks ago is beyond me.

0efd63  No.20633


Because she actually has a life unlike us basement dwellers that troll trap threads

6131c7  No.20638

Ay qtπ. Can you get a lil lewd for us?

a27efe  No.20639


>I love you…Never doubted you.

oh really 0efd63????


>Better chance of having a nigger pass the 3rd grade than Jen posting nude pics of herself

0efd63  No.20640



>Better chance of having a nigger pass the 3rd grade than Jen posting nude pics of herself

Ummmmm….That wasn't me. It was my evil twin.

We are identical and even share the same name so I can see where you could confuse the two of us…That's my story and I'm sticking to it….

1023c8  No.20641


>Better chance of having a nigger pass the 3rd grade than Jen posting nude pics of herself


ur a racist piece of shit

0efd63  No.20642


No I'm not. I happen to like wetbacks, gooks, niggers, chinks and Canadians..

6131c7  No.20643


it's only half racist since a big black bull fucked his little white daddi in the ass and little white daddi shit him out 9 months later

0efd63  No.20644



You both must be niggers. Whose computer did you steal to be able to post on here? And you both must be that 1% that actually pass the third grade since you both can make sentences and use a computer..I am very proud of both of you. Here is a smiley face for you…. :)

Either hell is about to freeze over or Jen is about to post full nude photos of herself.

ef3dc5  No.20645

File: 9e88dda0d8cebf3⋯.jpg (160.34 KB, 1149x851, 1149:851, lobotomy.jpg)

This thread needs a lobotomy.

c82a8f  No.20646

File: fede822937b597c⋯.jpg (30.64 KB, 359x312, 359:312, 99fe8dc46.jpg)


>And you both must be that 1% that actually pass the third grade


>Or anybody else that got past the fourth grade.

0EFD63 and EF3DC5 use the same analogy. Hmmm, thats odd isnt it?

b0dfaf  No.20647


surprised no one else picked up on you getting sextuple (is that the correct term) for your ID

instead of quads you got sex - nice

ef3dc5  No.20649

File: 4be74a95b72df07⋯.png (814.43 KB, 1149x851, 1149:851, troll lobotomy.png)



>>et al.

Some lobotomies are more difficult than others.

Those hamsters can be elusive little varmints.

fa0783  No.20651

File: 20cc92628c51a56⋯.jpg (424.23 KB, 960x640, 3:2, VgFTghYtdLok.jpg)

ef3dc5  No.20653

File: 0c381f0dea84609⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 712x600, 89:75, 001-12-at-least-it-all-end….jpg)

File: abc60ff469a3af4⋯.png (190.01 KB, 500x283, 500:283, Administration Block Walkt….png)

File: 9493763e8a412c3⋯.png (245.75 KB, 560x300, 28:15, conversion-therapy.png)

File: 5cd11d51df222c6⋯.jpg (178.35 KB, 665x450, 133:90, Dallas-billboard.jpg)

File: 18566e69c9b88be⋯.jpg (49.53 KB, 810x455, 162:91, NC_exgaybillboard0908_1920….jpg)


>>20648 …

Wow. You sure do have a lot of gay porn. Are you sure you're in the right place? You know, there are people you can talk to and places you can go, Get your mind right, boi.

fa0783  No.20654

File: 03a2e8992928c23⋯.jpg (114.22 KB, 638x599, 638:599, mDLcJnhHyYGF.jpg)

2706fd  No.20655

File: 87f21cde88cbcca⋯.jpg (186.21 KB, 677x483, 677:483, Klansman_on_8chan_traps.jpg)


>Better chance of having a nigger pass the 3rd grade


>No I'm not. I happen to like wetbacks, gooks, niggers, chinks and Canadians..


>You both must be niggers. Whose computer did you steal to be able to post on here?

b9f3af  No.20656

File: ca8df2ae44feca3⋯.png (451.97 KB, 727x594, 727:594, he turns faggots around.PNG)


>You know, there are people you can talk to and places you can go, Get your mind right, boi.

Isn't VP Mike Pence a vocal advocate for Homosexual Conversion Therapy?


Did I just crack the mystery of who ef3dc5 really is?

Dear Vice President Pence

I apologize for my fellow anons who have called you a narcissist, douchebag and a laughing stock. I know that you wield great power and could easily get our insignificant tranny image board shut down. I implore you not to destroy /trap/, and please don't tell Mr. Trump about what we're doing here, I don't need him being mean to us on Twitter.

Cordially yours


ef3dc5  No.20657

File: ef0a0c81bfa701d⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1979x980, 1979:980, fatheroftheyear.png)

efa5df  No.20658

File: 7c1dda4af9fd3a9⋯.jpg (88.52 KB, 580x437, 580:437, MjnHbYgFFfg.jpg)

ef3dc5  No.20665

File: 68915624920664b⋯.png (860.81 KB, 840x600, 7:5, fatheroftheyearsign.png)

d5b58c  No.20672

File: f58c854ff53d2bd⋯.jpg (240.77 KB, 972x648, 3:2, CdXddFgHhTfDDfG.jpg)

2fcd70  No.20674


>troll tells him his meme is too small to read


>he converts his meme to accommodate the troll

If the troll orders you to lick his asshole……. will you do it too?

pathetic cuck

60cf04  No.20675


>If the troll orders you to lick his asshole……. will you do it too?

I'm not gay, but $20 is $20.

b0dfaf  No.20702


>$20 is $20

sad the thread had to end on this note.

ee979c  No.20747


Isn't that how it always ends?

62a19f  No.20750

File: c3a22a6b078cf2a⋯.jpg (87.9 KB, 473x599, 473:599, trolling.jpg)

Then let's end with this.

ecb106  No.20751


>when autists compose their own memes

e2b9e8  No.20790

Told you guys it was really Taylor Swift.

No penis pics as proof of a trap.

6131c7  No.20841

Too bad the kids scared you away Jen.

7bc1e6  No.29801

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