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File: 9ec287add45bb03⋯.jpg (86.39 KB, 720x717, 240:239, 5hzy7_Vq0mHCZUcs9r4Rq7qe-k….jpg)

4206c0  No.25081

Jim Norton c2c'ing with Prince Allen.

a320e8  No.25083

File: c7377c8b87ff029⋯.gif (728.5 KB, 415x205, 83:41, you-were-the-chosen-one.gif)

No traffic cone can do justice to Princess Alena's large throbbing girl meat.

You could have had a life of happiness, Jim.

4206c0  No.25140

File: 2f1b3fd724f89a1⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 640x640, 1:1, HKNeEhrVd7R6yarOYvb6Am1vkM….jpg)

guess this is as good a place as any to post this

Anthony Cumia being fucked by Sue Lightning/Sue Kalergi

a320e8  No.25144

File: 483a62c870062dd⋯.jpg (287.3 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, SueLightning4[1].jpg)


Nice, but wildly exaggerating the actual size of Sue's miniscule penis.

4206c0  No.25155


considerate it artistic license

7425ba  No.25157

File: 24132a9ba1f31e0⋯.jpg (98.24 KB, 1280x785, 256:157, download.jpg)


Is that erect?

awww thats so sad

000000  No.25161


It's adorable. You could get her cock and balls in your mouth all at once.

a320e8  No.25178

File: 7219fc4bb33dbe9⋯.png (93.21 KB, 660x1316, 165:329, trap-cock-size-results-Jun….png)

File: d97d5081a94d0fd⋯.jpeg (19.35 KB, 400x300, 4:3, princessalena-amazing-she….jpeg)

File: 06b74f33e04097f⋯.jpg (389.23 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, 106483_8[1].jpg)


Before we did the poll https://www.strawpoll.me/15763370 or >>24170 , I had no clue so many guys were into these tiny little cocks. It's honestly incomprehensible to me, I thought almost everyone was like me into large thick cocks with giant balls. I'd much rather have a regular female than a trap with a micropenis.

Jim Norton's gf Princess Alena is kind of an Amazon, but she does have a beautiful cock.

000000  No.25180


In the long run, small trap cocks are more practical. Would Alena's monster dong be fun to suck on? Sure. Would it be fun to try to fit up your ass a couple times? Yeah. But imagine having that thing up your poop chute 2-3x/week. It would get a lot less fun when you start having to deal with chronic hemorrhoids and you see your proctologist enough to be on a first name basis.

There's a reason a lot of older gays stop bottoming or just switch to blowjobs all the time, except for special occasions. The rectum was not meant to be invaded by a big cock on a regular basis. Well, ever, but especially not on a regular basis.

But I bet you could have Sue Lightning slip it to you as often as she wanted without too many problems.

If Alena is more your thing, see if your proctologist has some kind of frequent customer discount.

870392  No.25183


>implying I am a faggot getting his ass fucked by girl benis.

wtf is wrong with you niggers? feminine benis are only for stroking and sucking. nothing more.

a320e8  No.25188

File: a6fa87f685165ee⋯.mp4 (6.54 MB, 626x1234, 313:617, Julie-Prim.mp4)


>The rectum was not meant to be invaded by a big cock on a regular basis.

I don't know much about that tbh. I would think it could expand and adapt, and the reason that gays become tops as they age has to do with a more complex dynamic. Supposedly the anal cavity can expand quite a bit more than a pussy, but it takes a lot of practice. But yeah, there is shit with prolapse, fuck that.

With that said, I don't really have a desire to be a bottom. Experiment with a gf? Yeah, but not much more. The appeal of trap cocks to me is to suck them, to rub my dick against theirs, and to play with them. I do kind of agree that the really big cocks like on Princess Alena she's 5'11" so it's as big as it looks and 6' tall Mariana Cordoba are probably too much. I like medium thick cocks with large balls on traps who are petite thus making their dicks look bigger than they are.

4206c0  No.25255

File: 4a8d736975ea6e2⋯.png (258.58 KB, 586x471, 586:471, Capture.PNG)

File: 8afd7331a184e48⋯.jpg (108.74 KB, 999x736, 999:736, C85-7r5uOeFiS611RbBLlBIipk….jpg)


Poor thing she's now tied to this guy forever.


4206c0  No.25257

File: 1cd37070dcfc740⋯.png (698.76 KB, 512x768, 2:3, PM9vYLNmFhVshErbVGR8d-PlU-….png)


Permanently Suespended

a320e8  No.25258

It's like this >>25255 cover is made for something like this >>25257

4206c0  No.25283

File: a98c88aeacdd8fc⋯.jpg (37 KB, 313x470, 313:470, aBNwPOJElKKM3mvOm7ICAcxmYK….jpg)

" I'm just a 60 year old man who befriended a 20 year old man who just so happens to do porn and just so happens to dress like a woman and just so happens to be only known for doing those things, but trust me, it's just because he's a cool dude and we're only friends "

Even if Anthony was hanging out with normal 20 year olds, it'd still be creepy.

4206c0  No.25284

File: 99d636064b2444c⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Prince Allen really dodged a bullet w/ Norton.

Doing this chick's make-up he didn't even realize he gave her a Dick Dastardly handlebar mustache because he likes his females male.


a320e8  No.25286


Tbh, I don't think 20 year olds is an issue, but Anthony apparently likes them younger than that.


4206c0  No.25287


a "Behind the Music" type show on Anthony - lol.

4206c0  No.25378

File: 50dbd4836d68563⋯.png (220 KB, 387x395, 387:395, Capture.PNG)

4206c0  No.25382

File: 42f84de756ab2e7⋯.png (121.48 KB, 725x311, 725:311, Capture1.PNG)

Which one of you is Howard?

a320e8  No.25383

File: 06b74f33e04097f⋯.jpg (389.23 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, 106483_8[1].jpg)

File: 1129510b09875b0⋯.jpg (486.04 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, 106782_1[1].jpg)

File: 9d0537287a2ef8c⋯.jpg (687.08 KB, 1210x910, 121:91, princess-alena.jpg)

File: 798d2350a0b9565⋯.jpg (77.86 KB, 1000x743, 1000:743, princess-alena-9.jpg)

Here it is: Princess Alena or Sue Lightning.

>Who would you rather date, fuck, and/or marry?


4206c0  No.25392


Thor getting smoked in the poll. No pun intended.

8b027d  No.25401


>People choosing a stupid looking chick with a tiny dysfunctional penis over Princess Alena.

I will never understand this world. I never will.

a320e8  No.25408

File: 0b3256bff626a5d⋯.webm (2.18 MB, 854x480, 427:240, visceratio-2.webm)


I picked Princess Alena, but neither one is my ideal tbh. I don't get why Alena doesn't grow her pubic hair out, I assume her pubes would be blonde or blondish. That is one of the best things about Visceratio imho.

4206c0  No.25412


lighten up JIm

a320e8  No.25420

File: 629d7a5f855dd52⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 599x399, 599:399, BMwAX65CEAAbnup[1].jpg)

File: d6a29926fb3bcde⋯.png (74.22 KB, 320x210, 32:21, anthony-cumia[1].png)


Princess Alena pulls into the lead by a substantial margin!

4206c0  No.25429

File: ebf497b6c1391cc⋯.jpg (339.44 KB, 1372x926, 686:463, 20160831edhan-a.jpg)


I smell something fishy about Thor all of a sudden taking the lead by a substantial margin.

baa4ce  No.25431

File: ce2d1690e14fa7d⋯.jpg (153.12 KB, 1250x705, 250:141, Jim-Norton-Buying-Proxies-….jpg)


Jim will stop at nothing to defend his fair maiden.

4206c0  No.25432

File: 327913e47730ec0⋯.jpg (53.41 KB, 597x768, 199:256, mmv8cC_nVwHCbK2SxH5mkdvy8f….jpg)


Too soon.

4206c0  No.25451

File: 040979a01bda80f⋯.jpg (58.71 KB, 576x768, 3:4, G9Ca902dkUp4PgJ5Gj3zpXTC3k….jpg)


Looks like Jim has maybe moved on.

I will say one thing for him, he has a type: Tall.

baa4ce  No.25474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I first saw that in this clip. She must be standing on something, but still, that says something in that this is the moment when Norton wants to take his photo with her. lol

4206c0  No.25508


wow I started this thread too

9de8f9  No.25509

File: 24d16deab9c616f⋯.png (449.8 KB, 629x512, 629:512, its the little things that….png)

4206c0  No.25686

File: 65510dd50a5924c⋯.png (604.6 KB, 821x611, 821:611, QedXNdD.png)

Cumia's abused coin slot asshole. I like how worn it looks, but still hungry. The way the arsehole follows you around the room is impressive too. Anthony looks rejuvenated. It's almost like Sue is breathing new life into him.

4206c0  No.25716

File: 821e76c4efbe5bb⋯.jpg (114.31 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, poxQDC-PknaQwd_C3LSBvi4TrH….jpg)

Wonder if she still misses him 2 1/2 years later.

17a505  No.25747

I have a real question

This whole thread seems to be one guy with a vendetta against a radio personality.

Did this D-list celebrity do something to you personally? Or is it a thing where he was able to bang some tranny you were obsessed over and you hate him for it.

4206c0  No.25753


Hi Anthony

4206c0  No.25757

File: e7a2a18001caa6c⋯.jpg (220.44 KB, 960x961, 960:961, RNqkgkR-gDtpKk4GVBWxjRF1ES….jpg)

4206c0  No.25758


Sue Lightyear

1d46a8  No.25759


It was an honest question. Im just curious.

I understand its easier to deflect and attempt to spin the question by pretending Im Anthony or Jim.

But if you could just answer the question truthfully, there would be no judgement. You seem to have a lot invested in this campaign against them, with your drawings and photoshops.

baa4ce  No.25761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not him, but….

Anthony and Jim might be the best radio comedic duo ever. They were not only extremely funny, but the two of them had a reputation for being very candid about their personal lives. Norton in particular had a very sleazy lifestyle which he put on display.

Fast forward to the present. Ant and Jim are shadows of their former selves, nowhere near as funny as when they were together. Their own fanbase also turned on them for weird shit like not cancelling subscriptions, ripping them off on Patreon, and other things.

In that context, people are making fun of them for not being more honest about the fact that they were involved with a couple of moderately famous traps.

4206c0  No.25762


you're an idiot if you think I'm the one drawing those things. I just thought people would find it amusing that some shock jock had an affair with Sue but was too chickenshit to admit it. If that's not the casre than I'll stop posting these pictures I pilfer from the opieandanthony sub-reddit.

1d46a8  No.25764


Thanks for the real answer. Please dont stop posting the drawing and shoops, I do enjoy them.

I guess Ill have to go over to that sub reddit and watch the fun for myself.

4206c0  No.25771


be advised it's brutal in there…some guy they listened to religiously for years and now they just viciously attack him. Tranthony is one of his nicknames along with Tranpa.

baa4ce  No.25772

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


See my post here >>25761

Lots of people have literally gotten ripped off with TACS. They keep billing even after you cancel. Also, common sentiment that the show was good for the first year, then it became Ant just going through the motions. He lost Gavin McInness, who was generally liked, and never found someone similar to replace him.

Ant is not a profound thinker on racial issues. This isn't like listening to Ryan Falk or Sean Last or people like that. When there are hundreds of Youtubers who have a more informed viewpoint than him, he's just a guy kind of ranting about it a lot, and he isn't very funny when he does.

This was pretty funny tho.

4206c0  No.26048

File: 00b94319cbb2f60⋯.jpg (130.81 KB, 525x768, 175:256, iGrFFGfVhXcGc4R8tGAJKgh8wO….jpg)

For those out of the loop (Jim Norton is a comedian and radio show broadcaster, J&S is the Jim and Sam Show on SiriusXM radio).

Jim Norton had a sexual relationship with a Norwegian trans camgirl on charturbate called Princess Alena. Jim remarked about “his girlfriend” on J&S for a few weeks, saying he had her send him her underwear because she had an “intoxicating scent.” He did an interview with some paper saying he was “in a serious relationship“ and “wanted to pop the question.” Once the autists on this sub realized he was in love with and considering marrying a camgirl/man (who was like 20 by the way) he was paying money to give him attention, the worm shriveled up and never mentioned it again. He said a while later that he was single “again.” It was a delusional fake relationship.

He also said on Joe Rogan's podcast he was taking prep, which gay men use to avoid contracting HIV when having sex with a positive partner. This suggests Jim was letting Prince Allen cum in his butt.

For My Mouth Only

Casino Unloyale

The Spy Who Cucked Me



Cry Another Day


13c8a1  No.26053

afa24f  No.26058



lol! what the fuck?

taking meds that fuck your shit up literally just so you dont catch aids. thats like getting chemo "just so you dont get cancer"

just wear a fucking rubber jim, or get alena to wrap her shit up before she plows you

4206c0  No.26184

File: 1e2da0e7dd9a89e⋯.jpg (127.36 KB, 585x768, 195:256, DG5fu7xQUUv-yclKLXpA9hF-5B….jpg)

shoulda been 'Sue is the Warmest Colon' but thumbs up anyway

4206c0  No.26507

File: 86586cc53df08b3⋯.png (564.52 KB, 768x768, 1:1, qrBpXV3BfL7YKgkKU-jN3jYmS1….png)

4206c0  No.26513

File: 975e4615271eb5a⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 640x616, 80:77, D6eWMI7_32luzqYPkMQ3JWzDBi….jpg)


Believe in something

even if it means sacrificing everything.

R.I.P. Anthony Cumia's career.

c66299  No.26644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jim Norton has gotten so PC at this point. He used to stand up for free expression, but now he is merely happy being a middle-of-the-road liberal who is not quite an SJW.

c66299  No.26656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Talks about Princess Alena. https://youtu.be/cSl2bu53WI0?t=55m33s

According to this, she cheated on him.

4206c0  No.26659


Thanks for making it open up at the spot where he talks about her, most don't do that. How this guy still has one of the 6 talk shows available on Siriusxm is beyond me.

"She talked to someone she wasn't supposed to…she might have hanged out with him I don't know."

Coolz2 has made an enemy for life. lmao.

4206c0  No.26759

File: 4d8fafc5691f229⋯.gif (508.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1537418300949.gif)

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