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File: 5bcda2b8afc5d5b⋯.jpg (380 KB, 1522x1108, 761:554, 9f0f9b1bb2efddb1172700b965….jpg)

b564e8  No.28203

I had no idea she had sex reassignment surgery. Came across her blog and found out she "made the cut" just a couple of months ago.

Sounds like shes cool with it and it wasnt a horror story like Sienna Grace.

b564e8  No.28204

File: 0f2f1c8b48b40b8⋯.jpg (208.29 KB, 955x691, 955:691, Capture56722.JPG)

c52ffe  No.28206

What's up with all these American trans pornstars chopping off their dicks? Do they want to be part of the mainstream porn industry or are they just regular mentally unstable AGP's (I think most of the ones that cut their dicks off are lesbians) that got into the porn industry to easily earn money to have the fake vagina surgery?

2b7556  No.28207


>What's up with all these American trans pornstars chopping off their dicks?

Probably they see it in part as a way of separating themselves from their porn star past. It's fucking retarded, but look at all the retarded stuff women in general do.

>Do they want to be part of the mainstream porn industry

I don't think even they are that delusional. They don't have a pussy, they have a surgically created open hole.

>or are they just regular mentally unstable AGP's

Only a tiny percentage of ones in the industry are ones that started off into women, and they create niche porn for other cross dressers. You can tell the difference just by looking at them, they are pretty hideous.

2b7556  No.28208


>(I think most of the ones that cut their dicks off are lesbians)

This really needs to be discussed more. My understanding is that male-attracted transwomen are much, much more focused on social acceptance, and have this retarded belief that with a fake vagina they will fit right in. A lot of them also seem insecure about guys liking them for having a penis.

Female-attracted transwomen are the ones who are more likely to really hate having a penis and feel it doesn't belong there.

No doubt there is some overlap. Still, it seems like male-attracted transwomen could be talked out of it through therapy and having good people in their lives who wake them up to how the world really works, and they have to deal with the fact that they will never, ever have a pussy.

Female-attracted transwomen live this weird fantasy in their own heads. You are not going to talk them out of anything. Either way, they tend to have severely limited sex lives, so it's not the same type of loss even from their perspective.

118549  No.28209

Got fat a few years ago so no loss really.

Not into fatbodies.

2b7556  No.28210


Might not be a horror story physically, but holy shit, read this.

> Unless you are a rich mofo, and by rich I mean millionaire, you WILL need health insurance that covers the entire procedure. The peritoneal graft method alone triples the cost of the surgery, bringing the total to over $160,000. This does not include the hospital stay, prescriptions, ambulance rides, nursing visits to your home or in the event of complications, another massive chunk of change because you had to go back to the hospital (in my case, that cellulitis infection was another $25,000+ billed to my insurance). I've blasted passed $200,000 in costs straight to my insurer.


Insurance should not cover this tbh. Insurance won't cover a $6,000 nose job because you are upset about your nose.


Not any more.

118549  No.28217


>Not any more.

Good than my fat shaming a couple years back worked. Getting them back in shape one tranny at a time.

2b7556  No.28218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>tranny gets fat


>loses weight

>cuts off dick

Anon, you have one more mission, should you choose to accept it.

honestly, I doubt shaming will work, but some type of meme is in order

b564e8  No.28220

File: 04c877636e9aac6⋯.jpg (46.28 KB, 539x358, 539:358, LOOK WHAT I DID.jpg)


>my fat shaming


>Our fat shaming


>fat shaming

This guy makes me snicker each time he posts about his faux influence over chubby traps.

Im sure he takes credit for the sunrise each morning too.

118549  No.28221


In fact I do.

I shame it into reappearing everyday after telling it the moon is way better and always will be.

5adfc8  No.28222

File: 826bd05c94929a5⋯.png (280.23 KB, 500x495, 100:99, we thought you could do be….png)


>telling it the moon is way better and always will be.

You had the opportunity to make a pun or funny quip… and this is the best you could do?

I hope Ive shamed you into being funnier.

5bd379  No.28250


Fingers crossed for some Kitty Kaiti post-op porn.

f3051e  No.28251

File: f5506fcefaed7b8⋯.jpg (326.15 KB, 1176x1265, 1176:1265, Picture 779.jpg)


We want to be women and hate our dicks. Kinda makes sense to get surgery. It's not about porn, it's the dysphoria. There are tranny porn companies that do post-op porn though.

Speaking of:


Maybe one day. I quit because my family found out and were pissed. I'd love to do it again but the drama isn't worth it. I can still take sexy pics from home.


Some insurers actually do cover typically cosmetic stuff like facial feminization and boob jobs. It depends on what plans they offer. Mine covered SRS but not cosmetic.


You're giving yourself too much credit, my dude. I started my diet the day I ripped my pants trying to lift something heavy. I called myself a fat-ass and now I'm down over 30 pounds.

118549  No.28253


>You're giving yourself too much credit, my dude.

yes, I went overboard on the credit but glad you did acknowledge I get some of the credit - suck it >>28220

1bf592  No.28264


How did you reconcile the dysphoria of having a penis with being well known and loved on the chanz because of exactly that? Was it just a cynical decision of, "oh well, I have a unique attribute that would make me stand out, might as well use it to pay the bills until I can afford to get the surgery"? It seems like a lot of trans girls gravitate towards sex work, and I feel a lot of the time it's a last resort that they end up falling into.

I sometimes feel guilt about my porn preferences because I know that a lot of these girls hate their dicks, yet are catering to a fantasy/fetish for straight men who want to see a real girl but with a cock. That is basically the demographic. And the ones that tend to be the most attractive and feminine are the ones that end up fully transitioning.

1bf592  No.28265


Let me just give a little more clarity on my feelings - I spent my whole childhood feeling confused about my gender, and upon learning about people having sex changes, never stopped thinking about it. But I know that I'm not going to do it now.

One thing about me is that I love my dick. I can't imagine possessing a dick and not wanting to stick it in places and have it sucked etc. Fucking and cumming is the best thing the world.

I understand that taking hormones can affect your libido and how well your dick functions. I'm assuming you are on hormones - did they cause a change in how you felt about your body, did it "fix" something or restore balance? I'm just curious and I think people should make more effort to understand trans people's thoughts and feelings instead of objectifying them

f3051e  No.28266

File: 0f57ce7a098f858⋯.jpg (444.39 KB, 1640x923, 1640:923, GW012.jpg)


I didn't like my dick, but I was stuck living with it. It didn't mean I hated sex though, or the attention. I got into camming and porn mostly for the money but it was also fun. It was quick easy cash to help supplement my income to help pay rent and bills and stuff. I have health insurance, so I haven't had to pay out of pocket for my transition except for laser hair removal. SRS costs a shit ton of money. So far my insurance has covered nearly $200,000 worth of surgery bills. We really don't make that much doing porn and tranny porn careers are particularly short-lived. Very very few would earn enough to afford that. A lot of us end up in sex work as well because of employment discrimination. When no one is willing to hire a tranny, you get forced to alternative sources of income. I mostly stuck with camming and porn. Some end up in escorting or outright prostitution, which I refused to do either. I'm told some enjoy doing it though.

Don't feel bad or guilty. We still enjoy doing the porn. I know I did. I didn't like my dick and it was awkward using it, especially that one time I had to fuck Christian in the ass (fucking gross) but I still had fun doing most of the scenes.


My feelings towards my dick weren't changed by the HRT. I'm a patient person, but after a while, the dick just had to go and now having an insurer who is willing to pay for it in full, I took the opportunity. HRT does affect sexual function to a degree. I still have a strong sex drive, even after SRS. My dick was able to get hard, it just took more effort to get it up. I've been on the HRT for almost ten years. It did a lot to my body and even my brain, mostly my emotions, and the changes made me feel better about my body (growing tits, less body hair, no BO, softer skin, fat redistribution, no more random erections, etc).

7594fb  No.28267


>We want to be women and hate our dicks. Kinda makes sense to get surgery. It's not about porn, it's the dysphoria. There are tranny porn companies that do post-op porn though

Yes, that makes sense but there are so many trans girls with different opinion about the whole whole genital debate. Are there stages on dysphoria and for some girls it stops at how they look and at not the dick and for others it goes till the dick is gone?

Plus you were a trans pornstar like many other girls that got the surgery, but you had no problem flaunting your dick around and use it for the videos even tho you said you hated it. That is so fucking messed up on so many levels and mostly harm yourselves (mentally). That's one thing that made me somehow "mistrust" trans.

f3051e  No.28268

File: f06ad53f33f4863⋯.jpg (407.1 KB, 1640x923, 1640:923, Picture 660.jpg)


The genital dysphoria aspect has varying degrees of severity for different people. For some it's extreme and they can't even touch it without getting upset. For others they don't care and even like having a dick and using it. I was kinda in the middle. I didn't like it and avoided using it when possible. I really hated having nuts. My dick was more of an annoying inconvenience if anything. I was able to tolerate using it for the sake of porn, but in my private sex life, I never used it. I still would have preferred to get rid of it, which I finally did.

>but you had no problem flaunting your dick around and use it for the videos

I guess after a while of having to live with the damn thing, you learn to kinda ignore it or not let it get to you so much. Like I said, dysphoria varies from person to person. Some love it, some tolerate it, others can't. "Hate" might be a strong word for me to describe it I guess. I didn't really like it and preferred to avoid using it, and would rather have a vag.

7594fb  No.28269


Sorry, but some of that is bullshit.

I can't fathom how many of you "hate" your dick and still at the same time easily but "awkwardly" use it in porn/escort (even if you really need the money) or learn to ignore. I'm sorry, but to me that indicates a dishonest person and that easiness of say "fuck it, I'll do porn/cam/escort/etc" also indicates a deeply immoral person and I am a "liberal" (that's why I can't take you seriously when you say you are conservative). Maybe because I grew up around people that were piss-poor that worked hard for decades without resorting to "easy solutions".

>A lot of us end up in sex work as well because of employment discrimination.

And you are supposed to be conservative? Damn girl…

There are many trans women that kept their work after transitioning. Did you see what word I used? Kept. If pre-transitioning you were a NEET with no skills living in your kiddie bedroom smoking weed hiding from people when you transition to a beautiful girl at your late 20s you will be unhirable by default, it's the same thing for us cis people.


Thanks for the answer.

Anyway it seems I can't understand many things inside the trans community so I'm back at the roastie market. Wish you the best but stay out of that porn bs (maybe found a rich qt to be together). ;)

5bd379  No.28270


Do you ever sense when dudes are jerking off to you? Are you stealing our energy like a succubus?

f3051e  No.28271


Or maybe you don't have dysphoria so you have no idea what it feels like or how it works. You're just a dude fapping to traps. It's kinda like how someone suffers with depression or PTSD but can still put on a smile, even if it's bullshit.

I'm also not conservative. I'm a centrist and my politics are all over the spectrum. You go become a tranny and try to get a job and then find that job after job is denied, no matter how many applications and resumes you drop. It's only recently that tolerance has improved and more trans people can get normie employment. There weren't many who could get normie jobs in the past because of the sheer amount of hatred for us. Those who didn't go into sex work either managed to find an employer who wasn't an asshole or had to find work-from-home solutions. Why do you think so many trannies are getting into programming and web-based work? Normie careers are still a struggle for many, especially the ones who haven't fully transitioned or don't pass. I had normal jobs before I transitioned and then suddenly found myself denied jobs over and over. I have a normal job now. Society's tolerance has improved and I pass better than I first did.


I only steal your cummies. What do you think nocturnal emissions are?

118549  No.28276


>especially that one time I had to fuck Christian in the ass

no wonder you wanted to get rid of your dick I don't blame you after sticking it there

118549  No.28277


who is this judgemental prick?

5adfc8  No.28278

File: 8194561e23a32e5⋯.png (33.31 KB, 655x341, 655:341, Capture.PNG)


>glad you did acknowledge I get some of the credit


Where did she give you credit for her weight loss. She literally dismissed you, then related a funny anecdote about what really caused her to lose 30 lbs.

Maybe I missed it in her post. Could do me a favor and underline or highlight the specific words in her post that gave you credit for her weight loss. I capped the post so you can edit it easily.

Ill understand if you dont reply. Its embarrassing when you get called out and have no legitimate retort.

118549  No.28279


what part of you give yourself too much credit (which implies I get some of the credit) don't you understand?

Let me give you some background. A few years back she went on cam4 after a lengthy absence and cammed while pretty overweight looking. Her face was fat as was her body and I honestly thought it was someone using her porn name and camming under it and trying to fool people and pull a fast one getting cheap tips off her name. I even told her she was a fraud and to my surprise it actually was her. So yeah I take some of the credit for giving her a wake up call.

fd0609  No.28281

File: ff70fde1543a8b6⋯.jpg (45.99 KB, 320x480, 2:3, kitty_kaiti_320x480.jpg)

I have a bad feeling these two autists are going to clog up this thread with their pissing match, and hidden yearning to suck each others cock.

Miss Kaiti, could you nip this in the bud and put it to rest?

Question: A few years ago while hanging out on Cam4, was there a rando-chaser who insulted you and caused you to cry yourself to sleep that night and wake up in the morning with a new resolution to lose weight because you had been shamed by some irrelevant pervert on a camsite?

I dont want it to seem like Im siding with Autist#1 or Autist#2, but the phrase "You(you're) giving yourself too much credit" {American/British Origin} does not mean that you are being given a small percentage of credit. I think you're confusing that phrase with another commonly used one "I gave you too much credit" which means that the commenter thought too highly of the subject-recipient and was disappointed. I'm unsure if you are an ESL (English as a Second Language) student and were just confused on the usage of both phrases. I hope I helped you understand your mistake.

And since Miss Kaiti has graced us with her presence in this thread. Id like to take this rare opportunity and say-

Kaitlyn, Ive seen photos on halfchan earlier this year of when you were slightly heavier (selfies in a bathroom) and you did not look bad. I understand that everyone has to feel comfortable in their own body and if losing weight helped, more power to you. These current photos that you have posted are beautiful. I personally liked that dark goth look you had circa 2010 (pic attached) I even remember those early amateur vids you made of yourself doing self bondage, so incredibly hot.

118549  No.28282


and Autist #3 shows up like clockwork

fd0609  No.28285

File: ca06fc125e75798⋯.png (24.01 KB, 315x329, 45:47, 66758768.PNG)


Its okay to lash out when you feel people have belittled you. Its a natural reaction.

We're just trying to advance your knowledge of the English language.

Dont be mad.

6a17c8  No.28287

File: 8de2dcd15a4600c⋯.jpg (364.05 KB, 1573x1044, 1573:1044, Picture 122.jpg)

File: f68ecd6f3e6d258⋯.jpg (520.87 KB, 2205x1110, 147:74, Picture 604.jpg)


Well, first of all, I don't care what random trolls on the internet say to me. The idea of "crying myself to sleep" because some random guy jacking off to a cam session said I was chubby is ridiculous. Secondly, the timelines don't add up. I last used Cam4 over the winter of 2013 and maybe very early 2014. I started my diet routine in February of 2016 and that was the day after ripping my pants. The pants ripping thing is what got me dieting, literally nothing else.

I looked okay otherwise but my problem was I had a gut forming and I was developing that double chin deal. It was gross.

1bf592  No.28288


I appreciate the thoughtful answers. I'm glad your journey is working out for you. I remember your pics from trap threads years ago and didn't know you'd gone into professional porn until just recently. I was going to ask how it feels having a clit now, but I've read your blog and it sounds like it's all good.

I think people need to get less hysterical about trans women having bottom surgery, I mean I've seen horror/regret stories, and the results don't always look good, but this isn't done for anyone but the person getting it done. It's their body.

I mean yes, lots of us will agree that a woman with a cock is a beautiful thing and it's a shame to change that, and even just thinking about the process makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. But we can't put ourselves in their shoes and feel what they're feeling. If they're happy then they're happy. It's nobody else's business.

f3237f  No.28290

"…I've been on the HRT for almost ten years. It did a lot to my body and even my brain, mostly my emotions…"

I would really be interested in hearing how it changed your brain. Any info would be appreciated. How did it change your feelings about Men? Did the smell of Men and your reaction to it change? Could you smell things better? Did it make you moody?

6a17c8  No.28291

File: d1952a2d8020a09⋯.jpg (420.54 KB, 961x1440, 961:1440, kittykatihc.bw.014.jpg)


It primarily affected my emotions and how I respond to things. I became a lot more emotionally responsive to stuff, I suppose even more empathetic towards others and their emotions. TV shows or movies with sad scenes before I transitioned I didn't care about, now I actually cry. It's kinda funny. There's definitely less aggression than before too. I wouldn't say my feelings towards men changed. I was always bisexual and I haven't noticed any evolution in my attractions towards others. I do kinda sometimes feel this urge to have kids. I dunno if that's normal in guys too but there's like this weird innate desire to be a mommy.


I think it's a mix of bigotry and general ignorance and in the case of porn, chaser types who simply fetishize us without considering the human behind the scenes. For most, they don't have any understanding what being trans is and there is a ton of disinfo and retarded memes floating around the internet. The horror stories seem to be passed around more commonly and usually used as a scare tactic or to gross people out to instill more hate. Complications do happen like OP mentioned with Sienna Grace. That's unfortunate and horrific but it is a rare occurrence. I was warned before my surgery of the potential complications, including what happened to Sienna but I went through with my decision that the risks were worth it. I'm closing in on two months post-op now and things are going great. Definitely worth it.

7594fb  No.28292


So… Do you play with your new fu-fu at all?

6a17c8  No.28293


Until I'm told otherwise, I'm not allowed any penetrative sex, that includes no anal. I can play with my clit though and have done that about 5 or 6 times since the surgery. The orgasms are getting better with time. I fucked around in the shower today and had a really good one.

7594fb  No.28294

File: 4decb2e2e65c394⋯.png (3.87 KB, 493x402, 493:402, 1313717142001.png)



So nice everything is working fine and you're happy.

f68e64  No.28295


Can we see pics?

I always wonder how good of an aesthetic job surgeons do on these things.

2b7556  No.28296


Bad idea for her to show that tbh.

a492a6  No.28297

9228f1  No.28299


How is the sex? There is some video explaining?

118549  No.28302


>a few years back

that would line up nicely with 2014

and you were fat then - it wasn't mission creep

> I had a gut forming and I was developing that double chin deal. It was gross.

That's exactly how I remember it - you were a far cry from the thin pornstar who cammed with Christian.

>The idea of "crying myself to sleep"

no one said you cried yourself to sleep

but you were upset people were calling you fat.

Go ahead and deny it if that's how you want to play it. If it wasn't the truth I never would have said so because I knew you were posting in the thread and could refute it if it wasn't true. Always thought you were a straight shooter and to blatantly lie like that is disappointing. Now there's always the off chance you don't remember but I find it hard to believe you didn't because you were so mad that day.

>pants ripping thing is what got me dieting

O.K. whatever you say it was your pants ripping but if you'd listened to me you'd still have those pair of pants.

0af2a0  No.28303

File: d41c95dc19d3254⋯.gif (481.84 KB, 381x298, 381:298, kn.gif)


>bruised ego because he was proven wrong

>190 words trying desperately to save face

Just take the L bro.

2b7556  No.28304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let it go, dude. It's nice that she posts here.


>I think it's a mix of bigotry and general ignorance and in the case of porn, chaser types who simply fetishize us without considering the human behind the scenes.

Fair enough, but the chasers that transwomen are always complaining about comes with the territory of doing porn/sex work or often just being an attractive woman with some fame. Lyrics to this song are from letters by a stalker writing to Debbie Harry.

I'm not blaming people for doing sex work if it is that or starve, and it's really not a matter of blaming people in general. As you say, until quite recently, there was a lot of discrimination out there. It's just the bad cycles that people will find themselves in due to society or other circumstances.

>The horror stories seem to be passed around more commonly and usually used as a scare tactic or to gross people out to instill more hate.

If you felt you had to do it because of something the rest of us don't experience, then that's your choice. Never had a problem with people in that situation, and in principle don't care for a medical system that won't give people what they want, whether it be an abortion, assisted suicide, or whatever. At the same time, there is a lot within the culture pushing transwomen who could live without the cut to get one, and that comes simultaneously from both cultural conservatives and those within the trans community. Maybe it was not visible to you, as you always wanted to get the surgery on your own. Also

>gross people out

That's just a fact of life, though. Any surgery can bother the squeamish, but what is actually involved in going post-op is not the same as what is involved in a rhinoplasty or most other cosmetic surgeries.

I'm glad things worked out for you.

f3237f  No.28307

Thanks for the reply about emotions. I know that when Women take testosterone they really freak out at how horny and more aggressive they become. The contrary is equally interesting.

3f9d94  No.28311

File: 1b6f878387c20a4⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 550x506, 25:23, 5fae384e23c56fff3a32bee004….jpg)


I'm not WKing, but

This anon >>28302 may actually think he had a hand in KittyKaitis weight loss.

When he says

>That's exactly how I remember it

>you were so mad that day

>If it wasn't the truth I never would have said so

you have to understand that his perception of the truth is just that, his own.

Another anon above was being rude and insulting when he said "Autist#1 or Autist#2" but this anon may indeed have a mild form of Autism. He may have Aspergers, or rank some where on the Autism Spectrum, perhaps high functioning Autism. Not all people with Autism are like Rainman, non-verbal, rocking back and forth all day and unable to function in the world like you and I.

I do volunteer work with teens who have Autism and I see this quite often. They are unable to understand normal social cues. Even facial expressions are hard for them to discern. One of the workshops we do weekly is using a Facial Expressions Chart to help them understand the differences between simple facial expressions like aversion and melancholy. Another thing I've noticed with the Autistic is they feel that they have a greater influence on the world around them than is actually true. I can give you a real life example that I've experienced during my volunteer work. John (not his real name) was yelling at Chris Paul during a Rockets game. Yelling advise and pointers on how to improve his game. John would turn to me and excitedly comment that Chris looked at him and nodded in acknowledgment and that Chris must be taking his advise because he did a "crossover dribble" or "in & out dribble." because John suggested it. But in reality the roar of the crowd drowned out anything John yelled out, and I never saw Chris even glance in the direction of our field trip group.

tldr: we shouldn't be making fun of the "I shamed her into losing weight" anon. You wouldn't mock or laugh at someone with Downs Syndrome would you? Just because Autism isn't as easily recognizable as other mental disabilities we shouldn't be hateful to those that are afflicted by it.

118549  No.28312


I knew posting that I fat shamed her would bring the autists out of the woodwork. Even doubling down when she said it was her pants ripping. Glad you all didn't disappoint.

Unlike you autists I won't count how many words you used to come up with that dribble.

118549  No.28314




2b91a0  No.28316

File: 2807b7e57056ce3⋯.webm (4.57 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Fail Troll Strikes Again.webm)

909cfb  No.28317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I love when stupid people try to use words they really don't know or aren't absolutely sure of its proper usage or spelling.

drivel ≠ dribble

moot ≠ moo

Thanks for the laugh.

1bf592  No.28321

File: 9447728050f7605⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 349:642, db0[1].jpg)

File: b10b855f1337d80⋯.gif (32.11 KB, 653x1024, 653:1024, backpedalling-653x1024[1].gif)

2b7556  No.28323

File: 0184ae900d54c75⋯.jpg (924.91 KB, 2060x1371, 2060:1371, laughing-orangutans.jpg)



118549  No.28324


well done I haven't laughed this hard in a long time


love the wah wah sound effects at the end

6a17c8  No.28325



6a17c8  No.28326

File: acced9979600190⋯.jpg (324.12 KB, 1078x1377, 1078:1377, 20180709_191520 - Copy.jpg)


The surgeon didn't do a great job in terms of aesthetic appearance. I mean it's better than a lot of post-op photos I've seen but I definitely will need secondary revisions to make it look realistic, particularly the clit.

Beware: https://imgur.com/a/tJHkd1g


I don't know yet. I hear different stories from other post-ops about what it feels like to have sex. I know everything works on the outside. I assume it works inside too. While dilating one day I held a vibrator up against the part of the dilator that was sticking out so it would vibrate in me and I could feel everything. Felt pretty good.

118549  No.28327


as it heals it's looking better and better

f68e64  No.28329


Not as bad as I expected, lucky you.

5bd379  No.28330


Pretty damn decent.

And damn you look good in that dress.

1bf18f  No.28331

File: 29a9dc143e86b82⋯.png (19.82 KB, 1070x192, 535:96, autistsautistsautistsautis….PNG)


you know what i love?

when some fag gets roasted with a word hes never heard/seen before and immediately turns around and starts using it himself———over and over again.

makes him look thirsty and the type of fag who uses a "learn a new word a day calendar"

118549  No.28333


you know what i love?

some fag who needs attention so much he keeps harping on something I said. Didn't get the rise out of me he expected so he doubles down. Get a life buddy.

1bf18f  No.28334

File: 64c17055eb2f108⋯.jpg (101.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Sometimes-it-s-better-to-k….jpg)


>something I said

try keeping your mouth shut

then you wont have to cry when you get backlash over it

118549  No.28335

File: 4643725a0d27550⋯.jpg (21.74 KB, 600x700, 6:7, th.jpg)

7594fb  No.28339


This is a good job. Pretty decent for a pussy. I would definitely do.

If the swelling goes off completely, if you do more aesthetic surgeries and also take care of it, I think it would be like the real thing.

ea2d01  No.28340

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So mad.

I liked you better when you were making posts like this >>28324 tucking your cock & balls between your legs and trying to laugh along with the bully trolls as they all laugh at you.

f32389  No.28341

what a waste

118549  No.28342

File: 6d227341f378bfb⋯.jpg (15.58 KB, 474x377, 474:377, thssss.jpg)

File: 2b6bbc9dfa05b0c⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 600x439, 600:439, red-wave-600x439.jpg)


another one that is so enamored with me he needs to get in on catching my attention. I see you anon. I'm flattered. But you like the others need to Get A Life.

Enjoy the Red Wave Today.

1bf592  No.28344

7f051a  No.28350

File: c25d6e43b7b4436⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 640x480, 4:3, send bobs.mp4)


>I knew posting that I fat shamed her would bring the autists out of the woodwork

I think the anon who diagnosed you with autism/aspergers may be right. You dont seem to understand why people are jeering you.

No one cares that you called kittykaiti fat during a 2014 cam show. We're laughing that you believe your comment affected her so deeply that she changed her lifestyle to appease (in kaitis words) "some random guy jacking off to a cam session" You arent able to grasp that your "ur fat lolz" comment was lost in a sea of mudrace comments like "helo sexi bb show bobs" - "show cock" - "FEET FEET FEET" that scrolled by, and when kaiti set you straight you were fuming because she didnt acknowledge your grand role in her weight loss.

Get straight bruv.

118549  No.28352


> you were fuming because she didnt acknowledge your grand role in her weight loss.

not at all. I just find it extremely humorous my fat shaming comment has still got all of you spun up. And you call me the autist.

7f051a  No.28354

File: 747ed9da8c4aff6⋯.jpg (70.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 10719154_738339212913525_1….jpg)


>my fat shaming comment

Wow! You still dont get it. LOL!

Well I tried to explain in simple terms. Thats the best I could do.

378d4c  No.28355

When I see that, I feel empathy pains in my gut. No idea how anybody could get it up for that.

118549  No.28356

File: 8dfe0cddcefcdfa⋯.png (18.28 KB, 600x700, 6:7, bitch-please-go-get-a-life….png)

7f051a  No.28357

File: 0c2928deda8de4b⋯.jpg (30.13 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 2353077_0.jpg)

118549  No.28358

File: 84336baf7c2516b⋯.png (429.74 KB, 600x700, 6:7, roses-are-red-violets-are-….png)

7f051a  No.28359

File: 55bae1c2ae073cc⋯.jpg (20.2 KB, 263x288, 263:288, you-cant-fix-stupid.jpg)

6a17c8  No.28360

File: f6248cea1941369⋯.gif (900.84 KB, 480x270, 16:9, George-Costanza-Popcorn.gif)

7594fb  No.28361


At least, miss Kaiti is amused with all this.

864989  No.28363

>no dick

no interest

118549  No.28364

File: 11cd4758eafe9fd⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 402x302, 201:151, pot-kettle-black.jpg)


this is what they do

it's a thread about you and they fixate and derail it by focusing on me

they do this constantly and they call me the autist

546f98  No.28365

Hey hood for you. You definitely dont remember me but we met a few years ago when you were living with the girl with jacked up teeth. Anyway sorry we never linked up to give you that tour of my fire station.

I moved out of the Peoples Republik of New Yorkistan but glad I am, well you are doing well.

f88c1d  No.28367

File: 80aeed032c3fa6e⋯.jpg (74.94 KB, 420x361, 420:361, a75Z8oe_700b.jpg)

File: f26246cb3bf3376⋯.png (28.59 KB, 420x294, 10:7, 4a4a99cffad3e580f3f6613734….png)

118549  No.28370

File: 051caf211029e50⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 400x516, 100:129, animals-lemming-cliff-suic….jpg)


no that's not it.

It's ID: 118549 Derangement Syndrome.

That's what you all have.

You all remind me of the White House Press Corps. They think it's their duty to all gang up on the President or his spokesperson. One asks a rude question than the rest pile on like the lemmings they are.

You're all little lemmings.

Maybe just maybe one of you will finally get some self respect and you won't bow to peer pressure and not pile on so they won't attack you as well. Sad.

ba5d28  No.28376

File: 39ac2b6c416fbfa⋯.jpg (167.34 KB, 821x700, 821:700, 11_7_2018_GvFgVFgTf.jpg)


>White House Press Corps. They think it's their duty to all gang up on the President

I get what you mean. I saw the press conference this afternoon, what a shitshow, I was laughing my ass off. I wouldnt call myself a "Trump Supporter" but I am a life long Republican and do agree with President Trump on many political ideals, but this is the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, and he cant control a room full of pencil pushing white collar soy boys?

It reminded me of that one teacher we all had in high school. The Algebra or Honors English teacher who was a feckless leader. You always knew which classroom was his because of the chaotic noise that spilled out into the halls. The kids didnt respect him and were running around like monkeys. And all that teacher seemed able to do was try and yell over them and threaten to send everyone to the principles office.

It was fucking embarrassing to watch him fumble around, trying to shout down some queer reporter and that Acosta guy didnt show the least bit of respect and just talked over President Trump. Even the Oogabooga Shaquandas in the room were yelling over him without the need of a microphone because we all know how loud they can be. Trump either needs to learn to control the room like a man or have his secret service do the muscle work for him if he can do it himself.

9a56ee  No.28382

>giving a shit about the fake theater production known as "politics"

bunch of normies.

d9b157  No.28383


I vaguely remember something about a fire station. That must have been a very long time ago. Thanks for the well wishes!

1bf592  No.28384

File: f8b9fc460ca0e6b⋯.jpg (79.84 KB, 954x658, 477:329, f8b[1].jpg)


>control the room like a man or have his secret service do the muscle work for him if he can do it himself.

Spoken like a true bootlicker.

Trump is a snowflake manbaby who loves to dish it out but has tantrums at the slightest challenge.

feca76  No.28560

File: 89c5780f25ee8bb⋯.mp4 (5.14 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Thats The Fake One.mp4)

>when your hermaphrodite roommate (whos had dental work done by a cinder-block) barges into the living room while you're jerking off on cam, and attempts to school you on the Nostradamus conspiracy theory she read about earlier that day.

118549  No.28568


and it's not a mental illness

sure it's not

118549  No.28569

File: e75089cef9997d3⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 640x665, 128:133, AyJ9PSdMwsw6CvYWpHni9PW3vP….jpg)

2b7556  No.28570


The video is pretty funny, an odd slice of life. Seems like she has a pretty cool roommate. Lighten up.

020a74  No.28627


The JEW never sleeps.

118549  No.28628

File: 9a23c338152a6a7⋯.jpg (34.28 KB, 298x443, 298:443, 9a23c338152a6a7552ebf3055a….jpg)

d9b157  No.28644


Good times lmao I forgot people used to call her "cinderblock".


She was okay. She was like a 30-something year old hermaphrodite with the mentality of a 13 year old weeaboo. I haven't heard from her in like 7 years.

4387d9  No.28653

File: 549a9ee753fbb08⋯.webm (2.5 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 154648321456.webm)

a5d1d4  No.28662

File: dee6e372bc096f2⋯.png (128.28 KB, 720x202, 360:101, 674456.PNG)


>seeing skankmagnets Avi

>feeling the nostalgia wash over you

Fuck, I miss that talking in the third person little faggot.

118549  No.28666


skankmagnet the 40 something never tipped a model a day in his life supposed photographer always talking about going to some trans expo third person low talker was on chaturbate the last two nights.

skanky loves to hear someone remembers him

(And NO I'm not him even though I just talked in third person.)

d9b157  No.28673


lol Ashlee screaming at her video games in the background



Skanky was a cool dude tbh.

a5d1d4  No.28674

File: ab2a00427d41ad7⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 500x275, 20:11, Jocasta_eye_roll.gif)


you have to take what ID 118549 says with a HUGE grain of salt.

Seeing as hes the guy who supposedly called you fat


and forced you to start Jenny Craig lol yeaaaah riiiigght.

118549  No.28681


nothing I've said has been refuted except her not admitting people calling her fat helped her get her body back in shape.

cb8b58  No.28697


6a0805  No.28701

File: a89a8c1a7564daa⋯.mp4 (700.9 KB, 208x360, 26:45, Crying Baby Man.mp4)


We don't have to "refute" anything you say. You already have a VERY notorious reputation on this board as a belligerent and contrarian type person. Most of your ideas are not grounded in reality or truth.

Having to refute or expose each and every claim you make would be like having to counter and disprove the ideas of a man who believes the Earth is flat and Alien Lizard Human Hybrids have taken over our government.

This argument about KittyKaiti losing weight is a perfect example. You fought tooth and nail that your comment on her being fat was the ONLY reason she lost weight. What you didn't count on was Kaiti answering. When she said she didn't know who the fuck you were, and didn't remember any comments on Cam4 about being fat, you were INFURIATED! You claimed she was a liar for destroying your distorted little anecdote.

I know most of the time you post just to troll, but the majority of the time I can tell you truly believe what you say, which is mind boggling. Either way I hate to admit Im one of the people who enjoy poking you with a stick to see how much I can wind you up. I know the fun is over and you're broken when you start making victim noises

>they fixate and derail it by focusing on me

>why does everyone pick on me

Or you get frustrated and don't know how to respond to the abuse and start posting meme's that my uncle would post to Facebook back in 2005. Maybe adding a one sentence comeback like

>you all are triggered

>LOL I made you respond

Once I see any of those types of posts from you I know the fun's over… you're demoralize… and I move on (usually lol, I occasionally like to kick em when they're down which is shitty I know)

Stop being a man-baby.

118549  No.28709

File: c72306709cea8de⋯.jpeg (155.02 KB, 1600x1589, 1600:1589, 56ee0a5035fc5.jpeg)

ede491  No.28711


Or you get frustrated and don't know how to respond to the abuse and start posting meme's that my uncle would post to Facebook back in 2005. Maybe adding a one sentence comeback like

>you all are triggered

>LOL I made you respond

Once I see any of those types of posts from you I know the fun's over… you're demoralize

Hes got you pegged bro. Ill give you credit that you dont stray from your playbook. You're very predictable, and thats a virtue. Ive even seen you use that meme before. Do you have a folder of them?

118549  No.28714

File: cad1057bbaf5454⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 680x453, 680:453, 1540244821523.jpg)

118549  No.28715


>Or you get frustrated and don't know how to respond to the abuse

It's just easier posting a meme instead of wasting any more of my time answering you shills. Nothing I say will get you to realize that you're wrong so why bother.

619973  No.28716

File: 81a0b1a07af0f63⋯.png (121.75 KB, 1179x535, 1179:535, MEEEEEEMES.png)

619973  No.28717

File: 8f2a0e424cd5b47⋯.png (57.84 KB, 1071x294, 51:14, VICTIM_NOISES.PNG)

f06784  No.28720


>realizes he just did what they said he'd do and tries to explain it away

fuck dude, get some balls, some pride, and self worth and stop letting these fags shove their hands up your ass and have you play puppet for them.

118549  No.28725


it's not worth my time anyore arguing with children such as yourself

d9b157  No.28726

File: b3697307f6e924f⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 378x232, 189:116, shitposting.gif)


Dude lol, give it up. The only thing to inspire me to desperately diet was the pants ripping incident. As it was put so well by >>28350, I wouldn't have taken you seriously or even noticed you among the flood of "open ass bb" chat spam.

118549  No.28728

File: 35bcfdad0d05540⋯.png (19.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, liar_by_jeffrey.png)


like I said you were upset that day people were saying you were fat. If it makes you feel better lying now to save face there's nothing I can do about it. But I don't lie and it's obvious you do because that did happen.

6337dd  No.28735

File: 81a0b1a07af0f63⋯.png (121.75 KB, 1179x535, 1179:535, MEEEEEEMES.png)

File: 8f2a0e424cd5b47⋯.png (57.84 KB, 1071x294, 51:14, VICTIM_NOISES.PNG)

427efd  No.28874

Soooooo is it possible to get you to do some lewds here.

Its not pro-porn so family finding out shouldnt be a problem

d9b157  No.28896

File: 0b3f22b93d6cf86⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 3280x1845, 16:9, GW028.jpg)

File: dd25699fb0297ff⋯.jpg (363.69 KB, 1420x1108, 355:277, Picture 794.jpg)


By lewd, do you mean nude or just clothed but slutty/skimpy?

9a56ee  No.28902


I'd be happy for anything she's willing to give us. 👌🍆💦🐷

2b7556  No.28903


>third person

That's the woman herself.

112bb1  No.28942


do you feel more feminine without a bulge in your pants?

does it make you horny you are flat down there now?

d9b157  No.28956


I wouldn't say I feel more "feminine", but I do feel more normal. No, it doesn't make me horny, but it does make me very happy. Not having to tuck, not having to put up with pain in my nuts or random erections, being able to wear tighter clothing like yoga pants/shorts and being able to wear bikinis is just awesome.

bd6424  No.28957

Buyers remorse and true horror will inevitably set in; there's bound to be some degree of cognitive dissonance in the beginning though.

"I chose this for myself so it must be a good idea" or something.

Dealing with septic discharge and having to use a "spacer" will inevitably lose it's novelty.

In the end, they will probably just wish they'd put more mental energy into self-acceptance, and learned to be content with the possible.

In all honesty, there isn't anything innately wrong about being a feminine man.

Don't cut your cock off kids; it might save you from becoming a statistic.

Science is a slow march of progress towards an impossible ideal, it's great stuff, but it has one hell of a bodycount.

Do not allow yourself to be victimized by a surgical fad; if you tell people you're desperate to walk through walls somebody will happily sell you a "magic salve" - If you want to become a woman, someone will happily chop off your cock and call it a vagina.

It's just profit to them, they don't care if the end result is you actually getting what you want.

43% attempt self-reported suicide attempt rate 77% suicidal ideation rate

This is not a tenable position to occupy for most people - it's just the modern version of a Eunuch.

Some people can deal, but most it will mess the fuck up, because whatever you expected, this will not be it.

f73d20  No.28959


from what I can see SRS is not good enough yet and it will never come close to a real vagina?

do people after SRS have sex with the hole that was created? or is it not for sex

9a56ee  No.28965


They just use it as a convenient and safe place to store valuables. Wallet, mints, keys, stuff like that.

d9b157  No.28966


>septic discharge

What discharge? There's no discharge except for peritoneal fluids from the graft that are supposed to be there and are supposed to leak.


You mean a "dilator"? Wew lad, once a week for 20 minutes after the first year post-op (or a have sex life), so horrible! God forbid I put up with several months of daily dilation!

>43% attempt self-reported suicide attempt rate 77% suicidal ideation rate

Meme statistics from a 40 year old Swedish study. Imagine my shock that a tranny-hating retard would shitpost this. Reality is over 90% of transitioned transsexuals report being better off and the actual suicide rate is about 4%. Transitioning has far better chances of improving a patient's life than chemotherapy has of a saving a cancer patient (often less than 50% chance of survival), yet it's still widely used because it's the only damn thing that shows promise. Until there is a cure for GID, this is the best option trannies have and it overwhelmingly works.


That's a matter of opinion and depends on the skill of the surgeon and the method used to perform the procedure. It is not a real vagina. No periods, menstruation, pregnancy, no uterus, no cervix, just a dead end tunnel built several inches deep into the body. Perhaps in the future they'll be able to do more with cloning, stem cells, lab-grown organs, transplants, etc.

Yes, we can have sex with it. That's actually the entire point of the construction of the vaginal canal in post-ops. It serves no other function besides sexual penetration. Typically it takes 6 months after surgery for it to have healed to be safely used sexually.


To be honest, I'd assume one could theoretically store a small Swiss Army knife type deal up there as long as there's a string to help pull it out. You'd need lube though, so it'd be kinda gross when you take it out. Not very practical. Maybe put it in a condom first before inserting? I would guess it'd also not be very comfortable, kinda like walking around with a buttplug in.

9a56ee  No.28967


Sounds like he just really hates the whole SRS thing. He wouldn't be here if he didn't like trannies.

f73d20  No.28968


are u the real kitty kaiti?

u were the one of the first trans i saw and made big cums to your videos

do u still make videos?

9a56ee  No.28991


Claims to be, but we all know it probably isn't really her.

d9b157  No.29004

File: 692121bcb049981⋯.jpg (242.26 KB, 1234x768, 617:384, Picture 129.jpg)


Could be one of those chaser types that get mad when trannies get surgery.


Yes, it's me. No, I haven't done porn in several years.


u wot m8

5a56e4  No.29005

File: e5b3c4871661ddc⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1520769467122.jpg)



you're further proving how disgusting the whole srs meme is. you wouldn't need to type "beware" if that axe wound was either a cock or a vagina, but you seem to know how much you fucked up it seems.

f109b9  No.29009


wow you look good!

what are you doing in life now?

f109b9  No.29010



did you also do something to your face I noticed?

it looks different and improved

02d935  No.29042


Her complexion grows softer with every thick creamy facial.

d9b157  No.29046


"Beware" as in, beware of the several photos that contain medical gore (blood, stitches, scabs, bruising, etc)


I haven't had anything done to my face yet. It's just me getting better over time from the HRT, some weight gain since the old days when I was borderline anorexic and better makeup skills.

310074  No.29050

File: 91b3c97a3f13061⋯.jpg (30.39 KB, 519x384, 173:128, Homer hospital.jpg)


Not as bad as I was expecting tbh. Still very, very sad to see someone fall for the genital mutilation meme.

aeee6e  No.29063



youre beautiful I wish you were my wife

02d935  No.29065


CALM DOWN THERE BUCKO. You're getting weird.

0d7e75  No.29546




>seems reasonable

>but weird enough to be on this site

nice. be my qt trans gf please

cd8c4f  No.29549


you forgot the most important

>stinking transbian

a05347  No.29550


Nonsense. I've seen her with at least 2 (lucky) dicks in her butt.

4c567f  No.29553

what happened with Sienna Grace?

a05347  No.29555


Sex change went horribly wrong, now she'll be disabled for the rest of her life. Poops into a bag, I believe.

4c567f  No.29556


I need more details than that. What went wrong? disabled how? did they link her front hole to her asshole?

2b7556  No.29560

File: 8cb29513db4907a⋯.png (12.63 KB, 505x219, 505:219, siena-grs-disaster-3.png)

File: 90216eaf1f10032⋯.png (27.76 KB, 503x515, 503:515, siena-grs-disaster-2.png)

File: 25beb653137bf7b⋯.jpg (81.73 KB, 720x960, 3:4, siena-grs-disaster.jpg)

4c567f  No.29562


oh god. tnx anon.

d9b157  No.29789


I'm bisexual tho


Jesus Christ, what surgeon fucked this up?!

5544ab  No.29793


>I'm bisexual tho


0d7e75  No.29826


ok good now be my actual gf

f109b9  No.29847


hiii kitttty

how was your new years?

did you have a massive xmas orgy?

f15034  No.29851


Never got the chance to ask… Can you tell your version of the "Nostradamus video" story?

d9b157  No.29860


I was doing a cam show back in like 2010 or 2011 in my apartment. One of my roommates, Ashlee, walked in the room and started telling me about the Nostradamus 9/11 prediction myth. It was that fake prediction that circled the internet for a while claiming that Nostradamus had predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center. I tell her it's fake and then I continue on with my cam show. Someone must have recorded the show and posted it to tube sites online and it made the rounds around the internet. Some dipshit mistranslated the captions in the video and posted it to Motherless, causing everyone who watched it to believe it was my mother who walked in on me to talk about Nostradamus. Many people, being very low IQ individuals, didn't bother to actually listen to the audio in the video and just went with the captions, and so was born this crazy drama about me jacking off in front of my mother while she ranted about 9/11 conspiracy theories. I find the whole thing a mix of annoying and hilarious.


I watched the Times Square ball drop on TV and went to bed.

5ed2e7  No.29862


I hope my little addition and tweaking of the original video was more hilarious than annoying to you. >>28560

Plus I redacted and fixed the "mom" gaffe Who could mistake Cinderblocks voice for anyone else but Cinder.

b1723f  No.29874

Damn thats a shame. i was a huge fan of her. Rip

8063a0  No.29876


>and so was born this crazy drama about me jacking off in front of my mother while she ranted about 9/11 conspiracy theories


thats sweet as fug tho

given the general demographic of imageboards, i bet a lot of folks wish they had mothers like that. its no wonder it took off

its the most unironically "basd and redpilled" scenario possible tbqh

8063a0  No.29878

File: 31e6931d50843e1⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 250x174, 125:87, slots.gif)

>mfw reading this thread

lel a solid third of this thread is boomer memes being shot wildly back and forth. you faggots cant keep your autism down for even like 20 posts, can you?



nice poontang d00d

dont show /pol/ or youll crush their entire worldview. they love to repeat that sienna grace story to one another. its like a mantra they all repeat so that they can stop fapping to traps every twenty minutes like they used to 3 years ago before they all turned into nazi LARPers

000000  No.29882


I had that saved as Nostrapdamus.mp4. Good times.

11c244  No.29883

Hey Kitty- congrats on your new vagina from an old fan who never cared about your penis. I was always busy fetishizing your amazing tongue, and how awesome making out with you would be.

d9b157  No.29891


Yea, I loved that


I had considered posting it in one of their daily tranny hate threads

949fa2  No.29892


Might take a few years but eventually you will be sensate enough again to have ridiculous rip roaring orgasms with a dick in you.

f15034  No.29905


Thanks for the answer! One of my favorite internet videos for sure.

Since you seem to be ok answering questions, can you talk a bit about your time shooting with Tia Tizziani?

Something about this "studio" seems odd to me.

d9b157  No.29927

File: 8fedc465e3379c0⋯.jpg (238.75 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, SAM_0044.JPG)


Tia's work is largely amateur but he's really cool and we're still friends. I haven't worked with him in a long time. He has a heavy focus on the sissy stuff now. I'm not into it. He had always kinda been more into the "feminization" sissy type stuff and I never was into it, so when we'd make videos I'd always try to tone down that stuff. I don't remember exactly where we first met. I think it might be on Myspace. This was like 11 years ago. I met with him at a hotel and we made some videos and photos. From then on for several years we'd meet up at hotels and shoot videos and hang out. Pic related is from one of the last times I shot videos with him. We made a Hooters girl video.

89389a  No.29928


Interesting read.

I don't know why but I have always thought there was something strange about it. But by the way you talk it seems pretty standard, I guess. Maybe it was that he seems to sell himself as a feminization coach, as if he has a school full of early in transitioning girls. Again, I don't know the reason but that was the vibe I had always got from his stuff.

fa24ca  No.29963


I want to be on that bed with her

f15034  No.29967


Top quality posting.

55aaaf  No.30015

Im so lonely. can somebody hold me?

60c639  No.30024

File: c25d6e43b7b4436⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 640x480, 4:3, sendbobs.mp4)


>I had considered posting it in one of their daily tranny hate threads

just be sure to remove any identifying information and pretend to post it as a 3rd party, unless of course you wanna get your email inbox/voicemail full of national socialist slanted incel warblings about how wrong your existence is

it would snap their brains

they get very verbose when this happens


>embed related

3f423d  No.30051


There is septic discharge. Look up some of the videos of it and this is recent video within the last couple of years. Also, how does using a dilator to keep your wound open seem like a good idea for someone's mental health. You are selling snake oil.

Be smarter fags.

55aaaf  No.30052


shall i just kill myself?

5978bd  No.30073


I think i'll defer to someone who actually has the thing. also, learn how 2 statistics nerd, and dont rely so heavily on anecdotal examples.

ba3b66  No.30151

To me the procedure is insane, keep your dick, at least it doesnt create infections

d9b157  No.30156


Dicks can get infections like STDs and UTIs. Post-op vaginas can get infections like any other woman can get a vaginal infection. Good hygiene and safe sex practices can limit these risks in anyone.


Sepsis/septic shock is a severe infection affecting organs, causing them to fail. There is no septic discharge, dipshit.

fa24ca  No.30196


what does srs do to sex drive? is it lower after surgery?

how do you masturbate? is the sensitive area inside the new hole/vagina? does penetration stimulate the area and can you cum from penetration?

or is it on the outside like a clitoris?

d9b157  No.30200


Sex drive still works like it did before surgery. The HRT is what has the biggest effect on sex drive. There was definitely a huge decrease in that after going on the HRT. Surgery doesn't appear to have changed anything for better or worse.

At the moment, I masturbate using a vibrator on my clitoris. I'm still not allowed to engage in penetrative sex, so I do not know what the inside feels like in terms of pleasure sensation. I'm told they attempt to create a "g-spot" inside the vaginal canal to mimic the female g-spot to allow for internal stimulation and penetrative orgasm. The prostate is still present and functional, so that can also be stimulated from penetration and cause pleasure and orgasm. It also still ejaculates when I orgasm, drooling small amounts of prostate fluid.

1c8399  No.30202


I'm really curious about the pleasure you can get from your vagina. Would it be like jacking off? Would it be optimal to have penetrative sex in your butt while stimulating your clit?

d9b157  No.30214


They built the clit out of what used to be the head of my dick. Basically I'm just using a vibrator on the head of my dick until I reach orgasm and cum. It feels pretty similar to how it used to feel except without the pumping/pulsing sensation. I'm sure being fucked while cumming would feel a lot better than just shlicking alone or whatever the girl version of fapping is called.

03ff24  No.30350

i will fuck first time a trap tomorrow any advice?

will anal be dirty messy?

864989  No.30356

Cutting off your balls, hollowing out your dick and turning it inside out doesn't change your sex though.

d9b157  No.30376


Nobody said it did…


If she didn't clean out her ass, beware of shit. Even then, sometimes accidents happen. It comes with the territory of sticking your weiner in an excretory orifice.

d84b8b  No.30442

Can you marry me? I need a greencard. I'm tired of sopa de macaco.

5f25a0  No.30444

File: 08fa88fcc18d44e⋯.jpg (885.67 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, 132303_10.jpg)

File: b2c577aa9baf3e3⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, 132303_6.jpg)

File: b59a5d8cc50c4a2⋯.jpg (729.09 KB, 1706x2560, 853:1280, 130403_8.jpg)

File: 27c7a8149b0cd50⋯.jpg (985.41 KB, 1706x2560, 853:1280, 130403_9.jpg)


kitty do you watch post op porn? what do you think of it?

will you have more surgery in the future to improve look of the new vagina?

64d1b5  No.30452


lmao LMAO

118549  No.30534


> since the old days when I was borderline anorexic

you mean when you were heavily into drugs

335fb3  No.30536

File: c75f72f06e248f8⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 320x376, 40:47, 978b944af28b789dc898cac6a9….jpg)


>same guy who got butthurt that no one (including KittyKaiti) remembers him calling her fat, but will fight to the death that he was the catalyst for her weight loss

The denizens of /trap/ take a HUGE grain of salt with everything you say bro.

You should think about using a VPN so we cant see all the previous posts you've made (in any thread) that are total bullshit.

You've let Rollins down.

000000  No.30557


Get a Life and you could stand to lose some weight fatty.

859df2  No.30562

File: f78c6522dc1e9ef⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 300x169, 300:169, GRAMPS.gif)

118549  No.30590


at least someone is on my side

- point out a mentally ill male who thinks he's a female was way lot fatter than when he was anorexic and he gets upset on cam and curses us out for calling him a fatty

- and I'm the one not to be believed

you all need help

d9b157  No.30593

File: 925183f79b4b3f6⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 677x1024, 677:1024, Doubt.jpg)


>shitpost 30+ times about how you think you made a internet tranny lose weight nearly a decade ago

>get called out for being a jackass

>go on Tor

>pretend to be another person to back yourself up

>all to win an argument on a chan site

>claims to be the sane one here

>totally not a sperg

118549  No.30594


like I said you need help.

I'm back faggots.

aeee6e  No.30599


> I'm tired of sopa de macaco

you have a big thick brazilian tranny cock?

32afd6  No.30601


only the brazilian trannies are allowed to wield the big dicks, mine is only 15cm

37fd29  No.30611

File: 9b29ca35fc3ef4e⋯.png (51.81 KB, 666x422, 333:211, 66575547588565.PNG)


>I'm back faggots.

Released from Colorado state prison on a Tuesday… back to fail trolling on /trap/ on Wednesday.

Welcome back Mike!

7e0d9d  No.30618


is this real? thats kind of creepy that we have a pedo lurking this board but its also shitty that youre trying to dox him the courts and prison system have released him so let the poor man shitpost in peace and anonymity

0251a5  No.30633

File: 448ed064933381f⋯.jpg (24.46 KB, 393x326, 393:326, 54010284643425845347.JPG)


That would explain why ID: 118549 went from daily shit posting to radio silence for over 3 months. >>28728

Welcome back pedo. Now we understand all that hostility you seem to have pent up illegal sexual frustration

118549  No.30644


it's Michael to you!

6edd6c  No.30647

File: b8907bf0d62f803⋯.png (652.73 KB, 876x736, 219:184, 64875664566474.PNG)


welcome back Pedo Mike!!!

356b15  No.30893


>Insurance should not cover this tbh. Insurance won't cover a $6,000 nose job because you are upset about your nose.

I have just as much a problem with this sentiment as the people who think insurance companies should be forced to cover it. Insurance should be allowed to be sold across state lines, and they should be able to pick what they will and won't cover, then you can decide if you agree with it or not.

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