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File: 214281f7f163e7a⋯.jpg (127.44 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_2018-04-14_01-40-24.jpg)

File: 4a428388be11d47⋯.jpg (112.25 KB, 1280x959, 1280:959, photo_2018-11-07_23-33-49.jpg)

File: 08c12ef1de5aa75⋯.jpg (92.73 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_2018-04-14_01-40-15.jpg)

File: 3b117e5bacf9f39⋯.jpg (3.28 MB, 3572x2584, 47:34, P1000395.jpg)

cd2ae7  No.28770


8b207d  No.28771

is that fat fuck best you can do? lol

cd2ae7  No.28772


tfw no good dick around

60983c  No.28773

File: 6bf530e81f5fcb3⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1520226904497.jpg)


For the love of god download Scruff, Grindr, Hornet, Trans. Every single app for gays out there.

You're quite good but seeing that fat belly and hairy chest banging you is demeaning.

cd2ae7  No.28774


I live in a small city

60983c  No.28775

File: 5d07fb00307334e⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1520226904497.jpg)


At least try it before making excuses.

cd2ae7  No.28776


shut up dude i already used em

552a53  No.28778


well its a long shot but where do you live?

000000  No.28779




Try to contain your autism, niggers. We get maybe one new girl here every couple of months. Let's not scare them off.

8eda75  No.28780


To be absolutely truthful I come to this board to circle jerk with you guys, not look at icky traps.

I'm just bored.

6639c3  No.28782


There's something really hot about a young and beautiful trap getting it from an older hairy man. I hope we'll get to see a video as well :D

cd2ae7  No.28783

File: d8b27a08fd3779a⋯.gif (856.88 KB, 280x158, 140:79, anal gape 1.gif)




I have a pornhub channel

search daxthetrap

cdb70b  No.28784

io sono italiano, tu di dove sei?

cd2ae7  No.28786


Liguria :^)

cd2ae7  No.28789

File: 68e86327d4693ab⋯.jpg (194.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WIN_20170924_20_31_35_Pro.jpg)

File: 310b1f1dec4a69c⋯.jpg (389.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WIN_20170924_20_13_34_Pro.jpg)

File: 03db325e7e22861⋯.jpg (78.77 KB, 857x1280, 857:1280, photo_2017-07-25_23-02-18.jpg)

File: 7a86466caf71728⋯.jpg (87.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_2018-06-29_23-08-53.jpg)

fd0853  No.28793

File: 583a2c10174f149⋯.jpg (14.51 KB, 330x250, 33:25, Pouty.jpg)


This is why I can't get trapped.

b283a9  No.28800


The 000000.

A rare chaser, only appears every three trannies.

78bc80  No.28848


What city ?

Not trying to dox or anything I wanna know if you're near me.

Udine scum here.

6639c3  No.28879


Wow that went better than I expected. Thank you! Great stuff ;)

78bc80  No.28881


God damn it you literally on the other side of Italy ffs.

cd2ae7  No.28985

File: bef63b7717caaa7⋯.jpg (834.86 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010225.jpg)

File: 255d0fe528b3dc9⋯.jpg (803.75 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010073.jpg)

File: c4343f24467d92d⋯.jpg (670.29 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010083.jpg)

File: 457c739ca148b85⋯.jpg (975.25 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010124.jpg)

File: 1df10a63172063d⋯.jpg (704.11 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010115.jpg)

new photoset uguuu

be sure to follow me on isntagram!!

daxthetrap <3

550b76  No.28986


Do you ever do any camshows?

886bfa  No.28988


so Qt would definitely hug

and cum deep inside you uwu

e59935  No.28993


how long have you been on hrt for?

cd2ae7  No.28997


I did camshow but its not cost/efficent ,i need so much time to prepare and its pretty boring most of the times, i prefer doing videos so I have a pasive income over time


thx <3


actualy im not doing HRT

its not easy like in america to have hormones :(

0fb7a9  No.29002


Planning on doing more sex vids? That last one was brilliant.

cd2ae7  No.29003


i m planning to do pink mercy cosplay and doing a video ^^

but its a bit expensive XD

45ff52  No.29011


do you dress like a female 24/7?

would you be up for escort or being a companion for a few hours?

it would be good passive income for you

guys would love that ass

45ff52  No.29013


your solo chastity video was sogood btw

watching you undress made me diamonds and those slut heels!

c38d76  No.29014

File: 454e3754c117f18⋯.jpg (100 KB, 612x612, 1:1, lr8 - what the fuck did yo….jpg)


>actualy im not doing HRT

oh hell, I knew the pics were gay


45ff52  No.29015

17a716  No.29018

File: 12f5326389d2a6d⋯.jpg (662.82 KB, 864x432, 2:1, Inkedfirarms-safety-sign_L….jpg)


Get your finger off the trigger you dumb cunt.

Who the fuck taught you trigger discipline?

c38d76  No.29019


Okay, I'm gay.

e59935  No.29028


then you need to start asap, you'd be perfect

45ff52  No.29031

beautiful lips where are you from?

cd2ae7  No.29032


Italy UwU




sadly there arent many clients in my area :(

9d011d  No.29069


Please, upload more videos where you selfsuck, cutie.

e4581f  No.29113


>2nd pic

Damn that's a fancy background. Is that their office or something? Are they a lawyer or psychiatrist?

e7988e  No.29114


That's a typical italian family living room. Look at the pots on the left.

095db2  No.29116


u think this bitch likes cum in her ass or down her throat?

e05a04  No.29137


nigga u be actin like u can dick her down better

sit down faggot


need more pics in doggy……..

a0326f  No.29144


Super hot. Pretty face, soft body, would fuck. 10/10.

609da0  No.29148

File: 703a9f8f1dddd8a⋯.png (1008.14 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, ClipboardImage.png)


looks like sheldon

cd2ae7  No.29166

File: eb7ac21e4747306⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010524.jpg)

File: 90c1252dc5faa6a⋯.jpg (942.24 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010493.jpg)

File: 757308b5fa03469⋯.jpg (820.73 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1010518.jpg)






i prefer cum in my mounth since I like the taste

6639c3  No.29206

>actualy im not doing HRT

Great! Stay your natural self and don't touch that shit :)

e59935  No.29207


shut the fuck up and let her grow some titties

e1b40b  No.29208

marry me!!!

3f04a0  No.29209


>i prefer cum in my mounth since I like the taste

good slut

I want to fuck you but I live too far away

a7cfba  No.29211

You are cute.

I would love to hold your hand and watch sunset together.

e05c19  No.29212

File: 7249032b1470f01⋯.jpeg (28.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bfc98ae1346ec7432a613e54f….jpeg)

6639c3  No.29216



Delicious flat chest>>>ugly and out of place-looking hrt tits.

a0326f  No.29261


Both are fine. She's young enough and has the right body type that she's hot as fuck either way.

ecbb92  No.29337

That latex video always makes me feel cum buckets.

cd2ae7  No.29678

File: 9d713af815b8972⋯.jpg (793.82 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1020069.jpg)

File: 77a22ed525d8664⋯.jpg (908.51 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1020076.jpg)

File: 54747fc2385aa65⋯.jpg (763.08 KB, 2584x4592, 323:574, P1020087.jpg)

hewloo~~ im back and I have made a new video ^^

e59935  No.29685


please, i need to see you suck some dick

6639c3  No.29689


Why do you wanna watch a man getting his dick sucked?

886bfa  No.29692


hewloo thx for new fap video

have you been blacked before?

a0326f  No.29694


wow you're perfect.

cd2ae7  No.29696


nope in my area there arent any nigger sorry

73bdf6  No.29765


I am glad to know there are no nigger in your area! they are bad to live with

but will you try BBC one day?

1de140  No.29766


Take the hint, dude. Her saying "nigger" wasn't subtle.

>I am glad to know there are no nigger in your area! they are bad to live with

Then maybe you should get over your fetish.

cd2ae7  No.29908

File: 18db24d01e3c95c⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 3448x4592, 431:574, P1020221-Modifica.jpg)

File: c23bfacd86b3e1b⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 3448x4592, 431:574, P1020291.jpg)

File: 5b7dd6294598357⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3448x4592, 431:574, P1020242.jpg)

File: 642a96a95d540c6⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3448x4592, 431:574, P1020205.jpg)

File: 83f2fa248d3d0cf⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3448x4592, 431:574, P1020190.jpg)

1765af  No.29915


where can I find more!

cd2ae7  No.29923


im editing the video i will upload it on pornhub ^^

u can folow me twitter


2d7c38  No.29934


fuck off racist incel

she can fuck BBC men if she likes

2d7c38  No.29935


your makeup and outfit in this set is so good!

open toe shoes for you are amazing and pink toes is perfect!

cd2ae7  No.29968

46adc2  No.29977

File: 5946362b5cb63c1⋯.jpg (11.45 KB, 300x201, 100:67, wholelife.jpg)

File: d7571c3a1c4c0fb⋯.gif (8 MB, 312x200, 39:25, yowza.gif)


practice, practice, practice

cd2ae7  No.29979


yeah I know I need to practice more

bb579b  No.29982


so cute. thank you for sharing this.

cd2ae7  No.29983


feel free to do a contribute to my cofee page if u want more contenet from me ^^


45ff52  No.29988


dax you are such a good slut

I like your asshole, do you like it licked?

can you do more hardcore?

cd2ae7  No.29989


what do you mean for more hardcore?

99899a  No.30006


Dax , you look amaizing…🔥very hott🔥 could you post some vids of yourself in xxx … l know others want to see you in vivid action…🌈 💞💦🍒💦

99899a  No.30007


Maybe a vid of you & 2-3 bbc

we all want to see that..🔥🔥🔥

……💞you sexy

6d7190  No.30009


hardcore like you getting fucked, cock sucking, threesomes?

what you like

f90f83  No.30020


>we all want to see that…

Speak for yourself cuck.

e679c5  No.30509

File: 80a046ce0caa42d⋯.png (488.73 KB, 708x1046, 354:523, received_536655663509313.png)

Hi Dax, my friends a really big fan of yours,he made this image cause it reminded him of JoJo. Can I ask you who this entity is? Like where did that unit come from? How do you know this powerful creature?

ef2516  No.30510


this hot slut needs more cock

8362bb  No.32027

are we ever gonna get an update

3c9c06  No.32031

File: 53b134dd2ddc2fd⋯.png (102.03 KB, 320x480, 2:3, Screenshot_2019-05-13-16-3….png)


Post moar

you are hott

5091cb  No.32454

5091cb  No.32458



Dax … ==You are the Maxx==

000000  No.32463

Hey Dax, if you're reading this are we getting a new video any soon? Also is there a place to get your full sets? The latest pics you took are fantastic

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