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File: cb6d4115201f33d⋯.mp4 (663.17 KB, 720x720, 1:1, download (1).MP4)

File: d328f1e51dd6fc7⋯.png (3.83 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, coolforcats.png)

09357a  No.30265

Hewwo guys, first-time poster here! :3

Decided to dump most of my more recent posts from Instagram here.

I am not very lewd, but if there are reasonable requests, I can fulfill a few.

I am trans, but I never present myself as such and nobody really knows besides my boss, the boss of the HR department at my job and my three best friends and my exes.

Bulgaria is hell for trans people, we have zero rights and I am working hard on getting my documents sorted and leaving this place, moving on to better pastures.

I will be checking this thread from time to time for any replies and will try to answer as much as possible before I disappear.

About me, very clean, does artsy things, works in a call center, normal girl voice (never got through puberty lole), 22 yo, 174cm tall, PC and Ninty Switch gaming, sci-fi books, reads in russian, English as first lang, knows some basic programming and helps at a homeless shelter once in a while.

>Tfw no bf

09357a  No.30266

File: 1fc2bd811db8e75⋯.jpg (533.9 KB, 1125x2003, 1125:2003, IMG_0605.JPG)

File: 272dab3cc66355c⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0652.JPG)

more, not sure how to add more.

09357a  No.30267

File: 8b3ea8bbe2fa6a8⋯.jpg (347.7 KB, 887x1920, 887:1920, IMG_0577.JPG)

File: ed293c3e22496ad⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0615.JPG)

more. :)

09357a  No.30268

and some proof of concept:

09357a  No.30269

File: 4d6225edf86af1c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0551.JPG)

File: 0ff0d9e1591a310⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 586.62 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0663.JPG)


f343f3  No.30270

>bunch of sideways pictures

nigger wtf is wrong with you

09357a  No.30271

Instagram @Ani.bot

And don't be rude.

09357a  No.30272

I don't know how to rotate them, sorry.

abb955  No.30273

Beautiful. That is all I can say.

000000  No.30275


Cute pics. Welcome to /trap/.

>my exes

Do you date guys or girls? Or both?

>Bulgaria is hell for trans people

I'm sorry to hear that. Since it's an EU member nation, and you speak English, will you have an easy time moving elsewhere in the EU?

>sci-fi books

What are some of your favorites?

e0d34c  No.30281


> I can fulfill a few

can you show your feet?

8d014e  No.30286

File: 2d2eac44c0388d4⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 533feb2f13113422a0496cb38b….jpg)

000000  No.30292

Ever been to the USA?

09357a  No.30295

>favorite sci-fi books

No faves, currently reading Ringworld by Larry Niven

>showing feet

Only on my premium snap, haha

>ever been to the US

Yap, it's oke.

09357a  No.30296


Only guys, never been with a girl

65abbc  No.30297


>premium snap

Thanks for your email. I am going to have the IRS audit you for the sexual/fantasy based extortion racket you pull on lonely men. :DDDDDDDDD

65abbc  No.30298


By the way you can be audited by your own country as well because we will put pressure on them and you'll have to pay up. Racketeering can be brought down even in foreign countries.

6fb6e4  No.30299

File: 25ebfb828ec32ea⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 550x469, 550:469, pp,550x550.jpg)

wow, you are so cute :3

>meanwhile in spain: very few traps

feels sad m8

8d014e  No.30305

File: bc1a2ffcdd5669f⋯.png (186.58 KB, 922x882, 461:441, 1383431976136.png)

6f4288  No.30310

File: af3097f71401b6f⋯.jpg (79.79 KB, 1242x1290, 207:215, brainlet.jpg)


>OP's in Bulgaria

>have an American tax agency audit her

000000  No.30311


Maybe he thought IRS meant International Revenue Service.

000000  No.30334


Do you bottom or top exclusively, or are you versatile? Do you like using your penis, or does it make you uncomfortable?

6fb6e4  No.30335



>i dont like bull fighting

>i dont care about flags

>i like history but im not a fkn "fangirl" about spain's history.

>you are wrong

8d014e  No.30339

File: 7717e1b6b7e5cd3⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 7717e1b6b7e5cd3629fbd9aeb9….jpg)

718666  No.30359

you're a real cutie, please post more :3

09357a  No.30374

> bottom, top or vers

bottom UwU

>premium snap

It was a joke, I'm no whore


33.8% unemployment for young adults LOLE

ad3204  No.30398

File: 9567ffca3c3cb6e⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 320x284, 80:71, wew.gif)


>33.8% unemployment for young adults LOLE

baste int banter

waifu nao pls? kthx

718666  No.30420

Do you watch Sci-Fi series?

000000  No.30423



>normal girl voice

>bottom UwU

I bet your moans when you're getting dicked down just right are awesome.

Do you have any pics in stockings or tights?

6616f8  No.30464

I know the trans girl that is moving to Canada from Russia. Let me know, I can give you her contacts so you can share expirience/info

0ab1ab  No.30521

=^_^= why not start with some sexy underwear poses, and you look great.

Though got to agree with the other guy on the feet. <.<

8bd38e  No.30691

Its a shame you left AUGS.

3394cc  No.31103


damn an absolute hunny.

would wife. wanna leave eastern EU and move to Australia? :P

8d011c  No.31104


You got an app? Kik or Snapchat? I've been looking for someone to talk to all day.

920939  No.31107


Can you post more dick pics?

136cee  No.31110

You look fantastic 😍.

c37032  No.31166

Why not come to the Netherlands?

Probably one of the most accepting country's when it come sto trans(or gat/lesbo).

abb955  No.31189

File: 39ef2523110d4b8⋯.jpg (286.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Beautiful-love-12374429-19….jpg)


Muh waifu.

09357a  No.31224

Cuties, if anyone wants to talk or hang out, hmu @mooingstone9@gmail.com

Or on my insta @Ani.bot


8d011c  No.31227


ur a fuckin cutie.

>tfw competent in all aspects but too shy

7cf7a6  No.31258

>Bulgaria is hell for trans people,

at least its not Russia, haha, fuck my life

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