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File: 8372f979d9ba75c⋯.jpg (262.37 KB, 850x1280, 85:128, 9776547-053-75ad.jpg)

09232d  No.32851

Can someone tell me why so many guys in trans porn are these schlubby, ugly douchebags with beer guts and bald spots, who look like they just got thrown out of a sports bar for groping the waitress? Either that, or rail-thin pasty tatted-up meth freaks.

The people making this shit know that the majority of the audience is bi, right? So why can't we get some decent-looking guys in good shape, or some softer twink-type guys for bottoming?

d2003d  No.32854

Because being known as a man who is a fucker of trannies still makes your reputation worse than dogshit in the wider porn industry. Things still have a long way to go.

d2003d  No.32855

Also the majority of the audience (like 99%) is straight men. Pornhub have published some very interesting stats on this.

45ff4c  No.32857


>The people making this shit know that the majority of the audience is bi, right?

Most of the men are straight, probably 95%+. I can understand gay men not liking traps, but a surprisingly large number of bi men also don't like them.

09232d  No.32873

File: cd8bbf2317363dd⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 19b985bd4ceec774dd8d6ad7df….jpg)



Sorry, bad news: If you like chicks with dicks, you're not straight. You're bi, or pan, or something, whether or not you're ready to admit it to PornHub or whatever online survey you take. It took me years to come to this realization myself, but now I'm cool with it.


That's a sad but very probable explanation. It blows my mind how ass-backwards the porn industry can be sometimes. Like I've heard about bi guys who started in straight porn, and then do some gay scenes (or even bi MMF stuff) essentially getting blacklisted from straight porn altogether. Fucked up.

45ff4c  No.32878

File: 32ab6a688ebf760⋯.webm (6.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, miran-wbm.webm)


>It took me years to come to this realization myself, but now I'm cool with it.

You're the one coming on here and pointing out the guys in trap porn aren't good-looking enough, so you probably are bi, which is fine. Your path to self-realization is not the same as everyone else's. Though I'll grant that even straight guys would generally want men who look reasonably fit or whatever in their porn. Personally, I prefer solo porn for traps, or lesbian porn for women.

fa1cec  No.32887

File: e4e3dcd27da033c⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 370x445, 74:89, Trans500_539432_i.jpg)

It's because they're fags and they either 1) cant keep their hands off tranny dick, or 2) can't resist putting the tranny cock in their mouth, or 3) even worse, bending over and bottoming for a tranny

We need more straight men in TS porn, or at least, men who consider themselves straight, and refuse to do gay dick related shit… not these fucking faggots who are always so eager to chug a cock on camera. Ramon may be ugly, retarded and a dog fucker, but at least he knows his role and never so much touches a trannies cock.

5eecd0  No.32890


I'll break it down all simple-like. If your fantasies about t-girls involves YOU taking the cock, you very likely aren't straight. If all your fantasies involve giving them the cock, as in, doing the exact same things you would do with a genetic girl, you MIGHT be straight.

People like this guy are confused because he's bi (wants to suck the pee pee) and assumes everybody else into traps must also be bi.

a2e922  No.32892

File: f521bd7627461d5⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, TRAP_159.jpg)


protip: straight, gay, bi, trans, are all social constructs. just be into what you're into fam

09232d  No.32893


There's nothing wrong with putting tranny cock in your mouth, or bottoming for trannys; we just need better-looking guys willing to do it. Ramon and Christian make me want to fucking vomit.


Ok, then, serious question, and I'm not trolling, just genuinely curious. If you're "straight", and have no desire to suck a tranny or bottom for one, you JUST want to top and get blown by them, then the fact that they have a dick doesn't really enter into the equation, right? If that's the case, *why* seek out trans chicks at all? Everything you want you can get from regular girls.

The chick having a dick is what defines trans women and trans porn. So if you deliberately seek out either, it seems to me that logically, the dick is at least some of what is driving your interest. And a guy who is specifically interested in dick is not what I'd call "straight". I mean, call yourself "heteroflexible" or whatever, but straight would mean you wouldn't be attracted to dick at all.

c55931  No.32897


Almost all men are visually aroused by a hard dick. This is a fact. Doesn't mean they want to touch or fuck it. Why do you think big dick porn is so popular? It isn't cuz all these people are gay or bi. A big dick is also symbolic, so fucking a chick with a big dick is a power/dominance fantasy. Her dick, even though its huge, is rendered useless. I like big dick on traps for this reason, it visually turns me on and the power fantasy that goes with it does too. I don't look at a t-girl dick and have any desire to touch it, let alone fuck it. It just visually is a turn on seeing it flap around while she submits like the bitch slut she is. I have a big dick so I'm turned on by t-girls who have same size or bigger.

I wouldn't even date a tranny either. It's purely sexual fantasy for me. I know they're men. I'm attracted to the superficial and exaggerated femininity. I don't think I'd be capable of treating a t-girl like I would a woman.


Peedo logic.


5eecd0  No.32900


Couldn't tell you. I've throught about why I'm attracted to trans girls for years, never really figured it out. I'm also attracted to chubby (not necessarily fat) girls, and also have no idea why. You like what you like. Things make your dick hard or they don't.

For me, gay and straight, though I agree they're just labels that don't really matter, are a sex thing. Every other part of a relationship is the same. The big difference between gay and straight is how you have sex. I don't want to do anything with a tranny I don't also want to do with Natalie Portman. If I was gay, I'd be a 100% top, but I'm not, because I'm only attracted to the female form. Naked Bailey Jay makes my dick hard. Naked Brad Pitt does nothing for me.

I prefer "real" women over traps and I greatly prefer vaginas over buttholes for all the obvious reasons. So, like I said, I really don't understand it myself. Probably has something to with the taboo nature of it. Maybe I have mommy/daddy issues and know they'd hate me for it. 🤔

057785  No.32993


trap here. I think you're just gay bro. I didn't doll myself up and start wearing skirts and dresses and girlie undies so I could have a bearded man suck my dick and ask me to put my soft peen in his flat ass. honestly that disgusts me. I hate when I am watching a scene and the man starts bottoming or wants his asshole licked or sucks the girl's dick. touching the dick is as far as I can go it is visually nauseating to see a "straight man" play the role of the girl when there is literally a cute boy playing it right there??? I consider this literally gay porn if you crop the video so you only see a dick it is LITERALLY what you would see in a gay porno. it's gross. I'll admit I'm bi but the girl role needs to be played by someone feminine not a fucking man. people who like and promote this just register as totally gay to me. like the point of traps is not a substitute for genetic girls it's to assert your dominance against a weakling who couldn't make it as a man and had to assume the role of a bitch. the worst fucking turn off is seeing a MAN become the bitch's bitch. blugh I want to throw up just thinking about it. 🤢🤢🤢 please just watch gay porn the point of the dick is not to fuck you that's what gay porn is for!!! I'm tired of gay men trying to push this into trans porn so they can pretend they're not gay it's fucking gay bro 😩😖

5eecd0  No.33002



e7e864  No.33019


The truth.

I'd go as far to say I barely even enjoy "lesbian" T-girl scenes for the simple fact that seeing trannies take on the dominant role ruins it for me. Especially if its a scene with a biological woman. I see trannies as lower and more submissive than biological women and I don't want to see one pound out some porn sluts ass or vag. They start looking weird and like men when they fuck. It just isn't right. It's less weird when it's two trannies fucking but still not my thing. Way less gay than trans-fucking-man scenes though which, as you said, is just 100% disgusting and gay.

9e68d4  No.33020

caus thats what my mums boyfriend looked like

5eecd0  No.33023


Trap + dildo is usually my cup of tea. I like man-on-trap stuff but that muscular bald fuck shows up in 90% of the videos and my dick goes limp when I see him.

af1495  No.33030



I think this is changing a bit. I've noticed there are some guys in straight porn who have done tranny or even full gay scenes and still work regularly in straight porn. There's also a trend now of female porn stars doing scenes with t-girls. The reason for the blacklisting in the past (see the August Ames fiasco) has i think been mostly concerns about STDs, keeping the gay and straight industries separate because of that. But if the girls are going to be fucking the trannies now, why can't the guys fuck them? I'm guessing we'll see more and more crossover as time goes on.


this is true. most of the guys in trans porn are ugly or weird looking. I typically pay little attention to the guy in trans porn, so i don't really care as long as they aren't distracting. That's why i don't hate christian the way so many people do here. he's annoying for being in a way too high percentage of trans scenes, but he looks sort of like a typical porn 'guy' and i can mostly ignore him. But there's some others like chad diamond that are just so weird looking it can be distracting.

c7658a  No.33031


For all you guys that hate ChristianXXX then you should watch some brazilian shemale porn. The shitskin dudes who are fucking the trannies are not as annoying and they have a sort of aggressive hate-fuck feel to every scene. Like they really want to fuck the shit out of the tranny and once they blow their load give em a quick punch to the face.

08ed33  No.33032


aye, watching a man getting fucked by a trany is gross.

anyone like trans on female porn? I find there really isn't much of it. and when there is, the girl usually looks disgusting. example: leah cortez and tiffany starr in kink's TSPussyhunters

9f0c6d  No.33039


You both sound like absolute faggots.

58b0b3  No.33068


I think the reason why a lot of guys who like traps/trans don't want to be labeled as bi is because we are not attracted to normal men. The fact is when most people hear bisexual they automatically assume you are interested in dating normal masculine presenting men, not traps. I don't mind being bisexual, but I would never wear that label without first making it very clear that I have no interest in dating or fucking men, in which case you might as well just call yourself straight.

5eecd0  No.33086


Yeah but the trannies are shitskins too… I only want creamy white trannies.

057785  No.33171


thank you daddy

329c86  No.33207


would you STFU about not letting anyone touch or suck your dick? you have a dick and that is your genitals you are stuck with (and no, a franken-gina is not an alternative). you do know you have literally nothing over a (likely superior) looking/bodied cis girl if it wasn't for the dick?

now, a guy bottoming is a whole other story (i see it more as something not glamourous and for behind closed doors, not on porn's camera).

but this genital phobia shit you trans learned from reddit is cringe.

translesbians and NOT MUH DICK trans are fucking cancer. grow up

5eecd0  No.33226


You REALLY want to suck a dick don't you.

7d03d3  No.33228

I don’t know what I hate more, this whole shemale trend or how fucking annoying it is to hear all you str8 faggots argue how not gay or bi you are for wanting to watch trannies and their limp dicks flopping around

c7658a  No.33237

File: 875704e85cc3cf4⋯.png (65.87 KB, 500x523, 500:523, there-nothing-more-deceptn….png)

7d03d3  No.33241


It’s still a penis you degenerate fuck at least have the balls to admit it.

c7658a  No.33242

File: 49c0cb74bcc5b62⋯.png (64.06 KB, 500x522, 250:261, not-even-bait-at-this-poin….png)

71f9f7  No.33433


there are some cute ones

1f058e  No.33436


I'm going to consider myself to be straight while jerking off to dicks and there's literally nothing you can do about it, bitch

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