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File: 1426634639389.jpg (66.39 KB, 400x300, 4:3, WouldStillHitIt.jpg)

770509  No.5653

>no meetup topic

Seeing as we've already got a couple for specific areas, it'd make as much sense to just have a general one.

Post area code and what you're looking for (trap seeking man, trap seeking trap, male admirer seeking trap, ghost seeking horse, etc.) As well as any details you wanna share. Age (adults only, needless to say), stats, pics if you're comfortable. Whatever.

601 male admirer here.
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770509  No.5712

Fucking bump

770509  No.5713


I stickied it in case there is any interest in people meeting IRL.

770509  No.5718

trap north of Brisbane in australia, hit me up guys and girls for pics and hookups maybe

770509  No.5719

File: 1426728470691.jpg (361.85 KB, 1073x2025, 1073:2025, IMG_120141030_111455.jpg)

a pic of me doing a cheap ariel crossplay

770509  No.5730

330 University of Akron campus

770509  No.5739

File: 1426769021067.jpg (32.92 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1418281742932.jpg)

The Netherlands

770509  No.5754

i'll just give it a shot, there's time anyway
man seeking trap in germany, NRW.
mail me if you like, caleidoscope@airmail.cc

770509  No.5755

man seeking trap in italy

770509  No.5768

Man seeking trap or shemale in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I live near the University of Arkansas.

Age 21

770509  No.5774

OP here. Didn't realize I flubbed my area code.

Actual area code is 301/240. Still a male admirer seeking trap. Email anonymity3598@gmail.com if you feel like it.

770509  No.5802

Man looking for qt trap in brazil leave contact :3

770509  No.5807

where abouts? Northside Brisbane here.

770509  No.5808


770509  No.5809

that's not too bad.

sent an email

770509  No.5853

Different guy from OP, also 301/240, also male admirer seeking trap. Small world, mate.

770509  No.5865

File: 1427148406647.jpg (54.62 KB, 679x631, 679:631, 1388963456925.jpg)

CIS shit from germany, kill me already please

770509  No.5866

File: 1427152842922.jpg (100.58 KB, 456x608, 3:4, new me.jpg)

719 trap

770509  No.5917

408 San Jose male seeking trap/shemale

770509  No.5918

23 yo male here in Adelaide South Australia, seeking a qt3.14 trap to have some fun with.

I'll check back on this thread occasionally to see if anyone responds. Will provide contact details when I get a response.

Hope to hear from someone soon!

770509  No.5936

I want to slide my cock up a trap's ass. Im from Ohio.

770509  No.5940

303 male admirer

770509  No.5941


719 trap


770509  No.5946


Willing to exchange information via email

770509  No.5989


770509  No.6042

Western Washington area, 21. Not quite a trap, more of a twink. Looking for either traps or trying trapping for someone.

770509  No.6093

anyone uk?

770509  No.6095

>Los Angeles

Seeking trap or femboi to hang out with and maybe mess around with once were both comfortable with each other.

770509  No.6098

802 male looking for trap to cuddle

770509  No.6143

File: 1428463486327.jpg (932.44 KB, 1232x1691, 1232:1691, 20140520_001600(2).jpg)

734, 22, trap
Looking for boyfriend, fwb, or daddy-daughter play if you're into that
Or just people to play vidya and be nerdy with

be into tall traps, lol

770509  No.6151

melbourne victoria, want to get with a trap.

770509  No.6152

>tfw norway

770509  No.6192

File: 1428802243114.jpg (87.13 KB, 500x280, 25:14, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.jpg)

>mfw France

770509  No.6197

973, nj. Male looking for a trap.

770509  No.6198

nigga be lookin like paul stanley

770509  No.6208

Trap from São Paulo here. add me on skype:
litoxkitten :3

770509  No.6212

Man, Illinois, 847.

Been looking all over to meet a qt trap/cd and have a bit of fun.

770509  No.6215

File: 1428892488090.jpg (66.32 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1350943955650.jpg)

Got any other pics? In the 248 area male.

770509  No.6218

Poland or South UK.

Generally hedonistic and would like to meet chill people who have different outlooks on life.

770509  No.6225

File: 1428980550488.jpg (106.91 KB, 416x919, 416:919, 20150412_142733-2.jpg)

well sure ;D

770509  No.6226

File: 1428980784616-0.jpg (83.91 KB, 300x767, 300:767, 20150412_142545-2.jpg)

File: 1428980784616-1.jpg (191.45 KB, 629x885, 629:885, 20150412_151643-2.jpg)

File: 1428980784616-2.jpg (101.67 KB, 376x833, 376:833, 20150410_111322-2.jpg)

File: 1428980784616-3.jpg (153.28 KB, 734x650, 367:325, 20150410_111825-2.jpg)

Aaaand i forgot you can attach multiple images v.v

770509  No.6227

706/21 male seeking qt trap

770509  No.6237

425/206 male seaking trap 23

770509  No.6240

This may be totally weird, but who's your primary care physician?

I'm looking to go on HRT myself, and need a regular doctor. Went to Denver planned parenthood to get hormone blood work done, but I need a doc to do my regular stuff, but would be willing to cooperate with me and my hrt plans.

770509  No.6242

I didn't go with a general practitioner. That is an utter waste of time and money, I went straight to an endocrinologist.


The doc and his wife (who's also a transwoman) run a kind of one-stop shop for all your transgender needs.

770509  No.6246

>get the red down
>banish the brown
Ben would be proud

770509  No.6251

man seeking trap in Paris here

770509  No.6260

send me an email nigga

770509  No.6262

Trap in Dayton, Ohio?

770509  No.6267

704/980 trap lookin for traps

770509  No.6309


email me meankatari@live.co.uk ~

770509  No.6313

Male, soCal area looking for trap

770509  No.6314

843 male 19. single.

looking for a gf or just people to talk to. long distance is cool with me if you dont live close.

into video games, comics. general geeky things

email if interested. sa.nesew@hotmail.com

770509  No.6343


w. wa also. 34, looking for traps/twinks

770509  No.6350

18/m/UK, North Wales/Birmingham, looking for traps.

770509  No.6361

33 year old guy, 403 area code, any local traps?

770509  No.6436


Någon fälla runt Gävle området?

Ålder 19

770509  No.6477


h-hey anon i live in kent 18. my skype/kik is anon.moose33

770509  No.6479

207 anybody? Looking for traps

770509  No.6480



770509  No.6484

Perth Western Australia 30yo guy well-dressed, bearded, hairy, deep-voiced looking for friendship w/ traps, possibly something more. Open-minded, witty, playful & genuine.

770509  No.6500

m 26

looking for qt traps in the 905/416

770509  No.6509

guy, looking for cute-traps, 612, minneapolis

770509  No.6535

man 24, looking for trap in the netherlands

770509  No.6543

22 year old man looking for a qt feminine trap in Netherlands/Belgium/Germany

770509  No.6560

File: 1431643778199.png (211.61 KB, 336x389, 336:389, 1431463247301.png)


Seeking traps

770509  No.6563

617, male

would love to meet with a trap <3

770509  No.6594

File: 1431822993205.jpg (24.2 KB, 448x412, 112:103, wImwQZN.jpg)

Might as well throw it out there.

21 year old male admirer in the UK here. I study in Manchester in the term time, but go back to London in the Summer.

My Skype is themechadude if you feel like talking, or Lunaticker on Steam. Hope to hear from ya soon.

770509  No.6625


I'm not, looking for one though.

770509  No.6634

843 male admirer looking for trap. Average build. Average height. Blue eyes. Brown hair.

770509  No.6635

^edit: seeking trap or shemale

770509  No.6653


>that pic

but nords are cool especially in mount and blade

770509  No.6654



also wrong person

770509  No.6674

UK, North west, looking for traps

770509  No.6715

28 male here. Looking for whatever, in 859, Lexington KY

Down for vidya, hookah, going to the shooting range. Got a full time job and a car so im a little normalfag.

770509  No.6729

24/m in NW Houston, who's around?

770509  No.6736

Male , 24 Looking for trap in Netherlands.

Living in 058.

770509  No.6749


I'm in 415 if you want to chat. Skype = hiddencities

770509  No.6774



770509  No.6790

File: 1432931087028.png (160.25 KB, 382x320, 191:160, 34.png)

Any traps in montreal?

Skype: officersnail

770509  No.6799

sweden - stockholm/uppsala

want to fuck a slut

770509  No.6834

20/m looking to meet up with a trap

Most of the time I'm in Vancouver (778/604), but sometimes I'm in San Jose/Bay Area (408).

I'll check this every couple weeks I guess.

770509  No.6893


Eagan/612/651 trap here

Minnesota. Just adding searchable words.

If you're a fellow trap, cooool, let's meet up.

If you're just a guy who wants to fulfill a fantasy of going on a date with a trap, then take me out to a nice dinner. =3

770509  No.6939

Any London Traps? Would love to chat 21/m here

770509  No.6958

trap in stockholm sweden, want to be someone's fucktoy

770509  No.6960

315/518 NY

23/m looking for a trap. Will travel.

Skype is Solarton

770509  No.6962


Looking for qt traps for snuggles and sex.

>tfw I have never seen any cute traps in Knoxville. :/

770509  No.6995

File: 1434375906299.jpg (34.9 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Me Again.jpg)

23/M/23/Trap couple looking for Traps/Trans/Fembois

North West England. (Will talk to anyone though)

Skype: MindBreakYusho

Email: yushoelv@gmail.com

770509  No.7001


Trap couple?


770509  No.7028

File: 1434841692232.jpg (339.62 KB, 1150x2048, 575:1024, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

(410) Annapolis, MD… Male seeking trap/femboy… Email me! Earthboundbliss@Gmail.com

770509  No.7030


Dammit I'm not femmy at all but you're pretty cute and nearby…

Good luck on your quest for boipussy

770509  No.7042


27 m knoxville

we have no traps here

770509  No.7072

705 admirer here

770509  No.7094


Ew, those dreads up top look like they stink. Ditch those asap

770509  No.7095

File: 1435550244528.jpg (761.01 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 20150618_213526.jpg)

I have a 765 trap that none of you can have. Bwahaha, all mine! Too bad, so sad!

(Just kidding, make your dreams come true. Don't let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.)

770509  No.7185

>no traps in miami


770509  No.7204

Any UK traps around? South West preferably.

770509  No.7211

File: 1436133447094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 496.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSC_0189.jpg)

Holland, Overijsel

Admirer here, bear guy looking for a qt to cuddle with and maybe more

770509  No.7221

File: 1436207672306.jpg (47.29 KB, 701x494, 701:494, jesus fuckin christ.jpg)



Why can't you motherfuckers ever just admit that you're fat? You're not a bear, you're not fat, you're not husky, you're fucking fat.

Stop trying to rebrand it, it's embarrassing.

770509  No.7222


>You're not fat

You're not "stocky"** my brain was in rant mode.

770509  No.7227

24, M, Admirer here.

In Edmonton, Alberta. Canada.

Would love to find people in my area, even though it's literally impossible. :(

skype - nobodyspecialrightnow

770509  No.7260

831 femboy looking for other femboys to have fun with

770509  No.7261

Being a chaser in Mexico City is suffering…

770509  No.7288







770509  No.7296


Yeah, I think I've only seen a trap once in Edmonton. They of course, had pink hair.

770509  No.7297

male 25 gold coast queensland seeking trap/shemale

770509  No.7317

Area code: 574

Zip code: 46374

Male admirer seeking trap.

Age: 21

770509  No.7339

586 guy here, looking for trap in MI.


Oh hey, you were on the /cuteboys/ map lol.

770509  No.7373

937 ohio, male looking for qt trap. Kik is smalltalk84 if that intrests you at all

770509  No.7424

looking for traps in Denmark

770509  No.7433

619 man seeking trap

770509  No.7452




you now have a big admirer, moooooorrrreeee <3

770509  No.7467


How you doin'?

770509  No.7485

Why no traps in holland T_T.

770509  No.7505

18M looking for traps in spain

770509  No.7532

any traps in vienna, austria?

770509  No.7544

425/206/253 27yo Male seeking companion south seattle area

kik is ropelord

Come dab with me

770509  No.7546


feel free to msg me sn is above

770509  No.7635


I'll probably check this thread every week or so

770509  No.7636


No shit, I'm in the 519 too! Though I assume you're looking for a qt trap…

770509  No.7637


That's the plan! What about you?

770509  No.7638

File: 1438660575109.jpg (171.26 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 1437971495753.jpg)


Yeah, same here…don't seem to be having much luck finding a match anywhere in southwestern Ontario and I'm starting to lose faith.

770509  No.7648

File: 1438673679849.gif (1.14 MB, 192x169, 192:169, Pimpin.gif)


Absolutely disgusting. Man, traps are traps because body hair and fatness is gross as shit. Go to the general masculine gay board or something. That shit you have going on is so gross.

770509  No.7649


He's looking for a trap, not pretending to be one.

Granted, probably not the best approach.

770509  No.7651


Thats what I meant. He has no chance with all that hair.

770509  No.7690


>body hair


What a you, a dirty hetero?

Get back to tumblr with your male-hating shit.

770509  No.7691

File: 1438805991345.jpg (85.91 KB, 652x980, 163:245, 1438658327016-lgbt.jpg)

Being even slightly overweight is fucking disgusting, but body hair? Come on, man. It can be pretty alluring in certain proportions and patterns.

Fuck I just remembered this board is full of gay crossdressers and "lesbians." Oh well. Enjoy this delicious pic. And fuck bears, being fat and excessively hairy is gross no matter what label you put on it.

770509  No.7692

File: 1438806365349.jpg (39.62 KB, 642x361, 642:361, Rusev.jpg)


Honestly, I may see the appeal of fat and muscle, which would be a proper bear mode.

Just being fat and hairy - meh.

770509  No.7693


I'll give you that. Like the world strongmen? They aren't conventionally attractive by any means, but they're not pathetic fatties.

770509  No.7738


Any pics?

770509  No.7753

727 Here

Male Admirer seeking trap

770509  No.7754


Hej hej :^)

770509  No.7768


[obligatory Sweden joke]

770509  No.7858

File: 1439618849036.jpg (271.41 KB, 500x614, 250:307, Dresden_Codak_2.jpg)


Looking for a transgirl or trap who wants a LTR/dating/live-in situation. I'm comfortably masculine, in a scientific field, I cook tons of food for guests, I suck at Mario Kart…

I'm flexible with age, ethnicity, location, (un)employment, and most interests/tastes if you can articulate why they work for you. Bonus points if you're bisexual or otherwise flexible.

770509  No.7859


Man I wish there were more MN traps. I want to get me some…

770509  No.7861

2500 sexy gifs/webm and sources

just one category sexy gifs and sources


easy to navigate just go at page 2..3..4.


770509  No.7907


>bonus points if you're bisexual or flexible


770509  No.7914



To put it simply, I'm not single.

I thoroughly understand the complexity of a multi-partner relationship, and am *not* looking to lead people on into a disaster scenario that wastes everyone's time. Being bi/poly/pan/etc would be preferred to get the most out of things, but I will work with someone who isn't.

770509  No.7916


That's cool. I've yet to run into a poly relationship that wasn't fucked up, though. You're playing with fire unless you keep someone on the side, like a mistress or fuck buddy.

770509  No.7917

File: 1439853402072.jpg (48.43 KB, 177x643, 177:643, Dresden_Codak_Caveman_Scie….jpg)


I'm fully aware, but am not all that new at this and have learned from past mistakes. The route you suggested is pretty common, and going with that conventional wisdom led to the most problems.

Trying to provide for someone while having a good grasp on Social Exchange Theory seems to be a more mature way of going about things, at least in our case.

770509  No.7918


Interesting. Tell me more? I would guess it'd work out better for older people or hippies.

770509  No.7919


I'd rather not in public, even if it's anonymized. There's a junk email in the first post.

770509  No.7921


Or in this post. ^^^ I will read anything sent there.

770509  No.7980

407 seeking trap/sissy/femboy/twink

770509  No.7992

Live in akron, looking for a femboy/trap just texting buddies maybe meet up if I can trust you or even a casual relationship or something?

770509  No.8006

im 27 yo white male, with long black hair, i love art and music i live in kansas looking for a cute date, i wonder if there is anyone even near me who gets on here XD, well hmu =)

oh yeah 316

770509  No.8017


Man Seeking Trap

21, 165, 6'2", thin and muscular

770509  No.8033

206 area, yo.

Bi pansexual guy here looking for a date or chat/text/kik with a cute trap.

kiks: primshady

770509  No.8034

206 area, yo.

Bi pansexual guy here looking for a date or chat/text/kik with a cute trap.

kiks: primshady

770509  No.8052


W-what? Of myself? I'm not very attractive and I'd likely not be your type if you're looking for someone feminine, trust me.

770509  No.8055

File: 1440383902921.jpg (61.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Keira-Knightley.jpg)

918 Northeast Oklahoma

29 mtf pre-op

no hookups or under 26, please

check the email field

770509  No.8077


It might be worth a shot?

770509  No.8105

201 area code requesting traps.

19, male, cute, 5'9.

Will post kik or whatever on request.

770509  No.8106

619 area code here

770509  No.8152

Just throwing my lot in the pool

Berlin: 30 year old male

interested in dates/gfvuidab

770509  No.8191

21 male, seeking trap in Brisbane or Gold Coast

770509  No.8203

Male 23 looking for trap in Poland

770509  No.8291

File: 1442187136242.jpg (254.67 KB, 2322x4128, 9:16, WHAT.jpg)


I don't expect anything to come of this but I'm almost exclusively into girls or passable traps, not very picky with girls just not too obese pls.

>area code

Redmond/Seattle Washington, I just moved here and don't know the area code and mine is from AZ


18 eh tier trap


what? 0/0/0 KDA I guess


Only pic of me I have on here is one I took after buying this baller coat for $18, but please don't ask for lewds if I wanted to share it wouldn't be here.

770509  No.8318

File: 1442532851181.png (79.51 KB, 208x215, 208:215, 1427008105889.png)



KEK, there aren't any here

770509  No.8340

Massachusetts 40miles south of Boston, looking for a fe_male.

770509  No.8392

Probably not going to net any replies with this, but fuck it.


>Male seeking trap

>561/850 (around Tallahassee)

770509  No.8394



>male looking for trap/femboy to try a bj for the first time

770509  No.8397

File: 1442974673499.jpg (27.01 KB, 490x617, 490:617, 10997616_10202957844946167….jpg)

407 Orlando

20 male looking for a trap! Kik me @ BlackArt740

770509  No.8401



I hope you don't live in lowell that place is the most ghettoiest of ghettos

770509  No.8402


New Hampshire like 30 minutes from Nashua

I like to dress up sometimes have longish hair also I'm 20 kissless perma virgin

Looking for a trapple or cd

Message me on kik at mr.shootzy or something since I'm to lazy to make a throwaway email

770509  No.8439

File: 1443305967023.jpeg (13.59 KB, 297x396, 3:4, th-3.jpeg)


Hell no! I live near Milford. 100% not ghetto.

770509  No.8482


hop on the bolt bus down to Albany and I'll host you in Corvallis for as long as you wish

….@maxopotamuss snapchat

770509  No.8500

File: 1443680772540.jpg (1.65 MB, 1080x1830, 36:61, 20150926_234125.jpg)


added you though I don't think I'll be taking you up on that offer. I've got school 5/7 days of the week (go in on weekends sometimes too) and I stay for summer.

770509  No.8542

Any traps in NJ?

770509  No.8628


>like a month later

>still nothing

Feels bad

770509  No.8645


I'm in Baltimore. Recognized the MD area codes.. I just posted a few pics in here. Tonigonder@yahoo.com if you wanna chat a bit.. :3

770509  No.8662

Guy looking to hang out with a trap

19 years old

San Diego CA

also video games

770509  No.8663


Hey whats up

770509  No.8779


Male looking for a trap

770509  No.8862


30/m looking for a cute-as-hell trap.

770509  No.8916


in the off chance you are still around

22 y. in 765 as well

email me at: mrwhisplesss@gmail.com

770509  No.8966

Sure fuck it, 18 male, looking for tranny in Port macquarie Australia.

770509  No.8975




>tfw she's probably taken now

770509  No.8978


Looking for traps in 561/305

770509  No.8983

File: 1445843942954.gif (1.26 MB, 540x540, 1:1, 1436140838230.gif)


looking for trap in 360/503

kik/skype/gmail: thecrocotillian2012

770509  No.9103


No one trap in Russia?

Вы серьёзно?

770509  No.9117

Poland is still in dark ages, they dont know what traps are in here.

Male 22.

770509  No.9244

330/216/440 here

any traps in the area?

770509  No.9261



and vidya matches

México DF (Sur)

Just looking for a good looking fuckbuddy

770509  No.9274

File: 1447302333433-0.jpg (339.02 KB, 547x1178, 547:1178, 20150629_143205.jpg)

File: 1447302333433-1.jpg (276.74 KB, 481x974, 481:974, 20150629_143330.jpg)


Welllll actually no, still lonely. Also I should say that I sorta lost the passwords for a bunch of those emails so I probably missed a bunch of messages. hit up sarisstg@gmail if you wanna contact me>>8975

770509  No.9275


> Poland

> Ctrl + F "3 of 3 matches"

Are you sure?

770509  No.9530

Male seeking trap in RVA here

804 / 540 / 757

31, 6'1

Long shot as this town appears to be a wasteland devoid of single cute traps. Though I'm open to bring proven wrong.

770509  No.9542

225 admirer here. 50 yo, 5'8, 260 lb, looking for a trap or femboy who needs a Daddy. talthar on Kik, randy-shaver on Skype, talthar@yahoo,com.

770509  No.9584

859 NKY

21, 5'9", 160lbs. Looking for qt3.14 trap.

I'm top only.

770509  No.9604


2ch fam

770509  No.9729

503 , male admirer / interested in becoming trap.

770509  No.9766

File: 1449875721142.jpg (1.89 MB, 3104x1746, 16:9, 1449851432061[1].jpg)

Male want to meet traps and femboys in london

reposting from another thread

770509  No.9780

guy in 612 looking for cute trap.

770509  No.9788

318 Louisiana

Male admirer seeking trap.

770509  No.9789

318 Louisiana

Male admirer seeking trap.

770509  No.9921


trap seeking trap

(I'll never find you, I know)

770509  No.9926

707 or 530 depending on time of the year.

I am an admirer and lover looking for a qt trap or transgirl to date and play video games with. Distance is okay as well if you would want to meet one day.

Preference for Wiiu, 3ds and steam at the moment.

770509  No.9938

post yer city in addition to area code, I move a lot and have no clue what area codes are around me and I'd be surprised if most people know all of them.

770509  No.9939


yo you're super cute but unfortunately I don't really like dudes nor am I a britbong

770509  No.9947

You have Skype or kik

770509  No.9950

281 south of Houston

male seeking trap for science

770509  No.10038

File: 1451965681050.gif (395.98 KB, 680x385, 136:77, 1449869596649-0.gif)


770509  No.10052


If by some chance you're still here, add me on kik extraway1 I'm a 19 year old trap in edmonton.

770509  No.10060

Male, 27, admirer, Ohio 513

770509  No.10077

23, Male admirer, S. Car 803

770509  No.10124

File: 1452915277706.jpg (68.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A3B31B7.jpg)


770509  No.10139


please anon

the wound is still fresh

770509  No.10141



Bear = / = Musclebear

Learn the fucking difference

770509  No.10143


a few months late still checking here?

21 yo white male, bi. into art and music too photographer.


got any pics?

770509  No.10191

4220 19/m

Any traps in the area hit me up


I'd like to see where it goes

770509  No.10199

24/m here

Any traps, cds or femboys in Panama or Costa Rica? I like to travel often

gringodom677 at openmailbox.org

770509  No.10220


As a fairly noob cute trap I'm looking for a fellow cute trap onee-san. I live in Australia though :(

770509  No.10251

File: 1453469567276-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.36 MB, 1824x3264, 19:34, IMAG0086.jpg)

File: 1453469567276-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1824x3264, 19:34, IMAG0083.jpg)

File: 1453469567276-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 764.43 KB, 1488x2800, 93:175, IMAG0002_1.jpg)

18/m london looking for trap/trans

770509  No.10252



770509  No.10281

File: 1453670373910.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.53 KB, 710x516, 355:258, dick8.jpg)


kik: samm1733


770509  No.10284

25m. Central Mass. Bearded. 175lbs/5'10". Lookin for qt3.14 to hang with. Kik: worrb

770509  No.10289


Favorite 20th century painters


770509  No.10295

27 male living on the east coast. Looking for a trap or femboi who's interested in being a full-time companion for a professional poker player. U.S. only.

Skype adyxii

Kik adyxi

770509  No.10372

19 male, looking for a trap or feminine guy

I'm in the UK southwest


770509  No.10374

Daddy/daughter, Dom/sub, and/or LTR



770509  No.10452

File: 1455055292312-0.jpg (1.06 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 20160120_010329.jpg)

File: 1455055292313-1.jpg (1.4 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 20160120_011549.jpg)

Charlotte north carolina? 18, good looking dude, good looking c

770509  No.10458

909 Area, 21, male admirer seeking trap. Bonus points if passable. <3

770509  No.10464

19 male Kent UK

Looking for a trap/transgirl

770509  No.10480

File: 1455326895168-0.jpg (398.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: 1455326895174-1.jpg (449.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2.jpg)

File: 1455326895176-2.jpg (76.04 KB, 456x810, 76:135, 6.jpg)

Central michigan, 19 tgirl on hrt lel

trap for trap or femboy

770509  No.10481



Do you mean 2ch.hk?

It's absolute trash…

770509  No.10509

Any cute traps in Tallahassee that are or can be geeky and enjoy some vidya and table top gaming?

770509  No.10511

any traps in italy ?

770509  No.10515

941 here. Male admirer I guess? If that's the proper term at least.

770509  No.10551

18/m looking for passable traps in Philly

770509  No.10590

File: 1456101974851.jpg (32.66 KB, 430x574, 215:287, Halloween.jpg)


Let's be honest. While I'm open to a one time thing, it would be great to meet someone that would be open to an ongoing thing, or even FWB. Let's convince one another that we're neither cultists, CHUDs, Mole People, or the living dead.

Or just get each other off, you know?


770509  No.10664

Milo, please unsticky this cringeworthy thread and add the thread link to the other sticky >>7076

770509  No.10685

>tfw western half of pennsylvania and the entire surrounding area is some kind of Trapmuda Triangle and I have to buy a fucking plane ticket to hang out with qt's

770509  No.10686

File: 1456884153942-0.jpg (35.28 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 002.jpg)

File: 1456884153943-1.jpg (682.38 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Picture 35.jpg)

File: 1456884153943-2.jpg (10.21 KB, 240x320, 3:4, photo-ffadult-r40-s2-35499….jpg)

File: 1456884153943-3.jpg (17.92 KB, 235x240, 47:48, 015.jpg)

older trap seeking man 352

770509  No.10687

250, victoria BC

23/m looking for trap


hit me up for a pic and maybe a phone number

770509  No.10701


Interested in a good, passable trap.

770509  No.10710

22 / starting mtf / Stuttgart Germany

Looking for other trans girls to chat and potentially meet.

Kik: EisMCsquare

If your message starts with "hey cutie" or a dick pic you will be blocked instantly.

770509  No.10746

24 Man white, looking for traps to fuck, to have a relationship with, I don't really care, whatever happens, I am happy if I get to fuck you, I will be happier if we fall in love

No one will respond to this but I don't give a fuck I'm going to try anyway


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada KIK: PlasmaRainMoth

770509  No.10768

Looking for a trap to talk to then maybe meet up with (not only goal wouldn't mind just talking). I'm m 20 good looking and live in the Bay Area add me on kik: ukko101

770509  No.10776

File: 1457522886854.png (80.11 KB, 714x666, 119:111, kikl.png)

Nice & handsome man. Big dick. Lookin for lover trap.

Living in Mallorca, Spain

770509  No.10816

File: 1457781952582.jpg (56.36 KB, 597x896, 597:896, Body3.JPG)

23/trap/uk looking for guys or traps to chat with, mainly interested in chatting, sharing stories and pics. Not that into erp…

770509  No.10817

File: 1457782012114-0.jpg (306 KB, 1349x1162, 1349:1162, Legs (2).jpg)

File: 1457782012115-1.jpg (58.39 KB, 568x877, 568:877, Buttt.JPG)


email at anosaraa at gmail com

770509  No.10821

File: 1457790354519-0.jpg (364.52 KB, 1448x2096, 181:262, IMG_20141220_140658171-01.jpg)

File: 1457790354533-1.png (3.12 MB, 1640x2230, 164:223, IMG_20150709_121126.png)

Any cute traps wanna meet/chat/kik?

Add me: bricklovelamp

Face pic on request, but enjoy everything else… M 25 UK

770509  No.10828

530/916 area California

Tall skinny trap. 20/160lb/6'3" HRT: 1 year

kik: agreyfox

770509  No.10835


910 here, in the Hampstead area outside of Wilmington. Admirer. I'm not super close, but I'm like…3 or 4 hours away?

>look at the date of original post

…well, I mean, if you're still around >_>

770509  No.10840

File: 1457887986578.jpg (154.88 KB, 974x755, 974:755, aaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

Any dutch here?

Preferably man looking for trap

but I can also do trap for trap or trap for man

770509  No.11221


dutch guy here, lookinf for a cute trap. do you have kik?

770509  No.11222


looking* sorry

770509  No.11292

This place needs more Aus input. Specifically on the Gold Coast :D

770509  No.11318

m looking for a trap in germany

(kik: din0815)

770509  No.11374

No one in DFW, go figure.

In case this pulls anyone out of their corner, if you're around the mid-cities areas, Lewisville, or Denton, we can chat and stuff. Vidya, weeby shit, be trash in good company - normal stuff.

Kik : bismism

770509  No.11375

File: 1461214362143.png (70.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2016-04-13-22h51m3….png)

hi there, im 25yo asian living in toronto ONT, would luv some car bj ;)



770509  No.11465


22/m in Plano looking for a trap/femboy

770509  No.11471


My kik is AnnieIsGod (that's a capital i )

770509  No.11507



looking for a trap/femboi/mtf/etc. don't matter

kinda want more than just to bang, just want something real

heh, maybe this is the wrong place for that

770509  No.11519

Any traps or skinny femboys that want a hot bodybuilder daddy in the 360 or 206 area?

770509  No.11523

Anyone in ATX?

512, admirer I guess (also curiosity for CDing)

770509  No.11525

File: 1462311619432.gif (606.16 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 1459216599308.gif)

24/m/UK (North West)

I'm into Anime, Lovecraft, Music Pretty much everything except shitty pop music, and even some of that i like. I spend most of my time training my trap wife to serve me better.

could do with an extra pair of hands or even another girl to train.

Wouldn't mind just talking or even meeting up and getting messy. if any north western trappy types have wanted to get fucked until their mind goes blank gimme an add on skype: MindBreakYusho

Steam: MindBreakYusho

Or to just talk, or ask me how i think you look or whatever, will talk to anyone. >;33

770509  No.11526

Czech republic / Prague (Praha) ?

Looking for a passable trap, or girly guy

I'm 25yo, lifting and horny

770509  No.11531


Looking for people to chat, and a trap to meet, because why not.

Into gaems, books (mostly sci-fi) and whatever else.

Skype is gio1337, steam [DOOM_INTENSIFIES]

770509  No.11549


Three days late, but, I'm from New Windsor. A bus runs through like a five minute walk from where I live to New York (presumably somewhere in Manhattan). If you're willing to ford such a distance, perhaps we should talk.

770509  No.11552

24 year old bi curious male in coon rapids minnesota looking for a trap or fem boy to explore with and maybe start a relationship preferably with someone nerdy and into anime and all sorts of games, tabletop and video games.

770509  No.11555

Any gamer traps in Tallahassee?

770509  No.11574


oh hey! damn! i'm 2 days late! hello! do you have a skype? or something we can talk on?

770509  No.11576


Post yours, I'll add you

770509  No.11590

File: 1462777281976-0.jpg (1011.84 KB, 1375x1491, 1375:1491, 20160502_181717.jpg)

File: 1462777281977-1.jpg (2.36 MB, 1815x2374, 1815:2374, 20151029_114126-1.jpg)

Man looking for trap. Kinky and nasty. Houston TX 77041

770509  No.11596

18/genderqueer/407 (Orlando)


770509  No.11605


i added you and sent a reaction!

770509  No.11651

Anyone know a good site to meet traps at? Everything I've tried so far has either been a huge pay wall and/or a scam.

I'm 724 18/m BTW.

770509  No.11681

Delaware/20 looking to meet qt3.14 trap


Not sure how to judge build but 5'10 230lbs

770509  No.11709



is the only legit one other than okcupid I mean oksjw.

770509  No.11730

Anyone traps/trans in Leicester, UK?

770509  No.11778

Trap seeking trap 79606

770509  No.11781

File: 1463976093578.png (1.4 MB, 1057x1500, 1057:1500, 1.png)

18 year old fem-boy looking for another cross dresser to talk with; Kik: Veracity102. v(=∩_∩=)フ

770509  No.11783

Is anyone going to famine? Crossplaying?

770509  No.11928

young man seeking trap and friendship

CA, eastbay

25 Athletic

770509  No.11940



male looking for qt trap

mostly have a nice chat about anything that comes up!


770509  No.11942

Male looking for trap or femboy to talk, hang out, whatever really. Zip is 08028 going to school down here

770509  No.12473

male admirier seeking trap, 18 in the detroit area

770509  No.12474


18, eastern michigan. how feminine of a femboy?

770509  No.12478

360 area code. male admirer seeking trap. I'm 18, steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/yui_nyaaan

if in Washington, oregon or near hmu on there :)

770509  No.12522

I'm in Scotland looking for a trap to hang with?

770509  No.12540

I'm looking to meet a trap in the virginia area email a9.36@hotmail.com

770509  No.12546

Dominant chubby backwoods hillbilly 41, seeking Christian trap or twink to be my permanent property/slave/friend/brother/son/boiwife

I live in the woods, U would 2

770509  No.12568

I guess I'll give this a shot

757, 22 male admirer looking

Email is DDmango@outlook.com, if you want to swap pics and info

770509  No.12570

File: 1470072166268.jpg (753.36 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, IMG_20160731_131419867.jpg)

409 male admirer seeking trap for friendship, maybe see where it goes? Also looking for traps internationally, someone to just talk to or maybe friendship or see where it goes, preferably European. Would love to learn German.

Skype: JReecse

Email: reecse.jimmy96@gmail.com

770509  No.12571

Male admirer seeking for traps.26, Brazil.

Kik redshore89

Add me up for a good talk.

770509  No.12577


Kik or email?

770509  No.12586


email at


770509  No.13134

Trap admirer in Taipei, Taiwan

770509  No.13136


770509  No.13143

77041 Southwest Houston

I want to take a cute trap out on a date!

770509  No.13161


Im in norway what are u

770509  No.13162


Im in norway, asl?

770509  No.13297

So are there any traps from hungary?

770509  No.13371

26 y/o 5'11 183 lbs admirer here. I lift 4 days a week, bearded, and tattooed. Will trade pictures on kik.

Area codes close to me:


kik: j4mpr

770509  No.13407


also man seeking trap Paris France here

770509  No.13418

belgian trapguy here

kik: noisybird

skype: maxime.van.helsing

770509  No.13421

405 OKC male seeking trap

Kik: jacksonxav

770509  No.13428

631 male looking for a trap or trans

not expecting anything though

770509  No.13438

Trap lover in the Indianapolis(317) area seeking passable traps (not trying to appear shallow, but the libido likes what the libido likes. And nothing is uglier than a man in a dress). For those in my area that's interested you can contact me at kwaitao64@gmail.com .Please send a face pic in email,and I'll return the favor.

770509  No.13442

18 years old, Male admirer looking for qt trap.

West Mass, USA (Area Code 413)

Warlocal@hotmail.com (send an email and lets talk.)

Interest Video games and weeb stuff

770509  No.13646

any trap or shemale in greece? am 22 shemale trap admirer kik:armi1994

770509  No.13653


Jackson, Mi

770509  No.13917

File: 3bae0c0bf2edb29⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 2368x4208, 148:263, IMAG0073.jpg)

31 curious looking for online play with a trap, skype is stroking.now. Add me

770509  No.13928

File: 295c5f03a140fa7⋯.jpeg (89.19 KB, 600x599, 600:599, 2016-10-11 03.20.23 1-01-….jpeg)

File: ecc5b0c7c233e77⋯.jpg (145.59 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 2016-09-23 03.20.23 1.jpg)

i'm a chillax trans girl, and it would be cool to make new friends. not really into hookups unless you're irresistably cute or something.

425 206 253

kik= freyja.snow

770509  No.13950

25m looking for hawt traps in 214/972/817

>tfw no one

770509  No.13953


I'm maybe ten minutes from Charlotte.

770509  No.13977


An admirer i guess, 6'1 and 160lbs. Can share kik/skype/whatever with anyone who asks.

770509  No.13984


I'm north in the 360 zone..would be your friend :-) Wanna trade emails?

770509  No.13985

20/m ausfag here looking for a qt trap in or around the ACT region.

770509  No.14053

801/385 -trap/admirer 20

770509  No.14077


919 area code, 21 year old white male not too far from Charlotte.

770509  No.14139


Puyallup, South Hill area.

Twinkish male admirer wanting to play and cuddle.

Snapchat Tommmeboy

770509  No.14167

808 Maui Daddy looking for girl

770509  No.14188

m/20 Illinois looking for a cute trap to have some fun

770509  No.14196

File: 2a0edec20af3427⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 1605x2070, 107:138, Yuri-Lust.jpg)

Wannabe trap seeking trap

Near Victoria, BC

Kik: Voxxe_V

770509  No.14216

File: 2cbf8ace4e7ea40⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_2169.jpg)

fem near Denver

nikki_roxx_ on kik …

770509  No.14221

File: d80baf68018d771⋯.jpg (381.6 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_2364.JPG)

Wanna be starting trap looking for other trans and trap friends.

770509  No.14222


probably should have mentioned I live in the uk

770509  No.14226



I'm not trap or trans, but am UK if it's any help? ;)

Where abouts?

770509  No.14227


got any contact details? also I live in manchester but can travel

770509  No.14297

Closeted wanna be trap seeking confidant.

the_mushroom_man on Skype

770509  No.14300

File: ac1f52b0f4e1ec4⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 2340x4160, 9:16, 2d678fb1-0ccb-49c7-9905-bc….jpg)

I know Texas is nearly devoid of traps but why not

22/m/dallas denton dfw 214 ect.

Femboy, wanna be trap, memelord. I have very few hobbies other than my PC and minimal anime.

My Kik is thetegs

770509  No.14306

I already made a thread, but 21m from Wellington, New Zealand here.

Been mostly straight up to now, so have no experience with the "same gender", but fuck am I keen to experiment.

770509  No.14373


22m from auckland here, lookin for traps, do you dress?

770509  No.14374


Haven't before, think8ng of trying, but I really don't think it would work that well.

770509  No.14458


Hey I'm a femboy in the 831 area.

kik is eveziffs

770509  No.14461

male looking for qt asspussy in melbourne victoria… 3165


different anon but i emailed you

770509  No.14463

760/18 male looking for trap

770509  No.14477

24 M looking for trap in Philadelphia

770509  No.14478


people crush anything that's different

770509  No.14479


gay nigga i know you

770509  No.14480


nigga your skin doesnt roll back?

770509  No.14488

Looking for a trap or someone into crossdressing in the UK, prefferably around the south west.

770509  No.14491


Then who you is other gay nigga

770509  No.14494

File: adcb81abac39aae⋯.png (52.24 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Kik_Messenger_logo.png)

Hey I'm looking for a submissive white sissy bottom who likes to suck dick and get fucked in their ass. I'm strait, 5'8", a little on the big side not really fat, normal sized dick, I've just been getting into crossdressers/shemales in the last few months and I want to experiment. I'm very dominate so I'm only looking for submissive types. Please let me know if you're interested by sending a pic first and I'll send one back. I like in Los Angeles California, US. Looking for someone near there.

Kik: kingali4th

770509  No.14533

Dallas femboi here

770509  No.14563

509 eastern Washington here. Male trap admirer. Just looking to meet up for coffee or dinner see where things go. 6'1" 19 athletic. Have pics for trade. Danku3313@gmail.com

770509  No.14564


dallas here too. top femboi. kik or something?

770509  No.14595

This is a longshot.731 area code. Male admirer for trap/femboy/etc. I'm 25. My kik is gdog662. Hit me up if you want to chat or whatever

770509  No.14600


are you a trap yourself also sweet dubs

770509  No.14606


Interested in having some fun with a Femboi for the first time, 704 Interested?

770509  No.14643


Able to finally move out in the next few months, so much more open to going out.

21 yo beginner trap

770509  No.14650

Any traps in the 210? Or even Texas?

770509  No.14651

26/Male/looking for passable TS, trap, sissy

UK, East Midlands

Willing to travel within UK.


770509  No.14652

any 514 traps?

770509  No.14655


I like to cross dress and am a sissy, are you fem or a trap as well?

770509  No.14682


I'm the guy you replied to, sorry for the late reply.

I don't really come here often.

I'm not a trap and i don't crossdress often these days (i used to before) but i want to start again and i think i could be pretty passable. I'm a really skinny and feminine looking sub.

Add me on kik: atazs

Anyone else can add me as well, though i'm only looking for someone who is really feminine and crossdresses often and could give me advice/help me turn into a trap

770509  No.14704


kik me


770509  No.14705

File: 04db10435f136e1⋯.jpg (155.03 KB, 706x1000, 353:500, lusciousnet_lusciousnet_tr….jpg)

If there's any Dutch traps/TS/Trap lovers add me on Kik: AnnieIsGod

I'm a trap too btw :>

770509  No.14741


No, I'm a daddy only. Are you close by?

770509  No.14805


Batzmania Rex is my Skype.

770509  No.14870

I don't really know if I would call myself a trap, I like to dress up but im not on hrt or anything. Im from Minnesota.

770509  No.14904


Im a bit feminine and I love to CD

Im going to school in Guelph looking for a trap to cuddle, cook food for, play video games and watch movies with. Im looking for a relationship.

email: anonemail4qts@gmail.com

770509  No.14905

616 gl male seeking trap playmate

770509  No.14906

My kik is hollandazed btw …

770509  No.14920

looking for advice in becoming a better trap

kik is spud329

770509  No.14945

Would anyone want to be my gf (male) i'm a shutin

770509  No.14955


224 Area male admirer seeking trap. I'm tall and have a big dick :)

kik me! LosterD

770509  No.14964


still lookin?

18yo occasional trap. I pull it off well. ;)

i'll be passing thru tx soon, in fact.

let's make this happen!

770509  No.14969


Yeah. Kik me FahrenCorvalis or Fahren_Corvalis dont remember which one it is.

770509  No.14971


no kik, do you have Skype or email?

also, are you a cd or trap or just admirer? are you a qt? are you hung?

770509  No.14975


Hung admirer I guess you could call me. Not a trap, I like traps, got a big dick. Email (cause can't remember my skype info) pharaoh_of_death@yahoo.com

770509  No.14984

CD, attached but looking, what I lack in looks I make up for in attitude - up for anything and everything - lfbbs2003@gmail.com

770509  No.15037

So no Norwegian traps/xdressers huh, ikke en eneste en? D:

770509  No.15088



>Two posts


325 Male Admirer looking for trap or feminine guy

Have Discord and Steam, 7/10 shy, 0/10 feminine, 8/10 job

770509  No.15093

File: 5b238eb5da35785⋯.jpg (3.62 MB, 4048x3036, 4:3, IMG_20170112_204133.jpg)

503 trap, wanna go trans, looking for someone to hook up with and maybe bdsm :)

770509  No.15100


Do you have skype?

770509  No.15134

Anyone in North Carolina?

770509  No.15135

919 regular guy looking to fall into a trap

770509  No.15175


long time ago, dont bother with it much anymore, I do have a kik though too.

770509  No.15177


Disregard last post, cocks were sucked.

Skype: Kale.Zetir

Discord: Tsadok#2060

770509  No.15192

Man from Brazil, looking for a qt trap. :3

Kik: manlybooy

770509  No.15197


Oh wow

770509  No.15198

7250 here looking for a feminine trap to cuddle with.

770509  No.15260

22 year old from Indiana, looking for a cute trap.

Kik is bradimusmaximus

770509  No.15274

Any traps, femboys or muscular chasers in Manchester uk? would love your contact be it tox, kik or skype

770509  No.15282

4556 Aus here, sunny coast.

Normal dude who wouldn't mind a qt trap gf to watch movies with all day long.

770509  No.15415

23m, complete failure and major depression but only attracted to traps and femboys. area codes 609/856 in new jersey.


770509  No.15438








Any qts in the area?

770509  No.15448


What side of Chicago and what are you looking for?

I'd ask in a private message but it seems like putting it here might net you more replies

770509  No.15449

28 year old guy here. Looking for Fems and Traps in the South Bay / 408. Kik me: SpectralTheory

770509  No.15533

26/M/Toronto and further north. Seeking QTs.

770509  No.15583

male looking for trap/sissy/femboy in Seattle contact rainey1293@hotmail.com

770509  No.15584



I'm south suburbs area , Tinley park ish. cuteboi sissy

770509  No.15585


NW Indiana like Gary?

770509  No.15834


24/M/UK (north west, near liverpool)

"straight" acting seeking a trap (pref sub, dom is fine too).

Not a daddy type. Nerdy guy, just wanna hook up, chill and play some video games. Basically FWB situation, but not looking for anything serious.

Email: Blorp-corp@hotmail.co.uk

770509  No.15835


**Email: Blorp-corp@hotmail.com

770509  No.15847

any guy from mexico city?

770509  No.15862


No, sorry, I'm near Kokomo actually

770509  No.15886

File: 8d03b2fc78105bb⋯.jpg (662.73 KB, 2560x1536, 5:3, 20161109_115928.jpg)


Would love to have a fwb scenario with a chill trap.


770509  No.15977

File: 40d6c1642050400⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 16464109_1836268343310711_….jpg)

I'm 25 black guy based in London, would love to hang out or have some adult fun.

770509  No.16016

File: f628070d286ab30⋯.jpg (120.63 KB, 1018x763, 1018:763, WIN_20150930_01_29_47_Pro.jpg)

File: cff238187a8ae55⋯.jpg (107.37 KB, 1018x763, 1018:763, WIN_20150930_01_30_31_Pro.jpg)



Trap seeking man/boyfriend


770509  No.16020


Straight male looking for submissive trap. HRT preferred but not necessary.

770509  No.16022


I love Sweden now.

770509  No.16027


woah… söta bror söster.

770509  No.16041


>actual nigger

No thanks

770509  No.16051


please post more pics

770509  No.16176

24 fat hopeless virgin guy from Poland looking for a trap.

Chances are slim, but hey, hmu @ 6rm1s5+38rnooa90zhjs@sharklasers.com

770509  No.16204

My area is 845 new York and 973 new jersey, looking for a daddy to feminize me more and dress me up who knows maybe if we hit it off ill be your live in sissy slave email me at sissyslutjessica700@aol.com

770509  No.16205

Any traps/femboys in Scotland?

770509  No.16208


Any idea what you look like and have you started hormones?

814 area code myself.

770509  No.16226

File: d9497eef938626b⋯.jpg (706.57 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Snapchat-121373746.jpg)


Chicago lad looking for fug and cuddle


770509  No.16580


Trap in Newcastle, Australia

seeking men/women/ other traps mostly.

770509  No.16670

Anyone white traps/femboys in Alabama or Mississippi? Here for school while not in Chicago, it feels dead.

770509  No.16775

Apparently a long shot, but

903(Texoma) 19yo looking for first experience with trap/femboi



770509  No.16802


You know, Sweden is not such a shithole right now.

770509  No.16824


live in 516 wanna be a trap but haven't committed yet

770509  No.16826


Trap from Beresfield, you like traps who've been on hormones? (3 years)

770509  No.16840


Where do you live? I'm in Milan

770509  No.16841




770509  No.16855

22 y.o wm 804 rva richmond, VA area. 420 friendly with bud, looking to chill with trap, cd, trans. Hit me up on kik alexjr95.

160lbs 6ft

770509  No.16856

admirer in +49 711 here

770509  No.16923

22 Male newcastle australia,

Lf cute trap :) friends whatever?

Xydan is kik Xydan271 is skype

770509  No.16924


Xydan Kik Xydan271 is my skype, Im on skype reg. From newy.

770509  No.16990

256 Huntsville

19/m seeking trap for cuddle and fuck

hopefully fwb

kik: au2020_

551798  No.17084

File: 11d86c5c7110ca8⋯.jpg (74.32 KB, 535x810, 107:162, 11d86c5c7110ca837aa7c3b37a….jpg)

702 m admirer here looking for a qt trap to love, snuggle with, and provide for. And of course to do lewd things with.

Qt traps, add me on Discord: Satania #4217

4a8714  No.17154


fellow australian, sydney

a34794  No.17178

21, husky dude in the 402. anyone else?

2acc5f  No.17179


husky is code for fat

79dd16  No.17192

File: dd1cb2ff746ce26⋯.jpg (113.52 KB, 638x1100, 29:50, Internalized white suprema….jpg)


Trap looking for other trap or dominant woman. Slightly chubby but working to change it. Looking for friends or a relationship. No hookups. Respond if you want discord info.

c845c3  No.17257

anyone in Los Angeles

d591c2  No.17391

727/813 Male seeking Trap <3

aed4c5  No.17535


Quel âge ?

8afad0  No.17536

Male seeking trap in Switzerland here. (Before you ask, no I don't speak a word of Schwitzer Dütch )

95fa10  No.17555


East North Carolina (910) but would meetup if youre a couple hours away

95fa10  No.17556


I am! Im a guy looking for a trap

925fa9  No.17559


b34d77  No.17586

203 area waterbury

bc1dd7  No.17627

Man seeking Trap


Looking for meets with traps in South Yorkshire, UK, kik fun with traps from everywhere else!

d16705  No.17714


I'm a male in Missouri looking for a trap for a relationship, or just sex. I know it's a long shot hoping for a reply in Missouri or Kansas.

240f75  No.17737


Anymore pics? I'm in 360.

ce233c  No.17738

File: 54895bca9fd670e⋯.jpeg (26.2 KB, 480x640, 3:4, received_849878605150491.jpeg)

File: cafbf3db834fac9⋯.jpeg (20.71 KB, 480x640, 3:4, received_849878715150480.jpeg)

I need any training/help/push/forcefull hand I can get to reach trap aesthetic

707 reach me at poyfish@gmail.

Let's try and get this ass raped ladies/gents

(Am passable cant post other pics tnight)

dca723  No.17771



Also from Newy, 22 y.o guy. Kik is MattKharn

81fc7b  No.18083

412, I'm a dude, would love to meet up with a qt from here. I could be your sugar daddy…

6c7149  No.18086

267 male looking for trap, 18

7b68df  No.18126

18 Male from NYC. Looking for a qt trap to cuddle and fuck.

You can send a message to me on kik @ theperson92 if you're interested.

4198d3  No.18127


I'd fuck her so hard

85c374  No.18128

Brit Male seeking trap.

I live near Raynespark (the high-school not the station)


Avid trap admirer

I'm shy about posting images of my face online(especially on a chan) so I'll DM you pics.

Email: forgedinazure@gmail.com

85c374  No.18129


Do you have an email?

or just kik?

ce5ee7  No.18146

Trap admirer seeking trap in North West Cali.

Would love to do some fun things with passable traps.

45d49f  No.18202

Hi, Im from Mexico. Looking or a trap.

If you are from Mexico, just reply to me.

28d292  No.18228

From Newcastle australia, can travel within reason due to work.

Brisbane melbourne perth

Kik me Xydan

2a59cd  No.18241

Probably a long shot but 24 shore boy looking for a trap gf. Can travel. Kik is eddieshreddie

4dfdc4  No.18242


Is this Northern Mexico (California)

Or Southern Mexico (Mexico Proper) ?

616310  No.18297

File: 7dd67a041d618fd⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 1060x404, 265:101, 7dd67a041d618fd184fc3d5ee1….jpg)

>60 years later

>still no 603s

Anon, i…

6c2a9e  No.18320

It's hard being a straight guy that likes traps, I'm so picky…

>must be under 5'7

>small dick

>light skin



>at least tangentially into ddlg (daddy kink for the uninitiated)

>younger than me (22)

>pretty/extremely passable

>also into me

Like how tf am I supposed to find someone like that in the backwater of Arizona? Honestly at this point I don't care where you are, if you think you meet those criterion my kik is confusingconnundrum

e01ef1  No.18326

30 year old male Tulsa, Oklahoma

7" uncut cock pretty girthy

6'1 195 pounds

looking for a cute young girl* for fun

270ac1  No.18330

File: 3d6a0772cdc4705⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 316x230, 158:115, 2b7c3fa29f1c35531870f46e64….jpg)



>likes traps

>im totally straight though

39f208  No.18335

26 male moving back to 248 area code, I'm looking for a trap to get to know and date or fwb type situation. I'm into books, film and photography plus I have a little shibari tying experience. Email's in the name field!

cfdffa  No.18336


What a ridiculous post. You must really love the smell of your own farts, pretty much demanding a 10/10(bar the small dick part). I hope you never find anyone.

2d94e2  No.18337


>chinese cartoon reaction image


Don't make me post the Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam vids, Anon.

622462  No.18339



If someone has a dick and you also have dick and you go into a relationship its called being gay anon

4bfb00  No.18340


it's not impossible to find this. im all of these things (no comment on the pretty/passable part. thatd be for others to decide) and my SO found me. as bad as it sounds, try craigslist :x

47c921  No.18341

File: 39ea8a2eabfb3e6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.69 KB, 400x600, 2:3, buck-angel_2[1].jpg)


no, this is gay

ee90f6  No.18342


you're attracted to feminine traits, traps are still male even if they look feminine.

I don't see why being called gay offends people so much, what is wrong with being gay, bisexual or whatever? they are only labels that people come up with.

we are "sexual" beings and that's all there is about it.

af789b  No.18344


Yes it is, so arnt traps

113ab1  No.18380



I'm from cdmx, u?

6501b6  No.18399

21157 - male

Any femboys from the farmlands out here? Just want to chat at least for now. Maybe more. I just want to know if you're here or not.

05e99b  No.18405

(Holy fuckballs the Everychan app is retarded when it comes to posting. Lets see if Omnichan works instead. Third time's the charm.)

U.S., 330 area code.

Male, 19, 6'1" height, ~160 lbs weight

Cock is approx. ≥6 inches in length, leaning towards 7. I don't know the exact numbers, am guesstimating.

Versatile in sexual position, can be both top/bottom. Prefers to be the dom.

Looking for a cute, passable trap (or trans girl) around my age. Want to start things as fuck-buddies, then if things go well we can date and so on (but if you're only interested in a quick fling, that's an option).

At the moment I have no access to transportation (working on that) and I live with family, so it would be best to avoid my place. Not sharing pictures here, we can do that through DMs. Hit me up by either replying to this post or send a email at brokenpieces@protonmail.com .

70afeb  No.18421

File: b2312a5ff438956⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 206x206, 1:1, 19875373_10213218769286199….jpg)

trap for man


kik unitedblondez

9d69b8  No.18424

File: 3b9f2c4074176fa⋯.jpg (181.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault(7).jpg)


Looking for an patrician bf (traps are preferred) that likes arts and vidya to play and cuddle with

You're socially anxious and depressed that only makes it better!

TFW no bf

Kik: R10.mc

Telegram: @maxstirner

7fca47  No.18443

Looking for traps in Melbourne Australia.

My code is 3803

76ab2c  No.18461

File: d4df742c4a6374f⋯.jpg (190.53 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1502772211604-1.jpg)

kik: bruninhasissy

Brazilian :3

5878c9  No.18465

Male admirer looking for a trap, 253 area. Honestly just want to come up from behind and lend a helping hand while grabbing some hip or ass.

Age of 24, 6"2, 200 lbs (barely in the average category of weight) 6 1/2 inches of thick veiny cock.

47c921  No.18537

File: 2126edee3fe1bf6⋯.jpg (158.51 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 6e604ce38b22d8d250f04f195e….jpg)

Hey i'm looking for traps in Melbourne Australia CBD looking for hookups or relationships :D

Kik: Ppich101

moved from other thread

7551a0  No.18551


Hey hun, I'm 503. Got kik, can exchange pics of what i look like and other things ;)

180acf  No.18553


25 ans

68093d  No.18585

Trap looking for other traps for lewds/hookups


timestamp needed, also don't be a guy

kik: xuyaa

909d37  No.18590

Any traps in North Carolina looking for a top? I'm a Marine stationed at Camp Johnson.

909d37  No.18591

5c587c  No.18601

Male here would love to meet a relatively local trap. Boston and surrounding area.


cc6e05  No.18627

I would love a trap boyfriend but I know the chances of one being in my area and who would also find me attractive are so low it's insane.

b539ff  No.18630

941/sarasota area, looking for traps, or even just someone for FWB, I'm not too picky on who i get with!

c27467  No.18631

File: 3b70dbb37f115df⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 0f489704-7ce8-42c4-bd39-77….jpg)

18/m/texas sissy looking for a dom who can provide kik is dressparty

4b94e0  No.18671

805/818/310 looking for trap, who likes cars

405d2a  No.18675

File: b06594b352be1c6⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20170819-132956.png)

Male, 27, 916

Looking for a trap, friend or to trap for someone too.

Still practicing with makeup and I can shave all the facial hair off as well if that's your thing if we hit it off~

81e954  No.18960

Any traps in 215 looking for a top? kik: Sintoaw

a0f47d  No.19037

File: a286a7e66a5790c⋯.jpg (73.63 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 10736097_542294385904695_1….jpg)

28 yo male admirer seeking trap from the tampa bay area 727 email me pictures and phone numbers if interested

d295b5  No.19047

Ehh, I'll give it a shot.

214/469/972 Texas

Male, 29, Top, looking for a qt trap to chat with and do lewd things together.

Kik: Stubbub

8f512c  No.19102


Has anyone ever achieved their goal of hooking up with a trap/trans.?

Just curious, because it just looks like you're embarrassing yourselves for no good reason. Those pictures are forever, this is the internet after all.

a25848  No.19106

man seeking trap in Bretagne here

89f36a  No.19107

File: 3d8767d1aef8833⋯.jpg (154.05 KB, 874x1100, 437:550, IMG_7174.JPG)

24/Trap/western Germany

Chubby trap seeking male/female.

5956b0  No.19108


kik? mail? anything?

8f512c  No.19109


I'll take that as a NO.

4a7270  No.19115

File: 5b9991373b27842⋯.png (31.22 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Ohayou Spudi!.png)

Wolfspider#8471 add me on discord tbh

8a58a6  No.19116

File: 0b9d9cffc486c0e⋯.gif (104.16 KB, 240x164, 60:41, roller.gif)

File: c02c3dc66909ac7⋯.gif (82.92 KB, 250x167, 250:167, tumblr_n1k89rpqMR1st68sqo1….gif)

File: 0b9d9cffc486c0e⋯.gif (104.16 KB, 240x164, 60:41, roller.gif)


>Has anyone ever achieved their goal of hooking up with a trap/trans.?

>Just curious, because it just looks like you're embarrassing yourselves for no good reason. Those pictures are forever, this is the internet after all.

Frustrated chaser alert.

2548eb  No.19119


What's your kik?

99d4c0  No.19186



8f512c  No.19188


not at all I just find it silly guys are on here posting naked pics of themselves and nothing ever comes of it

37e960  No.19354


You have a pic? I may be interested

345ee7  No.19370

19/trans mtf(on estro since July) 5'11 and 155lbs, from SW England. Looking to meet other traps or chill peeps who are weebs/gay-mers

add me on steam bc i change my discord id like every few days


d9db97  No.19376

File: 253afcba19d4d8a⋯.jpg (629.68 KB, 1082x1929, 1082:1929, WP_20170910_05_35_42_Pro1.jpg)

File: d150cea70043597⋯.png (758.23 KB, 991x705, 991:705, 20953ccefd5adc26e5d7c2074e….png)

File: fd3fd556ef69772⋯.png (104.88 KB, 293x231, 293:231, unknown (5).png)



M/trap (kinda)

Kik : rozu86

Discord : ハリー#9782

4a819e  No.19383

Is it kinda weird the most people to post on this thread are from the United Kingdom and most of them are “traps” and a tranny like wouldn’t the supreme overlord allah the prophet be mighty mad about this?

6ac214  No.19388


allahu snackbars are ok with traps, as long as they identify as women and the state even pays for they surgery (which some said is only a full castration, not neovagina stuff) is not gay for them unless is men with men

93ced6  No.19389


Mans what? Traps are gay, they’re just men who dress up but still identify as men so it’s pretty gay if they have sex with that in the eyes of the prophet Muhammad.

bb299a  No.19396

File: 144a7f0fcc27d1e⋯.jpg (26.95 KB, 960x540, 16:9, me full.jpg)

male admirer seeking trap

4304 ipswich

27 kik is knoxy.1989 or discord KaeL#7304

93ced6  No.19398


Hey yo blood, instead of trying to get with traps why don’t you go out and fix the migrant problems before you get that dick wet, then maybe those sweet girls mite slob on your knob for saving them from the acid and rape gangs.

8f512c  No.19401


male admirer

more like dick slurpin' faggot

73f957  No.19403




a6b8fc  No.19495


What’s your contact?

75e5d4  No.19552

File: 7850e6976dfde2c⋯.jpg (117.24 KB, 533x960, 533:960, 002.jpg)

File: 206dfbc38280ade⋯.jpg (100.82 KB, 581x631, 581:631, 003.jpg)

File: cb7124a134f4d3d⋯.jpg (104.37 KB, 577x708, 577:708, 004.jpg)

25/cd/aus here, looking for other cds/traps to fap with on skype or just exchange lewds. Hookup if you're in Aus. Not interested at all in guys, sorry :(

kik: xuyaa

i won't accept your request if you don't have a display pic or send pics straight away

385f72  No.19571

612/952 Minneapolis area seeking Trap. I'm actually legit handsome.

Hit me up on kik: alexxxjones33

8a2d2b  No.19572


>I’m legit handsome

Then where the pics my guy, you trying to catfish some young trap and try and get some nudes for your 3.1 inch slanger, and hope for them to come to your mothers basement and chuck you pingy?

8cf44f  No.19669


Fetlife and grindr are your only options in the deep south

561fe6  No.19796

File: 7ff319717f7e96f⋯.png (20.84 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, nl.png)

20m netherlands looking for cute trap or sissy in holland/belgium/germany

add me on kik: johnfaz11

May buy you some nice things if you're nice

561fe6  No.19797


to specify, man seeking trap/sissy

ec8d8b  No.19800


>May buy you some nice things if you're nice

means he isn't going to buy you shit

it should be a given if you're nice he WILL buy you something

8a2d2b  No.19807


Boy you better buy something nice for them after you meet and not be some fuck Nigga and force them to be nice you dumb dyke.

b3a9bf  No.19982

Hi guys. I'm an Italian 25 yo boy. I am looking for cute trap or sissy in Italy.

Add me on KIK: Mat6791


c56344  No.20044


good looking dude 25 in greece.interested?

3278ca  No.20068

File: 639d585e1820cb2⋯.jpg (107.67 KB, 1133x1243, 103:113, 639d585e1820cb2ca6f9349418….jpg)



not cute

damnit, this trap only wants other traps you nerd

Anyways, 612 minneapolis area, 24, cd(t?)


>2 years ago ;~;

c348a0  No.20082

Daddy Top For Trap. Manchester UK.

456b90  No.20102

any traps in philadelphia?

2ff2c2  No.20204

File: 247d909003a3273⋯.jpg (56.71 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 23336451_1782790395105433_….jpg)

Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old, 5'10 guy looking for a cute trap, or sissy in New Jersey. I'm a really friendly and open minded person so don't be shy:)

Kik: Exxasens1

If your interested in meeting up or just want to talk ^^^

7a7fbf  No.20223


Los Angeles

Looking for a passable trap

kik : RedFowl

4d5528  No.20280

australian 2780 20 dom 6'1 gym goer looking for a trap/femboy very fem guy to make my bitch

de7ea2  No.20689


can be a trap if you wanna, in the derby/notts area and im down for you renting a hotel room or smthn. kik: nebula_dancer

44820d  No.20699


Daddy/Daughter would be fantastic. 586 area, but get into Ypsi area quite often.

223ab9  No.20770

any traps in scotland? kik - cal__22

b0fb76  No.20778

any dallas area traps? if interested, i am a cute masculine guy. 24, slim, has a job, clean.

if interested, let me know on here and ill put my email. let me take you on a date <3

749590  No.20783

File: ac9ec854e6fe1ab⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1250x909, 1250:909, 1471287845122-2.png)

Tall white slender uncut spanish guy with a thick fucking stump, if you want to feel like your boypussy is REALLY being stretched out and fucking aching with love then pm me. Really need a good bussy to plow. If you live in the SoCal area hmu immediately.

My kik


2b3468  No.20831

6'2, 20 Male admirer seeking trap

Tampa Area most of the time, South Florida a couple of times a yea

Mail me @ jamesgarland60@gmail.com if interested

abc73d  No.20832

956 area

5'6/32 yo/man seeking trap

Never done this kind of thing before. Wanting to speak with some chill traps here if you are down. Nothing serious, just a talk, and a walk. Age so long as your legal. Interests are the usual nerd shit, anime, games, the like. I'll be checking this thread once a day so dont be discouraged if I dont reply in 24 hours.

6ea281  No.20877

File: 7a5a5d106dd1eed⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 337x450, 337:450, Me-20160515.jpg)

Older gay male. But still hot! Seeking a trap 21+ for LTR. I'm not looking for a hook up or someone with mental problems. I prefer someone intelligent. I'm Libertarian Gayright politically and I don't want constant arguments from the delusional left agenda. You respect my rights I will respect yours.

Dating first, if we hit it off, maybe more. I believe in common law and marraige. I'm not particularly interested in having kids, but there could be adoption if we could afford it. I'm not particularly interested in a full transsexual. I love dick. however, its your mind that attracts me most of all, so I'm open to possibilities. Genetic women in my honest opinion are completely wired wrong and have no capability for logical thought. Traps have the best of all worlds.

6ea281  No.20878


You are Gorgeus!

6ea281  No.20880



3591d7  No.20984

File: 9d83e97c1feb178⋯.png (1.61 MB, 881x959, 881:959, IMG_0211.PNG)

Femboy seeking bf in the Chicago area

I'm 23, 5'10, rly into music (both playing and listening/collecting) I also play some vidya, have a job, a room in an apartment with 2 roommates, etc. I just want a guy that has his shit together around as much as I do or more. Rly not a high standard considering I don't make much $ or anything all I want is a cute guy that's my age or older that's nice to me and treats me good and likes to cuddle. I'm not very superficial I just want to find love

2ad6ac  No.21126


>not just making a zeemap

C'mon, /cuteboys/ can do it.

2ad6ac  No.21127


>tfw only a few hours away

>technically finished college but with a useless degree, so no job besides yearly seasonal work

59a481  No.21129

Long shot, but

Male/24/Shanghai seeking whatever

8fd2c5  No.21139

File: bb78ec1b84be5c3⋯.jpg (947.82 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 20171220_124729.jpg)


Hey, I'm 19 and in Wellington, NZ! I'm 0w0#1462 on discord.

b5b78b  No.21149

File: 0bc98f292f750cc⋯.jpg (355.21 KB, 1080x690, 36:23, 8ch3.jpg)


muh discord hahafunnee#8628

5937b2  No.21152



I love thick thighs

more photos please?

legs and ass would be incredible

5937b2  No.21154

File: d95b4607ee50395⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 774x399, 258:133, 9df9962d87.jpg)



Is that you?

What the fuck dude, either stay a boy or a girl… quit waffling between the two.

8fd2c5  No.21166


Lol I have no idea who that is

15d1ca  No.21170

File: 3410befa02ea00c⋯.jpg (26.67 KB, 500x270, 50:27, -ha-gaaayyyyyyy.jpg)

fd7855  No.21181


You're actually kinda cute. You sure you don't mind randos just hitting you up for naughty shit?

6c55e3  No.21211


You remind me of David Bowie. You seem like you'd be pretty cool to talk to. kik me AcidWizard

6c55e3  No.21214

File: 75e070d206c1fa0⋯.jpg (868.09 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 20171203_115753_noskool.jpg)

File: 5192512eff8f8b4⋯.jpg (517.53 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Snapchat-1186397414.jpg)

File: 0663af361074a43⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 20171225_153111.jpg)

File: e2c38312a28c6cf⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 20171220_001402.jpg)

Hey uhh.. I know I'm not really a trap, more just like a big queer.. but if anyone wants to talk to me or anything just lemme know… I like boys, girls, and anything in between as long as you're a cutie pie and a sweetheart. Area: 781

66578f  No.21215


What's your Kik? I am a sweetheart for sure

6c55e3  No.21216


refer 2 post above mine :>

c7de2a  No.21222

And this is when I realize I'm too young to be here

bd22ff  No.21248

File: 0eafd08a43b2303⋯.jpeg (223.7 KB, 1363x1077, 1363:1077, received_1015663583188850….jpeg)

770 and 276 also 423 540 United States southeast coast We are a couple whom always seeks out new and exciting things. Male has ultimate shemale fetish and lady like sexy ladies. Must send real pics and serious clean inquiries only. No solicitation we trade our fantasy for yours.

aead69  No.21253


male 19 berlin seeking trap

dfb9a1  No.21275

606 Kentucky age 30 (im old) looking for cute trap gf and trap friend with my 20 year old female gf agent213467@protonmail.com

456b90  No.21284


You are? Looking for what?

e4839d  No.21286

M, amsterdam, 22, seeking trap

456b90  No.21289


100% Non-passable CDer

54f3e5  No.21475

Minneapolis / MN / 612 here

Hmu @ jackstemp2017@gmail.com

f6455d  No.21485


excuse me, what

I live in western PA and I've heard nothing of the sort

hook me up bruh

f6455d  No.21486


oh, also: 25/m/412

kik me @ pitt.anon.412

6a37fe  No.21488

Utah male 19 looking for traps

b301df  No.21507

Anybody traps/trans looking in the northwest of California or possibly southern Oregon? Would love to cuddle with a qt and listen to the rain together.

7105c9  No.21903

Perth Western Australia looking to talk to cute traps. im 27 athletic body

e9ca5a  No.21906

File: 69f34f4b354072a⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15166582402011279541867.jpg)

21/m in midlands uk, lookin for cute trap for no strings sex. I am a top and a dom. Mixed race black and white. 7.5" long 2" wide cock.

18abd1  No.22514


hey not for nothing buddy but that doesn't look 7.5

1f9f7e  No.22515


hes measuring from his perineum


You always measure from the perineum.

8e8507  No.22516



Neither of these oh-so-witty comments justified bumping a thread that had been inactive for 5 weeks. Learn to sage, you goddamn peasants.

1f9f7e  No.22517



like this?

1f9f7e  No.22518


wait… like this?

1f9f7e  No.22519


ok, I figured it out

like this, right?

1b54b6  No.22523

File: 430559fff11806f⋯.jpeg (38.39 KB, 419x593, 419:593, 94f394bb56bbf227dcc6.jpeg)

File: a5a094fdc0f21b9⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 335x592, 335:592, 5.jpg)

Trap Conversion Cult:

Phase 1: the beginning

>as a member scour the chans for all the boys who are cute enough or are already traps, and invite them to our cult and comfy place

>eventually we will come up with an official trap attire for them all to wear, like a uniform to identify themselves as members, although not mandatory

>we will eventually pair up all of the traps & cute boys with Anons to talk to and get to know each other while helping those in need with cute advice and finding a potential gf/bf near them

Phase 2: the growth

>as a member, entice other traps/potential traps and anons willing to contribute to join the cult

>any anon who is a manlet, skinny or effeminate but struggling to reach trap/femboy aesthetics will be recruited and welcome with open arms

>urge other cuties to join the cult and promise them they will no longer be lonely, or in doubt about where to start when it comes to achieving cute/trap/trans mode aesthetics

>let them know that we genuinely care about them, and we will try our best to make them attractive and desired as much as we can

>we tell the same to anyone else and promise them a trap gf/cute bf if things go with the flow in the long run


Pic related is one of our cuties.

5d790e  No.22635


Any other ways to contact you then KIK? Dutchie here, in a relationship so Kik's not a good idea

5d790e  No.22636

Dutch 22/M here, looking for a qt trap/femboy to fool around with! send a message to: X.Valentinus@outlook.com if you wanna know more!

56a286  No.22639

Aspiring trap looking for passing traps friends, coaches or trainers.


@Username #4248

adb45f  No.22652

File: 8f0521abec623c5⋯.jpeg (1.88 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, EF25F85E-DEBC-46C5-B8B9-7….jpeg)


Looking for male/female

416dba  No.22689

Man seeking cute trap CA 92603 ;)

416dba  No.22690


oh yeah im 18

46906c  No.22720


856943  No.22724

File: 485644f9b2bf1db⋯.jpg (110.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Photo on 2018-03-15 at 03.….jpg)









i'm a 25y/o submissive trap waiting for hrt. based in South East, been really horny lately. hit me up for chats or meets. x

kik bustystclair420

937c90  No.22787

File: 68d039f5d8ea4b7⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 20170623_224349.jpg)

949 area code, USA, Southern California, orange county, trap. Can verify as needed via kik or other means. I used to post alot online in the past. Looking for friends and possibly more.

dc30a2  No.22793


Not local to you, but you're marriage material. Good luck!

7fb1d8  No.22795


oh I remember you

6bc2f0  No.22797


>orange county

If only I had a car. But I don't. The economy.

90f4f1  No.22799

File: b31ad36e3e62dfd⋯.jpg (3.31 MB, 2386x3152, 1193:1576, 1.jpg)

Anyone in HCM, Vietnam ?

1ddb37  No.22801


I'm the same area code, My Kik is Pfefair

5d893b  No.22923

File: f617c7203b24452⋯.jpg (70.18 KB, 372x600, 31:50, DSCN5764.JPG)



Basically necro posting I'm in the 505/575 Aspiring Trap

Kik - ravevita

Discord - rave_#4760


Can I join? invite expired :(

7fb1d8  No.22929


>urge other cuties to join the cult

>urge other cuties to join the cult

a cult - so you recruit the most vulnerable


7fb1d8  No.22930


>>any anon who is a manlet, skinny or effeminate

this should have been the second greentext - pointing out you go after the vulnerable or those with low self esteem

b3143b  No.22955


Im from 'burque' , and wonder if you are too. Just moved here and not sure what bars are trans friendly. Sidewinders seems like the go to, but you know that problems with most 'gaybars' they seem to look down on trans women or think they have mental issues.

5d893b  No.23006


I goto sidewinders frequently, never really had a problem with them.

You should message me so we can meet up. I'm always looking for new friends that I can do queer things with or to ;)

fbe55f  No.23010

Any traps in finland? Male admirer here.

41a77f  No.23014

File: d50f33ed8677365⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 20180401_162456.jpg)

Any of you girls interested in Colorado? If so I'm interested in chatting with you,


5e9843  No.23031

My GF and I are into traps, transwomen, Sissy Fembois. However, they must be passable. We are trying to have a fu*k buddy and a new friend. We both in college. Near Owings Mills, MD 21117.

32d2f8  No.23215

The only category missing quality content is the Traps/Trans… i've seen some nice pics here, that could also be there. http://tobe.exposed/gallery

7fb1d8  No.23219


how rude

677a32  No.23222


ikr. I'm on the gc and can't find anyone :(


d2d3b6  No.23252

30,m,nyc. fit w big balls if thats your thing. looking for an e-waifu for some c2c from time to time. Can throw you some shekels.

Kik: blahzblahz

f93a0d  No.23268


Looking for trap in Oklahoma city. Kik is thatoneguy92347

bf7b9d  No.23286


24/male/ and I'm an hour away from MD what's your kik/discord etc.

I'm a nigger though

df9060  No.23309

File: e2330584ae9dc61⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 693x1000, 693:1000, 878992116c0719766aeba0d6cb….jpg)

I would love to find a cute trap or femboy to hang out with and spoil.

df9060  No.23310

File: e2330584ae9dc61⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 693x1000, 693:1000, 878992116c0719766aeba0d6cb….jpg)

813 male looking for a cute trap,femboy,or sissy to chill 420 friendly.Latino,184lbs,5'10 and tatted.PnP is cool

7bb3de  No.23317

28m looking for trap in sao paulo brazil

48b08e  No.23334

File: a536dec7b5e30d1⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, ikurrina.jpg)


4387a0  No.23363


Am transition, taking blockers and hormones for 6 months, if thats alright.

5cceb6  No.23364

File: 1ada8b2f6e7ca0e⋯.jpg (244.56 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_1837.JPG)


trust me its better here than england

4387a0  No.23365



7bb3de  No.23391


it is, how do we contact each other?

4387a0  No.23402


Do you have steam? If so what's your ID.

e1e14d  No.23407


good lord that ass is perfect, who is this?

781a77  No.23433


I'm in uptown, 23 white 6'1 super interested

398e39  No.23440

File: d0404a91103c69e⋯.jpg (105.1 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

I like traps beacuse they are so cute 😍😍😍✌✌

398e39  No.23441


Whats your kik?

398e39  No.23442

Looking for any famboy of traps or i dont know but my kik: Babylon 2021

677a32  No.23444

anyone in Aus,Qld/Nsw?

21m looking for cute traps

kik: Xiljan

afda32  No.23456


you a trap? or looking for traps?

985c99  No.23484

25yo Man looking for a chill/ sane trap or guy to smoke and hang out with in Los Angeles, CA

kik is brilley92

202d77  No.23493

File: a8a740adbaab243⋯.jpg (158.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WIN_20180421_00_15_18_Pro.jpg)

19 y/o trap looking for other traps/cd on kik

@ Kateyg1999

5dbc6b  No.23626

File: 719b69c5b086422⋯.jpg (504.97 KB, 1080x1816, 135:227, me but in slootwear.jpg)


So pretty :o

408 here looking for traps!

2d5f40  No.23663

Looking for cute trap in the 713 area

16a860  No.23665

University of Iowa campus, male seeking trap, 21 yo

4940e1  No.23672

Damn! No babes near me. SC 864

Heteroflexible for the right lady. 40, white, tubby, and cuddly.

Love my lady smooth and submissive with the ability to a bit sexually aggressive. Not a deal breaker either way. Willing to consider long-term. Roleplay is always on the table. Any question ask here or on yahoo dot com email below.


ab4bb3  No.23704

19 year old bi/pansexual trans girl in the 206/425 Seattle area. looking for preferably dominant, generous men to make arrangements with but really I'm open to whatever, dates and casual fun sounds a-okay

kik: renofang

6b0dc7  No.23717

where can i meet you cuties in the south?

6b0dc7  No.23718

and normally? do you guys make the first move for guys you are into, or wait? i am so closeted its ridiculous usually.

4940e1  No.23731


I'm pretty shy even at 40 yrs old. If I see her enough, I will eventually open my awkward pie hole and say something.

I like to know if I'm dealing with a lady in transition (MTF). However, being attracted to a lady and finding out later isn't a big deal. I'm not that guy that goes crazy violent when he realizes his girl is packing meat. It could be a pleasent surprise. I wish more str8 guys thought like me. I identify as str8 because I like all that is feminine. I guess I would be bi because I don't mind if my girl has a package.

4940e1  No.23732

D you have to be a gamer to use discord? Everything I read says it's a gamers thing. I'm not a gamer. I can't even win at original mario bros.

12c6af  No.23773

File: 14f6ca051ce4ca4⋯.jpg (31.86 KB, 541x438, 541:438, 45f93cc1c6c1e7d77cec6640fe….jpg)


the stock market is a game, dating is a game, society is a game.

Life is a game, made out of smaller interconnected games.

the difference between a game and a chore, is just whether or not, you are having fun with it.

but to answer your question more directly, discord was built for gamers, but is quickly becoming a platform for communication on any subject.

there's even a bunch of trap specific channels out there.

4940e1  No.23812


Thanks for the clarification.

bdb407  No.23829

OP I was born and raised in 601, it's my hometown. Madison, specifically. Been into guys for years, esp. traps. My current area code is 530 though

3e0857  No.23977

looking for traps in vancouver, BC

male 25 fit ;)


eba56c  No.23987


I dont think so, i wish there would tho.

Theres hardly any people who know site like this too i guess.

6d10ca  No.23990

503 Gresham

27y/o male seeking trap

350034  No.23991


Oh hey, I'm 951. Kik is batfap69.

34aa9f  No.24007

Any traps/cute lads/skinny nerd Bois in the North of England hmu, just a regular lad looking for someone to cuddle

db0d35  No.24010

I'm looking for a qt trap around Melbourne,Australia

I'm 19, 5'10

Looking for a possible relationship.

My skype and kik: painkillerguy

My Discord: Bronson Azis#0738

4344ed  No.24013

26,M,Minnesota,looking for femboy,trap,transgender or crossdresser 18-28 petite or a little chubby is great! Check Grindr for Rough Top

67c39f  No.24017

File: 5bfb80c44a418b5⋯.jpg (71.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_oylzd0ZHuB1tg77wko7….jpg)

Traps in California?

(Dirty 530)

13ed29  No.24023


408 guys here, you almost got me excited.

5c0415  No.24025


22 yo currently living in The Netherlands

424e6e  No.24208

aussie traps hmu, im on the Gold Coast

a8cf7f  No.24297

Male admirer looking to meet trap in Worcester MA USA area

2b2e38  No.24362

m/28/New England/admirer

in decent shape, looking for a qt to play video games and explore kink with

Kik: avaricebladerush

f86f57  No.24514

32/M/Central NC

336 Can travel to 704/980 and 919

Looking for casual meetups

kik - apennyworth0443

59e2b0  No.24529


really feminine ass, i don't know what your workout is but keep it up

2b761c  No.24534

I'm weird guy who looks like john lennon and I'm bi but I've recently decided to exclusively date traps. What's a guy to do ayyy I'm lonely lol

cebc99  No.24652

File: 2b947618432c237⋯.jpg (30.41 KB, 338x600, 169:300, tumblr_p0itrncI1o1w569pko1….jpg)

Looking for something similar 2 pic.

4940e1  No.24680


Aren't we all anon. Aren't we all.

4bcfe3  No.24704

Any traps in New Zealand? 24/m/white and skinny

5170bc  No.24722

928 35

Just looking to chat

Kik: liloldmesai

8d7910  No.24771

any traps in tampa?

d0048e  No.24805

bear seeking a trap in 813 area. just to talk and possibly move things from there

55aeab  No.24850

Looking for trap girls and daddies in Vienna

77e185  No.24866


Porn, meetups/hookups, storytime, traps, furries, lettuce, memes, & good times for all

6a8b1d  No.24939

File: e984b57abd80d52⋯.jpg (337.2 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, FB_IMG_1527449654936.jpg)

Evenin' all :)

I'm Andrew (well obviously), 24 years old, Daddy Dom to two Little Girls, we're looking for a femboy or trap (trans very much welcome) to join us for casual play, maybe more~

Living in the southern UK is a big bonus as it cuts travel costs~

Post code/area code: TQ14 8HD.

If interested get in touch with me by emailing andrewmckinnon1994@gmail.com

Or Snapchat search amckinnon9 and you should find me~

6ab9b9  No.24940


>Daddy Dom to two Little Girls

get this pedo shit out of here

>Living in the southern UK is a big bonus as it cuts travel costs

and he's poor ladies/laddies what a catch.

ea83c5  No.24941

White Man looking for Trap

Metairie, LA

Kik: ShieldWolf_

19 yrs

6a8b1d  No.24947


At 20, 24 and 24 yo.

Yeah, sure, "pedo shit"

You're but a bigoted fucktard~

And a materialistic dickhead, how marvelous, got a spending problem?

CG/L Relationships don't require big age difference's you daft prick, doesn't require any underage bullshit either, take your ignorant ass outta here. xD

6ab9b9  No.24949


look at this pedo faggot he's triggered because I hit a nerve.

say what you want but I'm not the desperate one who's pinching his pennies to hook up with anyone.

5626e4  No.24950

File: abf34e5c9225809⋯.jpg (75.2 KB, 634x366, 317:183, 2F47E99A00000578-3356084-i….jpg)


Yeah, he was referring to ageplay, which need not have anything to do with age. Believe it or not, this image is not of a 6 year old girl.

6ab9b9  No.24953


why are all the freaks from the UK

b706bb  No.24954


I saw this as Ariel Pink crossplay


b706bb  No.24955

File: 41157a9628e1edb⋯.png (658.69 KB, 830x579, 830:579, letmedothistoyou.png)


23yo guy, looking for a little girl (cis)/trap/sissy/femboy/twink/trans girl/however you self-identify to show me what they like so I can make you do it until you cum for me, never given someone a prostate orgasm before if you want to turn me. I'm not a stranger to being a top/daddy/dom.

I have a bunch of fantasies that I've been waiting to share with someone via message- my biggest one is meeting a "stranger" after talking about what we like, meeting in a mutually agreed upon empty parking lot at night, and having me fuck you silly in panties I pick out for you until my creampie drips out of you onto the leather seats of my BIG back seat. If you want I'm comfortable spanking, choking, binding, ddl(b/g), etc., By Request Only of course, interested in chastity. I'm easily persuaded to oblige the fantasies of my partner, my biggest fetish is making my sub beg for more.

I'm new to hookups and not sure how to use those type of apps while saying what I really want without getting banned/stuck in Elo hell, so I'm looking for my unicorn here. Kinda private but happy to provide more personal pics with face if you want over kik or whatever

tl;dr MD traps let me stretch your holes so we can get off, I'm so fucking horny. Messaging about fantasies from a distance is cool too.

kik: upperburroughs

3039ea  No.24958


What's the source on this pic? Is there any more?

000000  No.24960


That photograph may be from a British media outlet, but the abomination known at Steph-On-Knee vomit is Canadian.

6ab9b9  No.24961

File: 6d4ee0ab65e042e⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 480x472, 60:59, f05e2ce45da16eb85082cc3fd2….jpg)

Evenin' all :)

I'm looking for a delusional femboy twink (preferably with a lame goatee and mustache that can't quite grow in) to join me for casual play, maybe more.

I promise I'll treat him well…hehe.

Dressing in all black is a plus…so edgy and 2002.

Anyone out there know someone who might fit the bill?

000000  No.25018


Try /cuteboys/, you garguantuan fucking faggot.

6ab9b9  No.25026

File: d7ebb11ed5a417d⋯.jpg (27.72 KB, 480x472, 60:59, ererer.jpg)


oooooh a feisty one

I'm gonna pick you

9c39aa  No.25054

804 area code here, male admirer seeking trap. I'm 21, 6' and pretty open

9c39aa  No.25056


oh whoops, kik is thebluedude69

40e42a  No.25069

24, male admirer. Currently in the 305 area

Kik is HellaJay

6ab9b9  No.25071


more like HellaGay

amirite fellas

f0617e  No.25148

18/M/New York seeking qt femboi, never done anything like this but willing to try it out

Email me at dillman124@hotmail.com and we'll see if something kicks off!

ee9d68  No.25209

17M England, Stoke on Trent, LF femboi, kik stevejohnno

6ab9b9  No.25222


underage why is this allowed on here

5626e4  No.25224


1. it's a listing, not photos, and especially not sexual photos. let's not go crazy on censoring stuff.

2. this thread is meetup, not necessarily sexual. if people merely want to find friends, that is fine too. this particularly applies to transgenders themselves, being a trap and finding another trap local to you who uses image boards could be really fun.

3. even if the listing were sexual, age of consent in the u.k. is 16.

6ab9b9  No.25233


>2. this thread is meetup, not necessarily sexual. if people merely want to find friends, that is fine too.

That's the excuse Backpage.com used too and they were shut down by the Feds. Go ahead and ignore me and take your chances 8ch.

c55ea4  No.25249

40, Irvine, looking for trap toy

Kik heytheman

b939df  No.25261

Im a 21 st.paul based, handsome bbc dom, with a lean fit build. Looking for cute white, asian, or latina trap with cute outfits and a nice ass to suck my dick and fuck on occasion.

238380  No.25386

male admirer seeking trap, 267/215 area code age 22

238380  No.25388



same man. had any luck?

238380  No.25389


I fit these standards except im no longer up there

c9d8d9  No.25423

805 ventura daddy dom willing to travel to L.A. or S.B. if you can host


aa07c3  No.25438



22/yo male with stable job. Loves to cuddle, spoil and pleasure. Still looking for someone?

7135ea  No.25483


New Mexico 505?

c80d22  No.25494

Man 20 seeking trap neer Chicago

85b802  No.25496

970/Northern Colorado.

I am Male, 31, and want to try something different. I am tired of the typical "regular girl" bullshit and I figure now is as good a time as any to broaden my horizons.

If anyone in my area replies, I'll post my Kik or something.

f3caf3  No.25547


Male top looking for a boi toy

Reply and I'll give contact

1a42e9  No.25623

Male 27 from south louisiana looking for a trap or trans female sissy nearby. 5'9 and 190 muscular. Please kik americanboy46and2

522c67  No.25814


Hi me in the Netherlands too. I'm not the first poster. Nice, how about some tubularity?

cd2937  No.25819

Hi im from vienna and want to meet people who like traps. Add me on kik: hiilikeyu

dd77b7  No.25825

File: d64bb907058f29b⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 643x427, 643:427, 9216.jpg)


96a4d7  No.26051

Im just here admirin trap butts and their shlongs in cute panties but if you in Pa hit me up i guess?

6b63d7  No.26248


Backpage got shut down because it was a blatant prostitution outlet, as did Craigslist. Not because of people looking to fuck, which is not illegal. Dunno what age of consent is in the UK but i highly doubt 8chan will get shut down over one poster when there's NAMBLA groups on facebook and other social media sites that arent shut down.

555ee4  No.26308


you have a snapchat?

7ced94  No.26381

Arlington, texas 19m wanna slide my cock into trap ass

7ced94  No.26382


Kik:sparky123263y traps hit me up 5'11 Arlington tx

f9e19c  No.26449

File: 778befb9bff7888⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 248x331, 248:331, IMG_01301.jpg)



kik me? Fiku_ I'm a local and I'm a super cute trap like you ^_^

f9e19c  No.26452

File: 778befb9bff7888⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 248x331, 248:331, IMG_01301.jpg)



kik Fiku_

a94aa3  No.26454

24 y/o man, looking for traps and trans to meet up with in the 305, or anywhere south Florida.


6ab9b9  No.26455

Has anyone actually hooked-up/found someone using this specific thread? I see a lot of hopeful people but I'm curious if there were any success stories.

490350  No.26467


i would also like to know this. first time in a thread like this so im curious

also im in the 206 area

5009d5  No.26469

18 M in 864 looking for a qt to meet up with and fuck, I'm slim white and hung so hmu on kik: lospablos1

5bc287  No.26486

San Diego traps hit me up

Kik shovel808

000000  No.26499

>>21507 CD in Northern Ca. 530 area

6de271  No.26505

take +sage off address

78b1ac  No.26535


719 as well. like more feminine features. no offense.

c53085  No.26608

Seriously no one in the 920… let alone Wisconsin? I'm a cute boy. Let's chill, go one a date, or just hook up.

4ce7c2  No.26611

No north Texas traps?

20d43f  No.26631

any traps in 616? holland MI

20d43f  No.26632


hit me up

be7cce  No.26633

File: f5fcc352bed6064⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 20180821_130352.jpg)

File: b7f5e82516ca1b2⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20180821_133945.jpg)


828 area. Kik and gmail are both lostsole301

0af61b  No.26646

hey 19 y/o chubby feminine acting boy here from 562 cali. would like to meet up or just chat w/ anyone whos ok with a chubby boy. fallensoldier15@hotmail.com

4510a0  No.26666

Please turn me into a slut and let's have some fun! 419 area. I'm 25, 230, 6" 4', and need someone to dress me up 💓 email terrasissybottom@yahoo.com

de10a7  No.26670

Ok i'll give it a shot…

Is there any trap from switzerland or around on here?

7d45a9  No.26679

Male admirer /562/ looking for shemales, cute traps, or maybe a sissy/twink boy if you are super fem, thin, and super young.

Im 29, white and have a job, a car, and my own place. If theres any interest ill give contact info and we can trade pics from there. Greater Los Angeles area and San Diego are both fine as far as distance, any further you can hit me up if you want to live out here in SoCal and if we click you can stay with me.

99e413  No.26743

Male seeking trap in mississippi kik me imandrew97

99e413  No.26744

Will take dick or give it im into trying anything anyy traps or sissie down for dirtybtalk kik me imandrew97

543aa9  No.26753

File: 9260b4b01d685a9⋯.jpg (82.74 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 470_1000.jpg)

File: 1c1fc8ece14b20c⋯.jpg (88.49 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 515_1000.jpg)


…um well sorry for the 1 year delayed reply

changed my discord ragamuffin#2574

e8ce9d  No.26756


more pics please

02b3ba  No.26765

First time in a thread like this, i'll bite. Male student in Leicester City, England looking for traps. Drop me an email: anonred1428@gmail.com

4a5ecb  No.26768

File: f41f90c26ab3faf⋯.jpg (635.9 KB, 961x1280, 961:1280, DSC_0684.jpg)

lets snapchat if u like ;) @ ehec28

141061  No.26821

File: 8471c81e0cddc68⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Snapchat-916352885.png)

File: 52180fb2419b0ce⋯.jpg (28.88 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 42296973_1986378981671116_….jpg)


Buff asian with a feminine face. Looking for a trap to be friends with or something more on Long Island.

141061  No.26822


Forgot to add that my discord is Wang Wan#0568

eea59d  No.27596

39ded6  No.27609

33 year old masculine guy in south-eastern Michigan (248), looking for a younger trap girlfriend/sugar baby.

223757  No.27616


nice joker tattoos loser

31e44c  No.27624



shouldn't you be in coolhole you faggot

6ab9b9  No.27628


effectively selling yourself on a tranny board

your employer must be so proud

fbd651  No.27659

20/m white bi *twink* looking for someone to put a dick into my mouth and fuck my girlfriend. Desperate for dick

405 central OKLAHOMA 🇺🇸

Reply to this post if interested

4940e1  No.27797


Please post moar!


I like what I see. I too am in the south east.

1bb526  No.27831

File: 38bb7b8e444a181⋯.jpg (158.94 KB, 1024x1032, 128:129, Dew3fefVQAAEeKM.jpg)







well FUCK

a7189f  No.27853

Are there any Traps in the Upstate NY Albany area? Don't have to meet up, just seeing if you exist..?

b349de  No.27867


Looking for qt trap in 760/909

3e0a35  No.27870


Upstate NY here schenectady, we exists :) im 18 and down to meet up if interested? contact me on kik .jaydn97

560a6b  No.27971

File: 0a81fab81485232⋯.jpg (91.45 KB, 720x540, 4:3, IMG_20180923_205344_443.jpg)

File: 98dc9d813ae9e43⋯.jpg (306.43 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_20180923_205841_989.jpg)

File: 118bfc95027e409⋯.jpg (128.43 KB, 540x675, 4:5, IMG_20180923_205103_746.jpg)

Looking 4 other gurls & boys to play with in east bay, CA 925 area cdamanda444@yahoo

35d9b5  No.28000


i added you from another board a few weeks ago i'm pretty sure - kik is koik0i


i'm not a femboy but i'm chill and in the area, if you're interested

02f615  No.28002


Looks like I'll be moving out west now

d8c5e1  No.28003


You look a bit like Olivia Love

d614c7  No.28030

Nj 609/856 south Jersey area checking in 24/m always looking for cute traps or trans

6ab9b9  No.28031


How does this help anyone are they supposed to scour the NJ 609/856 south Jersey area code looking for a 24/m

what a total and complete waste of time this thread is.

5a097d  No.28085

Married man, white, 6'2'', 285lbs looking for discreet hookup in around milwaukee. I have a thing for cute or passable traps and would love to meet up sometime during the day getting a blowjob of fucking you. Into rough oral and other things so if you're interested then hit me up. gclancy32@yahoo.com skype id: ted.w4

6ab9b9  No.28086


is your name Greg or Ted - at least be consistent with your lies.

663e9d  No.28087

File: 932b0b6f247c043⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Normal fag.jpg)



Is that you chris chan?

663e9d  No.28088


metadata shows these pictures are years old, how ugly did you turn out?

05d3be  No.28315


south bris here, pls gib email

736374  No.28320


ha, 2015 good luck. They dont exist here.

cac948  No.28400

Any cute traps in the 219 area? Mainly Chicagoland but anything is fine. It seems there’s none in west IN

Man seeking trap

e8a2d4  No.28406


ngl you pretty cute for older lady

9786e0  No.28411

Asian 25 male looking for trap down in Miami, FL. Around 33186, Kendall area but can travel.

688145  No.28602

21, male seeking trap/shemale/femboy for almost any extent of activity from just cyber chatting to whatever you imagine.

506 area broken phone right now so no kik or anything, just good ol email and facebook

02f615  No.28665


What's your kik/email etc.?

e071a1  No.28676

seeking a trap in the north of the netherlands

kik: jimmmmboii

f61c97  No.28730

Central Florida but can do anywhere in Florida really. 21 yo male, student from Europe looking for a trap to chill with and have a relationship. 6, 190 lb, white, grey eyes and dark blond hair. Well mannered, know how to take care of the lady. Have interests just about in anything so can always support a conversation. Not a beta.

discord - ruthlessbard#9950

9914b9  No.28977

>>28507CD 4 TRAP & CD 4 TOP 757 VIRIGINIA AREA… blacks tops are perfered 9"+ cut clean

Traps under 20 yo perfered thin & caucasion

*cant load pics

14cb6a  No.28978

604/778 if anyone's lurking

432c92  No.28989

Any cute traps in scandinavia?

I am a 24 years old softdom/daddy. Message me in kik: Jondeemus if you would like to chat

Jos suomesta söpöjä trappeja niin heti mulle viestiä nyt! :3

6302db  No.29099

any traps near Pretoria, South Africa?

7a6455  No.29118

724 area code. Male, 29, bi-curious dom looking for a sub trap that loves hands-free cumming, especially when getting fucked. Lots of cute dress-up is a plus, but not a hard requirement. Would love to play video games and take out to lunch. Hope you don't mind chubby dudes.

89038e  No.29195

ddb379  No.29199


still active?

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