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File: 1431903794211.jpg (90.36 KB, 417x800, 417:800, 42765_6.jpg)

329c80  No.6609

A girl you met, a particular porn star, futanari anime, a night in a bar with a bunch of traps, a sexual experience. What was it?

>Early 2000s, in my teens. My internet access is very restricted. All types of anti-porn shit on family computer, which I didn't have much free time with anyway.

>Inherit the old VCR when my family gets a DVD player

>Manage to score an old 4 hour VHS porn compilation tape with an anal theme.

>Almost all of it was genetic girls, with one exception

>There is a scene of Lony Brown mostly on her back getting fucked on the carpet

>Don't know why, but it was hot as fuck

>Watch it over and over and over

>It was magical, like sex to the nth degree

Lony has a very pretty face, but is practically forgotten today. She was kind of chubby, and had a small & barely functional penis. She was completely different from a woman I would regard as my type, but back then she ushered me into this strange new world.

Cheers to you, Lony.

329c80  No.6642

Too much /d/.

Before that, I guess my first real exposure was playing online with a pretty cute trap. We started flirting and enjoyed hanging out, but I wasn't comfortable enough with my life or my sexuality at the time, and when she started talking about potentially meeting up and moving closer I got scared. It was just talk, bullshit wishful thinking, but it was the first time I had to deal directly with those kinds of questions - so it hit me hard. We drifted pretty quickly apart after she had to cancel her subscription. Money was tight and she couldn't afford luxuries AND her HRT.

It makes me feel like a shit heel thinking about it. She was a sweetheart and didn't deserve that.


329c80  No.6643

File: 1432109421864.jpg (184.78 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, amy_amour.jpg)

I've always been fascinated by traps but I really got hooked a few years ago by a ladyboy model named Amy.

329c80  No.6649


I was never into traps and then a trap asked me out out and I said sure why not. We eventually broke up, but I'm permanently into traps now.

329c80  No.6728

I fell hard for this girl I was posting with back in the day. Never knew that much about her but I knew she liked herm/trap porn more than anything. Never really read into it till we started talking more. I loved her personality, the way she talked during our long Skype calls, everything. I did realize she was trans sometime along the way but that didn't matter to me. I was in love.

But time flies and life has a funny way of bringing you down to your lowest point. Long story short she couldn't deal with me as I was failing to deal with some personal battles and left. But came back at the right time and helped me bounce back to where I needed to be. Unlike every other born female in my life she actually wanted to help me instead of bring on more problems.

In this recovery state I started talking to more and more traps/trans girls and found them to be better people than the chicks I was used to.

Sadly the girl that changed what I want forever has found someone closer and I might never have a shot again. But we're still best friends. And I do wish her well. I've got a trans gf now and love her to death, and I think this one will be around for a very long time.

Tl;Dr fell for girl, found out she was trap, find out traps are better people than bitches with vaginas, the end

329c80  No.6733

File: 1432578553576.jpg (129.14 KB, 768x510, 128:85, sad-girl.jpg)


>Unlike every other born female in my life she actually wanted to help me instead of bring on more problems.

That actually made me misty-eyed reading it, as I thought about what emotional vampires the women in my life have typically been.

Thanks anon.

329c80  No.6734


Anytime friend.

The past 2 born girls I was with both tried to pin babies on me. Both fought like hell and made my life miserable. I asked for proof, one couldn't come up with anything, so she finally stopped. The other faked proof, had to see a lawyer and do all that mess, finally had to file an epo against her. I no longer live in that town.

329c80  No.6744

File: 1432670777027.jpg (24.23 KB, 398x515, 398:515, bx533823c0[1].jpg)


The two girlfriends I was with the longest both called the police on me as a way of getting back at me. One claimed I had assaulted her, the other that I was stalking her. Both claims were bullshit, although in a sense the first was true. The cops told me that holding a girl by the wrists when she starts breaking shit can be considered assault, or some other type of crime. The laws are completely geared towards women.

I got off both times, since the cops could see that there was no substance to any of this.

The degree to which those two women repaid my kindness with malice still shocks me. With rare exceptions, I have not found women to be very nice people if you get to know them on an intimate level, whether for romance, friendship, or working together on a project.

Similar stuff has also happened to friends of mine. We are not weird outliers. This is common.

>I've got a trans gf now and love her to death, and I think this one will be around for a very long time.

Good for you, man.

329c80  No.6783

File: 1432879711884.gif (816.02 KB, 222x222, 1:1, Po8yeoS[1].gif)

Nothing special. Just porn addiction and I eventually progressed to it. Started with lesbos, but couldn't relate b/c no penises. Eventually, I enjoyed POV anal a lot, so focus on dicks and asses. My friend showed me a site and the related video had two trannies fucking each other. Trannies have dicks..and asses..connected the dots there so it didn't take long to convince myself to try watching it.

Then I came across Mariana Cordoba and the rest is history.

329c80  No.6801

Linetrap and Darktrap.

I still fap to traps occasionally but the idea of actually fucking a man repulses me. Girls are softer, pussy feels better… If you are at all perceptive/intuitive, girls have a much different energy, on a natural/primal level, than any trap could ever have.

It is a fucking no brainer. It's a fetish that guys get off on, usually because they have exhausted other forms of pornographic arousal. I had gone from 2d porn, to vanilla real porn, hardcore shit, and ended up getting turned on, mentally, by the extreme displays of taboo/submissive/girly personification found in traps.

I have no plans to seek out traps irl, go to Thailand to fuck ladyboys, or become a trap myself. Despite the fact that I have been neurologically corrupted by/addicted to the beast that is online porn, I still retain an immense amount of respect for nature, traditions, sex roles, and an overall intrinsic striving, intellectually, for what is best not just for my family/my people, but also my entire species and the world.

I genuinely feel bad for the "trapped in the wrong body" type of people, but any person with an above room-temperature IQ can see that there is a culture war being waged against the traditional male, getting trapped out and hating women seems like a a very serious end game.

329c80  No.6925

>been browsing 4chan since '08, was 15-16 at the time.

>shemale threads started poppping up a few years later

>was offended at first

>ended up being curious about it

>slowly began watching vids

>began masturbating to them every once in awhile

skip ahead a few months

>bought adderall all the time from this guy for recreational use.

>notice its hard to get an erection on stimulants but I want to beat off.

>end up going to a sex shop and getting a vibrator.

>a few days after, over the course of 15 hours I took 18 30mg adderall and assbanged myself while watching nothing but tranny porn. must of edged 30 times just out of sheer physical inability to get hard.

>ended up cumming for a literally 15-20 seconds and it was glorious

been hooked ever since.

329c80  No.7018

File: 1434673995001.gif (3.57 MB, 290x275, 58:55, random4channumbers.gif)

No one else?

329c80  No.7034

4chan in 07, saw bianca freire and the rest was history from there.

Always come back to traps, I think the attraction will always remain there as my own dirty little secret, despite liking women and having kids, I prefer traps.

329c80  No.7128

>googled "shemale"

>liked what I saw

329c80  No.7129

Never liked it… Then I watched a Tv series with a trap on it… It wasn't actually a trap, it was a girl roleplaying a trap. She looked gorgeus so… Thinking of her with a dick started to turn me on, and so on

329c80  No.7155

>Girl I knew from childhood, weird, quiet, and artsy.

>Suddenly she tells the world that she's a man.

>I was taken back because I remember having a crush on her as a kid.

>Almost felt insulting because she could go from guy mode/girl mode, as she pleased.

>I started getting curious about the mindset of traps and trans people.

>I would go on Omegle under the Trans tag just to talk to them, and get to know them better, but being a CIS male they always assumed I was looking for sex and left.

That search had me end up in various Trap boards, and eventually my curiosity turned to porn.

Holly Sweet, those giant breasts, and that perfect body— I'm certain I'd become gay for a bit before snapping back to my love for women. I don't find the penis appealing, but in that fantasy spot of your mind it's very lewd and kinky when associated with very feminine traits.

Now I mix it up with shemale on women, best of both worlds.Ah… Internet porn, you've ruined me.

I still keep that curious aspect though, so I'm half here for nudes, half for understanding people.

TL;DR - God damn Internet.

329c80  No.7461

started with futanari then progressed to


329c80  No.7462

>Late 90's, Early 00's - Middle School and High School freshman.

>Have a hair and haircutting fetish.

>Go to Yahoo! and find Yahoo! Groups.

>Find a ton of groups having to do with girls getting haircuts, long hair, undercuts, long to short, bobbed hair, short hair, dyed hair, bald, anime/manga haircuts, BDSM haircuts, etc.

>Many of the hair groups are listed under Adult for nudity and porn.

>Look around in the Adult section and find a group called "Shemale Hardcore."

>Find a ton of slutty and hot feminine-looking dickgirl traps fucking and getting blown by other traps and true girls - instantly hooked. Most pics low-res and grainy; higher quality pics take longer to load with dial-up.

>Look up other sites on geocities alongside amateur and semi-professional sites like Chicks with Dicks and Southern Charms and then Professional high production value sites later on when I get broadband.

329c80  No.7506

File: 1438019457613.jpg (201.15 KB, 664x1000, 83:125, Moo.jpg)

Ladyboy Moo / Megan. I was overwhelmed by how good she looked.

329c80  No.7511

File: 1438039490027-0.jpg (272.69 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, Moo_18.jpg)

File: 1438039490027-1.jpg (395.84 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, Moo_01.jpg)

File: 1438039490027-2.jpg (343.51 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, Moo_05.jpg)

File: 1438039490028-3.jpg (355.94 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, Moo_01.jpg)

File: 1438039490028-4.jpg (220.75 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, Moo_05.jpg)


I love Moo. She's like a giant doll you want to dress up.

329c80  No.7516

I tried to not jack off for a month, by the third day I was desperate enough to jack off to anything. First vid I saw was a trap. You know the rest

329c80  No.7552


I read somewhere that Jean Claude Van Damme has fucked Moo !

329c80  No.7584


I like Amy too. I saw her in Walking Street in Pattaya last year. The first time I've seen any porn star in real life.

329c80  No.10888



Really? Where?

Holy shit.

329c80  No.10923

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cool guy. He was going to fight Steven Seagal IRL outside a party at Stallone's house, but Seagal wouldn't go outside.

329c80  No.10930

File: 1458413168213-0.jpg (92.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ngbbs55f3b13030223.jpg)

File: 1458413168214-1.jpg (46.13 KB, 255x143, 255:143, xdd.jpg)

>Been browsing 4chan in 2015.

>Brows /b/ and sees"Queen kat ". (It's the blond girl/boy with the fake freckles).

> I was like : wtf is that ?! I love it.

> I searched her on google , she has a tumblr profile.

>Full of picture from her where she cosplays etc.

>I was browsing /b/ and saw a trap thread.

> Never heard about traps before so i clicked.

> I was suprised and saw Sophie aka Partial asian.

> Also searched her on google , she had a tumblr page but deleted it.

>Seems like i found my first fetish

Still love it these days.

329c80  No.10933


I unironically always saw them as women.

I used to be literal Tumblr (to which I would accept them obviously) and then I moved to literal /pol/ but I was okay with gays and traps.

Back when I was 8 I was into traps.

Don't remember ever not being into them tbh.

>Get internet for first time (we were poor)

>Only about 12 or 13 years old

>Obviously go on pornhub at first chance

>See a thumbnail of Bailey Jay's top half only

>Click on video

>See her cock

>Don't give a fuck

I don't prefer girls with pussies, I don't prefer traps - I just see them as the same.

329c80  No.10959


>Meet qt online and start talking occasionally

>Goes from few times a month to daily

>Eventually tells me she has something to tell me because she really likes me

>She is really a he

>freak out and cut all contact for almost a year

>Come back after realizing I'm ok with us just being friends and just felt lied to

>She has a bf by the time I come back

>Keep talking as friends

>Bf leaves her eventually

>One night while talking she starts teasing me saying she could get me horny

>Nope that's not happening Im super duper straight

>She puts on a little show for me

>I cum buckets

We still talk semi regularly and these days I'd totally be down with having a relationship with her but she lives too far away and is very close with her family who she doesn't want to leave

329c80  No.10961


Was Queen Kat really born a boy though?

329c80  No.10962


Same here. I agree with /pol/ on a lot of shit, but their assertion that degeneracy will be the death of the west makes no sense to me. The west was ALWAYS degenerate, going all the way back to the height of ancient Greece, where they preferred cuteboys in miniskirts to women.

329c80  No.10987


>bianca freire

got me too, someone was posting her on /new/

329c80  No.11027


Nope, i have seen a video from her on youtube with long hair. But on tumblr she said that she is Pansexual. So for her it doesn't really matter what she is.

329c80  No.11200


Traps are like 0.2% of the population. So long as porn, LGBT politics and tumblr bullshit are not spread far and wide in the mainstream or made acceptbale "just because" and "muh equality" it's not a huge issue. LGBT and equality does nothing to help these people, it just intensifies ill feelings towards them because the LGBT and egalitarian crowd are obnoxious and use them to rub the right-wing's nose in it, they don't really care about these people outside of fetishism and amusement.

329c80  No.11201


329c80  No.11265

Old friend of mine from middle school I hadn't seen after graduation I ran into and he had gone from being a twink to being a really cute girl. Got me interested in finding out more about traps and trans and such. I've had the weirdest luck with meeting different ones irl and online whether it just be over chat rooms and such or just playing games and meeting them. I fooled around with one after college and while that was fun and all, he ended up regressing back into being a normal guy due to family pressure and pretty much cut it off with me for awhile. Last time I spoke to him, he was doing well off working under his dad in some big business company and had a girlfriend.

tl;dr just natural curiosity and because its taboo. Then again I'm so used to the idea of traps and trans, I tend to treat everyone I meet like a regular chick without even thinking about it. Go figure.

329c80  No.11294


I relate a lot with this

329c80  No.11296

File: 1460534987724.jpg (54.82 KB, 400x569, 400:569, im000_compressed.jpg)


Now that you mention it, it was futa what brought me to trap porn

It was early 2000's I think, I didn't have an internet connection, so I used to go to internet cafes, connection wasnt so good either, you could spend 5 to 10 min to download a hi-res image.

Anyways, they had Ares installed there so I search for hentai, then I learned the word doujin would get hentai comics, I downloaded a bunch and see it at home, one of them called "immorality".

It was about this teacher finding out one of her students had a dick, then turning her in a DBSM slave, Ive never got into that bondage shit, but surely got me into futa, and the rest is history

329c80  No.11559


how long ago was that?

329c80  No.11560


Traps are better than girls

329c80  No.11561


i fucking hate kat

329c80  No.11562


/pol/ is pure cancer

329c80  No.11563


how did you meet exactly?

329c80  No.11586

futa > loli > shota > trap > … !?

329c80  No.11587

File: 1462726826633-0.jpg (49.13 KB, 770x768, 385:384, Bou-An-Cafe-an-cafe-278236….jpg)

File: 1462726826633-1.gif (86.4 KB, 240x400, 3:5, 266416484_482943.gif)

File: 1462726826633-2.jpg (54.33 KB, 400x539, 400:539, 995093.jpg)

File: 1462726826633-3.jpg (214.77 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, B612_20160504_202237.jpg)

File: 1462726826634-4.jpg (248 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, B612_20160421_000434.jpg)

I always felt like a girl but I lived in a very religious environment so it was pretty confusing. But one of my earliest break points was in my teens with Bou from An Cafe, he tought me "if you feel like a girl, you can be one if you want" and started CD as a form of self expression.

Nowadays, I'm a transgender woman and I have to admit porn is a great tool to teach transgender people they can be whatever they want and still be femenine.

329c80  No.11589

Just from a physical attraction standpoint: If it's smooth and feminine, it turns me on.

Also, I was never really averse to the sight of aesthetic cocks and balls, so traps having a penis wasn't a dealbreaker. And finally, seeing the perfect feminine pink buttholes of the likes of PrincessAlena and Shiritrap sealed the deal.

329c80  No.11621

be young boy killing computer with limewire.

loved watching naughty america dirt latina maids

i loved maids, teachers, nurses, etc.

find an ok vid of a spanish nurse getting fucked

my goal was always to bust my load quick as possible so i never got around to even seeing the penetration portion of the scene.

for whatever reason i kept the scene and watched it a few times and came before dick showed up.

one time decide to pace myself and watch the full scene, girl has cock

learn about shemales but don't fully understand.

i originally thought they were girls but born with a dick in the same way that people could be born with extra toes.

look at more shemale videos after that.

find out years later that they're just normal guys who've had plastic surgery and shit.

damage was done so i didn't really care at that point.

329c80  No.13259

clicked the wrong link on thehun.com, got hooked ever since

329c80  No.13261

File: 8a22c022996dac4⋯.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

>be six

>sneak into moms room

>put on panties

>"woah this feels good"

>wear to school etc

>continue this until young adulthood

>be 15 on /b/

>discover Bailey Jay

>dick is diamonds

>all I fap to

>start trapping myself

>on and off again posting on /b/, had a small following

>take estrogen half-assed in early adulthood

>stop after source gets shut down, still have residual breast tissue

>now too old and muscular to trap

>still fap to exclusively traps

329c80  No.13278

File: 63c955a7af08b1b⋯.jpg (79 KB, 486x676, 243:338, aqw[1].jpg)

File: 08fb24c6b6471fa⋯.jpg (69.46 KB, 405x600, 27:40, shawna25[1].jpg)

I'd been crossdressing since before puberty and when I finally did start fapping, trying on girls clothes and makeup was quite often a part of it because I never had any access to porn. The whole ritual of getting dressed up and feeling the smooth silky clothes really made me horny as fuck. I'm not sure if that wired me a certain way or if it's just coincidental that I got into traps later. I wasn't really aware of transsexuals being a thing, and although I thought of crossdressing and transvestites being something that gay men did, I didn't think I was gay because I still liked women.

Eventually my brother started getting porn mags and I'd go and get them out of his hiding place when nobody was home. One of them, some italian hardcore mag had a spread with a tranny in it, which was a real surprise in the middle of a mag otherwise containing straight porn. The tranny was quite convincing if a little ugly, but it wasn't very sexy and I found it more bemusing than anything else. She didn't have a hardon and the guys weren't touching her dick or anything.

I crossdressed more and more and soon started finding more kinky porn when we got on the net. By then I knew that shemales were a thing, I'd seen Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake, and seeing those shows triggered all kinds of conflicted feelings in me. Some of them looked gorgeous and it made me simultaneously feel attracted but also wanting to look gorgeous like that too.

I came across a shemale section on one site, and downloaded a few pics out of curiosity. Being an absolutely horny as fuck 16 year old I fapped to a few of them, while feeling slightly ashamed but unable to stop. Seeing guys sucking shemale dicks and not being able to decide if I wanted to be the guy or the shemale. I quickly decided that this was gay as fuck and deleted the pics, but I couldn't stay away. Most of the pics I was finding were like really old 80s and early 90s ones, a lot of the girls were pretty ugly. But then I discovered some of the girls on sites like bob's tgirls and shemale yum. Pic related is the first 2 shemales I absolutely fell in love with. I couldn't believe it was possible for someone with a dick to be so beautiful. I basically accepted from then on that there was no way back. I haven't crossdressed in a long time though and I no longer feel as strongly about that side of me.

329c80  No.13300

>In college

>Make lots of friends freshman year, most in my dorm

>One is a girl who is living in a single, which are rumored to be reserved for crazy people

>She seems normal and nice though, just really shy, avoid parties, large groups, really uncomfortable talking about the dating scene and sex

>We get to be pretty close, start talking a lot

>Some flirting but mostly to tease her, I have my eyes on other girls

>Fast forward many months

>She reveals to me that she's trans

>She's lonely but scared of guys because she doesn't want anyone to know/find out

>When her embarrassment at never having been kissed comes up, I offer

>She's a good kisser

>Kissing becomes a regular thing

>It's not just about kissing anymore

>Gently push her into going down on me

>This is all secret, no one knows

>Goes on for years

>She gets "the surgery", starts dating

329c80  No.13307

File: 9c107dbb731ff94⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 46543545864.jpg)


That sounds like a delayed but happy ending.

329c80  No.13311


I also met a trap at college, well kind of. My story is somewhat the reverse to yours.

We were all art students so very bohemian. One of them was a gay guy who was sort of androgynous and wore makeup, and dressed feminine when we went clubbing. He was extremely extroverted and constantly tried it on with everyone, tried to kiss me and fondle my ass and crotch on numerous occasions. I always politely declined. He later became trans after I left college. Kinda regret not just going with it. I was a bit shy and uptight (also a virgin, didn't want to lose my virginity to a guy)

329c80  No.13781

This is the first video I ever saw that had a woman with a dick


It was middle school and I saw it on a porn site called Max Porn. Idk it was hot but also gave me a weird sick feeling like it was wrong in my stomache. Though I kept going further.

First I would watch trans on woman

Then trans on tran

Then man fucking trans

Then sometimes trans fucking man.

now i pretty much exclusively jack it to shemales / traps / cds

329c80  No.13825

Was always turned on by the sight of a throbbing cumming penis, because I could relate and knew how it felt.

Eventually got into anal and noticed that some femboys and transgirls were just as smooth and feminine as women.

The combination of dick, smooth round balls, and butthole makes it hot as fuck.

329c80  No.13827


having my fag friend crossdress

329c80  No.13828

File: bb95dcb4c55fc53⋯.jpg (568.67 KB, 1000x1516, 250:379, 139510153927.jpg)

File: 900b74eaa60d6f8⋯.jpg (459.13 KB, 1280x1214, 640:607, tumblr_n2n96lwojR1tvcm9ho1….jpg)

File: 3b619837544253e⋯.jpg (210.27 KB, 825x1080, 55:72, tumblr_n2yeqd5xdt1tvcm9ho1….jpg)

I had friends on YahooGroups (this was around 2003). We'd share pics and have convos about our sex fantasies about various female celebs.

One of my friends was big into t-girls. At first I wasn't hesitant to go down this road. But he sent me to a link for a group about Duda Little. After that, I was hooked. I was also really big into Danielle Foxxx, Saigon Lee and a few others I'm forgetting.

Obviously getting into cuckchan a few years later and discovering Linetrap and Darkchan not only rekindled my interest in traps, but made them explode.

Then I got into /d/ and also female celeb futa fakes. And I'm still hooked years later.

329c80  No.13829


To add to the above, I also like the idea of a beautiful girl with a cock. I don't like the idea of sucking off men, but I have a fantasy of being with a beautiful woman and sliding down her panties to reveal a cute, small cock. And either suck her off, or rub our cocks together.

Part of this is mostly fetish, but I also think it would be great to have a transgirl for a gf. I've suffered a lot of abuse and disappointment in cis women over the years, perhaps a transgirl would be more kind and decent.

329c80  No.13831


coolz2: all women should have cocks.

329c80  No.13889

>What got you into traps

Curiosity, to be frank. I've heard o them when I was in college, but I was repulsed by the idea. At one point, I was getting bored of reggie porn, so I decided to check out tranny porn. At first, I was grossed out, but intrigued at the same time. The more I watched it, the more aroused I became. I think the first trap I ever watched was Jo Garcia, but I'm not positive about that.

Now, I'm a sexual deviant. I'm also attracted to grannies, cross dressers, muscular women, and young girls. Fuck it, though.

329c80  No.13890


>sterility is superior to fertility!

I like traps too, but come on, anon. Cis heterosexuals will always be superior.

329c80  No.13895


I can't remember exactly, but all I remember is trans porn was one of the first types of porn I had ever seen. I'm a dickgirl too, so it was nice to see someone on screen I could relate to more than a regular girl or guy in porn.

329c80  No.13908


>Don't remember ever not being into them tbh.


329c80  No.13911



Pansexual polyamorists are superior.

Imagine: You are a man, with a trap wife, and a cisfemale wife.

You win life.

329c80  No.15553

File: fd9747003b0aa7a⋯.jpg (317.56 KB, 1525x1600, 61:64, Zdzisław Feelsiński.jpg)

I'm writing this in a dead board because I need to let it out somehow, the events of this were about a month or two before the Zimmerman Case (it's involved). I also apologize for the shitty writing style and grammar; it’s not my strong point.

>be young /b/tard faggot, exploring the boards of 4chan

>already felt weird about myself especially during my teen years, depression sessions going up and down (bullying, not talking, all that kinda stuff)

>parents asking me if I was gay every time I would break down in tears due to depression

>they would always say its fine, and they would accept me if I was

>felt like shit every time they would say that because it would make me question if I was really putting out that kinda vibe

>this lead me to /r9k/, there were a few erp threads and I decided to look out of curiosity to what it was all about

>next thing you know, I'm part of a /r9k/ erp skype group being dominated and told to finger my butt

>complied with what I was told

>got to the point where I was visiting the /r9k/ omegle chat, my username was roboot

>another omegle chat was full of traps, I was feminine looking enough that they also thought I was a trap or someone going through a transition

>through this trap omegle I was greeted by a very passable trap who lives very close to me, we were to meet up

>I ended up on a private omegle chat with someone from a Middle Eastern shithole

>they asked me to set up a paypal so they could pay me for my "service"

>the service was going to be trapping, doing butt stuff and all that crap

>last minute before I begin, it hits me at what I'm doing

>some deep down feeling of disgust of myself and for that what I've become

329c80  No.15554

>>15553 Cont.

>remove myself from the erp chat

>remove myself from everything

>another guy/trap who I had made friends with thought I was killing myself or something

>had to explain to him I couldn't do this anymore, he was upset that I would just cut him off like this but I just had too and I still feel awful because we did talk a lot

>cancelled my meet up with the trap who lived close to me

>fell into the deepest depression I had yet

>it didn't feel like anything, there were no great thoughts of killing myself only numbness it was a strange and hollow experience

>walk out into the snow one night without shoes on

>ended up finding a bench in my village that's been there since I can remember

>sit on it and just begin to weep, I can't think what I was doing out there or why I did

>start feeling light headed and fall into the snow off the bench

>at that point I gave myself two options, either get up and fight this shit (sounds cheesy but that's all I could think) or go throw myself in the river and let the cold water take me

>My decision after laying there for a good 10 minutes was to keep going and fight whatever was making me feel like shit

>walk home get in bed and hope the next day would be better

>eventually things did get better, I grew my confidence again

>though the zimmerman trail I found /pol/ and became a well studied /pol/ack

>still couldn’t rid myself of some thoughts that would be perceived as degenerate, it came in random points where I would think back and get rock hard, then only to be disgusted with myself

>every time this would happen I’d end up either suppressing it or indulging in it (cross dressing, masturbating and playing with my ass)

>during and before it was a rush, afterwards I only felt disgust with myself like I had before

>tell a friend that I think I might be bi or gay, though most likely bi because I was still into girls more

>tell this friend I was attracted to my other male friend

>my friend eventually found out that I was attracted to him

>he comes out as bi himself in these following months so it was a surprise for him for me to be questioning my sexuality too

>I told him I was unsure about my sexuality and made a joke out of it, telling him that a lot of people find him attracted

>this ended in both of us sucking each other off, he said the only way to find out was to try it once and see what I felt

>I was at first hesitant, but he sucked my dick and swallowed

>I was back to that same rush that I did it in return

>I lied to him that night and said while it wasn’t too bad it’s not my thing

>we forget it and still carry on as good friends

>after a couple months just focusing on other things and trying not to think about it I believed that if I got a gf it would help

>within a few months I found and fell for a girl, she was beautiful, non PC and laughed at all the stuff I laughed at

>ended up dating and were still going strong

>still attracted to my best friend though I’m loyal to my current gf, I keep it hidden and I don’t want to jeopardize what I have

>every month or so I get the rushing feeling back and end up searching feminine traps to fap to

There’s no happy ending to my story anons, I’m a /pol/ack and a degenerate I can’t keep myself from what I feel at times. I feel like sometimes I’m not being true to myself, like I should just end what I have and change the way I go about my sexuality and tell him how I feel, the worry is do I give up what is the only ray of sunshine in my life on a mindless thought of the grass being greener on the other side.

I love what I have, but I can’t help this feeling.

329c80  No.15555


Until those last few sentences, I was going to tell you that you were probably making your own prison, and you should explore your options with a more open mind.

The thing is that now that you have a beautiful girl who is a catch, that's precious nowadays. If you have satisfying sex with her, it sounds like your other interests will fade more into the background over time. You don't sound like a guy who's truly gay or anything.

What you might be experiencing also is the fact that guys are simply easier and much more predictable/less scary than females. If you have even a little bit of a bisexual streak, it is extremely tempting to go down that road, even if it's not what would make you happiest.


Probably 2/3rds of the people who post here are /pol/ to one extent or another. The older, more libertarian /pol/ could coexist with stuff like this, along with a lot of other redpill stuff. It's more the Christian conservatives and the NatSoc crowd that get hung up on it.

329c80  No.15556


and there we go with the incredibly stupid labels again…

Bet you don't even know your own label

329c80  No.15557

File: 200b271e45e1650⋯.jpg (101.55 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, cap091.jpg)

329c80  No.15565

I guess when I first saw pokemon and ash was crossdressing. That and some other crossdressing in cartoons.

329c80  No.15566


Hey! Bugs Bunny was doing that LONG before any of those cheap cartoons started showing up.

329c80  No.15573


I've experienced a great deal of what you have. I think the key to being happy is just accepting yourself. There is literally nothing wrong with having these feelings. My suspicion is that a huge number of men have feminine feelings that manifest in some way or another, or sexual fantasies that aren't strictly hetero, but the vast majority of people keep it to themselves and don't allow it to be more than a fantasy. Primarily I think, due to the social stigmas. Society is what has made these feelings seem shameful to have. But just look at how popular tranny stuff is on video sites. Every cam site has a tranny section with tons of users.

In an ideal world I'd love to tell my partner what my true fantasies are and potentially enrich our sex life, but I hide it because I think it would upset her or make me look like a deviant or deceitful. She'd wonder what else I hide from her etc.

329c80  No.15574


>In an ideal world I'd love to tell my partner what my true fantasies are and potentially enrich our sex life, but I hide it because I think it would upset her or make me look like a deviant or deceitful.

One important point is that women are completely unpredictable on this, no matter what they say. A fair number of women, probably a sizable minority, are into bisexual men. Look up "menage erotica" on Amazon, it's pretty remarkable how much of it there is, and it almost always involves bi males.

At the same time, what they actually want when they experience it IRL can not be predicted. I heard a story from a friend who knew one woman who was into fucking men in the ass with a strap-on, but if they agreed to it, she would break up with them afterwards, because she was worried they were gay.

Yeah, that ridiculous. Men can be similarly weird, but they usually know enough not to do stuff with their girl that would make them break up with her afterwards.

329c80  No.15579

Hm… you'll laugh. I know I did.

A comedian by the name of Flip Wilson portrayed a character named Geraldine on his own comedy show way way back in the day. I was just a kid, but I did find it amazing that he could make his appearance and mannerisms so much like that of the woman he played.

The book, 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex', given to me when I had started to bug my parents with questions they simply could not answer, covered transsexualism quite thoroughly with what was known at the time, most of which still holds true.

Fast forward a few decades, met a few mtf and ftm, one of which had been a running back on my high school football team (Reunion), in life, college, and as my students in college.

I was raised to judge people by their actions and strength of character. Sexuality simply doesn't fall under those. If you are true to yourself, you have my respect in all things.

Have I ever dated a Gurl? Unfortunately, I have never met one of the ladies under the circumstances that would have allowed for dating, as I was usually already in a relationship, dating or married. Would I have dated one of those ladies? In a heartbeat. Like all women, they were all attractive in their own way, and I felt that they were as strong and determined as the suffragettes of long ago.

Single now, if fate were to put my path and a Gurl's path together, I wouldn't hesitate to have some sort of relationship with her, friendly or romantic.

As for the ladies in porn, well, the old stuff never interested me. The ladies' plastic surgery made them look too fake. During the 90's though, they really came into their own, looking quite attractive and less like caricatures of women. Patricia Arujo is still a babe, and quite a celebrity in her country. A few others whose names I can't recall, but it really wasn't until I came across an old vid of Amy Amour 'Schoolgirl Amour' a few years ago that I became actively interested in this particular body of porn. Wish I could find that complete vid again!

Now we have such a selection for viewing! Amateurs who look like the girl next door, actresses on TV shows, and porn stars from around the world (What are they putting in the water in Brazil!!??) You'd have to be a eunuch not to see it, watch it, and like it!

329c80  No.15612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

329c80  No.15643

Initially I didnt like trap threads, but one day I was feeling rather mischievous so I fapped to a trap - forgot who it was, but since then I've had a shift to fapping more to traps.

Also realized I was really into the transformation aspect of it too, and had been when I was younger. So probably just repressed it all before.

329c80  No.15701


Huh I was going to tell how I got into traps but it looks like I've been in this thread before. There can't be two of us with such similar stories

329c80  No.15703


Christ! Where was she when I attended university?

329c80  No.15705


You probably wouldn't have noticed her tbh

329c80  No.15708


RU kidding me? Homesick lonely cuties are always the best on campus. They're dying to fit in somewhere.

329c80  No.15712


But how would you have ever met her? If she didn't live in my dorm, no way I would have ever gotten close to her.

329c80  No.15718


um, co-ed university, and co-ed dorms. I would've noticed her. I certainly noticed a LOT of young ladies looking for a guide to school.

329c80  No.15719


lol, aren't all dorms co-ed these days? I guess if you keep an eye out for these things…

329c80  No.15738


In the 70's, it was a radical idea, so were gurls.

329c80  No.15781

Downloading porn. Did it.. Joanna jet.in 07.i watch mia. Maffia.. Hot Wendy Williams xxx.., Aubrey kate.. I've never met any in real life. Only terrible looking ones walking near me. Have slept with only women and dated. but I think a fap session with a gay friend while a teenager made me a little interested.

329c80  No.15789

File: b2e01d90ff7be37⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 350x271, 350:271, 1485993486264.gif)


Im both Extremes

Im fucked in the head

I love dominating girls, so I like BDSM and all that

But I also love the opposite and being degraded and owned and submissive

Honestly, Sissy hypno corrupted me, along with cuck hypno.

Still like the dominant side. But more and more I wanna be made into a girl and watch a blonde blue eyed girl get fucked by a black guy while I suck anothers cock

Yea I guess im bi huh

329c80  No.15828

File: 8be93749bd251a5⋯.jpg (101.72 KB, 1104x1200, 23:25, louis_ck.jpg)


>But more and more I wanna be made into a girl and watch a blonde blue eyed girl get fucked by a black guy while I suck anothers cock

What have they done to you, Anon? I don't know you any more…

329c80  No.15849

File: 93f901cbb8c3f6a⋯.jpg (67.55 KB, 518x790, 259:395, 93f901cbb8c3f6a70855404105….jpg)

File: cd0455d5d2d1504⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 147843987554.jpg)


It's over for you.

329c80  No.16147

Nobody in here started with Ranma?

oh, okay. :(

329c80  No.16165

File: 687919f8310fd7e⋯.jpg (132.31 KB, 654x1000, 327:500, 149_1000.jpg)

File: c1d01b29f3f7bb7⋯.jpeg (20.29 KB, 400x280, 10:7, meganchav.jpeg)

File: bb707d599735805⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 480x640, 3:4, foxyangel.jpg)

File: 5e71de0fb33bd81⋯.jpeg (32.7 KB, 600x400, 3:2, kim.jpeg)

Kim Devine (deceased)

Megan Chavalier

Lisa Lawrence

Foxy Angel

329c80  No.16181


I fell in love with kimberley and the rest of these girls. As if puberty wasn't traumatic enough, I had to get shemales into the bargain. But whose life could stay the same after seeing them?

I wonder what happened to Kim.

329c80  No.16261


rumor has it was aids

329c80  No.16403


That's a shame if it's true. Seems to be all too common with transsexual stars that have passed away, especially the ones who started in the earlier days. And it's so treatable now, there's no reason to die prematurely with HIV these days. Your porn career would probably be over though. What a pity, Kim was gorgeous.

329c80  No.16411

When I was younger had a secret boyfriend who was in boy scouts with me. Had sleep overs and well, stuff happened often.

I was a very late comer to growth spurt, under five foot and no body hair until senior year of HS.

Always liked women's clothes so I would dress in his sister's clothes then we would play even more.

Looking at myself in the mirror having a penis and looking hot broke me. Then puberty hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now 6'3" and as broad as a barrel even when looking lean. Hairy as hell also, so yeah. Now I pretend totally normal and date CDs and traps on the side.

Me 👗 up when younger broke that relationship since I couldn't feel attracted to him anymore actually after seeing myself.

So lots of CD boyfriends in HS, college and military.

329c80  No.16416

I think it started with light cross dressing in my preteens. Wearing pantyhose and panties while masturbating. Using objects around the house that were phallic shaped to pound my ass. Then I found shemale porn, at that time it was very rare and the tgurls were barely passable but I found the kink and fetish amazing. And the erections caused by watching a trans women get fucked or her fucking a dude were the hardest and biggest I had ever experienced.

Currently I would say Im into full blown transsexual women. Any sign of masculinity turns me off quickly. So a trap that slightly leans towards male is a "no thanks"

329c80  No.16504

File: 79ed4bb3c2b41ad⋯.jpg (92.88 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 2481d4bdd8a11eeaab34ba5a81….jpg)

It was specifically this image. I was ashamed to admit I liked it at first, but I couldn't deny it.

9fa690  No.19241


Dear god that’s sexy🤤

5c7b38  No.19966


I've always been interested in traps ever since I found 4chan in '07. Was wondering if there was a school or an institute specifically for learning how to be a better trap?

3c3c68  No.19969

Fucking anime that’s really what got me into traps and boy pussy oh and the anti-social behavior too.

4c7fbe  No.19971


>Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls


Jokes aside, that's a place for middle-age crossdressers, not traps

20b0ab  No.19977

I've been crossdressing since I was 4, so at first I liked traps solely out of of displace AGP, but then I discovered ladyboys and the rest is history.

I know it's a bit off topic, but the very first time I came was while crossdressing when I was 8. I didn't shoot anything, of course, so the orgasm lasted for like two whole minutes. Every fap I've had since then is nothing but a faint aftershock in comparison. I wish there was a way to emulate that.

20b0ab  No.19978


Feminization consultants are a thing now


5c7b38  No.20023


Yeah that won't do as I'm under 25 and 110lbs soaking wet if I'm lucky lol

638ab7  No.20052


I remember the first time I came, I had been getting boners for a while and didn't know what to do with them until I figured out that rubbing the head of my cock through my clothes felt pretty good. I did that for a while one day and then just decided to get my cock out and give it a proper massaging, a few minutes later I was marvelling at the river of jizz pouring out of me while experiencing the most paralysingly intense orgasm that would never be matched again. I actually couldn't sit down for the rest of the day, my groin was so tender.

I have come close to feeling that intensity on a couple of occasions, the best way seems to be to abstain for at least a week, and then just really gently massage the head of my cock for a long time. I did that once when I was sharing a room and was absolutely desperate to fap but couldn't without waking people up, so I had to do it with the least arm movement possible

179a9b  No.20279

That episode of pokemon where Ash had to dress like a girl along with that part in FF7 when you need to dress like a girl. At the time it made me think "I wish that would happen to me" then I didn't think about it again till I was 18.

286e72  No.20356


Probably been said a dozen times but /b/

I spent way too much time in there back in late '09 and got exposed to it, I went from disgusted, to ambivalent, to enthusiastic about it in a few months.

286e72  No.20357


A hell of a lot of projection and spooks in this post.

286e72  No.20358


I'd prefer to undress her.

0ad924  No.20360


They might be on to something, don't cast doubt now.

73b2f8  No.20361

File: e07f3af3d9e3e56⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 480x542, 240:271, Pls no.jpg)

My boyfriend got me into it, he's convinced me into giving it a shot since I have the body and face, and even the height for it.

I wanna make him happy

a23101  No.20362

File: 755e23540301417⋯.jpg (86.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chanty-binx2.jpg)


>If you are at all perceptive/intuitive, girls have a much different energy, on a natural/primal level, than any trap could ever have.

Probably true in some idealized way. The question though is whether it is better. For starters, in your mind you are comparing traps to girly females and noting that the energy of even the most feminine trap will be a little different from this. You are not comparing her to the very large percentage of women who are not appealingly girly, but are bitchy and abrasive and narcissistic. Who do you think gives off a more appealing energy, Bailey Jay or Chanty Binx? Let's even put looks aside and make it case of who would be more fun to just hang out with. It's not a contest.

But even comparing Bailey Jay to a female who is sweet and feminine. It is different, but is it better? A lot of us are burned out on the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" thing. If there are some masculine aspects of their personality, and that includes a little more rationality and more shared interests & perspectives, then that is part of the appeal.

a23101  No.20363


Just make sure it's a road you want to go down and you spend a lot of time testing the waters. If you ever get to the level of hormones, then it is a huge life choice.

73b2f8  No.20364


It really is not a huge change, as this is something only between me and him, all I really gotta do is More squats to fix my slightly flat butt, still got good thighs tho

f62015  No.20903

File: fd6ac69a1489e46⋯.jpg (191.74 KB, 910x786, 455:393, 149249439470.jpg)

My family had a boutique that eventually closed. I was 9 yo at the time and all the clothes was stored in my house, then my parents got jobs so I was alone most the time. Started dressing up as a game with my friends (1 boy 1 girl), and Internet did the rest. 15 years later I'm no more interested in dressing myself but still into traps and feminization is my greatest fetish.

85d3d7  No.21115


Something tells me you haven't interacted with many in person, to make such a blanket statement about the whole "natural/primal energy" voodoo.

02cfa7  No.21130


Having my best friend from gradeschool, who we all thought was just gay, turn out to be a tranny who could pass even before HRT. Then tell me they wanted me to be their boyfriend.

4ae897  No.21173

File: 8e319c6c93159f2⋯.jpeg (268.1 KB, 755x1200, 151:240, ca9aa5a40ee237d04e7cac471….jpeg)

>start fapping to futa

"I'm sure this is nothing, It's like lesbian porn but the strapon is real"

>start fapping to trans women

"I-It's okay because they look like women. Plus Baily Jay is only attractive because of surgery."

>start fapping to 2D traps

"I mean it's animated so it's not really a guy…."

>start fapping to real traps

"I just want to fuck a cute femboy, is that too much to ask!"

The slippery slope is real.

a57399  No.21218

i discovered tranny porn, thought that was gay as hell and avoided it

discovered futa, thought it was gay and weird but eventually went back to it, intrigued. justified it as being entirely fiction and not something i would ever actually experience

futa led to an interest in tranny porn, but it was mostly a guilty pleasure that i never wanted to actually experience until i discovered bailey jay and got more into shemales

eventually worked my way to traps and at this point i'm pretty much completely bi i've just got a strong preference for feminine people

also at this point i'd like to become a trap myself, but alas i am a fat ugly guy with no drive to change that

616d2e  No.21381

It's the taboo nature of it. I used to find it repulsive then I started to get into it because it was 'wrong' to me to like it.

ffe56a  No.21407


pretty much, now the only hentai i can jerk of to is traps.

just had to watch those fucking shemales didn't i…

b1dbf9  No.21412

File: db5c30a6bb1bf72⋯.png (51.54 KB, 350x197, 350:197, 978843525452211235.png)

File: 75ad69c60ad501e⋯.mp4 (862.17 KB, 188x100, 47:25, (You).mp4)


>Manage to score an old 4 hour VHS porn compilation tape with an anal theme.

>Almost all of it was genetic girls, with one exception

>There is a scene of Lony Brown mostly on her back getting fucked on the carpet

>Don't know why, but it was hot as fuck

>Watch it over and over and over

>"Don't know why, but it was hot as fuck"

>"Don't know why"

Because you're gay

bb715b  No.21430


>1. Lesbian Porn

>2. Strapons

>3. Futanari

>4. Shemales

>5. Traps

>6. Femboys

>7. Cuteboys

>8. Gay

The chronology of how i got into trap porn. Still consume straight porn of various types as well, consider myself mostly straight. It's just a fantasy/fetish.

9d49d0  No.21437

File: 805e04be75ed1ce⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 454x475, 454:475, gay-test-2.jpg)


This shit scares me…

Im currently at #5 and have slid into #6 every so often because the traps werent wearing the "trap uniform" and were just fem dudes fucking their ass with a dildo.

Please tell me that I wont end up at #8 in the near future.

2a9043  No.21439

File: 1fa1c3dbbf69bff⋯.jpg (120.98 KB, 554x830, 277:415, red_velvet_dress_by_mezuki….jpg)


You'll never be 8 because you're attracted to femininity. At a stretch you might be bisexual if you get turned on by cute boys, but it probably wouldn't be the masculinity you were attracted to.

I've jacked it to all sorts of shemale/trans porn - occasionally verging on gay stuff. The stunningly passable ones. Flat chested traps. Middle aged transvestites with prosthetic tits and big feet. Crossdresser/sissy shit that's just some fag wearing a wig and a blouse. Big black shemales with giant dicks and deep voices.

When I'm horny my tastes are pretty indiscriminate, I'll just see a thumbnail and think "that looks kinda hot". Sometimes the nastier the better.

Admittedly I don't much go for scenes where shemales are topping the guy unless they're extremely good at doing so (lots of them are frankly terrible at fucking). I also get a little uncomfortable if the camera lingers too much on the guy's face as he's sucking her cock, but if it's zoomed out, I like to see shemales enjoying getting their dick sucked.

My ring finger is longer BTW.

a23101  No.21440

File: 94932f1f1461358⋯.jpg (238.29 KB, 661x900, 661:900, (355).jpg)



I don't think either one of you are gay. When all of your sexual pleasure comes from masturbation, the tendency is to pursue more and more extreme means of stimulation as you burn out on the milder stuff.

Probably 90%+ of guys into shemale porn are pursuing it as stimulation. If they had a regular girl who was attractive and liked sex, something that would have been a typical catch for the average guy 60 years ago, they'd be very happy with that, and would quickly forget about traps. Image very related.

I genuinely love traps/shemales/transwomen, and would be happy to spend the rest of my life with the right one. Maybe most of the people who post here could say that as well, but we are a small minority of men.

2a9043  No.21450


I have a girlfriend now but was into shemales for a long time while still a virgin. It's not the sort of sexual fantasy that you can leave behind

a23101  No.21453

bumping this

1aa24d  No.21455

I tried meth once on accident (I thought it was coke) when i was 20 and it sorta fucked up my brain and I became attracted to trap porn just like that at a snap of a finger. I never had any attraction or inclination toward traps or men prior to that.

Is the notion of drugs permanently changing your sexuality a common thing? Or is it that drugs can bring out repressed aspects of your psyche?

TLDR am I really just a repressed latent homosexual?

ca744f  No.21474

File: 67d1af0f0f45154⋯.jpg (157.39 KB, 1492x1000, 373:250, MV5BNWViN2MzZDAtMzg0MC00MW….jpg)


How did it feel when Vincent shoved that huge needle in your heart?

2caf99  No.21491


I think the two things are a coincidence and also you aren't gay.

9cf4e3  No.21761


>What got you into traps

A laptop and internet connection at 13

9cf4e3  No.21762


Same thing just big cock

45fde5  No.22596


the image that says "what would you prefer?" and shows a picture of buck angel vs some trap. to be specific.

3ef38f  No.22617


What else? The cancerous influence of the chans.

f1dd57  No.22621

A breakup with my first (and last) gf. It messed me up in the head pretty badly, I've never fully recovered from it even though that was a relatively long time ago. Coincidentally it happened shortly before I discovered imageboards and imageboards being imageboards it didn't take me long to come across weird sexual stuff. I would have been repulsed by this shit normally, but in my mental state at the time it was very enticing, I just couldn't resist it. In some ways I see it as a sort of revenge for my ex and (biological) women as a whole.

7d4e4c  No.22622


>(You) audio

Even though you're a fucking tool, that was fucking hilarious

9b4607  No.22650

File: 7fb59680ab94097⋯.jpg (89.86 KB, 580x494, 290:247, 5667.jpg)



>spend time and effort making unfunny mp4

>no one is amused

>samefags 3 months later with praise to soothe broken ego

7d4e4c  No.22653


>Despite the fact that I have been neurologically corrupted by/addicted to the beast that is online porn, I still retain an immense amount of respect for nature, traditions, sex roles, and an overall intrinsic striving, intellectually, for what is best not just for my family/my people

Oh shut the hell up, Varg fag. Go back to /pol/ and leave us sexual degenerates alone, disgusting breeder.

b4dfdb  No.22654


The best thing for "his people" would be for clowns like him to not breed.

/pol/fags are pathetic. Whining about tradition and nature when fucking traps is as old as antiquity

7d4e4c  No.22658


>accuses me of samefagging

>no evidence


9c58d0  No.22670

File: 993d31612395fb7⋯.jpg (3.82 MB, 2105x3062, 2105:3062, 0001.jpg)


Quite frankly, I live in a country where sex with shemale prostitutes is readily available and I have to say, it is absolutely not the same or even as good than sex with women, let alone better. I haven't had the company of one besides how much I could afford to pay them for their company, but for the little I could muster, they have more negatives than pluses.

What I mean is that, unless you want a very, VERY specific kind of girl, trannies aren't anybody's cup of tea. I'm not trying to dissuade you from the idea, I'll just give you an honest perspective from the POV of a guy who loves shemale porn and hates sex or the company of shemales.

Unpacking all of that, lets start with the sex itself. I really became interested in them because I needed more visual stimulation wile jacking off, so eventually I decided to try it for myself. tried three times, in fact, and none of them were good experiences. I still masturbate to them, but it's a whole other experience.

OK, so, all sex is either oral or anal. You may think it's a good thing, but I'm not all that sold on it after trying to fuck someone whose whole perspective of sex was anal. You still have to "dilate" it and it takes time. It still smells like ass, no matter what you do or how many times they wash it, so you HAVE to enjoy the smell of it (some people do, but I can't; plus, the smell of shit and rubber really swells up during sex and it is absolutely awful; the first time it completely killed my erection). And you still have to apply lubricant and some people needs lots of it.

Sex with women is never so filled with literal CHORES. I mean, you still have to deal with the coyness and whatever, but it's part of the game. Once the girl wants the dick, you can just go for it, no problem (most of the time; some of them take a wile to get properly lubricated, but they all get there unless they have some condition or are frigid). Vaginas also smell and don't taste exactly like marshmallows, but they definitely taste better than ass and under the right conditions can even be pleasurable to eat.

The penis is somewhat of a problem as well. I mean, it depends of what you like, but nearly every shemale has a thing. Some of them like flip-flopping all the time (for me, a definitive negative, since I don't want nor enjoy taking in the ass); some are all passive, but are dead fish and don't even try to jack off (probably the hormones killed the libido? IDK); and some others have gigantic, really frightening dicks. Regardless, they all smell like dick (duh), so unless you enjoy the smell of the man's bathroom, it doesn't enhance the experience at all. The visual stimulation of the dick in a feminine body is killed by the smell of man coming from the dick, lol.

Finally, regarding the personality, well, I can't attest it that much, since I've only served myself of prostitutes, but from the little I could gather shemales really do have an ambiguous personality, having both man and woman traces. It results in them having both their negative parts as well. If i had to bet, I would put my chips in them not being very pleasurable to be around with as in a relationship.

Still, there may be pluses than I'm not seeing here. Maybe I got dealt a bad hand, since I only interacted with prostitutes and they universally have bad personalities (and aren't very clean to begin with). These are still my 2 cents, thought.

7d4e4c  No.22671

File: 47bb254dfa0c713⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 17154D20-F626-4E56-9B2A-D1….gif)


>the smell of rubber


>he doesn’t bareback

Wow what a fucking pussy.

fbd5a1  No.22672


Great contribution, but at least part of it is going to be this:

>Maybe I got dealt a bad hand, since I only interacted with prostitutes and they universally have bad personalities (and aren't very clean to begin with).

26e829  No.22676


Thank you for your insight and personal experiences. I feel Im in the same boat as yourself, but Ive never actually had sex with a transwoman. Ive thought about and gotten really close to hiring a TS escort, but chicken out because of my fears. The idea of the "male smell" has been talked about here a few times and Ive wondered if that would be an issue for me.

My problem is all visual. Its the occasional hint of masculinity that ruins it for me. Ill watch a porn, or a camgirl on Chaturbate and be totally into it, but Ive noticed, with the camgirls, they know the best angles to put the cam at and they look incredible, but then suddenly they stand up or move around and you see those broad shoulders, or those womanly hips are actually narrow and slim. Same with the TS porn, they know how to set up the camera angles to make the transwoman look perfect.

I just know that if I picked out the perfect TS escort, once Im in her hotel room, something visually is going to ruin it for me, and now I wonder if just the male smell/pheromones would subconsciously throw things off.


Im with you, he should totally rawdog tranny prostitutes and get AIDS, god what a fucking pussy huh?

7d4e4c  No.22677


>every prostitute has AIDS

>prostitutes don’t get tested for HIV

>condoms don’t break or slip off

>condoms don’t totally ruin the sensation of sex

Okay, bud.

26e829  No.22680

File: 581b3bef00daadf⋯.jpg (72.19 KB, 493x360, 493:360, 6334851.jpg)


>every prostitute has AIDS

No, not EVERY prostitute has AIDS. But you're dealing with a trans sex worker, and you're having the riskiest type of sex when it comes to AIDS transmission, anal. Basically your putting 5 bullets in the cylinder of the gun during a game of HIV-Russian Roulette.

>condoms don’t break or slip off

Seatbelt could fail, helmet could fall off during accident, but I still use them just in case.

>condoms don’t totally ruin the sensation of sex

7 microns(.07mm.) of thin latex is ruining the sensation during sex for you? Id believe that excuse if condoms were the same thickness of dishwashing gloves. That falsehood fell out of use in the 80's (quite telling that you used it)

>prostitutes don’t get tested for HIV

A prostitute has the choice between her street-drug of choice or the cost of a HIV/STD test, I think I know which one they choose. And if they're lucky to live in a city that offers free STD testing, they risk their name being filed with the authorities if it comes up positive, because we all know those tests are totally anonymous.

7d4e4c  No.22683


The risk is honestly part of the thrill of barebacking. Plus, proper lubrication will drastically reduce the risk of transmission. What you have to be worried about are microscopic tears on the anal wall. If you live up properly and don’t jam it in so fast, tearing of the anus is highly unlikely.

The thickness of the latex isn’t the issue. I can still feel it, and it’s uncomfortable. I’d rather not even have anal sex if I can’t bareback.

26e829  No.22684

File: bf5a031786f247e⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 411x247, 411:247, 3277867.jpg)


>The risk is honestly part of the thrill of barebacking


I didnt realize I was talking to a bug chaser

Enjoy your "POZ conversion"

736465  No.22687

File: 1755f52ebd041ca⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 2106x3000, 351:500, 001.jpg)


you do know shit and lubricant don't quite smell like roses, do you?

7d4e4c  No.22692

File: 4c908b81fdf1758⋯.png (167.73 KB, 402x300, 67:50, gmsyr.png)


>because I don't know how to clean my ass, no one does!

>not even relevant to my point

Just stop

7d4e4c  No.22693

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>spend time and effort

>time and effort

You lazy, double nigger. I googled the phrase "He tried it," and I ran across a video with the exact same laugh as the (You) audio.

fbd5a1  No.22694

File: 179d6498a90604d⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 406x337, 406:337, enema[1].jpg)

File: c4bfc829c637b05⋯.jpg (67.85 KB, 512x1000, 64:125, 61GZSeTJ92L._SL1000_[1].jpg)


Just to expand on my earlier comment >>22676

If you are going to do regular anal sex with anyone, the recipient is going to have to do enemas beforehand. They needn't be the big red bags, but the smaller ones that look like a douchebag to clean the lower third of the colon. They're not a big deal to use.

Not sure how lazy or unconcerned those prostitutes were, but what you experienced sounds like people who simply don't care.

fbd5a1  No.22695


>Regardless, they all smell like dick (duh),

This really sounds like more of a cleanliness thing. If they are on hormones, it should change their smell, but from neither a trap nor a female do you want strong odors.

I used to have a girlfriend who on some days had strong body odor. She was very pretty and even quite feminine, but she was indifferent to how she smelled. She had mental issues, in retrospect she was BPD. Not sure if anyone here has experienced this.

Most normal girls are obsessed with smelling good, I always thought it was so odd that this girl didn't seem to care. It didn't offend me so much as surprise me.

736465  No.22699

File: 372940fef962a85⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 13263771_812148345584820_2….jpg)

File: a0766616c1efd25⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 635x960, 127:192, 25659623_1916390228625102_….jpg)


The rubber never got dirty or whatever, so at least their ass was clean for the first 16 cm, if you know what I mean. But it does smell like ass, you can never completely take the smell away, specially when you are doing the thing.

Regarding the smell you mentioned here >>22676 , well, it depends how strong it is from person to person, but they all definitely smell like men. Like, when you are with somebody and you are fucking them, be that from behind or just missionary, you get close, you sweat, etc. and eventually all the perfume the shemale applied gets kinda lost to the sweat and the whole thing. they don't smell as bad as some nigger doing roofing in august or whatever, but they do smell like a man, there's no way around it.


No doubt the smell is reduced, but it's always there. A perfect analogy for this are cigarettes. once you smoke one you are fucked, you smell like it. You can take preventive measures, like using a cigarette holder, washing your hands and face, eat a mint or whatever, but you always smells like it. Same with shemales. as I said before, they do smell less than healthy men, but they do smell like men and the dick does smell like dick.

And it is not linked to bad hygiene either. My country is quite hot and has plenty of freshwater, so people take multiple baths a day; it is expected for them to take at least 2 or 3, depending on the availability of a shower or bathtub. Same goes for prostitutes. They are hygienic, no dick cheese, no funk or whatever, but their dick still smells like a dick does, there's no way around it.

As for your girl, have you ever considered if smelling was the way she would make people give her attention?

736465  No.22701

File: 54eab3ca8a6224f⋯.jpg (20.95 KB, 480x313, 480:313, 18198603_1333761296671900_….jpg)


Just to expand a bit more on the cleanliness, hygiene, etc., imagine the following situation and tell me if it what I mentioned before is or isn't plausible:

- The prostitute leaves home at 10-11 PM and you meet at 12-1 am to have sex. When she left, she had taken a bath and prepared her ass for the night, but have already attended to at least one or two clients before and even if she bathed after she still had sex with other people before.

26e829  No.22702



what little time and effort you spent (even if it was clicking your mouse twice) was wasted… no one thought it was funny but you. Good luck next time.


You keep mentioning "my country"

Im not sure why you're keeping that cryptic, but I am curious where you live now. You dont have to give me your home address, but now Im wondering. I hope you're not keeping it under wraps because you fear being ridiculed because you live in a brown kid country.

8b24f6  No.22703



Fuck off /leftypol/.

7d4e4c  No.22705


>hurr durr leftypol

>on a trap board

Yeah, that’s really traditional, retard. You should have been shallowed, piece of garbage. I hope you get killed.

8b24f6  No.22706


>not knowing the degeneracy and constant trapping done by /leftypol/ users, mods and BO.

You must be new to 8ch. Enjoy your stay, FAGGOT.

7d4e4c  No.22711


Wow, it’s almost like I don’t visit leftypol, huh? By the way, your reading comprehension skills are shit. I was talking about YOU. Why are you bitching about LOL DEGENERACY when you’re on a trap board? Fucking idiot.


Whatever, autistic fuck. You’ve already decided that I’m a samefag based on absolutely nothing except your own incredulity.

7d4e4c  No.22712


Can’t say I blame you; that is unbelievably hot

b07f15  No.22714

File: d3f6945989f0439⋯.jpg (69.21 KB, 667x497, 667:497, busted.jpg)

fbd5a1  No.22717



I can't help but think from reading this that you are hypersensitive to these issues. That's not a put-down at all, we all have our boundaries.

I can rub my balls right now and smell my hand and nothing about it seems offensive to me. In fact, it smells very mild, and probably better than the average pussy. If I was blowing a trap whose genitalia smelled exactly like mine, it wouldn't bother me. Though I don't think she would smell exactly like me, but be different if even only on a subliminal level because of the hormones.

7d4e4c  No.22719



What are you talking about???

8b24f6  No.22725


>Wow, it's almost like I don't visit leftypol, huh?

It sounds like you don't, faggot, when in this post >>22705 you infer people from leftypol are traditional when it's a fucking leftist Marxist board full of trap lovers and cross dressers.

>By the way, your reading comprehension skills are shit. I was talking about YOU

No fucking shit, Sherlock. When was it implied otherwise, you dumbass brainlet. Take your own advice and do some reading comp exercises.

>Why are you bitching about LOL DEGENERACY when you’re on a trap board? Fucking idiot.

Because it is fucking degeneracy, you fucking faggot. If you can't see that it is shows how fucked up you are. Neck yourself.

7d4e4c  No.22728

File: 3adc881884145d9⋯.jpeg (75.09 KB, 625x446, 625:446, A811ED6D-3C84-48B4-83AB-9….jpeg)


>you infer people on leftypol are traditional

Okay, you are a confirmed retard with Lisa poor reading comprehension. I was saying that if you are so traditional, why are you on a trap board? I was pointing out the hypocrisy of calling others “leftypol,” and yet you are on a board that allows trap porn. It must hurt being THAT stupid, huh?

7d4e4c  No.22729


*piss poor reading comprehension

7d4e4c  No.22730


We’re not going to change our minds just because some autistic /pol/tard is screaming about HURR DEGENERACY. You might as well go back to that cesspool.

f93ee7  No.22732

File: 1f0570a2617b6c6⋯.jpg (92.42 KB, 650x392, 325:196, niccageheader.jpg)


>accuses others of having poor reading comprehension

>misspells piss

inb4: it was my autocorrect

2597b9  No.22734


>We’re not going to change our minds


We? Who are you talking about, you and who else? Don't fool yourself, you don't have comrades in arms or confidants here (besides the occasional samefag attempt you fail to make everyone believe). No one here agrees or even likes you.

Please refrain from using "we" or "we're" to bolster any future troll posts you make.

Its ironic for me to say this, but I feel its a true statement - WE don't like you.

P.S. Try and get all your hurt feelings out in one post, not 2 or 3 within minutes of each other >>22728 >>22729 >>22730 You look like an autist who attempts to insult someone and fails… leaves the room… and returns 10 minutes later because he thought of a better insult.

fbd5a1  No.22736

File: d0a94924b9b2c81⋯.jpg (227.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DYSiGSHU0AILkwI[1].jpg)


>Don't fool yourself, you don't have comrades in arms or confidants here

I'm not really following this, not sure who is who, but the one point he made there I agree with. Traps and liking traps is not itself degenerate.

This shit is degenerate: >>>/slutwhoresissycrosser/ but that's not a trap, that's a sad individual who has probably been starved for love their entire life.

White guys watching blacked.com is degenerate, and you could find a whole bunch of things that are degenerate in the world of porn. You can also find guys like Christian National Socialist Matthew Heimbach:

>On Tuesday, it was his personal life that made the news after Heimbach was charged with assaulting his wife and his wife's stepfather, Matt Parrott, who is also the co-founder of Heimbach's Traditionalist Worker Party.

>About 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, Parrott, 36, called police from a Walmart in Paoli, Indiana, according to a police report obtained by the SPLC. Parrott told police he had fled to the Walmart with his stepdaughter after a confrontation with Heimbach, who had allegedly been involved in an affair with Parrott's wife. The stepdaughter told police that the affair had lasted three months but had recently ended.

>But that night, according to the police report, Parrott caught Heimbach with his wife. He confronted Heimbach and told him to get off his property, but Heimbach wouldn't leave. Parrott poked his chest, then Heimbach allegedly grabbed Parrott's hand and twisted it down. Heimbach got behind Parrott and "choked him out" with his arm, according to the police report.

>Parrott told police he briefly lost consciousness. When he woke up, he again told Heimbach to get off his property, and Heimbach again tried to choke him, according to the police report. Parrott again lost consciousness, and upon waking up heard his wife tell Heimbach to track down his stepdaughter's phone because it had a recording of Heimbach and Parrott's wife together, according to the police report. Parrott and the stepdaughter escaped to the Walmart.


Meanwhile you have traps and their boyfriends, gay guys, and others who have happy LTRs and go on with their lives.

b4dfdb  No.22738


you seem upset

19bde8  No.22740

File: 8353b10114bf5d4⋯.jpg (391.6 KB, 600x1758, 100:293, 835.jpg)

File: 6d86bf73fd76419⋯.png (300.93 KB, 402x617, 402:617, 6d86bf73fd76419e446dca1cef….png)

File: 10d64c8ddcf7853⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 598x840, 299:420, 6b4628b4d495ca9fc16d29ac33….jpg)


Nah, not really, but if I had to guess I would say that smell does have a pretty substantial part in my sexual arousal. Smelling the hair, the neck or the armpits of my girlfriend (specially during sex) turn me on like nothing else. It may boil down to "different strokes for different folks" (like, some guys like feet or whatever); the smell of man really didn't do it for me.

Hell, maybe you may not care, maybe you'd even like it, maybe it will entice you because of the ambiguity a shemale brings (IDK, like a musky smell on a feminine body?) ~or maybe ur just a fagget xDDDDDD ~sorry

And, just to finish it all, sex is just weird. It's something that's at the same time different to different people, but also is the same to all of them. But I suppose all sense-driven experiences are kinda like that. A good wine, for example, may entice someone by its smell alone, other by its taste alone, another by its texture alone, but most enjoy it by combining all of these sensations to varying degrees. Not trying to philosophize, just trying to elucidate what I mean.

In the end, I'm just an anon giving an account on how it was to suck dick and fuck boipussy is this term even allowed?


Somewhere in Latin America where it's customary to bathe regularly.

839112  No.22742


>boipussy is this term even allowed?

Lots of folks 'round these parts use the term, though they spell it boipucci.

polite sage

7d4e4c  No.22743


>lol you misspelled a word!

It actually was autocorrect, you dipshit. You clearly have nothing of value to offer when you have to grasp at straws like that. Kill yourself, please.

7d4e4c  No.22744


>you don’t have comrades here

>calls traps degenerate

>yet you’re on a board that is dedicated to traps

Extremely low IQ brainlet; that is what you are, sir.

7d4e4c  No.22745


>P.S. Try and get all your hurt feelings out in one post

How about you

7d4e4c  No.22746


kiss my ass? I can post however I like. Drop dead if you don’t like it.

1f2515  No.22749

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8b24f6  No.22785



That isn't me, doublenigger. It's just some other anon also tired of your ignorant bullshit posting.

016c0e  No.23761

Ok ok back to the op's topic.

I came on here many years ago. I saw a webm clip of a petite blond with a big bald guy, or maybe he had really short hair. It doesn't matter I'm not into dudes. There was a link posted to the vid. I clicked. I was so taken in by the little blond and I was so fucking horny that I didn't care she had a dick.

Fast forward a few years. I was 39 yrs old. I'm hanging out at a place known for alternative life styles. I'm waiting for a store to open to buy something for some one. A young lady 19 approaches me, we start talking, and sits down on the tailgate of my truck with me. it isn't long before she lets me know she's in transition. Anyway, to make a long story short, later that day, we went to a park. One of those out of the way places where people picnic, walk the foot paths, and sit on benches and read. We found a secluded place and fucked like rabbits on the tailgate of my truck. She was on hormones so couldn't get hard and had nice B cups. She wasn't thin but she wasn't pudgy either. Ever since then, I've been hooked.

ae8e41  No.23764


Pretty much this

f78f0a  No.23804


more stories like this one, please.

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