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So the new server went down due to.. overloading? Just letting you know that's it's hopefully no biggie and our host's tech support are trying to bring it back online. Meanwhile you can still browse the Cloudflare's version. Worst case scenario is we'll lose a few hours of posts and resurrect the last backup on a new server so hopefully you backed up your links as recommended.

Unfortunately I'll have to lock this thread also because we've got a monkey on the loose as you can see from the thread below. I'll keep you updated if 180 doesn't get up in a few hours.

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The hosting company offered a free reinstall if they couldn't get their crappy server back up. If they couldn't fix it in about 4 hours I'll accept. I'd really like to fix the current install though so we don't roll back on yesterday's new posts. We'll see. Either case we should be back online within maybe 6 hours.


I'm very disappointed with the new host. Their support couldn't get the dead server back up nor did they set a new VPS yet. Last I heard from them was 3 hours ago.

As I said the worst case scenario is we'll launch 180 using yesterday's backup which means 6 lost hours of posts. But whether we'll continue with this host is still unclear. If this doesn't work out it'll take us quite some time to find another suitable host. If you have any suggestions for a liberal and competent host preferably not in the US or Europe please email us on triforce at mailfence then the little symbol and com. You can even email us anonymously if you sign up an account with https://bitmessage.ch or similar service.

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I can't believe this. I picked the most unprofessional hosting in the world. They're simply ignoring the complaint now. I guess that's $60 gone down the drain. I'm thinking about reopening 180 on the old host by tomorrow and taking down /cg/ all over again if I couldn't find a good host by tomorrow. Feeling very frustrated now.


I brought back 180 on the old host and took out /cg/ again. Sorry folks but hosts are either restrictive or technically fail. We need a good host.

Update: We moved again and /cg/ is back! I won't be posting here except if all 3 chans are down.

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If 180chan.info goes down I'll be posting updates on our restoration here.

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I apologize to 8ch residents for all the drama. I don't even know how our name got on the top panel. This is only meant to be a last-resort board because 2 of our 3 chans are down and we're anticipating the third goes down soon because of the pathetically-bored idiot calling himself Guyver. He was a former mod on the chans but was badly megalomanic & schizophrenic and ended up ruining them by excessive banning and deletions so the owner let him go and since then he's hell bent on destroying them.

The 3 sites are 180chan.info, 144chan.org, and 155chan.info. Only 180chan is currently up. I won't be checking here frequently unless 180 goes down too, otherwise I'm posting updates over there.

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Interesting. Hope you get this figured out.



Whoever this nigger is can't mods just ban him on the sites every time he appears? He might be a proxy hopper but that shit gets boring after some consistent whack-a-moleing.


thats ok, we have feelers out , i am going to find his location, and then he will see whats up,

he wanted a war he is getting one, harassing boards is one thing, the war is whole lot different when its brought to your door, your home address, your neighbors, we'll see how much he wants a war then.



I am literally shaking in my little boots, you keyboard warrior you.

Say, didn't I see you on the cover of internet tough guy magazine august issue 2017?

You're more than welcome to come on over, I'll put on some coffee for you. To make it easier for you I live in Hammersmith. Happy hunting, champ.

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