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Steam group

File: 664c5e2efa051b4⋯.jpg (320.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, C6f7kIeVMAEpjip.jpg)


Guaranteed Flop Edition

Previous Thread: >>35377

Previously on Telltale Games General…

>clem_is_awesome's diary, page 72

>TWDG is getting so bad it's only logical to abandon it even if you love Clem

>Anons discuss how Kenny's death could've been better in season 3

>Anons discuss season 1 in comparison to later seasons

>How you set yourself up for the biggest disappointment of your life

>Anons discuss Clementine's characterization

>The fall of TWDG is comparable to the fall of the Halo series

>Season 3 lead writer leaves telltale

>Job Stauffer says he's gonna do an AMA on the telltale forums, he doesn't do it until about a week later

>Steam ratings for season 3 keep dropping

>What color is Clementine's hat

>Season 3 Clem is completely unrecognizable besides her appearance

>First fanart of Javier ever

>Cut content

>We want our 4chan anons back

>Telltale loses three of it's best people

>Anons discuss why telltale skipped Clementine's story this season

>S3 Clem mod available for Left 4 Dead 2

>Anons continue to prove their love for Clementine?

Things to discuss… New questions are marked by an asterisk

>How does GOTG look?*

>Will you play GOTG?* (lol)

>Did episode 3 of season 3 get delayed because of rewrites or GOTG?*

>Is there any hope for the rest of season 3 being good?*

>Is there any hope for GOTG being good?*

Thread Theme Question…

>Is there any hope for telltale?

Polls… Also post polls for questions you want to see

>http://www.strawpoll.me/11956614 What future game are you most excited for?

>http://www.strawpoll.me/11939922 Eleanor is…

>http://www.strawpoll.me/11939936 What did you think of Jane and her suicide?

>http://www.strawpoll.me/11956619 Do you like season 3 Clementine?

>http://www.strawpoll.me/11956625 Which Clementine is the best?








Steam group:



picture of this thread is gay as fuck


I suppose I should provide a link to telltale's tweet showing their GOTG game



>How does GOTG look?*

Very pretty.

>Will you play GOTG?* (lol)

Probably not, even if it wasn't a telltale product, I'm generally not that into capeshit. Then again, I didn't think I'd play Borderlands either and it's pretty much my favorite telltale game now, so who knows.

>Did episode 3 of season 3 get delayed because of rewrites or GOTG?*


>Is there any hope for the rest of season 3 being good?*

Nah. I think that ship has sailed.

>Is there any hope for GOTG being good?*


>Is there any hope for telltale?

As long as they stay open there's hope. But it doesn't seem like the hope is very grounded in reality these days.


File: 43a621cd69977fd⋯.png (54.93 KB, 631x612, 631:612, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.37.27….png)

>How does GOTG look?*

Like playdough garbage, I was expecting it to look good considering that they sacrificed S3 for it.

>Will you play GOTG?* (lol)

No, I don't think I'll ever touch another video game after ANF is finished.

>Did episode 3 of season 3 get delayed because of rewrites or GOTG?*

Both, must mostly because of Guardians

>Is there any hope for the rest of season 3 being good?*

Not at all, as long as the game is in Javier's control the game will never be good.

>Is there any hope for GOTG being good?*

Doubt it, shit's full of freelancers


File: ae6c72b98a048da⋯.png (38.4 KB, 658x579, 658:579, ss (2017-03-10 at 08.55.49….png)

New Glassdoor review


File: c7ae68dd7884e4b⋯.png (121.67 KB, 714x807, 238:269, ss (2017-03-10 at 11.26.55….png)

I made a Bingo board for today's PAX panel, what should I change?



kek, it's pretty good. Though I honestly doubt they'l talk about ANF much. Maybe a screenshot and a release date at a very end.


File: 2903a302919ffba⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 453x942, 151:314, ss (2017-03-10 at 07.22.20….jpg)

Who is this badass looking motherfucker?, looks like some sort of doctor or scientist.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: bf8035c89d1fb15⋯.gif (720.86 KB, 446x251, 446:251, 1485922075007.gif)


>TTG just tacked on Clementine's plot thread like some afterthought, "Oh yeah btw preorder this and you'll get this DLC"


File: 98c291c421bd1fa⋯.jpg (108.32 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, C6mxUyOU4AAHaD8.jpg)


100% doctor. He's smartly dressed unlike the rest of the NF crew. There's also this concept art of a clinic so yeah.



So I guess they killed AJ because of his 'tism.



Where did you get this


File: 7dd72917df783e3⋯.jpg (193.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Control_Room_1920x1080.jpg)


nvm just found it and more



I know you know now but for those interested I found it on the website under 'concept art'.


File: ea2aff1cda9df22⋯.png (422.49 KB, 704x556, 176:139, 1389375390052.png)

>tfw enthusiasm for the game is so low nobody is talking about the trailer



thanks Telltale



I have a feeling that even when the episode comes out, it's still going to be this dead.



i remember running home from school so i could watch trailers/teasers/screenshots because of how excited i was, then i could sit on the computer for daaaaays talkin about it. good times….



It's hard to get excited about something that doesn't deserve it.


File: d0ed77b824ab40a⋯.png (98.95 KB, 464x1704, 58:213, lol.png)

Needs an updated version for ANF


File: 5c1c5f1b0a8a94a⋯.png (10.98 KB, 192x110, 96:55, demo-1.png)

>hear season 3 episodes are released

>see an ad on 8ch about a board to discuss the games

>am curious, go there

>find a bunch of people who are shitting on telltale

>End up liking these people enough that i stayed for over 10 threads

>get bored of the board half-way thru the 103rd thread


>return months later, again out of curiosity

>its stuck on thread 104 with only a few posts



>Is there any hope for telltale?

I don't see any.

>How does GOTG look?


>Will you play GOTG?

Probably not.

>Did episode 3 of season 3 get delayed because of rewrites or GOTG?


>Is there any hope for the rest of season 3 being good?

Only a slimmer of hope.

>Is there any hope for GOTG being good?



File: 31e6a0c217b9d88⋯.png (636.8 KB, 500x271, 500:271, falling snow.png)


Animated PNG's? You seem familiar, so welcome back I suppose.

This place is mostly dead as news of The Walking Dead is few and far between as Telltale keeps trying to push its Marvel/DC games.



This is what happens when telltale not only takes forever to put out new episodes, but the episodes we already have are shit, and so the game is so bad nobody wants to talk about the new trailer. Nice to see you come back though.



This place is dead, but honestly, EVERYWHERE is. This place is dead, the official forms get maybe a couple posts a day and they're all shitting on telltale, OTWDF is officially dust. It went weeks without a single post. Reddit gets maybe a post a day. There aint shit on twitter. The only alive and breathing walking dead place is that big discord chat.



>the episodes we already have are shit

They're not just shit, they're absolute fucking garbage, the worst dogshit Telltale has ever shit out.


File: 343893f9f3be287⋯.png (1.86 MB, 320x224, 10:7, 1416843901174.png)




>This place is dead, the official forms get maybe a couple posts a day and they're all shitting on telltale, OTWDF is officially dust. It went weeks without a single post. Reddit gets maybe a post a day. There aint shit on twitter. The only alive and breathing walking dead place is that big discord chat.

Damn, Telltale really did fuck up hard when even the most dedicated places are barely moving despite the new game being made.

I hope good things start happening so that the discussion can pick up again. You are good anons and it would be a damn shame if all that dedication just fizzled out like this.

If Telltale doesn't do anything to fix their stuff i hope that they crash and burn. Its already painful enough what they are doing with S3, just let it end.


Well, i guess the only thing left to do is fill up the porn thread so that its all complete, since there is nothing to talk about ;).


File: ecfa423a1df87ef⋯.jpg (259.51 KB, 1497x1500, 499:500, delete that.jpg)


I refuse to stoop so low as to taint this sacred ground with filth.



But i just want the S3 nudes!



Well, what about kenny porn? Don't you want your husbando to pleasure you?



There's barely any out there.



>Don't you want your husbando to pleasure you?

No, I want to pleasure him.


This is true. And it's criminal.


waiting 13 more days for this garbage is making me lose my shit


I found a playtester who finished Episode 3.

The achievements say 70 minutes but there's no way to know how long the first achievement took to unlock so the episode is probably 75-85 minutes long.


File: cf554b1479cc756⋯.png (223.55 KB, 456x420, 38:35, Untitled.png)


Tonight we fall, into the hands of gods…



god strike me down now



Yeah, like I know for sure that the first acheivement in ANF isn't until you reach the Junkyard so you have to go through the MAMA NO YAYA PIPOS AWAKE aswell as the lmao weed scenes before you get it. I'm not sure how long those are, probably about 10 mins so the likelihood is the ep is about 80 mins… lame.


You know, I used to find this stuff disturbing. I remember someone spammed Croix's lingerie clem pics on the official forums and it shocked me forever. Now I can't get enough. I've become so corrupted…


Kevin Bruner steps down


Have I ever been wrong about any of my predictions about this company?

Next up is massive layoffs by the end of the year or beginning of next year.


File: 1d1862fbd5dd35c⋯.png (2 MB, 1920x1006, 960:503, Hope.png)


Wait, what.

This is a good thing right?



Sorry I deleted the post to add more stuff.

I don't think it's really that good at this point because too much damage has already been done and Dan Connors is taking over and he's also a fucking idiot.



>Dan Connors is taking over and he's also a fucking idiot

So nothings gonna change, great.


Looking at glassdoor reviews, this is a good thing. Dan Connors unfortunately isn't much better though.



Hopefully things will start to turn around now, though it might be too late for this to affect season 3 in a good, or any way.



Who knows what any of this is all about.

In 2015 Dan Connors stepped down because of "growing pains"

in 2017 Kevin Bruner is stepping down because of the same shit and putting Dan Connors back into the same place.



File: 39671aacaa4d6da⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1290x1346, 645:673, janefaggots.png)

I need more anti-janefags pics like this one. I know there used to be some pretty good and irrefutable ones. Marc I'm sure you must have saved some of them.


File: a42e08079eb53e5⋯.jpg (65.05 KB, 607x569, 607:569, a42e08079eb53e5c4b6901b5cf….jpg)

I'm still angry about how they introduced Carver just for him to fall so easily so soon. He had a great introduction but he was rushed, fell too soon and i hate how EVERYONE who followed him had next to no character development, especially the 400 Days characters.

I also find it very stupid that he would go so much out of his way just to get some pregnant black chick and for no good reason wants to force everyone else he finds to go along with him. HE EVEN BROUGHT A TRUCK ALONG JUST TO TRANSPORT THESE PEOPLE THAT WANT HIM DEAD.

For someone who is built up to be a smart survivor who knows people will eventually cross each other, i just don't get why he would bring so many people that were against him to his place. He eventually ended up having more people that wanted him dead then those that were on his side, its so stupid.

He also had some really unnecessary cartoony villain moments. It would have been better if they didn't make him out to be SUCH an asshole.

Its a shame really, he had some really good moments. That scene in the cabin between him and Clementine was pretty great.



I also want to point out its very retarded to waste so many resources including fuel while also trying to drive around a truck AND capture some people that might be deep into the woods when these people will give you no real benefit and might just kill you.


File: 2408b4be8e7b32b⋯.png (33.85 KB, 891x432, 33:16, ss (2017-03-17 at 04.42.58….png)


Everything about S2 was such a waste.

This gets forgotten because of how bad S3 is.


File: 92a50e647a50b22⋯.png (64.76 KB, 349x642, 349:642, janefags2.png)

Someone please, I need to fill my janefags folder


File: 8b9c41f817ee936⋯.jpg (102.44 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 4ed8d5dd2ead8f13be93d88b84….jpg)


Lets not forget how they planned a showdown between Luke and Kenny, and even tho they didn't develop the dislike between them well enough(or Luke himself), it would have still been much better and at least kinda difficult choice between those two.

Instead, we get a forced showdown between Jane and Kenny which doesn't make sense. Jane already had unlikable things to her but she wasn't really all bad but the 5th episode shits all over that by making her act all angry and retarded against Kenny and even leave the baby in a car just to prove some dumb point. It was all forced and out of character for Jane to do something like that.

I don't get why they just didn't go with Luke vs Kenny, it was obvious that was the original plan.


>S3 Clementine model is ready

It's only a matter of time, now.




My vote for worse bullshit still goes to "LET'S WALK IN A STRAIGHT (def. extending or moving uniformly in one direction only; without a curve or bend) LINE ACROSS THIS FROZEN LAKE.


File: ea01778f1f8f1f9⋯.jpg (254.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170315021533_1.jpg)


Not for me.

I haven't even made it to Season 3 yet. I'm still stuck on how fucking bad they messed up Season 2. This is why you have someone overlooking the entire thing and have a solid plan of how and what is going to happen from start to finish. They rewrote so much shit halfway through that anything coherent just gets lost in the shuffle.

ANF is dogshit but it never had a chance in the first place of being a good game with Javier as the lead.

> I don't get why they just didn't go with Luke vs Kenny, it was obvious that was the original plan

It doesn't make too much sense though. I mean, as pathetic as it is now, a reminder that on release 75% people shot Kenny. That was with Jane, a character that many people had a problem with. Had it been Kenny vs Luke, it would have gone into the 90% number no doubt.

I also can't really see Luke attacking Kenny. Despite one or two arguments, they really didn't have that much of a problem with each other. They were on somewhat friendly terms by ep5 anyway. Fuck rewrites, fuck the 'planning' of that season and fuck Vanaman for leaving S2 to die.




meant to tag ^ too


EP3 leaked to some people on Xbox one. He's the first few minutes of the episode


It's total garbage



Let me correct that, this is AFTER the first achievement is unlocked.


File: b48f4104e414632⋯.png (34.68 KB, 929x398, 929:398, The Kenny Situation.png)


Sorry, I woke up late and was busy today. I lost all my images when I lost my old laptop a few years ago. I've been trying to recover my images but I haven't been able to find them all. I'll have to see what I have to repost.


So it looks like it only takes a few minutes to get the first achievement. This episode's an hour long.


Some spoilery detail about TNF *apparently there are four leaders of the New Frontier*


File: 8c2da34fa7be264⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 294x352, 147:176, 8c2da34fa7be264d707cb28fda….gif)


Its ready? Got a link to it or something?


>That was with Jane, a character that many people had a problem with

Heres the thing tho, no one, including myself or you, could have known what Jane really did the first time around. That 75% number is there because, altho Jane had problems, you could point to Kenny and see some problems and potential issues. Not only that, but Kenny left a bad taste for many back in S1 because he did stupid shit and would shit on Lee too much if he didn't decide to kill Larry.

Now of course, you could explain some of Kennys problems but they are still there and the fact that the game was hinting that Kenny might go insane was what probably made a lot of people side with the colder Jane, yet at least a decent amount went with Clem going off alone after seeing what Jane did and many others, including myself, that went with Jane even after seeing what she did have said they went with her just because it didn't make sense to have Clem survive alone, even if she had to stick with Jane.

>I also can't really see Luke attacking Kenny

True, which is what i meant when i said that their rivalry was poorly developed.

Thing is, the sole reason the Kenny vs Luke thing would have been better was because they were clearly hinting that Kenny is seriously starting to lose it and Luke would have been a counter to that. It would have also made more sense then the incredibly forced Jane vs Kenny fight.

I don't care about the %, i care about the logic.



Post all the spoilers you have my dude. I want to kill every last shred of optimism which might still be lingering deep in my subconsciousness.



>Timeskip so we don't even see the first interaction between David and his family

Jesus fucking christ.


File: 715b04c9a9470ac⋯.png (36.85 KB, 879x396, 293:132, ss (2017-03-17 at 09.34.18….png)


Here's all he said.

He's 2 chapters into the episode and Clem is nowhere to be seen yet.


File: 90b11a1fdc65482⋯.png (16.37 KB, 874x163, 874:163, ss (2017-03-17 at 09.35.49….png)


File: ac3bc524e09cd17⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ac3bc524e09cd1715138bfb3e9….png)


Actually, nvm, now that i think about it, both Kenny vs Luke and vs Jane is retarded for similar reasons, with vs Luke maybe being slightly better.

Still, that promotional image with Luke and his AK vs Kenny and his crowbar and Clem in the middle still looks pretty cool.


File: e1fd86bf8bcff5d⋯.png (4.19 KB, 388x98, 194:49, ss (2017-03-17 at 09.36.28….png)


Clem just showed up


File: 8a9fd2a340729b2⋯.jpg (87.45 KB, 574x852, 287:426, ss (2017-03-17 at 09.37.36….jpg)




Never thought I'd say this but, Fuck off, Clem.





>OP can barely into English

Never mind, no need to torture yourself. Thanks for the effort though.



Oh, not you, clem_is_awesome. Edge Clem.


File: 0aa5adc368f9bee⋯.jpg (135.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20170301052115_1.jpg)


I pretty much agree with what you say there, although I would counter with the fact that just because Kenny treated Lee badly to some that's not an excuse to be a dick to him as Clementine. Sure, the player is still the same but the relationship is and should be completely different.

>Thing is, the sole reason the Kenny vs Luke thing would have been better was because they were clearly hinting that Kenny is seriously starting to lose it and Luke would have been a counter to that.

Yeah but my point is that Luke had 0 flaws except one (fucking Jane near the end of ep4) Literally nobody would choose Kenny (I did in S2, but if it was Luke then even though I love the boatmaster there's no way I could choose him over Luke).

>It would have also made more sense then the incredibly forced Jane vs Kenny fight.

Definitely. I just think that the way the game was written there was too much stacked against Kenny and no real reason to pick him over Luke. TWD is supposed to be about tough choices, but that really isn't one.




>he is revealing the episode has been leaked before finishing it

>risks having it removed before he is done

>doesn't google a way to record stuff and instead asks reddit for answers



mundys are always the ones blessed with leaked shit like this



why the fuck is "n-ormies" filtered




Clinically retarded in this case.



It's meant to be a reference to TWAU. Mundies is the phrase used to describe normal people in Fables, hence the filter.



Wow, so edgy and badass! She can cuss too you guys! That's how you know she's really hardcore!


File: 16334f7483486e9⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 1357x761, 1357:761, 16334f7483486e928747653ef9….jpg)


>the relationship is and should be completely different

True but still, people remember and i have no doubt that influenced them.

>I just think that the way the game was written there was too much stacked against Kenny and no real reason to pick him over Luke. TWD is supposed to be about tough choices, but that really isn't one.

You're completely right, i guess it could be said that TT once again had an idea but didn't develop the characters properly for it to work. At all.

>Luke had 0 flaws except one (fucking Jane near the end of ep4)

>Not wanting to bang some crazy after all you've been thru

C'mon now.


File: 04564a24cae91ae⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Rule 63 Clementine.jpg)


Literally DmC Dante



>Luke had 0 flaws

Not true. Luke was an incompetent pussy, he literally failed at preforming every task he was given. On top of that he was boring as hell.


File: 5b9f48868dbf6b3⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 528x163, 528:163, ss (2017-03-15 at 01.56.49….jpg)

Episode is 75 minutes long, probably even less



Haha, well I was struggling to see a flaw and I just brought that up cuz it was on my mind.


I mean yeah but he's hard to 'hate'. Dislike maybe but point being is that for the most importance choice of the season, Kenny had far more shit stacked against him than Luke did making it a pretty one sided choice


I wanna fucking die. This is not the Clem I raised up and this edgy bullshit is so completely against her character for me… ugh.



>cuz it was on my mind

Banging Jane was on your mind? ;)


File: c7cf660bebf5ebc⋯.jpg (231.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wyattsmile.jpg)


File: ccd355a20ee32cb⋯.png (19.89 KB, 900x181, 900:181, ss (2017-03-17 at 11.08.17….png)





What the absolute fuck?! They argue that AJ can't saved, and yet they decide to keep him?! For what purpose? Why don't they just kill him if he can't be saved?




File: 890172186d358ec⋯.png (250.97 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, Steam_2017-03-18_03-27-20.png)


It might be a false alarm but some people are actually downloading something.


More footage with Edgy Clem at the end




Is it bad I want her dead?


I just watched an entire playthrough, Clem's in the episode for only like 10 minutes.



I guess one thing I can say that's positive is that I'm glad they didn't give you the choice of whether or not to kill Badger. I'm glad he dies no matter what.


I wouldn't say so, but I do feel bad for sharing your feelings.


Maybe that's a good thing considering how unlikable she is.



Probably for the best, since they don't understand her character at all.

Mind giving me a quick rundown? I'm not sure if want to bother youtube-ing it.



>Shitty flashback with Javier, Kate and the kids at the beginning of the apocalypse

>Everybody gets taken in to a quarantine room

>Javier gets taken by David to go see Kate and the doctor

>Javier gets taken by David to go see the other leaders of TNF and see what they have to say about Javier

>Javier gets kicked out with Tripp and Jesus, David leaves them a bag of supplies with a map on it about where to meet up

>They're walking to the "Slaughterhouse" which got rewritten and is now a "Factory" with no walkers in it

>Clem shows up and saves Javier and there's a shitty flashback

>[Hug Clem]

>Badger, Max and Lonnie are in the factory

>There's a lot of loot they've taken from communities they've raided

>Kill Badger

>Kill Max or Take him with you

>Jesus finally takes off

>Go back to TNF to get Kate/Gabe/Eleanor and AJ

>Clem disappears

>Get Kate/Gabe and they get dropped off at David's place

>Javier goes see David and the other leaders

>stupid bullshit about MUH GASOLINE, MUH PUDDING, MUH SUPPLIES, MUH COMMUNITIES happens and the episode ends

It's probably worse than ep1 and 2, or I dunno maybe they're all equally garbage


Even The New Frontier are boring as fuck. The leaders are shit and fucking stupid, there's really no meaning behind their name, the branding is basically fucking nothing.



Thanks. Sounds gull as fuck.



>I'm not sure if want to bother youtube-ing it.

Same. This is the first Telltale game where I prefer to read about what happens rather than seeing it for myself. Even with Minecraft and GOT I could bear to watch playthroughs of them on Youtube.


So there's no season 1 flashback?



no season 1 flashback, and that's good I guess, I don't want these fucking hacks ruining the pristine vision that I have of that masterpiece

Here's the playthrough





Thank christ. I'd normally complain about rewrites, but in this case it's a good thing they didn't give us a disgusting season 1 Clem model swearing up a storm.


Hey at least Clem didn't manage to piss me off this episode.

or maybe she did and I already forgot.


I watched the playthrough, it's actually pretty okay. I know people are really sore about Clementine's character and story, I am too. This season would have been better off if they hadn't introduced her, but overall, this was a fairly solid episode. The story at the very least is put together, unlike with season 2, I half expected them to just go with the idea that Richmond got massacred over some gas and two cups of pudding at this point, glad there is more to it. And unlike in the first two episodes, the characters got to talk about themselves a bit. The villain is appropriately smug and unlikable, without falling into the same Darwinist bullshit we see in TWD over and over again. I can't be sure yet, but it does seem like there are several different ways the story can play out. Hell, even Clem's bit was okay, probably because it was short as fuck. She was more Kenny 2.0 in this one than Jane 2.0, which I appreciate more, and they toned down her language. Jesus is the worst part. First of all because you can't fuck him, and second because he's completely pointless.



>glad there is more to it

what more is there to it?, they were still butthurt over the gas and it turns out they just like to raid communities just to take everything.

And somehow this went behind David's back for months/years unnoticed?



>and it turns out they just like to raid communities just to take everything

Yeah, that. I honestly, truly thought that bullshit was happening because of the pudding. Can you really blame me? It's telltale writing. The fact that the new frontier are raiders behind the mask of a relatively normal community is a relief. And that fact that not everyone is in the know makes it more interesting.

I don't see why it would be so impossible to keep from David. It's a very large community, and he's in charge of security, not scouting or expansion. And it's not as if they were suddenly turning up with a bunch of shit. They had a storage space, I imagine they brought things at a slow, but steady space under the guise of scavenging.



>and they toned down her language

If that's true I'm surprised they did since everybody loves Edgy McSwearface.


File: 0d4938ff4ac333b⋯.jpg (98.82 KB, 1277x715, 1277:715, ss (2017-03-18 at 03.08.32….jpg)

Also, one small detail for the Janefags, Clem considers Kenny a friend and justified what he did to Carver. She says this on all S2 endings.


Can anybody confirm that "Clementine" is in the episode longer if you chose to hand her over to The New Frontier?


My thoughts on episode 3, if anybody cares:

I liked it. It wasn't amazing, but it's not anywhere near as awful as episode 1 and 2 were and I think that cynicism is still being carried over which is a shame since this episode is EASILY better than the latter half of S2. The intro was pretty damn good. Though we still don't find out what happened to Hector…probably next episode.

There's a lot more focus on character development here, particularly with Tripp/David/Kate. Tripp actually acts like a human being and not a robot made to follow Javier's every command. He gets angry at times but also has his moments. Kate becomes… kind of weird and forceful this episode but it's better than 'dude lmao weed'. Thankfully they got rid of the whole 'Brother vs Brother' predictable bullshit and are going with something different with David which is good. Badger dies, Max is determinant. He'll probably die in the next episode right in the beginning. Jesus leaves, which is good because his inclusion was pointless and purely for fanservice. Ava seems cool so far. Gabe is still annoying but we barely see him so that's another positive.

I thought the ending to this episode was pretty stilted. Tries to be climatic but…it doesn't really work. That said, I am at least interested enough to see where the story goes.

Clem's playtime is still a big problem unfortunately. There isn't nearly enough time we get to play her which is pretty bad.

That said, her scene was genuinely quite good. The AJ scene made me teary eyed. Everyone she knows is dead, AJ is the last thing she has and you can see why that's affected her character. Kind of bullshit explanation but they did cool down on her obnoxious swearing, though you can still play edgeclem.

tl;dr It's a good episode on it's own merits. It still has problems but it literally spends most of the episode solving the past two episodes problems but does so pretty well. If you don't give a shit about Javier/family dynamic then you're gonna be disappointed.




So I guess the episode's not too bad then. I might check it out now since I trust you guys.



It's only a little bit better than 1 and 2 but it's still a bad episode.

Even worse when you consider it took 4 months to make and we're 60% into the season already.



It's worth playing it for yourself. I honestly though it would be complete garbage but I suprisingly enjoyed it and didn't expect to.



I guess the rewrites were worth it.

Hope the rest of the season can be good so it can maybe be worth our time.


From what i've heard episode three is decent.

Kinda sad that Clementine still has such a minor role.


I'm feeling weird, I feel somewhat empty after playing EP3. They made me care about AJ and Clem and now all I want is to play as Clem and take care of each other but I know that won't happen for the rest of the season, so I'm basically in the mindset that I am now waiting for Season 4 instead of the rest of ANF.


File: 22275c875cbe998⋯.jpg (142.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170310194807_1.jpg)

Yeah. While I think episode 3 in of itself is pretty good I still would have prefered a season playing as Clementine. The new writers are kind of stuck now. They can't exactly just throw Javier away and 'begin' Clem's journey half way through ANF.

Clementine still wants a vehicle (for whatever reason) so it's likely that she'll get it then leave Javier at Richmond. To me it seems like they're setting up Clementine being the protagonist again for the next season.


File: 830bba5300261cd⋯.jpg (293.51 KB, 1280x1907, 1280:1907, 4daf913cba46e790530d4db20c….jpg)

Man, I'm glad I didn't get Season 3 at this point.

Such a disappointment.


Would you guys say episode 3 feels like telltale listened to the criticisms people had about season 3 so far?



not at all



They listened to some but not enough.

>People wanted more clem, they didn't listen. >People wanted longer episodes, they didnt listen.

>People wanted equal 50/50 between javier and clem, they didn't listen.

>There are SO MANY CRINGE lines.

>Some plot holes.

> Jesus was nothing but fanservice. the ending was atrocious, just awful.

>Theyre still reusing old tracks from s2. I only heard 2 new soundtracks which is disappointing because im a slut for new music.


>Though, the pacing is a lot better,

> dlog choices are better (as in, they branch out more.)

> I can see more of (past)clem in this episode than the previous.

> there are a LOT more determinate scenes.

> i didnt see any choices that resembled [glass him] so they took note of that. Though there are so many different dlog choices and branches i havent seen all of them yet.

To me, the episodes *felt* long. Though i did watch it over a course of two days, that might have something to do with it, but it felt long(er) than the first two.

Overall, i dont think the episode was special or fantastic. My expectations were at ground zero for this, but compared to the first 2 episodes, it was a lot better. I wouldnt rate it a 8/10. I guess I could say the first two episodes were unbearable. This episode is nothing like season 1 but it was enjoyable.



I think they did, but the lack of Clementine is still a big problem.



If you spit at David, Clem will literally go into T-pose at the end.



I don't see it m8.



Last second as it fades out. You can't see her entire body, but it's pretty obvious from what you can see.



Not the same anon but, shit, you're right.




I think she's just being violently yanked forward.



That's how I see it too.




It actually does kinda look like she goes into the T pose.


File: b4d63bbfba35989⋯.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, madmax4.png)

Trying to do mad max crossover in sfm. But i think it's look not good.



Keep trying, it has potential so if you keep at it I'm sure you can make it look good.


File: 77259199176497e⋯.jpg (425.62 KB, 1067x863, 1067:863, clemholyshit5.jpg)


Oh god. I'm forgot about twd prop pack. Alright. Now i'm know what else need.


File: 9e129bc2e11c796⋯.jpg (161.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20170301054254_1.jpg)


That's pretty cool!

now let us see the front…


File: a968fc1161570a8⋯.jpeg (20.63 KB, 175x187, 175:187, angry lee.jpeg)


File: bae2f46f42fb9c1⋯.jpg (220.44 KB, 629x795, 629:795, clemregular44.jpg)


Also i'm wanna sfm model of Clem in pajamas.


File: c2b696f06724ddb⋯.jpg (355.81 KB, 675x793, 675:793, clemcomehere1.jpg)


>now let us see the front




>a child

>having anything in the front

I'm curious, does a shirtless torso of a nine year old boy excite you guys as much as that of nine year old girl? If not, how the fuck can you tell the difference?



Unless I'm mistaken the model your using has the pajamas, you just need to change the skin group.


File: 9795a509dec159c⋯.jpg (194.68 KB, 419x619, 419:619, clemregular29.jpg)


>Unless I'm mistaken the model your using has the pajamas

Nope. Only blood on the body, scar on her cheek, blood on her face, and i guess it's all skin group in model that i'm using. My model does not have pajamas skin.


File: bb32fa734676a15⋯.png (15.29 KB, 945x315, 3:1, ss (2017-03-21 at 02.44.29….png)

Looks like the rest of the game will come out much faster than EP3.



So Clem is a supporter of Free The Nipple, or maybe shit's just hot over there.


File: f49bd08b1b6f15b⋯.jpg (155.71 KB, 588x681, 196:227, clemschool3.jpg)


This is desert. Of course it's very hot out there.



This pic melts my heart

"When we get to somewhere safe, we'll set up a little classroom, just you and me."

"No homework?"

"No homework"


File: 8616c2004233e8b⋯.jpg (58.18 KB, 851x477, 851:477, ss (2017-03-21 at 03.33.03….jpg)

Does she still live by this?


File: 20bb1da9c1d356a⋯.jpg (172.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170310193203_1.jpg)


Yes but it dies with AJ


it's a joke


File: be93126aea65cdf⋯.jpg (390.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, be93126aea65cdf879cd4a743f….jpg)


Only cuz it's Clem and it's tradition.


I really want to punch her in the face. What a waste of an excellent model.


All this talk about the SFM pic yesterday made me feel like using SFM again. I'll see if I can muster up the motivation to make something since I already have something in mind.


File: a8b8892542ee46a⋯.webm (10.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, clemmadmax.webm)

Finally made this.


File: 14554dc9424b63c⋯.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, madmax13.png)


And here the pic.




I like the added props, good job.


I wish I knew how to use source filmmaker. I used to fuck around with ragdolls on gmod a ton but I have no idea where to start with SFM.



The anon who used to make SFM pics for us all the time wrote a tutorial on how to use SFM a long time ago. I don't remember the link for it, and I'm not gonna look through all our old threads to find it, so I reposted it on Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/R5Bwz8f4


File: 83abcd18d3c28d2⋯.jpg (196.81 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, garbage.jpg)

The key art already dropped.

Literally a copy of the box art.




Such a pointless cameo. It's 400 days group tier.


File: 52371dcfe853b5d⋯.jpg (143.97 KB, 1238x588, 619:294, ripped1.jpg)

When i'm changing clementine arm position her clothing get ripped. How fix that?



To quote the guide I posted "Right click the model in the ASE, and go to "Add Material Overrides". Then, right click the model again, and click "Show in Element Viewer > Model". This should switch the tab from the ASE to the Element Viewer. If you expand "materials", you'll see all of the materials the model uses. In Clem's case, you can right click "nudebody" (lewd!), "Add Attribute > Float", and name it "$alpha" (its value should be set to 0 by default). What this does is make the texture completely transparent, which should help if her arms are clipping through her sleeves. You can do this with any other VMT parameter."


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It feels funny watching the new trailer already knowing what happens in the episode.



The art does look pretty good.


File: 635522005986cb5⋯.png (904.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 148890330827489.png)


I agree, I really like Clem's poofier hair in the art too. Her hair ingame is much shorter (which makes sense).



That's because they're using the model from the E3 teaser rather than the in-game model. That's how it looks to me anyway.


>conrad survives episode 3

I am legitimately surprised.



That's actually something I was wondering about. Most people had him killed so they didn't say anything about him when episode 3 leaked.



Yeah it's an older model. I wish they left it in for modding purposes.


I miss her…


Conrad can actually die in EP3 or survive the episode. It all depends if you give him a gun or not.

Conrad confirmed for most determinant character up to date.


His death is also really well done, one of my favorite deaths.


Only bad thing about it is how the walkers pull him back with such strength.


Clem's eyelashes are 2048x2048 textures while everyone else's are 256x256.

They went all out on the Clem model only to have her in 5% of the screentime



I sometimes have to wonder what going through the minds of the people at Telltale when I hear about things like this.



I think that's a bug, eyelashes probably shouldn't be higher resolution than her face.


File: 0d2e37b432f2d7b⋯.jpg (238.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170310192427_2.jpg)

I hope we get to see hatless Clem at some point in ANF.


I had a Clem dream. It was the best. My day is filled with purpose again.



What happened in it?



do tell do tell


File: 27b07d26ec5d3c6⋯.png (11.33 KB, 943x193, 943:193, ss (2017-03-27 at 10.36.04….png)

on half-chan's /v/ right now


File: 2173a962ae980a8⋯.jpg (425.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170323043315_2.jpg)


>caring about nu /v/'s opinions

no thanks



but anon, they hate ANF as well


So I finally decided to check out episode 3, and I can agree that it's better than the first two episodes. For the most part I think it's just okay, not good enough to be enjoyable but not so bad that I hate it. I can agree at least that it's better than season 2's worst episodes. Clementine is in the episode longer than she was in the first two, but she probably has just as much dialogue. The scene after the end of Clementine's flashback did make me feel sad but nowhere near as much as other feelsy moments in the series. But that alone is better than what we've gotten so far, and Clementine's character is better, but I still don't completely approve of her this season. For instance I don't like how she still talks like a loner even if you have a "Kenny" or "Wellington" Clementine. The pacing is a lot better thankfully and the episode is almost 90 minutes, from what I saw anyway, so hopefully they'll keep this up in future episodes. Sadly, in terms of overall quality not just pacing, I think this is the best we're gonna get. The last two episodes are probably gonna be worse than this, but not as bad as the first two hopefully. We should consider ourselves lucky if the last two episodes are better, or even just as "good" as this one.


File: 0cb254eac73d3fe⋯.png (943.44 KB, 1140x740, 57:37, Gabe.png)

Holy shit this place is dead.

Just finished EP3 and I actually enjoyed it, there were some weird parts here and there but I think it was pretty good.

Don't know if any of you remembers but i posted a small "theory" about Gabe being infected and i'm still sure he is.Did you notice how he got in richmond whitout getting checked for bite marks? I'm telling you he's bit!



It's possible, but he would've shown signs of infection by now. Chances are they were going to have him infected from that but changed their minds.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nothing kills me more than to see /ttgg/ dead. Well, other than what Clementine's become in season 3. I remember your theory, if Gabe's bitten it sure is taking a long time for it to take effect. Meanwhile, the cabin group made a big deal about how Clem will turn overnight if she was bitten.

By the way, new trailer is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oqAprZOFNI



>but he would've shown signs of infection by now

Yeah true, true.


>Nothing kills me more than to see /ttgg/ dead. Well, other than what Clementine's become in season 3.

I hoped that EP3 would bring new discussion but nope. Clementine is in a weird spot this season she doesn't have place in the plot at all, feels like they just put her in to sell extra copies.


File: 13e60490ec70784⋯.jpg (281.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170314011149_2.jpg)


>I hoped that EP3 would bring new discussion but nope.

Not the anon you're replying to but it's both funny and sad how in the old threads people complained about how ttgg was dead if someone didn't post anything within like 8 hours. Now we go days without posts. I wonder if any of them are still here…



Any of them? Like who, for example? I'm sure by now most of the veterans have moved on to greener pastures.


I'm still here, the only thing that keeps me tied to this place and to this fucking piece of shit company is Clem and nothing else…



Not the anon youre replying to. I'm still here. I check everyday but post maybe only once a week. ALSO, Telltales AMA on reddit is tomorrow so that should bring some discussion.



>Any of them? Like who, for example?

I didn't mean anyone specifically, just in general. There used to be a drawfag, someone who would do SFM stuff etc. It seemed like there were more 'regulars' back then than there are now.

>by now most of the veterans have moved on to greener pastures.

I don't think I've ever heard that phrase be used in a positive way before. Only ever heard it in Italian mafia movies lol.


>I'm still here, the only thing that keeps me tied to this place and to this fucking piece of shit company is Clem and nothing else…

Pretty sure that makes all of us. I don't think anyone gives a fuck about GOTG and when ANF is over, this place is gonna be drier than a camels asshole in the Sahara desert.


>Telltales AMA on reddit is tomorrow so that should bring some discussion

Oh yeah, I forgot. I wonder if It'll be worse than Job's "ama"…



>they just put her in to sell extra copies.

Exactly, her place in the plot is basically her own separate story that's attached to one that has nothing to do with her. She's only in the game because people wouldn't care about it otherwise.


I wish we could get our veterans to come back here. Someone should make a Telltale or Walking Dead thread on 4chan /v/ and link to here with the pastebin link I used.


>Telltales AMA on reddit is tomorrow

Really, I wonder-


> I wonder if It'll be worse than Job's "ama"…

I was gonna say something like this.

Well since noone else has said anything about it, I guess I'll give my thoughts on the GOTG trailer. I think certain characters like Starlord look okay in motion, but I'm still not a fan of the artstyle of this game. My main concern is how they're gonna handle Thanos. I'm surprised he's the one they're going up against seeing as how he hasn't done anything in the movies yet, but Thanos is supposed to be smart, and the writers at Telltale are not that smart, so I'm worried that they're gonna fuck him up really badly on that end, and also I read that Bigby in TWAU wasn't as powerful as he is in the comics, so I hope Thanos doesn't get nerfed in a similar way.



Don't know if i'm veteran or not but I lurk here daily.


I don't really care about Guardians, i've never seen the film and I'm not a big fan of scifi.


File: 4d6e35fe58b5d0e⋯.png (27.67 KB, 865x366, 865:366, ss (2017-03-31 at 02.20.56….png)

tfw even the ANF writers have to ruin Clem's family.



Do you have a link to Stauffer's response to when someone on the forum AMA asked about the bad quality of the Kenny and Jane models in season 3? I want to ask about that in the Reddit AMA.



Nevermind, found it.


File: 672ad089acfae80⋯.png (1.04 MB, 574x776, 287:388, Telltaleco.png)


Prepare for EP4s shock reveal, Javier is Clementine's real dad!



Lee, Alvin, now Ed, why do black men keep getting cucked?



>Cashing in on the movies success: The game

No thanks



Karma's a bitch


We're back!


File: 0ca0a8d8661d22c⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 993x547, 993:547, crying.jpg)

Fucking hell, I thought I almost lost you.


File: 81a0f4d2a8ed495⋯.jpg (79.55 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, Reunion.jpg)



Good to be back.


File: 0a785674b3332c3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573.98 KB, 1124x1590, 562:795, 227225 - Clementine Tekuho….jpg)

Celebratory artwork



s-she seems happy..


I stopped lurking and posting as often as I did, and the board is pretty much dead. But it did hurt a bit when I thought it was lost forever.


File: 44d7aaf96c573e9⋯.jpg (313.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170310192256_1.jpg)

I honestly thought this board had been deleted at first. Glad it's still here.


>no blood on her hat



my dick shriveled up dry without this place


File: c7177708448a082⋯.jpg (236.57 KB, 452x567, 452:567, Clem Pizza.jpg)

>tfw eating pizza and can't share any with Clem


>If you let Conrad live, he apologizes for what he did in the tunnel

>You can choose whether or not to trust him with a gun

>Giving Conrad the gun saves his life

>You can let him kill Badger to give him a chance to avenge Francine

>He can actually live to see the end of episode 3

What do you know? A determinant character actually handled pretty well. They actually made meaningful interactions with him instead of him going mute until his inevitable death like Nick or dying 15 minutes later, like Sarah.



Apart from mishandling Clementine and her story, I honestly thing that S3 is superior to S2 in most ways.



Clem is the whole fucking game so mishandling clem is mishandling the whole damn game



She isn't though. The game is about many characters, the storyline, the choices and their consequences, themes… Clem is an important character, or rather, she was an important character, but she isn't TWD.



Clem LITERALLY is The Walking Dead:Game



Season 3 is at best, just as bad as season 2, and at worst completely unbearable. But even so, the mishandling of Clementine's character is so bad that that itself makes it worse than season 2.


TWDG is Clementine's story, or at least it is supposed to be. Season 1 was about Lee protecting her, season 2 was about… Well season 2 was a random week in Clementine's life, but it was still about her. Now with season 3, Telltale stupidly decided to push her aside and make the game not about her at all, and put her in a role that's even smaller than some season 1 side characters. I hope that a season 4 would fix this by making the game about Clementine again, but season 3 is so bad honestly that I'd rather a season 4 not exist.



we've been following HER and HER story for years. not following it wouldnt feel right , it wouldnt feel like twd. clem is this game, whether you life it or not



like it or not*



>Season 3 is at best, just as bad as season 2

303 was objectively better than 204 or 205.

Still dogshit but nowhere near as garbage as those two episodes.


File: 3805f76720fa1a4⋯.png (15.27 KB, 873x191, 873:191, ss (2017-04-08 at 08.42.54….png)

It really makes my day to know that Telltale LITERALLY reported me to Reddit admins after dropping a gigantic truth bomb on their sorry asses.



Damn, what did you say?


File: 93b132e3535291e⋯.png (83.12 KB, 909x864, 101:96, ss (2017-04-09 at 08.10.25….png)


File: 3a88be5ab9703f9⋯.png (30.65 KB, 902x385, 82:35, ss (2017-04-09 at 08.11.34….png)


File: 2f843b6bc78a147⋯.png (37.66 KB, 929x742, 929:742, ss (2017-04-09 at 08.12.18….png)


File: 26a3d36296f7a1c⋯.png (34.92 KB, 961x425, 961:425, ss (2017-04-09 at 08.12.36….png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Your constant trolling makes it far less likely that they'll ever want to do an AMA here again.

I think the fact that they can't seem to take any kind of criticism makes it unlikely that they'll ever do another one.

By the way Flimsii finally made a season 3 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haqzYLuIv6c

I hope he reviews it like with season 2.

Post last edited at


File: 73cea22a606afef⋯.png (273.75 KB, 1299x1322, 1299:1322, 1414269285392.png)





This is why they banned you?

There truly is no hope for telltale anymore.


File: 56f26fda0a22cb8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 224.31 KB, 1037x1001, 1037:1001, image.png)

muh dick



tits too big imo



I understand it might be a WIP but her head looks fucking gigantic and the body looks like a fully grown adult body just shrunk down a bit. Where's Croix ;_; ?

muh dick indeed anyways.


File: 10a19ccababec3c⋯.png (206.86 KB, 1000x761, 1000:761, vomit.png)


>that neck "seam"

>that colour

>that shine

>that everything



It's a good effort, it's not like anybody else is contributing to our fucked up fantasies but god damn does that look bizarre.


File: 19f6291c065983e⋯.jpg (351.26 KB, 1848x1756, 462:439, 3dClem.jpg)

This shit has been seriously pissing me off for a while and the more I think about it the further I sink into depression.

I've been doing my usual stalking of dev portfolios and I've noticed a trend. Some of the artists are removing anything TWD related from their sites, even Season 1 stuff.

This person right here is the guy who does the 3D models for the main characters, he's been at Telltale since the very beginning of S1 and did the models for Lee, Clem, S2 Clem and S3 Clem. He used to have them all in his site but he recently removed everything having to do with TWD.


I managed to find this S3 Clem in some hidden folder but to anyone going into his site they will not see anything about TWD. Considering this guy is literally the creator of Lee and Clem's 3D models this just seems so sad to me.

There's also this guy who does concept art for Michonne and ANF.


He used to have folder of concept art for Michonne that also showed super early concepts that prove the Michonne game was supposed to be Javier's introductory backstory game. I checked the site today and he updated it and removed anything TWD related.

And more proof that they gave up on TWD and moved their best devs to Guardians.


This guy has been at Telltale for 7 years, he did the best concept art for S1 and S2, worked on both games as "Concept art and Visual Development" but for S3 it only says "Concept Art" while for Guardians it says "Art Direction, Visual Development and Concept Art"

This shit saddens me so much because it gives you the impression that even individual devs don't care about TWD anymore and go around removing their work on it, as if they hate it or as if they're ashamed to have worked on it. Really sad days for Telltale and for the future of this franchise.



Perhaps Telltale's new company policy is to have their employees not utilize the company's "property" or something, otherwise it would seem odd for multiple people to take their stuff down around the same time.


Would you bang, guys?


File: 6e5467e30128728⋯.png (315.52 KB, 425x450, 17:18, fug.png)



Nice one




OH shit, please tell me you (or one us here) saved his older TWD model pics? I was just looking at his stuff not too long ago. Robin's stuff too.

Also I had a look: Jesse removed some of his concept art from S2. I have them all saved before he updated his site.

Is it maybe a legal thing? It seems weird they would hide TWD related work and still show older stuff.


File: b2364272a50f53d⋯.jpg (341.45 KB, 1132x1492, 283:373, clem12.jpg)


I only managed to save these 2 and a gif.

Here's a prediction, Jesse is planning to move on from the company either after Guardians or sometime next year. He updated his site to look more professional, to include his entire list of skills and skills that he's learning.

Really sad how they're driving their best talent away.


File: a0831cca5fa20f6⋯.gif (4.04 MB, 384x480, 4:5, Clem.gif)


File: 84c46b0149f17db⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 374x456, 187:228, 1415501037697.jpg)




It sounds likely, TTG is imploding. Best thing to do is get your money and go work for a company that cares about it's employees.


File: f5d9c5f433bb5fb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 208.27 KB, 1037x1001, 1037:1001, ass.png)

muh dick


File: 7b0c6f4f53ef168⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 176.36 KB, 724x691, 724:691, 227986 - 3D Clementine The….png)

muh diiick


File: 20635f2c0666d00⋯.jpg (315.89 KB, 570x1280, 57:128, clemcosplay2.jpg)

Trying make Clem cosplay but i'm think i'm fucked up this. Because i'm a boy, and i don't have Clem cap with letter D.



you look cute, i'd bang. Only if you're legal of course.

There aren't really any good clem hats that look like the one in-game sadly. There's a guy who makes really amazing ones on etsy but it's expensive.



You've already messed up because you didn't keep that hair short.




Two seconds of googling. Don't let your dreams be dreams, you can be Clem if you try hard enough.



no, those Zazzle hats are trash. The back is netted.


File: 0615d463d62032b⋯.png (684.37 KB, 632x722, 316:361, job_tells_the_truth.png)


Who's hyped for EP4?!?!


File: afcc6301ba6f139⋯.jpg (186.17 KB, 458x615, 458:615, clemhair3.jpg)


> Only if you're legal of course.

I'm 14.

> There's a guy who makes really amazing ones

Yeah. I know about this cap. So expensive for me.


>you didn't keep that hair short.



I saw better.



if you use your heart and mind.


oh god no, those are like $50 +$20 shipping.


Really you'd be better off making one yourself. a wonderful man and forum member by the name of JonGon made hats and gave them away. Luckily I was a good friend of his so I received one.

Far as I know he never took on a task like that before but the hat still came out very well.

So yeah, if season 3 hasn't sucked out every speck of life in you by now and you have some remaining motivation, try to craft one yourself.


File: 11e75d58535bce7⋯.jpg (77.92 KB, 367x545, 367:545, e1gbgQ4.jpg)


whoops forgot to attach the file


fuck, is general #103 really lost forever?


File: 99308e81b363a63⋯.png (25.34 KB, 399x222, 133:74, feels sad man.png)


Looks like it, yeah.

Bloody hackers.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7Hl776Wq5c what's the music in this trailer?


File: 4ec583d621d498b⋯.jpg (627.74 KB, 776x1080, 97:135, clemsohorny3.jpg)


>, try to craft one yourself.

Too lazy for that. Also your cap look nice.

>Luckily I was a good friend of his so I received one.

Amazon and ebay have only one amazing cap.


Look at this cap. God damn! I wanna this cap.


File: 4d8c7ca0f4c54d2⋯.png (75.5 KB, 1293x556, 1293:556, 8bitnick.png)


>I'm 14.

I mean, we could move to Bulgaria…



God damn it.


It was never released. Jared-Emerson actually wrote the song but 8bitnick who did a lot of the TWAU accolade songs performed it. He said he had to talk to the higher ups of telltale (you can see where this is going) and he would contact his lawyers about trying to release it. Nothing ever came of it.


File: b7e9bc34b7bf03d⋯.png (334.76 KB, 541x607, 541:607, clemhappypng.png)


>we could move to Bulgaria

I would not mind. It's a good idea.

You're serious about this? Because i'm agree.

You can fuck me whatever you want.


File: eb544949b69dfb4⋯.png (479.32 KB, 694x812, 347:406, clemwow10.png)


>You can fuck me whatever you want.

Goddamn! Shame on me. I thought it would not be written.


File: 71942e557eb3d47⋯.jpg (184.54 KB, 1560x878, 780:439, 149228038440858.jpg)



I'm only lewdposting friend, don't worry.


I'm very sorry for not posting more guys. I've been a bit busy and preoccupied, but things seem a little more active so I'll try to post more.




I'm thinking Telltale wants people who have worked on TWD to keep a lid on behind the scenes stuff because they want to avoid the backlash of people finding out that what was originally planned for the game was better than what was actually in the game.






I have fixed it.


For some reason I keep reading "cap" as "crap" in this post.


File: 95524d02378c82a⋯.gif (4.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, visible confusion.gif)


>fixed it

Are you the mod/admin/board owner or something? I honestly don't remember.



Board owner.



Ah, well thanks for getting things sorted again.



You're welcome. Unfortunately I can't restore missing images that easily. The only way to restore them is to repost them.



I think it'll be fine, it's an old thread anyway.



they want to avoid the backlash of people finding out that what was originally planned for the game was better than what was actually in the game

I definitely think there's a some truth to this as well as the legal side of things. All of Jesse's concept art that was dropped was stuff that didn't make the cut in S2 (Lodge bathroom, S2 nick, luke concept art etc). I was saving them for a S2 cut content video and I'm glad I did though I really did not expect any of these artists to remove their hard work they put in for TWD.



my bad, forgot the >


File: 25bc61cd79d34d6⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Clem Easter outline.jpg)

Happy Easter /ttgg/



Happy Easter, though I'm a bit late.


So GOTG has playthorughs out. See for yourself.




>Guardians flopped

what a surprise /s


File: 25707bb8ebd6ce8⋯.png (2.22 KB, 138x112, 69:56, ss (2017-04-18 at 09.47.19….png)

It didn't even manage to break 1k on release date…

Michonne got 2400, Batman 4000, ANF 8200…

This is their biggest flop to date.

Will this finally be a wake up call for them or are their egos so far up their fucking asses to admit they have a problem? Will they finally fix their shit or are they going to continue fucking up until they completely die out next year?

I can't wait for the lay offs now.



>These sanitized PR answers to questions

Why even have an AMA if all Telltale is gonna respond with is corporate drivel that doesn't mean anything? Holy shit, I didn't know you could type so many words to say absolutely nothing.


File: 5c26f16144754d1⋯.jpg (434.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, C9yUIiAU0AQ_WOf.jpg large.jpg)

Key art for episode 4 released. Trailer tomorrow.

Release date april 25th.

Today is literally the last day anyone will talk about GOTG since everybody will be too busy memeing, shittalking or hyping up the TWD tomorrow.



God, these banners somehow look even more terrible than the last.



Agreed. It keeps getting cringier and cringier.

Hope David doesn't die though. I kind of like him.


File: 2a16092fb5b6530⋯.jpg (188.58 KB, 1088x1074, 544:537, 1411895631878.jpg)



>Clementine all the way on the side

They really don't care about her anymore do they?



To be honest, this promo art feels terribly designed anyway. There's no focal point; characters are just thrown everywhere


Hey guys, it's the old leakanon here, the one that provided some details about ANF before it was made public.

I don't really have anything new, but I do have a list of things that were changed from the previous outline that I read. Just a few things:

>Badger was originally going to be Nate, from the 400 Days S1 DLC

>There was originally a flashback that started ep. 3 from Clementines point of view, you could have chosen​ the last words Clementine said to her parents before they left.

>The original outline still had Dave Fennoy introducing the episode.

>In the Alone with AJ flashback, Clementine came across Christa's decayed corpse before she is attacked by walkers. I think it was changed to losing her finger.

>Alex, the girl from Michonne, was originally going to have Ava's part as a NF recruiter.

>During Clem's "never trust people again" speech, there was an option to reference Bonnie, Mike, and Arvo.

That's all I got from the sides I was given. Hopefully, this season picks up a bit, because even I feel like it's lacking.



I don't understand Telltale's hatred of referencing its older, better games.



Wasn't leakanon proven wrong multiple times though?



If legit surely you know anything about the rewritten original story right? anything about Capricorn Farms and the Slaughterhouse?



fucking hell. instead we got the shitty fanfic made by tranny feminists



I was thinking you hadn't shown your face around here again to avoid backlash when it turned out Nate wasn't in season 3. Glad to see you again, at least now we know what role Nate would've played in season 3.


You mean Sam right? I have to wonder why both she and Nate were both cut. Also that season 1 flashback doesn't sound as bad as it could've been, but at the same time I still don't see how it could've added anything to season 3's story.



>Badger was originally going to be Nate, from the 400 Days S1 DLC

That's funny, I was thinking that the part would suit him. A psycho who is overly attached to his buddies. Still, I'm not too broken up about him being gone, they would have fucked him up anyway.

>Clementine came across Christa's decayed corpse before she is attacked by walkers.

I'm glad that was cut. I can go on thinking that Christa is alive somewhere along with Kenny, wellington ending tfw. Also, what are the odds of that ever happening. I could see it if she was alive, people from all over gravitate towards communities or places with supplies. But finding her recently made corpse after two years of separation is a real stretch.

Overall though, not much seems to have changed. I don't suppose you know what was up with the slaughterhouse? I could see it as being the original storage place for the new frontier. Filling it with trapped walkers to spook people out is a smart move.

Chances are they gave up on Sam and Nate due to their voice actors being unavailable.


I'm hoping there's an option to save Conrad again. I want this to be a thing now.



LA here again.

Originally, the slaughterhouse was going to be a New Frontier secret prison, where they tortured and forced people and defectors into submission. Clem and Javier would have gone there to rescue David.

Unrelated, but I can also say that the outline I read did have a Gabe x Clementine vibe going for it. Gabe kisses Clementine out of impulse when they are cornered in a Richmond alleyway by walkers, but they are saved by Tripp (who was originally named Trapp.)



Huh. I guess TNF went in a completely different direction.


lol wut

How much did you get to read anyway? Whole five episodes? First three?




Nothing in the game files supports anything you're talking about. You haven't exactly provided any evidence of your claims beyond 'I heard it from a guy who knows a guy!' Which anyone can do.

Can't you provide some kind of evidence? Even leakers have proof of what they're saying.



Ive got to agree with this. Too many time have Ive been lied to by people who want to feel special because others think they know special information.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>>There was originally a flashback that started ep. 3 from Clementines point of view, you could have chosen​ the last words Clementine said to her parents before they left.

I just realized this is bullshit because her last words to her parents were said in that flashback of No Going Back's trailer.



Leakanon is probably fake. But they were already gone to Savannah in that trailer. Before they left would imply they were still there physically.





Did you guys already forget about the files that were found in the game for a season 1 flashback in episode 3? Those at least support one of the things leakanon is claiming, and even tells us what the flashback we were speculating about was going to be.



Those files implied the flashback was about Clem dealing with the very beginning of the apocalypse hearing helicopters, sirens and other shit and also dealing with zombie Sandra.



Those were found far before, in episode 1 so bringing it up after episode 3 is out doesn't prove anything. The flashback involved Clem running from a zombified Sandra and escaping to her treehouse.

If he really wants us to believe him then provide some proof. If he can't do that then there's no reason I should believe it's anything other than speculation.


Lol the episode choices leaked im not surprised


File: 36e441ddb5d3a9b⋯.png (30.54 KB, 599x206, 599:206, ss (2017-04-22 at 09.44.42….png)

Choices are 100% legit



I'm hoping they're bullshit because those are some of the most boring choices I have ever seen.



keep in mind they're not the final official choices, they're the smaller side ones. Also the episode 4 ending is going to be great apparently.



How dull. Also how do you know they're legit? We've had a shitton of choice """leaks""" in the past. The only thing that makes me think these might be real is that literally nothing happens.


Do spoil.



I figured as much.

These look scrubbed from the TTG website or perhaps from using a hexeditor in ANF. I'm guessing the website.


The person that sourced it is fairly reliable. I'm pretty skeptical about anything like this (I was the anon calling out 'LA') but I'd believe these. The first two look like they're from a Javier flashback.





boy oh boy oh boy guess what character is going to make an appearance in the next episode???

your boy lee

Kidding, but someone will make an appearance. It's a huge spoiler. And honestly I'd advice you play it yourself…


Episode starts with a flashback where you get the option to sign a fan's baseball or ignore him, then you're talking to David about shit and he says he wants to reenlist in the army.

Jane's flashback is Jane and Clem dumping out the bodies at Howe's, including Carver's body.

Gabe moves onto Clem a bit more.

Conrad can make it to episode 5

Tripp to Eleanor "I just… think we… should be a thing… you know"

Clem gets her period(this is no joke)

The episode ends with Kate driving a SWAT vehicle into a gas truck which explodes and walkers get into Richmond(this is shown in the trailer), Kate probably still survives because it's an armored vehicle and her voice actress has been seen recording for episode 5 anyways.

No Christa

AJ still nowhere to be seen

This is all 100% legit and all I got for now, playthroughs should start appearing on youtube in around 16 hours



I'm a bit disappointed that Janefags aren't quite eternally BTFO'd. I mean, her and Clem have been together for what, two weeks? How many worthwhile memories can she possibly have with her?

>AJ still nowhere to be seen

Can't believe they're still dragging this shit on.



>Jane's flashback is Jane and Clem dumping out the bodies at Howe's

Glad our 400 days friends will get another cameo.



I had the same thought, this is their way of giving another middle finger to the fans. Though, it's possible for everyone but Bonnie to stay at the camp and not leave with Tavia.


File: b5c0a3089f83b04⋯.png (83.69 KB, 400x202, 200:101, ep4.png)

Random screen of the episode

It has the flashback filter and it looks like it's in the hospital room so I'm guessing this is when the flashback starts happening.


File: 749a9094e1beb7a⋯.jpg (75.47 KB, 849x476, 849:476, ss (2017-04-24 at 07.48.10….jpg)


File: f4fc390351f7a19⋯.jpg (77.49 KB, 849x475, 849:475, ss (2017-04-24 at 07.47.53….jpg)


File: c1359572852de59⋯.jpg (85.4 KB, 852x474, 142:79, ss (2017-04-24 at 07.53.32….jpg)


File: a556406cd8fb2bd⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 505x476, 505:476, ss (2017-04-24 at 07.54.31….jpg)


Episodes hits the right emotional spots for me, but there's a lot of stupidity towards the end. Joan, still the most hateable villain of the game, goes on a villain power trip while trying to manipulate everyone into thinking she's the good person. It just doesn't work that way, either keep her level headed and manipulative, or have her be openly sadistic and megalomaniacal. Smug bitch in sheep's clothing would keep her murders behind closed doors. Also, you can only shoot her after she kills one of your people. Why not before? Nothing really changes in those few seconds. Although, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually worked. I expected them to pull a Carver and have it glaze her shoulder.

Other than that, it's pretty good. Choices do have consequences, or at least as much as they did in S1, Gabe finally got a piece of the spotlight and I liked what I saw, Clem is a mixed bag as usual, but she does seem more like the girl we used to know. Her flashback with Ava was great, but the one with Kenny was the same cheap shit we saw in the previous one.

>Everything we'll be fine as long as we're together.

>Gonna be watching sunsets in Florida.

>You're so awesome, Clem.

>Remember Duck?

>Two days away from retirement, Clem.

Telegraph it a little harder why don't you?

Overall, my very controversial opinion that S3 is better than S2 remains unchanged.



>tfw no special flashback for the wellington ending

I guess that the knowledge that my bro Kenny is alive somewhere is enough.


All the Clem scenes overpowered the shit out of Javier's story and the TNF plot and made it a 8/10 for me. I would say those scenes were on par with Season 1.


Conrad it the real MVP. 3 possible deaths, and he's still going. Bringing some new options to the table no less.


Anyone in full support of Gabentine?

I'm like 85% there.


What time does the new episode release? It's the 25th here but it's still locked.



Nah. I don't want him dead or anything, and it's great to see Clem positively interacting with someone her own age, I'm still asshurt about what a wasted opportunity Sarah was, but he's just too immature to be her boyfriend. She's a 13 year old single mom who may have a prison tattoo depending on your choices. He's a whiny, sheltered kid. It's weird.


I made this for cuck /v/, feel free to chime in. Warning, there are spoilers for the latest episode.




I saw that over there, shoulda posted a link to ttgg there.


So there's no alone/wellington flashbacks? Or does it just cut to the one where Ava apporaches Clem at the bus?


Fuck no. They've literally known each other for like 4 days.


Yeah, I'm actually really surprised. I highly doubted it after Ties that Bind but it looks like we're getting a reverse S2 where it starts off shitty but gets good later. 3 hubs, the Kenny flashback and the character development was pretty good.

My only problems with the episode are why was David's house dropped so quickly? It was Edgar Allan Poe's house, that would've been cool to see, where the hell is Max? If he's alive you don't see him the whole episode and If you kill Joan, David's rage towards Clint feels… odd. I'm glad that choice actually means her death though.

Overall, I liked this episode. Really liked Ava's character in this.


File: eab030395ca2fa3⋯.png (420.39 KB, 694x493, 694:493, sunshine pepe.png)

>end of the episode

>joan is double-backstabbing me and killing the person I choose to save

>she thinks she's won

>alt-f4 and uninstall the game

I'm the real winner here, for sparing myself from this shit game.


So despite being the only person here who cares about Guardians of the Galaxy, I actually hadn't seen the first episode until yesterday, and I was told that it was really boring and nowhere near the same level of quality as Tales from the Borderlands, and yeah, I'd have to agree with that. Nothing much really happens in the episode, and while I like certain things in it it's overall uneventful for the most part. I like that there's a few hubs in it, and one of them even makes use of Star Lord rocket boots so you can explore the whole place instead of just the ground floor. And you can talk to the other members of the GOTG through radio communication which means you have someone to talk to even if noone is physically in the hub. Also Telltale usually does a good job of explaining things for people unfamiliar with the source material, but here I think they were too blunt about it. I love how in the post credits scene, Star Lord suddenly becomes Luke from TWDS2. Overall I'm willing to believe that GOTG will get better, but for now you can skip it as it's uneventful and thus not very interesting to talk about.

Now as for episode 4 of season 3, I'd say I like this episode a little more than the last. I appreciate that Clementine is even more recognizable in this episode than the last, she doesn't even swear that much here which I like, but I still wouldn't say I fully recognize this character as Clementine, even with her being able to mention Lee in this episode. I think at this point the game has gotten better enough that I'd want to play it myself, if anything just to see how things are different when Conrand's alive since every playthrough I watch has him dead. I'll be posting again later to respond to other people's posts here.


File: 8ee6070882bf9a2⋯.jpg (5.63 KB, 229x250, 229:250, 1493161558792s.jpg)

I'm not saying that girls don't bleed. I'm just saying this piece of zombie media, that's supposed to be exemplifying human interactions, is being fucking derailed by fucking period talk.

Has anyone ever seen the Garbage Pail Kids movie? Remember how there's hardly a plot, and if there was one the Kids stop it dead in its tracks by talking about nothing? Yeah, same concept here. Yeah, I'm mad.


File: 4bd341a5f03fe00⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Clementine.webm)


Without any context, Clementine sounds insane.



If this season ends with her going batshit insane, I'd actually purchase this thing


I was brushing my teeth and didn't react quick enough when the truck was coming right for me. Conrad dove to push me out of the way and got hit and is now presumably dead.



Does Kate get molotov'd no matter what?


I just finished EP4 and I have to say it was actually pretty good.

I just fucking hate Gabe I really hope he dies.

"Stop treating me like a kid"

"I'm a grown man, i can handle myself"

"hurr durr"

There should have been an option to give him a gun and tell him to go safe hes dad, i would have like to see how well that would have turned up. fucking shit kid.



>I'm the real winner here, for sparing myself from this shit game.

You're not the only one, I quit the game after S2EP4. I'm glad I haven't purchased this garbage.


Hey /ttgg/, how is episode 4? I didn't particularly like 3, enough that I was ready to drop the series, but I'm still somewhat tempted to play it.

Also, how bad it GotG and is Batman worth playing?

Finally, how badly do you think they'll fuck up TWAU if they ever go back to it?



Pretty good apart from the part leading to the ending, the stupid period part and Gabe being a cunt. Not worth playing tbh.



I liked episode 4 more than 3 which I thought was enough of an improvement to be on par with season 2's "best" episodes. I couldn't bring myself to play the first 2 episodes of season 3, but I'm willing to give it a chance again with the improvements the latest two episodes bring. I also think this is the best Clementine has been so far, but still no perfect.

GOTG is really uneventful and not worth checking out at the moment, I'm willing to believe it will get better though. I'd say Batman is worth playing despite it's technical problems and other things it's guilty of that's typical for a Telltale game. I actually like it more than TWAU.



It's like they finally listened to the small portion of the fanbase after damaging the game series so many times, it doesn't really make up for it though.


File: 424ba5f2485bf67⋯.png (13.29 KB, 1054x167, 1054:167, ss (2017-04-26 at 06.52.04….png)


>the stupid period part

How could anyone dislike this? this was easily the second best part of the whole season.

What is there to hate about a great scene where Clem finally opens up and lets you see a layer of innocence that turns your paternal instincts on and takes you back seeing the sweet vulnerable little girl that you know from S1 and S2? the girl that has not been present since the beginning of ANF?

Then followed by Javier finally stepping up into that "big brother" position they always wanted him in

Then followed by 2 incredibly emotional flashbacks that make you hopeful for Clem's future

Then followed by Gabe showing how much she cares for Clem

Then followed by Kate helping out Clem, developing a sense that these people are slowly growing to become her adoptive family.

Then followed by a great scene inside the truck, further cementing the sense of family

It couldn't get any better, it's literally the best episode since AHD

This episode sparked that immense care for Clementine that I started feeling back in S2E1, which I haven't felt since the very beginning of ANF, and it saddens me to know it took them till the penultimate episode to make me feel this way when it should have been like that since the first episode.

I'm absolutely not ready at all to say goodbye to Clementine in the next episode, god knows how many years it'll be before I see her again.



The way it was implemented was extremely clumsy and hamfisted.



>clumsy and hamfisted

What did you expect? that's how period talk goes with every girl that has ever lived. It was realistically awkward, just the way it's supposed to be. It was handled perfectly and I can guarantee you any girl will tell you the same.



I meant as in the entire scene coming in out of the blue.



>coming in out of the blue.

Just like periods!



>period part

>easily the second best part of the whole season.

lol nigger what?



exactly what you read, it is easily the second best part of the whole season, the first one being Kenny's and Ava's flashbacks.


File: 8b760b0b2920ace⋯.png (313.99 KB, 905x609, 905:609, Screenshot 2017-04-27 at 2….png)


That's the point, you never expect your period it just happens. Honestly that scene was extremely realistic and I would know. Telltale handled it well and it could have been so much worse.


I don't think the period scene was bad but it was unneccesary. I assume Clem also uses the bathroom but I don't really need to know what she wipes her ass with. Is it realistic? Sure, but I don't play this game for realism. I think people need to chill out though, it's not a big deal and the scene is a couple minutes long.

Out of all the problems with ANF as a whole, this isn't one of them. Apparantly people just forgot she was willing to help euthanise a man who was drugged up and suicidal. Something my Clementine, and I imagine many others, would never do.



>Honestly that scene was extremely realistic

Why are they driving cars when fuel is expired, why haven't their teeth fell out yet, why the hell haven't they died from radiation because of shut down plants etc.

And most of all; Why would I want realism in a zombie video game that's supposed to distract me from real life? It's ridiculous that people are showing the period part off as the main selling point for this episode…



Sure there are a lot of things that they dont do realistically but why complain when they do do something realistically for once?


File: 8c28957b3fa6f16⋯.png (117.85 KB, 1019x558, 1019:558, n4IEJMk.png)

EP5 has been classified in Austrailia, which means the episode is basically finished and ready to be released. Mid May release most likely.


File: 365f7e685ee95fd⋯.png (523.65 KB, 577x641, 577:641, 1415232111472.png)




>Mild Impact


I don't see what the big deal is about the period scene. I'm honestly surprised it was addressed at all, but I'm ultimately happy with how it was handled.


>it looks like we're getting a reverse S2 where it starts off shitty but gets good later

This is how I feel as well.


>2 incredibly emotional flashbacks that make you hopeful for Clem's future

The problem I had with one with Ava is that it felt like something that was needed for Clem since the start of the season, but since it's a flashback it means it takes place before she meets Javier, which means Clementine acting like the edgy bitch she is in the first two episodes is her ignoring what Ava told her.

>a great scene inside the truck, further cementing the sense of family

I found this scene to be boring and a moment where the story pauses to pad it out, but now that you mention that, I less negative opinion of it, and I think Kenny and Kate would get along well if Kenny being in this season were a possibility at all.

>I'm absolutely not ready at all to say goodbye to Clementine in the next episode

I wouldn't say I'm there with you just yet. When the season started I didn't want a season 4, but now I'm unsure if I want a season 4. I guess it'll depend how Clementine is in the last episode and whether or not if it can get me to care about her like I used to.


>Apparantly people just forgot she was willing to help euthanise a man who was drugged up and suicidal. Something my Clementine, and I imagine many others, would never do.

B-but Clementine's a badass little girl so of course it's something she would totally do, am I right?


File: b657597b08b6eb7⋯.jpg (55.76 KB, 531x471, 177:157, 1412401585438.jpg)


Gabe's gonna fuck Clem and there's nothing we can do about it.


File: 45cb5ba01a20a12⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.36 KB, 1275x666, 425:222, ss (2017-04-30 at 01.40.18….jpg)

This is where the Sex rating comes from.


File: 96c150e90a28439⋯.png (212.98 KB, 580x246, 290:123, 1427685690068.png)


Who's the bald guy?


File: 418f21e8b1ea475⋯.jpg (99.7 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Airport_revised_1920x1080.jpg)

Alright doing some web scraping I managed to find a semi high resolution of that picture they never showed up anywhere and that also never made it to the final game.

I also found the original description of the original plot that got rewritten.

"A harrowing and horrific drama. Play as both Javier and Clementine as they confront the new rules of order and justice in a land being brutally reclaimed and rediscovered by what’s left of humanity itself."

It kind of matches the description that IMDB had at one point

"A teenage Clementine and a new survivor named, Javier, are brought together when a new threat worse than the dead arises."

Why did it go from that to this family cucking bullshit? seriously, WHAT THE FUCK TELLTALE????

This shit pisses me off to NO END.



New description is

"When family is all you have left… how far will you go to protect it?

After society was ripped apart by undead hands, pockets of civilization emerge from the chaos. But at what cost? Can the living be trusted on this new frontier?"



Just made this to make myself feel a little better



File: 5d0c5c7b1bc4449⋯.jpg (112.26 KB, 945x887, 945:887, clemlookingfromdoor.jpg)

Hey. I'm found music from season 2 trailers. Music from all trailers. It's been easy to find it.



post it all



I don't remember where but I heard at some point that David wasn't initially concieved until later and the story changed with his character.

This is another season where a darker story is overturned for absolute bullshit.


I was gonna do a similar video too, dunno if I will but I want to wait until the finale has released first.


Oh shit, really? Nice. Thought we would never get them, post them please!



>I was gonna do a similar video too, dunno if I will but I want to wait until the finale has released first.

Episode 5 is when everyone starts buying the game, the insane influx of negative reviews will be fucking glorious.



please tell me you have the s2e3 accolades trailer music




Yup. I have it. Just wait a bit.



holy fuck im more hyped for this than episode 5



>B-but Clementine's a badass little girl so of course it's something she would totally do, am I right?

I said this sarcastically, but now that I think about it, I think if Clementine was desperate enough, she might've done it if it was the only way she could get the information, and she certainly did seem desperate in that situation. Otherwise no, it's not something she would normally do.


That premise does sound better than what we got, and it sounds like Clementine would've played a bigger, possibly more important, role in the story.


>the insane influx of negative reviews will be fucking glorious.

Assuming there will be as many people buying this one given how poorly it's sold already, and it's already rated worse than the previous two seasons.


That's understandable given how there's nothing to be hyped about. Remember back in season 2 when everybody was hyped about what was going to happen in episode 5, and how the game was building up to a Kenny vs. Luke final choice? What is season 3 building up to get to hyped about?



>What is season 3 building up to get to hyped about?

gabes death


File: 903f77afcb2f772⋯.jpg (64.46 KB, 960x540, 16:9, original.jpg)


waitings killing me



> I think if Clementine was desperate enough, she might've done it if it was the only way she could get the information, and she certainly did seem desperate in that situation.

Except it wasn't. David clearly must know where he is since he was the last person with him and I was surprised there wasn't an option to tell her that. If you decide to do nothing, Clem does it herself and she kills Lingard pretty ridiculously, she weirdly leaps at him with the knife after he's dead.

I also found it funny how Clem says something like 'David deserves what's coming to him' and Javier says nothing, was unintentionally funny to me considering we're supposed to be stopping his execution regardless of whether the player wants him dead or not.



>If you decide to do nothing, Clem does it herself and she kills Lingard pretty ridiculously, she weirdly leaps at him with the knife after he's dead.

Oh wow, I hadn't seen the scene where she kills him so I didn't know it was done like that. In that case yeah, I can agree it's not something Clementine would do.


How does it make you feel knowing that the best they could do with Clem in ANF is lowering her to a love interest of the protagonist's retarded nephew?



I'd feel pretty bad if that's all that she is. Thankfully, she has her own plot, arc, and character development. It's not great, but it's honestly more than she got in S2, where she was a static character, just mindlessly going with the flow in random directions.



So…where those songs at?



Yeah I have been logging on over and over waiting for them to upload it…


>tfw the current walking dead meme is a war between Javi and Gabe over Clem's hymen

At least it's not as bad as Kennyfags vs Janefags, but I wish there was more diversity.



yeah i feel like theres nothing to really get heated about. season 1 had lillyfags vs kennyfags, fights about ben, season 2 had the obvious kenny vs jane, season 3 really doesnt seem to have much its very inoffensive


File: 8c1fe1af8319dfe⋯.png (63.8 KB, 670x861, 670:861, ss (2017-05-03 at 06.50.11….png)

new Glassdoor review, took a full month to get a new one.

>The company is a structure-less boondoggle with less money than they claim, and waning popularity due to consistently low quality product.

>Try reaching out to the few veterans you still have

>Unless some major changes are made, everyone in the company agrees that the writing is on the wall. Telltale is in desperate need of an overhaul before it collapses from within.

>with less money than they claim

>with less money than they claim

>with less money than they claim

Been saying this for months and people still think I'm joking about it and that I'm some sort of "hater".


File: fecf0afea80c410⋯.jpg (235.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, walking-dead-304-bonus-con….jpg)

holy fucking shit just look at the ABSOLUTE DUMP that Howe's was under Jane's care. And Janefags still believe this was the best living conditions for Clem and the baby.

If there's something that ANF has done well so far is BTFO'ing the shit out of Janefags.



Howe's size was always a problem for me. It's just not possible for two people to maintain it and keep watch of it. People could easily infiltrate it without Clem or Jane noticing before it's too late. And that's ignoring the fact that it aught to be either full of walkers or Carver's people. Howe's was always a shitty plan, people calling it logical always irked me.



This is exactly what I was talking when I said season 3 isn't building up to anything to get excited about for the finale.


Damn, I didn't think about that. I should've mentioned that in my review for season 2.


File: c0144e6a07486ce⋯.jpg (413.92 KB, 1306x979, 1306:979, Q84xAJB.jpg)


and two others, can you guess them????


some episode 5 spoilers

Ava/Tripp die shortly after saving them

Jesus comes back and saves the day

Javier becomes the new leader of Richmond

Choice to forgive Eleanor or not for betraying you. She survives the season.

Joan's fate if she survives EP4 (Executed, kicked, stay in Richmond or deferred to Eleanor on what her fate should be)

If Clint survives EP4 (Clint advices you to keep Joan's stolen supplies, Eleanor advices you to return them).

found them in the game files, probably scrapped from EP4 and put into EP5, that's why there's nothing about Clem.


forgot this

Conrad survives the season

The game also tracks the following

How were you treating Gabe?

[Protective] / [Not Protective]

How was your relationship with Kate?

[Romantic] / [Distant]

How were you treating David?

[Forgiving] / [Not Forgiving]



>Ava/Tripp die shortly after saving them


>Jesus comes back and saves the day

Even lamer, holy shit.

>Javier becomes the new leader of Richmond

Literally why?

>She survives the season.


>Eleanor advices you to return them

But I thought all the stolen supplies made Richmond sooooooo comfortable. Fucking cunt.

>Conrad survives the season

One ray of light in a sea of shit.


File: 28d3196aff11656⋯.png (29.06 KB, 740x312, 185:78, ss (2017-05-04 at 12.27.14….png)

That took a long ass time to crop.



Good work man. Thank you.



Which file did you find this in?



Batman and GoT.


I'm not gonna read the spoilers for episode 5, but judging from a lack of response to them, I imagine nothing outrageous happens so the finale overall is very weak. Also the fact that spoilers for the finale got leaked shows how little Telltale cares about this game, as they kept such a tight lid on season 2's finale that any "leaks" were fake and thus just fanfiction.



I'm guessing it's GOT season 2 and the supposed "supershow" that I'm sure they're realizing by now that the don't have the budget for.



It's Solstice: 007 - The Telltale Series

and Tales season 2

probably fake though


File: 2fb6b3d5038d770⋯.jpg (160.91 KB, 1051x929, 1051:929, clemzombie9.jpg)

Anyone have more pics Clem With blood on two cheeks from season 2?


File: 3f693246a796bc5⋯.png (128.26 KB, 259x240, 259:240, 1400092812207.png)


I lost all my pics long ago, but I'll see what I have.


File: f527a94da0b68ac⋯.png (15.84 KB, 167x200, 167:200, fuck.png)

Don't know if you all seen it but Telltale, writers, voice actors, etc, all have the BIGGEST BONER EVER for Javier over at Twitter. Clementine is being completely neglected and slowly being rubbed out of existence, this is the most infuriating thing I've felt all year, I wonder how Melissa feels.

I think it really is the time to start mentally preparing myself to believe this season as non-canon so I can finally move on from this dead franchise and this dead company.

After this season is over my only canon will be that Clem is still with Christa, Omid and their baby, surviving in some safe place happily ever after.


And also need some pics of Clem with bow.


File: 44a6bae78c55a4e⋯.png (103.48 KB, 360x201, 120:67, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2….png)



I believe that as bad the first two episodes of season 3 are, episode 5 of season 2 was still worse in terms of writing. What do you guys think?




Any day now?



I think they may have tricked us


File: bc4588db3b7076e⋯.png (752.82 KB, 596x792, 149:198, riBWxIT.png)

Are you ready for a 20 year old Clem in Season 4?



>Property of Gabriel Garcia

There's nothing we can do about it.


File: e8581f95b7955d4⋯.png (132.31 KB, 268x270, 134:135, 1422819438983.png)


File: aa8fd6f3c48db79⋯.jpg (208.76 KB, 774x885, 258:295, clemzombie79.jpg)


File: d41d360ccb0d800⋯.jpg (211.7 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, faggots.jpg)

The boner for Javier never stops… jesus fucking christ when are they going to realize that the more Javier shit they show the more they keep driving their fans away.


File: 425891d65c36d04⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, faggots2.png)

Want Clem? fuck you!


File: c60a46225e280ef⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 3052x1778, 218:127, 1422228120730.jpg)

Take us back, oh, take us back

Oh, take us, take us back



>when are they going to realize that the more Javier shit they show the more they keep driving their fans away.

I'm starting to feel like maybe that's the point. They want TWD, or at least their portion of it to fail so they can stop making these games. Only other explanation is that they're actually stupid enough to think people want Javier.


File: dc2f19e2c61a251⋯.jpg (258.52 KB, 520x1302, 260:651, twdisdead.jpg)


>They want TWD, or at least their portion of it to fail so they can stop making these games.

Oh absolutely, you see this tweet? they've retweeted it like 5 times.



Can't say I blame them, TFTB was fun and enjoyable, so I imagine it was fun to work on as well. And I'd rather have season 2 of TFTB than season 4 of TWD, though that has more to do with how season 3 is a bad game.


File: 7a5f0e137d02d22⋯.png (96.21 KB, 332x333, 332:333, frog.png)

>Shel will never be romanceable

why go on living



That reminded me of Carley and how I will never be able to give her my sweet lovin'

now im more depressed



Damn, I can't believe this wasn't posted last thread. Glad to see it back.



Okay, but there's no need to be antisemitic about it.


File: 76664133a6e4c74⋯.jpg (300.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, C_qMzNAXoAYVEa1.jpg large.jpg)

Why is Javier still alive?

He has done absolutely nothing that makes him worthy of being next to Clem.



Who's Shel?



Gabefags GTFO


File: ac3ba89b5c371f1⋯.jpg (459.07 KB, 760x1020, 38:51, 1395643789059.jpg)


This qt3.14



File: 0779530830e18fb⋯.png (213.63 KB, 347x376, 347:376, 1415668712303.png)


File: e44079494cffdd5⋯.jpg (28.21 KB, 996x615, 332:205, VHxNn1l.jpg)


still waiting for those tunes……


File: e7d17a63c64a108⋯.jpg (133.87 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 1469129532529.jpg)

Happy Mother's Day /ttgg/



>mothers day was months ago in my country

Happy mothers day anyway.


File: 763364b123cf24a⋯.jpg (441.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DAFJ3VVUQAEMej_.jpg large.jpg)

ANF episode 5 Key art dropped today. Releases 30th May.

Dunno why it took them so long, they've had the episode complete for a while now. Also RIP Kate.



And as I can see, noone cares to talk about it lol. As much as S2 was a shitfest near the end, I was still hyped as hell and we got that amazing trailer from it. Why'd you have to fuck it all up Telltale…


File: 6f220ea5c3d0823⋯.jpg (206.81 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, hair.jpg)


She had one job.



It's weird. I feel like S3 has an objectively better storyline, better implementation of choices, and an overall stronger cast of characters than S2 did. But I don't feel any hype for it at all while I did for S2, even though I was highly critical of it since the first episode.



I'll say it again, season 2 had no narrative focus but it felt like it was building up to something. Season 3 has something of a narrative focus but it's not nor does it feel like it's building up to anything, so there's nothing to get hyped about.

I will say however that I hope Kate becoming a zombie is determinant, because if not then it shows that telltale cares so little about season 3, that they're willing to just spoil it for us.


>objectively better storyline, better implementation of choices, and an overall stronger cast of characters than S2

This mostly only applies to the later episodes, as this is most certainly not true about episodes 1 and 2.


File: 9799237e2bbf95a⋯.png (6.98 KB, 699x170, 699:170, ss (2017-05-19 at 09.05.51….png)

jesus fucking christ this can't be real.

FTWD's S3E02 title…


File: cd2f5783e8bf715⋯.png (567.8 KB, 590x766, 295:383, 1425490142200.png)


Oh boy! I can't wait for Clementine to be ruined further by being in the TV show!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I recently found this video and while it's about the show, I think at least some of these criticisms apply to the franchise as a whole. Then you look at the comments, the top rated comments in particular, and it not only proves the title of the video right (along with the dislike bar), it further confirms my belief that the Walking Dead fanbase is absolutely terrible. Seriously, why is seemingly noone in the fanbase (besides us) able to take an kind of criticism about the franchise? Why hasn't this fanbase gained a reputation for being terrible among the likes of MLP, Super Smash Bros., Sonic, FN@F and Undertale?



In terms of the show, I have no idea. It's just so fucking horrible. I haven't watched FTWD but I have absolutely no desire to either. In terms of the games it's because practically everyone jumped ship after Season 2 and the fanbase just isn't that big anymore. I also think that everyone who watches the show MUST know in some regard that it's fucking bad or at the very least incredibly b-moviesque. They might not admit it but they know it.



The TWD fanbase is inherently stupid, like the lowest of the lowest in terms of IQ. It pains me to no end that Clementine is a prisoner to such a shit franchise and such a shit company. They should have made their own zombie IP instead of going for TWD.

The Dead Among Us or something.


File: 61d8d201f5effba⋯.png (81.75 KB, 1337x739, 1337:739, ss (2017-05-21 at 10.07.17….png)

Copying this from the forums

Javier originally had a sister alongside David called Anita who ended up marrying Hector.

Mariana was supposed to be Hector's daughter (the "you want some juice?" guy in the beginning of the game).

Kate was originally called 'Grace'.


File: a0abc3caf7e37f2⋯.png (64.34 KB, 1338x624, 223:104, ss (2017-05-21 at 10.07.48….png)



That video was ridiculous. The "man is the real monster" theme works very well, there's no need to have the zombies explained, stronger or more interesting. They're a safety hazard to raise stress and provide the opportunity for exploring the human condition.

The problem is the writers of the show just keep on doing the same thing and not building because they depend on the comics for material.

If they would just commit to their own independent storylines they'd do much better.

The show had some pretty good seasons, it's just the repetition and predictability that has killed the interest.




Why do you never link these things? It would be easier than taking a screenshot?



because the forums are an absolute fucking mess to follow?


Alright so I found the dev notes, I'll be posting them here

This is for the Wellington flashback

2) Audio cues in background re havoc outside. (Gunshots; screams; etc)

3) Edith pokes head in: pack your shit and stay quiet. (they've broken down the gates; people are storming Wellington; etc). AJ starts crying in response.

4) Interactive: Gather your shit and let AJ cry? Or handle AJ and abandon your shit?

5) Edith returns – we gotta move NOW

5) Outside the walls – trying to escape in darkness, w/ other people

- Gunshots/explosions/screaming in background

- Normandy invasion feel. Seeing other people fall/killed behind you.

- QTE events

6) Edith goes down.

7) Clem and AJ escape into woods

- Zombies out here

- Possibility to use the 400 Days cornfield mechanic

NOTE: Clem needs to pick up her conditional damage state.

NOTE: Think of it as a radio play. Lots of storytelling possible through audio cues, sound effects, headlights, silhouettes, etc*

After the second object grab, we hear the sound of gunfire start outside and AJ will begin to cry again. AJ then becomes selectable to comfort, but will eat up valuable time.

This moment should be on a timer, ideally you only get to grab about 4 items before Edith's return, so you can't take everything.


This is when you meet Clem

2 - Keep intro character stuff. She isn't forthcoming.

3 - Pivot instead to ask about Richmond. She can reveal a little bit about what the place is, why she wants to go there – eg "that's where my family is."

4 - Problem: zombie herd in road. You wait a moment, see if it passes.

5 - Discuss YOUR family, including brother + last words.

6 - Clem gets sad, and remembers…

7 - Flashback 1

8 - She sums it up in a pithy, not-too-emotionally-open way

9 - Herd shows no signs of letting up; retreat into Prescott to wait it out.

8 choices

Mention Gabe/Clem piece ?I have a nephew about your age?

Clem mentions baby. Talk about it. Get it on the table early.

Middle piece: What happened? There was a man? don?t want to talk about it.*



1A - Branch A – you are taking the gas to your car, when Max appears. He and his crew confront the player.

2A - Max begins questioning you. Where are your people?

How many of you are there?

3A - Max works his way towards the trailer. He doesn't trust you, you're going to come inside with him. You're not sure what he's going to find inside…but the place is empty.

4A - Reveal: Grace and kids are beneath the floorboards.

1B - branch B – You are in the trailer with family, when you see guys w/ flashlights thru the window.

2B - You get Grace and the kids into the floorboards to hide, but there's no time for you to go in so you/they close the hatch, leaving you up there alone.

3B - Max enters the trailer. He begins questioning you. Where are your people? How many of you are there?

5 - Tense scene as player tries to keep Max from discovering his family. Max sees signs of people –

- Grab pistol off counter before he sees it.

- Smoothing out the corner of the rug.

- Moving the food aside. ("You eat all this food yourself?")

- Max works his way towards the hatch….

6 - Get the player to a place where you're standing on the hatch and he tells you to back up…

7 - CHOICE: Go with him, or attack him. (If you go with, they zip tie you and take you out. If you attack him, gun goes off, maybe Max gets conditional injury; then they zip tie you and take you out.) ["No single dude drives a minivan. We're taking you, and we're gonna find the rest of our people."]

8 - Javi in Spanish: "Wait here, I'll come back for you" "What did you say?" – Player can respond.

NOTE - Scene end should feel like family is trapped in the heart of the hornet's nest. So player has a clear goal – get back to your family and rescue them.

NOTE: The language is NOT about imprisonment; keep it vague, they're taking you to a place, not "capturing you" per se. He can just say something to the effect of "choices have consequences," except not that.

3 choices per intro branch

4 choices main trunk

Here's a description of all the ENV to help figure out what you want to toggle.

**(Right/Left is from perspective OPPOSITE of trailer, so we're looking at trailer)

group_envAExteriorEntrance - Where Gabe/Javi walk from in beginning of scene.

group_envBExteriorAmbulance - Area where you siphon the gas from Ambulance and get approached by Zombie.

group_envCExteriorGateEntrance - Area where Javi walks across to kill Zombie.

group_envDExteriorPathway - Area where Zombie falls and Gabe/Javi walks through the big containers.

group_envEExteriorHouseEntrance - Porch Area, right outside of Trailer. Includes big containers, car, and scrap tin wall separating from Pathway.

group_envFExteriorHouse - The trailer, and everything inside it.

group_envGExteriorBackyard - Terrain and fence behind Trailer.

group_envHExteriorTerrain - Basic terrain that covers the "ground" along with wall.

group_envIExteriorBackgroundRight - Tree, big signs, and other big containers located on screen right

group_envJExteriorBackgroundLeft - Trees and foliage on screen left.



Javier (Javi) - Main Character

David - Javier's brother

Gabriel (Gabe) - David's 10 year old son

Kate - David's wife/ex wife

Hector- Mariana's Dad

Mariana (Mari) - Anita and Hector's 6 year old daughter

Ma - Javier, David, and Anita's Mom. Wife to Salvador.

Salvador - Father Javi and kids. Just passed away. (note: Salvador will be known as Rafa)


Mijo - "My son"

Yaya - "Grandma"

Pipo - "Grandpa"

Lita - "Grandma"

Lito - "Grandpa"*



1 - Hurry to gates of Prescott. Tripp on the tower. Clem says if you clear a path, they'll let us in. You must trust her.

2 - Shooting gallery to get to the door. Tripp opens the gates. You scoot through; Tripp takes out the last one or two behind you. (Francine in similar predicament here – just getting through the gates.)

3) You enter to see Prescott + zombies on nooses.

4) Tripp checks you for bites. Comparing yourself to Francine. "No way / Sure / Why not her?" (Opportunity to setup, but not telegraph, Francine's eventual betrayal.)

5) Asks why you're here. You tell Tripp you're headed to the junkyard; Tripp says fine, stay the night then leave in the morning. Nobody coming in or out tonite until the zombie herd is passed.

6) Inside now. Clem says go find a place for us to bunk down for the night. (Simple goal to motivate to Hangar.)

7) Freewalk: limited. Places closed. The place has electricity w/ wind turbines. Freewalk feels like a clear contrast to what it was like to be out there alone.

- Zombies on nooses (townperson can walk by and speak to this)

- Wind turbines

- Helicopter

- Med station. Player comments that there are beds here?

- One or two people fleeing from the storm.

8) Freewalk ends when you enter the Hangar

NOTE: Interactions should be organic noncorny non-tropey and not Fallout 4


Brad Kane leaves a message to directors and designers on Nov 14, 8 days before the original release of episode 1

DIR:(bkane, Mon Nov 14 14:51:53 2016) Station cam. Player can either click (and take) Mariana's walkman, or click on the shovel to put dirt on her body.

DES:(bkane, Mon Nov 14 14:54:37 2016) Reticle on dirt and walkman


When Gabe fucks up at the armory in EP4 the scene is called "amb_gabeIsJustBen"

If this is the impression and outlook the devs have on Gabe then it makes me hopeful for his death in ep5.


Some possible things for EP5

"This is a one off look at that dies off after you look at it once. Onboarding the idea of the generator for 305. Please check logic and set up on this"

Camera changes to a STATION CAM showing a tool box with a few different mismatched tools:

- Wire Cutters (crit)

- Screwdriver (useful in 305?)

- measuring tape (non-interacative - useless)



For this one I forgot to add

1) Open in shipping container. Sweet moment with AJ


For this one I forgot to add

1 - A couple hours later. On the way to the junkyard.


File: 0b7ba86d4110820⋯.png (67.01 KB, 159x244, 159:244, 1495306901633.png)

/ttgg/ pastebin link has been posted on nu /v/ a couple of times yet nobody from there has posted here yet…



Granted it would mostly just be more memes about whether Gabe or Javi will fuck Clementine first, but I'm willing to take any kind of increased activity at this point.



I'm here.


I'm waiting until the trailer gets posted to shitpost about pairings because I'm superstitious.



I'd take that. It's not like lewd has ever been an issue here.


It's likely gonna get posted tomorrow, they usually release info on Tuesdays. The cuckening begins soon…



I have.


File: 9e48411d976d213⋯.jpg (172.22 KB, 517x720, 517:720, clemarm1.jpg)


Sorry for these all shit. But i'm post this music 30th of May


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>see telltale upload a new video

>it's this, not the trailer

Also somebody who's not one of us, if they've watched the first behind the scenes video that telltale put out, might notice that there's a new lead writer now.



Based on what's shown in that video, on Javier's feedback, on the fact that they need to make a great finale for the true fans in order to save their own asses, and based on my wishful thinking, I'm starting to think they're gonna kill off Javier.

Why else would that legacy shit be included? Javier and David are gonna fight and get each other killed, this will greatly impact Gabe and make him do a full 180, the "legacy" the two brothers will leave behind is Gabe. I bet you that scene with the helicopter is towards the end where you already control Clem once again and you're trying to escape Richmond with Gabe to go to the ranch and get AJ.



Kind of a shitty move on their part then because Gabe is the most hated character this season.



>this season is absolutely about family

While literally the only character anyone really cares about is Clem.


if the trailer doesnt release today im ending it on cam




I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.

Besides the quality and length of the season as a whole, they have the potential to fuck up the entire franchise possibly even retroactively.

Hopefully they don't and we get respite for another year or so before they release the inevitable DLC,



Can't I'm surprised, like I said before there's nothing that this season is building up to to get excited about. So they can't exactly do what they did with season 2 again and give us a five minute trailer or something.

>easily the best Walking Dead story ever told

Christ, these fucking reviewers can at least pretend they aren't getting paid by telltale to say this shit.



Boring trailer. I expect it will be a very short wrap up episode with no real twists or turns tbh.



You're implying that's bad.

You know what I hope for?

A cliffhanger for AJ and no unexpected or unwanted deaths.

I want this shitty written season to end on a stalemate, so hopefully in the DLC or next season we get something that's of a bit higher quality.



I didn't mean to imply that. It's better than everything going to shit for no reason like S2 E5.



youre in luck because itll end on a cliffhanger for sure. There will be another season/dlc for clem

I promise you


File: c3dfa04cb4859ba⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 722x414, 361:207, ss (2017-05-26 at 09.40.54….jpg)

Telltale thinks this is ok

Telltale thinks it's ok to keep hiring more people with these numbers



Does this take into account the amount of time those games were out? Because if it does, that really depressing.



I'm fairly certain it's total sales but still it's no secret that the popularity of the first season was never again topped.


Welp, I just saw the episode, the ratings are gonna tank hard.


i cant wait for everyone to be even more pissed off at the retarded clifffhanger more than they were pissed off at kenny an janes death

get ready folks




Well… spoilers?




If you don't want to share, you shouldn't bring it up in the first place.


tripp and ava die real quick, those files were right

episodes 80 minutes long

clem is seen without her hat

telltale forgot about a ton of things they teased would be in the episode

max doesnt even appear, they totally forgot his character existed

episode mostly revolves around javy and his dumb brother love triangle

episode indulges on the problems and family of redshirts we dont care about

there is credits music

get ready to mourn about **characters that nobody gives a shit about*



If you're going to be a teasing whore then just follow >>36395


It ends in a really bad cliffhanger, Clem just fucks off from the story, the ranch and AJ don't even appear.



Really hoping they don't fuck over Javi, he doesn't deserve the bullshit thrown at him in this shitty season.



>Clem just fucks off from the story, the ranch and AJ don't even appear

DLC bait confirmed

Why so cagey cia? If I were you I'd just spill the beans. What's the cliffhanger? Who dies?



What, how is that a logical thing to say, Javier fucked over Clem, the only character anyone cares about and the only reason anyone even sticks around Telltale.



I don't think you get what I'm saying.

I mean fuck over plot wise. I get the butthurt about it not being a Clem season but I thought he was a potentially good sidekick stuck in shitty family drama writing.



I already said the cliffhanger, she just walks off and that's it. The episode is proof that Telltale had no fucking idea what to do with ANF and Javier.

Javier is pretty much scrapped now so they kind of admit they fucked up by replacing Clem.

All in all it's still fucking stupid that she pretty much became a DLC character now, people won't be happy, the ratings will tank even harder.



Ah. That doesn't sound like too stupid of a move. Yeah, the ratings for the episode will be shit, but Clem centered DLC is sure to be more profitable than 400 days or Michonne, while everyone who bought the rest of ANF episodes is sure to buy this one too.



>Javier is pretty much scrapped now


I think I'm pretty much done giving a fuck about twd now. Clem's loner adventures are getting old. And I don't really care at all about standalone Michonne whatever they're going to put out.


It's over. It's time to move on. Telltale is dead and the ending to ANF is the most mindnumbingly insulting thing I've ever seen.

I seriously can't believe they're pulling an Asura's Wrath on us and baiting us with DLC/Season 4. Want a satisfying conclusion to the story? GIVE US MONEY



>Javier is pretty much scrapped now

damn, lying on the internet what a shame

For those who aren't butthurt Clemfags the episode is fine.

10/10 telltale, well except for delivering only 1/3rd of the content and cutting parts of the game altogether.

I'm not mad.


Just when we thought Gave was gonna do a complete 180°…fuck


I liked it.

Sucks that Clem's plot didn't get a resolution, but it might be for the best, since the focus of this game wasn't on her anyway. A DLC about her and AJ, or a season with her as a protagonist handling that plot is fine by me. They gave her a very good sendoff.

Overall I enjoyed this season more than I thought I would. The begging was really rough, mainly because the default edgementine, and I don't think anything can really fix that. I don't buy that my Clem would be a roadside bandit cursing like a sailor under any circumstance. But they brought it back, especially in the last two episodes. It doesn't wash out the bad, but the bad doesn't turn the good to shit either.

The plot isn't perfect, there are clear signs of rewrites and they're not great.

>Clem didn't know that Richmond was taken over

>She only split a month ago

>But she missed the Richmond takeover and bad winter people died en masse in

>Also, people living in Richmond are unaware that the town was taken by force somehow

Clearly ANF was meant to be more nefarious in the earlier plot, and a close examination of that plot doesn't hold to scrutiny. However, despite of the plot holes caused by the rewrites, I feel like a more morally grey situation we got was for the best and thus worth the problems.

The Garcia family is a perfectly fine, strong cast of characters, not as good or as memorable as the ones in S1, but they were more than serviceable. And your choices did have an effect on how they act. It's nothing major, but neither was anything in S1 in that regard. Choices were implemented on par with S1, which again, were never all that amazing to begin with, but it's still a hell of a lot better than what we got in S2. Actually, everything is. For all of its faults and rewrites, the plot had a clear direction and the characters made sense for the most part, they were people, and not a gaggle of red shirts with hints of personality and plot that went nowhere.

With 10 being perfect, 1 being utter shit, and 5 being an "it's okay" shrug, I give it a 7. I'll actually download it.


I have seen the episode and I'm unsure of how to feel. On one hand I'm glad to see telltale make improvements after the first two episodes, but they aren't enough to save the season in my opinion. I will agree now that it is better than season 2 though. I really hate how Clementine's plot is left unresolved, but mostly because I know that means it will be followed up on with either a DLC or season 4, and honestly I don't know if I want a season 4. Clementine was made better in the last two episodes, but she still has one or two moments that remind me it's not really her. I don't have much else to say tbh, I mostly just feel bad that I don't like Clementine as much as I used to. I do have a few questions though, what happens to Joan if you don't kill her in episode 4? What happens to Conrad? I heard he survives the season but that's about it.



Joan just kind of disappears, it's assumed she's among the dead, but she could have gotten away, I guess. No body and all that



Both Joan and Clint are completely absent from the story. The leaked choices were legit but they rewrote the finale and they were written out of it. Originally you would be given the choice of forgiving her/killing/exiling but she just disappears, just like how Max disappears even if you save him.

Conrad literally doesn't show up until the last 10 minutes where he's reading a book that Francine nagged him to read. You have a very short conversation about it then Javier goes to talk to Jesus.



To be fair, a lot of shit was going down regarding the family and Richmond crisis itself. Bringing up Joan or Max would have fucked up the momentum. That said, it's sad to hear that there isn't another way for Conrad to possibly die in episode 5.



I suppose you're right but they let that one chick at the gates in ep3 and Rufus have an impact, albeit small. We could have saw Max at Eleanors place trying to help people or …something. Feels pointless letting him live only for him to vanish after ep3.



A lot of cut content.

This season was a salvage operation not a hit.



At least telltale cut content better than Javier cut Clementine's hair.



We knew he was a great baseball player, but we never knew he had artistic talent.

The little things TTG puts in there it's fascinating.


File: 6a133c261f2ec8f⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1330x1080, 133:108, 20170530_150839.png)



File: 64cf3c71c4cf326⋯.jpg (79.09 KB, 850x475, 34:19, ss (2017-05-30 at 05.18.13….jpg)

Just when you thought the episode couldn't get any worse and you find another playthrough with this shit.


File: 21ffaf93a20af26⋯.jpg (119.3 KB, 506x552, 11:12, 1480644391359.jpg)


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELLTALE STOP WITH THIS SHIT! We all know Clementine is gonna turn out the same way no matter what next season, the first two episodes of this season proved it. Stop trying to make us think our choices will actually have an effect on her!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



what is this





File: cca1a2ddc105290⋯.mp4 (3.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nonono.mp4)



They did as much as they do in any telltale game. For example, Clem can shoot David or just threaten him. She can forgive him for giving up AJ, accuse him of being selfish and abandoning him, or just shrug it off with some edgy "we're all alone" bullshit line. She can choose to go after Gabe no matter what, help Richmond no matter what, choose to do the opposite of whatever Javi is doing, or the exact same thing that Javi is doing. She can kiss Gabe or just give him a hug. I mean, it's nothing radical, but it is something.


This game ruined my life


I know I'm being autistic as fuck, but I figure that this is the right place for it.

I'm thinking of going for two more playthroughs of the entire series. Pure Kennyfag for S1 and 2, whatever Kenny says goes, even if he regrets it later. And an alternative antiKenny/Lillyfag, Lukefag, and Janefag playthrough, where I basically try to make Kenny as miserable as possible while always siding with the characters opposing him. But I'm not sure how to proceed with S3 since Kenny is gone. I was thinking Kate/Clemfag and David/Gabefag, but I'm not sure which save I should start from for each.

I figured being a Davidfag is a logical continuation of being a Kennyfag, seeing as how they're both muh family hotheads. But the idea of being a bitch to Kennyfag Clem, while rewarding Janefag Clem feels dirty. And David is nowhere near as charming, useful, or as reasonable as Kenny was. So I'm kind of torn. On the other hand, Clem is pretty edgy regardless, so it's not like pissing her off by respecting human life would tear me up too much.



How could you possibly even get through Season 1 and 2 while knowing this is what Clem becomes?



Not being a hardcore Clemfag helps. And she wasn't as bad is episodes 3-5.


>being a janefag causes Clem to kiss Gabe

It keeps getting better.


File: ffe6cfc3e0f9b6e⋯.png (104.77 KB, 1290x1013, 1290:1013, ss (2017-05-31 at 06.29.22….png)



Well in the first two episodes Clementine was the same regardless of your choices, the only differences being a few lines of dialogue and the flashbacks. It did get better in the later episodes, but I seriously doubt it would've if it wasn't for the backlash the first two episodes got. I refuse to believe that telltale learned their lesson however, and I fully expect Clementine to be the same way no matter what next season regardless of what Clementine you got at the end of this season.


I'm starting to feel this way again myself. It's similar to how I felt after those first two episodes were released.


I would say that being loyal to Clem in season 3 would be the closest you could get to being a Kennyfag in season 3. It'd reinforce her belief that family's important/it's important to have people you can trust, whereas going against a Janefag Clementine at every turn would reinforce her idea that you can only look out for yourself.


>she wasn't as bad is episodes 3-5.

Again while true, the damage from episodes 1 and 2 have been done, and I don't think there's really anything that can be done to fix that. I can't look at her the same way anymore.


File: 19ec16641018402⋯.jpg (259.18 KB, 600x725, 24:29, 1415667866984.jpg)

Should create a new thread soon, nearly 500 posts.



My motivation to do so is null. I guess I can do it later but not now.


File: 89d1c8d1918fd28⋯.png (304.05 KB, 962x1251, 962:1251, 46d7a525c3dd4c064bb27980de….png)

Just finished the last episode today. I gotta say, overall, this season was much better than season 2. Now that's not saying much, but I was thoroughly engaged through most of it, despite the rocky start, and actually felt like a few of my choices had more impact than usual.

Clementine's edgefag nature was pretty obnoxious at the start, but it was nice to see her pretty much come out of it by the time episode 3 rolled around. Not being autistic helped me look past this, as well.

I felt like David's meltdown in the parking lot was pretty hamfisted. I sided with him pretty much every step of the way after we reached Richmond, and the tension between he and Javier just wasn't there when the fight came. Kissing his wife would piss him off, yeah, but I didn't expect it to blow up to the point where he was literally going to fucking bash my head in with a wrench.

The scene itself was pretty good, but the context surrounding it, the tension, was practically nonexistent. I'm pretty pleased to see that my Clementine was willing to take the opposite choice that I did, covering for me, it felt logical and like something Lee/Kenny would have her do.

David's death scene was pretty good too.

All in all, I'd rate it like a 7/10 on the whole. Worth the investment, if TT can keep the upwards swing with DLC/Season 4 I might be willing to see what else they've got cooking, especially if we're in Clem's shoes again.


>Most fucked over determinant characters, ranked:

1. 400 days cast save for Bonnie, not exactly determinant in the traditional sense, but they got fucked over pretty brutally, with like a five second pf screen time combined.

2. Sarah, dies five minutes later, almost no lines between the two scenes, no one reacts to her death.

3. Nick, survives an episode, but doesn't really talk, can even be seen striking a T-pose in the background.

4. Ava, some words are said, people barely react when she dies in the most anticlimactic, stupid fashion.

5. Tripp, same as Ava, but at least people seemed to care more.

6. Alvin, out of the story until his death scene, it's a fairly decent death scene though.

7. Bonnie, fucks off out of the story quickly after becoming determinant, never really mentioned again, might still come back but it's doubtful.

8. Jane, Janefags on suicide watch, in all seriousness, she got a couple of scenes before she kicked the chair, and a few mentions after her death, so it could have been worse.

9. Kenny, same as Jane really, except he didn't go out like a bitch.

10. Ben, stupid as fuck death, but a great scene, affects other characters and their arcs, especially Kenny, has plenty of dialogue before he goes.

11. Doug, has his little plot for like an episode about being depressed and feeling useless, makes an alarm system which comes into play, affects gameplay by starting the RV faster, great and genuinely shocking gamechanger death scene, 400 days cameo.

12. Conrad, fucking survives the game, gets to take revenge on the guy who killed his wife, seeks atonement for what he has done, becomes the only triple determinant character in telltale's history, and lives!

13. Carley, romance subplot, creates additional dialogue that can effect Lee's relationship with other characters, one of the more fleshed out and memorable side characters, never stops being useful, great and genuinely shocking gamechanger death scene, 400 days cameo.

Kate, Gabe and David are hard to place since it happens so late in the game. Anyone I'm forgetting is probably not worth remembering.

Agree? Disagree?



Is he talking about the scene whit Jesus?

I just tried to be polite and it felt like Javier wanted to suck he's dick.



>come on, stay

>"hurr durr I've got other responsibilities"

I was hinting at sex, fucking retard. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes tbh.



The most shocking thing about all this is that the lead writer of ep5 still has his job.


File: 7357604b4834a83⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, telltalegamesgeneral105.png)


I made a OP pic, if you want to use it for later.


Eddie/Nate didn't get a cameo and they were (in my opinion) the best characters in 400 days, save for Vince. I will never forgive for that bullshit 'Butterfly effect of choices' PR garbage for S2E3



So are you gonna post the accolades music now or what? It's June now.


File: 5281fc4f260abb8⋯.mp4 (7.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, JustAnotherDayForKenny.mp4)



Oh thanks, any idea what the thread theme should be?


Kek at the filename, but what a fucking stupid death scene. Kenny wouldn't just let her die if he could stop it, he had a gun so why doesn't he shoot? Hell, they should both have guns. It would've been better if this happened when Kenny was away and he came back to find Clementine dead/Clementine killed a walker.


Telltale is dead, right?



We can only hope they'll go bankrupt soon, though rest assured that it's inevitable. Only a matter of time before they shut up shop with all the shit games they've been pumping out.



/ttgg/ sure is though.


File: 5b5ca0236b98344⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1424237729551.png)





If only because nobody is checking the link on /v/ and if they are they aren't posting here.



If you check past threads from the last few months you'll see about 60% of the posts come from me. I still check here everyday multiple times but ANF completely killed all my enthusiasm to keep posting.


File: 9f933c17c370ba5⋯.png (46.54 KB, 1567x575, 1567:575, ss (2017-06-02 at 04.13.47….png)

The classification board just leaked that Minecraft Season 2 is their next game.

They're LITERALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel now.



Well apparantly we got at least two people to post when I brought this up. There's certaintly more lurking.


Minecraft TTG games must be ridiculously cheap to make, you don't have to bother with hi-res textures or realistic looking animations.

Pathetic attempt to try and make their money back after how hard GOTG flopped.



Well what the fuck do you want people to say?

I could repost the webms I have but TTG have done nothing but show total disinterest in creating games that aren't shit.

/ttgg/ is going to die because there won't be TTG players out there any more.

I know it's not ideal and there exists some alternate universe where TTG doesn't go up in a weed fueled self-destruction binge but that's not what's happening.

If you're not completely enraged by the simple idea of lesbianism then LiS2 is coming out. It's a bright new day and E3 is around the corner, maybe it's time to let this one go.



>If you're not completely enraged by the simple idea of lesbianism

I'm enraged by hipsters, shit plot, and dialogue written by 50 year old french men imagining how american teenage girls talk.


Javier single-handedly killed Telltale

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