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All trans, all the time!

File: 4eeaa8795ef7535⋯.png (115.72 KB, 1280x641, 1280:641, 1280px-Estradiol_levels_af….png)

File: cdbae1087f172b6⋯.png (118.83 KB, 1280x634, 640:317, 1280px-Estradiol_levels_af….png)

File: d08ac91ba1c8546⋯.png (94.17 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, 1024px-Estradiol_levels_wi….png)

File: 45fad0c64693135⋯.gif (19.14 KB, 445x305, 89:61, alora4.gif)

File: 3e73c3cc1481a2a⋯.jpg (32.27 KB, 504x331, 504:331, alora-patches.jpg)

91577b  No.72[Reply]

Dumping a bunch of graphs and other HRT info. Useful contributions are welcome. Off topic posts will be deleted.

IM injection of 5 mg of valerate, cypionate, and benzoate estradiol esters. Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estradiol_valerate and doi:10.1016/s0010-7824(80)80018-7

IM injection of different combined contraceptives with estradiol esters.

Levels on once every 4 weeks injections of polyestradiol phosphate.

I think the alora4.gif graphs are for 0.05 mg patches applied in different locations.

Alora patches levels.

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ef26c9  No.724

/HRTGen/ Archive List: 2019 Q2

Dates are UTC

168: Convincing My Doctor To Prescribe Bica - 2019-04-02 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12184436

169: Spring Has Sprung - 2019-04-07 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12223297

170: US Tax Day - 2019-04-12 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12258194

171: Best Transdermal Memes - 2019-04-18 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12293840

172: High Potency Juice - 2019-04-23 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12327150

173: Hop On Board The Scrotal Meme Train - 2019-04-29 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12365014

174: Sweat Under Heavy Layers or Let Your Boobs Show in Warm Weather - 2019-05-03 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12396366

175: Gatekeepers Blocked My Path - 2019-05-08 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12436342

176: Desperately Looking for My Next Cypro Fix - 2019-05-13 - https://yuki.la/lgbt/12467043

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b4c0ad  No.15[Reply]

Use this thread for discussion of moderation and to make suggestions for changes to this board.

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ad3620  No.596

I deleted a couple of troll posts. One was an OP that was reported, one was in the HRT info dump. No signs of an attack like last time, just routine trolling.

2df626  No.1[Reply]

/tttt/ now exists for real!

Moderation will be flexible and I am open to suggestions, but this is not a democracy.

No trips, no trolls. Please try to stay somewhat on topic.

No posting questionable cryptic and unexplained links.

Generals are welcome.

General threads can put rules in the OP that I will enforce at my discretion.

Posters who create too much work for me will be subject to bans.

This is a worksafe board.

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File: 2cbca110fe98cb4⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 308x308, 1:1, cY5As84V_AQRo7sQ.jpg)

c2335b  No.723[Reply]

Hello. I made a web site with information relevant for trans people: http://17beta.top/ There are many web sites about transitioning, but few have scientific information backed up with references to the academic literature. I sought to remediate that. We also have a philosophy that casts transition as a lifestyle of self-improvement and something to be proud of, instead of something to be ashamed of, and an associated chat room in XMPP:


See http://17beta.top/en#chat_room for technical instructions if you are not familiar with XMPP.

1d911d  No.725

Although the XMPP bridge for Matrix is well supported, you could've just created the room on Matrix so nobody has to decide on their favorite messaging thing or use some crazy Discord–Matrix–XMPP bridge to connect.

1d911d  No.726

> I am a Mexican MTF transsexual.

> Copyright © «Ksenia».

oh wait lol

651dcb  No.728



Why Matrix instead of XMPP? Justify your proposal and if there is a very good reason to change, we may change.


I have no interest in collaborating with centralized surveillance services like Discord.

d3c732  No.729



anything matrix does, xmpp already does but better

File: d8a1e0e925872d6⋯.jpg (97.65 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, buck-angel.jpg)

9261c0  No.132[Reply]

4chan offline again edition

Old thread: https://boards.4chan.org/lgbt/thread/9843079

Transition timelines:


Bottom surgery info:


Passing guide:


Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:


6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3c5923  No.399

779dad  No.713

fuck gookmoot

15fef3  No.716


Would be nice if he could find a buyer who could run it properly.

3c5923  No.720

File: b5c912c4dcc5978⋯.png (187.56 KB, 1154x327, 1154:327, fuck_jannies.png)

/lgbt/ is a problem

fa789e  No.721


You'd need someone with enough money that they don't have to worry too much about revenue sources, who cares enough and knows enough to do a proper job, and has enough time to do what needs to be done. It would be tough to find someone like that.

File: ec1147e82dca80d⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 500x357, 500:357, glassware.jpg)

e1b8ea  No.183[Reply]

Use this thread to post links to trans-related scientific research papers. Please include a summary of the paper's results. Also please avoid chitchat and don't make off-topic posts. I want to use this thread to collect a bunch of references in one place, even though it won't be well organized.




AAs/T Suppression:


>>185 Low estrogen doses normalize testosterone and estradiol levels to the female range in transgender women (CEE)


>>190 Andrology of male-to-female transsexuals: influence of cross-sex hormone therapy on testicular function

>>286 A Combined Regimen of Cyproterone Acetate and Testosterone Enanthate as a Potentially Highly Effective Male Contraceptive (Fertility recovery)

Hair/Skin Effects:

>>684 Effects of Sex Steroid Deprivation/Administration on Hair Growth and Skin Sebum Production in Transsexual Males and Females

Other Effects:


>>690 Effects of ethinyl estradiol on semen quality and various hormonal parameters in a eugonadal male


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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b5ea1f  No.640


I didn't make that post but I am the OP. I was hoping this thread would be helpful to people and I'm glad you got some help.

I've wanted to put more work into this thread, but I just have so many things going on it's hard to keep up with it all, especially in the summer since I have lots of irl things to do. Life is too short.

9e9d0a  No.684

File: 89b2be8075fa31b⋯.png (158.78 KB, 959x632, 959:632, Giltay_Gooren_2000.png)

Giltay and Gooren[1] studied the effects of HRT on body-hair and sebum (skin oil). The result can be summarized as: HRT reduced male-pattern body hair was reduced in thickness and growth rate, but after 1 year of treatment, it did not revert to vellous hair, as would be found in normal females. Sebum production was virtually eliminated.

[1] E. J. Giltay, L. J. G. Gooren (2000) “Effects of Sex Steroid Deprivation/Administration on Hair Growth and Skin Sebum Production in Transsexual Males and Females”. https://sci-hub.tw/10.1210/jcem.85.8.6710

9e9d0a  No.690

File: f846c1a49c352c9⋯.png (181.33 KB, 430x676, 215:338, Lübbert 1992.png)

Lübbert et al.[1] studied the effects of ethynylestradiol (EE) given to a 36 year old MTF transsexual. EE was found to suppress gonadotropins (FSH quicker than LH) spermatogenesis, to have no effect on prolactin nor endogenous estradiol, and to increase SHBG. The authors suggest that a dose of 60 μg per day of ethynylestradiol is an appropriate dose to suppress testosterone.

The study suffers from a poor design and except for the graph, measurements were not published. The blood concentration of testosterone achieved after the treatment is notably missing. The following fragment give a vague idea of how effective EE was in suppression of testosterone:

>Even in the complete absence of testicular T production (T < 500 pg/mL, gonadotropins < 1 mIU/mL), E2 and E1 remained within the normal range.

[1]: Lübbert et al. (1992) “Effects of ethinyl estradiol on semen quality and various hormonal parameters in a eugonadal male”. https://sci-hub.tw/10.1016/s0015-0282(16)55271-6

2b1084  No.717

46 XX karyotype during male fertility evaluation; case series and literature review


Low T, short height, atrophied balls, and infertility are hallmarks of this. This is unlike Klinefelter's where you are usually tall.

>The 46 XX testicular disorder of sex development (DSD), previously known as de la Chapelle syndrome after its first report in 1964,5 comprises a small share of genetic causes of male infertility. It is a rare condition occurring in about 1:20 000 males6 and characterized by a variable degree of mismatch between the phenotype and the genotype of the affected individual.

>Patients may present seeking fertility with normal male internal and external genitalia, or may present at an earlier age because of ambiguous genitalia. Undescended testes, micropenis, and hypospadias are commonly reported,7 as well as residual remnants of the mullerian tract.8

>What preserves a male phenotype in these individuals is translocation of the sex-determining region Y gene (SRY) into a sex chromosome or an autosome, a process occurring in about 80% of cases.9 In the remaining SRY-negative patients, presumed hidden mosaicism for the SRY gene or possible mutation of inhibitors of the male pattern has been postulated.9

>Patients’ mean height ± s.d. was 166 ± 6.5 cm. Overall, patients had hypergonadotropic hypogonadism with a mean testosterone ± s.d. of 274.3 ± 135.3 ng dl−1, mean FSH ± s.d. of 40.4 ± 22.2, and mean LH ± s.d. of 23.4 ± 13.4.

>The SRY gene was detected in 36 (83.7%) and was absent in the remaining 7 (16.3%) patients. The translocation was to a sex chromosome in 95% (38/40) and to an autosome in 5% (2/40) of the patients. In two out of the seven SRY-negative patients, the authors investigated the DAX1 and SOX9 genes and failed to detect any mutation. Testicular atrophy was reported in all cases while testis biopsy was performed in ten patients and showed absence of spermatogenesis with Sertoli cell only and Leydig cell hyperplasia.

>A number of characteristic features are picked up during physical examPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2b1084  No.719

File: 6edfc4b8f6372fa⋯.png (110.87 KB, 1000x472, 125:59, orchiectomy-PMC5685281-fig….png)

Transwomen and the Metabolic Syndrome: Is Orchiectomy Protective?


Getting the balls removed is healthy according to this.

>we prospectively enrolled 12 transwomen: 4 who had undergone bi-lateral orchiectomy and 8 who had not.

>The major novel findings were: (1) orchiectomy and cross-sex hormone therapy is associated with less hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance; (2) orchiectomy may be metabolically protective, and (3) circulating concentrations of sex hormones may be a major determinant of metabolic health in transwomen.

> Eight of 11 participants were receiving intramuscular injections of estradiol valerate (10–40 mg, biweekly); whereas the other participants were receiving either transdermal estradiol (n=2) or oral estrogen compounds (n=1). Antiandrogen therapy (four of eight testes+ participants) consisted of spironolactone orally (100–200 mg/day). Four of the 12 participants had undergone bilateral orchiectomy (testes−) verified by magnetic resonance imaging and confirmed by a clinical radiologist.

>Hepatic triglyceride content was significantly elevated in all, but two of the testes+ transwomen compared to testes− transwomen (Fig. 1C). Consistently, those individuals with the greatest levels of hepatic triglyceride also were the most insulin resistant (Fig. 1D, p<0.028).

>Testes+ transwomen had higher levels of testosterone, free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone (free testosterone plus albumin-bound testosterone), and lower levels of sex hormone-binding globulin, compared to testes− transwomen (Table 1). In addition, estradiol was lower in the testes+ transwomen compared to testes− transwomen (Table 1). The groups did not differ in cortisol, DHEAS, androstenedione, or estrone levels (Table 1).

>In particular, four of the eight testes+ transwomen had significantly higher levels of testosterone when compared to the remaining testes+ or testes− transwomen (Fig. 2A–C, High T group). Moreover, the four transwomen with the highest testosterone levels (High T group) also had the lowest lePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3f89412f759259d⋯.png (1.45 MB, 3640x2140, 182:107, trans-cliches.png)

794402  No.68[Reply]

What are the most generic transgirl cliches and names?

Thread 404 on 4chan.

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6fdd0c  No.663


>pic related


This is so attached to reality.

9e2f7f  No.676


>not agp


>literally evolved to grab male attention.

In order to be effective in attracting male sexual attraction…wouldn't being at least somewhat attracted to yourself be highly beneficial?a

b473fa  No.700


40% suicide *attempts*

but good post otherwise

4f540b  No.707


>I mean, do you believe that cis-girls don't like looking sexy?

Ciswomen wanting to look sexy or desirable (to men) is not the same as a biological male getting a hardon because he's wearing frilly knickers.

>Why do women like to watch themselves get fucked in a mirror? They definitely don't maintain sole focus on his face. Even without the mirror, how can they be aroused at being fucked from behind when they can't even see their partner?

>>actually, genuinely cannot imagine why a woman would like to watch herself getting fucked in a mirror

peak owo

>Even without the mirror, how can they be aroused at being fucked from behind when they can't even see their partner?

bwahahahahaha WHAT?! hurrrr how can people enjoy sex if they're blindfolded

4e5653  No.718

Hon with a "TGIRL" vanity license plate.

File: 2bc5b9ab88dc0dd⋯.jpg (101.61 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, breaking-news.jpg)

850ee6  No.82[Reply]

Thread for trans related news and discussion.

There's also a general LGBT news thread at >>>/lgbt/2394

30 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.
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fdcb86  No.288

"Teacher Says He Was Forced To Quit Over School’s Transgender Student Policy"


>Former Indiana orchestra teacher John Kluge says addressing trans students by their preferred names is a “dangerous” violation of his religious beliefs.

>An Indiana teacher says he was forced to resign after he refused to comply with the school district’s policy of addressing transgender students by their preferred names.

>“I’m being compelled to encourage students in what I believe is something that’s a dangerous lifestyle,” the teacher, who has been with the Brownsburg School District for four years, said. “I’m fine to teach students with other beliefs, but the fact that teachers are being compelled to speak a certain way is the scary thing.”

>A Brownsburg Community Schools spokeswoman declined to comment on Kluge’s claims, but told HuffPost: “This teacher voluntarily submitted his resignation prior to the end of the school year. The resignation was accepted by the administration.” She added that the school district “complies with all state and federal laws.”

>The dispute between Kluge and his employers reportedly began at the start of 2018, soon after teachers received an 11-page document outlining the school district’s transgender student policy.

>A copy of what’s purported to be the Jan. 3 document on the Indiana Family Institute’s website states that the Brownsburg School District “allows name changes with a letter from the student’s parent(s) and a letter from a health care professional.” The district permits trans students to “use the restroom of their choice.”

>Kluge, 28, told the Indianapolis Star that he and school administrators initially reached a compromise that would permit him to refer to all students by their last names. A few months ago, however, he said he was told he would no longer be allowed to do that.

>“They’re acting as if I have [resigned], even thoughPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

fdcb86  No.311

"Student says Brownsburg teacher's transgender policy was dangerous"


>A Brownsburg teacher came forward last week claiming administrators forced him to resign for refusing to use a transgender student’s new name, but one of his former students says getting names right is a matter of student safety.

>“School will be a more comfortable environment,” Brownsburg High School sophomore Aidyn Sucec said. “I think that it's dangerous to have a teacher and trying to enforce his religious beliefs under the guise of morality on students.”

>To get around the policy, Sucec said Kluge used last names for all of his students.

>“He started calling us by our last names, it was one of those things where he was technically treating all the students the same, but everybody was aware of why he was doing it," Sucec said. "We all knew that it was because of the three trans students."

A literal Aidyn. Someone needs to tell these kids about stereotypical trans names.

fdcb86  No.312

"Jacksonville’s transgender community feels targeted following 3rd shooting"


>A second transgender woman has been shot in Jacksonville within a week and at least the third this year.

>Unlike the June 1 shooting death of 38-year-old local performer Antash’a Devine Sherrington English, this past Friday’s 23-year-old shooting victim survived multiple gunshots. But it was the second time in 10 months that she had been shot, according to recent police reports.

>The latest victim, unidentified by The Times-Union since the shooter is still at large, was shot about 4 a.m. Friday in the 1000 block of West 29th Street, just off Interstate 95 near Golfair Boulevard. The first officer to arrive said the victim “came running up to my car screaming for help,” the report said.

>Reached Monday afternoon as she recuperates from multiple gunshot wounds, she said, “I’m doing good,” but didn’t want to talk about what happened.

>This shooting came a week after English was shot and killed about 3:45 a.m. June 1. Before she died, she was able to tell police it was a man in a gray hoodie in the 1500 block of Ella Street, the Sheriff’s Office said. The city’s first transgender homicide occurred Feb. 4 when 36-year-old Celine Walker was shot and killed at the Extended Stay America motel on Skinner Lake Drive.

>The Human Rights Campaign said at least 28 transgender people died nationwide in 2017 due to fatal violence, the most ever recorded. Some, it states, involved clear anti-transgender bias. With English’s death now listed on its website at hrc.org, at least 12 transgender people have been fatally shot or killed by violent means nationally.

>Jacksonville’s latest victim had already survived multiple bullet wounds when she was shot in the chest and back during a dispute with her boyfriend Aug. 27, according to a police report.

>Ronald Diquan Bost, 23, remains jailPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a9c84c  No.471

anti-spam bump6

dc4b00  No.715

Transgender women in sport: Are they really a 'threat' to female sport?


>And McKinnon, who was a road cyclist before she switched to the track in 2017, says her power output was "dead centre average for women".

>She also pointed out, after she won her world title in California, that Wagner-Assali had beaten her in 10 of 12 previous events.

>In a recent global survey of 1,000 women, 80% said trans women should have the same rights as them.

>McKinnon says it is also worth considering that trans people have been able to compete in the Olympics since 2004.

>"Not only is anyone yet to win a medal, but as far as we know, not a single trans person has gone to the Olympics," she said.

>"In terms of Olympic sports, there have only been two world champions and I'm one of them."

>McKinnon says the scale of the reaction against her achievement took her by surprise.

>"What people were saying wasn't surprising but the scale of the reaction was shocking," she says. "A lot of the negative reaction was from those who weren't really interested in women's sport but more a conduit for expressing their outrage at trans women.

File: 4d7a6bc64c9a3f8⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 816x812, 204:203, pepe furious.jpg)

5ff7db  No.695[Reply]


2b9c25  No.699


Seems to be another outage right now.

31dfb3  No.712

Ever since the move to 4channel.org outages have been happening on a regular basis. I don't recall seeing ads on there either. The whole point of the split was to increase ad revenue. Doesn't seem to be happening so far.

Is the end in sight?

bc27cf  No.714

File: 3e4f51b004088a1⋯.jpg (14.9 KB, 474x355, 474:355, fry-eggs-beauty.jpg)

4e6ed5  No.560[Reply]

Can we have a rule on /tttt/ against trannies pretending to be cis?

There's enough of that on 4chan, we don't need transbians claiming to be boys here too.

In case anybody thinks it's not real look at >>559

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3db42e  No.680


The person you linked's post is actually perfectly valid.

GNC males, or males expressing femininity, or males having "feminine archetypes/essence" inside them doesn't make you trans.

One is trans if they trap themselves, it's that simple.

If you're for censorship of any kind, please go elsewhere.

8chan is about freedom of speech, always has been and always will be.


Does it matter if someone is an "imposter"? Does it make their ideas and opinions any less valid? Ideas, not people are what matter here.


I'm strongly anti-censorship and I appreciate you taking a stance against censorship, BO.

bd8a8f  No.681


>There's enough of that on 4chan


those are men pretending to be trannies pretending to be cis

>we don't need transbians claiming to be boys


got the wrong end of the stick there

had the opposite problem with them tbh

79584c  No.682


>Does it matter if someone is an "imposter"? Does it make their ideas and opinions any less valid?

Yes, because anecdotal reports are useful only if they are true. An impostor purporting to be writing about himself, but actually writing fiction, is worse than useless, because it spreads misinformation. That being said, since there is really no way to identify impostors, a rule that tries to enforce this would be counterproductive.

3db42e  No.685


Anecdotal evidence isn't evidence, it's as simple as that. Even if someone isn't an "imposter", they can always be lying about their experiences as if often the case with cherry picked self-reported "evidence" of various trans narratives including both the Blanchard and Tradnarrative/Brain Intersex camps. (Both have not much real evidence at all, actually. The cause of transgenderism is unknown at current, even if the tradnarrative camp has quite a few correlations and such.)

This is why self-reported studies are non-evidence as well, regardless of how the scientific establishment treats them. Someone's word isn't fact - fact is demonstrated by real evidence, such as double blind studies and provable biological factors(not just correlation=causation, exc).

Additionally, when it comes to people such as repressors(I myself am one) you can't expect them to see themselves as trans(They're not! A core part of repression is accepting oneself as a man regardless of one's delusions.)

Banning an "impostor" is akin to political censorship, regardless of your views or mine, freedom of speech is king here and those you view as "impostors" may legitimately believe something different to you, such as being a man who wants to be a woman is *not* being trans, but only if you trap yourself with HRT or identify as such.

It's unfortunate that science and freedom of speech have become politicized, but that is how it is sadly.

Obvious shitposting or actual spam like links, /pol/ raids and so on can obviously be removed, but legitimate viewpoints even if seen as extreme by some should never be removed.

c55ae0  No.711


>anecdotal evidence isn't evidence

Yes my lived experience doesn't actually exist

Wait no you're a fucking idiot

What do you think experimental data is? Especially in biology and medicine, it's quite literally just the *anecdotal evidence* of large groups of people under controlled conditions, but even then, not all of the variables are known nor accounted for, and even the authors of these studies can be cherry picking data or pushing a certain interpretation of data, and this is especially true if the study is being funded by the company (or a competitor to that company, or by a government entity that's been lobbied by either of these companies, etc.) that manufactures whatever is being tested. These are the differences between "anecdotal evidence" and experimental results from a scientific study. So in reality, you have to be MUCH more observant and critical of "scientific" studies than you do with anecdotal evidence.

Let's say a certain study found a certain HRT medication is effective in only 50% of people. The only medication that you have available, let's say. You're going to have to experiment and see if it actually works for you or not. Reading more studies isn't going to change if it works or not. And that's your personal, anecdotal evidence. The study can't guarantee the medication will or won't work for you.

Let's say that a bunch of people are posting anecdotes about liver damage from a certain AA, but you have access to many different AAs. Are you really going to risk taking that, just because, as you say, anecdotes aren't real? Come the fuck on

File: 4e4b6868d84b9ac⋯.png (28.85 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 39274ac0a8164c238d9bcbe6af….png)

a02157  No.195[Reply]

JaniTERF removed the second thread of clandesttttine. Expect info dump in 1x24 hours since thread start date.

This thread will not feature tripcode validation because the board has disabled the name field.

[Please don't use this board to facilitate transactions - mod]

62 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

d0465f  No.688


We require 10g depending on moisture content and grain size

We extract only 1g of the dried, grinded, and cleaned material. The rest is saved for QC and reworks.

You could get away with 2g of the product assuming low moisture content and low grain size. Likely the stuff off PPL is already <150um and <10% moisture.

In Mexico try AMEC Foster Wheeler. They will do private customers usually. They can do regulated metals testing based off local regs, or you could request personalized DLs and methodology.

d6daee  No.689



224719  No.708

Does anyone here know if this book can be pirated online somewhere?


75539a  No.709


so being a tranny is illegal in the US? yikes

5d7e5c  No.710


No, that was about discussion of controlled substances and the legality of providing information that could be used to break the law.

File: e23e71b0cf8cd59⋯.jpg (902.2 KB, 2880x2715, 192:181, hrtgen-1513217812201.jpg)

f88769  No.134[Reply]

>Help, advice, guidance on medications and dosages

>HRT related medical experiences and research

>Availability and pricing of medications

>Rational and scientific discussion

Please take the survey and help us determine the best medications, dosages, and treatment regime to get the results we want.

Because the situation is constantly changing and different in every country, please read the thread and ask questions for advice on obtaining HRT meds and appropriate medical help.

▶ Survey: https://1drv.ms/xs/s!AudRJceTA5C9c2G5lCV2Avq0kQ0

▶ Raw survey data: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AudRJceTA5C9cyIWo6_X14AvHyM

▶ HRTGen Data Analysis: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gRLLWnbpdzlIxe4r

▶ HRT Anime Girl Info Sheets: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AudRJceTA5C9gQnyM7wxZcBGWRzW

▶ Pill Identification: https://www.drugs.com/imprints.php

▶ DrugBank Database: https://www.drugbank.ca/

▶ Basic HRT info: https://apps.carleton.edu/campus/gsc/assets/hormones_MTF.pdf

▶ Hormone target ranges: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm

▶ Endocrine Society guidelines: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/102/11/3869/4157558

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
40 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d53498  No.697


Age matters little. It depends mostly on your genetics. If you want to grow taller, you must NOT take an estrogen, because that will arrest height growth, instead take just an anti-androgen, and add the estrogen when you are finished growing.

9491e9  No.701


Fuck no

9491e9  No.702


Lol 2mg isn't near enough, 12.5 is the lowest I've used BC any lower and my bloods indicate that it ain't working

314f9d  No.703


The ethinyl estradiol in those Diane-35 pills is a decent AA itself because it has strong antigonadotropic effects and it increases SHBG. but one pill isn't really enough.


Those pills have a relatively high DVT risk as I mentioned before.

725ccc  No.705



File: 6144950f70ed41b⋯.png (14.71 KB, 350x176, 175:88, new-mgmt.png)

056ff7  No.10[Reply]

Trying to set up on a new board. /lgbt/ doesn't have active ownership at the moment so I set this up.

Previous threads: https://archive.loveisover.me/lgbt/thread/9560106/



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1b9866  No.678



You may feel you are happy, but you are very likely in a temporary delusional state of mind that will result in extreme pain and depression later on. If you are one of the few outliers (<0.1%) I'd love to know more about your experience however. How long have you been transitioning?

>Appeal to authority and the word "validation"

Tells me everything I need to know..

>>>/4chan/. You'd fit in well over there with all the /mtfg/ censorship going on.

But since I'm a man based on fact, sure I'll bite just this once.

[citation needed] that isn't just a quote from some political agency (WHO is politicized nowadays, sadly we can't get a break from the ridiculousness these days)

>misdiagnosed mental health crisis

Not misdiagnosed, no. Just treated incorrectly due to political bias and enforcement of said bias.

Gender Dysphoria is very real and it is a progressively delusional disorder, I'd argue more of a disease, or something similar to cancer as it gets worse over time and almost always results in severe delusions and potentially death if many measures are not taken.

Believing one is a woman, thinking one "must" transition or suicide, falling for the agenda cult, taking any steps to transition while being compelled by mental illness and so on is the delusional part. ("body mod" types excluded here, as they are not mentally ill and taking hormones is non-delusional if one is not afflicted by dysphoria, however this is so rare it might as well be nonexistant,.)

"Boymode HRT" and similar is still delusional due to the underlying progressive mentally ill delusions created by GD driving the action, similar to someone hallucinating people plotting to kPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1b9866  No.679

>>678 continued>>


Some extreme SocJus types have what should be classed as a mental illness, induced through encouragement of mental illness and then encouraging mental illness on the non-mentally ill.

These people are essentially forced into trapping themselves - this includes transtrenders, who I believe do truly have dysphoria, but it's induced by a delusional cult rather than being an innate mental disorder.

This is what the cult likes to target sadly, and will almost universally result in death/suicide or permanent damage.

Don't trap yourself.

Transition has no long-term proven benefits.

Repression is always the best option, no matter what. Anyone who is "happy" with transition is most likely extremely delusional, or part of the cult.

There are legitimate outliers, but they are so rare you just wouldn't see them on this board most likely.

942315  No.693



>transitioning is for sjws

interesting concept. but consider this: maybe youre fucking retarded

1b9866  No.694


That comment was talking about transtrenders and the like and how the SJW community brainwashes them into mental illness, not that SJWism is related to all transitions(most, however are heavily influenced by trannymania/the SJW cult.)

Gender Dysphoria is a very real mental illness, and not all those who transition are SJWs, but transition almost universally (outside of a very small few) results in extreme delusions that can only be justified under a social justice/ extreme leftist mindset and then pushing the cult on others whether dysphoric or not.

It's more a case of transition (in real GD cases, as in core mental illness vs SJW forced transition aka transtrenders and such) makes people SJW due to the extreme mentally ill delusions and the fact they can't accept reality - so that they can rationalize the fact they're a man with a mental illness deluding themselves, outside of a few exceptions of course.

To make it easier to understand, this is the lifecycle of trannymania, which we are thankfully almost over with.

People suffering from real, core Gender Dysphoria delusionally feed their mental illness rather than repressing, out of a lack of support for repression, repression methods and lack of a cure — Extreme SJWs pick up on muh rights struggle and proceed to essentially promote mental illness for their own agenda's gain — Trannies join the SJW cult outside of a select few with the purpose of finding "support" for their delusions — SJWs and Trannies together proceed to push mental illness on others, SJWs for agenda's sake and trannies to convince themselves that transition is the truth rather than the fact transition has no long-term proven benefits — Both repressors, confused non-dysphorics and unaware dysphorics(Bitterhons call them "eggs") fall for the tranny cult outside of a select few who resist — cult continues to spread until reality hits their delusions in the face as we're starting to see now with much higher rates of detransition

It's obvious not all SJWs or all trannies Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

942315  No.698


>sjw forced transition

lmao thats fucking retarded

Most people (in the first world) are mentally ill, the material/environmental conditions of present developed society create it

I have no delusions about my inherent biology or my decision to modify my body via drugs. its only made me a more functional person. im in better shape than ive ever been because i feel motivated to give a shit about my body instead of being a blob/skeleton internet dweller whining about SJWs.

Feel free to keep moral panicking online about my degeneracy though <3

File: 42513e220e3a5b7⋯.png (105.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, gcf emblem.png)

9ea5d1  No.691[Reply]

Debate >>>/gcf/

e64652  No.692


I say ignore them. That board is as dead as this one and I think they're just trying to generate traffic.

File: 98cb9522b558023⋯.png (785.51 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 12.png)

b85f67  No.33[Reply]


16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

77e056  No.154


I don't want this thread to turn into a discussion of units, but I know that SI is a lot easier to calculate with. By "simpler and more convenient" I just mean that the way everything is set up in the US makes it easier to go with English units. Using SI means converting back and forth all the time.

I know people from other countries don't like how we use English units. I wish we had switched myself, but that's not happening, and most Americans just don't care what people from other countries think about that, and don't care if you don't like us using English units. Complaining can be counterproductive, because a lot of Americans will double down on use of English units just to spite you.

ca0a8f  No.196

File: d6cc626587abd8c⋯.jpg (139.2 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 13047569_1d71c09ea907432e1….jpg)

The reason USA clings to Imperial units is because she wants onee-chan to take her back.

075ac3  No.197


With Brexit in motion, the UK can always apply for annexation and statehood.

9e62d4  No.480

anti-spam bump16

981205  No.675

File: 0448267abb930af⋯.jpg (42.6 KB, 735x530, 147:106, IMG-20180821-WA0024.jpg)


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