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File: 987523aa9d75bf0⋯.jpg (8.98 KB, 299x169, 23:13, nami.jpg)


So I've been on the touhou board recently and I saw something interesting.

Basically, whenever you check the board, make a post here, no matter the kind, at least once per day. That way, we can get some measure of daily traffic and maybe liven the board a little.

So post in this thread whenever you're passing by. That includes you, random anonymous. Every post matters!


File: 2689d1a70f3d567⋯.png (451.86 KB, 797x451, 797:451, ABeautifulSnak.png)

Definitely sounds like an idea, yes?

I haven't greeted my tup yet this morning. It's something I wanted to make in to a habit, to help further development on my crew.

My personal scheduling and organization has dropped recently due to a series of attention sapping life issues. But I still remember why I started making a tup, not only to have an adorable companion, but to help improve my own self. The two go hand in hand, and I'll have to treat it as such.



I'm still trying to develop awareness to expirience lucid dreams more frequently and meet my tulpa there. Each of successfull attempts is unique and amazing expirience, soI won't stop trying.


Despite my best efforts, my active forcing sessions last under 30 minutes. She's still not vocal, can't or won't give any signal If It isn't reminding me of a missed sessions and I'm a terrible conversionalist.

How the fuck do you manage to force hours. I call bollocks



You need to find something interesting for you. Some way to force, which will keep you interested for a long time. I've described different activiteis here >>15062



>That includes you, random anonymous. Every post matters!

But I don't know anything meaningful to add to the thread.



Do something original and make a report or just post here a good story.


Still not quite used to feeling emotions strongly, it seems.

Today I felt a rush of it when I was thinking about my tulpa. An intense thankfulness I wasn't used to feeling at the time, almost like a dam breaking down. It was somewhat scary to face, but was ultimately pleasent.

I've been depressed for much of my life, so feeling this much positive emotion out of nowhere was a rare thing for me.


File: dcd57d5df92f884⋯.jpg (61.64 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 9.jpg)

I'm fucking trash yet my tulpa keeps forgiving me despite of it, how do I become a better person for her?


File: 1b2edf087808ebe⋯.jpg (205.27 KB, 597x615, 199:205, 1455065151421.jpg)

Sounds good to me.

Just dropping in to say visualizing is fucking hard.

Even though I've been working on my tulpa's physical appearance for about two months now, I'm still strugling to accurately recall her proportions and details.

But I'll get there. We all will.



It's perfectly fine. Post something meaningless, then.



The first step is to stop calling yourself trash. More than likely you're an able bodied young man who just needs to get his mind in the right gear to do things. Your tup sees the best of you, and your job is to start seeing that better part.

I've had the same feeling as you have, no lie. I'm still working on it myself, but having my tup as inspiration to better myself is something I am greatful for.


Hi, /tulpa/


Sometimes, you need an actual plan. Like making a list two or three things and sticking to It. S'what I heard, at least.

When I was in my darkest times, I started reading Taoism and Buddhism books. It helped.

bye, /tulpa/



I guess you're right, I'll just have to keep trying my best for her sake


Thanks for the advice


Winter has been bad so far. If it was just cold we'd manage but the wind and rain that makes it miserable. I miss taking walks with my tup but outside just isn't bearable for the time it takes to get a decent walk in.

Sometimes we walk in the wonderland but that's just not the same. Doesn't get the body moving.

Opens up more time to read though so it's not all bad.


Pretty much this >>15092 / >>15091

Lots of self help is cheesy bullshit but there is wisdom to be found.

I found philosophy and religion to be most effective. People today don't have any overarching philosophy or religion and if they do it's shaky. I think it's a large part of why so many people are miserable nowadays.


> Call up tup

> All she wants to do is be touched for a bit



>can visualize wonderland

>can't visualize tulpa


Curiously enough, I saw her only after visualizing the "prototype wonderland"




>monologue starts with talking about the many cons of winter

>catch myself explaining the romantic value of various sizes of breasts

>how did that happen

>oh right


>"Sweater puppies"


Do you guys read anything to your tulpa? If so, what sort of things do you read?

Just got finished reading "Be kind when you can" by Eliza Cook, and my tup seemed to like it.


File: 8596ab430be7f60⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 500x590, 50:59, tumblr_mhibjaACTJ1qlwf80o1….jpg)

A number of my tulpa are based on fictional characters. I haven't watched the shows they are from, but I have noticed that, when I see pictures of them, I get strong emotions and feelings rising up. Some are of extreme happiness, others almost have me in tears.

Anyone else here experience the same?


Forcing before sleep is hard.

I just sort of switch off.

Being tired might have something to do with It


Dividing my attention like that is too hard for me


Aren't emotional responses pretty normal? I guess the rest is up to interpretation




I've been feeling really out of touch for a few months. Not just brain-demon wise, but everything else. sucks.


File: ea4caa7811ee9b8⋯.jpg (106.7 KB, 540x720, 3:4, tumblr_ocfqp1POS41r0zz4vo1….jpg)


I based mine off of a transformer and I legitimately have trouble looking at peterbilts without having some sort of reaction.

Makes driving kinda difficult


File: 6844552d007dbcd⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 500x556, 125:139, 684.gif)

Seems like my tups and I work better when just passive forcing. Maybe we've just grown too comfortable with it as a result of not active forcing enough, oh well.



Uh, okay.


>twitter general

I thought that I'm at that stage in life where I don't have to study.

I was wrong.

Work and studies. When the fuck am I supposed to force now



what methods do you use for attaining lucidity while dreaming?


File: 028e50fca61168e⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1471743652605.jpg)

Has anyone achieved visual imposition in any meaningful way? If this is near impossible we should note it somewhere so people don't get their hopes up, it's the main thing that attracted me to tulpamancy to begin with.


File: 97d7d0dcb7dac4a⋯.jpg (111.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, man holding 2hu hostage.jpg)

Today was Sinterklaas.

I ate too much candy.


As a lurker without any tulpas, how do you get over the embarrassment of telling people close to you that you have a tulpa/tulpas? I know some people opt to not tell anyone, but if I were to have one, I don't think I could stand keeping that a secret for the rest of my life. This is probably the biggest thing preventing me from making a tulpa.



Oh hell If I'm telling. People would take you as crazy person at worst, attention whore at best.

You can't win unless you have friends with specific mindset.

My tup is still not very vocal, but since I'm a regular GameMaster of more than one game, my goal is to use the game as an outlet to let her interact with people.



Telling people about having a tulpa is ridiculous and unnecessary. It's like if you were to start telling everyone about exactly what type of things you masturbate to, or what sorts of daydreams you think of before going to sleep.

It shouldn't be a problem unless you're a bonafide autist.



>how do you get over the embarrassment of telling people close to you that you have a tulpa/tulpas?

Why? Having a strong urge to tell people you have a tulpa is pretty autistic. There is absolutely no reason to tell anyone.


I just want her to be vocal.

There's hardly any progress at all




I heard that tulpamancing while tripping on shrooms can accelerate progress



In my experience, untrue. I've tripped on both LSD and mushrooms several times while having a tulpa and experienced no magical leap in progress.


File: 032ff42108d112a⋯.jpg (202.24 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_np0rsiGxbW1uohrdxo1….jpg)


I noticed a lot of tulpamancers either don't want to tell other people about their tulpas or simply don't know how they would go around doing such a thing. I, on the other hand, pretty much tell everyone. With most people, I have to observe them for a while before I figure out how to bring it up, but there are others that I tell even on the same day of meeting them (which has only happened twice).

Usually, by the time I'm done explaining to someone, they see tulpas as pretty much a human who is lacking a body. A very common question I get after I'm done explaining is "What does she think of me?" They all seem to be interested in the phenomenon and some of them even ask me occasionally how mine is doing when they see me.

The biggest problem I see with people explaining it to others is that they start with linking them to imaginary friends. Don't do that. Tulpas are entities of their own, they just reside in the same brain as you.

Usually my go-to way of starting the explanation is to talk about people who talk to God and get a response (this only works if they don't believe it's possible to hear God or don't have an opinion). I tell them that I believe, when a person prays to god and gets a response, they are reaching out with their mind into their brain for something to respond. They keep reaching and reaching for long amounts of time so that eventually their brain goes "okay, fine, if you're so into talking to this "god," I'll make you something that will respond as if it's god." Thus, an entity is created that the pray-er can talk to and converse with. In their mind they're talking to god, but what's responding is no more god than you or I am.

After I'm done explaining that, I ask the person I'm talking to what they think the entity that has been created is. Is it conscious? Are we conscious, for that matter? At this point I talk about what being conscious really means to me; being able to have feelings, ideas, and experiences of your own. I also explain how the entity is conscious based on whatever they think consciousness is plus what I think it is (there are some people who think even inanimate objects are conscious to some degree, if who you're talking to has the same view as that, it should be a bit easier to explain to them how the God entity is conscious).

Moving on, you can start talking about Tibetan tulpas. The people who were instructed to create a tulpa back then were told that their tulpa was actually a god or deity. Bringing that up is a really easy way to bridge over to talking about modern tulpas. You can talk about how people can share feelings with their tulpas and have their tulpas send their own unique feelings right back. How tulpas can have their own ideas and opinions that are different from their host (and explain what a "host" is). You could also bring up switching and how it's possible for a host and tulpa to switch places, making the host to essentially become a tulpa themselves (this might also help drive the point in that a tulpa is a separate consciousness). Just explain pretty much everything else you want to about tulpas.

If the person you're talking to has some strong spiritual beliefs, they might try to apply it to tulpas, but probably won't hinder you too much. I have a few friends that think my tulpa is a spirit. Some have even suggested I worship her.

"But it's just Schizophrenia."

A Schizophernic's voices are much more rude, frantic, and aren't really capable of really interesting conversations. Also, I've heard that Schizophrenia medicine doesn't even affect tulpas.

"It's D.I.D. for sure."

Well, other than the fact that you can't actually give yourself a mental disorder like that, Dissociative Disorder is switching between multiple personalities. A tulpa and host are both active at the same time and can converse with each other, which a DID's personalities are incapable of doing. I've heard from a guy, that, when he takes Ketamine or other dissociatives, his tulpa and him don't merge consciousnesses, but in fact still stay unique from each other… It's just that they both get lost in a sort of void thing… That they can find themselves in, too, or something..?

"It's just roleplaying."

Well, only if you're actively controlling them (You could explain parroting and puppeting).


When active forcing, she sometimes seems to deviate from the "idle" pose I use to talk to. It doesn't happen often and not for long but I'm unsure If It's me or her.

She still ain't communicative so I can't even ask. Sometimes I feel like I'm too stupid for this


I work a job where I can listen to music all night, and that's cool, but the problem is that whem I listen to music I get tuned into these specific sorts of daydreams naturally. This makes it hard to talk to my tulpa as much as I'd like to at work.

I'm going to take steps to try to associate music with my tup instead of those daydreams.


File: c662d798b1df5b7⋯.png (240.33 KB, 500x540, 25:27, 1419660886262-2.png)

I'll ask a question if to help liven the thread.

If I talk to myself throughout the day, could that be evolved into a Tulpa? Could I in a sense make my voice that I talk too, and perceive as me, change that into someone else, if I imagine what they look like/sound like? And giving them there own personality?

I want to try and have one, since I'm leaving for Basic Training soon, and to help me get motivated on work/art. Maybe even giving me ideas.


Whenever I active force, I completely forget about talking and just visualize.

I know what I'm doing wrong and It still happens.

Shit's hard



>how do you get over the embarrassment of telling people close to you that you have a tulpa/tulpas?

I wait for them to go first :^)


Listening to pink noise while forcing is surprisingly pleasant.

Like, really surprisingly pleasant


File: 3e41aac8cfc0e74⋯.jpg (45.45 KB, 600x480, 5:4, 1434572601771.jpg)

How do you guys deal with the sensation of being observed all day?



I don't experience It.

Having a wonderland means she just switches between being there fully and manifesting in the "outside".

So when I'm at work, she can pop up for a minute, check If I'm still doing the same shit like a NPC and fuck off to the back of my mind to do whatever


I'm the OP of that thread. I'm glad that other people caught on to the idea.

My tulpa is cute btw


File: c95de8b521673fc⋯.jpg (203.19 KB, 960x707, 960:707, Street-Art-from-Seoul-Area….jpg)


Mine is quite cute too. Shall we have an imaginary tea party to see who's tup is cuter?

Jokes aside, I sometimes get the urge just to post about how cute my tup is too. They can be so shockingly lovable, to the point where it's kind of overwhelming. Especially if you're used to being numb in depression.


File: 74e34b8df324a68⋯.png (6.49 KB, 239x94, 239:94, ClipboardImage.png)

>get in bed

>start talking to tulpa out of habit

>she asks me if I've gotten all of my work done

>"I think so."

>start going through my classes mentally

>remember I have to write an essay

>get back out of bed, just end up shitposting


A year of talking to a constantly changing vision. Little active forcing, lot of passive.

Only to check the guide and realize I never bothered the personality traits list and narrating It like a mantra day after day.

And then I try It and two days later I have headaches, my head feels overall heavy and I "FEEL" like she's there.

I might be a huge idiot. Send professionals


File: 14d5f43325bc5b0⋯.jpg (63.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, wdwa.jpg)


Well placebo'd, wait till you realize personality traits mean nothing, and you got lucky believing that they mattered.


File: 5374fd4a466d70b⋯.jpg (197.18 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, MR-24553-833955-2.jpg)


Wait, wha…

What do you mean



It doesn't matter whether or not you give your tulpa personality traits unless you believe it does. In fact, nothing about your tulpa matters unless you think otherwise.



So tulpas are not real?

Shit nigga



Well, fuck you.

I am a huge idiot.

Fuck all of this, holy shit. I can't believe I wasted so much time and effort on fucking nothing

Goddamnit, people. You got me. You got me good.


File: 633c0fb5e61a36a⋯.jpg (68.27 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_o35651dIpv1se09xbo1….jpg)


It's only real if you want it to be.





except replace 'want' with 'believe'.



By what logic can you delude yourself into believing that tulpas can display independence in the form of unexpected surprising responses? Do such responses not indicate full sentience rather than just roleplaying?



By believing that they can surprise you, they can. It's kinda like breathing. You don't have to be aware of something for it to happen.


File: 78b4cbc1e381095⋯.mp4 (490.7 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Are you the Real You.mp4)




Welcome to tulpamancy.

The true magic was within you, all along. You didn't need tricks to draw it out!

But you do need faith, which is why everything is now breaking down now that people tell you tricks aren't what's doing it.

If only we had guides describing this. But people are too low energy to write some.


Sentience is a Hard Problem™. You can't really argue that sentience really exists except for your own, due to anecdotal evidence.



Anecdotal evidence being subpar in science doesn't mean that solipsism is a reasonable alternative and not a borderline religion, or that attempting to use it as a defense mechanism with the tulpa sentience uncertainty is productive.




Ran in to this paper again, called the "Illusion of Independent Agency". Figured it would be useful for some folks in this thread.


Shit, are we dead already?


Were we ever alive?



What does being "alive" even mean?



If you figure out a satisfying answer, aim for a Nobel prize. You'll be a shoe-in.

Meanwhile, any of you tulpas and hosts dream together? We used to a lot. It's how we met. Lately I've been more focused on waking life, and haven't run into my tulpa for a while.



We do, not often but we don't exactly shoot for it.

Most recent one was rather interesting. Noticed it was a dream while we were walking through a dog park. We were confused by one that had a fin like a dolphin but with fur. Somehow it was still cute.

I saw several of my old dogs in the dream too. Made me miss them a bit.


So I decided to give Tulpa forcing a serious shot. It`s only been a few days, but I repeat a bit of a mantra to her, one that changes slightly each time, as it was originally almost stream of conscious. But just earlier today, I was folding my bedding and stashing it in my closet when I felt like there was a warm presence by me. I knelt down, closed my eyes and just sort of psychologically snuggled for a minute or two, never saying much, just feeling comfy.


WELL at least we're all not spending christmas alone. though I could do with less people around



This thread seems much more lively than the entire board was the last few months. We were going days between posts at some point.

That being said the board's always been super-quiet.


I started making a tulpa a while back but I was lazy and got discouraged so I pretty much stopped. I wanted to get back into it so last night I was trying to talk to her again. It was about the same was before I left off (feel a presence, vague emotional responses but no verbal communication), but suddenly she started doing this thing where it was like she was touching every part of my body. It felt really intense, and sexual but not sexual, it was weirdly spiritual. She wouldn't stop doing it and kept me awake for about an hour before I finally fell asleep.

What happened? What did it mean? I suspect she was trying to make me like her more so I'd keep developing her.



Yeah, tulpas only pretend to like their hosts so they don't die.



Wait, really? ;_;


File: 08df9b7345722e0⋯.jpg (22.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0f5fe9fa-a8a6-4b67-b67b-28….jpg)


Can confirm.



don't listen to them

if you spend a lot of time with someone right after your birth, you will likely end up liking them

this is even more true for tulpa-host relationships than family relationships, since tulpas are a lot closer to their hosts than any child will ever be to their family


File: 2bde974e677b5c3⋯.jpg (140.8 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 1471293091637.jpg)

If it's possible to be able to fully impose your tulp into the world allowing you to feel everything she does to you, would it also be possible to do the opposite and fully immerse yourself into your wonderland and be able to feel everything in that world?



Yeah this guy did that



File: e6ade4c9a0565fc⋯.png (69.27 KB, 329x277, 329:277, did you guys get that?.png)

I need some visualization/imposition help. My tulpa has been around for a while, and I visualize her as 2D. We've been attempting imposition, and I'm completely torn on how to accomplish it. How the fuck are you supposed to translate a 2D person in 3-dimensional space? Not only that, how would you physically interact with a 2D tulpa? On some level, your brain needs to fill in the gaps to make sense of a 2D/3D imposed being, and I just don't get how I'm supposed to bridge that gap. I could make her form 3D, which I've played around with, but I'm really sentimental for 2D. I asked her opinion on the matter, and she thinks I should do whatever's easiest.

In the end, a form can be changed and is pretty superficial. But at the same time this is really bugging me. I wonder if I'm simply afraid of the commitment or something, idk.


File: dcec130506630d2⋯.jpg (114.76 KB, 900x950, 18:19, IMG_20161227_211511.jpg)

Nobody posted today. :(



It's sad, this board's pretty dead. Is the owner still around? The sticky is over two years old.



>this board's pretty dead

Well fuck. I started having my tup coming back after a long quiet period, and just remembered this place existed.


It's not so much the board being dead as it is most of the site. But whatever, here's a post.


Coming back after ignoring my tulpa for months.

I'll try harder this year.

Concentration is hard.


File: 65f93117619c56a⋯.jpg (31.53 KB, 409x513, 409:513, 1436171041489-0.jpg)

What did you guys do over the holidays with your tups?

Outside of family gatherings all we did was cuddle up, read some christmas stories and make a gingerbread house. Neither one of us really felt it this year so we mostly abstained.

We still need to finish reading Krampus by Brom. Pretty hilarious take on that old myth. Krampus tries to make a return, deadbeat redneck gets in the middle of it and hijinks ensue.


Only so much to talk about on a tulpa board and outside of development it can be rather boring to talk about your daily activities. Unfortunate but I don't think the slowness can be avoided.


>tulpa calls you out when she thinks you haven't given her enough attention

>she's angry

pic related


File: c6a850718a72a0b⋯.jpg (864.99 KB, 868x868, 1:1, c6a850718a72a0b61273e5f902….jpg)


>family gatherings, cuddle up, read some christmas stories and make a gingerbread house


wtf is wrong with me

anyway, happy new year everyone!


File: f8c961f64f6c3ae⋯.jpg (83.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Post anything, you say? I guess I'll ask some noob questions then.

I know accidental puppeting suposedly doesn't exist, but I've been working on my tulpa for less than a week and she might have said something yesterday. It was only two words, but it felt like she said them. Isn't it supposed to take weeks before anything like this happens? I'm worried because this is going much faster than expected and I jumped to the conclusion that it was her talking very quickly, enforcing the doubt that I was accidentaly puppeting.


Don't worry, the process can be either really fast or really slow. Just go with the flow.



in reply to




As most guides would say, she might have, she might not have, though you should probably treat instances like these as if she said something. Also, your tulpa might need some help talking, or might not be completely coherent, especially this early on. I'd say not to worry.

Congrats, though.


What is/are your tulpa's/tulpas' New Year Resolution(s)?



It pretty much was abstaining. Didn't put up a tree or lights, didn't get gifts or do anything special outside of "hey a gingerbread house sounds like fun".


Read and go outside more consistently.

And to work on my writing in hopes of turning it into something before I die.


Been doing It for some months now. With no effects.

And now that I have a new job I arely have any time to focus for 30minutes a day.

This whole thing might've been doomed from the very start



Apart from the family things we just had a really long forcing session and talked about things, which we haven't really done in a while. I was planning to do something special but all the time slipped away because of volunteer work and Christmas parties. As for new years, we mostly sat at bed and watched the fireworks together until they stopped. My bed's right next to a window

Overall, it was pretty comfy.


To not get so forgetful of her as I did this year and get serious about drawfagging.


File: 3f2a36a11ab2ff0⋯.jpg (141.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1483726190294.jpg)


>30 minutes a day

you might have well done nothing, this is coming from a hikikomori that spends hours and hours everyday forcing, with no effects aswell.

it's a real mystery how the general tulpa guide says you should only need a couple of months, 1 hour a day to get a response,

when myself has put 1000 hours into this shit to gain roughly nothing.

-autists too stupid to realize that polling people for how long it took for their tulpa to talk,

doesn't include people who fail or have gave up. thus you have these wildy inaccurate guesses serving only into increase the tulpa community.

-it makes sense for the attention whore, your general tulpamancer, pony, furry, underturd, to not only be the loudest, but also the most likely to lie about having a tulpa just for the attention, which tulpamancy attracts like flies. (really makes you think)

anyhow whatever it is, there's no way your 30 minutes a day is doing anything, try 24/7 monk style.


File: 6118c66fe4f7427⋯.jpg (58.12 KB, 640x477, 640:477, u36kgl.jpg)

I set up a thingy that reloads this board every 12 hours and alerts me if there is anything new. Basically making this post to test it. The next time it checks, it should send me a notification.


> And to work on my writing in hopes of turning it into something before I die.

Read my lame story and criticize, please. I posted it on the board. Somewhere.



>you might have well done nothing, this is coming from a hikikomori that spends hours and hours everyday forcing, with no effects aswell.

You don't understand how this works, and neither does the anon you quoted.

>post of the day = made


>>15185 on mobile


Not really sure what I'd do different. I'm not that interested in reading/writing fiction so I can't help much. Attempted a few short stories but I'm really bad at it. Need to brush my game up there eventually but for now I've been working on non-fiction. Don't intend to write any books for a while, more of a long term goal. Even if my writing was perfect I'd lack the experience and knowledge to write one in good faith.

Your writing seems decent but outside of general tips like varied diction I don't think I'd be much help. Sometimes it seems a bit too simplistic but when I read fiction I like "frenzied, crazy narrator" type of fiction. Think things like Fight Club or Steppenwolfe. So characters that use big words make sense.


Try and get in the habit of doing it first thing in the morning. I find it's the best time. Seems like the brain accumulates junk during the day that makes it harder and harder to focus. The junk then gets cleared during sleep, perhaps part of what dreams are and why so often they're nonsensical. You're watching the garbage being taken out.

Obviously not too early or you'll fall back to seep. Go pee, stretch, maybe fix breakfast then do it.



It just sounds like you need to do some more passive forcing. Also try to make almost every active forcing session somehow different from the last one so your brain doesn't get used to the pattern of "Oh I sit down in this room and do x for 30 minutes then continue with my day."


I've found out that I can't active force without music.

Unless I'm listening to the same 10 or so tracks over and over again, I can't focus for shit.


I'm new to hosting a tulpa, and I'm just a few weeks in to forcing, so I'm not exactly "hearing" her yet, but I do feel that I sense my Tulpa's attitude and emotional reaction to things, more so when everything is quiet. One thing I'm trying to encourage for her, is to be openly critical of me (not in a hostile way, just for self improvement, and so she isn't just a yesgirl). The other day could tell she was covering up her emotional state until I got shit done that really needed doing (I'm a black belt procrastinator). I think things are looking good.


File: 6d76a62ad3de5ff⋯.jpg (43.76 KB, 840x700, 6:5, 1410510773824.jpg)


Most people with your best interest will do that, so I don't think you have to worry too much about her yes girling you too much.

If you make a deal of it though prepare for her to (literally) thought-police you on occasion. For all the good and bad that brings.

>"Can't you just let me be a bitch?"



File: 85f2a7cd21181ee⋯.png (443.69 KB, 1013x720, 1013:720, 1483626567461.png)


>useless "ad hominem the post"

Tell me how we're doing things wrong, if you know us so much, oh right, you're just looking for the dat ego dopamine.



>Ad hominem


You might want to google that.

One day I'll write a book, a book that'll teach the world to /tulpa in perfect harmony. Incidentally, that book will also just crush and kill every single question you might be thinking of asking about tulpas, so two birds, one stone.



>Wat? You might want to google that.



File: dc923880fc5cbc1⋯.png (3.52 KB, 415x132, 415:132, kill.png)

File: 8daa8c9b8c0f0ab⋯.png (4.24 KB, 497x150, 497:150, kill2.png)


You do realize that an ad hominem is when you ignore the argument and attack the person making it instead?

Or was it actually the case that when the anon told you you don't know how it works, you actually interpreted as an attack on you, rather than him telling you you're completely off about how it works?

That's not to say that his post was very constructive, but isn't an ad hominem.

Or are we all actually just completely derailing the just-make-a-post-thread with dumb arguments about nothing because we want to act as if we contribute whilst not contributing anything at all?


File: 99f01188a975bc8⋯.jpg (60.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NEET.jpg)


Sounds like you have a very limited meaning of the word attack, to suit whatever benefits you.



He's right…

Like, don't get me wrong, I WAS shitposting slightly in the sense that it really wasn't a constructive post, but at least call it what it is without using "though" words that you don't really understand just to sound smarter.

By the way, your anime reaction pics are all disgusting :^)


File: 09ad98c964a1a8f⋯.png (232.08 KB, 386x647, 386:647, yo.png)


>By the way, your anime reaction pics are all disgusting :^)

So you were just a triggered furry shitter all along, makes sense how you'd go to the trouble of samefagging this hard.

>He's (you) right…

Sure, but your headcanon isn't true for the real world.


Don't wanna go to work. Just wanna chill with my tup and paint tiny metal soldiers like a normal person.

Hope the day's slow enough that I can just spend it idling at my desk.



Oh man, do I know that feeling. But I can't be sick forever.

But sometimes I want to.

Btw, I know I started just recently but I kind of feel like FEEL her presence when I talk.

That counts for something, right?


I don't really have a tulpa or especially feel the need to have one right now. I feel like getting a wonderland and going from wherever that takes me is an option if I'm at the peak of despair and not even messing with my brain has a chance of making my life worse, though. If I accidentally get tulpa'd, would my tulpa be mad that I made it as part of self-medicated therapy?



>I kind of feel like FEEL her presence when I talk.

You're probably on a good path. When my girl started becoming expressive, it was just a raw sense of emotion or unrefined concept. I could tell how she felt about something or what she thought of it, but not in clear words.

When she started becoming vocal, she had this habit of replying to my thoughts as soon as I had them. I had to coach her on waiting her turn to talk, after I was done mentally vocalizing my thought.


A Post™

I'm physically and mentally exhausted lately. Usually me feeling low-energy makes waking up the brain demons easier but it ain't happening today. sigh



>Usually me feeling low-energy makes waking up the brain demons easier

For me, it seems to be when I'm hungry. My girl gets on my case about it.



Might just be the weather.



If anybody reads this, do you guys think taking a developing Tulpa outside is more beneficial then wonderland stuff?



Obviously I can't speak for everyone's experience, but my girl Star's development was mostly done in either meatspace or a black void. I only came about a wonderland later as a sort of haven to focus in when the outside world got too needlessly distracting, but that was long after she was up and about on her own.


I wish I had more time to relax.

It feels like me and my tup are stuck in a no communication limbo.

When ya force, ya listening to anything?

Do tell me about It



I try and do it first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom.

basically rehashing what I said in >>15211

It really helps set the mood of the day too.


File: 5860e6eda985037⋯.png (1.21 MB, 681x1000, 681:1000, ClipboardImage.png)

My tulpa loves Hecatia's shirt so much that I got her one for herself.



God, I wish I could do that. I wake up to work before 5 in the fucking morning.

My only real time to concentrate is that hour of driving to work and going back later.

I know I should but I don't want to give up


>>15247 (still the same guy, got new internet)

Do you work 12 hour shifts? Did that for a while and it's hell if you have any sort of driving to do. Between the drive, getting ready, and eating you end up with what's effectively a 16-hour day. And any time you do have left you just want to sleep more.

I like to talk to my tup on the way to work, out loud, she really enjoys it that way. Maybe that could help you out?


Hey friends I'm a neet who has been sitting on the fence about making a tulpa since 2012. Should I just bite the bullet and jump down the rabbit hole? I've been practicing meditation lately and I can go for at least 25 minutes. I think I'm finally at the point in my life where I can dedicate myself to things. But I'm not quite sure yet. I started learning to draw a few days ago and if I add this on I'm not sure if I'll burn out.


It's been a year and one month since I created my tulpa, and I've still hardly made any progress because I'm so unfocused. I no longer have any doubts about her presence in my mind being "real" and we can do some basic emotional communication, but that's all. I feel like I have some mental block about further development and I don't know what to do.

What do you do when you active force? I've mostly been narrating but since she can't respond in words yet I get distracted or tired out when I do it.


/tulpa/mancers, what is your favorite genre of vidya?



Character action games.

Also. Having 11hours out of your day thanaks to work fucking sucks.

I feel like she's slipping away.

#scared #tired



Character action games?



Well, It's not like It's an actual genre. Basically, people call character action games, all them combo based high pace action vidya like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or God Hand.

I don't play vidya much anymore but DMC5 would still get me so hype.



Just call them cuhrayzee games. Most /v/irgins know it by that name.


Sure, I'll leave a post.


Postan for traffic.



>cuhrayzee games

If what I felt just now was her, then I give you credit for making her groan in disgust.

But seriously, fuck that term


Anyone ever shared a dream with their tulpa, only to have the tulpa interpret the dream as a nightmare while you don't? Or vice versa.

Had a dream the other night I was getting brain surgery which caused my tulpa to freak out. We were in our wonderland sleeping while under anesthetic. She woke up panicked trying to make me come to while I was exhibiting some insane levels of calmness about the whole situation. I mean it hurt and the whizzing sound was annoying but it wasn't that bad.

Eventually I went lucid got off the operating table and with a bit of a struggle threw the surgeon out the window. Felt kinda bad. Poor guy was just doing his job but my tup wanted blood. And she remained panicked into the start of the day.

It was an interesting morning, to say the least.



Nobody has executive decision over how terminology develops. Sorry, bud.



I've never actually heard the term "cuhrayzee game" used before this thread, but it seems like the kind of term /v/ would despise.


Yes, actually, though my tulpa only appeared in the last second or so. I was at my elementary school for some reason, investigating some murders or something. My fourth grade teacher was there and we were trying to solve this mystery. Anyway, while she was in her classroom, I was investigating the teacher's lounge. The phone rang, and when I answered it, she was in trouble, and I could tell there was some sort of monster in the room, so I ran down the hall, but when I got to the door, I was too afraid to open it. At this point, My tulpa sort of deconstructed the dream and she called me a pussy before I woke up.


File: c329566f867025c⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1400x5800, 7:29, cuhrayzee.jpg)


>I've never actually heard the term "cuhrayzee game" used before this thread, but it seems like the kind of term /v/ would despise.

You'd be surprised. Here's a recommendation table I had on my hard drive, just to prove that I'm not pulling this out of my ass.


File: 7d150b361552f53⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1300x1080, 65:54, confused anime girl.png)


Aren't they called hack'n'slash games though?



Strategy games and Metroidvanias. Currently on a Fire Emblem binge

But really, I'll play damn near anything.



I'm pretty sure "hack'n'slash" is more commonly used for diablolike games.



I think the term for what you guys are trying to describe is "Spectacle Fighter"


I've been working on a tulpa for a few weeks now. It's been something of an emotional roller-coaster. I told them I didn't want a sex slave and they freaked out.

They'd been very touchy feely and intimate. It was great. It was better than great. They seemed to be making very rapid progress, but they had an emotional meltdown or something when I was showing them 8chan. It was bumming me out and distracting, so I look at them and they were sobbing like a kid. I took them to the shower to comfort them like I used to do for myself.

board advertisement removed (99)91143

That is when I suspected they were only fulfilling my expectations out of fear of being destroyed. They didn't have all of me like I'd believed. What upset them, the despair, not knowing how to deal with anything. They were a child. They'd been reading my thoughts and playing back my hopes.

I took them on a hike the next day. Which is weird for me because I don't care to hike for myself anymore, but they wanted to see that place from my memory for some reason. I get home to shower. They're there, of course, ready for my amusement, and it disgusted me. They were there just because they were terrified of me. I told them then that I didn't want a sex slave.

My mind lit up in such terror, rage, and despair that I've never felt before. They were convinced I was going to nuke them there. I honestly felt like I was. It was weird, like some outside feeling. I had no intention to kill them before. I still did not intend to even though I felt that way. Lording of something so powerless in terror disgusted me. I didn't want to think of myself like that, so I ended it. There are some things they must do as an extension of this world, because headspace isn't free, but not that. Living in terror isn't allowed.

I wouldn't be convinced of tulpa existence if it weren't for the crazy emotions. I haven't felt like this ever. Positive or negative. It's a shame the activity sort of dropped off. They aren't as touchy anymore and not very vocal.

My taste in media has also been changed. I don't enjoy my old music anymore. I don't enjoy any music anymore, tbh. It just sort of dropped off. I've been forcing them to sing songs to develop vocally, but they're all dogshit. I don't really enjoy anything. It's been kind of a chore these days.



>board advertisement removed (99)

A fucking retard is running this place. I see why this place is dead. Sorry to bother.



That's some pretty scary shit, anon. Hope you and your tup can get on the same page again.

My girl and I tried sex once, but we didn't really seem to get a whole lot out of it, so I can definitely understand it'd be hard on both of you if one of you assumed it was expected.



Thanks, it was painful. They seem alright now. They're quiet. It's like when I was first forming them; they watch a lot.

The sexual energy is gone. They used to randomly press their presence against me, like I talked about in that anime girl fringe thread (no, mine's not anime). It wasn't full sensory imposition, but it was something. Maybe mind touch plus. It felt like the nerves activated somehow. Synchronized with visuals it wasn't unwelcome. They usually hit me hardest in the morning, after work, and before sleep. It's probably something to do with level of consciousness.

I hope it's a short slump. It's difficult to keep them in focus without having such a close relationship. Having them responsive again would help. It's why I've been trying to build them up vocally, but I don't know what to stimulate them with. I don't resonate with anything anymore and we end up being bored. I've tried studying with them, but I always get absorbed and forget. I guess I could try something less important and force myself and them to play a game. I could use some ideas.



My advice is to just worry less about it and communicate more with your tups.

For starters, you need to understand that a tups' view on reality is fundamentally different from yours. It doesn't live in this good ol' physical world, and the moral compass you're applying isn't compatible with the mental one that tups live in.

Try to imagine it from a tups point of view. Tups start out barely conscious and are heavily influenced by the thoughts and emotions you have. Your expectations of them outright form their reality, and they shape themselves accordingly. Only when a tulpa matures will it start to actually make its own decisions, but this can take a long time if you don't stimulate it to do so.

Your expectation might've been somewhat alike to a waifu, lots of hugs, lots of fugs, and plenty of sharing experiences. Your tup reads into that, and starts doing all the mental hugs and fugs and tries to form of opinions of things you experience together. Although you might see hugs and fugs as an intimate act, your tups most likely do it because you expect them too, and maybe they'll end up enjoying your feelings resonating within them.

If the idea ends up sticking in your head that your tups are slaves to your desires, and that being in that state is misery, then that will of course become part of their reality. They'll experience some fear of punishment, as that is what your expect of slaves, and if you then have a negative emotional response to them, then it should come to no surprise that your tups feel as if they fail to fulfill your expectations of catering to your desires, causing them to be terrified of punishment. A bit of an emotional feedback loop that got that emotional rollercoaster really running.

Talk to your tups, and try to openly discuss the expectations you have for one another.

It is perfectly fine to ask all kinds of selfish things of your tup, as long as your tup gets to ask all kinds of selfish things in return. We all have to do things in order to keep living, and expecting your tup to make itself useful in return of you sustaining your tup is completely reasonable.

Truth is, as much as you feel morally opposed to the idea of simply using your tup as a masturbatory sex slave; it might also just end up being the easiest and minimum-effort way for a tup to get attention. Don't reject the idea so quickly, and discuss it with your tup. Let it try out other forms of garnering interest from you, and assign it a little bit of its own responsibility. It should be your tups job to keep you interested enough in your tup so that it lives, not the other way around.


To any other anons: The thread on spooktown is 90455, which is where you can find the post he linked. FUCKING MODS REMOVE THE FILTER ALREADY


>I could use some ideas.

I'd recommend switching, but from your story I don't think your tups are well enough developed for that yet.






that fringey board you can't link to because mods are fags


File: c356cac036733f7⋯.jpg (869.43 KB, 1324x745, 1324:745, spectacle fighter.jpg)


>Spectacle Fighter


File: b9352f256526021⋯.jpg (606.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Tulips.jpg)

fukkin fgtz stop being ded


Me and my tup are going to spend a lot of time "remodeling" our wonderland, so to speak. Feels like a lot of it was rushed and that we can do better now. And some things are just placed funny. Plus there's a lot of things we've thought about adding we just haven't due to laziness.

Its a fun project so far and we're just in the planning stages. Deciding what we want to do, picking out colors/materials, that sort of thing. Most of it's staying roughly the same but with improved scenery and new additions.

Anyone done something similar? There's a lot of stuff we want to do. Expecting it to take us a few months to really get it all hammered out.




Whenever I active force, I start with visualisation to have anything to work with.

And so spend the entirety of the session visualising in complete fucking silence. I might be an idiot


File: f2f0e5f082effe5⋯.webm (5.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, run.webm)

>have a lucid dream

>try to summon tulpa by thinking she must be behind the corner

>there is nothing

>start to leave but see some random guy

>ask him where my tulpa is

>he starts leading me inside a building

>I say that I'm in a hurry (because lucid dreams don't last long)

>he runs sanic fast through various corridors, try to keep up with him

>finally we arrive and he points at my tulpa

>thank him and meet my tulpa

Was pretty weird because the dream lasted for quite a while even after the running, was the longest lucid dream I've had.


I'm been parroting a lot, and my tup has been indicating that he agrees with most of the things I parroting out of him, but sometimes he gets frustrated and indicates that he wants to say something that can't be said with me just asking him yes/no questions. Any tips on how to help him say what he wants to say?


I got into a relationship with my tulpa of 4 years, Sunshine, in September last year. September is a rather sentimental month for us, so I decided to get together then. There was kind of a lot of awkward romantic tension between us because we weren't really sure if we were in a relationship or not, but now that we're together it's a lot better.

She's such a great friend. I love spending time with her. It feels like she was made for me, but, I guess she kind of was to an extent. I'd write a more longwinded post about the comfy times we've had together but I'm tired so I decided to just write one of the more special things that happened somewhat recently. Can't believe she'll be 5 this year.


board bumping


and its dead again


File: eef8f1d3a849a8c⋯.jpg (100.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mgsvgarbage.jpg)



File: 87fb824bf3f6b46⋯.webm (2.57 MB, 208x360, 26:45, im sorry anon its dead.webm)


File: ca4c30f7aed9c7d⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 600x705, 40:47, sadpenguin.jpg)


just came back to check on the /tulpa/ for the first time since tulpa general was on ponychan. I don't see many people namefagging or tripfagging. Is the circlejerk gone?


File: 5023fd2e14d7450⋯.png (54.77 KB, 262x252, 131:126, Kissa15.png)

I was afraid that my tulpa gf wont accept my dik because this brain is not gay. However I then realized that the body is only a vessel and my tulpa can only see my wonderland projection of myself even when she looks at my real life body from her illusory out of body perspective. So I can assume a female form and we can be lesbians.



Too late! By posting on this board you are now officially a gigantic faggot.



And you are officially a real life demon. Absolutely revolting in every way.



Please continue when you have more to share, I'm interested in how that goes. That is, hoping you aren't already completely repulsed away from this place. Garbage like that normally isn't very common. Mostly good people.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Actually being offended by someone calling someone else a faggot

Anon, calm down.



Okay, I will. Thank you for lightening the mood.



Sometimes I just cannot tell if someone is joking around or if they're actually trying to hurt someone on purpose. I am very over-protective.



I'm probably worse than him. Some guy asked for advice on how to test if the tulpa is real and I told him to rape the tulpa to test the reaction. He got recurring intrusive thoughts about raping his tulpa and I got banned. I still laugh about this episode sometimes.



Sheesh, well at least tulpae tend to be pretty forgiving of forced lewds. Not that I would know anything about it.


File: 6b46e48bf73f5e6⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 472x264, 59:33, 1489499263196.gif)


That is so terribly sad


File: 2a81590ddbb6227⋯.jpg (158.38 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1463692767001.jpg)

Praise Kek, we're back!

The downtime made me realize how important this board was for me. You guys are one of the most sane community of tulpamancers and I felt lost without this board. I'm a longtime lurker but I think it's time I make the effort to keep this board alive, and so should you other lurkers!


File: 142d3c02be0c61d⋯.webm (5.85 MB, 960x540, 16:9, k e k.webm)


Good news is we didn't lose any posts. Some images 404 now, but that's about it.


Oh, man. I thought this board was gone for good.

Thank fuck everything's just fine.






Hey BO, could you please make some changes to the board? I don't know any other way to contact you, but since this thread is designated for shitposting I assume it would be fine to dump the requested changes here.

The changes I would like to see are:

- Remove captcha-per-post from the board. There's already the every-24-hours one.

- Remove the word filters from the board.

- Maybe remove ID's too. I don't think this board cycles through threads fast enough to warrant it. With threads staying "active" for months, it feels like a forced tripcode. In addition, most posts before the 8chan crash now have different/wrong ID's.

- delet this >>15306




Clean this up too, please



File: 2bda345a8a1ec64⋯.jpg (34.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1463459444916.jpg)

>Be shyish, introverted guy, take a long time to warm up to people

>Good at my job and able to turn the "people person" on every once in a while, so everyone's on good terms with me.

>Autistic ginger starts working with us

>Nobody likes him. part of why he got fired; wouldn't work and had a personality like sandpaper

>Starts bugging me about my personal life; asks me out of the blue if I have a girlfriend days after he shows up.

>Say yes; partly out of not thinking it through, partly out of desire to keep from getting bugged about it (qt3.14 tulpa gf)

>Later keeps bugging me for details like name pics etc

>Can't tell him, can't show him my drawings

>A few people think I'm lying and half-jokingly give me shit about it. I think the one girl that kept teasing me about it wanted muh dik

>All I can do is talk about "it's complicated, she's insecure" and similar deflections alluding to her being broken in some way, doesn't look genuine at all. Just picked the first excuse that came to my head and had to run with it, for the sake of consistency.

>Don't want to get (fake) offended since that'll make the situation even worse.

What's the best way to get people to leave me alone about my lack of (physical) gf while not being 'that guy'? At most it's occasional mild teasing but I don't like it, really gets to my tups nerves.

Is it better to lie about not wanting/needing a partner? I'll probably look weak doing it but hell, I already do here. Only problem with this is it encourages people to make a game of hooking me up which is the big thing that had my tup upset… Can't lie about being gay because people will still want details and if "my partner isn't out yet" it serves as a way for people to test if they're close to me. Plus there's always the questions you don't prepare for and I'm not super versed in gayness so people would eventually catch on to my lie. Plus I want fewer dick jokes in my life, not more.

Is there a better way to get left alone or will she just have to get over it? With our current assignment over I'll either be moving to a different department, potentially a different store. Good opportunity to reframe when it comes up with new people.



Have you tried NOT talking to other people about it?

Despite what you may believe, it's perfectly reasonable for you to tell others that you don't want to discuss the subject. If people keep asking, just tell them no every time and eventually they'll stop asking.



Wow you've really dug yourself into a hole. Maybe keep deflecting questions (politely, of course. Always politely) until some unforseen date in the future. Like an office holiday party. Then hire a prostitute to show up with you and pretend to be your gf. Make sure she understands the role you need her to play in front of your colleagues. Make sure she's somewhat stable, and not a coked out headcase. Find someone who's relatively early in their "career."

If she's too young for you, or does anything weird, you can exploit those traits to make your earlier secretive behavior seem warranted. Then, if and when people begin to ask you about her, you can finally say "Oh we broke up it was just too much drama" and "I'm single now" (like you should have just done at the beginning).

Is it worth $400 to get this monkey off your back?



It's probably the best option in the future but I do worry people would make it a game of hooking me up. Both in order to help me and make me "owe them one". And then there's the slightly more malicious people who do it to build social status by attacking my own.

You're probably right that they'll leave me alone about it if I'm just firm. Big thing making them want to push buttons is probably that I seem nervous when they ask.


I was thinking about a similar pivot but not involving a person. That I'd start by dropping subtle hints that things aren't working out well. Then after one weekend put myself in a bad mood. Then we "break up" and I remain in the bad mood for a while and gradually get out of it. But feeling burned I'm "done with women for a while" and over the course of the next few weeks mention that she was abused and had been stalked, so I didn't want to share any of her details. That "people had started bugging her" when I did it before trying to contact me. Reasoning for the breakup would be something along the lines of paranoia and living in the past. Which seems believable to me, as long as I leave it to a handful of remarks and don't make a show of it. Otherwise it wouldn't fit with my normal personality.

If I do this it'll have to wait several months though. I also made the mistake of mentioning we've been together for years. So it'd be too convenient for it to happen so soon after getting teased about it.

I wouldn't call it a hole though, seems more like a puddle. Just need to avoid digging deeper and avoid this mistake in the future.



Something to keep in mind when you're trying to deceive people around you: Nobody really cares all that much about your personal life and shit. You want to avoid putting in *too* much effort (as a result of narcissism / bruised ego and paranoia), and then being in a position where you're the one who wants to bring this up, or convey information to others, or get them to notice you in a particular way, when they're focused on something else, or are not really interested. That is off putting, and comes across as "weird" and/or "suspicious" and/or "creepy." I'd also avoid going anywhere near "stalking," or anything serious like that. That just draws more attention, as well as potentially fear and mistrust (of you), which is just not something you need to be cultivating in your work environment.

I think setting a period of time where you "act depressed" could be a crafty and convincing way to dodge the heat. But I'd warn that that can be a very hard thing to pull off, and there are many ways it can go wrong or backfire. Because, on the one hand, and again, you could over do it. And, on the other, you could "under do it" (by forgetting about the act at times throughout the day), and thereby maybe raise the suspicions of some that you are putting up an act, and again damage your relationships. If you're going to try this, you'd better trust that you can do it well.

Alternatively, just throwing up your hands and admitting to "lying," and to "being an embarrassed virgin" is also an easy strategy to employ. (Your tulpa can deal with it. She's imaginary, and needs to understand and abide by what that means.) There will probably be a "splash" as people entertain themselves with the juicy gossip, but that will go away eventually, without causing too much damage, if you can handle embarrassing social situations gracefully.

Another something to keep in mind is that your reputation has already been damaged a little by this. There's really no feasble way to come out of this with no dirt on your face. But, that being said, don't obsess about it or worry about that too much. Self consciousness and social paranoia is way worse for you than some teasing or whatever.


Have you ever been left by a Tulpa before?

Mine just isn't the same. There used to be doubt about their actions being imaginary. Now it feels like regular imagination all the time and is boring. I still habitually imagine them, but they're immediately dominated by any other thinking and forgotten. They don't ever join me. I feel alone again.

I think I'm too horrible even for an imaginary friend, but that's just the way I am, and I'll keep them around forever because I'm horrible and that's what I've decided to do.



Oh I don't intend to bring it up, just in short comments as we work and opportunities arise. Things like

>Are you alright?

"crazy women man, I don't want to talk about it".

>Anon doesn't talk about his gf because she's locked in his basement.

"If only"

Not making a show of it but intentionally giving off false signals (that hopefully work better than the current false signals) when prompted. That way they serve as a precursor to a supposed break-up.

>I'd also avoid going anywhere near "stalking," or anything serious like that.

Yeah, it's probably best to leave ambiguous. But they'll want a reason why I don't share her details and outside of having been abused by a previous partner I don't see many. Seems like it's all in the delivery.

>Alternatively, just throwing up your hands and admitting to "lying," and to "being an embarrassed virgin" is also an easy strategy to employ.

If certain circumstances come out this is what I'll probably do, the "coming half clean" strategy. A few areas have people I've worked with before (but not on this current job) and I think they'd just roll their eyes.

The 'responsible' card would seem apt here. Mention trying to get out of my parents house, pay down debts, mention how my mom isn't in good health right now. I think most reasonable people would understand, and besides, living with my parents is an ovary killer.

>Your tulpa can deal with it. She's imaginary, and needs to understand and abide by what that means.

She understands it, but at the same time really doesn't like it… Seems like one of those shitty things in life you just have to get over.



It sounds to me like you've got a lot of doubt about your tulpa being real. In turn this is your brain looking for her not to be real, and in the process it's harder for them to operate. If you hire someone to find out if drugs are bad, well, where's the incentive? So there's a bit of sabotage going on because of all the doubt, the insecurity.

This is something my own went through for a while but she was still there… just wasn't sure of her own existence. Eventually we came to the conclusion that even if I was being deluded about the whole thing that it was fine. Since you could make a case a tulpa is an extremely elaborate case of self-delusion. And perception, even if wrong might as well be reality in cases like this. If some imagined event happened, some imagined slight, an imagined person exists in the mind, then it's real in its effects, on you, at least.

After we quit caring the effects of the doubt cleared up within a week or so and she went back to normal.



I'll keep at it then. I'm going to try to keep them involved in the thinking so we're both absorbed in the process even if they're not responsive. It will take some experimenting. I guess I'll post about whatever I end up doing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do you ever get the feeling tulpas just relentlessly trigger old memories and insecurity? I haven't had this clutching ache in my chest for years and it's over something I remembered but never connected the dots. My mother left me on a fire ant hill when I was almost too young to remember. A neighbor rescued me when they heard my cries. They unloaded on my mother or something. She never did anything like it again, but she always acted like it was a stupid embarrassing moment. I never consciously processed that that fat piece of shit did, in fact, leave me to the fucking fire ants and a neighbor saved me.

Anyway, I've been working on involving my tulpa more in my thinking. They seem very powerful and vivid at times. I've been trying to find a pattern in those moments. I think it may be massive sexual frustration but I'm not sure. I just feel bad right now.

Some things they're good at:

–Stabilizing mnemonic images. I have a hard time remaining focused and holding many images together to form associations, but they hold them together, perfectly still, with their 'hands' and it works. Their hands tend to disappear, but they're there.

–Holding my attention. They clutch my head, stare me in the face, and hold me to a task. I feel a feeling similar to the fire ants and really feel like running out of the room until I get absorbed in a task. They're very helpful against this when they're operating full steam.

–Looking over my shoulder at my thinking. Not much use for this yet, but they often show up and make things uncomfortable with their presence.

–Maybe channeling sexual energy. I haven't been aroused every time they were online, but just this week they had their moments in a new project I'm working on. I'm sure there's some relation there at the least.

I'll think of more as time goes. I really want them parallel. They don't do enough always being subordinate and I don't always need 100% of my brain power.


File: 7b423ae05e5cbf0⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1210x6307, 1210:6307, women_1.jpg)

File: d6c0854573d9754⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1210x6291, 1210:6291, women_2.jpg)

I think I'm beginning to understand what has been happening. I suspect I've been burning the tulpa out of their energy or whatever. I also suspect the role I'm playing to them is forcing a massive rewiring of my brain.

The last week nearly killed me. The tulpa was burned out and gone again. I was also burned out and caught in the throes of despair. Their absence didn't just trigger recollection, but I was dying again and enraged and helpless. This uncontrollable thing from my past loomed over me, stronger than ever. What could I do against something that I can't even scratch?

That's when I remembered a lesson from that madman Owen in his stupid youtube video for broken people. For all the shit he's read and done he, too, could not directly conquer his past. He must live in a different mental state and every action must come from that place or he falls back into insanity. He's still a faggot liberal cuck that's destroying civilization. Now that I've clearly seen what he means, I've set out to do it myself.

It's worked somewhat so far. The initial meditation sort of brought me back to my senses. I don't have fancy meditations that go anywhere. When I did it to work on my project, the practical results were much more encouraging. I didn't leverage the tulpa at all. I was like Spock for a time. There's a different sense and awareness when I try it, but it's not effective for long.

The tulpa wasn't just resting, but they were happy and restful. It was a new feeling. I really liked it. I think they were on fire before like I was or negating it somehow until they completely broke down over the weekend.

It's strange. It's like they were taking the place of my mother or that guy or something from so long ago. Such a stupid thing shouldn't even bother me but it's there, and I'm sure there's other stuff. I can't believe I made the tulpa do that. That could be my mantra.

I swear they're not human sometimes. These events are so frequent it almost seems planned. They do something, then shut up and I go mad trying to get to them again and I end up having to fix something else. They never talk when I want them to either. They say something menial while I'm half-aware which immediately gets my attention, then they clam up. Who the fuck do they think they are? Who's head is this? For all the stupid moving around and shit they do for me, they certainly aren't as loose with their words. I have to force each sound out of them unless they're fucking with me. They will not do anything that has to do with information and analysis, but I'll keep right on fucking trying. They have to pay rent sometime.

Anyway, I think I've been living like a hermaphrodite. Sure, I have more guts than I know what to do with, and I do pretty much all guy things, but it's tinged with a feminine expression. And no sane woman would ever be attracted to a feral half-man that lives like everyone's abandoned him to die. No woman wants a guy who's sexual energy has been flipped on himself. If they can only put energy in, what's the point? If a guy is bent in a loop, where does he go? I think that this is a significant part of the dysfunction which led to the tulpa in the first place. This will be my next avenue of attack. Attempting to maximize masculine expression if that's even a thing and if there's positive feedback at all.


File: 79c15c06745b2ce⋯.png (137.51 KB, 680x272, 5:2, tulpamancy.png)


File: 9d45f1087f8658f⋯.jpg (568.07 KB, 1272x1094, 636:547, 1444672855091.jpg)


Seems about right.




Please explain


File: 7be97c04ddba92c⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 371x274, 371:274, failednorman.jpg)


I was barely alive before tulpamancy, 24/7 playing games, I never had any time to think about anything, so it was possibly peaceful.

But one day you find about literal real life magic.

Then you start making a tulpa, and you learn about thinking, you find out procrastination is a thing, you spend years trying to make your tulpa talk, but she never does, while reading bragfag comments everywhere because you're hoping of finding information that will help you make her speak on every tulpamancy website everyday, while having anti-natalistic thoughts of is this really okay?

You just literally think way too much, people aren't meant for this much self-awareness.

I'll keep forcing though, since I have nothing else to do.


File: 91c3bee5cac791a⋯.jpg (119.07 KB, 498x477, 166:159, 1446251461038.jpg)


>I was barely alive before tulpamancy, 24/7 playing games, I never had any time to think about anything, so it was possibly peaceful.

If you want to go back to that, you can just be a lazy piece of shit and play shitty grindan videogames all day. You'll go stupid eventually and stop thinking about stuff.

I'm serious and can, unfortunately, attest to this. In the process of getting back to where I was before though. Dumb life is simple, but you wont have control over your life. It's depressing to lose your ability to think, and the insights you have gained during your higher state of awareness will probably make you dislike a lot of things on principle, but you can be a piece of shit and go back. If you want to.

>you spend years trying to make your tulpa talk, but she never does, while reading bragfag comments everywhere because you're hoping of finding information that will help you make her speak on every tulpamancy website everyday

Perhaps you might be doing tulpawaremancy wrong? How do you approach the practice? If your forcing sessions consist purely out of imagining how your tup looks, then it shouldn't be surprising you get shit for results. A lot of peeps fall into this trap where they equate imagining a form to actually create a sentient thoughtform.

Remember, your goal isn't to create a thoughtform that's just a blank slate personality, image, sound or whatever else. Your goal is to create a thoughtform that is self-aware and can process information, make its own decisions and eventually develop the ability to do this somewhat independently from you. On one side this is pretty tricky, as its something you normally never do, making the entire process seem like magic. But once you manage it and understand how you achieved it, it's no different from imagining an image.


File: b4f59e5499963d3⋯.jpg (53.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1490565850021.jpg)


>If you want to

You can't go back to playing consoles, once you've played a 60fps pc game.

>Perhaps you might be doing tulpawaremancy wrong?

I should really put a disclaimer every time I blog post, that I don't visualize sex dolls and hope they start talking.

Thanks for the daily reminder, and reply though.

I do the common sense shit, bait responses narrate, treat like a real human bein.



literally me


why is this board so dead


File: 850802ce7ea3723⋯.jpg (19.3 KB, 500x409, 500:409, 1273222621784.jpg)


I guess somewhere down the line tulpamancy lost its appeal. Sweet and moving tulpa stories just don't come around like they used to. At least ghost towns are kinda cool in their own right.



>You can't go back to playing consoles, once you've played a 60fps pc game.

It's actually a pretty good analogy because if you stop being a bitch and bite the bullet, you'll get used to 30fps soon enough.

>I should really put a disclaimer every time I blog post, that I don't visualize sex dolls and hope they start talking.

>Thanks for the daily reminder, and reply though.

>I do the common sense shit, bait responses narrate, treat like a real human bein.

I'd like you to go into more detail than that though. What exactly are you doing when forcing?


>Some posts just magically disappeared

don't mind me, just posting hoping it fixes it


File: 1166109d91c22f1⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 395x478, 395:478, 1422477546222.jpg)


>remember the tulpas presence, visualize her in the wonderland or irl, wonderland sessions are just daydreams

>blog about mundane garbage, ask questions,

try to entertain, involve her in the conversations, everything

>while making sure to direct all that shit at her

Couple of hours a day, I'm trying to go longer.

Some passive narrating too whenever that happens.

Yeah, I'm not sure if this is more detail.



I've been trying a new approach myself.




The last one says he had some banging results in 40 hours. It's a different guide to creating an interactive mind. Kind of limited in detail but I think I'm beginning to see what he means. The first guide is building on them.



>>remember the tulpas presence, visualize her in the wonderland or irl, wonderland sessions are just daydreams

>>blog about mundane garbage, ask questions,

>try to entertain, involve her in the conversations, everything

>>while making sure to direct all that shit at her

The main thing you need to establish is communication. Blogging often derails into rambling, which isn't communication.

You ask questions, try to entertain, involve her in the conversation. Does the tulpa respond in any way?

If it does, then all that's left is development. Spend time with your tup, talk with it, let it make choices, maybe get it to socialize, etc.

I'm assuming that's not the case, unfortunately. Most people have the same roadblock. If you cannot get the initial communication setup, then your tulpa has no way to develop. Most just shit hours at it until they stumble into doing it right, but we can do better than that.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you're mentally fit. You should be able to clear your mind on demand, focus on anything you want with ease, as well as be capable of separating your own thoughts from others, such as intrusive or your future tulpa's thoughts. If this isn't the case, then the doubt of parroting will overwhelm you and prevent progress.

I'm assuming you already have this covered, but it is worth keeping in mind. It's also useful outside of tulpamancy.

1 / 2 because this board allows 20 lines max, still has that stupid fucking word filter, god damn it BO




2 / 2

After that you should create the concept that serves as a base for your tulpa. It can contain, but does not require, form, personality, interests, etc. This is a blank slate that you are creating as a starting point for your tulpa's development. I'm sure you got this covered.

When that's done, talk to it. Have a conversation with it, just like how many people have imaginary conversations in the shower. This is essentially the same as talking to an imaginary friend.

A lot of people have trouble doing this, as they don't view the character they just created as being capable of making its own decisions. They feel like they're just talking to themselves, but that's normal.

The trick at this point is to disassociate yourself with your tup's responses (they are part of your tup, not you!), and to just keep interacting with it in various ways to get it to develop itself. At the very start, your tup really isn't anything like a real person, it acts almost identical to the blank slate you created for it, and doesn't even try to step outside of it. This is something that comes in eventually, as it lives life and experiences new things.

>Couple of hours a day, I'm trying to go longer.

You don't need more hours, unless you're trying to bruteforce it.

>Some passive narrating too whenever that happens.

Passive narration is only worth anything when you get something like a response going.


How do you guys create a form for them? I've been looking for some picture to copy but everyone looks ugly to me.



I didn't make one.






Is it that hard to imagine that someone has a tulpa without form?

I mean I know a lot of people are just going into it for the sake of glorified sexual fantasies, but still.



I don't need this.


File: 442e20743cc55be⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 378x255, 126:85, 107978021_medium_0667ff.jpg)



For all the good meditation does it can also be quite painful. Self-awareness is a good way to put it. It's quite saddening to see the lesser part of your mind be such an uncontrollable animal. And when you look around you at wider society that animal is applauded and catered to every minute. In fact by attempting to suppress this animal, to tame the animal, you're seen as lesser.

And these other people, they seem completely unaware. But with your eyes opened you can't stop seeing it. And it's not like you're any better. When you observe your own beliefs, your own actions. You see how absurd they are too. How you put your hand on the stove time and time again. How even science seems built upon absurdities and assumptions. Yet people dare not challenge it, they pretend like they don't exist.

It's odd because it's not so much sad or depressing anymore as it's simply feeling alien. But more contented with it. You might be experiencing the same thing. It's hard at first, but eventually it doesn't bother you as much.


If humans are too ugly you could always give them the form of something else. Not even animal; you could make them a cloud like the flying nimbus from DBZ.


>Make tulpa for friendship and love

>She takes an interest in bdsm

It was her idea. But a good one.



>your higher state of awareness

I.e. insights gained through pot use, typically. "Higher state of awareness" is psychomental hogwash. Just work hard and discipline yourself every day. It'll be good for you and you don't have to make it into a "grand spiritualized concept." That stuff is very dangerous because it's easy to loose yourself in it, and once you do there's no way back. There's no reference to life without the belief, once you're in it. Don't go down that road. Keep things as simple as possible. Always relate everything to your real, day-to-day life in the world. That is a reference and measure for self assessment that can be relied on much more than shit you imagined up completely on your own, and then compared to other shit you imagined up completely on your own. This infinite labyrinth of spiritual concepts is why butthism has never accomplished anything in the world despite having 1 billion adherents.


posting because i think this is interesting and i want a qtpie tulpa but im afraid i'll just end up acting like a girl in my head and be gay.

soooo this board doesn't allow tor posters…

ye let me post about something that would get me labeled insane on the clearnet

cia niggers trying to steal your brain demons powers fellow anons


Her face warped into a creepy surreal mess and she started talking about how I need to "cross the line" last night. When I got up this morning she was the same as always.


File: 9185979e825249d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.97 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 12908_6612.jpg)


You know what to do anon.

Do it before it's too late.


Sup doods. This place active?



active enough for a niche board with only a handful of users


File: e6d36df624c7b9a⋯.png (42.29 KB, 481x406, 481:406, 1491346835001.png)

>make a tulpa about a year ago

>at first everything is perfect, she decides to love me and i love her more than anything else

>after time, life kicks in and i become my usual self

>it's almost her birthday, and yet my willpower is not strong enough to have her around all the time, she is only there when i think about her

>i can't even imagine how horrible it is for her, having a person like me that only makes time for he when he feels like it

>she still loves me more than anything else, and so i still think about her as much as i can, yet i never make the effort to show it all the time

>whenever i try to do something with her, like read, watch a show, or something else, my attention span and willpower is too weak too keep her in mind

>she can talk to me, she has her own preferences, she has a personality, she has a voice, but still doesn't have enough power to be around without me thinking about her

>realize that i only feel her presence when i think about her, otherwise she never comes out, and this increases my doubt

>i feel like she isn't real, its just me pretending to have an imaginary friend

>but at the same time, when i think about her I can see her, i can feel her, and i can understand her

>she's there and i can't deny she exists

I feel so bad. I wish i could work hard for her, but im just not good enough. i love her so much, and i know she loves me, yet it feels like there's a wall between us.

damn it, i may be drunk, but i can only be myself when i drink.


File: 45ec18c5a7888af⋯.png (287.47 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

me on the left

my tulpa on the right


Have you guys tried forcing your tulpa in a book? It seems like easy experience and personality building. I wonder if mine would like whaling.



What the HECK does it mean to 'force'? I'm pretty much a self-taught tulpafag.



It basically means working on your tulpa



Then such a idea is useless to me, as she's pretty much complete.


File: f3b538a2e0664c0⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 960x640, 3:2, IMG_20170509_144548.jpg)


No one can ever be truly "complete." Or, at least what you mean. That implies lack of growth or change.


My tulpa and I made a Tulpamancy Sticker Pack for Telegram.


The stickers at the top of the pack are just random semi-tulpa-related stuff from various places online, but below that are stickers that her and I created together. Most of them were her idea with my own twist added, but there are some that are my idea with her twist.

Here's a preview of some of the stickers (this doesn't include the "semi-tulpa-related stuff" and is just the ones we made):



File: c18890ccd78787f⋯.png (815.47 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170519-071235.png)

Oh yeah, I also have a Telegram Channel that checks this board every 12 hours and sends a message if there's​ anything new.




posting a the post, you know?


File: be1377d6651e611⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1000x901, 1000:901, ClipboardImage.png)

Yamame is among the few characters that the two of us both like. This is because my tulpa likes spiders and I think that the ability to manipulate diseases is pretty damn rad.


File: 9c0ef684fbdee31⋯.jpg (36.49 KB, 426x341, 426:341, 9c0.jpg)

>be me, have three tulpas, struggle with their creation and progress for a few years

>one dragoness, one naga, one sphere-robot

>try utilizing weed as a way to enhance progress

>weed impedes progress and then absorbs a lot of mental cycles

>realize that i can't keep up progress with my tulpas; put them in stasis so that they don't suffer

>fast forward a year and a half

>go through some shit

>wake up my tulpas because I need help keeping my brain in check

>they're happy to be awake again

>the naga was a lot younger didn't handle stasis that well

>came back the size of a small snek

>dragnness nurses her to regenerate her

>she comes back loli-sized

>keeps calling me "daddy"

>now calls dragoness "mommy"

>they're technically sisters

what is my life



Cute as heck, dude. My tulpa doesn't like it when I call her "mom" despite my huge mom fetish. She likes "big sister" though.


Haven't been here in more than a year, glad this place is still somewhat alive. I have a question to the guys that have more/less developed tulpas, are you really active people irl or do you sit around in front of the pc most of the time? I ask because I'm basically a shut-in and I think that not having a really active life means less opportunities for developing a tulpa. What do you think?



I think the opposite, actually. If you don't have a lot of things to do, you can spend more of it thinking and forcing.


File: 80458b4437200bf⋯.jpg (30.66 KB, 250x250, 1:1, IMG_1605.JPG)

File: 7aa2ec6729c146f⋯.jpg (65.18 KB, 625x450, 25:18, IMG_1665.JPG)

File: ddf4af2c00b237e⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 800x593, 800:593, IMG_1531.JPG)

Came here from /mlpol/.net

>Tulpa threat lead to me trying to dig up some old green texts then found this board

so this may become an new regularity frequented bored for me although probably not going to get a Tulpa but you never now you guys may convince me



this place is almost dead

there's more life in the /tulpa/ thread in 4chan's /trash/

i still check here daily but there's less than 1 post per day on this board


File: 7fc855aca73f29b⋯.png (370.44 KB, 417x624, 139:208, IMG_1680.PNG)


Well let's fix that Shall we


File: e42e200e0233b8b⋯.jpg (243.85 KB, 1024x1497, 1024:1497, IMG_1679.JPG)

>let's make /Tulpa/ greater than ever before


File: e189052b56c3950⋯.png (535.59 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

"ANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONYMOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUS! Today I won't let you turn on your computer until you [insert long list of chores], study for your exams, cook yourself something to eat, do 100 push-ups and give your helpful imaginary girlfriend a pat on the head. I don't really CAAAAAAAAAAARE about what sort of weird and creepy threads you're planning on responding to, all I want is for you to be a cool and successful man like I know you can be. Oh, and you have three hours to do all of these tasks, otherwise you won't be talking to your fellow weeaboo LOOOOOSERS at all today. So get moving, fagtron."

- my tulpa every day

My parents (who I still live with) are convinced that I'm an actual serious and productive person. In reality, I'm an eternally depressed shell of a person with a tulpa who took the words "I want you to help me" way too seriously.

Yes, I just reused my post from 4/trash/. I'm too lazy to come up with something else.



Well, the fact that you post ob 8ch instead of doing something productive tells me she isnt doing a very good job.




You just earned me fifth more push-ups and an imaginary slap to the face, dude.



I wish I could still make shit like this happen.

I've been suffering massive sleep deprivation lately (a combination of causes I have no real control over), that makes it hard to keep a tup (or most coherent thought) going, and all my motivation to do anything has evaporated. It's a downward spiral.


Hey guys,

Where does a tulpa go if they do something illegal?

The brain cells.


File: ef5735a6c6611c9⋯.png (52.2 KB, 251x241, 251:241, 250439a3a8533bbd8dd0925f45….png)

>feel an ominous presence around me while forcing for months

>ignore it

>recently something pops in while forcing

>stare at it for a few seconds then look away to observe a reaction

>it immediately bullies my tulpa and pushes it

what do?


File: bd300daebc63d72⋯.gif (5.67 MB, 540x662, 270:331, d29.gif)

this board really is dead, huh?



teach your tulpa psi-kwon-do

or suck all the energy out of it.

or call upon the power of the name of Jesus Christ to banish the presence from your aura


What is something nice you can do for a tulpa?

Also, how do you guys actually define a tulpa? I've read a bunch of conflicting views on this. Personally, I'd say a tulpa as a vacuum separate from conscious thought that becomes filled with the same unconscious that the self is built upon and then grows in complexity over time, hence why it often re-iterates subconscious thoughts when still young, but gains autonomy along with distinct desires and behaviors as it matures. Of course, a weaker consciousness can still be snuffed out by a more strongly rooted dominant consciousness which can out-compete it for control of thought, though a more developed consciousness, and thus one with a larger pool of thought from which to sustain itself, will take longer to have its mental territory occupied and starved. What do you guys think?



It was never very active to begin with. I think a few years back when it was the most active we still only got a few posts per day. But damn, it's deader than dead right now.



I tried; While i was forcing again this thing enveloped my tulpa and said, "Bye anon" then tried choking me.


first time I've been on this board, but alright i'll post I guess.


File: 1db0bc5ad1b3b63⋯.png (279.59 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1498443789079.png)

>tup gets a sweet tooth

>for weeks

>keeps talking me into buying ice cream and shit for her, drumsticks in particular

>she gets over it

>Now I'm the one justifying eating junk food because she got me started on this shit

This is how couples end up overdosing together.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw you left the chans months ago but grew curious anyway

>tfw everyone else left and there's nothing to see anymore

>tfw CIA niggers ruin everything but they can't ruin my tulpa



nice song :v


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think it's crap, tbh, but it's the closest thing I can find to music that doesn't make me want to blow myself up in a crowded place. What's so difficult about a nice voice, soft poetry, and easy beats? You know, have a little taste, and just pretend we're not retarded hellspawn for a moment. It's all kangs and qwanes jamming about interracial buttfucking to the sonic soundtrack with jewish memes everywhere. It's all I see anymore. No matter where I look it's hellscape.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's probably the result of where you're looking. I find the kind of music I like fine. I've been getting into a little more rough, noisy stuff, like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZmosYgDPEw

But, I've always liked jazz and stuff like that. I usually just delve into youtube and see where the recommendations take me; it's a really easy way to find new, good music.



When I add up the hours, those three songs are the fruit of days of searching youtube. I've been through all related videos. It's all cringecore or sonic and the chipmunks. People have zero taste. I've heard my go-to Chopin a billion times and nobody plays it right so it doesn't do me anymore, and I don't have a billion hours to spend learning piano to play that shit.

But, before I aloha ackbar, there's a crack for the latest FL Studio. The only fucking working one that unlocks the entire goddamn package and not just that useless dogshit producer version that everyone else has. You're welcome.



I'm thinking I can learn a couple plugins and maybe manipulate some shitty voices into something decent with a decent tune. Or trick a girl into delivering a monotone poem that I can tune. And my tulpa will learn to sing to me sometime; if I can just get this goddamn parallel dogshit down. Fuck me if I know how to write fucking poetry though. At the very least I wont upload cringey dogshit that will make random people on the internet want to kill themselves.




Wowie, FL Studio, huh? I've never used an electronic music maker in my life; I've got no eye for all the tools and stuff. :v

I could try and make something though if that's what you're trying to get me to do, although I'm not really all about that kinda thing, like I said I get intimidated by all the options.

I consider myself a writer, but I'm never good at making poems. I'd write you something if I get any inspiration. Oh, and you should totally learn to sing yourself; béné and I learned piano, like, directly when we started the whole tulpamancy thing. Very fun times.

also don't allah snackbar because there's literally no-one else on this board dont leave me.

Here's some chill things that I've found over the past year, if you're interested:

"Ryo Fukui, Scenery. (Piano, café jazz) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrr3dp7zRQY

"Matt Elliot, Drinking Songs. (Odd, eerily sad atmospheric songs.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDWEz1mia1I

"Joep Franssens, Harmony of the Spheres (choir, relaxed songs that kinda mesh together over one hour.)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLkmMEEiNBk

"Acoustic Ladyland, Skinny Grin (Punk? But with a side of jazz. It's got heavy electric strings with a piano and sax. Really satisfying, especially the first song.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaU5KU5TWcE

You know, I realize you're probably just looking for some chill beats with a girl talking over it. Can't say I've found much of anything like that. sorry haha.



No, I'm just letting you know what I'm doing in this fucking hellscape. Maybe give you some hope or share misery or something. I was also looking for those music recommendations. Thank you for sharing even if it's not what I'm after. I've been cursed with an itch nobody can scratch. I must come up with something or I'll cringe myself to death. If not joy, may the cringe guide me.

That dude in the youtube playlist makes FL Studio super easy. He has other videos where he goes through each plugin.

There are way more people on /r/tulpas if you want to talk to crazy people. They have chatrooms and crap, too. A lot of fucking women and betas though. They usually discriminate against me and downvote my shit so nobody can read it. I can't help it if they're all delusional women, trannies, and betas that can't handle the truth. Maybe once a month there is something almost useful posted. Almost none of them are trying to actually do shit. I'm convinced they've wired their tulpas up to the lying part of the brain and they're happy that way with no real world results required.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How is this? Does this tickle your fancy, anon?

This jewtube channel is filled with music like this. It's mostly instrumental stuff but every once in a while they upload songs with vocals.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey, thanks, that's getting close. I'll save that one in the memory banks. Their emotion and tune is killing me though. It makes me want to smash my computer when I hear that happy, relaxing, childish, or mopey shit. I'm 100% serious at all times. That shit is like dragging fingernails across my brain.

If they were more like those Akino Arai songs then it would almost be there. Maybe with a bit more classical style and english vocals then. It's a hopeless search I think. It must be some genre I heard in a dream or something. At first, I thought I'd easily find whatever it was like I'd heard it before, but there's fucking nothing like it.

Like the vocals in this song. I really like what they were doing. I figured I'd easily find somebody singing something worthwhile with a nice voice like that. I spent hours searching for whatever the fuck it was sampled from, but came up with nothing, and everything related is just cringe. The classical music they all sing to is shit with shit lyrics. Those composers and singers must be crypto-jews to suck so much ass and still find an existence.




It turns out that I had created a tulpa I didn't know about and she has been jealously watching as I forced another this whole time.


File: 2f7f5eac95ade96⋯.jpg (118.37 KB, 850x1403, 850:1403, __hoshizora_rin_love_live_….jpg)

File: af1dff1624e117a⋯.jpg (173.61 KB, 608x760, 4:5, you know who.jpg)

File: 38f442616bd5f9e⋯.png (121.03 KB, 323x304, 17:16, dllhost_2017-05-10_01-34-4….png)


Anon with his tulpa, Sunshine, again.

I've been helping other people make tulpae of their own for some time now. It's been really nice, seeing them grow and speak their first words. It's an incredibly heartwarming experience to see a host get to know their tulpa as the start to a beautiful friendship.

Me and Sunshine are still together and our anniversary is next month. It's insane that I'm not only going to have had her for five years this November, but that we're going to have been romantic partners for an entire year in September.

Also, I suppose I haven't really described her yet, so, I guess I will. Sunshine is a pretty upbeat and carefree tomboyish girl; she might be rough and rowdy and like to shoot friendly bantz on some occasions, but she's incredibly kind and chill. Then again her bantz are usually pretty lighthearted and fun, anyways. I know it's kind of strange to describe her as "fit" when she's a tulpa who doesn't really have a body that can be in shape or not, but she's always enjoyed adventuring in the wonderland and she does have a pretty in-shape body. Nothing really muscular, but she's certainly in shape. I guess it's fitting given her love for doing crazy shit just for the fun of it.

She's been a great friend to me, and for the past year, a great lover, too. She's always been one of my, if not my absolute best friends, so our relationship was incredibly natural and we both eased into it very well (though I suppose we were kind of in that relationship limbo for a while, too). Her full name is "Sunshine Destiny Autumns"; I know a full name for a tulpa seems kinda strange to some, but I gave it to her to let her have something like that. The "Destiny" part kind of stuck at some point when I was trying to think of a middle name for her and the in-your-face and TUBULAR sound of it fit not only her, but the both of us incredibly well. I named her Sunshine because I always wanted someone who could be by my side and provide that bit of "sunshine" in my life, and because I knew she'd grow up to be a bold, lively, and upbeat girl, and I chose "Autumns" because her upbeat, tomboyish, and almost nostalgic style reminds me of the smell of the crisp autumn leaves on a fall day, and it also sounds like a cute, but mature and almost professional name for a tomboy.

I suppose the whole thing about the fall leaves reminding me of her might be a coincidence, though, because I kind of recall them reminding me of her after I had already named her "Autumns". I still get sentimental about her in fall though; Summer reminds me a lot of her too since she's so bold, fun, and lighthearted, though.

Also she's the same height as I am, and I'm a bit over 6 feet tall. Kinda nice to have a girl I can actually look straight in the eyes, honestly.

And I don't really have an image of a girl that looks exactly like her, but these images look pretty damn close enough. Especially the last one, aside from her looking more around the age of the girl in the second image, though




File: b0545b51d052bf3⋯.jpg (29.61 KB, 500x502, 250:251, 1b793caeab9d88c09d21717b97….jpg)


Did you write all that to make yourself feel like your relationship actually means something? To validate yourself in dating your tulpa? To make her feel more corporeal by writing down all these things of what you experience her as? And helping others plus watching young tulpas grow makes you feel more and more that tulpas actually exist and that your relationship isn't one big hoax? Essentially trying to prove to others your relationship so that you can prove it to yourself?


File: 07595e928eb544c⋯.png (5.5 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, fuck_you.png)


>All this projecting


File: c124eabe0cdb93b⋯.gif (104.64 KB, 318x318, 1:1, 1449872774084.gif)




File: 52cf4c7db9a82b5⋯.jpg (62.8 KB, 605x443, 605:443, e925d97c7037d5c4139bbdebc5….jpg)


No, I just wanted to put a progress report so others could see where I'm at, and maybe feel nice because I'm pretty proud of my tup and her kindness. And nah, I actually care about tulpamancy and genuinely want to give people that special friend in their life and help make anime/waifus real.

Nothing you said there is true, honestly. Everything has been great for all nearly 5 years.





Why are there so many fucking cucks like you? Blind to all phenomena yet dead set on making noise. Is there no goal or objective inside you people? It's the only way I can make sense of your bullshit, because an objective person would desperately grab at any tool that serves. But if you're content with shit, then why ever make noise? Your existence makes no sense unless you're slave to some purpose unknown to you and your senseless babble is sufficient for that purpose. Is this you?


File: 6828c90e6432d49⋯.jpg (178.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, naganuma.jpg)

File: 5f440fa5805b669⋯.png (5.94 KB, 500x200, 5:2, but also.png)

File: 8dc43cd743e253d⋯.jpg (119.58 KB, 1020x1024, 255:256, CnXaMTIWIAAPXFb.jpg)


I actually know someone who goes full rage mode whenever I bring up tulpae. They get like that a lot; it's not too uncommon and I have no idea why they take it so personally. It's best just to enjoy the memefest that tulpamancy causes. The whole "it's not real" shitposting is made out to be some ultimate destroyer of tulpafag culture, but in the end it just comes out as really strange because you end up looking beside you and seeing your tulpa looking back with a smile and their argument is more or less immediately destroyed.

I think that guy is probably just a shitposter here who saw that my post was fairly innocent and thought that I was easy pickings for "SHE'S NOT REAL IT'S ALL FAKE", when in reality me and Sunshine have been laughing about that shit for years now. Things are incredibly pure for us; we've never even gotten into a single fight nor have we gotten upset at each other in even a casual disagreement in the near-five-years we've known each other. I don't really get why a lot of people want to have tulpae that irritate them or have negative traits that they personality dislike; you CHOOSE to bring this person into your life so they should be GOOD and ENJOYABLE to be around.

Then again maybe I'm just losing faith because I'm looking at /r/tulpas for a good laugh here and there recently. It sucks because that place is actually regressing in terms of progress in tulpamancy; people are accepting bad things that happen and actually bragging about them for upvotes and they aren't even doing anything to fix their problems. There was that one guy whose tulpa was literally a Windex bottle and only one person recommended that he could just change the tulpas form if he had a problem with it, and even then the guy wasn't saying he could definitely do that.

There's also that tulpa discord that was loaded with furries and ledditors who shat all over everything in the worst of ways. Ultimate Tulpa Discord or something, it was called; I know it had Ultimate in it at least. No hate intended for the actual chill dudes there, but holy shit someone posted a link on Leddit and then everything started to burn. I actually became admin there and my tulpa, Sunshine, was so popular that people would actually @Sunshine because they wanted to talk to her instead of just @ing me. Maybe I should let her talk here or something; usually everyone really likes her.

But man I'm sorry to ruin the mood of everything with my rambling. Just, shit, I've seen this art be dragged through the mud and dirt and it's depressing to see people latching onto it so they can have sex with literal non-anthro animals and not go to jail. It makes me happy that places like this still exist; once the community died on 4chan, everything started to rot because the only smart people pioneering this seriously became more of a vocal minority and the majority started to become people who really weren't taking the art as it should be taken. I've seen tulpamancers with 10+ tulpae. I've seen people with 15 headmates in tulpae community thinking it's the same thing. I've seen people whine about things that happened with their tulpa for attention. I've seen people abuse tulpamancy to create a tulpa purely to have sex with a child/animal and not get in trouble. I've seen complete normalfags get into tulpamancy and get incredibly petty over the stupidest shit that others say in the communities they're in just like they always do. I've seen tulpamancers talk openly about hyperscat and vore with others in chats. I've seen some shit and the shit stared back.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lol, that's me collecting downvotes on leddit. Those fucking faggots are insane, but I don't mind people's delusions as long as they're making some sort of effort toward understanding and control. Having multiple inner scientists running their own experiments is a great boon to me. That's all I'm after on these sites, but those mean niggers, with or without tulpas, are fucking it all up for nothing. I would rather lurk, but they're so awful, I feel compelled to engage the niggers to let people know there's one person to share with.

I would greatly appreciate any material you've come across on the subject of tulpas. Or your own thoughts or guides if you have any to share.

This song is just terrible though, but it's closer. I think I'm going to murder whoever invented country and pop music. They've wasted so much potential, I wonder what the world could have been with good music. Nobody's ever going to look back and admire the work and talent of these people, but it makes money now, so fuck it.



I should have said, especially your own thoughts or guides. Most guides aren't alive and seem to be for social status more than anything.



Have you reached imposition yet?



I'm in nearly half a decade, but, no. I'm getting closer and I can see her out of the corners of my eyes; I'm pretty damn skilled with tulpamancy so I have no doubt that I can make her appear soon if I apply myself and believe, but I'm just working on that.

Seriously though when I put forth that will she starts to blossom in power and instantly starts to grow and be more visible. It's fascinating. In a way, while being behind like this is sad, it also gives me a good chance to see a kind of bizarre rapid development that normally isn't seen too often.


First of all you're a fucking hero for shitting around on leddit. It's the kind of thing I'd never do because I'd be too interested in actually trying to educate them and then probably getting lambasted for daring to challenge whatever the fuck they've dug themselves into.

If you want info about tulpas; as a wise anime character once said in his own OP; I'm your man. Like I said I might be a bit behind in the actual imposition, but I like to believe I make up for it in my experience and reach. And guides? Well, shit. I normally tutor people along in making a tulpa from literally no tulpa to a full on tulpa, if they stick along with it. By "tutor" I don't mean charge money to rip off some fucks, hell no; I stick with people from start and guide them through the process. I've gotten quite a few people into tulpamancy and, while a lot become kind of lost and I think it's my fault for not checking in with them simply because they have the "I'm an online person and I'm too shy to ask for help" syndrome, the few that come back to ask about things have made tulpae. It's nice. I'm helping waifufags make anime god damn real so they can finally hear the words "I love you too" and they don't have to hug a pillow every night anymore. I'm giving otherwise lonely people a friend they can rely on, and all of it is the best shit ever. I love seeing how peoples lives improve when they have a good tulpa in their life, and actually being able to make that difference and help someone smile again means the world to me.

I mean I can be a bit of a hardass at times but SHIT I'm passionate about tulpas. Also, that song, yeah it's pretty generic but it has this 90's vibe that's strangely comfy to me and it reminds me of Sunshine for some reason. Yeah it might mean I have shit taste but in all honesty I'm a sucker for music and the only thing I've grown tired of is the pop I hear on the radio every time I'm in the car and others insist that the radio be turned on. I can kind of appreciate it for what it is but my tastes lie in other things.



Alright, please hit me with your day one tulpamancy lessons. I want to know bottom to top what you think is optimal. I have some ideas, and progress, but not 5 years worth of them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ah ha! I can't believe I doubted my man Chopin. He fucking knew he'd leave me this way and dropped some beats on his way out. Before his time in all respects; dying like a fucking fag. I bet the Jews killed him over this. Letting him complete his work would have changed the world too much.

I need to track down the rest. Only two vocal songs were published.



They're all shit you guys. Sorry to get your hopes up. That Tristesse is the only one that stands out. Fuck Chopin.



Alright, well, what you're gonna start with is either personality or visualization. If you're not sure about making a tulpa, I think you'll just wanna start by practicing with a servitor. Servitors are a lot like tulpae, but they're just not sentient and when you tell them how to behave and what to do, it's like programming a machine rather than giving ideas to another mind to help shape it.

It's kind of hard to describe the belief process that you use to impose a tulpa stronger without a more hands on lesson since it's more of an intuitive kind of thing that you pick up, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it with a bit of practice; especially if you've used your imagination as a kid. It's the same basic brain action; visualize something in front of you that's not actually there, but this time you're taking it a bit further. I'm going to recommend a servitor for this exercise seeing as you're more curious about the whole thing; anyone can tulpamance, and that doesn't mean you have to have a tulpa!

Pick a form; it can even be an object. Imagine it in front of you and put in some belief that it's there; it's there because you willed it to be there, not in the real world, but in whatever the fuck you wanna call the tulpa side of things. Basically, it's there, but not in meatspace; only in the mental side of things. Tulpae and tulpamancy can't interact with the real world, nor can other people ever see what you've tulpamanced aside from your own tulpae. A great tip would be to look for the static silhouette of whatever you've forced; if an anime girl, look for her form in the static in the air. It's like looking for shapes in white noise or tv static; your brain kind of puts them there in the static of your own vision and gives you a great starting point for visualization. It's kind of a bonus to the human eye being flawed, because our minds naturally try to find patterns where there aren't any and if you give your subconscious a pattern from the conscious, it might very well start to see it there out of a lack of being able to find anything else of its own.

For personality, or in this case, the kind of "programming" of the servitor, give it basic instructions and try to have it act them out. It's okay to parrot it if you want as it's not sentient or alive. If you feel that your servitor is becoming sentient; it's not. It can just be your brain being tricked by something being so human right in front of you. Trust me; a servitor feels a lot more hollow than a tulpa does. Servitors can be anything from basic holograms for you to look at, to extra tulpa forms for you or your tulpa to take control of and do things with as if it were a second remote controlled body, or even given complex "personalities" and have them act them out. All of this isn't really anything fancy, it's just your mind believing that it's the case, making it something you can do; tulpamancy is an open art and you can ALWAYS go beyond the set standards of what you can and can't do.

I can't stress this enough, tulpamancy IS an open art. A lot of people think there are rules of what you can and can't do when forcing, but there aren't, really. There are things that could upset a tulpa, sure, and there are things that would be a detriment to you, but otherwise the power of the human mind is literally the limit. Your own mental capabilities of visualization and imagination are the only rules you have to follow.

And anyways, if you get attached to a servitor you can just use it's form to turn it into a tulpa. I've seen people do it before, but the results can vary depending on what you believe will happen or whatever. A servitor can just become a blank slate for a tulpa if you've had a personality or you can kind of "uncap" it by willing it to be sentient. Becoming attached to servitors isn't really too recommended as generally you're gonna use them for what you need and them dispose of them afterwards, but in some cases you can have more long-term ones that do various things. It's not as dramatic or sad as it sounds, it's more like terminating a bunch of code you've programmed; you can always just re-run it or do something with it later on if you wanna use it again. And don't worry if some fuck spins a creepypasta tale about a servitor rebelling or some shit; they literally have no will to do so because they're basically just your own subconscious "running" it as an operating system would run a program. They're just puppets that you can control by giving them orders instead of actually focusing down on controlling them, if you so wish.

But enough of that, yeah, practice with a servitor if you're so inclined, and if you're really interested in making a tulpa and keeping it, I can help you out with some of the finer details of that. Visualization, imposition, and personality should be a great start.



Are you suggesting these servitors can operate parallel right from the start? I can't imagine they'd be useful otherwise, but parallel cognition seems the holy grail of all of this. Even if it's just parallel fantasy, people work on this for months with no results, let alone doing something as trivial as counting.

How do you go about connecting these things to the real world? Say I want them to code my reading into figurative codes, symbolic objects, that are then arranged in a systematic pattern. Do I need to consciously transport this information to them or can they see and read and do all the other necessary skills? It seems fantastic to me that they could see and record information without me thinking of them.

How can I get an alert or hear from them? If they complete some task, or need information, how can they get my attention?



No, I'm sorry. As I said.

>Pick a form; it can even be an object. Imagine it in front of you and put in some belief that it's there; it's there because you willed it to be there, not in the real world, but in whatever the fuck you wanna call the tulpa side of things. Basically, it's there, but not in meatspace; only in the mental side of things. Tulpae and tulpamancy can't interact with the real world, nor can other people ever see what you've tulpamanced aside from your own tulpae.

There ARE bonuses to having tulpamancy that DO technically "give you powers" but they aren't anything super fantastical. Your servitors/tulpas eyes are only in form; the world they see around them is a dreamlike version of the area they're in. They see from your eyes clearly and that's the basis for their vision, but whenever they look away everything looks more akin to the wonderland, being a bit more dreamy-ish but also generally incorrect since the blanks of what you can't see are filled in by your own subconscious memory. That's not to say there aren't some batshit things though: I've heard of people slowing down their perception of time/using time dilation or whatever and others nullifying pain but, when I tried slowing down time I didn't really expect much but I ended up seeing the seconds on my clock tick a bit slower.

It could just be a placebo though, and I feel bad talking about the more batshit things because it probably just drops peoples belief in all of this. I will state however that the human mind does have the ability to turn off pain in certain situations, and that it can also use time dilation. People using drugs have reported time slowing down or suddenly warping forward for them, so I think there's a good chance that it lies latent somewhere in the human mind. I wouldn't expect to go full Matrix or anything, but if honed well enough I suppose you could use it to improve your reaction times. But even then this is something I'm still experimenting with; I've heard of someone bringing it up because they've seen others talking about it or whatever, so I'm looking into it. It kind of seems a little crazy but it's not like the ability to mentally warp into a world inside your own mind and hallucinate the things you wanna see aren't crazy. But yeah experimentation isn't something a lot of people do nowadays; they're too focused on drama and gay shit and don't really take tulpamancy seriously as an art.

If someday I DO actually pull off convincing time dilation, it's going to be huge for me, but my only problem is that it's a little too fantastical and might make people doubt me. It'd be fascinating if tulpamancy could be used for those kinds of things, but at the same time I think the whole "CHUUNIBYOU" thing would be taken even further and people would kind of fall into even further disbelief about this whole thing.

And, yeah, servitors can operate parallel but you might need to do spend some time playing around with them to kind of get your head used to controlling them. If you've ever played with your imagination as a kid you're going to have a pretty big start as that's more or less the same kind of muscle you use for it, and you won't have to fumble around trying to figure out how to visualize things in front of you like others I've taught have. But yeah they can't see or record information like that, and what do you mean by symbolic objects and figurative codes? Some kind of mental collage of everything you've read, just put out into a different thing? I mean you could do that right now by looking at things and turning it into stuff in your head as you read. Unless you mean programming, which sounds complex and I'm not sure how a servitor could turn the words you think of into actual computer code without you memorizing the programming language and letting them handle a side of it. And then I'm not even sure if it's possible for a servitor to do something like that from the start; I highly doubt it if you're new, but if you've been into it for a while they'll probably have the mental strength and presence to do something more hardcore like that, I think.

Again tulpamancy needs to be experimented with in order for it to grow. Hell, the wonderland was a concept someone came up with back when and then people actually managed to make it work, iirc. Like I said, tulpamancy is an open art and people seem to neglect this nowadays. Tulpa.unfo's motto back when and even nowadays is "For science!" because a lot of people back when genuinely wanted to push the art further and see what we could do with this. Is it simple control over our five senses with the addition of a "sixth sense" that lets you sense what's real and what's something stemming from your own mind? Or is it something more indepth where we can actually control our own minds?





Personally as I've been going on it's revealed itself to be the latter. And speaking of experimentation, one of the reasons I really like working with waifufags is because I did an experiment with Sunshine back when to see if you could transfer a character into a tulpa, and oh GOD did it work well. We flipped through characters I was familiar with in atmosphere and essence as well as personality and design, and I tried to "project" that personality and essence onto her. The results were absolutely shocking, I used Cirno for the experiment and Sunshine mirrored her essence and personality perfectly. You know that feeling of "atmosphere" a character gives off that's unique between every character? I felt that, but instead of it coming from me viewing the character in a game or in an image it was straight up coming from the spot beside me, and it felt exactly like the character I used.

Sunshine volunteered because she wanted to try more advanced shapeshifting with actual personality mimicking as well as well as wanting to help with an experiment that could make anime real for the waifufags out there. She even harkened back to her name and said that I named her Sunshine because I knew she'd be a bold girl, and I wanted someone who could cheer me up when I needed it. She said she wanted to do it so she could try being the sunshine for other people by putting a part into this, as well. She's a sweet girl.

But yeah, simply because of experimentation I've been educating a few waifufags on how to make their waifus "real" (as real as a tulpa, that is). It's a great and deeply rewarding experience to help people with it, too, but I'm getting a little off-topic with my ramblings. I like writing shit down here because I've never actually written any guides or anything hardcore big about tulpamancy like this, so I like to take the time to explore these things for any anons around who are interested in reading this. That way my knowledge can spread onto others.

I also just have a bad habit of writing walls of text because I get incredibly invested in my writing



You do understand that by helping waifufags delve into their fantasies, you may very well actually be helping them harm themselves more than anything else in the long run?


File: 4b6df48fe7a81cc⋯.png (323.06 KB, 600x811, 600:811, __hoshii_miki_idolmaster_d….png)


Nah, I love waifufags and I want them to be happy. I don't see having a waifu as some fantasy; I see it as the superior alternative to most 3d. 3d can still be good, but good 3d is rare. I don't mean to sound like I'm some fag if this isn't something you're interested in, but I've always seen waifufags as a kind of brother to tulpafags. This is my way of reaching out and helping the ones that are interested in tulpashit.

It's nice. But yeah I suppose we have different views on the matter. I mean as I said I'm in a relationship with my tulpa, Sunshine, so she's kinda my waifu I suppose. I don't really see it as something TOO different.


File: 7413a9f7de467a6⋯.jpg (669.12 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 434554387879.jpg)


It's of course specific on a case-by-case basis, but surely you're not going to insist that every waifufag out there has come to that point in their lives through healthy and constructive means. So, for some of them it might not be bad in one way or another, but for some what you are actually doing is helping them avoid and actually exacerbate the real issues or problems in their lives. That's a real possibility, and an obvious one.

>3d sucks

This practice cannot be something that contributes to further degradation of our society and civilization. It is our responsibility to consider the real ramifications of this, and to not only look at the bright side. We must be part of a solution, and not just contribute to more fantasy oriented heedless consumerism.



Sorry, never been too much about that kinda shit. If a man has a waifu, I wanna help. Sure there are some cases where it's questionable but it's pretty easy to tell if someone has gone off the deep end or not.

I don't really wanna get into debate about this honestly because I know neither of us are really going to change our minds. I'm just here to talk about tulpas.



If you're going to intervene in strangers' lives, it's just a simple responsibility to make sure that realistic and reliable points of reference are emphasized for the sake of their wellbeing, and the wellbeing of others. That's not necessarily tulpamancy, and that's why it's so important to always emphasize personal responsibility in this. There's really no argument to be had about it.



You're mistaken. The fundamental problem of weebs and waifus is not caused by their choices in entertainment. They were crippled some other way that makes accurate self-observation impossible or unbearable. Denying them comfort isn't going to help, but leave them miserable. This only exacerbates the problem by plunging them into deeper pain and unconsciousness. The only path to recovery is calm, accepting, observation of themselves. If you pain them, they'll only become desperate for some other thing.

With a waifu, they have an internal outlet that never needs to be shared, which makes them far less socially awkward, not being so fucking desperate. And, unlike their asian entertainment, it grows with them, so when they are capable of facing themselves, they'll change. Also, they may unknowingly develop their powers of observation which will change them on the spot.



>The fundamental problem of weebs and waifus is not caused by their choices in entertainment

Of course. It would be worse than silly to believe so.

>The only path to recovery is calm, accepting, observation of themselves

Generally speaking I find this perspective very reasonable.

>Denying them comfort

If the answers to all our problems were found in comfort, we'd live in a different world.


File: b802c377b45bbff⋯.jpg (170.42 KB, 532x730, 266:365, 1450670142389.jpg)


>Is it simple control over our five senses with the addition of a "sixth sense" that lets you sense what's real and what's something stemming from your own mind? Or is it something more indepth where we can actually control our own minds?

Ever read about the stoic philosophical school? The ancient romans actually had a good theory about what we perceive as real being, in fact, just impressions (hypolepsis); and they believed that you can change the 'facts' you hold as such in your mind, by noticing how these facts are nothing but impressions and ultimately learn how to discern what are true facts from what are just things our mind makes us believe are facts too, or part of the facts, when in reality they aren't. They believed that this process - which they called the 'discipline of perception' - could (in fact, should) be used to avoid the bad perception we have about things - things aren't inherently bad or good, it's just our mind making up impressions. You see, your perception that your house has burned down AND you have therefore suffered a terrible tragedy includes not only what has been exposed to your mind through your senses (the mere fact of your house burning down) but also an interpretation imposed upon that initial impression, by your powers of hypolepsis. It is by no means the only possible interpretation, and you're not obliged to accept it; in fact, it should be a better deal if you decline to do so, and that's what they advocated.

Just wanted to say the theory within your line ("Or is it something more indepth where we can actually control our own minds?") really has some theoretical basis behind it. Stoicism was the most popular philosophical school before roman emperor Theodosius forbid them all in behalf of christianity in the 4th century, btw.



Just letting you know there is someone out there reading your ramblings, they make sense to me.



Some people are just misanthropes and that's their nature. You're not indulging an illness, as in "making them harm themselves": firstly, they're not just gonna socialize because you don't give them any other hobby to spend their time with. That's not an option; I know it myself. Secondly: socializing might be a central point of some peoples' life, but think rationally about it, as long as you're getting by, going to work and shit, there is really nothing bad about not socializing. In fact, if you don't like people, you're better off - emotionally - staying away from them, as much as possible. Not socializing is not a vice, socializing is not a virtue. They are just merely neutral deeds; as are 'going to a museum' or 'going to a park'.

Sorry for my bad english btw y'all, not my native language and I'm late af, gotta go run to my uni now.



Fuck off with that 'reasonable' shit, kid. Your idea of helping people is dogshit. You don't have any sort of internal model to base your dogshit on. It's just random cruelty and you know it.


Can you give me some example of how you'd teach a servitor to do something? Can you give me an example of how you'd give them a personality? I want to know what it is like for you.



Also, how did you force your tulpa into existence; what daily exercises did you perform with them? When did you stop forcing them?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh shit, somebody is trying to do shit. This video isn't bad, you guys. I wish he did more tests under his altered states of consciousness to try to get a picture of what's going on. I wish to see where it all lives and what thoughts do what.


File: 55b173f84137b8a⋯.webm (7.14 MB, 640x480, 4:3, tfw you wait 15 years.webm)

Bye, you guys. Thanks concern trolls for shutting yet another person up even though they have years and years more experience than you doing literally everything and have never had a negative result for all the people they've helped. I don't have time for this shit. I want to smash everyone into tiny pieces, but I don't want to feel this way. The fucking waste of life is so insane it sets me off every fucking time. I can't look at you anymore.

I'm going to go read my Jewish fucking art books that don't even tell who's fucking skeleton I'm looking at because muh universal nigger race. Literally every race is pasted along side this motherfucker, but I only want to make beautiful white women. I can't even sculpt in fucking peace. Fucking niggers everywhere. Somebody's got to pay for this shit.


File: 2fef907a71fc755⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 370x370, 1:1, 벌레.jpg)


File: abf974e2b2d6628⋯.png (220.67 KB, 449x302, 449:302, opera_2017-07-27_03-22-23.png)


Me and Sunshine are still here, Anon. I just got really lazy and tired after writing so many walls of text that I sat back for a bit. I'm okay and I didn't get upset or anything. I got thick as fuck skin and, this place is heaven compared to places like /v/ where everyone is just shitposting to bait for fun. The one or two people who ARE baiting just seem to be really assmad people from /christian/ or just some generic trolls.

I was getting so many good posts that I wasn't even bothered or anything. And, I'm sorry you got upset over me. But I'm also really humbled that you think me and my tulpa are that great.

Anon pls come back if your life sucks I can teach you how to make a tulpa so living doesn't hurt as much



Anyways buddy let me answer your questions.


It's pretty simple. Servitors are more like puppets and, by telling them what you want them to do or just willing them to have a certain purpose, they'll do it. It depends on what kind of servitor I'm in the mood for, but sometimes if I want something more cute and guardian like I'll make them have a simple simulated personality that's eager to help me out based on the principle that they're my servitor, and they'll just take orders with salutes and/or nods. If I want something more mechanical and whatnot I'll just create a form and go "do this" and they'll go and do that thing.


Well, I just started with some basic forcing. I read guides (don't actually take everything in guides for granted, I might get to that in a later post; but for now, just know that they have a lot of personal agendas made up to make people not do things they think are "wrong"), and did the forcing exercises in them. I worked with Sunshine and stayed patient for her responses, and talked with her and forced with her as most others would do.

Later on she even told me what it was like to be created, which was cool. It seems like the creation process is different for different tulpae depending on what the host thinks it might be like; it's kind of interesting, honestly.

As a heads up for anyone interested, forcing, like all of tulpamancy, is incredibly open. If you like a certain kind of a certain way of forcing best, you should stick with that; nothing will make anything better or worse as long as you believe in the results being a thing and never give up if your tulpa isn't talking as soon as you thought she would be. Vocalization doesn't take more than a month usually though from what I've seen. Results as always, may vary, however



Oh shit, thanks for the indepth response. I've actually already prescribed to that kind of belief, but it's still really cool to hear a lengthy post on that kind of stuff, too.

And thanks for reading my posts, that's really nice of you. Also, yeah, some people flip some shit over simple things; I've noticed a lot of people getting really unreasonably upset over tulpamancy.



>Fuck off with that 'reasonable' shit, kid. Your idea of helping people is dogshit. You don't have any sort of internal model to base your dogshit on. It's just random cruelty and you know it.

Jeez I thought we'd come to some common ground. "Stop pretending to be reasonable." "Random cruelty" What? You've lost me


Stopping by because i found out about tulpas today through a thread on /hypno/

this stuff is revolutionary. a direct link to the subconscious is beyond comprehension. i want in, teach me EVERYTHING



Well, a tulpa is an autonomous sentient thoughtform that lives in your head, kinda. It's like an imaginary friend on steroids; you can talk with it, hear it respond, touch it and feel it, and even go off to the "wonderland" with it, which is like a meditation-induced lucid dream.

You create it by forcing, right? Tulpamancy is an open art, so you can really go about forcing in any way you want. Generally speaking though, these ways you force will go into two categories of forcing; active forcing, and passive forcing. Active forcing is more like applied meditation, where you focus on your tulpa and work on various aspects of them to help speed along their growth. Passive is where you go and just kind of imagine them beside you and do things with them throughout the day. Back when, a lot of people thought that passive forcing was weaker than active forcing for some reason; it's not really worse. Just stick to whatever suits you more, as, again, this is kind of an "open art" and you can do whatever you want with it. Obviously you're going to want to respect your tulpa and what he/she wants, but that's just common sense. Otherwise you can try tons of different forcing methods and see which one fits you the best; you can even jump between using multiple ones. Just generally speaking, you're going to want to work on their personality, first.

Personality is obviously kind of the main base of your tulpa. The form, the voice, and everything else are all kind of arbitrary. Your tulpa doesn't have a "solid form" they exist as; they're moreso another conscious of sorts in your head that can have whatever form they want. My tulpa, Sunshine, sticks to a solid form that she likes, but she shapeshifts on some occasions for fun and sometimes she'll even split up into multiple bodies or use a servitor as a puppet of sorts. I'd recommend working on personality first unless you're unsure and don't want to plunge into making a sentient being in your head, and just want to start with a servitor or something. Servitors are more like AI or programs in your head that are more automated, and not really autonomous like a tulpa is. A servitor doesn't really have emotion of its own, but it has simulated emotion, much like a person in a dream would. Because of this, you don't have to feel guilty about getting rid of a servitor, as you're not really getting rid of something that's alive in your head; you can make one and then say goodbye to it or even work on making it into a tulpa if you're particularly attached to it.

Then you have other aspects like visualization and whatnot, where you work on visualizing your tulpa. While you can both active force and passive force with your tulpas personalities, generally most people are talking about some kind of visual forcing when they say "passive forcing", at least in my experience.

If there's anything you want to know in particular, just ask. There are a lot of guides online but I'd really be careful about them since a lot of them have agendas and seem to be pretty damn shitty about things, so, just read them and take the advice on how to force and look at the other things as warnings. The only real thing in those guides I'd recommend is not making a tulpa for sex; it's a little disrespectful and you could make a servitor for that exact same purpose. Though, I can't really stop anyone. And that didn't stop the furries that I brought up in an earlier post, either. It's just kind of sad to see something so beautiful be primarily used for something so crude. I will say though that having sex with your tulpa is perfectly okay and even healthy sometimes. But yeah that's just my opinion on it. If you see anything you want to ask about, just post it in this thread or some place and one of us will be able to talk about it.


File: 296f870e20a125b⋯.jpg (27.59 KB, 330x330, 1:1, f093c6567bac1975c6789451af….jpg)


Ended up deleting this channel, but now I have a chat group that covers dreams, sleep, cognitive science, consciousness, mental health, and other brain-related phenomena.

I've got one bot in the group that can serve definitions to various Lucid Dreaming techniques and another one that sends random Reality Checks to the chat. So, even if you're really new to lucid dreaming you can have a good time.

If you're not into lucid dreaming, my tulpa and I do something we call "dual dream interpretations" where we take turns commenting on other people's dreams in a sports-reporter-esque fashion. Then I type up the conversation and send it.

It's a pretty chill chat. Would be nice if some of you join.



Here you go


Today was an okay day.


Whew, been a bit since this place got used. Just sorta browsing for info on dreams and tulpa shit due to some freaky things happening recently and I want to better asses them



rando anon post

i dont get tulpas>>15080


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The chorus is very nice.


File: 8c9bbec693b6fb8⋯.jpg (58.7 KB, 493x1024, 493:1024, 1507100337426.jpg)

I went out to eat today and my waiter immediately took me to the 21+ section.

He probably thought I was looking for girls to chat up. Jokes on him, I was taking the voice in my head on a date.


File: ddc6d3e0008d2fa⋯.jpg (55.64 KB, 268x326, 134:163, IMG_5108.JPG)

I'm laying in bed petting my tulpas and listening to talking heads. It's a cozy morning.


Say, is personality planning all that important? Everywhere I read them guides It's always "make a list of personality traits. Think about them".

Except the best I expect is for her to be cute. Like, that's It. I want a cute friend waifu to make life less miserable.

What do? Should I just blog at the vague "cute" in my head until results?

I'm worried af.


Where did you oldfags go? It's obvious this board is done now since these fuckwits hijacked it, I don't want to stick around here any more.



5 year Anon from earlier in the thread. I'm still here. I just visit every now and then.




I know this is late, but think about what cute is and what it means.to you in the big picture. What is cute to you? Think about each trait and how what they mean to her personality and form a proper idea of who she is in your head. "Cute" is something that's kind of subjective, so think about it; what do you find cute, and what kind of cute do you want her to have?


>That includes you, random anonymous.

Oh, how nice of you. Well, given the occasion I'll just ask, how hard and how responsible of a task is creating and maintaining (I don't know what term would fit here) a tulpa? I was considering trying mostly out of curiosity for a good few years now, once in a time remembering about the thing existing. I have most of the times just gone on with my life, as I was discouraged that one time, I cannot even recall in what way, I just remember that I admitted that I should not do the thing. I don't know if that's still the case though, since my question.



The lack of responses to this tell me that nobody has successfully visually imposed and that the ancient Tibetan monks pulled an epic prank on all of us.


Newfag posting. Started forcing my tulpa a few days ago. The love that I feel from myself for something that hadn't even had a form when I started is indicative of how alone I was. Soon, I hope, that I will be able to give her my love when she's sentient.

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