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File: 1faa33d8b34c0c5⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 507x337, 507:337, 0f8c8dfa3c9a022f605a8097c2….jpg)


I'm going to be drinking for my 21st today not like I haven't already been drunk but whateve.r What are your experiences with tulpa and drugs specifically alcohol? Is it harder easier or harder to talk to them? Are your tulpa affected by the drug as well



I think alchohol and all other mind altering drugs used for recreational use are disgusting. I don't feel like going into details.

Anyway, since the tulpa uses your mind and body, I'd imagine any sort of change brought on by an illness or mind-altering substance would also affect them.


My tulpa isn't vocal yet and I don't usually do drugs, but I smoked weed once and tried to force while high, thinking it would be easier but it didn't really make a difference.



Forcing while high is possible but really really hard, I could barely talk to my tup. I have a friend with more experience with weed who says it gets easier



>I think alchohol and all other mind altering drugs used for recreational use are disgusting. I don't feel like going into details.

Do go on. Since the second part of your message is obviously only there to stay on topic. You must really want your opinion to be known.



Fine. Personally it is my belief that using anything that alters your mind causes you to, for lack of better words, stop being the same person you are. You typically don't act the same and in some cases you won't remember spending time with the ones you love. In the latter case, its like you just wasted the other person's time because they have a memory the two of you will never be able to share together.

Yes I know not all situations are the same and I'm probably a relatively isolated case, but you asked.



Good stuff, I was expecting a uninformed opinion. I think everyone deep down is the exact same selfish parasite. But it's great that you're so optimistic.



I used to think like this but then I started drinking lol. I can share your sentiment but I'm fine with drugs in moderation. It can be really tragic when someone you love gets changed by drug abuse


what about psychedelic drugs? Like LSD and DMT?


File: 1ad9cb37ee320e1⋯.png (27 KB, 999x252, 111:28, molecules.PNG)


I can't see, hear, or feel them as much but they seem to like it.


I can respect that. One of my friends doesn't remember my favorite memory with him. The rest just get as stupid high as they can.

One of my Tuppers was really confused by DXM but she wants to try it again.


Drinking sufficiently to feel mildly or even more heavily drunk, but not pass-out drunk, can sometimes make feeling and hearing tulpas or even possession a little bit easier. I can hear them just fine while sober, but the few times I drank recently and I interacted with them while drunk, it was very relaxing and comfortable. I don't know how it'd be if you're just starting out, but if your tulpa is developed enough, it should be fine. As always, do not force primarily on drugs because that can result in state-dependent memories and you don't want to depend on drugs to interact with your tulpas.

Tulpas are affected by it when possessing and mildly affected when not, in as much as your own imagination is affected.


Different drugs effect tulpa's differently, alcohol means its somewhat harder to hear them but inversely if you force it becomes much stronger

Most drugs are pretty fun with tulpa's, the one I wouldn't recommend are benzo's, I find it gives a brain fog like effect that makes it very hard to hear them



Benzos are for Bozos.

my Tulpa tips the bottle back 180 degrees when we drink

She's teaching me how to really live life.


I got high once with my tulpas. It was a crazy trip. They didn't seem to be too affected by it but were just concerned with taking care of me until I wound down.

As for alcohol it had a bit of an effect on their personality but didn't interrupt forcing too much as long as I was reserved with my drinking. I'm the kind of guy who only does a few drinks and has plenty of water in between.

Drinking with tulpas in head is always a possibility. It's a bit of a meme but a fun way to let loose and celebrate for birthdays and things like that.



What about tulpas on opiates?


I got a little tipsy last night, it made us both silly and a little sassy but otherwise didn't effect forcing much, which seems to be what other people are saying.

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