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File: a430add7a63743c⋯.jpg (107.34 KB, 952x601, 952:601, zero-dark-thirty.jpg)


I'm going to watch this tonight for some Operator Autism. I'm hoping it's not too current year pozzed.

Which films would be in this genre?

>American Sniper

>Black Hawk Down

>Tears of the Sun

>Navy SEALs


Michael Mann's movies are very operator autistic.


Sicario is a good film, great shooting scenes and the stronk womyn who you think is the main character gets BTFO with her nigger pet in the end as Brolin and Del Toro take over the leading role.

13 Hours is another one I'd recommend, the action scenes remind me a lot of Black Hawk Down. The cinematography is very similar. The early parts of the movie are better than the later half. Once you realize that yes, they're not going to get overrun and the local mudshit militia got most of it's manpower wrecked in the multiple assaults the movie kind of loses it's sense of urgency. Jon Krasinski does a very good job in his first action role, much better than his cunt wife Blunt.




>Killing mudslimes

Who cares?



Pretty boring tbh. Not much operator stuff, mostly just armchair operations with occasional forays into paki slums and black sites. I'd recommend 13 Hours, its one of michael bay's best movies and delivers on the action.

I'm also interested in seeing whether the new movie 12 men is going to be any good.



>CIA wanted to "interrogate" the terrorists

>Seal Team 6 didn't care and just killed them all



I liked the investigation/trade-craft parts actually. It builds up tension for the shooty bits.

The 'operator' parks are quite slow in zd30 its quite a contrast to the usual way its depicted.

I'll have to track down 13 hours to watch some time.


File: 577a2d7312857e3⋯.jpg (71.88 KB, 880x880, 1:1, rad.jpg)



solid meh tier



Clearly this armchair warrior has been in combat before and knows how to react faster and with more tactical acumen than a bunch of highly trained special forces.


The Raid


File: 4a16383413640b8⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 523x521, 523:521, 4a16383413640b8286b039ab44….jpg)


>I'm going to watch this tonight for some Operator Autism.

This movie was literally vetted by the US Gov for official good goy status and funding, not to mention there is almost zero tacticool action until the last 15 minutes.

Have fun watching (boring) CY-3 propaganda.

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