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ITT Razorcuck btfo about Blade Runner 2049


The "Razorfist" guy is a spaz.

>30 minute video

That's a fourth of the duration of the film itself, so fuck this shit.


File: 0b24077c711a2ad⋯.webm (11.19 MB, 540x360, 3:2, rageholic FONV.webm)

how about a Razorcuck BTFO about FONV?


File: 0c94542b3254c06⋯.webm (7.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Razorfist Doesn't Underst….webm)




>That's a fourth of the duration of the film itself, so fuck this shit.

Yeah, because you and everyone else here are such busy people with such demanding schedules, right?


did you make the shitty video?



No, i am not Razornigger


File: a1a24ae572d344e⋯.webm (1.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1466635711167.webm)



so you made the shitty video about razorfist?




>the original blade runner wasn't leading up to a finale between the protag and the main robot

Did this faggot actually watch the first movie, or is he just repeating what he was taught in film school?



Obviously not, he's just buttmad that based Razor BTFO the shitty film that he creams himself over.



>Movie bob trying to sound tough

This is funnier than a ghost story



I don't even like Razorfuck and that was a stupid strawman argument


Here's a summary of Blade Runner 2049

>beep boop beep boop

>beep blip blip blip

>beep beep boop

>fuck off skin job

>beep boop bippity boop

>bibity bobbity beep

>beep boobity beepity beep

>the end


File: 8366ad6ba644d69⋯.jpg (831.58 KB, 1280x1078, 640:539, razorfist in the wild.jpg)



I see why he wears the glasses.



Razor is a comedian, you can't pretend arguing with the director is a legit type of review. 'Hey why didn't you this?' is not an argument, you end up blaming apples for not being as good as oranges.

But there is an 8ch cut of 2049 that's even more kino.



Damn that chicks got perfect legs. /v/irgins and redditcucks BTFO.


Razor is a sperg. He hates the Witcher because he believe its a rip-off Elric of Melniboné, nevermind the characters are not similar when you get down to know their core.


Razor gets it mostly right

But as we can see everyone has flaws


File: 8452a3d4a180c29⋯.jpg (7.81 KB, 352x288, 11:9, Chink_and_other_daniel.jpg)

>tfw Razorcuck is a literal cuck

He was trying date this chubby asian girl, only to get cucked by a weeb



Daniel Harris is not a fucking comedian. He's a low tier YouTube shitposter, and fanboy.



Because he's a faggot who wears eyeliner, and a grown man who still thinks Black Metal is cool.

>At least he's a fan of Bathory. the only good BM band.


Why do all these review faggots turn into political commentators? Is it because reviewing flicks and video games for teenagers makes them feel immature and unimportant so they try their hand at political commentary to seem mature and sophisticated?



>trying to date


Wouldn't he have to actually date her to get cucked?



Razor was always btfoing libcucks since he started.

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