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File: 353460cb15e11be⋯.png (982.2 KB, 1305x1278, 145:142, ClipboardImage.png)




Yes. Dudes' careers and reputations are being immolated due to bitches crying rape without a fair trial.


He's a pisspants paddy. Fuck him and his dead wife.


no because none of the accused are casting magic spells and riding on brooms the fucking dummy



You sure about that, Anon? I've seen quite a few hags among the accusers coming out of the woodwork.


File: fd900ca0cdf71f6⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 365x329, 365:329, nikkisaysno.gif)


He obviously meant its a bunch of witches hunting down pure hearted innocent men


Harrasment allegation against Neeson in 3…


Liam neeson doing shitlicks like that new train movie that is just like the shitty non stop plane movie he did.

God damn hes a money grubbing whore now. Acts the same now too and doesn't give a fuck like Johnny Depp



nah they're going to post the pics of him pissing his pants (again) and challenging his masculinity



>expecting people to give a fuck

lmao dude you watch too much gay porn


>look at woman

>get accused of rape

Such is life in Soviet California.


Yes, but he's probably just saying that because he fears someone dragging his name through the mud next. Neeson is the sort of cunt that makes bank doing action movies and then promotes gun control hard in real life.


>implying dudes can be witches

Motherfucker that's warlocks.


File: 6ca29c446fb7d6e⋯.png (551.24 KB, 1052x720, 263:180, Warlock.png)



>calling capitalist liberals soviets




>not true communism

They love open borders and sucking cock, seems pretty communist to me.



communists are against open borders and sucking dicks, infact it was american capitalists who normalized faggotry and open borders so it seems you are politically illiterate kekistani spammer



How the hell are you even going to seize the means of production if everything has been outsourced to fucking china?


rapist says what?



you cannot have communism in USA.



Some washed up actress recently accused a stunt dude to harres her some 15-20 years ago.

Duide's pretty much fucked, since even if he's not convicted, his career will be at an end.


Of course its right, even normizes are questioning the numerous amount of claims.



But you can have socialism. :`)



people tried protesting against jews in Wall Street and we all know how that ended



I think he called you a faggot.


The guy is from Northern Ireland, he had to deal with The Troubles for the majority of his life, he has no time for some pissy bitches screaming "HE TOUCHED MY VAGINA".


>Northern Ireland








Is bognigger the preferred nomenclature?



The Northerners aren't Irish you fuck, they come from Scotland and England.



You're all bog niggers to anyone who doesn't hail from your squalid little island.



Ulster Scots are the new Irish, papist taigs be damned.


File: 512c14a8fbdb43b⋯.gif (239.86 KB, 540x540, 1:1, bkubbers.gif)


He would know about hunting witches.


Oh no, the corrupt hollywood propagandist network is being eaten alive by its golems. Whatever shall we do?

Why squander the opportunity? Let all of hollywood burn.












They can't do shit. In the same breath he talked about the amounts of charity work he does and gave support for all sexual assault victims outside Hollywood.

All he said was that females in Hollywood need to grow up and rightfully gave examples proving his point.


>acts the same

Go watch:

>The Grey


>Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House

For every action film like Taken, Run All Night, A Walk Among The Tombstones (which was one of the best action films I've watched in a while), he has 3 roles without much action and lots of emotion.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Soon they'll be called rapelocks and tempted to comic suicide on jewel encrusted spikes.


Yes. Kill all witches.


Does Neeson have the cache to get away with saying this?

I guess he's lucky the big blow up at the moment is some Jewess complaining that James Franco didn't give her enough shekels for a nude scene.



sup /leftypol, you have to go back.

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