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File: 9dfc67f8db16f4f⋯.mp4 (2.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Army Belonging 2018 - Will….mp4)


Are you an angry feminist cunt who lives in britcuck land and gets mad every time you hear a man speak? Join the Britcuck army, because we're all emasculated pussies who will never tell strong feminist womyn like you what to do, because the most important thing about war isn't winning, it's eliminating male privilege and mansplaining.


wow, britcucks sure are cucks


so progressive; i'm sure whatever shithole country israel sends them to die in next will be mightily impressed


but what if you're on your period and don't want to kill people that day?


no men will ever tell her what to do in the Britcuck army



This add has some serious dystopian imagery, the fucking giant soldier picking up a civilian is dark as fuck. Britain is a fucking hellhole.


Mad 56% faggots up ITT



Brits are officially living in a police state. Remember the stats about how many troops were deployed to the London streets? Some 15,000 just to patrol on any given holiday. But apparently that extends to just everyday now so based on the definition of a Police State, the britbongs are officially living in one. Sad tbh but what can ya do?



At least my nation didn't make this Orwellian monstrosity :DDDDSS



>says the goblin that lives in a nation where police regularly murder people



I'm not even American I'm Canadian you fucktard, it's kind of sad your only defense is saying that in the USA people get shot.



>15,000 soldiers policing the streets of Britain everyday

>yanks believe this

Bong here, I usually see a police officer maybe once a week at most, usually about 1 every two weeks. People overrate the seriousness of our police force, in fact they're shit-tier and they hardly prevent crime. Britain isn't a police state its a police-less state.



>says the goblin that lives in a nation where police regularly murder people

>niggers are people




what a meme nationality. What the hell is a "Canadian" anyways? An inuit? or a Briton? You're probably a frog or a mongrel, either way go to hell



lol you're fucking fuming.



>u mad

I'm creasing at you mate


Women in the military is the worst thing that you could possibly do to the military. You would have a more effective combat ready soldier if you cut his legs off rather than have a female anywhere in the chain of command. They are absolute cancer. They have zero actual combat capability, they completely ruin the comradery between soldiers which is really important, and they're all either whores or dikes and they get good men kicked out constantly for violating the SHARP and EO bullshit. The worst part is they all join with this assumption that the media feeds them that they're just as strong as a man, that they're a natural leader, and that nobody can or should tell them otherwise. Most importantly they don't actually endure basic training. There's so many special exceptions and you'll never see a drill sergeant really grill them because they will cry and try to kill themselves because they can't handle that kind of shit. When we actually go to war again, things are going to get really interesting because of this shit. A lot more people are going to die than should.

This is my perspective from the burger Army. I can't imagine how fucked it is in Bongland where they're women were willing to protest during WW2 and cause an ammo shortage that killed countless men. Fuck women.



you're just jealous you aren't as strong and powerful as us women



Being a racemixed mongrel in canada is better than being a britbong, holy shit.

At least the hapa, mulatto or whatever other abomination might accomplish something



>all that matters is that your good at your job

well statistically 1 out of 5 women in the military perform as well as the average man



If you take into consideration the lower PT standards that isn't even true



>I'm not a goblin I'm a goblin

Canada is just 56%land 2.0



That's like saying niggers aren't stupid because the No Child Left Behind act lowered standards for them.



>stilling try to push your shitty /int*/ meme here, this will probably be the only (You) you'll ever get



> When we actually go to war again

The only war we'll have will be a series of civil wars. global warfare ended with nuclear deterrence



Some bright spark will eventually find a way to circumvent MAD doctrine.



t. someone who plays fallout too much



Every non-nuclear shithole country can still have real war.



those are called proxy wars, and they're typically orchestrated for and by nuclear shitholes



I meant outside of proxy wars.



give me an example



None at the moment.

Toyota war in Africa maybe?



I can't imagine any way not being a proxy war these days.



Poland could fight ukraine for example.

Or anyone fighting ukraine, because nobody gives a fuck about that shithouse, and it's good only for prostitutes.



I can't imagine that not turning into a proxy war. Ukraine is orthodox and Poland is catholic. Ukraine is already too Russian as it is, notwithstanding EU's supported resistance.


U.K.? More like the United Cucks!



don't quit your dayjob


>wanna be sent off to some random Muslim country as a peacekeeper for 7 years, goy?



>get married

>have kids

>be a housewive

>the man provides for anything the family needs


>whore yourself

>grow into a cat lady

>no time for house keeping cus stronk independant womyn support themselves

>join the army and go die a pintles death so that (((elites)))) can profit from you

Only womne can be this retarded



Police defending themselves against criminals isn't murder. In the UK the state encourages """asian""" rape gangs and is doing everything it can to kill anglos.



In the UK, you're allowed to rape children as long as you're ""asian."" However, if you say disrespect Islam on the internet, you get 10 years in jail.



> you get 10 years in jail.

It's actually death penalty.

Like the guy who dropped bacon.


File: b7646f08cf740d4⋯.jpg (148.9 KB, 1173x777, 391:259, CuvNLFAWcAALNLy.jpg)


This is what the Allies fought for. 😂



just cuck my shit up fam



Country Bong here. We never see the police because we have minimal crime here. Everyone knows everyone so unless there's a local festival and a bunch of gypsies turn up then there's just no reason to ever interact with the police.

Fire arm license checks are like the only reason you see the cops if you don't live in a city.



>Fire arm license checks are like the only reason you see the cops if you don't live in a city.

you live under authoritarian rule


File: c3f2705a7cfe2ae⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 480x454, 240:227, worried pepe with authenti….jpg)

>join army

>about to get deployed

>meet new co

>it's a woman

Welp, time to write my family a nice goodbye letter



Kek, how would the UK be able to fight the next nazis if they fill their army with females and sandniggers?



Sure thing. Police turning up every 5-10 years to go "yep, still got guns" is really a boot on my neck.

It's handy to have good relations with the police because if someone tries to SWAT you they know you have guns and don't go acting retarded.



Desert. When they ask why tell them straight, you're not working under a woman because she's going to get people killed.



>still making excuses for being a cuck with no rights



Chances are pretty good you're not going to see any action, and if you do it will be minimal.

Just watch for IEDs, that's their only reliable burger killer.

t. former army



>Believes in rights

Niggers aren't people.


File: e06398e0e281f23⋯.png (326.06 KB, 606x614, 303:307, we_wuz_nazis_and_shiet.png)

File: 11f48bfcb425fba⋯.jpg (156.36 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, 11f48bfcb425fba9c047f74169….jpg)


>tfw Adoyola Hitalah declares war on the British caliphate to bring it back into the union and due to Swedenistan and Turkey coming to their aid it starts WW3

Who do you think will be the most successful at genociding the native whites btw?



>posting that same image over and over again





Which one? Groid Hitler or the laughing muslim woman at the terrorist attack aftermath?



Triggered bong janny detected





File: 62b93fd9f5fefa7⋯.png (89.3 KB, 1856x179, 1856:179, no.png)




Also, there are, or were, like four of this exact same thread.

Literally the only rule the vols here enforce is the no spam one.



Oh if only we had another Nazis!


So it's progressive and feminist to go fight for some oligarch and die in the desert against a towelhead? Feminists truly are useful idiots.


File: b3b98d09f7208cd⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 400x253, 400:253, b3b98d09f7208cd7459abfd1b4….gif)

I'm sure that will go well.


File: e68660201e07e76⋯.jpg (79.01 KB, 960x728, 120:91, 19905201_1269051193204681_….jpg)




This shit makes me glad I live in Brazil.


>Israel uses its military to safekeep its own existence

>keeps women away from anything important and beyond logistics only parades them for the propaganda

>ZOGbots use their military to both promote propanda and to safekeep Israel's existence

>don't give a shit about efficiency or human lives, only care good feels back home




>Unless they're muslims


Really striking fear into the hearts of your enemies Britcucks

Seriously, how the FUCK do you go from the most powerful naval force of all time to…fucking THIS? At this point some nigger country could probably beat you fags in a war



>Seriously, how the FUCK do you go from the most powerful naval force of all time to…fucking THIS?

First you let a hostile out-group gain unwarranted amount of power in your country, then you at its behest fight several destructive wars and then you watch as the out-group jumps on to a more viable host overseas leaving you only as a glorified and opinionated client state in new military hegemony.



Just fuck the CO


Nuclear holocaust cant come soon enough



So much this

Not only general morale of soldiers plummets to the ground.

Lets not forget the demographic implications females serving have. In an event of larger scale conflict it basically dooms the population of said country.



Probably Iran, the protests they're having is the first sign.


Is it only me or does the commercial give you this kind of dystopian vibe too?


File: 471e790d754dc14⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 600x330, 20:11, syrian-woman-600x330.jpg)


I cant wait until those cunts get a taste of proper patriarchy



>all that matters is that your good at your job

Welcome to the future, where how you rise your children, how you behave, how you interact with your local community doesnt matter

Only thing that matters is how "good" you are at your job



Yes, it's mostly the depressing music, they didn't actually change the tone of the music after the "good" thing happened to her which almost makes it seem like the people who made this admit themselves that it wasn't a good idea to let her join the army.

There's also the faceless people, as if the commercial were to say that to the government a soldier is nothing more than a soulless puppet ready to die at any time and they don't consider them to be individuals.


File: b762713a3f494a0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.9 KB, 600x732, 50:61, 1515685085001.jpg)


Honestly at this point i think its better this way

Only Islam can bring back patriarchy


File: 5037f918d124878⋯.jpg (40.51 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 20170521130421_1-100724561….jpg)


Not to mention the final shot where she stands over her subordinates, it looks like straight from "bad guys" from a video game propaganda kind of thing




Jesus Christ. At least when the Americans do this propaganda it makes you feel like your apart of some grand noble cause.


>don't you wanna die for Israel dear shiksas?



Would liberate/10



>western women act like whores

>muslim women act like whores

whats the difference?



I guess it's when muslim women act like whores muslim men treat them as such.



Muslim women can be punished by men, western cant

Its in the nature of women to act like a whore.


File: 2f7dcc65e793ae4⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 940x504, 235:126, arrastão.jpg)


>he says, seconds before an army of short-wearing capuchins burst through the door of his favela for the morning Arrastão


>fucking 56% memes rustle my jimmies

>I know, I'll make 8 threads a day on how cucked britcucks are cucked into cuckness lol

you sure showed 'em



Well spotted.

England has been a prison isle for decades, increasingly so.

It is a closed experiment for the absolute worst that they can think up. They've used 1984 as an instruction manual.

When I say they, I mean (((they))), the 0.05% of the population that is destroying England intentionally.

In 1998, there were 1.5 million cctv cameras in London alone. At the same time in new York, there were 10,000.

Cameras in London are up to perhaps ten times that amount now, 20 years later. One for every person in greater London.



Well said.

Laughed at the legless man being more useful, but you are absolutely correct.

Women in any position of power will lead to failure and defeat.

Look at merkel.



Stop the divide and conquer, Canada is a chunk infested frozen insect colony and is being murdered just as England is a prison isle psychological torture chamber being injected with terrorists to see at what point the population snaps.

The US is a nigger infested mad max wasteland that is heading for civil war.

All of them have the same thing in common, they are being deliberately ruined by (((people))) at the top, and all three of them are worse than they were 100 years, when they were purely European blood.



That concept makes no sense at all.

If someone is inherently incapable of performing to an adequate level in primary school, how does throwing them into university alter anything.

It is like putting a spoiler on the back of a broken down wreck of a car, it isn't going to go any faster, you've just wasted your money and it looks idiotic.

Redirect all of that money to the upper end of students, and results will be immediately seen.



US has been trying to for decades.

That's why they've encircled Russia with missle bases across 2/3 of the southern and western borders.

Putin himself publicly pointed it out.



I'm not sure which country is worse off, Sweden or England. I suppose Sweden might be bearable if you live in a countryside village but their natives are much closer to becoming extinct than native Brits.



>leãozinho da panela

Fuck off, I left 55 because of you faggots


File: cfde67a7925ac29⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 515x624, 515:624, 1515596447001.jpg)


>Fuck off, I left 55 because of you faggots

You should get back there



Not until they take their proto-Imkikey out of the mod team



too bad that stuff matters as soon as people get off work, and now your boss can look at your facebook


File: 09450df1787c336⋯.jpg (64.61 KB, 685x385, 137:77, ZoeReaction.jpg)


>being this uninformed about the shithole you live in

Virjão não sai do quarto.




Get in the oven, HUEniggers


File: 3d9913761bedbbf⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 495x300, 33:20, 3d9913761bedbbfa4cc870d283….gif)


you seem pretty triggered



did you try raping her?






>Implying you can murder something that isn't even human.

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