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File: 3c7ee70aca36024⋯.png (797.99 KB, 970x546, 485:273, ClipboardImage.png)


You wouldn't download a car.


I would if i could



why not download the schematics and 3d print one?



Exactly, in time



I can download a car. I've bought the DLCs for Forza Horizon 3.



Who actually thought this slogan was a good idea?


File: 4dcb2313de979f2⋯.png (34.52 KB, 408x450, 68:75, cc95c00804075c5c4464d7ee90….png)


>vwoom vwoom! betta buy moah caws fo' my vwoom vwoom game!


Serious question. Do you think we'll have DIY autonomous car systems by 2025 if regular autonomous car systems are industry standard by 2020? I'm talking a FOSS autonomous car system.


File: 2f93fe831c1bd13⋯.jpg (118.9 KB, 576x764, 144:191, n9EIOi191Jw3cA0VpLaHW3-90g….jpg)


Probably not. There's an autistic amount of paperwork, permits/licenses, registrations, restrictions, etc. that you have to deal with when it comes to vehicles in the US.


>autonomous car system

I advocate for FOSS but something of that scale can only be achieved via private organizations with billions of dollars at their disposal. And to go back to what I was saying earlier with the paperwork bullshit, the gubmint would only allow cars on the road that have (((certified))) components in the vehicle, such as your government approved computer system, airbags, engines, etc.



>will the perfect CIA assassination machine become common

Can't wait to be ran over by a rogue car or slam into a tree at 100 Mph in urban area.



Depends. Can I download the gas too?



Simple wetwork would be only a secondary benefit. The ability to lock down the most common and efficient mode of private transportation of the population is the big thing.


>Implying that you can download a car



>something of that scale can only be achieved via private organization

Don't tell that to people who make military ships.



You could download a 3d printed car.



The same out-of-touch morons that think they can shame pirates into no longer pirating


to learn how piracy harms the economy go to…


Just pirate them over by the Bermuda Triangle



Way to fuck up what would otherwise be a great analogy by plugging the soy-powered shillmobile


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