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File: dbae90252066815⋯.mp4 (1.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Army Belonging 2018 - What….mp4)


Are you an emotional beta male crybaby like many britcucks are today that throw crying fits when you don't get your tea and crumpets? No problem, you can be an emotional wreck and be constantly crying in the Britcuck army. The most important thing about way isn't winning, it's finding your inner woman, exploring your emotions and having a good cry. Men are emotional beings too and the more emotional you are, the more we want you in the Britcuck army.


>literally actively looking for the exact opposite of what you want in a military

we live in a cartoon

i want out


does the british army do anything?

it looks like to me the united states just runs the army for everyone.


Having emo soyboy soldiers is obviously not a great idea, but the current format of pushing them through repetitive conditioning to program them to shoot people in a few months and not preparing them psychologically to deal with their actions afterwards is not great either. You get a shit-ton of powder kegs fucked up in your city shelters, ready to blow up.

But none of that matters, soon enough petman soldiers will be the frontlines.


>Emotional army

>Nigger VO

>Race mixing

L O Fucking L.



they cry and hug each other and talk about their feelings


who knew the army was so accepting of men who wan to act like women, how progressive


britcuck army - it's as important to know your emotions as it is to kill a man


Before you all go hyper autistic, the ad is just saying the Army won't turn you into an emotionless killing machine like in Full Metal Jacket, and that's actually true. Most army guys are bro tier

It's not saying that they want blubbering pussies.



The only thing I can think of when I see this and any other soy abomination is that they will fall like chaff before the scythe when the time of harvest comes.


This is newspeak.



Britannia has really taken a turn for the worse.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

brits watch out, look at this killing machine


The U.K. has an army? There better off than I thought, tbh. Regardless of us real men here in the states recognizing how asinine it is to want that in their soldiers, I think we have to step back and recognize you aren't going to find men who aren't like this in the UK. This is actually pretty good for those dang Anglo Saxons when you combine it with brexit.


>crybabies in the military

>prime minister May made a statement that she won't hesitate to launch the first strike nuclear attack

At least anglos will go out with a bang, and there will be nothing left of the british isles?



the UK has a cohort of janissaries ready to enforce the will of islam


sir, i have a cunning plan

1 put plain women in combat roles (i say plain because some high testosterone fit psychopath women may do well there)

2 put soyboys in combat roles

3 army becomes a joke

4 enter the AI driven autonomous units



Now that's what I call cuckholdery!


File: 95c2b2b7d5c74fd⋯.jpg (57.15 KB, 500x365, 100:73, 2DyUN7u.jpg)

well there goes the morale of the British Army, fucking christ



an hero


File: 21c97dc8b0c4474⋯.png (15.74 KB, 610x530, 61:53, 21c97dc8b0c4474499f6336cec….png)

Reminder that britain created israel



Kill yourself with that shitty /v/ mascot



>/int/ faggot getting triggered by /v/



What if this is a ploy by the last few hardened brits to get all the pathetic brits into the army and iron them into soldiers and hardasses?

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