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File: 827baf4ca620503⋯.png (105.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


What went wrong?



viral marketing on chans



They're nihilist aging Gen Xers.

They're nearly as cucked as the Boomers and their testosterone is waning.



>living in your head




Gen Xers are generally pretty redpilled.


Mike's relationship with alcohol.


File: a351df4a6eb2e83⋯.mp4 (14.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, AIDS Moby (Jack from RedLe….mp4)

They started going to shit around 2014, but the real nails in the coffin happened around late 2015/early 2016

1. Poor Half in the Bag TFA review where they gush over the movie undeservably.

2. Space Cop gets released and is pure shit, showing they don't still don't have any actual film making talent as they're in their 40s and are still making the same shit they were when they were teenagers, which is why they use irony as a veneer to hide their insecurities.

3. Plinkett TFA review spent over half the review backtracking to the prequels, and when it got to reviewing TFA, Mike obviously didn't have any interest and completely half assed it.

4. Pre Rec highlights how cancerous AIDS is (https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=N_YmPkh68uY) and how Rich Evans is the embodiment of the whiny manchild stereotype.



What was wrong in 2014?


Space Cop. It showed they understand nothing about movies, despite presenting themselves as people with high acknowledge of moviemaking.



In 1999, a little impossible to satisfy faggot went to see The Phantom Menace. His assmad was so legendary it ruined Star Wars.



Pre Rec started and quality of analysis in HitB episodes started dipping.





It baffles me that a person could literally think that a universal id linking your real life identity, could possibly be a good idea.


File: 67cf51b8e4ca8b4⋯.png (628.96 KB, 960x943, 960:943, 67cf51b8e4ca8b47b6a20ff562….png)


>Gen Xers

>killed rock with icons like Cuck Cobain

>grew up into slackers the media brainwashed them into being

>the generation that voted Clinton into office



You can stop, we know you became a vol by sucking our BO's micropenis.


File: 38122149b1d3a16⋯.png (18.61 KB, 430x384, 215:192, ClipboardImage.png)


>Pre Rec started

Christ, was is really that long ago?



In our BO’s defense, his penis was large enough to gag a boar of thirty stone.


One thing that doesn't get touched on is how they'll shift their opinions to be contrarian to fanbases. They almost twisted themselves into a pretzel reviewing TLJ to shit on people who loved the movie or hated it, to the point where no one could tell their thoughts on the movie by the end. It's the most bizarre thing to watch them shit on people being obsessed and fanboish, yet they were still mad enough to make 3 hours worth of criticism about the prequels a decade after release. Sure, writing a 108 page ring theory response is autistic, but the script for the Plinkett reviews is probably the same length or more.


File: 1ec5e2fb2a77c0c⋯.jpg (181.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gorilla interrupted.jpg)





>Cuck Cobain

That's more like early millennials.



They look more manchildish than Kevin Smith.




>not a Gen X "icon"


>Following the success of Nevermind, Nirvana was labeled "the flagship band" of Generation X, and Cobain hailed as "the spokesman of a generation".[2]

Of course millennia cucks worship him to so to impress their do-nothing, retarded Gen X elders.



Historical revisionism. Gen Xers were too old for that shit.

My Gen X parents hate him



I'd say it started when they revealed their JJ Abrams fanboy levels and let it get in the way of their reviews to such an extent that they turned on their fans and starting giving zero fucks about any real quality.



20 years now.



I now understand why they hated The Phantom Menace so much.



Gen X was mostly on high school/uni when Nirvana was in its heyday. Nirvana was the shitty Gen X band, the millenials had Linkin Park and other earlier 2000s garbage.



So that's what Rich Evans looks like with hair.


Why do people hate Nirvana? I don't get it.



Gen X were the punks, metalheads, goths, etc. in the 80s. The 90s is when the pop music started imitating those cultures.


File: 25240b6c40f43c1⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1740x914, 870:457, adfadfdfsvx.PNG)

>tfw you get home from a hard day of work and your Youtube feed is full of kino



Looking at that, I think a big part of why their quality went down was due to splitting the older, weirder movies into Best of the Worst and re:View. Or maybe they just went on for too long.



This. I knew that their review of ST2009 was gonna be shit and biased from how much they crap talked Berman and seemed like they just wanted ANYTHING that wasn't his vision. Granted, Berman was a cuck but JJ was worse yet they sucked his schlong like the thirsty bitches they are. Seems like they gave honest reviews until they got popular enough for studios to take notice of them (prequel bash viral vids) then took the payoff for whatever they were gonna "review" next. That's their business model, get famous, then sellout and get paid.



They're whiny as fuck and inspired the worst generation of musicians ever


not enough racism tbqh



Spacecop is the RLM equivalent of Doug Walker's Demo Reel show, or Linkara's Lightbringer. These people talk about and indulge in these hobbies endlessly. It's their everyday life. It's their fucking job to understand a certain kind of media. Moreover, their shtick as reviewers is to point out all the stupid shit that other people do that make their movie or comic or show bad… And then they turn around and make awful shit that is every bit as as deserving of a 30-50 minute "review" video as any of the shitty easy targets that their fans recommend for them to review.



Well the Chinese seem to like it.


1. mike stocklasa is a kike

2. mike stocklasa is a cuck

3. they appeal to reddit

4. they live on patreonbux and disneybux so they deliver what is (((required)))


>Create series of reviews widely hailed as the gold standard tearing apart the prequels humorously.

>Hollywood loves and fears them, become their darlings.

>Their obsessive mocking of George Lucas in part leads directly to him giving up control of the franchise.

>Pressure builds as Mike doesn't feel the same obsessive interest in topics that aren't Star Trek or Star Wars, and so having the interest to make Plinkett review becomes difficult.

>Their original projects continue to not be very good.

>Their desire to use this to make enough money to both make a living and fund their projects (which as previously mentioned don't turn out very good) leads to a watering down of their "product" as Plinkett is replaced with a half a dozen lower quality series.

>Twitch streaming turns out to be a disaster as expressing their real opinions live and unedited makes the audience hate Jack even more, and grow to hate former fan favorite Rich who both not only have terrible opinions, but express them aggressively.

>Specifically assert what the answer is for Star Trek and Star Wars. Specifically mention J.J. Abrams. Outline step by step what you think the studios should do.

>The studios actually do exactly what you said would save the franchises, and now you're having to eat your words without a glass of water. The result is horrible, and you have to either positively review something awful or admit your every critique was wrong. The resulting reviews come off as awkward and disingenuous so the audience begins to turn on you.

This is most visible in their Last Jedi review. You can see it particularly on Mike and Jay's faces. In the fact that all three keep saying "I like this… in theory." about every single element of the movie. It's all things they've specifically asked for over and over again, and it doesn't work. The result was a nightmare. Rich gives up the most by asserting this is the fault of the franchise itself, that there's just "not that much you can do" with a multi-billion dollar franchise spanning galaxies worth of planets, hundreds of species and cultures, and dozens of unique novels and video games.

There's plenty more to do here Rich, it just can't be done by progressives. Kennedy clearly just wants to turn the entire franchise into being about her politics. Men are bad, women are good. White men are villains, diversity is good. It's okay to kill bad people, but not to fight them. Men must be shirtless sex symbols, women need to be flat-chested, ugly and in charge.



>Their obsessive mocking of George Lucas in part leads directly to him giving up control of the franchise.

>this is what redditors believe



The prequels went from "mediocre" "okay I guess" "kind of boring" "disappointing" before the Plinkett reviews to widely seen as the worst thing ever afterwards. They did a good job of destroying confidence in him, though in fairness he did the rest of the job himself.



Do they really have that much influence? I never heard of them until I started coming to /tv/



Even before RLM a big part of the Star Wars fanbase considered the prequels the worst thing ever. RLM just made this fanbase more vocal, and turned prequel hate into a meme. Coincidentally it was during the same time when the 'nerd culture' was turning mainstream, so normies started hating the prequels as well.


>What went wrong?

More like, what went right? These fucking faggots conjured up the most dishonest piece of shit review for faggots to latch onto, thinking it was legit when it was filled with outright lies, exaggerations, half-truths and strawman-arguments.

These bunch of faggots were whining about how the Star Wars-prequels raped their childhood or something. But if you actually compare them to the original trilogy they are not only above the originals in cinematographical standards, but also in storytelling. The prequels are one of the finest examples of space opera there has ever been released and the fact is, this group of plebs who only wanted "muh Luke, Han Solo, Darth Vader" didn't understand it. They only wanted the shallow things with Star Wars, the familiar stuff like the Millenium Falcon, which is why they couldn't see past how horrible of a movie The Force Awakens was, because all they saw was those nostalgia-bait stuff on the screen.

Finally it's fun to see them lose the respect they had on the internet. Finally it's nice to see people saying good stuff about what was a good set of movies. Finally it's nice to be able to discuss a fine piece of art without having some neckbeard with way too much confidence shoving those horrible "reviews" in my face for trying to teach all these normalfags something.


File: 9df31088eae301d⋯.png (136.31 KB, 634x354, 317:177, 1446992780966.png)


File: 6e4a8976a691615⋯.png (992.66 KB, 1206x954, 67:53, 16.png)

RLM is responsible for the current state of Star Wars, and you know what they did? They BRAGGED about that in their TFA review. Fuck these cucks.



>They BRAGGED about that in their TFA review.




They revealed themselves to be unironic hacks and sort of just gave up.



They talked about how they had an influential review, how many views it got over the years, and alluded to them being the reason George sold the franchise. I think it's around the 50 minute mark though I'm not dedicated enough to make a clip at this point


>watch shit movies and joke about them

>"review" mainstream stuff by just stating your half-baked opinion over and over

>long form "critiques" of popcorn crap nobody cares about or ever cared about … in the form of a rant

I honestly don't get how they became more popular than the 10000s of other people doing this exact same thing. I mean I guess they have a set, are less spergy (barely) and it's called RLM instead of The Irritable Movie Men. People are not over this shit by now?



Not my experience tbh



No one watches internet personalities for their insight into things because as you say they are all plebs with the same uninteresting opinions of millions like them, they watch them because hearing people, even ones on a screen, banter about shit helps against crushing loneliness. They are just virtual friend simulators.


Making vids became their main source of income.

So they started to cater towards popular opinion to keep a constant flow of money.



That's why old people watch TV, too.


File: 1a678d5bf82d81e⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1495x1255, 299:251, STAR WARS IS FOR CHILDREN.png)


>The result was a nightmare. Rich gives up the most by asserting this is the fault of the franchise itself, that there's just "not that much you can do" with a multi-billion dollar franchise spanning galaxies worth of planets, hundreds of species and cultures, and dozens of unique novels and video games.

But he's completely accurate. The only thing Star Wars is good for is selling plastic shit and bad tie-in novels to fanboys, children, and fanboy manchildren.


Now this is goodposting


File: a1e0346c83266a1⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 479x345, 479:345, QAt1ujp.jpg)


>The prequels are one of the finest examples of space opera there has ever been released








>"space opera"

>not dumb fantasies for kids

Harry Potter tier tbh



What generation of musicians would that be?

Nirvana definitely didn't invent the grunge genre if thats what you mean. The Seattle grunge scene had been developing since like the late 80s


File: 01813a72e6b18d9⋯.jpg (138.41 KB, 396x396, 1:1, 01813a72e6b18d92ab3445f754….jpg)




>actually watch the prequels on release day in theater

>Over the course of an entire year and me going five or six times for each movie the places were always full

>people cheering and hooting like we were at the football game

>scenes like darth Maul revealing the dual lightsaber for the first time, entire duel of the fates part, Yoda versus Dooku and then the Emperor had people screaming so hard we were bringing the fucking roof down

>at least one instance of manly tears at the end of the rots final battle

>"nobody liked the prequels when they came out"

Is this an epic new meme all the 12 year olds are throwing around these days?



only the most pleb normalfags cared about the prequels after watching aotc. yes tpm was popular the moment people were actually watching it.

the rest of what you said is just you admitting you hang out with faggots


File: 186fa0446b2d522⋯.mp4 (4.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, lucas drops a bomb on kath….mp4)


Search your feelings, RLMdrone.

You know i am right.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




He cited in his example scenes from AotC and RotS dummie



guess which band was part of that scene


Whatever happened to that redheaded girl who wanted to fuck Jay?



>people cheering and hooting like we were at the football game

blacks don‘t count



I was there day one as well. Went to TMP at Downtown Disney. Took the GF. Was super pumped, everyone else was too at first. As the show went on, that died down until it was just a regular crowd. When it was over and we were leaving, the GF asked "so did you like it"? I was very mixed. I had a pretty good time at the show, but still felt like it wasn't a SW movie. Thats the prevailing thought process about the prequels, they are fun, but they aren't SW. They miss that kino on so many levels, you could rename each movie something else and nobody would care, just another generic Sci-fi show.


>not liking Bright



She's getting married very soon.



Rich fucked her.



You mean raped? Shouldn't he be in prison then?


File: 3d312cf519471be⋯.png (898.58 KB, 680x697, 40:41, 3a3.png)


>The prequels were good

aaaaaaannnd dropped



>The prequels were bad

aaaaaaannnd reported



They went full e-celeb shill appealing to the reddit audience whilst trying to reference le funny internet culture.

Now their just some 40-year-olds who make their money criticizing capeshit and marketing for Disney. The passion is gone; they don't give a fuck about what they watch anymore and desperately hope Google won't pull the plug.


File: 8bf63d6be7e4e2a⋯.jpg (28.59 KB, 502x247, 502:247, 90.JPG)


blocks your path



File: 419ac11aab98a43⋯.jpg (21.7 KB, 445x300, 89:60, drunkmoeblob.jpg)


Unironically agree



I think it's just an argument proposed by people butthurt about internet trolls.



>it wasn't a star wars movie because there wasn't a han solo and a stormtrooper

This is your average Star Wars fan.



Mike should lose weight and dye his hair green again.


When will Mike disavow his alt-right white nationalist fans?


>pleb leddit memeia

>kike cucklasa


Their re:View of Pink Flamingos removed any remaining ambiguity – Jay praised a movie where a drag queen gleefully ate dog shit while staring at the camera.



>She's getting married very soon.



no one even knows who they are, even me. seriously, who the fuck are these cucks?



oh shit a soy/pol/ meeeeeme



oh shit a butthurt traaaaanny



heh, so fucking soy




Holy fuck Mike looks like a punkrocker


File: 5f409a90ef6f343⋯.jpg (49.68 KB, 288x372, 24:31, facepalm-level-the-mummy_o….jpg)


Yeah, instead we got emo Vader and "midichlorians"

MFW people think that was a good trade.



>the galaxy wouldn't be taken over by a fucked up teen

>Hayden wasn't GOAT

lose weight, go outside and have sex



I'm already severely underweight and I'm posting from my phone.

Will you have sex with me, anon-kun?



no I won't. but ask original star wars fans. they're all homosexuals.



You've broken my heart, anon-kun. I'm going to commit suicide.



>lose weight, go outside and have sex


Just watch TFA or TLJ, you'll be dead inside.



>prequels weren't G.O.A.T

go outside, lose weight and have sex


File: 5ea50b10151fe86⋯.png (59.22 KB, 1127x686, 23:14, you.png)






serious question - if youtube and patreon went bankrupt tomorrow, and video hosting website fees increased 1000% - what would the RLM crew do?



Beg disney for jobs or go back to collecting wealth-fare….



anyone has the webm where rich and jack talk about

>can you separate the art from the author


File: a64ee59687422ae⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 968x645, 968:645, dt.common.streams.StreamSe….jpg)


They started out wrong tbh. They were a bunch of man-children who made Z movies in their spare time and got very jealous of how amazing The Phantom Menace was and made an autistic video rant about it. Since Star Wars is one of the most iconic series of films to have come out of Weimerica they became the most well known of the autistic e-celeb faggots.

Somehow they've become even worse with time. Although it's acceptable for a bunch of young adult losers to make garbage flicks and produce retarded criticism it becomes more pathetic with age. Space Cop is the absolutely worst film to have ever been released. They've also since become Disney shills. It's just like that one anon predicted, they keep doing this thing where they pretend being surrounded with Disney Star Wars products and talking about an upcoming film is ironic but if it was a joke they wouldn't have done it like ten times or however many they have made so far.



They aren't the original trilogy (no shit), but I find them to be very much Star Wars. Disney Star Wars on the other hand feels like any modern Disney movie wearing a Star Wars coat of paint. It has more in common tonally with Pirates of the Caribbean or the Marvel movies.

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