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File: 2dcadee22cadfe2⋯.jpg (103.37 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, valentine's day.jpg)


Happy Valentine's Day, /tv/! Got anything special planned for today?

Me, I'm gonna watch videos of other people playing video games all day and maybe eat pizza. It's a winning combination


File: 58831ebf2d4a9fd⋯.gif (3.26 MB, 350x303, 350:303, playing with hair.gif)


Is that Bliss?

She looks even sexier then usual.



I want to rape Bliss! 。^‿^。


File: 8ad0f655aba62c7⋯.jpg (99.72 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, on the bed.jpg)


yep, it's from a Valentine's Day shoot last year (I think)


extremely rude


Gotta go to the dmv, then class, then work then I'm gonna go on tinder and cyberbully every single woman I can find then come on here and record myself talking shit about all of your waifus and upload the video to my youtube.



Sounds exhausting.



Violent and extended surprise sex is the highest compliment you can pay a women. I would compliment Bliss like she has never been complimented before. ヽ(ヅ)ノ



More Valentine Day Bliss?




it's honestly very easy. Especially insulting the shit girls that get posted on here everyday.


File: 8ac46e8e91aaae7⋯.jpg (527.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, valentines day.jpg)


doesn't tinder start showing you to fewer women if you swipe right on everyone?


you got it


File: de7ec4b5fa11d81⋯.jpg (71.94 KB, 500x625, 4:5, a4e2070f64fd0b5dafd48c8a6a….jpg)

File: 94d069ef1267cef⋯.png (445.17 KB, 422x750, 211:375, tumblr_oi06j6k5e41vlxvijo1….png)

Hi guys =^_^=


File: 1d5b2979ca9a4d3⋯.jpg (137.25 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, what the fuck is that on t….jpg)



Where does Bliss end and fuzzy pink sheets begin!?




I swipe left on trannies and most fatties/uggos. They're too aware of what they are to get good reactions out of. Standard 6s or 7s are the easiest to bully since they are by far the most self conscious.



Jesus christ this place has turned to shit


File: d6edfb69038520d⋯.jpg (680.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, skirt bliss.jpg)


probably where skin color changes to pink color


File: 9f71f06c267ae4e⋯.jpg (94.99 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 50s pose.jpg)

that's it for Valentine's Day Bliss pics, but I still wanna hear about your plans



Sorry that your waifu is shit lad


File: 7fd31e3fa7eca98⋯.jpeg (245.06 KB, 1648x882, 824:441, 25BABFC0-E703-4F7E-80D0-4….jpeg)


Your waifu a shit our alliance is over I hate you MAISIE POWER!!!!


File: 7168959112e1710⋯.webm (1.81 MB, 1126x870, 563:435, shoo.webm)


you're not fooling me again, fake maisieposter



Can't bring yourself to actually attempt to pretend to be goblin acolyte can you?



no. not really tbh.



For relaxing probably get a 6 pack of beer and watch a film. Maybe a Romance so I can get in the holiday spirit and be all sappy. Gotta start to look for a new gf in a few days. Ive been putting it off until after Valentines Day.


File: 5840e0a6a6719bc⋯.jpg (289.15 KB, 1745x973, 1745:973, bliss impressed by a mom.jpg)


>Ive been putting it off until after Valentines Day

me too, man. feels like looking in the weeks before V-day comes off as too thirsty



Yeah plus it seems like its a lot of pressure even though really its maybe not? Hopefully some grills out there think the same way we did.


File: 8151136f4a6f371⋯.jpg (331.31 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, dominatrix bliss.jpg)


anything is possible



I don't have a waifu all women are trash


File: 3f4973e0e52fb9b⋯.jpg (153.94 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, hot dog.jpg)


you're gay?



Nope, just despise women on a base level. Some of them are hot I guess but they're thoughts and souls are repulsive



>says the man who watches oiled up bodybuilder soap operas

on shaky ground there tbh


File: 40b382214979ab8⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 600x338, 300:169, eeeeh.jpg)



have a good fap session


File: e7294b0bf9c5257⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 640x800, 4:5, gotta jerk fast.jpg)



remember that she literally has a bag of shit strapped to her stomach at all times


File: 515c5236d0a107e⋯.jpg (550.69 KB, 1222x753, 1222:753, 515c5236d0a107e1de41bc1245….jpg)

File: e28caba91ededfe⋯.jpg (436.56 KB, 1439x735, 1439:735, cf0bc457f821767d771458a5f0….jpg)

File: f9d6d65c49fd8b3⋯.jpg (480.56 KB, 1270x761, 1270:761, 7db9cd348932ffd0568d237f07….jpg)




File: 9cd9489e2ca4424⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 365x205, 73:41, slappety slap.gif)


at least it's better than any of the 300 threads you make every day


<Nobody (except you perhaps) wants to think about an attractive female shitting or farting which is nice for Margaret fans since she doesn’t do either.



Damnnnnnn. #rekt


><Nobody (except you perhaps) wants to think about an attractive female shitting or farting which is nice for Margaret fans since she doesn’t do either.


File: ebf5598fa53720f⋯.jpg (200.1 KB, 846x1059, 282:353, big guy and small girl.jpg)

>check Bliss's instagram

>this is one of the top pics

what did she mean by this?



That the guy has bigger tits than her.


File: 32b103912078998⋯.jpg (145.74 KB, 1045x1057, 1045:1057, dumbbell bliss.jpg)


I think those are pecs


>thot holiday

no thanks





Post a sideview of them together as proofs you're not just full of shit.


why did blissfag anchor his own thread?


File: 5855474ee55a08c⋯.gif (2.41 MB, 400x409, 400:409, wedgie.gif)


eh, I'm not mad. this thread is barely /tv/ related


Got anything special planned for today?

Trying to make two bullets meet in the middle of my skull.



grown up kid from stranger things?




It's not bumplocked though you niggers



oh it got bumplocked again my bad

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