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File: f49799da5ee8409⋯.png (1.05 MB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Can someone explain me why this faggot is popular? His jokes are fucking cringe

>At least they didn't do x. Oh wait they did?

>This reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it


File: bb1b2608788da51⋯.jpg (162.76 KB, 828x413, 828:413, 485363.jpg)

People who are incapable of thinking for themselves want something to fill the emptiness of their lives in small bite sized pieces that aren't too complicated. They also want to feel smug and self satisfied. So this faggot tells them what to think about irrelevent shit so they can feel smug and self satisfied and correct.

basically reddit personified


Give it a rest, Kraut




Fuck off, Kraut. Stop same fagging.




No, Reddit. This man is funny. Go back to your Liberalist discord server.



how are those jokes? he just uses a lot of sarcasm.


I like laughing at autism


Hes got a good nose for sniffing out autistic internet dramas.

I dont find his jokes funny but the people who are subjects of his videos are very funny to laugh at.



>signs his unfunny ms paint comic twice

so this is the power of goondockers


>explain me

Butthurt shitskin or poojeet detected.


t. petersoncuck



>if I straw man ever non leftist, I win

>Palestine Denier and holocaust denier

>Latuff presents

>star of david

Just throw everything at the wall, one day leftypol will make a mildly amusing meme.


Assblasted moneybadger detected.



he's trying to make money, so now instead of just pointing out funny shit he has to reach


Third Worldism isn't an ideology. Its a mental illness that cumskins suffer from.


>spoonfeed me


He makes videos accurately explaining internet drama. He's pretty good at calling people out and doesn't act like a total sperg when actually confronting people on stream. He's not just dick waving for attention. He also doesn't just spam videos for the sake of it. So if he makes a video its usually worth a watch. Just that makes him better than 99% of faggots making videos. There's nothing worse than scheduled content or people who do commentary even though they have nothing to add or have no further insight.



Because Redditors need imageboard threads chewed up and pre-digested for them with a snarky Marvel tier narrator making quips and memes and telling them what the punchline is.

I just feel sad for Jim, spending his dying days on internet catfights that will fizzle out in months…

>doesn't act like a total sperg when actually confronting people on stream. He's not just dick waving for attention.

citation needed



>citation needed

Really? Where has he made himself look like an idiot on stream? Every time he goes on stream with people the other person usually just shuts down and lets Jim walk all over them.



Every time he opened his mouth. If you listen to him, actually listen and not just HORK HORK along, you will notice that his entire schtick is just

>Wow like literally I can't even

Isn't it funny how right wing SJWs all end up sounding exactly like the people they claim to be fighting their pathetic little culture war againt?


File: 7e10c87edd637bf⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 352x370, 176:185, 1440220675611.gif)


>right wing SJWs

>culture war



Jim is the internet tough guy encapsulated. Jim is the guy autistic people on 4chan/8chan pretend they are irl. When loners on the internet watch friend simulators online like Warski Live, Morning Kumite, etc. they're self-inserting as Jim.



I thought that was the scout from Tf2


He's great at picking fun at retarded internet drama and trends. He's always the observer just commentating on some fucked up shit and it's entertaining. He's what Encyclopedia Dramatica used to be until 13 year olds started using it.



>right wing SJWs

Oh hi, Vee!



oh sweetie, this ain't your hugbox




Rightysoys are the new SJWs, time to just deal with it, puss.



>i'll just call them all the words they call me surely that'll show em!



What the fucks a vee?




Holy fuck, Dean is that you?


File: c26885debd6337b⋯.jpeg (78.96 KB, 639x788, 639:788, 7A3D4A30-3F22-4AC7-AF81-1….jpeg)


>hurr I hate metokur

>durr the holohoax happened


File: 9a11ba62d7be1cb⋯.jpeg (113.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 81B324DC-456A-4DF0-9DB5-5….jpeg)





Vee looks really fucking creepy. I saw a video from like 10 years ago where he looks normal, now he just looks like your resident pedophile.







File: 61a42113a3c5d00⋯.jpeg (22.81 KB, 300x344, 75:86, E82D82BF-F029-4CFF-A81C-6….jpeg)


It’s a Count reference. Sorry didn’t know I was talking to a millennial.



Or you could just not assume everyone is a mongrel that watches amerimutt public television.



I got it, but what does counting have to do with Vee being a pedo?



He's not, but Jim's lolcows will do everything they can to appease their leader including besmirching the name of someone that dared to question Social Justice true and honest conservatism.



Why would older people watch Sesame Street?



Nah, I'm just a Zionist Jew who wants to help you improve your memes against the evil nazis. What are we paying you for?



Whats wrong faggot, didn't pay your TV tax?



Count and Vee are both romanian muppets with the same accent.



Why do "adults" play video games, watch cartoons, and play magic the gathering?

Here is a hint https://archive.is/BVilo



>Why do "adults" play video games, watch cartoons, and play magic the gathering?

yeah why indeed


File: cae80111c773b98⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 180x191, 180:191, cae80111c773b987410e835c38….jpg)



>why do "adults" want to have fun?!



>how can I be pedo if I'm manchild?

It's not fun to rape children dude. Get help.


File: d2eb7c32020970a⋯.jpg (60.4 KB, 283x276, 283:276, end of chocolate pudding.jpg)


but rugrats isn't anime??



Now this kind of faggot uses 8chan too?

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