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File: ce92342e2114098⋯.jpg (167.2 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed[1].jpg)


Jim is just a lone cowboy on the internet. He doesn't care about politics, he's just here to watch the world burn, fuck his gf and have some banter. He's just here to watch the shitshow, to observe and laugh at it. And that's why I identify with Jim. He's just like me.

Jim's been catching flack on 8chan lately. What is this shit? Stinks of a 24-hour op to me.


File: 6276431e5924bd6⋯.png (387.68 KB, 663x549, 221:183, d2b2bd2bf7bb196c5c8466c6ee….png)

sargon is just upset no one will take him seriously


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Metokur is butthurt Sargoy is popular and getting rich, Sargoy is disappointed Jim abandoned his leadership role in gg to be a common goon. Really they’re both low fruit picking e-merchants without an ounce of intellectual honesty, Jim’s just self aware about it.



Wow. Jim is a maniac in that vid isn't he. :^)

seriously, I don't get why Jim hates Sargon so. hmm, oh well. So since this is an e-celeb thread, is the rumor about him being sick really true?



>without an ounce of intellectual honesty, Jim’s just self aware about it

If Jim is aware and open about it, wouldn't that make him intellectually honest?



>I don't get why Jim hates Sargon so

Sargon and the Skeptic Community at large are what turned Gamergate into a cringefest

Jim always resented that, he has probably been waiting to get his revenge on the fat fuck for years until the Spencer debate gave him the opportunity

>is the rumor about him being sick really true?

He's sick but not dying

Or at least that's what he said on his Patreon


Defense measures against eceleb worship. There's been a lot of Jim dick sucking going on all over the internet recently. It's not Jim's fault, sure, but we still have to make sure personality cults spring up on 8chan, regardless of who that personality is.

Unless it's about Bliss :3



Jim left gamergate like a bitch. It was always going to fizzle out on its own. He should have just left and said goodbye instead of kicking and spitting on it when he decided he didnt want to be an activist for that cause anymore because its time was up and there wasnt much left to do. Just in general I find it nasty when someone volunteers to join something for good reasons then get tired of it instead of just leaving and doing something else they backstab on the way out and make a big show of it. Its gross. Especially for a protest leader to do.


File: a8fe9625c154001⋯.jpeg (25.31 KB, 390x400, 39:40, FC3CC5EA-17B9-43CD-83C8-6….jpeg)


>is the rumor about him being sick really true?

He was twatting about it in the months leading up to his patreon, how he couldn’t work, needed new hardware he couldn’t afford etc. Never been specific about what’s supposedly wrong with him though.


In the same sense someone like pic related can be openly and transparently full of shit, yeah. Unlike Goycuck though nobody can accuse of him of being a gatekeeper.


Really all he did was repost mundane matt’s content, make it entertaining and ride the wave for a few months. Imo could have easily been a sargon or milo if he wanted but couldn’t see a path that didn’t involve becoming a hypocrite.



>Waah waah he shouldn't have been so mean when he left goymergate!!!

Cry more, faggot



>Really all he did was repost mundane matt’s content

This, based Matt is the true father of gamergate.



But how is he full of shit if he openly states that he's in it only for the lulz?



Yep, MM truly is the most redpilled motherfucker around



>he's just here to watch the world burn,

And therein lies the problem. He's over 30 years old now but still goes around acting like an edgy 16 year old. His attitude of "I just wanna laugh during the midst of a culture war" is fucking retarded. If your house is on fire, are you gonna sit on the couch and turn on comedy central so you can have some yucks? Or are you gonna fight the fucking fire? Jim had the ability to fight the fire but he's a weak willed pussy who's afraid of losing his patreon bux. I may hate Sargon of Acuck, but he was absolutely right about Jim being a coward for abandoning his leadership role.

He's also a piece of shit goon who hangs out with lowtax. Jim can eat a dick.



All I'm saying is he didn't have a lot of loyalty for a hired youtub3 e-celeb.


File: f50eec0a55e5255⋯.jpg (45.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 40232248.jpg)

File: 917d0a94e95ae44⋯.jpg (86.83 KB, 485x700, 97:140, 014381210620b.jpg)

File: fde29084c115a0a⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 999UDC_Barbara_Snellenburg….jpg)

File: bcdce10a822da53⋯.jpg (51.63 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 999UDC_Barbara_Snellenburg….jpg)

File: a230913f0eb81d4⋯.jpg (24.01 KB, 369x246, 3:2, hi6mgvzc61fp.jpg)




What loyalty did he owe to the sad fatsos who jumped on the GG wagon only to drive it into the ground?

Jim did absolutely nothing wrong in shitting on them on his way to the door


File: 4e400464adb4e39⋯.jpeg (174.34 KB, 897x640, 897:640, 9AF02B1A-2C51-4129-9DD6-3….jpeg)


For one he was full of shit about how he left, this anon is right


about him leaving like a bitch: fingers a gook with thousands listening and literally overnight gg is suddenly beneath him. He was obviously looking for a way out of “leader” status which was fine except he could have done it without ragequitting and blaming reddit for it.



>blaming reddit

So you deny reddiskeptics made the movement largely unsavable by then?



Jim could've easily salvaged GG by making a video or two about why the PR route people were trying to take was a waste of time that would never bear fruit. He could've at least made an attempt to refocus people on things that would've yielded some results.

Instead he threw in the towel like a bitch.



>the difference

As far as I know IA is still fucking his chink while m00t is still a cuckold. And if anything she left because IA got assmad about that sealion.






We aquarium now.



Nah, truth is GG was already losing traction once the redditors started approaching it, they would have sucked the life out of it and no amount of talking could reverse that, so he left exactly like we did when cuckchan got invaded by redditards


File: 85bd945deb70555⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 554x723, 554:723, 01e448279bbf9f69d003097ec5….jpg)

File: 84d0f8ab93d8b3d⋯.jpg (52.98 KB, 565x402, 565:402, 0447bca18811a6d9972b7e4469….jpg)

File: 1a5d0f91f03ced2⋯.jpg (796.18 KB, 2769x1726, 2769:1726, Grits-2007-Resized.jpg)



Hi Dean


File: cacde286c1f4b2b⋯.jpg (137.08 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)




Beachmaster next?


File: d4894c9daec37fc⋯.jpg (113.59 KB, 920x628, 230:157, Pinniped.jpg)

File: 2dc5426c84b2b47⋯.jpg (180.11 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 4946299662_78a1eff684_z.jpg)

File: 768ccd4a3284eff⋯.jpg (243.45 KB, 1300x1065, 260:213, nice-moustache-sea-lion-13….jpg)

File: 768ccd4a3284eff⋯.jpg (243.45 KB, 1300x1065, 260:213, nice-moustache-sea-lion-13….jpg)

File: e4b774a8b794b63⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 564x373, 564:373, 9e2b24db2e3388196d99c20ecf….jpg)


File: 3e8aa547cc58793⋯.jpeg (75.71 KB, 640x349, 640:349, ED0DB55F-3C93-4938-9FD1-A….jpeg)


Reddit served a purpose serving as an alamo for diggers wanting to avoid the din of goonery this place became. Of course there were always going to be leaderfags and scam artists, name even a hypothetical online movement that could avoid them. So why not just ignore reddit or at least accept that plebbit’s gonna plebbit? How could grade school tier identity d&c effect this place, especially when anonymity is its defining trait + the whole point in the first place was combatting sjw identitarianism? This is what I’ll never understand.



Like we "ignored" r/The_Donald back in the 2016 campaign? look at /pol/ now buddy



I always thought IA left the way he did because he didn't like the way the other e-celebs, namely MundaneMatt and his reddit skype clique, treated King of Pol after that one drunk stream.



No one can 'ignore' anything really. This isn't a private email list. It's an imageboard. Anyone can post.




Do ppl still do drunk streams? Lel. Those were fun.


Who cares? We lost the culture war. Hell we lost the struggle to be a viable alternative to 4chan. Do you fags know we used to have active history, music, self improvement and hobby boards? Of course not, because everyone was busy with 'ethics in gaming journalism'and fringe politics to realise that 8chan, the ship we are all on was sinking. We were dying and when our user count waned so did our influence.


File: 270d3da85765f12⋯.jpeg (175.31 KB, 640x845, 128:169, DC75C646-D95C-4D45-A2C1-7….jpeg)


KOP was ostracized after running that bullshit story and making hotwheels look bad. Jim was the only thing keeping him relevant which is why he basically disappeared the same time IA did.



Fuck off demoralizing goon. We know your tactics, you're not slick faggot.




Goon of what? Of what or for whom am I a goon for? Do you even know what that word means or are you just a newfag trying to fit in?

If you look at archive.is and compare user figures for 8ch now vs 2015 you will find everything I said to be true. And if you weren't a newfag you'll remember that the failed infinity next migration, april 2016 server attack and general mismanagement caused us a shitton of users.



Shut the fuck up goon.



>april 2016 server attack

that was 2017



Somebody better go edit the ED article that goon is getting his info from.



t. Newfag tryhard


File: 9001c13dcc430bc⋯.jpeg (145.78 KB, 640x906, 320:453, AF106C20-D56D-4BAD-88E0-2….jpeg)


Not anon you’re replying to but there have been multiple attacks, goon nuke of /gamergate/ in march ‘15 was the most damaging.



Yeah, but the one he was specifically talking about happened in 2017



t. assblasted goon



The goon is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a newfag, redditor, faggot, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat.

But call him a goon and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back. "I've been found out!"


tbh, I'm okay with the world burning, as long as it doesn't get it's embers on me.

Ideally, I want 90% of people gone, so I can finally have some peace.


File: ad89b442757dece⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 480x600, 4:5, download.jpg)



No, I want those people gone too. Just me and my dog.



Go back to Plebbit, Banana man



>we used to have active history, music, self improvement and hobby boards?

See top 25 boards here, from spring ‘15


Aside from /svidya/ all the “hobby and self improvement” boards were brony, furry and assorted sodomite shit.



Should have said *mostly* degenerate, do miss /sp/ and even /int/ before it became boogeyman for the whole site.



What people fail to realize is that /int/ was the first victim of /int/. They provoked the attack that got /pol/ to raid /int/ non-stop for months while they hide on /intl/.

/int/ is back though. Zero took over the board and we are trying to revive it using the popularity of the amerimutt meme.



>we are trying to revive it using the popularity of the amerimutt meme.

>trying to revive a board using a forced meme most people hate

Good luck retard.



only butthurt amerishits hate the meme


File: d1b96c5ca2cd18b⋯.jpeg (74.98 KB, 536x403, 536:403, 19A25076-F26D-42E1-ADFF-3….jpeg)


>/tv/ BO is a shitskin goon pushing the 56% meme

Colour me surprised.



Keep telling yourself that retard. That's why /int/ isn't even in the top 25.



why would anybody else but amerifats be butthurt at those memes?



You know Zerosugar inflitrated the /pol/ mod team and tried to destroy the board?



If over 80% of a site's userbase is telling you to fuck off with your unfunny meme, it doesn't matter if they're American or not. Your meme is unfunny and you should fuck off with it.



>it's unfunny because it makes me asshurt

good, it will keep away no-fun-allowed spergs


File: 785a9382b82a5a7⋯.png (356.28 KB, 800x949, 800:949, laughing titans.png)


>good, it will keep away no-fun-allowed spergs

Great plan, how's that PPH looking /int/?


File: 469699bc8757248⋯.png (164.59 KB, 996x832, 249:208, 84C6007A-AA1B-4721-9678-D0….png)


>finding not funny forced meme annoying


Pick one. Burgers know how screwed our country is better than anyone, we just prefer maymay pointing it out to be amusing and somewhat original.


Sauce? Also kind of hard killing something that’s been dead for 3 years.



Why do you think its butthurt? Americans didn't seem bothered by all the spurdo edits that made them out to be fat morons.

I'm Canadian and I think the mutt meme is unfunny forced goon shit. Stop being a dipshit and come to your senses.



>zerosugar identified as /int/ goon

>thread anchored





>i-i'm totally not asshurt

>maybe if i post this other less offensive meme they'll believe me


File: 01e059906396bf2⋯.webm (876.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Didnt_cum.webm)


For what it is worth the board owner of /pol/ offered me a mod position which I just might take. All he wants is for all the chatlogs of Zero and /leftypol/ dumped.


Also Zero was the faggot that pushed out /ourguy/ trypt and started accelerating /pol/ into the shithole it is now. It would be pretty funny if you were Pizza the Butt, dude.



>Zero took over the board


how do you know it's zerosugar?


File: b5780444881ca84⋯.png (89.89 KB, 996x832, 249:208, 929065DF-1C18-4CF5-9B3A-70….png)


>americans are fat, idiotic retards

How is it less offensive? You seem to think calling white people “mutts” bothers anyone besides actual mutts, same logic as homos who think calling everything gay makes them less faggoty.



Because he has been telling us to shill it on the other boards we mod on.


>locking both my threads

this is mod harrassment. I'm filing a case to Hotwheels about this.


File: 695c76b773611c1⋯.jpg (129.64 KB, 720x540, 4:3, doggo.jpg)


Trips confirm, the butthurt is strong.



>this american meme makes you asshurt

I'm a canuck you mongoloid.



>canada is not part of America

Amerimutt education, folks.





>For what it is worth the board owner of /pol/ offered me a mod position which I just might take

Are you mod here? If so and you take /pol/ position give me your password for here, guarantee I could get this place back to ‘15/early ‘16 standards in less than a month.



>United States is America

I guess they don't do much teaching in the caliphate.



Nice shifting goalposts. No one said the United States.



because americans are fat idiotic mutts



oh yeah, there's a huge difference between the two


File: 40bc375a4b8ab3c⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 288x288, 1:1, anime pro™ uncensored.jpg)


No you won't. Zero fucked this board so goddamned hard. You can't do shit. If you ban someone for making fifty BLACKED spam threads Zero will repeal the bans and tell you to stop or he will take away your credentials. If you lock a thread he will just unlock it(unless it criticizes him or something he likes.)

Dude is a hypocrite and a piece of shit. He claims to like free speech and open discourse but that just counts for things he likes or things that attack what he hates. I have only stuck around this long to try and hammer down the worst shit and try and steer this board somewhat towards what it is supposed to be. Blissfag just fucking gave up as near as I can tell. Maisie poster has never cared about anything but posting maisies.

This board isn't an example of what happens with free speech unrestricted. It is what happens when an authoritarian leftist wants to fuck something up as bad as possible because people have wrong think but doesn't want to be blatant about censorship. Instead of silencing you himself, for the most part, he drowns discussion in shit so it becomes impossible to discuss anything.



fuck off zerosugar is a great BO, /tv/ is doing just fine and nothing could ever be worse than imkikefy anyway



Fucking kill yourself.



make me



So mysterious vol (can I call you myster vol?) I heard Zero had shrank away like a vampire in sunlight when >the< video was posted. Is he active again?


>it's a Canadians really think the rest of the world considers them a distinct country episode

You're Americans. Accept it.


File: 8367e6636d171ca⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 735x490, 3:2, 8367e6636d171caaaa416a85aa….jpg)



You are so full of shit

t. /int/ BO


File: 48576588dc32b55⋯.jpg (114.83 KB, 625x614, 625:614, march of tyranny.jpg)

File: 4509d72175850d8⋯.png (96.46 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, history repeats itself.png)



goddamn newfags. Ameribear was making amerimutts butthurt at first but they simply got used to it.



>getting butthurt over a stereotypical badger

smh tbh


File: 3b9630443aa21e3⋯.png (101.22 KB, 539x468, 539:468, realpro.png)


Burger Spurdo always made me smile



I thought he had Crohn's disease

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