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File: 56af6da368af64d⋯.jpeg (64.76 KB, 658x656, 329:328, The soy.jpeg)


IS ANIME FOR SOY ( Communist ) ?



File: 7633faf81c84cd0⋯.png (615.34 KB, 960x556, 240:139, 7633faf81c84cd06fcd05bcc63….png)


Anime PRO™ is on a rampage tonight




File: efee9425ad1a5f2⋯.jpeg (215.74 KB, 590x322, 295:161, checked.jpeg)


anime is for cuckolds, so yes


Soy is for real men. Soy is samurai fuel, and no one strikes terror into the hearts of Jewry like the Samurai.





100% Soy>>1273336


File: 1bbdb2d253596fd⋯.png (379.55 KB, 758x808, 379:404, 56081e08947d8a289022dbc2cb….png)





>goon rage


Both, just like women.



lel Im just mimicking you right now


File: 98f679b41743e3b⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 334x360, 167:180, 54da61e6637ed1c1faa51864d8….gif)

Anime is for grown men.



holy shit lol

please be real




What else, problematic?


Anime is for /r9k/.



this is a robot friendly board



get a life, virgin



i have a life. i shitpost


File: 6b174547349275e⋯.png (250.09 KB, 540x900, 3:5, madoka stare.png)


I want to do horrible things to Madoka.


cuckifuck cuckioff cuckime cuckiwatching cuckiweebs



That is a drawing, anon.



Doesn't matter. You can't. She isn't real.




what if he means doing horrible drawn things to her?



Obviously that would be doable then.


Cuckime may as well be commmime since it is the soyest thing since trannypol


File: 21cac19ae057a6b⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 635x595, 127:119, 475dd0ae57a587dad50ae4eb00….jpg)


File: 56a649fe89a97e4⋯.png (460.35 KB, 931x913, 931:913, 56a649fe89a97e439acf80b066….png)

In the end, goons and traps are really attention whores: anime is great because it distracts you away from them. And this, they can't tolerate: everyone must comply to discuss nigger and faggot politics all day long.



>Being an actual goon


File: ad68beecbe04c24⋯.jpeg (116.57 KB, 568x590, 284:295, 2a441c0254075d6ca04dbb97a….jpeg)

/tv/ is a Christian board. And the first rule of imageboards is to spot the social media newfag when they sperg about animu.


>Doesn't matter. You can't. She isn't real.

And the men you fellate are. That's the problem.


>>1275444 (checked)

Holy trips confirm. Anime is christian.



Holy shit u mad


File: 1d6da59e092e593⋯.png (190.67 KB, 461x468, 461:468, satanic imagery_3.png)


Is not like cartoons are better at all (in fact they are definitely soy AND low quality) but Animefaggotry is an extremely elitist, proselytizing and rule abusing community.

They are the Jehovah's witnesses of Image boards.


File: c0c64cb121a6485⋯.png (645.12 KB, 832x687, 832:687, 1447825010473.png)


We are imageboards little goon. You are and always have been the unwelcome invaders into a community that you belong to.



*don't belong



No /tv/ is a kosher board anon.


File: 0bd0c8eca01a77c⋯.jpg (122.73 KB, 603x783, 67:87, 0bd0c8eca01a77cd532268a657….jpg)

File: c888f3e9368d579⋯.jpg (454.34 KB, 1879x1966, 1879:1966, c888f3e9368d579122e7c334c8….jpg)


>weebtoons are full of gay and pedo shit


it checks out


File: 48ea31b367e05ea⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1904x1072, 119:67, 1523126454487.png)


So this is why the Otacool invades boards that have nothing to do with wapanese culture? is this why /co/ is dead?



>t. goon


File: ac0b330e92e6f5d⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 965x584, 965:584, 004ed03ca379216c47f5a43184….jpg)


>t. homosexual



>assblasted weeb when confronted with facts



>/tv/ is a christian board! if I say it enough times it must be true

>/tv/ is an anime board! if I say it enough times it must be true

>/tv/ is a board for X! if I say it enough times it must be true



File: 4ac4826b88757ca⋯.jpg (80.94 KB, 550x412, 275:206, RUBY_GLOOM_25_SA_03_MOVIE.jpg)


/tv/ is actually a Satanic Board ( watching satanic flick right now)



>little goon

Soy/pol/ confirmed.



Felix isn't gay, he's a cuteboy.



>everyone who doesn't fellate my shitty chinktoons is [insert bogeyman here]

I can smell your butthurt from here


File: e0e21b5e5a868a7⋯.jpg (146.88 KB, 1000x781, 1000:781, memri_gets.jpg)




>tfw no gf


>hating women


GaHoole2 checks on all of those except waifus. Trap GaHoole2 when?



Whats wrong with Traps?



>inb4 the butthurt margcuck claims he's a jennyfag



Don't do it, traps are gay


File: 4645d005ea7eea5⋯.jpg (126.29 KB, 795x1036, 795:1036, 0ae61541d0ed86128326bfa0d2….jpg)



>t. assblasted goon



Not a Goddamn thing.





Since when is being anti-weeb considered a bad thing?


File: 5f9747f84f9ed29⋯.jpg (84.13 KB, 619x509, 619:509, 1431047737025.jpg)


Before you were born


File: f638caf7e038514⋯.jpg (116.63 KB, 400x300, 4:3, butthurt bench.jpg)


lol u mad weeb boi



/tv/ is actually not a board. Jim created this place to datamine us for profits and stuff. basically /tv/ is a pig farm.


File: b8b84de2b6e9d43⋯.jpg (106.07 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1519031090.jpg)


>basically 8chan is a pig farm.




on one hand, it has shows like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Boku no Hero Academia, Naruto and One Piece wich promote racial pride, feminity, gelden age superman ideals of heroism, national loyalty and revelion against the (((tenryubito)))

on the other hand, it has shows like monster musume, ranma 1/2, Ore no Imoto and god knows how many more wich promote inmigration and race mixing, transgenderism, wincest andmany other forms of degeneracy

it's definetly better than anything made in the west, but it's not completly free of jewery

but if your gonna take anime as a whole without any distinction between generes, i'd say Berserk, Hokuto no Ken and every single mecha animu ever made place it in the Kino category, the moe/waifubait cancer may be weighing the scales towards the soyboy side but they still have a long way to go before they completly undo all the kino animu has gifted the world so far

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