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File: 83460f4b9c9b14c⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 786x483, 262:161, Da2g1yFW4AAIAXd.jpg large.jpg)


What are some kinos where a retard stumbles on a good thing and implodes as soon as he starts thirsting after vagina?


What's the story behind this? I haven't been keeping up with the bloodsports threads on /cow/ ever since Andy and JF made up. What's all happened since then?




baked's thot explaining it right now



Is that the amazingAtheist?


What the fuck is with this shit ass board.


>suffers permanently damaged eyesight for his values

>abandons his values for pussy


File: 50893be508c9762⋯.png (710.58 KB, 1174x945, 1174:945, 1b2fbfdbebcf0365504344d948….png)

>she just showed her tits to andy on stream

>andy saw baked's girlfriends tits before he did



Thots, not even once.



No, I don't want to watch this shit, explain it please



Yoko Ono syndrome is the most concise way of putting it



the irony is she isn't even baked's girlfriend and just admitted to leading him on



Your first day here, huh?


Never stick your dick in a Cali girl



>be child prodigy

>be living in a shitheap junkyard as a space jew's slave

>win the fucking lottery when badass space wizards show up to take you away as their apprentice

>along the way meet a pretty older girl

>don't see her again for years, too busy training

>prove to be a fucking whizz at their esoteric and martial crafts

>all you need is some time to mature emotionally and you'll be the greatest space wizard who ever lived

>suddenly the pretty girl from years ago shows up again

>throw yourself at her like a beta cringelord, ignoring all of the rules of the space wizards

>the space wizardry makes her pussy tingle so she secretly marries you

>evil kike overlord finds out

>tricks you into thinking she's in danger

>abandon literally all of your values in a failed effort to save her

>the whole incident leaves you crippled and evil for life

>all because you wanted a fucking wet hole



man was created imperfect


File: 7706d5755b8232d⋯.png (32.22 KB, 1172x675, 1172:675, 7706d5755b8232d5b9c25a5c94….png)

>he didn't see that Baked was leeching shekel grubbing retard with below Challenger Deep iq riding on the back of his betters right from the start


Thank God I don’t give a shit about e-celebs, or I’d sound as retarded as all of you.


File: fa61b3c0b9f7258⋯.jpg (60.97 KB, 600x483, 200:161, 39.jpg)


Lmao, bloodsportscucks are just mad that a girl ruined their fun. Who cares as long as the superchats keep rolling in? There is no rigour or intellectual honesty to the shambles that is bloodsports, its a complete joke. I would definitively sabotage some dumb stream if it meant getting it from a hot chick on the regular.


>abandons his values for pussy

You and all those viewers would do exactly the same. Calling guys who get with trashy or slutty girls 'cucks' is just a coping mechanism because everyone knows exactly what they are getting into from the get go, they just don't care.



t. thirsty roastie


>the thot is half turkish




No it's been absolutely terrible the last week or two or month



Hey Zach, whats going on man



Fuck off



Watch it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>this is a 7/10 in 56% land



It's more than he banned half of his own viewers for being rude about his thot.


File: d7c3bc7dc9e4bbe⋯.jpg (118.54 KB, 1389x869, 1389:869, Da25QkKVAAAHG4I.jpg large.jpg)



File: 51d8afc0ff30b1f⋯.png (1.42 MB, 641x853, 641:853, 4.PNG)


I'd probably do the same. If someone came into my house and insulted my girl, they'd be fucking outta there. Even if it's just a girl i'm casually fucking, an insult to her is an insult to me, because it's implying i'm sticking my dick in trash by association.



This is so fucking dumb, she's an undeniably attractive girl. If she was sperging out about some Julius Evola shit you'd be creaming your pants wanting to make her your little sweetie.




Looks like a thinner blonde version of my ex gf. Also half roach funnily enough.



is her name erin


File: b6292ec58abc40a⋯.jpg (128.13 KB, 947x960, 947:960, b6292ec58abc40aa1ac8202ec3….jpg)

File: c7483614c0713d0⋯.png (507.28 KB, 744x833, 744:833, c7483614c0713d04a0582ebc4b….png)


There's a lot to be said for modesty.






>permanently damaged eyesight

what? I know he had an acid attack or something but didnt he come out fine from it?



>call to prayer heard in distance


Where the tits?



The tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is real.



On the chest.



I hate when girls hold their lips in that fake position because they think it looks cute.



she's not even Baked's gf lmfao


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Baked btfoing himself continues





>made goblina his new manager.

Can one man be this cucked?


File: 1d94890fedbf88c⋯.png (464.84 KB, 620x618, 310:309, 9341541847.png)


Brown girl is jealous of the thot ahahaha women


File: 96cee68273d17ad⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 552x504, 23:21, 312270856.jpg)


>I'm a single mom


File: b63a5ab222cb8c9⋯.jpg (28.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, getiton.jpg)

>baked hates toxicity

>so he brings his manager on to have a catfight and call names



I see Betty and Veronica got over Archie.


File: a35d32be70421a3⋯.png (97.94 KB, 260x394, 130:197, 2ae48b800299cdec0111135e32….png)

>JF asking the arab if she has ever read locke after she says "shes smart because she reads books"


I have nothing going on and I still have better things to do than watch this garbage.



why not listen while shitposting? it's like watching a very slow sudoku


I Am Legend



He's a carpet bagger and white trash from LA to boot, the San Andreas fault can't sallow them up soon enough.


Would rape


File: 98a1b4dd28afd19⋯.jpg (265.44 KB, 500x706, 250:353, 1431838695965.jpg)

Also he was hanging out with mexican andy talk about scrapping the barrel, metokur wrecking him was nice.


the fire is still rising



We get it, you're also a thirsty virgin who'd abandon his principles for even the chance at some pussy. Nothing to be proud of cuck.



online virgins butthurt some guy is not a virgin like them



muh online sekryt boys club! he is a traitor to the male race, waaaaa



I understand that you are frustrated that you cannot get any dick. However, I hear that Vegas, LA, Amsterdam, and Brazil have thriving prostitution scenes. You can be a 700lb landwhale and get dick by selling your body within any of those locations.



Fuck off, goon.



grow up



go back to your cuckbox nerd



You really wounded me with that one roastie. I think I'm going to die from all the blood loss that I'm suffering.



Jim (InternetAristocrat, MisterMetokur, TimmothyCrueztor, etc.) decides to pump all of his energy into creating a new format so people will have the debates and internet slapfights he enjoys. He says he just wants "Jerry Springer" but I think he actually believes having these debates will help dialog since they're topics the left wants forbidden, though Jim "I don't have internet friends, that's gay." would never admit to caring about anything -with the curious exception of child welfare, which is a noble line to draw at least.

This primarily occurs on three shows, Morning Kumite which named the format but is hosted by two stunningly uninteresting nobodies -who in fairness have mostly kept their noses clean. They're an irate half(?) native amateur wrestler and a morbidly obese alcoholic peurto rican with a beta screen name.

WarskiLive/Purple Dragon which is not a cyberpunk gay bar, honest. It's hosted by Waski and JF, of the bunch they're the best hosts. JF is an amusing but potentially slightly autistic scientist with a focus on race realism, genetics and a strong desire to make lots of white babies. Warski comes off as dumb, but he's made some pretty shrewd business decisions, adapts quickly and has been involved in a lot of hilarious shit. However, he did represent the first crack in the format as he admitted he was getting bored with it and tried to shake things up leading to a brief falling out with his co-host.

And then you've got Baked Alaska. Before moving on to him let me mention that RalphRetort, Vee, and Nick Fuentes among others have held their own streams and while not outright being for debate have similar format and discussions and take part in the drama. Brittany Venti is also a cute and frequently a guest in these streams (Cue butthurt Kraut 56% spam.)




BA had a much smaller channel and first gained notoriety in these circles because he went to the Charlottesville rally. He's tried to build a rep as being part of the Alt-Right. He seemed level-headed in his debate streams largely because he didn't talk much. However as time went on his true character gradually came out. The first red flag should have been that before all this, his prior gig was writing for BUZZFEED. Baked moved to L.A. and very quickly his whole persona started changing. His loyalties change extremely quickly. He started praising California, weed, and referring to his audience as "downers".

A bunch of California weirdos started showing up in his streams, and beneath his smile rage was boiling under the surface. He referred to his chat as toxic, he later claimed he was tired of hearing the Jewish stuff and the "kill all niggers" stuff because he was afraid it would get him banned from YouTube again, so he pre-emptively attacked his audience, saying he didn't need them if they were going to be negative and banning people including most of his mods. While this was going on among his new friends were a blonde girl who's known only for being an attentionwhore and a stereotypical valley girl, and some chunky brunette who became his manager. Baked clearly wanted to fuck the blonde. He had a slew of potential gf's appearing in his streams but quickly gravitated towards the blonde and burned bridges with every single other girl in pursuit of her, despite her saying she had a boyfriend and posting rap videos on periscope about taking loads of black dude's jizz to the face. This is where the cuck jokes started. She tried to make the other girl jealous which lead to a cat fight during one of the streams.

He had another friend named Chad with autism who repeatedly made an awkward remark about adult women molesting boys being okay which the chat used as ammunition and threatened to call the guy's boss to get him fired, which genuinely scared the guy and he begged Baked to pull down the stream, but he kept going for hours.

Metokur came in, ostensibly claiming it was to defend the chat, but in my view I felt he was angry his investment had been wasted. He'd spent hours in this loser's streams pumping up his numbers because he wants this IBS thing to take off, and now Baked was attacking his audience and saying he was done with the format. They had a huge angry screaming match in which Baked came off worse and worse. Later someone else came on and roasted the shit out of him for what seemed like an hour, and things just got worse and worse and more uncomfortable from there. Subsequently his discord and reddit groups turned against him and he lost something like 800 subs over night.

He later had an intervention stream where everyone involved in IBS spent like four hours trying to reason with him. During this stream he bounced back and forth between attacking everyone and telling everyone he loved them. This included fighting with the blonde and apparently after that stream he fired his manager. She apparently was the one who had told him to cut ties with the alt-right crowd, but she was called out as a hypocrite as apparently she's previously published articles where she's stated things like "all kikes should be gassed." Fittingly, the chat briefly liked her after this was discovered, but he still cut ties with her.

There was an embarrassing discussion about internet friends, and the blonde had several telling moments of hypergamy where she repeatedly stated openly she wasn't interested in Baked and tried moving on to Andy but most specifically and amusingly to Jim, who she at one point specifically said she was most interested in.



take it back to reddit





How so?



>She tried to make the other girl jealous which lead to a cat fight during one of the streams.

link pls?


File: 591b7b09eea6b26⋯.jpg (13.92 KB, 443x332, 443:332, DWgf8MxVMAAu746.jpg large.jpg)



Spotted how retarded BA was the first time he opened his mouth. His only claim to fame is being hit with bear mace.

I recall him having to have Jim spell out for about an hour, how to build an entire career off of IBS, who to book, and what people want to see.

BA tried to pivot at least every 6 months with his channel's direction; ignoring everyone's advice on how to improve anything in his life/show.

BA is retarded beyond belief, he is completely unaware, and constantly thinks everyone is against him.

Any discussion with him he constantly talks over everyone else, repeats the same four word question, and yelling louder so the other person can't respond.

Trying to watch the kumite today was difficult, because he's too retarded to understand how to hold a conversation.


I hope an effortposter is still around. wtf did I miss today? BA is going to fight Tonka, and something about coke?


File: 28ffcc6335e14f7⋯.jpg (51.83 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1422077275119.jpg)



imagine if you dedicated this much effort to get a job or a woman, sweetie



Boy, I don't follow this e-celeb stuff, but this recap is hilarious.



nazis say sweatie now?



I still don't understand what the major problem with Charlottesville was. I thought it was part of being American to believe in the Constitution but suddenly a group of people get together peacefully, legally, etc but suddenly everyone just stops believing in any of it and instead of just condemning the people attacking them as being anti-american everyone's trying to shuck and jive to disown it somehow. Charlottesville was a staged event, the people lead it are probably in on it, but it still doesn't change the fact that they've got you open cheering on police state garbage any time you try to argue against people having the right to do what the 'nazis' did.



But anon, they had tiki torches. They could have brought out umbrella drinks and started limboing, and then where would we be?!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In one of the streams Erin sit in Baked's lap. Apparently this was to piss Samaria (the brunette in this clip) off because besides being Baked's manager, she very much wanted his dick.

She's not white, but she's pretty sincere about hating thots, thinking women shouldn't be able to vote, seriously wanting "white sharia" she says "It's a meme but it has some good points" writing articles about "kikes" needing to be "gassed". On the other hand, I think she says she's a single mom at some point, and she's just average. Oh, she has another boyfriend too.

Still, I like her better than the airhead valleygirl singing songs about chugging nigger cum.



Jealous fatties are the worst kind of women.

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