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File: d4cd7556619ad33⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 767x422, 767:422, 2018 movie.jpg)

File: 98aba6db59694ae⋯.jpg (5.92 KB, 97x143, 97:143, ironman.jpg)


500 millions budget.





2 billions at box office.



>is that chink insect woman just to get Chinese sales?


File: 503f01703102ff9⋯.jpg (26.48 KB, 480x358, 240:179, 1465946918090.jpg)

I hope this will crash and burn but I know it won't.


File: 6e343bb8256bac9⋯.jpg (76.35 KB, 780x479, 780:479, Iron-Man-1.jpg)

File: f312c4c81fddb6e⋯.jpg (96.09 KB, 628x399, 628:399, Avengers_Infinity_War_Iron….jpg)

2008 x 2018


I can't wait to see Cap America die



He has been the better part of these movies tbh



There's still hope, so far no reviews of the movie popped up and it will be released in 12 days. Generally, movies with great reviews have the embargo lifted 14-15 days in advance.

Or maybe no pre-screenings happened to avoid spoilers leaking


File: 8d29a8e76439d32⋯.png (234.14 KB, 286x496, 143:248, 1465574199120.png)


>he watches them





Sorry but the character was already confirmed in Avengers 4.



It's like a fucking video game cutsccene



It looks more like a early or mid 2000's era box art for some graphics card.



t. faggot purist


File: 6b676164316d66c⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 768x316, 192:79, gallery-1521206356-tom-hol….jpg)

File: 8e4cf03968a87e6⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 980x490, 2:1, landscape-1511974236-spide….jpg)

File: 65ec13d861c4b06⋯.jpg (78.23 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, avengers-infinity-war-supe….jpg)




>Dead or alive 3 adds new character Spider-boy!


File: d65c67a4f0e28d2⋯.jpg (277.75 KB, 2027x1090, 2027:1090, aveng42.jpg)

File: 1c9e2c1bf5cfe14⋯.jpg (135.13 KB, 1020x871, 1020:871, aveng4.jpg)


They travel in time and find him back in Avengers 1. Also, he has the black star symbolism in Infinity War, he's a goner.



>character dies

>they bring him back using time travel

Just like in a comic-book, nobody dies.



Worse still, it doesn't even look like something current-gen. It honestly looks like a cutscene found in a PC game circa 2004.



will spiderman be the first gay superhero on screen?

guy looks like he loves cock.

also, remember that scene in Homecoming when aunt may walks into the room and he is undressed with his fat Mexican friend and she didn't seem surprised. Definitely a coded movie.



spidergay has daddy issues and would impress stark at any cost, even sucking his fat iron cock in the middle of battle with thanos.



I bet he is gasping for the hulkbuster to break him in with a bloody and shitty fisting session, that will get him well acquainted with the pleasure of cocks in his ass.



>black star symbolism

What is this about?


File: 977518e163f23b2⋯.gif (59.45 KB, 156x267, 52:89, e16e141dfa4920b2754b32416b….gif)




File: 8397f3853230202⋯.jpg (78.25 KB, 800x450, 16:9, cap.jpg)


The star in his chest was white in the other movies, except on this one. The black star symbolises a death or dying star, just like one of David Bowie's last songs and album.



captain mutt tbh



>first we Black America, then the Russian bitch





No matter what happens, at least they wont pull a "Captain Britain" and replace him with a Muslim woman.



According to the comics he'll get replaced by a nigger



>Black Widow changes her hair again

They really don't give a fuck, do they?

Scarlett in IM2 was her best look for the franchise.


File: d801fff152f755c⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 600x799, 600:799, the shitting.jpg)


Real question, why don't movies look any better now? Even animated movies don't look any better than Wall-E did, and Wall-E came out 10 years ago.

It's films haven't progressed for the past 11 years.



Because fuck you, that's why.


File: 713c01b8f52a420⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 728x381, 728:381, legiao_agVq6T34cuOjrvRoUZ_….jpg)


just WAIT for Avatar 2, you will shit your pants.






To all the people shitting on comics remember this. At least they are the product of white American creativity unlike cuckime.





Comics these days are almost entirely made by Jews or shitskins.


File: 30ea8dbf27e6900⋯.jpg (54.53 KB, 680x680, 1:1, pathetic.jpg)



shut up Muttenstein



Most of the really significant figures in comic book history are Jews, though. Like Stan Lee.





>instant rage

Burgers have surpassed aussies.



I'm Welsh



I'm English



law of diminishing returns or something



Disney and spend too much money on space CGI steams so they don't have enough to improve on cinematic titles.



England sucks but nobody here really cares enough to start their own independence movement.

Lladd y Frenhines, i fod yn onest.



i like wales, pls don't leave.



Jews are whiter than most of America. Unlike the goyim they keep their traditions and bloodlines alive.



You have been vassals for so long I doubt you could even rule yourselves anymore. You'd be begging daddy albion to take you back in less than a decade.



Just let us speak elvish and fuck sheep and you'll be grand



What does Welsh sound like? I've always heard it talked about but I've never heard it spoken.


people who like this capeshit cant tell how badly done the cg is


File: 91becb93e1c6015⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 352x288, 11:9, Mr. Fantastic visits Midd….webm)



Doesn't mean he won't die. This is a comic book story. The kill characters off and bring them back all the time.



Oh fuck you weren't joking, it does sound like Elvish.


People who watch capeshit have no concept of anything bad.



This is why I hate comic books.



I think these movies are rushed. Civil War was made in like one and half year.



Not the final CG?


File: 35dfef6ee2e44d2⋯.png (13.17 KB, 640x403, 640:403, proper.png)

File: 51ed3bdd8b1c794⋯.png (13.56 KB, 638x399, 638:399, real.png)


The diminishing returns would look more like #1. The reality is more like #2.

It was a very sudden a sharp stagnation.



A fucking leek.



Tbh if a new Captain America should represent modern America he should be a spic who got all of his superpowers from the chinks.



does anyone care about special effects or big spectacles any more? these movies are just cliche after cliche, i find it hard to even get interested in the fight scenes.



He would be a fatass arrogant piece of shit who picks fights, gets his shit pushed in, then complains about how "dem jews and darkies be keepin' me down". They he'd go home to drink a case of Coors Lite and stare at his stockpile of useless guns, dreaming of a past that never existed and a future that will never be.




This is true, space is not real, real the Bible and support /christian/


File: 3a96d97583bcbf1⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 669x669, 1:1, g.gif)


Because war on drugs won. Mind altering substances that drove generations of artists became scarce and usage of them is too dangerous. Most of teh drugs became fake of substitutes. Without real pure LSD and coke artisans hit wall hard.



>3rd pic

>clearly in the outer layers of the atmosphere

>no mask

he should be dead from lack of oxygen



all the good animators have been driven away from kikewood and replaced with cheap pajeets

also people pay for this shit anyway, so why bother



<spidergay dies in the first act of the movie


File: f87b6c3bfaa3e3a⋯.jpg (73.42 KB, 600x300, 2:1, why.jpg)


only excuse i can think of is that they went cgi prequels style (99% of scenes includes green screen) and therefore the length of total rendering time increased so the quality had to go down in order to render it for the same budget

but knowing the greedy bastards they want to increase their profit for a few sheckels but they wont mind spending a lot more for ads



It won't stop until Hollywood burns.



you actually paid money for that shit?



Yeah, my friend wanted to see it with me :)


File: a47b655e7e7b771⋯.png (296.04 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Too many useless diversity hires among animators. Same thing happened with Mass Effect: Andromeda. When you hire based on quotas and not talent you get a trainwreck.



>Too many useless diversity hires among animators

you can get away with paying immigrants less, you really think that animation companies care about quotas and shit?



>Wall-E came out 10 years ago




Fuck off pothead



Revenge of the Sith is 13 years old at this point



Yes. It's the law. As in it's illegal not to do it.



nobody cares about reddit wars



FYI weed is consumers drug, not creators. Been only available and still dangerous (together with another consumers drug the evil synthetic heroin) it reflects current sad state of the society. Rows of dumb animals munching sweet processed goo not able to produce or invent anything.




nothing wrong with being a homo, Honey.



The law is for non-jewish companies anon for disney they have loopholes, an army of lawyers and they pay bribes/ "lobby" government officials. The rules are there for you not for them which why hollywood is still run by jews.


File: 57b343792cef044⋯.webm (2.11 MB, 1024x647, 1024:647, Levar_Hates_spics.webm)



Adults reporting on male prostitutes "actors" wearing children's jewelry as if its the biggest revelation of all time…..

This society is dead, where the hell are the nukes Russia?!





getta loada this moron


those cops call themselves human? what a fucking joke this country is.



>What a fucking joke this country is.

Yup, the rational response to invasion is to use the military against the invading force not the freaking police.

>those cops call themselves human?

Diversity hires destroys everything, anon shit-skins shouldn't be allowed anywhere near positions of power

(see Haiti,Apefrica,pajeetland, spicland, etc.)



Weed is dangerous legal wise. Today LE is much more effective and aggressive. Low life may nothing to lose but for actors and high profile people drugs bust could easy mean end of carrier so people police themselves and abstain from illegal drugs.



>actors and high profile people

>abstain from drugs

Thanks for that hearty chuckle, anon.


File: 22c18c833f79412⋯.jpg (72.69 KB, 736x534, 368:267, c4631b7fc8d15359f967dd18c6….jpg)


Anything that fucks with your brain the way drugs do is not good. All this shit is pushed to keep the "masses" in line.


jewlywood figured out the formula to make low effort cheap (they pocket most of budget) CGI movies with substandard writing, poor dialogue, and horrid or forgettable actors. By achieving this the latest “epic” movie is forgotten very quickly after the movie's release however in the first week of its release it cashes in on the low IQ audience that are still drawn to modern movies. “Super hero movies” especially are generally loved by children,soyboys, retarded “look I’m geeky” hipsters, and a large percentage of spics and niggers (they seriously love comic book stuff its almost an obsession).

This then allows them to make as many reboots and rehashes of the same movie or ideas as possible without causing fatigue among most of the idiot populous and if they run into a bit of trouble they can cause massive interest again by causing a bit of controversy. For example by in appropriately switching the race or sex of the characters or by making them into fags which then draws in the virtue signalers, gets free mass publicity & makes people forget that the movie despite the SJW CY+3 bolshevik bullshit is identical to ever other capeshit movie produced by thus far…. hence the stagnation which is typical of jewish mediocrity once they corner a market.



Poor little angry boy. Daddy didn't let you suck him off today?



>le jews le jews XD so edgy

Fuck, reddit owns this place now dont they?


File: 0e20f9e3b26df2e⋯.jpg (146.9 KB, 900x378, 50:21, dumpster-pad-cleaning-nj.jpg)


Manufactured controversy like so:

Not only did they make Mary Jane black but they used the ugliest groid they could find and instructed it not not take showers.


File: 409d650eddb1a44⋯.jpg (348.85 KB, 992x617, 992:617, Takeashoweratleast_dirtysh….jpg)


>wrong piccy





They outsource everything to pahjeets now. This is why web2.0, or whatever number we're on, websites all run like absolute shit.


>kill off captain america

>dont kill off blacked panther

what did they mean by this?

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