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File: 24f72ab9acf962b⋯.png (279.79 KB, 404x578, 202:289, ClipboardImage.png)


So apparently, Villeneuve wants John Boyega to play Paul Atreides in the upcoming Dune remake.

Do you think it's a good casting choice?




>putting a coon in dune

the elf on the shelf meme has gone too far.


It's about time biiiiiiiiiih


yeah fuckin right


File: d0fd209982c96df⋯.jpg (95.21 KB, 620x619, 620:619, 2.2.jpg)

Lady Jessica will be white and Duke Leto will be a dune coon, turning their affection into bbc addiction.

A Nigger unleashing a bloody jihad on the universe is fitting I must admit


Putting aside the we wuz Kang blacked bullshit, why do people keep trying to make Boyega into a leading man? He's okay in a sidekick role, but he's never going to have the talent or charisma to carry a movie by himself, he's not the next Wesley Snipes or Will Smith no matter how hard Hollywood tries to push him..



Once episode 9 is done, he's finished.



What if they go with the newest trend the sci-fi community gets a hard on to, and just make everybody brown because racemixing will get rid of all the white people in the future but god forbid you call that white genocide



he's a nigger, that's all that matters now. And if you don't cast him in lead roles you're raysist


of all the niggers, why this talent-less ape?



Villenuevecucks on suicide watch



Because it's about time biiiiiiiiiih



Source? Or are you just baiting here?


someone get this nigger away from sci-fi

he wielded a light saver, piloted a giant mecha and still his characters were blnad and forgetable and the movies he starred in turned to be shit


Man, Boiiyega must suck some mean circumsized dick.



It's BS he posted this same shit on here and 4cuck like a month ago too.


It's not real, retard.



>implying he won't be the lead of the sequel sequel trilogy

>implying he won't be a side character in Rian "Fuck My Wife" Johnson's trilogy

>implying he won't get his own spinoff film


Why does this fucker keeping showing up in everything?


File: 0be8714e9f0ddfd⋯.png (3.38 MB, 1300x1694, 650:847, i_knew_you_stole_my_banana….png)


Can't wait for him to play Léon, Indiana Jones and Michael Corleone.



What the fuck is this?




u drumfp supporters are PATHETIC


File: 6cfd59c21a15924⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 326x246, 163:123, 0061.gif)



Not sure what a white chimp has to do with John Boyega



because they're trying to get us used to real, ugly, talentless niggers.

we're now in full phase two.



> They gave him work after BR2049

Hollywood exists to spite it's audiences at this point.



I wish Villenueve would go away too



>implying Dune has an audience



Anything but this


File: c63af71e500afe4⋯.png (89.8 KB, 265x258, 265:258, holdup.png)





Fair point.



I agree though what are they doing? They think he's a top shit director and i think hes meh



While I do like Villeneuve's kinos kikewood do puzzle me by how they use him. First the sequel to an old huge flop that's just as good as the original and unpozzed, of course it didn't sell. Then they let him make a remake (more or less) of another huge flop with an audience of middle class whites who are a dying if not dead population. Gee, I wonder if it will flop.

He should just direct nigger supremacist capeshit and make billions already.



While your reasoning is all fucked up I agree with your conclusion.



>He should just direct nigger supremacist capeshit and make billions already.

He can't direct blockbuster fashion because he's a stale piece of shit.



An untrained chimp could direct capeshit blockbusters and there's pretty much no directorial control anyway. He'd just have to show up for some shots that the studio would tell him to edit down into fast cuts that would keep the the ADHD niggers entertained and then just let the CGI guys render the rest of the film for him. Maybe tell someone to draw some storyboards that the studio would scrap half of at the start of the project too.



Because he sucks Jew dick like a champ



>pretty much no directorial control anyways

Maybe for superhero shit im talking all blockbusters, there are some that have been good or really good. Villenueve isn't capable of that no matter the source material ie DUNE



>there are some that have been good or really good

Such as? I need to know what we're comparing him with.


Greeks aren't white so I don't see the problem.



Is anyone white? 🤔


File: fc59f612815ee70⋯.gif (2.76 MB, 600x338, 300:169, 5a151ea93160f561306470.gif)


Yes, British obviously.





shit sorry





Why do they keep trying to turn Dune into a movie when it would work much better as a short TV show?



Dune: The Cinematic Universe (which will never happen if they have idiots like Villeneuve direct).



Villeneuve is a master of kino. But you're right, they should get some kike to shit on the source material and fill the script with quips. The reddit audience is what they want after all.



You would need a big budget and TV doesn't really do that. I think a two part deal for Dune would be just fine, but I would prefer a big budget mini series. Sadly the only chance we have of that happening is with HBO, Amazon or Netflix and they will poz it up to fuck.



File: 2f369a27d9e1b0c⋯.jpg (56.75 KB, 476x349, 476:349, 5847c23d88b1760d1b58381d48….jpg)

Jesus fucking christ what a joke he does realize Dune is about Aryan space muslims conquering the world via drug-fueled race war jihad right?



> just as good as the original and unpozzed

t. americans



t. European actually.



The series is ultimately about a supreme Aryan autist becoming the fuhrer of the galaxy. Anything that deviates from that is trash.



Sci-Fi channel before it got too garbage did a Dune Mini-Series already.



This is a classic



leving nigger hating aside, i can't tell if he's a good actor or not, he's had leading roles that gave him nothing to work with and the bad luck that despite being in movies hyped to hell and back they were all shit and it wasn't even his fault that they were shit but he is the face that is remebered when someone thinks of said shit movies MaRey Sue's face is so ugly i repress my memory of her every time i see it


File: 9813a610d1f4420⋯.png (605.42 KB, 449x642, 449:642, Free shrugs pic.png)


Good for him, I guess. Anything is better than the steaming pile of shit that was 24 Live Another Day.


Why do (((they))) keep shoehorning this ugly ass nigger into everything? It's like they want Dune to crash and burn and become a massive box office bomb, again.



>Wesley Snipes or Will Smith no matter how hard Hollywood tries to push him..


They need to find someone else with the initials W.S.



>Jesus fucking christ what a joke he does realize Dune is about Aryan space muslims conquering the world via drug-fueled race war jihad right?

The thread is fake news, you fucking idiot. This place is worse than Tumblr at this point. The only thing he said is he wants to be more accurate to the book than the Lynch version was. They're not going to make Paul a nigger.

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