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File: be5930b2e679eff⋯.jpg (48.92 KB, 754x478, 377:239, Burn Coal.jpg)


Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?




Is it really the same girl?


Emma Watson




I wish they didn't blur the Twitter handler, can't find the original tweet.




Emma wouldn't coal burn! She is too pure!



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>whitness will be deconstructed

>white woman dating a lite brite mulatto which will sire a quadroon child who will probably date a white later on

If you actually believe that niggers are more attractive or whatever, then sexual selection dictates that (if they're a minority, which they are in america **not the entire world but theres still an isolated population) eventually they'll be diluted and absorbed into the majority race, usually without even affecting the overall genetic makeup of the population.

that is, IF you think nigs are more attractive, which is a meme.



Racist alt-right propaganda disproven once again

Gosh, wh*te "people" truly are pathetic



Emma is a virgin sweetie, she's saving herself for marriage.



>brown hair, brown skin, brown eyes




>we be stealin yo womynz cracka

<fuckin bitch gtfo *smack*

white women are so undesirable and annoying that even niggers get sick of their fucking entitled bullshit



Yes, white people can have all those things.



She looks white to me.




56% detected



>it's a "you're not white" 4chan d&c episode




It's called a jew.



but jews are white




She look yid to me.


File: 33bded9bcffa6f2⋯.jpg (388.44 KB, 575x1382, 575:1382, 1510611166694.jpg)



>Implying some in Oklahoma isn't the one who started that meme.



To a negro.



Toll status?



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