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File: 7d953ae46e8b344⋯.jpg (82.12 KB, 625x416, 625:416, literallytryingtocontrol y….jpg)


>hey man this Netflix TM show is great! A must watch!

>okayyy, i'll' give it a try…

>first episodes are interesting

>as soon as things start to pick up

> a gay faggot doing gay shit out of nowhere

>gay sex scene

>gay sex scene

>straight dude turns gay out of nowhere




>not masturbating to soft-core homo porn in serial televion

What are you, gay?



What series was this?





spoken like true impotent fat burger that only manages to get married with some used up roastie after working his ass off just to watch her being fucked by jamal



every single one



And name one



literally every single one , are you dumb?


File: 37a92440e98069b⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 502x483, 502:483, db83b766eebc1c18bd0c089904….jpg)

>watching tv



>not taking responsibility and marrying the roastie when she is ready to settle so you have someone to cuckhold you while you watch softcore homo porn in serial televion

This is why you will never breed.



yeah , i got get hid of this shitty habit, but videos games are fucking shit too nowadays and you can only exercise and study so mcuh



so thats what the brids and bees story is being told to burgers nowadays?




>I don't watch movies, I just repeat what my eceleb / /tv/anon said every thread

fucking based. can I add you on discord?




burger education, people




You see, when a boy and girl like each other very much, the girl takes a black bull to her room and the boy masturbates to soft-core homo porn in serial televion. Then nine months later a crane brings a chocolate baby for the pair, the girl leaves the boy and boy gets to pay alimony for rest of his life, but at least he has bred unlike a smart-ass yuropoor.



You're European?! Fucking based. What's your discord ID?


File: 5bdb70228e26a87⋯.jpg (128.45 KB, 624x336, 13:7, 5bdb70228e26a87d43288ba40c….jpg)

>watch "pozzed" show

>it's actually okay or even good

>objectionable content makes up ~5% of the show

>anons only watch trailers or clips or just guess at what it is

>anons never watch TV or films and always have wrong opinions

Yup, must be a /tv/ episode.





more like the main plot after a while



>always have wrong opinions

Stop listening to Zac


>directed by




I watch tv shows and movies and I hate them, but liberal pozzed shit is literally never the reason why. Average /tv/ anons can't articulate why they don't like something. If they're lucky, their favorite eceleb review makes a video so they can repeat the same points over and over and feel confident about themselves.



>google director Bernstein

>no matches

epic post anon haha


File: 1a9276f9771b434⋯.png (692.08 KB, 718x1016, 359:508, 1741359 - Equestria_Girls ….png)


(((Americans))) right.



What do you expect from mongoloids who watch wrestling, anime and bloodsports? They have no taste.


File: 90f5c38f9a095e2⋯.jpg (48.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, whenwillgoyslearn.jpg)


they dont let google spy on themselves







dupmericans btfo

unironically this time, fuck burger entertainment



what the fuck were you watching, dammit? I want to avoid it.



avoid any netflix series, trust me





You were talking about Ozark? God you're fucking fragile. That's like three scenes and it's plot relevant. Sad fuck. I know you're dodging saying what the show is because you'd be outed as tasteless.



Nigger, this like the 10 show in a row like this. Are you retarded?



Sense 8

Orange is the new black

Unbreakable kimmy schmit

Stranger things

Lost in space

Master of none


Dear white people

Bojack horseman

Big mouth


the mist





Wait, the added gay shit even to Castlevania, what the fuck reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



Why didn't you use some discretion? Orange is the New Black is the modern The L Word. Sense8 is also a gay show. Dear White People speaks for itself. I agree it is too much in normal mainstream television but those shows are made for gay/black people.



dup btfo


File: 9829a6e52e1d758⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 319x255, 319:255, raised-eybrows-blank-face.jpg)


I don't watch them, but you need to know your enemy and their propaganda. I may watch the news, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it. Common sense would have brought you to that conclusion. Apply yourself.



It's that jelly blackpiller again, where's the pasta?



Yes, homosexual romance between Alucard and Trevor which is alleged to be brought to the forefront in the upcoming season.



How is it propaganda if it is presented as is with no attempt to hide it?



Sense 8. I saw the first 5 minutes and noped out. The strap on scene was disgusting, made even more so when I found out the white one was a tranny.



Hiding it is not in the definition of propaganda. Choose your favorite dictionary.



I'm sorry, I was wrong



>Propaganda: information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people's opinions

It's not to for the purpose of influencing opinion. They are gay shows for gay people. You don't need propaganda when you've already won the hearts and minds of 90% of people. Get real.



Netflix will autoplay shows whether you pick them or not after whatever you were watching is finished. Say you find some wholesome show and it ends then next on your playlist is faggot shows. Could I get a citation on that winning the "hearts and minds" of 90%? Even if that bullshit was true it isn't over until those other 10 are dead. Empires rise and will always fall. Nothing is permanent. Do you honestly consider this decline a win?



Also in your own defnition there is a keyword you overlooked.


Not always.




my main problem is they're not even good gays. 5 minutes on /cuteboys/ nets higher quality and more desirable gays than 50 hours on netflix


I can't be arsed to even give remotely gay things a view on netflix without fear of tainting my shame list and having a family member see my profile (I know you can delete through the website but that's a pain in the ass)

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