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File: e692044c87218bf⋯.jpg (234.02 KB, 773x480, 773:480, Untitled 2.jpg)

File: 8c90386527f43bd⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 917x1302, 131:186, u5].jpg)




I like how all of these actresses clearly haven't read a single comic and most likely hate comics, but will lie out of her ass for agenda.



Can someone define what "Trump's America" exactly means? Thanks in advance.



Ugh, that mean raysist and seksist and bigoted, sweetie.


File: 591ac35080257c2⋯.jpg (301.86 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 49f1c5c0f48562639a54d67359….jpg)


An American where white people have rights.


File: aec7eb5b9f6ce69⋯.jpg (201.19 KB, 985x1380, 197:276, WWII Germany makes fun of ….jpg)

File: 5a79acefbcf3fdc⋯.jpg (73.28 KB, 672x381, 224:127, Goddess columbia.jpg)


>goddess columbia

Why are you guys so susceptible to pagan secret societies, as if they aren't controlled by the freemason/Jews.



i started playing that shit recently and dropped it shortly after. I didn't know Biocuck had so much "fuck whitey" and "poor niggers" theme going on. What a piece of shit that game is.



That's only Infinite, Bioshock 2 was kino.



That might seem to be the case at the start but the chimpout later in the game pissed of leftist game jurnos too. It's a game that shits on everyone.


I haven't played either of those but I played the first one. Always harvested the girls.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Yeah Bioshock 1/2 were legitimately good and didn't really get too political outside the dangers of hedonism and lolbertarian-tier objectivism



>Bioshock 1/2 were legitimately good





They were shit gameplay wise but the setting was top notch. Its one of those movies that pretend to be a video game that would make a better proper movie



Aren't they making a movie?

And ironically it's gonna be shit, of course.


File: 4d66e41488e31fe⋯.jpg (200.87 KB, 800x1072, 50:67, dahnald.jpg)


>bioshock 2


It was a half assed expansion sold as a sequel.


File: 50bf66eeec31135⋯.jpg (186.89 KB, 1200x943, 1200:943, 50bf66eeec3113596cf4f62d91….jpg)

Its been a rough time for them


File: a418f143402addd⋯.jpg (109.3 KB, 652x790, 326:395, 50bf66eeec3113596cf4f62d91….jpg)






File: baf7836d263052e⋯.png (550.43 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, mfwdup109.png)

dup btfo



It doesn't tho: look at what happens later in the revolution.



It was better than the original game in every way, Dahnald.


File: fd8105ae2e1e4a8⋯.png (33.29 KB, 494x520, 19:20, no one replies to black wo….png)


>no one asks it out

>no one calls it

>no one even asks it for its phone number

>no one lusts after it






I thought they cancelled it due to being too expensive to make.



Not American here, seriously how long until he's gone?

Even over here there are 3-4 headlines every day where he and his people get caught lying, stealing, colluding with Russia, etc. It's very common to joke about him getting shot or hanging himself in disgrace.



> too expensive to make.

yeah, right. That's their "go to excuse" when the project shits itself. How the fuck it's any more expensive than all the other cgi driven shit.



reported the leftykike

at least try better






Sounds like predictive programming to me.


>it's a privilege

what did she mean by this?



>so much "fuck whitey" and "poor niggers"

Sounds sorta redundent tbh


File: 03623e5461eddc9⋯.jpeg (148.4 KB, 600x886, 300:443, fat.jpeg)

>she was portrayed as an opinionated, inquisitive and an unapologetic badass career woman at a time when many representations of women leaned more towards meek and demure

In other words, she was an interesting character back then, but is generic and utterly pointless now.



It's just another script that they repeat. The empty headed whores.

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