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File: bd5fcf6a076439c⋯.jpg (488.28 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, wkUKSbAl4Oam3YVrL450BkjQ92….jpg)

File: 4aa3c8ea3c7a02d⋯.jpg (186.21 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, kristen stewart twilight a….jpg)


Pure blooded American girls.


Pure mutts?


'American' is not a race, where you can be pure blooded


File: 30c34597e771b9c⋯.png (112.6 KB, 600x710, 60:71, a50.png)





>pure blooded American

File not found. Did you mean 56%?


File: 620024237ef44ce⋯.jpg (136.49 KB, 857x1128, 857:1128, 620024237ef44cebda7d98a438….jpg)


File: 86c6b4a92ac204e⋯.jpg (217.27 KB, 396x594, 2:3, kristen-stewart.jpg)

Is it Kristen time again?



I'd let her sit on my face


File: 5e91db43943faac⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 457x700, 457:700, irenebedard.jpg)

Let's do this

Real americans you said, right chief?


File: 2054e7c3a7438eb⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 1280x688, 80:43, 2054e7c3a7438eb131c335e502….jpg)


File: 8558d8738958d8a⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 640x956, 160:239, tonantzin.jpg)




I like Pocahontases tbqhwy. Of all the shitskins they look the best


File: 4377984841841cd⋯.jpg (122.54 KB, 561x1372, 561:1372, qorianka.jpg)

File: ecd5d6f0e65ebb8⋯.jpg (45.98 KB, 417x625, 417:625, maija.jpg)


I do too, but the ones posted are the indian princess type of girls

The pocahontases, the hardened ones, are tough to look due to their iron jaws and overall long faces




Got to hand it to the burgers on this one. When they wiped out their indigenous pest breed they didn't go halfway. Those poor bastards are still barely clinging to existence and irrelevant.


File: 0d45741b69425af⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 620x529, 620:529, lou.jpg)





You got another laugh coming, the old pest was basically the centennial pest control for the other, much worse kind of pest: mexicans

Just like how they will wipe germans but will end up with a much unnerving threat, turks.



>I do too, but the ones posted are the indian princess type of girls

Those are the ones I like. I would pass them my pipe of peace if you know what I'm saying.



I don't know what you are saying, injun grills are not allowed to smoke, drink or vote



could, cause they're not gonna do either of those things





File: f62fb1f909712b1⋯.jpg (431.79 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, horse suit.jpg)



Canadians count?


File: de43aa8a436850c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 694.72 KB, 1032x1296, 43:54, $T2eC16NHJF8E9nnC6IGuBRPQY….jpg)

File: 8a03c492f64b30d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.27 KB, 700x927, 700:927, tallulah-bankhead.jpg)

File: f099d5291ff5e3f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 845.77 KB, 707x1317, 707:1317, 1d1a8826575dfa18fcdaf72c83….png)

File: 1665b1b11fd995b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.06 KB, 750x951, 250:317, 9qyToIqAMMc0-WonZupA-48iuQ….jpg)

File: bce73f6986ea575⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.19 KB, 1109x1480, 1109:1480, 2708179144.jpg)




go away, boomer. this is a millennial board


File: c4d0501320d291c⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.58 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, 126RWlKT.jpeg)


File: 700ae2c7cd4432c⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 333x400, 333:400, Dorothy Provine.jpg)


The first pic is really funny. Who's on the fifth? She is hot.


File: de5405b17df181b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.58 KB, 631x900, 631:900, 5ce27dfa0fd776c6091ca7e162….jpg)


Faith Bacon


File: 0eb9af3fffa88b9⋯.png (269.58 KB, 646x854, 323:427, name.png)


>Faith Bacon


File: 6321a510ac88b28⋯.jpg (47.46 KB, 454x625, 454:625, mary philbin1.jpg)


File: fd92f42235ebc77⋯.jpg (217.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1483822246941.jpg)



File: d7f894db51cfde1⋯.gif (456.58 KB, 400x300, 4:3, womanoftheyearsalute.gif)


File: 8839a57879c4f6e⋯.jpg (560.68 KB, 1060x1530, 106:153, Screenshot_20180920-122918.jpg)



>shit taste




<likes reddipool

<can't crosslink





File: dd17e1fa19caa85⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1615x2000, 323:400, bates-thanksgiving.jpg)

File: 75e1e0cdf8cf3f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.69 KB, 883x710, 883:710, gayway.jpg)

File: e2aea0c65908bb8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.23 KB, 829x1024, 829:1024, 4161113339_0e14bf202e_b.jpg)

File: 9194a71c9d87fcb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.83 KB, 480x720, 2:3, gettyimages-515582618-1534….jpg)

File: 96a73fc023c9084⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 445.63 KB, 1024x551, 1024:551, 6625024201_381755d296_b.jpg)



>second pic

I guess they didn't yet know alcohol was bad for fetuses



nobody asked incels


File: 44fd8dd2303631c⋯.jpg (323.74 KB, 876x1796, 219:449, 1406947894104.jpg)


Better than Emma Watson I suppose.


File: b1fa5664b243cbe⋯.jpg (141.51 KB, 1052x525, 1052:525, horse.jpg)

File: 2746094083ebb53⋯.jpg (255.61 KB, 1109x999, 1109:999, evangeline_lilly_photo20.jpg)

Why are american girls so beautiful?




meant for you >>1598833 smh


File: de3b779f79cda80⋯.jpg (153.93 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 39486287_317664345670294_5….jpg)



>questionable gender

I think Mr. E answered that question beyond any reasonable doubt.


File: 207ffc108fd1241⋯.jpg (242.98 KB, 980x1912, 245:478, e0bc2b5f157c72ff2bc3e71e26….jpg)

Reminder: We were giving their women the BIG AMERICAN COCK, while Britcuck men were out destroying western civilization by fighting Hitler.



>Pure blooded American girls.

>No emotions or acting skills

Is this a burger bashing thread?



By (((they))) do you mean (((you)))?


File: e8775487ff4a819⋯.jpeg (78.19 KB, 504x650, 252:325, AB87C3DC-8C3E-46D4-93E4-D….jpeg)


The real red pill is that burgers destroyed western civilization


File: e418ed80e20ba15⋯.jpg (46.56 KB, 541x800, 541:800, 176_1000.jpg)


File: 086f5172c48917a⋯.jpg (283.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bliss meets a cosplayer.jpg)



Nope the kike FDR had to let us get bombed in order for us to even join the war in the first place, because Americans thought Hitler was a pretty cool guy, and they didn't want a war with Europe. A portion of Poland wanted to rejoin Germany, but the Britcucks had to get butthurt about MUH TREATY, and the rest is history. As always the britcucks are easily led, but you have to really twist an American's arm if you want to force them to do anything, even when we're the most kiked country in the world.



45 until right now is almost entirely American Puritan cultural values applied to and destroying Europe.



How are American Puritan values responsible for the hundreds of thousands of young, Muslim men invading Europe on a weekly basis?



Pic 1 is Canadian, you mongoloid.



You are ALSO a mongoloid.


Even white Americans are on average 16% African. Excluding white first and second gen immigrants, only 1% of white Americans have less than 9% African DNA. That's compared to Europe where, for most countries at least (maybe not France) whites are on average less than 5% African. Ireland and Germany for example are average 2% African.

In short, you can throw around the term white all you like, but American "whites" are objectively not "pure".



KYS, Sheckelstein.


File: bd607bcc5f56e7e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 436.03 KB, 1231x1280, 1231:1280, portraits.jpg)

Choose your wife.



Speak for yourself, pal. German/Swedish on my father's side, Scotch-Irish on my mother's side. There is, however, a smidge of Native American in there.



Blech! This is why I'm a pedophile.



>middle row, left

is that Kirsten Dunst?!



Chances are one of your German, Swedish, Scottish or Irish ancestors made the beast with two backs with a negro. Every American comes out with the same I come from a rich line of X ancestry shit but it's statistically not true.



Bottom right










That's complete bullshit.


>With respect to European Americans, the percentages are much more different than African Americans or Latinos, with European American genomes being 98.6 percent European, 0.19 percent African and 0.18 percent Native American. In general, the numbers seem to agree with what one would expect given the history of American colonization by Europeans and their interactions with African and Native Americans.

I am literally Portuguese, because everyone from my city was Portuguese, and my mother was born in Portugal. I could get citizenship, and in fact live anywhere I want as a Euronigger due to Portugal being part of the EU. I probably wouldn't be 'ethnically pure' if I took a DNA test, but that goes for most Europeans too. Factually speaking, White Americans are European born on a different content. Only kikes and cucks genuinely believe the contrary.


when will you faggots stop pretending that these trannies are female?



That's a nice fake Bliss



After you go back to /leftypol/ and stay there!



>implying /trannypol/ wouldn't be pretending trannies are actually female



I don't care what they pretend. That's the board for this crap.



>germans and french are different races

ah, modern history



>Implying Israel isn't to blame



Try venturing outside of your echo chamber once in a while, /leftypol/.



jig is up, (((23andme))) already bragged that they change that 0% African dna number to 1% just to "btfo" racists


File: 05db0ec6be5d20f⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 475x590, 95:118, very smug orangutang.jpg)





File: 2084c15dae47cb8⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 640x900, 32:45, 1535926295277.webm)



nice mexican


My experience living in burgerland was that in the large urban areas are 56% and the rural small towns are basically white. Basically white being an appalling mish mash of German, Anglo, Nord, etc. Nice enough people on the whole. Just very unworldly and self centered. It's not that they actively want to bring ruin on the rest of the world so much as they are just oblivious to it.



I mean no matter what country you're in, the mutts, the rapefugees, and the faggots generally swarm to the cities right?



Yes, obviously they do but the dichotomy in America is very stark. That isn't even getting into how different the states are. America has no culture and identity because each state is basically a nation unto itself.



>America has no culture and identity because each state is basically a nation unto itself.

Finally a euro grasps this concept. Somebody who was born in New York has a completely different set of social customs, outlooks, and traditions than someone raised in Alabama.



This is probably the best post. Burgers aren’t malevolent just very clueless and unaware of how much they have fucked the West



It's sad because when you manage to snap one of them out of their daze and they realize what is happening they are almost universally shocked and apologetic but they can't help. Their leaders don't listen to them any more than ours do.


File: 455facc43bc695d⋯.png (93.73 KB, 300x442, 150:221, ClipboardImage.png)

I would like to time travel back to 1991 and marry Janeane Garofalo before she became a tatted up turbo dyke leftist.


File: b165fe35a94233d⋯.jpg (44.28 KB, 499x620, 499:620, 10d3e37a0cf94270b87c35879c….jpg)

I love the blame America gets for the world's issues. Why can't the rest of the world stand up to America? Are they all too weak? Too pathetic? Do they want to be crushed by America's awesome might? Maybe they just prefer to be submissive now and to complain later, never to do anything to defend against what is oh so terrible. Makes it easy to disregard these spineless cowards knowing they do nothing to resist, only complain when their asshole rips after willingly accepting the cock of freedom.

Not being an American must be a life of shame.



Mutually assured destruction doctrine has caused resentment and hostility to be bottled up with no real release between rival nations for much longer than usual historically speaking.



When that dam finally breaks it's going to get fucking ugly.



What's the point when they are destroying themselves? America's enemies are laughing now at the thought of winning a war they don't even need to fight.



Thank fuck I'm a pooftah.



You guys really don’t get it. When we criticize you it’s the same as when we talk about the French or Germans we don’t want you gone we want you to stop being dumb cunts when your acting like one. And yes my country can’t stand up to the US alone we have 9 million people you have 330 million. “The strong take what they will and the weak suffer what they must”



>why dont people give a fuck about ME I'M the most important country waagghh

cry more lmao. nobody gave a fuck about the US until the 1990s-2000s, we were busy with each other in Europe

>why dont they stop us?

because you, together with anglos and commies, destroyed evil nazis and then handed Europe over - all of it - to your masters, the Jews. after that your masters started propaganda in overdrive, cultural marxism was born (in America) and the rest is history



How does it feel to be mastered by America


File: 2eddfc748482861⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 850x537, 850:537, bats.jpg)


Google "Reality Winner"



dupmericans btfo



Lots of fancy words to say Americans are the world's devil



>Moortuguese talking about whiteness

Joke writes itself


>>1599444 (Checked)

She looks like shit, specially next to the goddess



Holy shit I got the same trips. Amazing.


File: 3d98ebc1a93b2ad⋯.gif (544.4 KB, 245x130, 49:26, okay.gif)



She looks like shit next to Maisie too



Shitty your destroying this continent with niggers. What’s with the cuckold fetish? Why are you trying to get everyone blacked?


File: d60fd1d0255ed33⋯.png (246.56 KB, 300x400, 3:4, ultimate jew.png)



lol my sides



Bottom left, one up



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