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File: b149287cafeb9c4⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Hot-Head.jpg)


What was his problem?


He had Alzheimer's and saw Courage as his Jap torturer in dubya dubya two.


His wife gave more attention and love to the dog than him


His hat was too tight, his wife showed more affection towards their dog than towards him, he was unable to produce an offspring, he had no-one else to talk to but his wife…


He was retarded. I mean what kind of fucking farmer can't even grow crops?



He was like a 100 years old, he was too weak and feeble to do it at the time we saw him.



He was in a desert anon.

And muriel raised eggplants IIRC.


File: 91dd20e366f2b90⋯.png (389.31 KB, 550x401, 550:401, ClipboardImage.png)

His brother was Ben "Pull the trigger on ever nigger" Garrison



>ever nigger


File: 8eaad0d8540b506⋯.jpg (68.39 KB, 701x634, 701:634, zxQWMQR.jpg)


>ever nigger

A worthy opponent.



Would fit into the show tbh.






File: 583bf3ac1330d1c⋯.png (110.71 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 1499930075484[1].png)

Typical Kansan. Probably a fucking Jayhawks fan as well.



Why would someone from Paraguay care?


>unloved by his parents

>treated like literal garbage by his mother

>outshined by his brother

>took out his anger on everyone else, keeping him from having any close friends

>years of this making him intensely jealous of a fucking dog

>farm didn't produce anything, had to rely on the government dole

>truck was a pile of shit

>constantly assailed by the supernatural

What else are we missing?




I don't know how I missed that one. Good thing he wasn't also a manlet. Bald manlets with firearms don't end well for anyone.


File: 43f5c57e4cb2c4c⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, You sir are extremely bald.jpg)


Finally an Anon posts the right answer.



My god, is that even its final form?



He clearly has a productive chicken coop.



is this all canon? is it ever shown in the show?




interesting. what episodes? does he say it to the camera or to his wife or how is it revealed?



>Tries to keep the supernatural and evil away by showing them the door

>Bitch wife emasculates him and lets them right in



In fact, most of the time Eustache is that how you spell his name? doesn't even notice that his visitors are supernatural beings. Like when King Ramses comes, he thinks that's the guy from the museum in a costume, even after he demonstrates his powers.



What's yer offer?


File: 97372f374d5183f⋯.png (304.02 KB, 350x676, 175:338, ClipboardImage.png)


File: c94b5d539e9f1f9⋯.webm (3.04 MB, 854x480, 427:240, return the slab.webm)


File: d620fb5aa62d5b2⋯.png (165.37 KB, 310x366, 155:183, ClipboardImage.png)

He had mommy issues. His mother hates him and calls him 'stupid boy' the same way he calls Courage 'stupid dog' so he's actually venting out his frustration of his mother to the dog.



Seems like a typical /tv/ poster.



Iirc there was one episode where we saw young Eustachy in his childhood



>That pantyshot

Nani!? Kawaii uguu!

fucking fanservice




the episode where eustace gets fucked up by the raincloud caused by his bad mood and gives courage his hat at the end really drove this home. poor fuck obviously never had anyone do anything nice for him until he was far too jaded to even notice it.


File: 23c2c18d2590b21⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, barbara-bush-pearls-today-….jpg)


What's huh?



>stupid boy, why couldn't you be more like your brother!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



He's a major character in repetitive soytoon that quickly loses any interest or appeal. I would also be angry.


Poor eyesight, we all forgot he had poor eyesight too. And no teeth. I guess you can't enjoy anything in life in his condition.


Man, this show is darker than I remember it to be.


File: b6837349fd3e705⋯.jpeg (9.61 KB, 258x196, 129:98, images (4).jpeg)

>Old has shit

>No sons or daughters so he's all alone

>Wife only cares about their dog (reason he hates him so much)

>Lived in the middle of a depressing orange morbid fields in the middle of nowhere



They didnt live in the city, so they lived in the outskirts of Nowhere.



>Eustache lifts the curse by doing an act of kindness

<oh Courage, YOU did the impossible!




I kinda like how it was Eustace willing to be kind towards a mirror image of his childhood self, the only thing he could relate strongly enough to to feel empathy at that point. Courage got into some oddly tragic territory at times.



Yeah both characters have flaws. It's just that Eustace is an extrovert.

This show is mental as fuck now that I watch it.


File: 5526011a62f454c⋯.jpeg (8.08 KB, 369x136, 369:136, download.jpeg)

I have a theory, Eustace is fucking the dog and that's why he's so angry,he can't admit to himself he's a degenerate knowing he was an elite SS officer in his youth back in Germany.

The old cunt doesn't put out snatch anymore,and plus she's fat anf groce. So one day he takes courage to the attict and fucks him,that also explains why the dogs fucked up all the time,he suffers from PTSD+bipolar and hallucinations .

Rate/ my theory



That really looks like Ben tbh.





Why is it always about either bestiality or pedophilia with you people



It's what reddit considers zany.


File: 2b724be0c82ee54⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 720x505, 144:101, 1413569572937.jpg)


>anf groce




You didn't even try to pretend you aren't a jew writing a fapfic of Courage.



>You people



Visiting /tv/ is like visiting a safari for me



And visiting /b/ is like visiting a freak show.



and visiting ur mom is like visiting the brothel ;)


File: 1e564a1834fc43b⋯.gif (484.27 KB, 250x210, 25:21, taps.gif)






momdup btfo


You guys remember the one episode where the zombies wanted to make a snuff film in their basement? Or the one episode that dealt with domestic abuse?

What strange show


File: a98c9e4308fe513⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A lesson for the kids.jpg)


>domestic abuse episode

Well wait a minute Anon, I don't remember that ever happe…. Oh…



Im still amazed that they aired it at CN, i used to love the show and simultaneously be afraid of it as a kid

Especially the zombie episode and the one with hamburger restaurant



Were the dogs supposed to be black people?



no, abusive white trash



Hey Zach.



he is right tho



Dogs were supposed to represent men and cats as women. One of the cats thought all dogs were abusive but Courage saves her lesbian lover and shows her otherwise.

You know, a kid's show


The dogs were dogs, the cat was a cat, and the bunny was a bunny. And yes, the cat and the bunny were obvious lesbians (really what lesbian couple doesn't have at least one partner that takes dick on the side?)



I can see Jeb sitting on the couch with his goblin wife, putting on a Donald Trump mask to scare their Chihuahua dog away.



Too real.


File: 76b0f5cd225b6a6⋯.png (245.14 KB, 450x349, 450:349, 76b.png)

>Hey courage,you stupid dog come here


>*Covers his mouth

>Shut up ya stupid dog,Hun take this


>Oh fuck,sa tight

>Muriel walls in*

>* Oh you boys! I will come back when you guys are done!I'm making soup





Arguably the worst factor here.



dupskins btfo


File: 5f0027160a5d754⋯.png (132.3 KB, 255x228, 85:76, Ben garrison on Cartoon Ne….png)


Making Eustace the less successful brother.





Virgin Eustace vs Chad Ben


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Virgin Eustace

Don't know about that. Takes some core strength to stay in that chair.





File: 786127a50d01c4c⋯.png (438.22 KB, 671x375, 671:375, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 254cefee075ad7d⋯.png (249.86 KB, 600x776, 75:97, muriel.png)

At least he had a wife.



>bipolar + hallucinations

so there's no supernatural monsters, just Courage's hallucinations? is that why the woman and Eustache always seem so calm and unphased by the monsters that Courage sees?



I do remember someone wanting to make a film in a basement, and I think they were zombies/undead. have a youtube link maybe?



that scene is extremely reddit

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