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File: 857a265c35a5f09⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 54c29d5269bedd91708a4b0b-7….jpg)


You realize how many jobs dont really need to exist? It's kind of weird if you think about it the only reason we haven;t fully automated labour is because the rich don't have a plan in place to deal with billions of unemployed starving poor people. I was walking around a mall and realized all of those jobs don't need to exist just sell it all online. we have the technology at this point it's just about padding stats.


t. jew

I want to buy groceries myself


You realize how many jobs could be 20 hours a week if we took those jobs that didn't exist and made them work real jobs? My god, we could all be getting paid more to work less.



>if we took those jobs that didn't exist




Indeed, normalfags are obsolete and their ONLY use for almost 500 years has been being anti-white.

We don't need normalslaves to operate, specially nowdays, the jews on the other hand are nothing without slaves,

Do you see now why (((they))) don't want you to kill "fellow whites"?

Remember anon, after supremacy must come elitism, or you will undo your work.


This. But ,for the sake of discussion, you should name a few.



Honestly the same can be applied to the entire human race once we perfect robotic technology and ai. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later.


File: 36c07511de4003c⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 700x847, 100:121, absolutely heretical guard….jpg)


>I can't wait for the things we buid and cared for to kill us God I wish that was me being killed by a nigg- I mean bot and having my legacy taken by them

Why do cucks keep saying we are going to invent bots to genocide us? Fucking subhumans, If you have a death wish so much just fucking kill yourselfs.

Read Warhammer 40k. It hapen, the armies of robots turned against men and you know what happened? We destroyed them all and now it's forbidden to make them, and menkind whent back to it's glorious roots of fighting their enemies themselves.



I'm just being pragmatic. If a superior option exists, the only reason to choose the inferior one is emotion. Stop thinking like a woman and be rational. Whites are superior to niggers and therefore niggers deserve to be made extinct so that the superior species can live. The same applies to the day we create technology that can act in place of white humans but more efficiently.



>technology that can act in place of white humans but more efficiently.

My point exacly, heretek. No such a thing as better than me.


File: 1f6d3d56e6f7c1a⋯.jpg (267.95 KB, 1688x687, 1688:687, 1f6.jpg)



Most forms of middle management, sales, and marketing



Wrong. Even as primitive as technology is today, it still makes hundreds of thousands of humans obsolete and outperforms them in spades. If something this early in the timeline can already be so good at what it does, I have no doubts that when technology isn't shit like now that there will be no need for natural humans anymore. The only possibility of retaining relevance would be by becoming a cyborg race with artificial intelligence grafted to our brain stems to combine the strengths of both.


It's even crazier in like Shenzhen and Tokyo they literally replaced all restaurant jobs like you order from an iPad i guess someone cleans the table still idk how they will automate that part


File: 9055506992be148⋯.png (129.9 KB, 500x383, 500:383, warhammer guardsman with a….png)


Warhammer, which is not in that pic, is realistic unlike the ones in your pic which are (((unrealistic))). Humans are better than any machine just like I am better than anyone in your family. Your cuckchan memes wouldn't change facts.


Look nigger, in the end

organic > metal

natural > artificial

man > everything else

nature always prevails. We will only get replaced if we allow ourselfs to be (IE nordcucks)



>Warhammer, which is not in that pic, is realistic unlike the ones in your pic which are (((unrealistic))).

Based and redpilled!



>organic > metal

Only in the property of self regeneration, in every other metric organic is inferior.

>natural > artificial

Modern civilization exists because this is entirely false.

>man > everything else

Besides what man is capable of creating. We are unique in the sense that we are capable of creating something greater than man.



Unironically Deus Ex is more grounded in reality than Warhammer is



Additionally, your entire posts reek of human insecurity and emotional arguments in response to your fear of being replaced. I am arguing out of rationality because I only believe that the most superior option should be chosen to ensure the integrity of the time stream on the universal scale.


yup, same about the whole entertainment and journalism industry

when push comes to shove life's gonna get ugly for almost everybody



>Organic > Metal

what >>1691627 said

>natural > artificial

Which is why animals are becoming nocturnal, species are dying left and right, and ecosystems are being destroyed daily.

>man > everything else

This thread will be archived and will be remembered for ever, long after you die and everyone whoever knew you died fading from the conscious of mankind.


File: 3fd99fd815f1740⋯.jpg (55.93 KB, 500x423, 500:423, things that need a beating.jpg)



It's like you don't know what eldar are, but I won't bother. You nigger acting this retarded because you your cucky fetish. Just go to /clank/ to erp about having you entire race enslaved/killed by bots you freaks.



>the dying cry of the fleshbag


File: 50436f57984d502⋯.gif (749.92 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mOle_k.gif)


>It's like you don't know what eldar are

I don't have time to read fiction for teenagers

>the meatbag cries as he strikes you


Reminder that warhammerfags were so annoying that /tg/ was originally made just to get them out of /b/. When you are too shit for /b/ it's time to rev up the ovens.


Most people need a job, or they drive themselves crazy. Only the top percent can make NEET asceticism work. The normies end up rolling around in their own shit, stabbing each other in the back.


File: fe9d9d7b44e5d36⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.54 KB, 610x374, 305:187, Crusades.jpg)

File: 7d093f5480dd032⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.15 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

File: 491159de72d24b8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.25 KB, 768x447, 256:149, -The_death_of_king_Wladysl….jpg)





Here's something else you can obsess over, it's very similar to the thing that you like, it actually happened,and it's much more interesting.



Most consumers don't want to buy everything online all the time. Real-life shopping is still much faster than online shopping as there is no waiting period between the purchase and your acquisition of the product, and of course there's the added advantage of being able to inspect the product for quality yourself before buying it. Real-life retail coexists with online shopping because there are different use cases for both.



amazon has 1 hour delivery now


What are all those techpriest faggots crying about? They cry about the machine cuckpirits but say "sir yes sir" when the commissar is close lmao


This, normalfags where born to be slaves which is why they can't cope with having liberty. We humans on the other hand are born to lead and conquer, the only thing that drives us neet fascists crazy is the lack of lolis to breed our armies of children, and wars for us to fight.



>Read Warhammer 40k. It hapen, the armies of robots turned against men and you know what happened? We destroyed them all and now it's forbidden to make them, and menkind whent back to it's glorious roots of fighting their enemies themselves.

>t. fiction written by humans

No fucking wonder your fairy tales are biased towards humans and not at all reflective of reality.



In reality we have yet to make one robot that can even do a fraction of the multitude of things that a human can do.



>humans which take 17 years to be ready for combat will beat robots in a war which will take 1 week to be optimal for combat


File: 7689f8664cf023b⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 680x425, 8:5, chaos marines laughing at ….jpg)

>subhumans saying humans are inferior to robots

<robots said subhumans will never be able to produce, and humans will never want to produce



So far because we have such primitive tech, we've managed to still make thousands of robots that can each do singular or a few tasks that humans can do and have already successfully made humans obsolete in many areas. You're afraid, human.



t.assmad fleshie



Nigger or robot, you cucks never change do you?


Say that in my face, techvirgin. You are 6 feet tall irl, I would wreck you, I wouldn't even need my chainsword




Humans are the niggers to robots just as niggers are to whites. It only makes sense to improve and replace an inferior thing with a superior thing. Larping from your human biased fiction doesn't change the facts.





epic roleplay, well memed my friend



What you say about me you little shit I'll have you know I graduated at the top of my class. I was raised in in the art of shit posting. You are fucking worthless kiddo. Ican imagine the look on on your face right now as I hack past your modem firewall. I know everything, I see everything. I even know that you took a shit 5 minutes ago yeah I remember. I also remember that sandwich you ate last week ago as well.

Prepare yourself bucko because you are in for a rude awakening.

You were lucky but you ruined your luck by making a reply. You are going to regret ever making that decision kiddo.

You are finnish.



>you are finnish

benis :DDDD



Eh tbh some of the most insightful sociopolitical and socioeconomic commentary I've seen on 8chan has come from warhammerfags.

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