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File: ce73138682fa89c⋯.png (247.72 KB, 1061x342, 1061:342, ClipboardImage.png)


Kinos about Asians ruining everything?


>four years on, and people still don't understand what's being done to 4chan



That's not even mentioning /leftypol/ hijacking /biz/ and every other thread on /vg/.


Testing, nigger, testing, nigger.



The whole reason moot quit is that people cottoned onto the fact he was planning to santise the site, and gave him shit. Chances are, the men upstairs targeted 4chan for destruction a long time ago. Too much free thinking and free discussion leads to things they don't like.



The feds had a hold on the site in 2007, if not earlier.

It was well known that mootikins had to "cooperate" with the FBI in order to "keep it running".

He was then rewarded with a cushy job at jewgle.

ZOG takes care of its own.



Pearl Harbor.





also rush hour 1 and 2



jews did pearl harbor irl and then hollywood (aka jews) blame japan for it.



Must be south Asian, probably Indian. They are very left leaning and loyal to India, and have an agenda of usurping and cucking white men and bedding white women.



>he keeps going to cuckchan

for shame anon, we are the better breed of the stock.

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