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File: bdbbbd571adc3a7⋯.jpg (380.46 KB, 2048x1368, 256:171, 10971917_web1_180314-sea-d….jpg)


>movie that portrays the Soviet Union as a horrible dictatorship where even the elite's lives are shitty

how did they get away with this?


why would hitler and goebbels go to stalin's funeral?



to show that, despite all their differences during WW2, they still respected him as a human being


Maybe hollywood aren't actually leftists? maybe?


File: b11090cec711bc5⋯.jpg (212.23 KB, 455x675, 91:135, Stalin-Beria[1].jpg)

also, how did they get away with how they made this guy look?



that sounds like a huge stretch


Very few leftists are so deluded as to idolize the Soviet Union as it was.



>nOt rEaL sOcIaLiSm





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what did Stalin mean when he pointed at the painting?



That's retarded, Stalin was widely known as a vicious, reprehensible cunt even before he decided to start murdering thousands of his own people



Stalin was actually Georgian, so most of the people he killed weren't his own people


This. Killing Russians is actually very based.


The Jews got him


I took a massive poo and my anus now has bleeding of the internal kind.



RIP in peace



By making it a comedy so we don't have to take the evils of communism seriously.


File: 7745cfc0d68c5da⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 700x467, 700:467, Suburbicon-Josh-Brolin.jpg)


Good question OP, i've thought the same about pic related.



He offed a lot of his own family, so I doubt he wouldn't have genocided Georgians if he ever felt the need to.



Suburbicon is set in the Soviet Union?



The actual pic related movie is Hail, Ceaser! Nothing brilliant but i found the characters and personalities entertaining. Not your typical hollywood movie. George Clooney is a big time actor kidnapped by hollywood jews to finance communism. Brolin is the movie exec. trying to track him down.

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