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File: 2e269a4dfc4d99f⋯.png (459.92 KB, 768x685, 768:685, LL.png)




She looks more like Ursula lmao


wtf how is lohan not dead yet


File: 41655491f726be4⋯.jpg (30.39 KB, 400x418, 200:209, floundiss.jpg)

With a big head like that, she'd be a perfect Flounder.



I hate that little shit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>old hag thot trying to be relevant again



Fuck you flounder is based


i don't remember ariel walking with a cane


She is a hag but I'm surprised that Disney didn't picked a Gorilla looking sheboon to play the marmeid.


Bullshit, black is the new orange.

What means that everyone who is ginger should be done by a negro now


File: 3800a06598cf28d⋯.webm (15.46 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Miss.プリオネア.webm)

What happened to Lohan? I know she was into drugs a while back, but surely they can't account for how ragged she looks, right? She was almost pretty in a handsome man-jaw sort of way back in the dya.


File: 9e5667d699cb664⋯.jpg (145.44 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Larsen Thompson.jpg)

Ariel should only be played by a genuine QT ginger in her teens



After her fall from grace she now has to pay for relevancy by sacrificing a little of her life force to Jewish producers every time she needs an interview or minor role.


File: d026db10fb09a26⋯.jpg (160.55 KB, 876x1024, 219:256, Where-Cast-Parent-Trap-Now.jpg)


Yes, back in the day, sigh…


Too late, /ourguy/ James already did a superior Ariel with Amber.





File: 6c9500b8b730d9e⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 480x343, 480:343, 8U2u.gif)


You got a problem with that, Hamid?







YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mera is Ariel as a busty waterbender



It is still capeshit.




cool, she's the host of hotel impossible. What happened to the wop?


A cucktoon turned into a real action Cuckywood movie.

This smells like tragedy.



<An old,dried up, drug addled used up, hag

<wants to play young temptress

This won't end well…….


The train wreck & resulting salt piles will be glorious.I suppose it could be worse they could have cast Emma Flopson.



>old hag thot

I like that



A live action remake better have a young teen walking around in barely anything or there's going to be some fires set in the magic kingdom.


Lindsay is a case study on why you should keep your kids the fuck away from Hollywood.


Would have worked over 17 years ago


File: 81818e83dd6f715⋯.jpg (120.94 KB, 920x583, 920:583, White Duke.jpg)

File: 2865554aae612f5⋯.jpg (64.85 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Alex.jpg)

These women are the same age.



Cocaine's a helluva drug



It's not fair bros. Fucking kikes i hate them.



Didn't she convert to towelhead or am I thinking of someone else?



Fuck, she can't even wear a pair of shades correctly and not look like a retard.


File: e36c520ddb274ff⋯.jpg (163.57 KB, 675x1000, 27:40, MV5BYTZmZGRiNWYtMWJjMy00MT….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Amazing cover, I wonder if its kino.



2019. we shall see. private eye thats secretly a werewolf.

probably better than a couple of the sharknado flicks


File: e7fd9aa30300a29⋯.jpg (355.34 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Aliana Lohan 1.jpg)

Aliana was always my favorite Lohan tbh



oof. is this just bad genes or terrible lifestyle/choices?


File: ca03d218130a9c1⋯.jpg (66.24 KB, 500x751, 500:751, Aliana Lohan 1.jpg)





where's her boobs?



Still in a cab on their way to the cabana.



sounds exhausting


File: 581db2168a7765b⋯.webm (7.67 MB, 1280x534, 640:267, lilomel.webm)

was this a gritty adult reboot of the parent trap?



Sinead O'Connor did but they're both uggo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


before no one asks, music from that clip of that lilo movie where she's a stripper/whore


nope! never going to happen



>but surely they can't account for how ragged she looks, right?

cocaine is a hell of a drug. now imagine being able to buy it in any amount at any time for a decade


Yeah I can see it. Just gotta autotune her smokers voice out.



She's 32 and looks like she's in her late 50s with too much plastic surgery





She was a meth addict



why get the poor man's cocaine when you can just get cocaine?


Lohandup btfo



>Ariel lets out a raspy crack whore's smokers cough, left eye twitching, she lies back groaning while a Saudi Prince shits on her face

A true Disney Princess


sistertrap dup btfo




roasties are delusional. incels rise up!

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