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File: 6760a0b409ddb4a⋯.png (426.82 KB, 593x397, 593:397, oo.png)




Don't tell me they're gonna photoshop Fisher into this trainwreck, too!?


Also why the fuck isn't Gahoole isn't cracking down on OH NO NO spam?


>Force Ghosts Luke,Leia,Obi-Wan & Yoda will all help Rey topple the evil white male empire yelling YAS QUEEN from the sidelines all in RealD 3D


la resistance juive



First week on the board?



They are using "unused footage they already filmed" from the other two movies. So yes.



Why should he? It's an on-topic thread.



the "dup btfo" shit is worse



So, it's gonna be impressively worse?


File: 3ec0a7d98aa1506⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 720x428, 180:107, 3ec.jpg)


>So, it's gonna be impressively worse?

I'd be impressed. Maybe it may be one of those movies that it is so bad, it's good.


File: d36fe9789359d35⋯.jpg (96.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, rianfuckingjohnson.jpg)

>tfw the rewrites were written by Rian Johnson

>tfw Rian Johnson trilogy is still a go



>guize, it's totally gonna be good this time!

>just ignore the last 4 turds we served you!



>we're going to double down on all of the worst bits from the last two movies

>you're impressed how brazen it is, right?

>you thought maybe we were panicking and would try to change course

>it's a subversion of expectations


Then I hope it impresses me in just how worse they can make it compared to The Last Jedi.


fool me once shame on you

still fooling me at this point…..



>>it's a subversion of expectations

nah, they'll play it safe and double down on nostalgia - tfa made 2 billion, right? so that must be the way to do it!

also helmed by jarjar who's biggest trait is to come up with bullshit for others to entangle cuz MUH MYSTERY BOX.



How could they make a movie worse than The Last Jedi? That's not exaggeration or hyperbole. I honestly can't imagine what you could do to make a worse movie than The Last Jedi.


File: d56b47b85ba2345⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 1024x592, 64:37, star-wars-the-last-jedi-4.jpg)


The Last Jedi was pretty good tbh



Jews finds a way.


File: 55eb8cfbef3bd46⋯.png (457.19 KB, 700x467, 700:467, tips for crying babies.png)



dup btfo



Dup btfo


File: 4e3f24ca88720e7⋯.jpg (246.53 KB, 1280x536, 160:67, (2017) Star.Wars.The.Last.….JPG)





>The True Starkino

>Revenge of the Sith

>The Empire Strikes Back

>The Last Jedi

>The Phantom Menace

>7/10 Wars

>A New Hope

>Attack of the Clones

>Return of the Jedi


>The Force Awakens


>Rogue One


File: dc4db06aff5d31e⋯.jpg (85.7 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, motoko-kusanagi_00408968.jpg)

File: 194b09007c083bd⋯.jpg (516.17 KB, 1794x1810, 897:905, 194b09007c083bd394cc596635….jpg)

File: 42264e91ed851d3⋯.png (195.86 KB, 400x480, 5:6, 42264e91ed851d38581f4ce90e….png)

File: bcac4b6a489a25d⋯.png (306.12 KB, 593x540, 593:540, bcac4b6a489a25d72586d27c4a….png)

File: ad3fc5a0b40ce13⋯.jpg (139.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 952dc38b3da0a07d6bf06ac23b….jpg)

>still no trailer



>still no trailer

It's still filming until February



That is no excuse.



Trailers for anything professional never come out before the movie is done filming. The Last Jedi teaser trailer came out April 14. So that's around when this one will come out this year.


File: 18b536275600116⋯.jpg (831.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, my gf789.jpg)

File: f07820c8a785105⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 982x982, 1:1, my gf796.jpg)

File: 4142deb7a6dc2fa⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x1076, 270:269, my gf997.jpg)


they're all kino in their own way, they all have strengths and weaknesses



>they're all kino in their own way

Just like Potter tbh. Solo isn't kino though



Is your gf okay with you posting all these pictures of her?


File: 70ed3a3db080b91⋯.jpg (165.94 KB, 734x950, 367:475, 20190120.jpg)


Except for the first one made, it's ALL TRASH


File: ad12f11d90fc63a⋯.webm (4.28 MB, 1920x814, 960:407, fuck.webm)


You don't kino then.



The only way they'd impress me would be if Palpatine came back and shoahed everyone.



yeh, as a model she's used to being ogled


File: 734c2f1912f7104⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 1396028971301.jpg)



File: 551aa977cc94da9⋯.jpg (62.09 KB, 550x309, 550:309, Enterprisethesearethevoyag….jpg)

File: 1ca79319a549a7c⋯.jpg (481.78 KB, 1226x1024, 613:512, kk.jpg)


You know what would impress me?

If all this were a holodeck simulation experienced by commander Riker on the Enterprise as away to get ready with first contact with the inhabitants of the wookie planet (Kashyyyk).



Best ending tbh.



Fuck off with your ratings. How long have you spent formulating a listed opinion of dogshit flicks? Why don’t you watch something like Purple Noon and quit being a pleb?


File: ce9f7bb4ddc6136⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 768x576, 4:3, heh.webm)


>a wild pseudo appears




Go on… do you actually have an argument?



To be a kinographer you have to embrace blockbusterkino and normalkino. Do not assume what my kino level is because I ranked some star wars movies. You do not even know of the kino I have watched and enjoyed. Your kino card may be revoked if you continue your crass, narrow-minded nature.



Wow look out we got a badass over here!



Is this what Europe is like?



>do not assume because I ranked some Star Wars movies

>ranks every Star Wars movie



Aye but think about this, the star wars movies I ranked will forever in every future time after our deaths be "some Star Wars movies" not every



Rian poster is a faggot with an emma flopson complex, pay it no mind.



That film was confiscated by the fascist polish government for a decade and almost destroyed because it basically represented human culture deteriorating as a whole. So in short, yes. its called on the silver globe btw



probably jewish anti-white propaganda in that case.



File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 6ee.jpg)



I really hope that someone will upload it in 40 camprip webms like they did with TLJ. Watching it in the thread was comfy as fuck.



and less shekels for disney as well.



Well of course they'll claim that.


File: 2cd305030089541⋯.png (978.17 KB, 940x565, 188:113, Episode IX.png)



nicely done.



you know however they probably lied through their teeth and used CGI to put her in to last movie.I bet this time next year people will be pointing out the CGI leia in disney wars and disney will tell fans to fuck off for caring.


Oh, well, it's Cuckywood, their shitiness has no limits. Feminism, hate of males (specially if they're white), incoherences, lack of origanility… I already know it will be trash, but they might still impress me negatively.



They're gonna make an impressive trainwreck?



This time the train wreck is radioactive.



>pic #1

Where can i get that shirt?



off the girl


Only thing good about these pozzed films is the E;R reviews



The reviews,salt pile from shills, and the fact that everyone hates the films.



So, you want the Enterprise ending. Which is similar to the dream ending trope from that one drama tv show. It would be a pretty ballsy move to retcon everything Rian has "built-up" for the trilogy.



I don't think all of Enterprise was a simulation. Just that last episode. And it was an accurate depiction of what actually happened anyway. Riker would have have to have spent hundreds of hours in the holodeck, if it was the entire show. Plus there are episodes that deal with things the Federation doesn't officially learn about until later, like the Borg. So how does that work? Was all of that on-file the whole time?



Everything in the show was based off of starfleet records of the events, Ryker was watching a simulation of the events. When a episode aired that was Ryker watching a hours worth of footage along with the audience. it's more a call back sort of thing, don't know why it pisses people off






Star Trek movies are legit horrible compared to even the worst star wars flick



You can't stop being btfo, dup.



TLJ is worse than any Star Trek film


File: 853a2fe99cd708c⋯.webm (5.77 MB, 854x480, 427:240, leftist cuck gets REKT.webm)


Get punched, /trannypol/.



Was that Sean Bean punching out Bill Murray?



Sean Bean is a dup btfo'er and Bill Murray is a dup, this isn't rocket science.



Apparently not.


File: b2d9f4332f34695⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1547106280417.jpg)


It's better than EVERY single Trekshit movie combined, lawl.



Even if that were true, it doesn't really mean anything. That isn't a grand achievement.



>backpeddling this hard

The achievement is that TLJ is a film in a movie franchise



I'm not the one you were arguing with.



>the movie that is considered the "worst" ;^) in it's space franchise is actually better than every movie in it's rival space franchise

That's kind of a grand achievement



Where's the officiality of it being better than star trek? your own shit taste?

I dont like either, personally.



>Where's the officiality of it being better than star trek?

The eye test



That's just retarded, retard. Only th Rianfaggot would think TLJ was better than anything.


File: e4301fab5adef4f⋯.png (53.39 KB, 571x618, 571:618, RED.png)


>defending JJshit and Trekshit at the same time



Fuck lucasshit for that matter


File: 3cf8b0791d6dd96⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 395x401, 395:401, dying of laughter.jpg)


>anything professional




Hey Zach.



Both series suck.



What series do you like?


File: 122307d4c72aee4⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, (you).webm)




emma floppysons career is over.


File: 80bf74c12005522⋯.jpg (498.91 KB, 1500x1941, 500:647, Disney Wars Bingo.jpg)

Make your bets.



By last two movies I meant TLJ and TFA, I wasn't thinking of solo or vagina one. They will mostly go back to nostalgia rehash TFW formula, but Mark my words, they will not pull back on Ryan Johnson's fuckery nor will they tone down the virtue signalling. They are going to take Ryan Johnson's turd that he shat on their plate and they are going to savor it. Disney is not only bluepilled, but also brownpilled.






You could have simply said disney is jewishlike gross hapa that has a complex for flopson.



I don't think I could have ever strung those words together drunkanon



Sorry about that I hit post before I could edit.



Your post was a bold directorial decision, don't let the toxic community tell you otherwise.



I firmly apologize to the entire board for my lack of quality control and lack of vision. I will strive to do better in the future and correct any such problems should they arise.



apology accepted


is it kino?


lemme guess

>Gurl turns bad

>still beats everyone

>including the other bads (cause yt'z)

>have Sheev mentor gurl on bad as last desperate attempt to pay fan service to rapidly declining viewer base that currently hates star of david wars due to last 4 turds

>possible thrawn cameo for same reason as above


File: 0b03860a4ed4f38⋯.jpg (112.97 KB, 1056x880, 6:5, First-Look-Star-Wars-9-Set….jpg)


Don't forget roots in space ie more abrasive loud nappy haired diversity….. because story/plot doesn't matter as long as the film includes nappy haired "stronk wahmyns".



Did that nigger on the right suffered an electric shock?


File: 86a49df5ccd3ad5⋯.png (370.63 KB, 776x543, 776:543, 9b0e03318beaa7d53451ffcb89….png)


Even with an entire galaxy, FTL travel, advanced tech and AI and superpowers that can control matter; Whites still cant get away from gay niggers in other space.



What's sad is that there are now more niggers in disney star wars movies than space Aliens.



And the space aliens are all brown, dumpy looking things.


File: c1c8c677189e88e⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 412x512, 103:128, 36a4096ea53e6d8e645b07293d….jpg)


Orange yoda looks and walks like a nigger, I think they did that on purpose. Also there seems to be a space africa because pic related seems to turn up a lot especially in scene transitions.



I honestly think orange yoda is more of a chink.



Orange Yoda is voiced by a nigger though.


File: 1c5fd4354b159e0⋯.png (7.04 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Very nice much improvement



>Do or do not. Five dollar.



>rong time me rove you, sucky sucky and fucky fucky do

Didn't really change that much



10 billion dollars in gross

RENT FREE LIVING in your incel brain



You bumped a thread for a flopson mention halfway though the thread…… You must be the most autistic B actress fan ever.

Out of curiosity what low budget hallmark movie is she in next? Will Gary Busey get top billing in it?



I wonder how many anons are living rent free in there.



Found the rent free niglet, now he's saging.


File: 3ce8713fa8727fc⋯.png (3.12 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 3ce8713fa8727fc39711163b68….png)


10 B with a billion, dollars in gross.


Zach really doesn't understand 'don't feed the trolls' he brings this all upon himself. Absolutely reddit tier, people like him shouldn't be allowed on the internet.


File: 3b5b1b49e1ec510⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 429x375, 143:125, 1528109207950.jpg)

>w-w-w-w-atsons career is over

>says the increasingly nervous man since harry potter ended

>b-beauty and the b-beast is g-gonna b-bomb





Oh I thought you were speaking of that has been that played Matilda ( Stuart Little?) or some other french children's book character.




How many times you gonna repeat what you hear on either youtube videos or cuckchan, my special little alt righter?


File: dc7c8a97d22faae⋯.png (93.34 KB, 484x484, 1:1, 1501651757584.png)

>when Emma Watson has grossed more than every /tv/ waifu combined

>when she is actually liked and popular compared to bug eyed freaks and ayy lmaos

Now it makes sense


File: fafa7866a6938e5⋯.jpg (44.74 KB, 433x428, 433:428, 7697f28e177c6535ca3113b8b9….jpg)

The Last Jedi was horrible, put on something epic like Infinity War



fine fine Lassie.



Harv probably grossed inside her more than once



You're thinking of Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander or Brie Larson who were nobodies beforehand.



Her howling as Lassie convinced the producers of La La Land to cast actress with talent Emma Stone.



>defending the most shilled jew award movie

Yikes im glad you show your true nature, which is nothing but NPC


>one person merely defends emma watson and the virgins here lose their minds

Sounds about right


File: ff3de9500d591fd⋯.png (7.43 KB, 497x160, 497:160, 1546444452398.png)




>having multi hour long spergouts is "merely defending"

I think pretending is the word you're looking for, but you're severely autistic regardless of pretense.



Sadly, no.





Who the blazes is Emma Watson?


File: 579914b6d4b7f82⋯.jpg (147.51 KB, 1437x1000, 1437:1000, JUSnT3.jpg)



Just keep posting about whos anons maybe one day youll have taste


File: 8850d11363fe3e0⋯.jpg (111.52 KB, 550x793, 550:793, 8CnRkT8.jpg)


Those are gray aliens.



skin like sand paper


File: c5523627f190559⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, nIsQehI.jpg)


swarthy one looks smelly and none have tits.


File: 42ec011a2d267ae⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 1777x744, 1777:744, MV5BMTkwNTcyODM5MV5BMl5Ban….jpg)

File: 40395631578ac9f⋯.jpg (188.14 KB, 614x853, 614:853, MV5BOTYxOTFhYmQtZjNkMC00ND….jpg)


gotta feature the afro or else racist

Rouge One almost fucked that up



orange is the new black.meme


File: c8ec404bb9ca487⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 739x415, 739:415, c8ec404bb9ca487034134b81f9….jpg)


I think you


found the link to the MCU via wakanda.


File: 068ea7476aba3fb⋯.png (48.25 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 88a.png)


I hope so if they tie this to the MCU it will kill all of it.



Hey Zach.



>They are using "unused footage they already filmed"

So they trained enough their deep fake AI with all the unused footage.

Or they will just make the third movie like the two first to be able to reuse scenes/dialogues from previous movies for a third one.


File: b3cfe30e709ddb2⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 475x350, 19:14, c72552afc1fa29917c3bfd6707….jpg)


let's hope. death by a thousand cuts. And it makes perfect sense since what i've heard of blaq panther is that Wakanda is so super advanced why wouldn't they be the first to find life on a distant galaxy. and then send million upon millions of "refugess" escaping white nationalism



This is how it will go blacks were the race that started the starwars civilizations Aliens and white people were invaders that stole the technology.



Not Alines, dey dindu nuffin. Only whites. remember Aliens mean "brown person" in our societal lexicon. Can't have people subconsciously thinking "Aliens" steal shit.



ah aliens would then be poor victims.



I guess they were being literal when they said the new goywars will be "darker"


LIBdups btfo


staw wars dups btfo?


shit thread




TFA was the last Star wars I watched


File: 9a526d94103f805⋯.jpg (20.38 KB, 336x188, 84:47, hqdefault.jpg)


You know things are bad when YouTube fan videos of Star Wars are higher quality.

We deserve better.



You don't even had a big teevee



>the white race is dying and white boys are out here larping as space soldiers

Cum skins deserve genocide, tbh.


>Disney really using their media contacts to shill towards those who hated Last Jedi (everyone) that it's not going to be like that

Last Jedi was totally not a failure you guys…



10. Crying and sobbing while his ringed finger is shoved in her worn asshole

9. Licking his cut penis head

8. Missionary while being choked

7. Using her nublike booblings to attempt a titjob (and failing)

6. Drinking and vomiting his piss

5. Begging for relevance and jobs while he spits in her face and jacks off

4. Answering to 'fuck plank' and laying perfectly stiff when not summoned

3. Forced to gag on a thermos while Harv takes pictures

2. Going down on other flat chested women with no ass while Harvey immolates babies to Moloch

1. Doggy style, laughing at pictures of half-asian men and commenting how pathetic they are.


File: 706471e3d09397b⋯.gif (4.96 KB, 284x284, 1:1, 20199999.gif)


>Obiwan leaves Anakin to die instead of a quick kill




Jedi dont kill unless in self defense. Obi wan still considered Anakin to be a good friend.


File: 47e98a97add1687⋯.jpg (121.94 KB, 513x800, 513:800, ewokcover.JPG)

File: 1d78d8edbd0cf20⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 396x606, 66:101, star-wars-caravan-of-coura….jpg)

True starkino coming through


File: 0859f3b6fd56d1c⋯.jpg (229.22 KB, 1513x1255, 1513:1255, Untitlgfed-3.jpg)


Reminder Ewok Kino is preferred over TLJ shit pile



They also don't save defenseless triple amputees from burning to death



>YouTube fan videos of Star Wars are higher quality.

…and that's why Disney DMCA them and get the videos monetized to get all the money.

It just happened to SW Explained who made his Vader short movie. His video wasn't monetized but Disney DMCA'd it and now they're earning money from his video.


>insider claims new star wars will impress star wars haters

just like it did the last 3 movies



>just like it did the last 4 movies


>insider claims new star wars will impress star wars haters.

Yeah impress upon them to stop supporting garbage from the Disney Corporation.


File: 71abc10e6042811⋯.jpg (549.62 KB, 1077x1067, 1077:1067, careful goy.jpg)








what movie was it?

>human culture deteriorating as a whole

I wonder (((who))) made it deteriorate after thousands of years of progress



What are they going to do kill Luke?

Ruin his character?

in b4 force ghost Luke is gay.



Cuckywood will point a gun at us.


File: ed64317e036a610⋯.png (600.07 KB, 961x835, 961:835, ClipboardImage.png)

How bad is this going to be, /tv/?



If I stayed a virgin until I was 80 I would never hit that level of desperation.



More black people in the film just means less Chinese viewership, which means less money which means Disney loses interest in fucking the corpse of Star Wars quicker.







It will be bad beyond reason.

Soy Wars always finds new ways to be shitty.



I want it to lose money.



I wonder how Billy Dee Williams feels about playing a Lando that's now a pansexual and takes robot cock up his ass.


File: e2b782ecb271de5⋯.gif (3.16 MB, 480x262, 240:131, e2b782ecb271de53e343705d4c….gif)



goddamn what a mess this is going to be. might be the best comedy of the year.



Post your feel when he has a better part than Mark Hamill in TFA



He'll have a better part than Marl Hamill in TLJ, probably.



>Leia takes the Falcon to Cloud city because JJ is unoriginal. Pando walks past her to kiss C-3P0 on the hand.

It could be in the same vicinity as Hamill.



Who will pay for the nigger's welfare or fall for jewish guilt trips?



Bugmen won't be seeing it anyway, they were turned off by TLJ.



Who wasn't? TLJ might as well have been the last movie for the current Rey/Kylo story-line.



>Pando walks past her to kiss C-3P0 on the hand




Fuck Photoshop, this is Disney. They are gonna Hall-of-Presidents pneumatic-mechanical-animatronic her ass.



That is the normal hair of a negress that doesn't shave her head or use gallons of straightener. Most American negresses shave their heads and wear wigs / weaves.



Have they backtraced our IP's and called the Jedi police?



They made him a droidfucker in Solo. I don't blame you if you avoided or repressed that.

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