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File: 736ce46e89b7724⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 409x606, 409:606, 71JiWFUHf6L__SY606_.jpg)


>Sequel to Disney's 'Mary Poppins Returns' In The Works



File: cc717f06ff8f381⋯.webm (1.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Emily Blunt.webm)




>no sound


Movie flopped, no way that'll happen.


File: f643ee8d7ed3340⋯.jpg (220.58 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20190113.jpg)

File: 1d7e81ab66d09ff⋯.jpg (89.1 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 20190120.jpg)



I want to see Julie A and Emily B 69ing each other




>Movie flopped,

It didnt



>budget 130 million

>total gross 260 million

>50 million on marketing

That is a flop. Nobody cares about Emily Blunt.




You will never fuck Emily Blunt you incel.



I know :(


mary peeins



Made more money than an Emma Flopson movie which made 65 dollars.



It didn't double its investment, it lost money in the eyes of Disney.


File: d33423bfd53d223⋯.png (378.37 KB, 835x1024, 835:1024, d33423bfd53d223e49d8e1ee2d….png)

>Netflix/Disney remakes a popular IP

>Casts terrible actors for classic roles

>Pumps tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars into marketing

>Pozes the story and alienates fans of the IP and the studio alike

<Makes back an amount barely enough to recoup production costs

<They would have made more by just investing the money

<Call it a success and start work on a sequel because the goyim will watch anti-white and pro-race mixing propaganda until they like it



That movie made 2.5 million though. Watsons movie that is comparable made 1.25 billion in 2017, made more than Mary Poopins total in one weekend. Lol. Lol. LOL.



Do you not know math? That's at least an $80 million profit.


>Mary Pozzins



Robertsniggers btfo



Which is low as fuck for a blockbuster. They want at least 150-200 mil profit. At least.



Are you stupid or something? Theatre owners take at least 50% of any movies gross.

A $100 million dollar movie that makes $200 million is a money loser since that 100 million doesn't include promotion/prints/etc




I dont think you know what a flop is. It still made a profit, a low one, but still a profit.



Disney is trying to save face by acting like it's a success, it isn't you want a blockbuster of that magnitude to get at least 400-500 mil +


>Zach hates Emily Blunt too

So is he stigmatized to hate any actress other than watson called Emma/Emily? What a sick creature.



fuck you emily blunt is a cunt



That just means he has taste



Mary Poppins Returns was a better musical than Beauty and the Beast, at least Emily Blunt can sing unlike Enema flopson.



Not just Emmas and Emilies but any woman who isn't Emma Watson. You name her, he hates her. Specially if they can act unlike dupson. Cate Blanchett, Emilia Clarke, Alicia Vikander, KStew, MEW, Cara Delevigne, Ana de Armas, Scarlett Johansson, etc

If they have a juicy body he hates them even more. See Alexandra Daddario, Bryce Dallas Howard, JLaw or Emily Ratajkowski (bonus points for being an Emily).

And he hates Ryan Gosling because he drops roles when Watson is in the same movie and takes them back when she drops them. He also works a lot with Emma Stone, probably the chick that he hates the most in the world. And his ex is now engaged to a guy called Ryan so that probably fuels the fire even more.



emily blunt is a cunt


emily blunt is a cunt



jesus christ kill yourself or stop being a little bitch



Emily blunt is married to a jew and has his jewish spawn children. IF anything why would anyone like such trash? Also this is rich coming form the board that hates women in general, you realize there are tons of actresses, sometimes people actually don't like them for real reasons unlike you incels.


File: 75ebc8f53db25ce⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 241x206, 241:206, 1923483_51983339318_6001_n.jpg)


File: 6da5328b78e52bf⋯.jpg (100 KB, 705x957, 235:319, 5f59426db98a5417f9aa2fcb07….jpg)


No tits then its not a woman.



Woah Zach, I had no idea that you're anti-Semite!



Zach confirmed for /pol/ get punched!


Cuckywood strikes back. I hope this time they flop harder.



Jews are pedophiles, they won't hire women with breasts. They want women with the bodies of little boys, like Emily Blunt and Emma Watson. Once again, it's because the Jewish producers are pedophiles.


File: 313baeb51a19caa⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 610x770, 61:77, caaf92c44226b745cd239a1a2d….jpg)



more beautiful tits for you sir.



How absurd we live in a society where women can go around dressed like that and not expect to get groped. I would grope her if I was there. Fucking whore get groped!






File: b75ed152e8bf00d⋯.jpg (65.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, I8PSD4jkBN0ptjmIYaYT5ZxWdL….jpg)







File: 0eee7b167d784e8⋯.jpg (89.2 KB, 750x937, 750:937, 7bdcbe99d4f512da86df7b2408….jpg)


Can't grope Emma flopson her floppy tities don't exist.


File: 777ecf5ca4f7582⋯.jpg (65.65 KB, 637x290, 637:290, branobra.jpg)



>things that didn't happen dot jay peg

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